WHAT Did They Pass? Did We Just Get Scammed? – Again?

Super-short column this morning because I have been trying to find the text of what the Senate passed last night.  What I found so far?


(Ever hear the term “absolute horse-shit???)

Here’s the problem:  When I read through the “big-deal bill” passed by the Senate last night, I didn’t find the Direct Payment to taxpayers part.  (Still reading – hope to be wrong…).

All I was able to find (so far) is in Sec. 2201. and that does nothing more than issue a tax credit on your 2020 tax filing.


I expect to be wrong – I don’t want to think that PEOPLE WHO NEED HELP NOW might have to wait a full f*cking year and then get a TAX CREDIT next year, but this is what was in Mitch McConnell’s senate bill, too!

The happy-talk and hype is about “direct payment”  to taxpayers?  I searched the bill here and the term “direct payment” only occurred twice – once relating to funds for local governments and once related to paying money.

Where the word rebate appears it is in the context of

“…individual, there shall be allowed as a credit against the tax
imposed by subtitle A for the first taxable year beginning
in 2020 an amount equal to the sum of—…”

While NPR is hyping READ: $2 Trillion Coronavirus Relief Bill “   What no one seems to be mentioning is I don’t see where the money is coming from before tax time NEXT YEAR.

I’m still reading – ergo the short report – but I’ll be pissed as hell if I can’t find something that sernds ,money to people RIGHT FREAKING NOW…not as a jerk-off tax credit.

Because I guarantee you here’s what will happen:  The Deep State (which I suspect is behind this whole virus thing ANYWAY) will claim that in order to balance the books, they will do more hornswoggling and will just increase taxes in other areas to pay for this “tax credit next beginning with the 2020 tax year…”

Bullshit.  A “direct payment” means money NOW…a tax credit is a whole different animal.

But, I’m still reading and hopeful that Ure got it wrong and the me-too press got it right.  But there’s the doc, there’s the vote, and where in the bill lies the “getting money out right away” that’s all the gush?

It’s a nightmare mash-up and I challenge ANY SITTING SENATOR to stand up and say they read this thing before the railroad last night!

Jerry McGuire quote is in play loudly:  ‘SHOW ME THE MONEY!”  And failing to do so, what I think Trump ought to do is veto it.  Plain and simple.

Because if he doesn’t, we’ll all be getting “Bernie’d.”

If you find the direct payments NOW text, send me the cite.

Virus Impact Showing?

Balance of Trade is declining.  Why?  Down turn in goods from Asia:

Advance International Trade in Goods  The international trade deficit was $59.9 billion in February, down $6.0 billion from $65.9 billion in January.  Exports of goods for February were $136.5 billion, $0.7 billion more than January exports.  Imports of goods for February were $196.4 billion, $5.3 billion less than January imports.
Advance Wholesale Inventories  Wholesale inventories for February, adjusted for seasonal variations but not for price changes, were  estimated at an end?of-month level of $657.3 billion, down 0.5 percent (±0.2 percent) from January 2020,  and were down 1.0 percent (±1.1 percent)* from February 2019.  The December 2019 to January 2020  percentage change was revised from down 0.4 percent (±0.4 percent)* to down 0.5 percent (±0.5  percent)*.

Advance Retail Inventories  Retail inventories for February, adjusted for seasonal variations but not for price changes, were estimated  at an end?of?month level of $657.4 billion, down 0.3 percent (±0.2 percent) from January 2020, and were  down 0.6 percent (±0.7 percent)* from February 2019.  The December 2019 to January 2020 percentage  change was revised from virtually unchanged (±0.2 percent)* to down 0.1 percent (±0.2 percent)*.

So people are still spending.

New GDP Numbers

From BEA:

“Real gross domestic product (GDP) increased 2.1 percent in the fourth quarter of 2019, according to the “third” estimate released by the Bureau of Economic Analysis. The growth rate is the same as in the “second” estimate released in February. In the third quarter, real GDP also increased 2.1 percent.”

And with this the stock market isn’t pleased.  Dow futures are down a bit.  That is, if -185 is a “bit.”   $6,624 on BTCs for tulip investors who don’t see the net coming down next…  patience….

