World Fails to End on Doomer Day 1

(Cozumel, Mexico) – The world is not ending today.  Nor is it likely to end of Schmita.

In fact, quite the opposite:  The Dow Futures when I looked, were up almost 300 points.

This means the first  third of doomers have gotten it wrong, although they have until midnight for the “terrorist attack on September 8” predictions to come true.

That means we need only get to the Fed meeting without a collapse and Ures truly will have been right (not to climb on the doomer bandwagon) once again.

Of course, that should be followed by excuses galore.  Predictors like to be remembered for what they got right,  not what they missed.  Which is why I no longer pay attention to anyone’s research but my own and that of people who I can sit down with, look ‘em in the eye, and see their data.  Without that, it’s mostly  smoke being blown out the wrong end.

Here’s what I expect will happen if/when the Schmita crowd discovers they, too, were wrong in a week, or so:

The indicator can be off a few days so give it some leeway.

No.  It either works, or doesn’t.

The core idea is that Schmita (Elul 29) is the hot date.   That is next Sunday. 

And was Elul 29 the date of the market crash in 1987?  Nope.  According to the Jewish Calendar to Civil Calendar at, the reality of 1987 is?

That won’t slow down the charlatan.  They seem to claim 1987 was “close”.

But what it?  No?  26-days isn’t even double-ought buckshot close.

So when was Elul 29/ Schmita in 1987?

OK, now we have some good dates to look at, and when Elul 29 for the year 1987 occurred, did we see a market crash?  See for yourself – and I did close dates as well.  You can find this on Yahoo Finance in seconds…

Schmita was a HIGH, not a collapse.

The other reason I went a couple of days either side is that Elul (and all Jewish calendar dates” are measured from somewhere between sunset and nightfall.  Your Rabbi May Vary (YRMV).

So, does Mr. Ure dismiss the 1987 collapse as being a Schmita date?  Hell yeah.  You don’t think my friends at would hang with a stupid goy-boy, did you?

So what about Schmita claims of 9/11/2001 being a Schmita even?  Not on your life.  That was Elul 23 (plus or min us the time zone debate, YRMV.

The market decline that followed was either a) because of the WTC attack or b) because of the new moon Elul 29.  I vote Twin Towers, but ya’ll can vote as you want.

So once again, what we have to deal with is a) the data and b) the strong possibility that in order to be a thought leader, a bit of intellectual precision and checking the work of others may be required.

I trust the Chabad people more than I trust most other people’s work because I can see their data and match it up with lunar calendars.

If you’re going to win (and not be bull breakfast) you have to be a smart bear, not a stupid one.

The smart bears think and read headlines like Stocks Rise With Oil as Late Shanghai Rally Brightens Outlook.  Then they look at the market futures which are up 300.

After reading UrbanSurvival, a few headlines, and considering risks, they avoid the traps and hang onto their accumulated net worth.

Ure welcome.

Madness on Bordering

Germany open to 500000 refugees each year as crisis grows on continent

Gov Shutdown II

Ted Cruz to Star in Government Shutdown, the Sequel.

OK, off to grab a bite and then a bit more snoozing, this is vacation time, after all.

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9 thoughts on “World Fails to End on Doomer Day 1”

  1. I thought the correction was suppose to happen on the 11th or 14th. So let’s see some pics of the trip and forget about schmita mister Ure. Thoses dates are you possible predictions.
    Thank you.

  2. The End, is an individual perception of what each person considers important to them. With some, it’s the Market. Others hold on to personal well being, and others simply believe the end is when their physical life expires. – We are in difficult times and we must make the best of it. The scales of life are unbalanced. We need to rise up emotionally, and our asses will follow.

  3. Everybody is looking for some single event as a turning point. The world simply does not work that way. Just like a ship, is the turn occurring when the course was plotted, when the ship began its turn, or when the turn is completed? Saying the ship crashed because the captain failed to correct at the last minute is a myopic view shared by most westerners, contrasted with the Chinese who plan at least a century in advance. If a wheel comes off a car for lack of maintenance, the accident was not caused by the driver not checking the wheel bearings that day.

    You want a turning point? December 21, 2012. The end of the world was expected, but what we had was the end of humanity in the human race. The most humanity Americans can muster any more is outrage over the shooting of a lion, while their taxes finance torture, genocide and the overthrow of elected governments in multiple locations around the world. Most Americans simply do not want to believe this about their country, but the USA attorney in the Justice department who wrote the memo justifying torture in Iraq and Guantanamo is now a sitting federal judge. All I can say is America, how do you think this is all going to turn out in the next 10 years? Do you have to wait until he gets appointed to the Supreme Cout before you start figuring this out?

    America has been on a course of evil for over a century. Once one exposes themselves to the true history of South America, this becomes very obvious. You folks in the USA are living in a country that was built on the murder, pillage and rape of every nation that ever had any resource that could be used to enrich the country, starting with the native Americans. Trust me, the rest of the world knows it never stopped after that. The Monroe doctrine was not to protect from outside influence, it was to insure the USA the pillaging rights to Latin America. The USA has thrived only when it was eating someone else, either by destroying them directly, or financing their reconstruction.

    The best example I can offer at the moment of both of these is Hitler’s speech on Roosevelt that has been posted on the web. I might point out that Hitler brought Germany out of the depression in five years. This was done in the face of the Jewish bankers, headquartered in London, publicly declaring they were going to destroy Germany for defaulting on their reparations. Roosevelt’s policies forced the USA deeper into the depression for seven years, bringing it out only by the bankers pillaging Europe by lending them the money to finance the war, and wresting the title of world financial center from London. At that point not only were the inmates running the asylum, they were then in control of its design. So what happens in the next year can be attributed to a “turning point” only by the simple minded. The termites began gnawing on the constitution over a century ago when the bankers hired Edward L Bernays to convince the American people to enter WWI under a president whose primary campaign promise was to keep the USA out of the European war. So all you Americans, act surprised when the house comes down around your ears. Gee, we never saw that coming, in spite of the fact you have been sweeping up sawdust all your life.

    • Well you missed 09-11-01…that was when the bankers and the elites who own America showed us what they had in mind for us. We got the lesson that they have “parisited” off of the American population. Thanks.

  4. I think Simon Parkes comments are on point. The dollar won’t collapse until some time after BRICS deploys its gold backed currencies. As far as he knows, that decision has not yet been made. There are too many variables at play for me to get excited about these predictions. Besides, I can’t do anything about this anyway other than prep as best I can.

  5. I’ll take Schmita, Schmata, Hassenpfeffer Incorporated or whatever over coming home late from the hell hole, er I mean office, to see Hildebeast on the news being interviewed by the talking head on mainstream alphabet evening news. Me thinks the Mrs did it on purpose since when I asked her why that lying POS B&*%$ was on the TV she just turned up the volume.

    Some things just can’t be unseen or unheard…….

  6. George, It really seems that you are down on us preppers. We are stupid and always think the world is going to end any day and of course we are wrong and George is right. Doom porn, doomer day etc these are your words. Here is a good idea. You can keep your crystal ball and I will keep on prepping.

    • Hold On…I have NEVER dissed prepping! Show me where! We moved/fled the city 10+ years in advance to work on outd post whatever platform and we are still there. Believe it or no, we actually walk the talk on this stuff.

    • yeah, Ray, where ya been; seems to me you might be trolling…better watch that behavior on this site…the long term readers know better.

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