Will COVID Kill Social Media?

Reason to ask in an email from someone we know:

“Is it just me, or is anyone else starting to take bets on if Facebook will survive this lockdown? I mean yeah, it helped pass the time and all in the beginning… but have you ever been stuck in a confined space full of morons so long enough, that when you broke out, the last thing you ever want to do is go back in the box??? I’m seriously getting tired of seeing all the conspiracy theories, brokeback tiger king & Carol Baskins memes, and socialists talking crap… Facebook is turning into garbage but there is literally no alternatives around right now…”

We, of course, have our comments section here, but is social now “out of ijts depth?”

Something to think about…jst sayin’


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George Ure
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  1. i Hear about all the nations deaths everyday…On a normal day 5000+ us citizens die ….I am still waiting for ONE report on ANY funeral anywhere in the USA…RELATED TO COVID-19 or other normal events. I have not heard or seen ANY news of ANY funerals…Have YOU???

    AND msm has not had 1 report on…(drum roll please)…GUN VIOLENCE/ deaths…..imagine that

    • That is a good point that I’ve been discussing for over a month in other forums. What I’m interested in seeing is credible evidence of actual fatalities. Not to be macabre, but how are the deceased being processed? In other words, some sort of evidence that people are actually dying, and not being used for some other purpose. An anonymous pile of body bags is woefully insufficient. I’m looking for something like information leaked from certified professionals that handle patients from the ICU or critical care facility up through and including the morgues & funeral homes. Nobody is saying or leaking anything about the fatalities, and that is unusual.

      On a tightly connected note, I don’t see information about anyone who works for the CDC coming down with COVID-19. Most everywhere else such as hospital staff, police and fire departments (etc), the numbers are as high as 25%. Yet nothing from a CDC officer or practitioner.

      All we can really say is something abnormal is going on, especially with the number of videos of empty hospitals and treatment centers around the US. All the while the media is harping about critical shortages of medical supplies and overloaded staff.

      • “All we can really say is something abnormal is going on, especially with the number of videos of empty hospitals and treatment centers around the US. All the while the media is harping about critical shortages of medical supplies and overloaded staff.”

        Indeed, from my personal observations I concluded that “parallel universes” must be real ;-)), or else?

      • They will never tell you – they will especially never tell you the person had underlying health issues for the most part because that destroys the statistics that death was caused by the virus – I’m in Houston and ask everyone I know and come into contact with – Do you know anyone who has the virus? Do you have a other contacts that know about some one with the Virus – the answer is a resounding NO. 9 deaths thus far in Harris County all over 60 and 8 with underlying health issues. This is a Marshall law lockdown with the virus as an excuse to cover up the true underlying devastation to the monetary system – Bill Gates is talking about documenting those with or without the virus – once a vaccination has been developed – you will be further distinguished as having had the vaccination or your movements will be restricted and monitored. Mark of the Beast ….. The sheep can’t get enough of their civil liberty’s being destroyed.

      • “Do you know anyone who has the virus?”

        Clawsey… short answer..
        Yes.. and yes.. a friend of mines brother whom I know has it . He is quarantined in his basement his wife is a nurse. . Sd he hasnt tested positive. YET
        A friend and old coworker. Says the facility has two. And a whole wing starting to show symptoms ..
        She is terrified she will catch it.
        My friends brother because of the level of contagiousness of the virus has made the decision that he will be cremated if it takes him out . He is still kicking but preparing just in case.
        With CRE in Europe the patient is isolated on a wing his care team is isolated and tested as well. Everything is cremated .
        My guess is this will be sinilar.

      • I know several in my sphere In L.A. and in New York that tested positive…all young and under 40. One described it as the most scared he has ever been. The symptoms were so severe, with fever, intense sweating and wild panic that he actually thought he was going to die. I absolutely detest blanket statements like that Clawsy.

    • A friends 87 year old father passed away of Covid. Died alone drowning in pleghm.

    • Can’t have services, body burned not returned, can’t visit body.

      Social distancing remember

    • D: You likely haven’t heard of any funerals because the “stay at home”/lockdowns in most of the US prohibit social gatherings such as funerals.