OK…back to search for where any payments to people before next year.

Otherwise, be seriously pissed.  Turn off your radio and television inputs…they are being used to control us…kinda like the virus.

Write when you find it.


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87 thoughts on “WHAT Did They Pass? Did We Just Get Scammed? – Again?”

  1. Basically they are taxing us something in the neighborhood of $20k per person or there about and giving you $1,200 of that back tax donkey’s and it will spur NO DEMAND.

  2. You got a link for the Bill. As you know, I read both $750 billion bail out bills. I distinctly remember getting into a debate with Mark about Nancy Pelosi’s 2.4 million dollar edition (among many) to research the field mice issue in the bay area on Ure site, riche here! LMAO!

    anyhow, a few things from me. My car finance place froze my account, wrote off all my past due payments and said, dont worry about making a payment until the Virus issue is resolved. Make one if ya can but if ya cant, we’re cool. I said. Okay. Thanks.

    Alot less stress. Hoping to take this job sweeping up and being the shop b!tch at a Powder coating place my buddy and his Dad own.

    I need to make some mulah, and pushing a broom ain’t above me. All the other jobs I’m qualified for aint hiring and I dont think working for the CDC or Fema is a good idea. Unless I’m shown otherwise.

    • Andy: At CDC or FEMA, you could make a difference. A mission vs a job. You can always leave if it turns out bad, plus pay & benefits are better & the air is not as dusty as a Powder Coating plant. What happened to the 18 gears job, union & good pay & benefits? Good luck either way.

      • Well, you may have missed the part about “give up essential Liberty, to purchase a little temporary Safety, deserve neither Liberty nor Safety”

        And getting the Vaccine and becoming property of the state in what I wrote.

        “What would profit a man to gain the whole world and loose his soul?” Springs to the mind.

        Only 5 people actually know my real location. IF I took a job for those companies? I’d have give up that Liberty. And I’m sure the Employees of the CDC and FEMA will get Enoch-ulatated first. I’d rather not be a lampshade.

        Those 5 only know in generalities. They dont know my exact location. Only 2 people know my exact location. I am living with 2 guys who were former Hockey players. I too was a Hockey player in my youth. They went a father into the semi pro and even further. IF anyone comes through our front door without invitation, notice or warrent? Let’s just say, Have ya ever seen that movie Slapshot? Fyi: Fighting on skates is alot harder than in tenny runners.

        LOL. I think Iron Mainden said it best in their song. “Six! six six! The number of the Beast! Hell and fire were sworn to be released.”

        No thanks! I’m not training my inheritance for a bowl of soup!”


  3. ANDY – Marshall Masters beat you to the punch on Cult Formation. Last night on Coast to Coast AM, George Noory interviewed Marshall Masters about his new book, “WIN-WIN SURVIVAL COMMUNITIES: PREPARE FOR COOPERATION – NOT CONFRONTATION”, coming out in Print form on 3/31/2020. The Kindle version is available on Amazon now for $9.99. That only leaves me $19.96 ($29.95 – $9.99) for yours, so you will need to lower the price.


    • Yeah, but that dude doesnt have what Mark and I have. Yes people buy info. However, both Mark and I have The “Intuitive Mind”. We are both off the chart gifted and one thing i know about sales, I’m sure Mark would agree is this.

      People buy the person more than they buy what is being sold. I could sell a snow cone to an Eskimo. Mark probably has. My ex wife used to say, “you could talk the panties off a nun!” It’s easy to do that when you know what all the objections to the purchase are before they come up and what they really are looking for deep inside before they buy whatever your selling. ROTFLMFAO!

