When Comes Tax-Selling?

There are several reasons to expect a pullback in the market one of these days.

A case for later today might be made, depending on how the Electoral College rolls today. There have been threats, many states (including Texas) have assigned state police to projection details, and there are all those “Hillary in the Woods” stories about. Still, it looks like Trump will emerge victorious, but we’ve learned a few things about “when to count your chickens….”

A second reason to expect a pull-back is that the market has had a non-stop run since the election.  Everyone needs a Gator-Aid break. Sometimes, it’s just good policy to “take a little money off the table and send some home.”

Somewhat related is the looming problem for the market : “What’s the follow-up act in Q1 ’17?”

In order to make great, big, fat bonuses, it becomes a lot easier if big guns of the market can “buy low” and then run things up to a final high.

Obviously, the market cannot continue up forever. We recall it was only 182 days from Herbert Hoover taking the Oath in early March 1929 before the pre-Depression All-Time-High arrived September 3rd. Working the same math today would put our pending all –time-high around July.

Most of the other assets out there are semi-flat.

Gold is still lingering under the $1,150 level, this despite a group of gold promoters (see the search here) promising that come the end of the year 1.6 billion Muslims will be “able to buy gold” due to a change in Sharia law.

Wait! Didn’t we just have the conversation about counting chickens?

Actually, our faith in short-term strength for Bitcoin is higher: It’s nudging up to the $800 FRNs (federal reserve notes) per BTC.

One more thing I should mention that Janet will be Yellen at 1:30 today and there might be some market-driving news in that.

Reports of as many as three rate hikes for 2017 may sound like a recovering economy, but remember that “sound money” is not one of the Fed’s assigned “dual mandate” missions.

This mandate simply means that the Fed’s desire to maximize employment and stabilizing prices will ‘trump’ things like “maintaining purchasing power” of the dollar…much to the chagrin of monetarists. Still, the Fed has been spectacularly good at what they do, until the “next time” after the Great Depression.

It’s like having a perfect fire safety record, until the house burns down.

When it does, they will point to the smoking ruins and claim “It wasn’t us!” but of course everyone knows that the US Dollar has only about 4.2% of the purchasing power it had in 1913. Then, a steak dinner was a dollar.

Over at the website www.inflationdata.com you can find some very good information about food prices back in 1913 against which we can measure this week’s “Nightmare on Check-Out.”

The “mainstream academia” (MSA) view of this data is that our standard of living is as high as it is today because of technology. A different view, which I happen to hold to, is that while interest on money (which results in watering it down over time because money needs to be “made up” in order to balance the books; another way of saying the money for interest has to come from somewhere) might be cited, it is also in the domain of possibilities that “Sound Money” (non-depreciating) money would have had the same effect, since the creativity and demand for innovations would have flourished, regardless of the encompassing monetary regime.

But, I digress.

The world is still here. The Coup d’ Electors is likely to fail, but at some point, the market should pull-back a bit and life will go on.

Unless you-know-who comes out of the woods.

Global Warming

This may not seem perfectly balanced, but here goes:

Well, yes, it is cold, and remember it is NOT EVEN WINTER for two more days.

The New York Times did an article Sunday on how there’s a big decline in polar bears who are becoming climate refugees.

In terms of search?

[record cold] came in with 5.9 million on Google News this morning. Global warming came in at 1.86 million.

But as the embarrassed Warmists are quick to point out, they have rewritten the global power to tax scam which is now labeled Climate Change.

This morning the search [climate change] scores 18.8-million hits on the Google News engine, so for now, the path to globalist domination is still clearly open.

The only question open to debate is whether we will all have enough money left after the “climate tax” to buy heating oil or natural gas?

I never thought I’d write this, but can we go back to Global Warming? Climate has been changing since Noah’s first rain-drops.

Tracking the State Dept. Neocon Wreckage

That headline alone should be enough for you to connect some dots as “Ukraine’s largest bank rescued by state, prompts call for calm. “

You have to love it: The Neocons make a play for Ukraine with the passing of cookies and running interference for the megalomaniacs of Brussels who once touted a New Improved Sea to Shining Vladivostok model of the EU.

This was followed by Russia formalizing its dominance of the Crimea, the West installed its questionable government in Kiev, and now the banksters are starting their big bend-overs the public.

Doesn’t anyone besides Ures truly see a pattern emerging here?

Pass the Astroglide Dept.

Fox News has a rundown here on the sex scandals of 2016.

They left out a number of important screw-jobs though, like the open border and the foreign wars to dump under-vetted refugees here.

On the other hand, if you knew all the scandals (and maybe more) without the Fox story to prompt, then you are for-sure spending too much time on a computer and not enough time working on getting rich.

You see, if you really want to be famous, the surest path to fame is via a fat bank account. The rest is pretty much a genetic dice-roll. I figure one of these days, science will isolate the “booty gene” or the “long schlong gene” and we will end up having fought those horrific medical experiments of WW II for no reason.

We will have achieved a porn-star world with no increase in brain size.  Mucking Farvolous.

I know, I know…it’s different when we are the one sbreeding the Super Race, which we are doing in slow-motion….

Super Race Notebook

And “Sprechen davon” (speaking of which) did you see in Science Daily this morning that “Chemists identify genetic mutation that opens door in combatting age-related diseases.. .”

Ja das sind gute nachrichten (Yes, this is good news) for we sufferers of the Geezer Diseasers.

But of course the REAL breakthrough in science is still illusively out there.

A real treatment for tax disease, a deadly communicable malady that has followed mankind through history. The first symptom of which is a coughing-like sound: KA-CHING.

Its natural reservoir (the places in Nature from which its springs) is Big Governments, regardless of political stripe.

Warhammer’s Bummer du Jour

Speaking of war-making and such:

RE: this:


We got ’em.


Have had ’em for quite some time, though. They are incredibly effectively on non-EMP hardened vehicles, equipment, power lines and aircraft.

Problem is, N. Korea has ’em too! (Thanks, Vlad!)


Off to harden our Light Crown Project…

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8 thoughts on “When Comes Tax-Selling?”

  1. food costs with children roughly fifty percent has to be budgeted for just adults.. twenty five percent of their income.
    It was ten dollars a day per person this year it will be eleven dollars a day budgeted per person per day.

    • I was amazed that food costs were pretty stable and roughly the same as they were decades before until Ronald Reagan and his second term where there was a huge increase.. and really took off after Junior got in office and the Iraq war..

  2. Still conflating weather and climate, I see. It’s a simple matter of fluid dynamics. As the temperature difference between the polar air and temperate air decreases, the jet stream separating them slows down and does the same thing that rivers do when they slow down, it begins to meander.
    “The good thing about science is that it’s still true, even if you don’t believe in it.” – Neil deGrasse Tyson

  3. If Trump gets his way, isn’t the cap gains tax levels going lower? If so, the tax selling may not happen in earnest and fund managers may “reverse” how they do things and hold longer-term. Don’t know for sure, of course. If your losers of the year are “supposed to” come back next year and if funds haven’t had a lot of cashing-out then maybe they let it ride through the season. If the electoral college is “clean” today and all the current day’s risks are lowered (and Vix is low anyway) – S&P 2300 by year end is a good possibility. It also fits your blow-off top scenario.

  4. Icelanders occasionally have a polar bear show up uninvited on the island. They summarily shoot and kill it. They also smoke puffin breast, which is excellent.

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