  2. The music a jokes are all I look at…. makes my day sometimes… Yesterday watched old johnny carson….amused myself for hours…

  3. Who or what i’s the tiger king? Lol

    Is it a new movie?? A new ride at Disney? New restaurant? App? Someone said something to me yesterday. I just said, I’m busy trying to solve my problem. Me!

  4. George, to your point in today’s column, is there any way you can charge more money for a certain feature in your subscription service? Seriously! My thinking and humble request is that you only allow paid subscribers to post – on this side as well as Peoplenomics.

    This used to be the most important site to read, and definitely my first stop of the day. For a couple of decades! As we get closer and closer to an economic collapse, the comments have turned into political drivel that is absolutely useless. Consequently, my stops by here are less frequent and some days I don’t even get to the column.

    If only the most dedicated Urban Survivalists made up the bulk of your comment section, we could read about “best practices” of people turning their properties into Homesteads, and learn of equipment & supplies to make ourselves more adaptable and resilient.

    I’d much rather read and exchange information from critical thinkers like WarHammer, Chris, Robin, and G. A. Stewart, who can share their thoughts and answer questions from people willing to seriously engage the future at that level.

    Other sites only allow paid subscribers to post comments, and it does go a long way to removing the whiners, complainers, and trolls. From reading analysis by the above mentioned authors, it does appear likely that we are in the early stages of a long expected collapse from which the existing USA will not recover. Consequently, it might be wise to ramp up our online collaboration efforts, and concentrate our focus on Ure-ban Survival.

    While you are considering adjustments to Ure business model, you might have a second tier of rates that would allow people to post interesting documents, such as PDF, Word, and Excel files – which everyone could download. There’s a lot of information that would be better served and placed in a survival library as a PDF. Especially to have for the day the lights go out.

    • You know friend and no offense intended but your a day late and a dollar short, for you should have been preparing for this starting forty years ago, when it was plain to see that we would eventually end up right where we are today. The wife and I told the kids back at that time your going to see a depression in your lifetime so stick together, for no one else out there cares a rats ass about you or if you live or die,and they all have living within twenty miles of each other.

      You should have the equipment you’ll need by now, the seeds and knowledge of how to plant them, the varieties that do the best in your location,how to save the seeds from what you plant,how to can what you produce (there isn’t a thing that you can buy in the store that you can’t can at home and having seen some of those factories most home kitchens are a 100% cleaner.)

      Us old timers who grew up that way,bending our backs in the garden,helping to slaughter the hogs on butchering day,how to put the meat down in the brine and then smoking it,how to make your own soap.my mother made it during my growing up years,how to use wood ashes for baking soda,how to make pectin out of green apples
      .Down cellar I still have the old hand crank churn for making butter,the press I made for making cheese, as when the kids were growing up we made all our own, not that we had to but after seeing how the food was being processed I said from now on we will do it ourselves.
      A number of good books out there Stocking Up series are good starters,and start today not tomorrow…Good Luck.!!!

      • Bluedogg, it isn’t necessary (or appropriate) to derail my conversation – primarily directed at George to make some improvements to the quality of this forum. Likewise, I’m not sure how or why you feel the need to criticize my preps?

        I’d be happy to compare my Homestead and Preps against ANYBODY on this list, and that includes George! Which is why I am commenting on the information quality or lack of it that is going on relative to where we are on a collapse timeline.

        I am acutely aware of current events and how seriously close we are to a complete restructuring of our entire paradigm. But yet many people here are still swinging political left-right sticks, and oblivious to our proximity to a total collapse. The comments section reflects that, which results in trivializing George’s outstanding Column.

        Consequently, it is with a “trained eye” that I’m asking for a more focused conversation on preparations, gear, supplies, awareness, etc., that will help us thrive during the difficult times.

        In a manner of speaking, I’m asking George to shift his invitation to “Write when you are fully prepared!”

        • Thing is, even I would stop writing – as prepping is never done until the peace and balance are restored and not likely in this lifetime…
          Contemplating limiting remarks, though…much value to that, but keying to subscribing is a bit “strong-armish” for me.
          By the way since RBI is a 10+ year reader and I know a bit of his preps – you’d lose your ass if you took him up on his challenge. It gives us a run up in the “competing benchmarks” dept… He wins, depending on how you score total rainfall and size of trees, lol….