      If my read is safety and security off an individual, I gear my sale on that. If they are looking to have their ego stroked?? I gear it towards that. You know how many people have told me in their life, “You are the first person who truly understands me.” Ahhhh thanks honey. Lol

      I go to this place where there is people on lock down, with fractured personalities, minds that are broken, hearts that are shattered, souls lonely and full of despair. I am the only person allowed in besides staff and patients. The nurses love love LOVE me. I go in and sweep up the smoking area, talk to people who are patients there, give them Hope, desire to fix themselves, unconditional love, reignite the childhood flame of imagination and wonder in them that someone snuffed out. I only go once every couple weeks. Nobody knows but God, the nurses and the patients I see there. The nurses are always glad to see me and say thank you and let me know if someone left or isnt doing good. I have no qualifications, no phd nor Rn, I dont work there, I just walked in one day and they let me clean the smoking area and hang out for 20 minutes. They have noticed everytime I do. A miraculous change happens in a few of the patients. Like this cat named Bob hadnt spoken in 3 years. Not to anyone. But he called me an asshole. I said why am I an asshole Bob? He said, you made think there is someone good in this world. I said, well Bob, f*ck you too and have a great day then walked out. He laughed for 20 minutes with tears streaming his face. The nurses called his family and they couldn’t believe he was talking again. He hadnt spoke a word in 3 years.

      Not everything is about money. I’m poor as a church mouse. I’m hella rich in other ways.

      Have a great day.

  4. Stage 1 of my plan on when to get back in the market is completed. I believe that the market will roar back to unbelievable heights to create back the Trillions of dollars of wealth lost & spent in this virus infected world. Luckily, the next tech revolution (the 4th industrial revolution) is on hand & about to rocket up stock prices, which is justified by this $37 Trillion dollar tech revolution. Think semiconductors, 3D printers, electric cars, marawanna, Internet services.

    Our country is one that bands together in a crisis, & one that comes out stronger on the other side. Remember this virus was unexpected & created a panic. Before the virus, the economy & stock market was doing fine & will do so again.

    • I believe the Market will eventually come back as well. I am not convinced yet the bottom is reached or even in site. We have yet to see the catastrophic earnings and bankruptcies and what that will do to investors mindset. These spikes back up are ridiculous. Even a few months ago the markets were way over priced from historical averages. After the recent losses, most stocks were still over priced from historical averages. The government is completely full throttle debasing the currency. Where the economy was 2 months ago, is completely unrelated to where the economy will be even 6 months from now. I don’t believe there is any possible way to just pick up from where we left off. There will be a loss of at least 2 to 4 months (minimum) of productivity from every country. I still think this is more related to the 29 depression then the 2008 real estate bubble. I pray you are right and I am wrong… I just cannot get there yet.

    • Same thing I said then I woke up and saw that it was simply another nightmare one of many I’ve had over the last forty years,now I’m going to go back to sleep maybe the next time I wake I’ll be in utopia,well that is if they don’t introduce another bug on the world.!!1

  5. Ohhhhhhh yeeeaaahhhhh! I went back on LOP, and I know damn well I wrote it on the WBF, 2008-2012, “Biolence” about up coming Virus out of China. I totally forgot about that till the other day.

    They have my old account locked tighter than a nats ass at LOP and I’m sure it’s in the Archive. The handle CXI is what it was written under. The locked that b!tech down after I left because back when I was using the handle TICICIT, I wrote what everyone would say 5 years prior to my return to that site. 3 years prior to some of them joining that site, I wrote their handles and what they would say to me verbatim. Hahahahhah

    So they got a little freaked out. ROTFLMFAO!

    I forgot what I wrote. It may be useful now. It may have been WBF #2. Which Pam did a big sh!t on. Aka #2. Hahahhaha.

    I could probably go on the WBF, but they dont like me much. Hahahaha I’m an a$$hole.

  6. “in order to balance the books”

    IF….it follows suit to the last three times there were bailouts.. URE gonna hear that ding dong and buttered nuts received a fifty million dollar bonus that they invested in some offshore tax free account..
    While the population feels as if all the KY was used in hand sanitizer..
    I use to read all that crap but my doctor kept telling me it wasnt good to raise my blood pressure that high..
    Now it helps that I keep getting the access denied message when I go to the library to download the bills to persuade me to read something else.
    My guess is they will toss a few crumbs.
    As far as balancing the books..you and I both know it’s not going to happen. It wasn’t going to happen before the virus.. this situation just tossed the books off the cliff.
    I fear that Before this virus is through with mankind no one will even care about the books unless its soft double ply.. bitcoins well it will be easier using your hands..