      • What I posted was not just for you(I should have posted it general) but to others as well,for I notice that a number of others seem to be unaware as to what’s coming and of course then it will be to late.If in your mind your prepped as well as you can be, and have all the items you need (we will always find some item that we forgot) then your way ahead of many if not most.!!!!!!!!!!!!

  5. Wow! Its $1.81 a gallon for Gas in Arizona! Hell yeah!!!!

    That must be why I saw hundreds of rail Tankers parked out in the middle of nowhere. Just miles and miles of Big black tankers sitting there in the middle of Death Vally. I was on the Back roads way out in the middle of nowhere. I’m pretty sure it was Death Valley.

    I took Route 66 for a while. They need to seriously pave that road again. Lol.

    • Andy,

      Next time you grab some gears, you should make a run through southern New Mexico. I am working with some people that you might enjoy meeting. Several of them also bounce between Universes and Dimensions, and many of them consider Ayahuasca as “child’s play” compare to…other things .

      We are involved in various types of research, not all of it related or connected to planet earth. Our main interest at the moment is dealing with the Corona Virus (finding cures), and more importantly dealing with the Entities that are pushing this thing so hard on us.

      No worries, we’ve discovered or re-learned a handful of cures for bioweapons such as COVID-19, and have about 4 more on the front burner that show progress. Especially the BioAcoustic version – when paired with a Dark Field Microscope it rocks. However, it does take a smidgen of intuitive skills to quickly uncover the correct frequencies on each mutation. (18 of them as of yesterday on the mean & nasty strain in China/Iran) That’s where you might be able to contribute and connect with other Energy Sensitives. If it interests you.

      Come on out if you wish. I can promise delicious food, beverages, and maybe the occasional Rick Simpson smoke if you are so inclined. No beautiful or scantily clad women though. In this arena you are more likely to come face to face with Yoda or a Madeline Albright clone .

      George has my credentials and permission to forward them to you.

      • Silly question…out of curiosity.?

        Like a moth to a lamp..
        What are th he common denominatiors of the people that have minor affects from the virus.. and what are the common denominations of those that the virus overcomes.
        Would making the host unfavorable to the virus be an option for a defense.

      • I am very interested. like my big Toe expeximents??? You ever read that book and know about the energy experiments they did?? They have the TOE scociety. thanks for reminding me.

  6. George, I noticed something about the numbers. Recalling the projections that you were putting up early, and how dire it sounded by “July 4” things would be. And at the same time confronted with the “official” numbers from yesterday. And at the same time researching a little to confirm annual global flu numbers. I was led in a circle. Here’s the path.

    This column stuck in my recent memory bank. So I went there. March 12. Let’s just call that one month ago.

    Your chart says GLOBALLY by April 6 we’ll have 395k cases, and nearly 15k deaths.

    Fast forward to today, which is nearly April 6, and the numbers do a dance.

    In the US we have 311k cases and about 15k deaths. In one month George your “crazy” numbers have gone from being the global total to the US total.

    What does that do to the global total? Right now 1.2 million cases, 67k dead. Which means…. your global projection from March was off by about 4X.

    Running forward with that, back to July 4 projections in the March column, where global numbers turn out to be US numbers…. in the US we could have 23 mil. cases, and about 1 mil. dead.

    Just taking your global projection and shoehorning it onto the US, March 5 to April 5, because the proverbial slipper fits cinderfella. This is why I read you George, you’re smarter than you let on. ;) JK.

    Now to the Flu numbers, where do they fit in, everyone loves to use them…
    “about 3-5 million cases of severe illness and about 250,000 to 500,000 dead” Annually.

    Divide by 4, because it’s been one quarter of the year now.

    1 point something mil. severe infections, 60-100k dead. Compare that to the global total for Corona, which has had one quarter of the year to rampage… and it’s about the same. So I can see why people think the Flu numbers hold up. But they don’t think exponentially. Everyone is linear in their mental math, except nutty software engineers.

    I think George this is what you call a crossover point, where corona hits the gas and leaves the normal flu in the dust. The corona line is about to take off past the flu line, which will leave people wondering how were we wrong? Only the linear thinkers.

    One last thing, I was finally promoted in grade to principal software engineer. I hope I get to enjoy the rest of my career. Not bad for a HS dropout with an AAS degree.

    • The more we test the more cases there are. Pretty simple, but it doesn’t necessarily mean there is a killer flu raging. The Italian numbers were highly divergent and fear-inducing due to a perfect storm of factors- bad air pollution in Northern Italy, lots of smokers, elderly (avg age 78 of victims, life expectancy 82), and those with pre-existing heath conditions.
      It’s also impossible to know a death rate since there is no full population that has been tested. Most have mild or no symptoms, and aren’t tested. Some countries are showing it’s generally 1% or less, a typical flu percentage. Some are showing 10x worse than 0.5%, and some like Italy worse than that. Perspective is key on everything.
      And while the US numbers and projections look bad on the surface it’s a product of fear pushing people to get tested (multiple stories of folks lining up in their cars at drive-through sites), a deficient health care system, and a somewhat unhealthy population in general.
      Intentional shutdowns risk a total breakdown of social order. Common sense would say business continues with some precautions and isolation for elderly and immunocompromised.
      Food shortages are the bigger issue, the UN now warning of this due to migrant workers unable to travel to do planting/harvesting, locusts, supply chain breakdowns.
      Is it really sane to risk the lives of millions due to starvation to save those who are near the end of life anyways?
      Corbettreport has gone much deeper than this in terms of analysing the hype and the numbers and I highly recommend it.

      • @ war
        “Is it really sane to risk the lives of millions due to starvation to save those who are near the end of life anyways?”

        Seems to me One political party is way ahead of your train of thought…They KILL them at Birth….so no food shortage there….

        and By the way….What Millions ( us citizens or illegals) are you talking about…and Who gets to choose them…
        and IF you want to Isolate me …..better bring a lot more than just yourself

        But thanks for your thoughts..But I’ll just keep eating and getting older and waiting for Judgement Day…

  7. You know George I don’t always agree with your political philosophy but I do give you great credit for trying to wake people up as to whats coming.

    You join a prominent group,(Ron Paul,Paul Craig Roberts,the very good series of Books by Chalmers Johnson,David Stockman) who have been sounding the alarm that the road we were taking would only lead to hard times and destruction of the republic.But I get the impression from both the post here and on others that your preaching to the choir,they seem to think that once this cloud of the virus has passed that things will return to normal,but they won’t things never return to what they were before,but anyway I do thank you for the effort, perhaps you will wake up the few and that’s all it takes.!!

    • “they seem to think that once this cloud of the virus has passed that things will return to normal”

      Things will absolutely return to normal — but it will be a different “normal” and I hope, a better one…

  8. Facebook is so much more than just what you see at the surface. They provide inter office communication platforms called Workplace that offer education, corporate policies, office announcements, much like their competitors, Slack, Dynamic Signal and more. It’s a robust platform that I utilize everyday…especially now.

    Their Facebook IQ division provides intel for corporations both domestic and global about cultural shifts of people’s lives with an eye toward how these themes could bear out in the years ahead. They can analyze a set of macro-currents running across disparate categories to highlight shifts and drill down to micro-currents ad even block groups to provide the type of targeting corporations desire to sell their products and services.

    They are a leader in AR/VR with their Oculus platform. The Oculus Quest 128 GB product is absolutely mind blowing. And it’s not just for gaming…it is being used for the military, para and quadriplegics, medicine, movies and entertainment. For instance, surgeons reported a 230% uptick in performance after training with VR. In business, Oculus is creating applications to collaborate remotely, onboard employees and visualize data, They have almost completed their 800,000 sq ft Oculus campus in Burlingame and are hiring over 2000 employees to expand their market share in this space.

    They also have their Messenger and WhatsApp divisions. Messenger is a functional people app where you can see large squares dedicated to friends who you want to communicate with as well as a contact list organized to promote your most used contacts.

    Their Blockchain unit is not only being used as a payments platform, but blockchain is being used to enhance privacy for the billions of people on its platform today. For instance, blockchain can be used to prove a persons identity and be employed to provide users with more control over their data. One of the things blockchain is good at doing is creating trust where trust doesn’t exist. It will also help in controlling bad actors and fake news which is becoming prevalent in all social media.

    Shopping division. Trying to compete with Amazon, Facebook has a shopping division as well.

    There are a plethora of applications and units that make Facebook so diversified, that like Google, can survive even if any other unit languishes.