  7. There is no free lunch. Fed stealing from one citizens to pay to another. If they pay out 1000$, they probably have to steal out 1200, to pay for overhead, graft and interest. So that 1200 comes directly out of the taxpayers, or a 1200 reduction in the value of our currency, and therefore our savings. Someone help point me to the constitutional amendment that allows the Fed to take from the kitty and just send checks out to citizens (maybe non citizens as well). If welfare payments are needed, why aren’t the States taking these measures? How did this become a Federal requirement. If payouts from Feds are to happen, shouldn’t they pay directly to the states. Anyway, I get people are hurting. Probably better to invest in a atomic bomb type project to make masks and get people back to work. Everyone where a mask if leaving your house.

  8. George

    I found this on Drudge:

    “The full text of the final $2 trillion economic stimulus plan hasn’t been publicly released, but Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell says the GOP-led Senate will still vote Wednesday on the legislation.

    “The Senate is going to stand together, act together, and pass this historic relief package. Struggling Americans are going to go to their mailboxes and find four-figure checks to help with their bills because the Senate stepped up,” the Kentucky Republican said in a Senate floor speech. “We are going to pass this legislation later today.”

    Just the News reached out to McConnell’s office on Wednesday requesting the full text of the final negotiated legislation. The office provided some background information but has yet to provide the full text. ”

    Who knows what to believe!

  9. Err um George copy and past the darn thing into your word processor and use the search function to locate what you are looking for. But I imagine you have already done that. :)

  10. If anyone can find it, it should br under the title “Biolence and Contagion.’ I wrote about coming plague I pretty sure between 2010 and 2012. At that current time I had Jeb Bush pegged for the next president because trump was pin dot on in the unfolding potential. And I was spending alot of time bring Zen to the confessional about the C.O.G.

    Im gonna try to find it later.

      • Jimbo they have three choices..the easiest way would be the hardest. Stop all collections by putting a temporary cease to everything open the spigots to necessary resources. Hand out commodities or script for rations.. the govt would be in control. No rent not Bill’s until they get a handle on the situation. The start with a fresh . That sure isn’t an appealing site but it’s one way to still retain the same system we have but temporarily putting everything on hold.

      • Because ding dong. I already knew all this was gonna happen. Lol. I told ya they were gonna do this back in 2016. Lol. None of this suprises me. I am not worried about today.

      • “I told ya they were gonna do this back in 2016. Lol.”

        Not to be offensive, Andy, but it was useless then, and it’s useless no, IMHO. Most events are the consequences of cumulative indivodual’s choices of behaviour.

        And to some one elses’ question it’s affirmative ;-). Take care, because I may check out soon again.

  11. A search of the bill showed the following 2 instances of a dollar amount of “$1,200”.


    Section 2(a) of the Railroad Unemployment Insurance Act (45 U.S.C. § 352(a)) is amended by adding at the end the following: ‘‘(5)(A) Notwithstanding paragraph (3), subsection (c)(1)(B), and any other limitation on total benefits in this Act, for registration periods beginning on or after April 1, 2020, but on or before July 31, 2020, a recovery benefit in the amount of $1,200 shall be payable to a qualified employee with respect to any registration period in which the employee received unemployment benefits under paragraph (1)(A), and in any registration period in which the employee did not receive unemployment benefits due to the limitation in subsection (c)(1)(B) or due to reaching the maximum number of days of benefits in the benefit year beginning July 1, 2019, under subsection (c)(1)(A). No recovery benefits shall be payable under this section upon the exhaustion of the funds appropriated under subparagraph (B) for payment of benefits under this subparagraph.

    ‘‘(B) Out of any funds in the Treasury not otherwise appropriated, there are appropriated $425,000,000 to cover the cost of recovery benefits provided under subparagraph (A), to remain available until expended.’’

    ‘‘(a) IN GENERAL.—In the case of an eligible individual, there shall be allowed as a credit against the tax imposed by subtitle A for the first taxable year beginning in 2020 an amount equal to the sum of—
    ‘‘(1) $1,200 ($2,400 in the case of eligible individuals filing a joint return), plus
    ‘‘(2) an amount equal to the product of $500 multiplied by the number of qualifying children (within the meaning of section 24(c)) of the taxpayer

    There is one instance when cash will be distributed to people eligible.