    • Tell me how this robust model works under two Ure “stress tests.”
      Test #1: Grid goes hard down for some n period of months.
      Test #2: Huwei router backdoors scramble backbone traffic and/or web goes down.

      Mail me the results.

      • Tell us how Ure current platforms/models work under stress test 1&2 ?

        Just like Ure Fake News Virus Stats with NOTHING to Compare them to they are worse than Useless.

        Rugman Ure lies as deceit getting deep –

        Asset Seizures – Ure Consigliere might want READ and have Understanding of US Bill Of Rights.

        Admendment #5 to be specific:

        > Not to be Deprived… or Property .
        >Due Process -shocking lack of understanding whence this came from!
        >Just Compensation.

        Wait let’s cite a 700 hundred year old religious cult/order and a bankrupt/destitute king as precedent for Asset Seizures here in USA.

        G it seems Ure severe lack of intellectual power has blinded U to what Executive Order 6102 was about.

        Let me edumacate – EO 6102 Is about Hoarding .

        Every single citizen that turned in their gold during that time in our history Received Current Fair Market Value for their Gold . FACT.

        Not Showing/Comparing a legitimate SAMPLE to Ure statistical BS linear progressions is Extremely DISHONEST Fear Porn.

        Like TBN running dollar progressionbased onthe latest $5TRILLION from Treasury – where did that come from?

        Can you cite one single criminal case versus BTC?

        Compared To What ? How many Digital Extortion Cases 2019 versus old School Extortion Cases would be Legit –

        Ure Yellow Assed tripe is becoming foul..

        Never mind:

        >BTC is un Dilutable
        > BTC is Un – Hackable
        >BTC is UN – Confiscatable

        Never mind Distributed Applications on the Blockchain

        * Ure going to love the Distributed Exchange – Will Prevent Goverments/Assholes and Everybody else from Shutting Down = Free Market.

        Society is just a thin Veneer over the Human Animal – good luck Geniuse.

        ? In the grand scheme of things would U rather be a Coinster or Pornster..let me know how scales balance for U.

      • “Asset Seizures – Ure Consigliere might want READ and have Understanding of US Bill Of Rights.”

        ISTM he is a practising attorney, so there’s a fair possibility he’s read it.

        “Admendment #5 to be specific:

        > Not to be Deprived… or Property .
        >Due Process -shocking lack of understanding whence this came from!
        >Just Compensation.”

        That’s adorable! You think we still have a 5th (or 1st, 2nd, 4th, 6th, 9th, or 10th Amendment!) They no longer exist in actual practice…

        “Let me edumacate – EO 6102 Is about Hoarding .

        “Every single citizen that turned in their gold during that time in our history Received Current Fair Market Value for their Gold . FACT.”

        Nope. The guaranteed statutory value of gold was $22/oz. The government paid out only $20.67/oz and after the confiscation was complete, FDR immediately devalued the Dollar from $22/oz to $35/oz.

        EO6102 was about FDR not having the buckage to fund a whole bunch of his “pet projects” (WPA, TVA, etc.)

        He declared a bank holiday, took us off the gold standard, and declared bullion holdings of PMs illegal, and punishable by confiscation without compensation, PLUS 10 years in the hoosegow. Once the gold and silver bullion all came in, Roosevelt re-established the gold standard @$35/oz, thus giving himself the statutorial ability to have the FED instantly issue 40% more cash, thus ending his funding issue and further trashing our economy.

        WOW, George, not sure how (not my business, don’t want to know) but you sure pushed BCN’s buttons today…

      • George,

        Funny how you bring up the grid going down. Ed Dames on his learnrv.com site ((click Community, then Comet19) in the menu) brought up the same thing concerning what has become known as “the killshot”. A precursor event to the solar flare knockout series aka “the killshot” has been, besides a pandemic, economic collapse and martial law, the passing of a planetary body which commands significant attention.

        I don’t know or care if you know anything about remote viewing or even Ed Dames, but in my mind, that is a DefCon warning upgrade, if I ever saw one.


      • Easy George a lot of these people don’t realize how bad it’s going to get. They think all this technology will always be up. Come on people start prepping not much more time

    • …and farcebook is the only platform which could ever do and accomplish these things.


  9. Ok… It’s gonna get dire out there. I believe that. Bad Times and Good Times are cyclical, as is finance. Got it. Ten-Four. But all the extrapolators — to my layman’s eye, anyhow — leave out one thing. “The People” — Americans, Bulgarians, Japanese, Pribiloff Islanders — everybody: all people — we fight back.

    We engineer. We scheme and connive. We seek personal advantage. We ally with other “Right Thinkers” to escape / modify / profit from / adapt to — in unexpected ways.

    Mathematical Linear (or even quadratic) extrapolation always breaks down for one simple reason: Conditions change. The conditions that gave rise to The Situation break down because the very effects The Situation generates add to and modify the initial conditions.

    As an extreme example, when everybody is bankrupt, new bankrupt filings will stop.

    When everybody is dead, the rate of dying will diminish. (Stupid, I know; but kinda obvious.)

    I’m no Mary Poppins — Bad Times lie ahead. Things are SO screwed up now, that the damage will take a lot of work and time to reverse. I’m not minimizing that. It’s gonna be a Bitch on wheels. (Which, itself, will create New Opportunities.)

    But all extrapolary curves break at some point from the same factors that a-borned them, eventually. Sometimes new confounding factors appear that wouldn’t appear — couldn’t appear — until The Situation reached some critical point in the proceedings. Think of it as a form of feedback.

    Curves are not conscious. but the People affected by them are, and will seek to break them for (hopefully) enlightened self-interest. (Sometimes called Capitalism, but more correctly thought of, I think, as a deep and basic hunger for Liberty.)

  10. Test#1 The grid going down is a low probability scenario don’t you think? Even in the 1989 Loma Prieta earthquake, a much more antiquated grid withstood the earths wrath. But that just here. I can’t speak for the rest of the country. But read what I emailed you today from Joe Mathews. The Bay Area is prepped to the max. It’s what we do.

    Test #2
    Don’t you think of all places, we here in the Bay Area have back ups of back ups of back ups? Now, the rest of the country, maybe not so much…but the source will be fine! We have so much redundancy…it’s a multi billion dollar industry.

    • Back to the stress test: (Mark’s a great sales guy…never loses his place. But I have the wire cutters…

      1. Unplug for a month.
      2. All Chinese routers out.

      Mail results.

      • George…You are right…I never lose my place…and eventually that gets me to the front of the line and in the main event! That how the world works. Deviate from that and what do you have? A long wait to nowhere.

      • One last thought from me, and I’ll bail for the day. Dig deep, and in particular look back in history for cycles and events to build your paradigm. It is a completely different one than we had before Dec 21st, 2019. If you do not recognize that, then you haven’t done your homework.

        Want a motivational step? If you don’t get your head wrapped around the current paradigm, then you will be dead in approximately 1 1/2 years.

        Said differently, if you think this pandemic is about to end and we’ll go back and fix everything and continue as before – then you have the right facts but the wrong paradigm!

        Mark, Bitcoin Nazi, and 3/4th’s of the comments today are from intelligent and successful people. That part is obvious. What’s missing or (IMHO) incorrect is the underlying assumption that we are just dealing with a one-off event, instead of a new paradigm which is an INTENTIONAL plan to collapse the globe/economy/wealth/etc and destroy a good number of people in the process.

        That’s why we’ve already lost about 1/3 of the wealth on the planet and have about that many unemployed. You don’t engage at that level if you intend to rebuild and restore. This is a complete destruction level event (DLE) so that it can be replaced with a global government and banking system.

        We are over 900 data points into the new paradigm, which has been clearly in motion and “broadcast” in many forums for about 20 years. Deeper? It is written in many documents going back to 1907. Documents that have proven to be quite accurate, and CLEARLY lay out the strategy and plan of what is in motion now. Deeper? Go back to ancient texts from thousands of years ago, and you’ll still find critical evidence of what this period of history is all about. No theories, no opinions, just deep research and logical conclusions. Matched by critical thinking of course!

        If you don’t see it yet, then please grok the new reality when the next round of “events” manifest this month. If you follow the Agenda, it will involve a regime change in Venezuela (like Libya & Iraq), and a hot war with Iran and probably China shortly after, if not synchronous. And a complete lockdown in Travel! You are going to be Fixed/Stopped in your City and on your property, and (USA) State & County borders will be closed. Probably before the end of April. Sigh… and the usual slow boil Narrative: “only for a couple of weeks.” Then it will most likely turn into a permanent Stop – because there are more events coming our way.