    George, for the rest of us, it IS a credit to be allowed when you pay your 2020 taxes in April of 2021. Assuming we still have a government at that time. In addition, there is NO mention in the bill of adjustment of withholding amounts to compensate for the monies to be removed from your tax payment in 2021. So, they will NOT be an increase in your paycheck for the rest of this year. You’ll be waiting until 2021 to have that money to spend.

    Nuts and Bolts, WE ARE SCREWED!


        The same reason why they didn’t report that certain groups were needlessly targeting the president through false narratives…
        I am frankly amazed that they haven’t tried to blame him for this as well as the increase in hemorrhoids..
        From where I stand he’s looking very presidential..really tough decisions have to be made.. either way the house of cards comes down.. no one wins..

    • I have read this section several times and still come up with “I will not even receive a TAX CREDIT as I have zero taxes to pay”. So, I guess that I get Double Screwed!

      And I didn’t even get kissed. Bummer.

      • A careful reading of Sec. 6428 calls it a tax credit for Tax Year 2020, which is to be paid out as a rebate per the stated formula immediately by the Treasury to qualifying individuals.

      • I am reminded of the occasion (I forget what) that Obummer gave every taxpayer ‘free money’ to stimulate the economy. My friend… who owed no taxes… was overjoyed to get his $600 check. Then come tax time he found out he owed… $600 plus interest. It was simply a loan against your next tax payup time.

    • Like I said in the article – I am still reading, but damned if I can find anything on it.

      This horseshit poor imitation of news that infests the airwaves is horrible. Gossipers repeating gossip.

      Any reporter who hasn’t read the bill ought to be fired on the spot for not catching things like the corporate candy addition of tax loss carrybacks to 2018, as well…this thing sucks dick…no other way to put it.

      You say you want a Revolution?

        • With all due respect, that is NOT A SOURCE. That is a REPORT.

          I Stand on what I wrote: Show Me the Bill! A tax-break is not a “direct payment” unless you do plenty of hopium.

          (Oh, its also wrong…748 goes to the House for a rubber stamp Friday)

      • I am no lawyer but pulled this from a copy of the bill I found on zerohedge.
        Starts on page 144 of 883. Very difficult to read but sounds like they are treating it as a credit for 2020 taxes but making an advanced payment to taxpayers of record from 2018/2019. I may have this all mixed up. Let me know if I am wrong….but gently. haha

        .—For pur-
        poses of paragraph (1), the advance refund amount
        is the amount that would have been allowed as a
        credit under this section for such taxable year if this
        section (other than subsection (e) and this sub-
        section) had applied to such taxable year

        standing any other provision of law, the Sec-
        retary may certify and disburse refunds payable
        under this subsection electronically to any ac-
        count to which the payee authorized, on or after
        January 1, 2018, the delivery of a refund of
        taxes under this title or of a Federal payment

      • Re: Zerohedge comment. The source is embedded as the actual HR 748 bill from Scribd. The direct link is:


        Unfortunately, I don’t have the next two days free to read the thing and decipher all the “incorporated by reference”, changed words in other laws, and other legalese crap. I’ve yet to find anything useful to an individual with an income below that requiring a federal return. That applies to a very large percentage of SS retirement people among others. Does that mean they’ll have to file returns simply to get a refund(if not diverted yet again)? All I’ve seen are references to tax credits or business loans with a rather cursory scan. Good luck making sense of this obfuscation!

      • I dunno, George. Like I said, the Fox news article didn’t actually reference the bill number and Tyler at ZH may have been misled by what he referenced. The link to H.R. 748 is in the top sentence of Tyler’s article. If the Senators are trying to short change us then they’d better ALL find a hole to hide in!

  12. Patience ?!

    U talking PATIENCE!? What Chu talking bout a Virgin for?

    Everybody knows “Patience is a Virgin” – as Archie Bunker used to say.

    “Surely U jest? No, I’m serious and dont call me Shirely”.. FDIC only has $109 billion to COVER 13 TRILLION with a T.