        Meanwhile, the Fear Theme will be set it motion over Food, now that everybody has stocked up on Toilet Paper . Beat the rush if you don’t have sufficient food & seed inventories now.

        Sorry about the soap box, but it is painful to observe. Like watching people re-arrange the chairs on the Titanic after the iceberg collision. Turn off the media and observe. It gives you a much better perspective.

      • RBI,
        Another paradigm, also documented from ancient to modern times, as well as prophesied from ancient to modern times, suggests the future will be governed/changed by what’s going on in space, over which no one on earth has any control. So that’s three paradigms running in parallel, timewise.

        Check out the info on the comet Atlas, which was allegedly only recently discovered. Its half the size of the sun and may be headed our way. From what I’ve read, it uncannily resembles Planet X. Could Atlas (aka Planet X?) be responsible for Space Force, continuity of government folks recently hunkering down in a bunker, elites buying bunkers, and an abnormal number of recent CEO resignations? It seems strange to me that most of the countries in the world, who normally are always bickering, have managed, with an almost singular purpose, to create overwhelming fear and confusion via massive amounts of rumors and disinformation regarding CV-19. Is this a distraction from what’s really going on? Considering all the strange activity surrounding CV-19, such as videos of empty hospitals, lack of accurate case/death counts, a photo of the same 13-yr.-old boy appearing in newspaper accounts of his CV-19 death in two different countries and with different names, et. al., could it be that CV-19 was intentionally released and its dangers greatly exaggerated in order to enact voluntary sequestering before a space event expected by TPTB would necessitate brutal martial law? It would also keep the masses inside and not looking UP.

        A plethora of paradigms! The question is, do we have a choice as to which one to experience?

      • RBI, I’m prepared.

        That said, I prefer Occam’s Razor.

        Until such time as I can verify your postulates, I’m assuming the narrative is what the CiC and NIH heads say it is.

        Whether legislative or militaristic, there are two principal motivations for political action, and they’re both ego-driven:

        1) Wealth
        2) Power

        The Trilateralist-types have an incomprehensible amount of wealth. Their motivation is always power.

        Power is worthless unless one can exercise it, or show it off to others.

        Killing off a bunch of people doesn’t accomplish either aim of the PTB. It actually diminishes their power, since “power” is directly-related to the number of individuals one can subjugate.

        A NWO-type oneworld is the wet-dream of useful idiots whose ego lets them believe they have actual power, authority, and an ability to command, and are actually in charge, or able to take charge, of anything substantial.

        Ergo, the pandemic is an actual thing, and unrelated to the aspirations of Those Who Would be King.

        That doesn’t mean it was not “created.” IMO it was, and escaped a lab. It also doesn’t mean there won’t be other escapees, although I kinda doubt this. I suspect whomever the creator and whatever the motivation, a poison without an antidote is always a bad idea, and I’m sure the lesson won’t be lost…

      • “is the underlying assumption that we are just dealing with a one-off event, ”

        Sadly RBI..that is exactly what I’ve been thinking….
        I truly wish I had been one of those smart successful gents and ladies..unfortunately it’s just me hoping to glean enough to get us through the rough years ahead..

      • Remember Ray. In Role play of Domination and Submission, the “sub” actually has all the power. Dont forget your “safe word”


      • “to create overwhelming fear and confusion via massive amounts of rumors and disinformation regarding CV-19”

        I wonder if that’s why all the technical data and studies were taken down .
        If the information was taken down just to keep the population from reading about it. I was trying to get a handle on it when everything vanished.
        I am still leaning towards this all being a spore as initial transfer. Just hearing that a ship’s cabin being sanitized then left for a month only to discover active virus presence.
        IF.. its manmade you would think they would have inserted a self destruct gene.

      • George and Mark, afa the grid going down???? The collaps of the internet?

        All it takes is a Virus.

        You may laugh but all it took was a Virus to close every house of worship in the world.

      • “Remember Ray. In Role play of Domination and Submission, the “sub” actually has all the power.”