    Jelana McWilliams – who? / Chairwomen FDIC

    “Ure money is safe at the banks, the last thing U should be doing is pulling Ure money out of banks thinking it is safer somewhere else” N.S.S! like gold/silver/BTC/land/food.

    “Yipee! no need to pay any bills this month – pour me another Quarantini” (vodka&1 packet EmerganC)

    ..No one paying any $ to the banks..could be worse than 08 financial fiascos – ongoing still.

    * Get ahead of the masses – pull Ure dough out – before the whole mess comes crashing down..

    Come on baby – dont fear the Virus
    Baby take my hand – dont fear the Virus
    We’ll be able to fly – dont fear the Virus

    “The lord might be smiling on the Sheeps – but they still wind up as lamb chops”.ArchieBunker

    Baby Im Ure Virus – B.O.C.

    Now Inquiring Minds Really Want to Know – WHY IS SKY TURNING YELLOW? foreshadow?

    “theres some killers on the road – their brains are squirming like toads.
    Take a long COVID holiday – and let Ure children play.
    If you give men a ride – sweet family will die.
    Killers on the road, Yeah. – The Doors

    – N Bitcoin 4 Ure!

  13. I think everyone should calm down. Whether you agree with it or now, with ALL the news reporting a direct cash payment in the bill, I have a hard time believing that it is only a tax credit next year.

    And more to the point, those pols all want to get reelected. After all the talk in the news, they know they absolutely must put checks in the mailbox soon or they will get thrown out.

    George, I think maybe you need another cup or two of coffee to kick in.

    • Agreed with this. The House hasn’t even voted yet. There will be a reconciliation of the two versions. We don’t have anything to review yet. No point getting all worked up.

      • I’m operating on the premise that I’ll get nothing. I never got the $600 I was supposed to get after 911 and honestly, it wasn’t worth my time to even deal with it. Whether or not the government makes promises – it just won’t happen and if it does, then there’s probably a trap or two lurking. It’s much easier to just keep living your life as best possible with as little reliance on others as possible. One concern I do have is the reliability of the SS direct deposit system. So far, so good, but there’s little reason to trust that all will continue as it has. Nobody(except Andy) predicted the Covirus pandemic! I’m sure there will be another two waves after this one passes and I wonder what the world will look like then. Unfortunately, we’ve got many more ways to kill off mankind waiting in the wings and those in charge of them have their own agendas.

        There’s a good documentary on youtube about the 1918 “Spanish” flu. I don’t have the link at hand but it’s worth looking at. Lots of unexpected commonalities with the current experience!

        I’d ask what’s with the dark skies? Truly bright days are rare unlike previous years. Someone mentioned “yellow skies”. It’s worth some attention. Cold-damp is the TCM observation in lungs in Covirus cases.

    • ALL of this CON gress needs to have a ‘rope’ party…and when they invoke Martial Law in this country….no more voting another asswipe in…time to purge the’virus’ that is among us…permanently…and not with any forced bill gates’ vaccine…might a ‘silver bullet’…do the trick…imo

  14. Watched a video on London Real in which David Icke was being interviewed. Seems he has the theory that, although deadly, the Covid 19 virus was engineered and released by the top 1% of the 1% to push forward their quest for total world control. We are talking the Rockefeller and Rothschild families, along with the rest of the Bilderberg group.

    One item of particular note was that he said there would be a media push, as well as government, to go cashless; because money is dirty and transmits the virus. It is very easy to steal or disappear 1’s and 0’s. Think EMP as a blame. Once cash, however worthless, is gone; you are at their mercy. Confiscate precious metals, cash is illegal, and next comes land confiscation for failure to pay taxes. I don’t like playing the game when the deck is stacked.

    If you would like to watch the 45 minute video, do a search for David Icke on coronavirus. Suggests a red herring op, with lots of casualties.