        Yes Andy, but in real life, it’s not play. Can you give me Lenin, Stalin, Hitler, Mao, or Pol Pot’s “safe word?”

        There’s over 200 million souls who’d wished they had it…

    • ” a much more antiquated grid withstood the earths wrath”

      Much more antiquated, but orders of magnitude more robust.

      Redundancy is having your Bitcoin data on a thumbdrive. I would consider that absolutely essential. However, what happens when the network ceases? That thumbdrive becomes worth $4, and then only if someone can wipe it and install their medical data or some essential how-tos…

      • Wanna ‘splain to me how, even with BC data on a thumb drive how it “clears” to another computer with no network?

        What is the file sequence in Linux…. I’ve been unable to find it…inquiring minds demand knowing of such magic!

      • “Wanna ‘splain to me how, even with BC data on a thumb drive how it “clears” to another computer with no network?”


        You’ve obviously never heard the story about BCN and the cave of wonders.. to get the magic thumb drive…

      • “Wanna ‘splain to me how, even with BC data on a thumb drive how it “clears” to another computer with no network?”

        Beats me. I’d never throw money at a nonexistent “currency” backed by nothing. At least the USD is backed by a Navy…

        I was just throwing BCN and Brice a bone — didn’t say there’d be meat on it. ;-)

  11. Just returned from a mile + long walk along the “East River” at beautiful high tide. On my walk back home I deliberately walked along 1. Ave. where many hospitals are located. It seemed to be a “Ghost-town” w/o activity. Idle ambulances waiting for action?!

    I don’t know about somewhere else, because @90 I have sufficient problems of my own, but it did occur to me then, that this “particular pandemic” maybe the biggest hoax perpetrated on humanity?!

    I know people die, and I’m familiar with pain, therefore I don’t intent to diminish anything. It was just my observation, FWIW.

    • You are 90 years old??!!!! Wow! That is fricken amazing!

      Well done. If I lived closer? I’d take ya out for a steak dinner!

  12. Google announced at the beginning of February that they planned to expand their presence in Canada and grow to a workforce of 5,000 people.

    The day after April 1st, msm advised that Google would be supplying government with trend statistics by province of citizen movements through tabulating anonymized location histories on peoples’ phones and devices.

    Today I heard on a Mother Corp (CBC) newscast that in part due to review of Google Trends result of population movement in Quebec – while showing improvement it still exceeded the ideal – and therefore the Quebec lockdown would be extended to May 4 rather than ending on April 13 as previously planned. As well intra-neighborhood movement even to adjacent neighborhood parks is being discouraged. What I found rather interesting is that the subsequent CBC webpage writeup on the extension of confinement to the inmates makes no mention of Google Trends data usage in the decision-making process.

    One would think that the historical volatility of the region which precipitated imposition of The War Measures Act during the reign of the current PM’s father would make Google think twice about being a party to extended solitary confinement. The Montreal Mafia and gangs will have a field day on sales. Break out the camo for FLQ 2.

  13. starting to get a bit suspect all of this .. we are just gunna close the world down and lock all the people up for a few years .. manipulate the markets and happy days !!!! now where did I put those shorting codes ? oops here they are .. now just leave gold and the ozzie dollar alone .. unless !! were back !!starting to steam and smell in the mornings all this .. all the siths can go to mars with musk or branson .. have some peace and quiet .. take dr chemical psych gates as well .. he can provide comedy and stories

  14. I use the Facebook thing some. I have noticed a severe throttle on content. People I know usedto post alot, and they may still be, but I’m not seeing it like I used to. Especially public groups. I try to keep my page in the middle, and hide posts that lean far left or right. But I hear anyone who likes their 2nd amendment rights aren’t seeong much on FB either these days.

    Even before all events and nonessential retail were shut down, it was getting this way. IF it’s dying, I have to wonder if it’s a planned event, as well.

  15. Boris Johnson was just transferred to ICU. ‘Doesn’t sound like a fake virus to me.

    Occam’s Razor…

  16. Okay, this is odd. I posted earlier today, around 11 central time, probably, my opinion on facebook and brought up the comment by Ben Davidson regarding Saturn and Uranus occurance just before war, famine, and economic collapse. But it’s no where to be seen. The internet haze of chaos must have eaten it. I KNOW it said it was awaiting moderator approval, too. So weird.

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