    • Btw, there is a very anti-immigrant flavor/agenda to the cashless society. Most poor immigrants (both legal and illegal) very much depend on cash to do their daily transactions. Here in FL, I have been in a long lines in the Seven Eleven waiting to pay for a bottle of water. I noticed that there were many hispanic contractors in line to pay for their lunch/breakfast. ALL of the contractors used cash. I did not see any of them use debit cards or Credit Cards. Of course, if a contractor works ‘under the table’, then cash is the only real payment option. Watch for a backlash in the hispanic community. For FL, well we are going to have far less landscaping services here. The nicer communities may lose that green, well groomed look! I don’t think people have thought this through, but hey, its about CONTROL.

    • As a merchant I have to handle credit cards. The virus lives on plastic. I’ll take my chances handling cash like I have for the last 47 years.

  15. Generally speaking anyone out of work today means their job has been eliminated.

    The skeleton staff @ these restaurants will eventually consolidate into fewer restaurants.

    People will be working from home going forward.

    George, you were right. The economy collapsed.

    I was listening to an Airbnb “Superhost”. These guys operate like 10+ mansions. Basically all the clients canceled. They have no hope of making the payments on the rentals.

    Freedom bailouts by June.

  16. This makes no sense to wreck the current economic system for them. They were already basically in control with their oversight of much of the banking. The were profiting enormously with the existing system. If anything they would have been working hard to maintain status quo, not breaking up their gravy train. This particular line of thought is silly and a waste of time. What is their end game, in your opinion, to be the masters of an agrarian dark age society? Like trying to say someone is a master mind for an earthquake. I am much more apt to believe a government was weaponizing a virus and it escaped rather then some master plan to release it.

    • Joe you have the right facts, but the wrong paradigm. It has been the plan for 112 years to wreck the economic system and create a global collapse. From the ashes, create a one-world government, global banking system, and cashless society. It is all about CONTROL, not profits. Update your paradigm and you will see it quite clearly. More importantly, you’ll know what’s coming next and how to play your cards.

    • IMHO –

      All the small businesses are being taken away from us. During one presentation Trump indicated Target, Walmart and Walgreens. As the collapse goes on all businesses will be constricted to those few. Watch it happen.

      During the Russian and Venezuelan collapses their was a run on stuff. Here the stores are full of stuff, we just cant touch it because of contamination. I think the Second Amendment is the only reason why food is available.

      We are on day 3 of 21 quarantine in Michigan. “21 days to form a habit is probably right”

      After the 21 we’ll get an all clear/be careful.

      The virus will flare up again. We’ll all go back into our houses and wait for another round of checks.

      Like George said, people should be out their planting gardens. I planted my catnip.

      • And you better stock up your supply of canning lids and rubbers,no ones buying those right now so its time to get them.We bought enough to last two canning seasons along with two bags of 10-10-10 and three of lime, 10 bags of shaving for bedding around those plants that may get the blight.And your dead on in that this virus will come roaring back again a worse type of virus,and they say this virus may repeat its self a third time befores it over.!!!

      • Had to go spinich tomatoes peppers garlic and lettuce..1.59 for lesser an lesser spinich was part of the reason ..got no cabbage?

    • “This makes no sense to wreck the current economic system for them.”


      Why wouldn’t it make sense?
      If your playing monopoly the key is to get the key property..
      When theres just a few players that’s easier to do. But if your getting more and more new players it becomes a real challenge to be number one.
      So … knock out most of the players clear the board and start a fresh game while your on top..

      • My thought is they didn’t fully realize just how bad this virus was.
        Then let ultimate greed take over since DJT wasnt buying into their plans and wouldn’t give in to all their nasty behaviors and bow out or jump at the false flag events..

        The trick is.. how bad will this clear cut the population. Members of the ones invited into the deep bunkers are already getting sick. So.. do you go down and take the chances that the ones going down dont have the nastiest bug around..
        Do you fight to clean it up..

      • it reminds me of a mess I made.. I had a five gallon plastic jug of molasses.. put it on top of the freezer in the garage.. what was funny was I was tinkering and didn’t realize that when I tossed a tool on top of the freezer I nicked it..one drip at a time… three days later the wife was gone.. and I went out to work on one of the old man projects just in time to see this god aweful mess.. you have no idea what five gallons of mollasses will make.. thank god the wife wasn’t home.. she would have given birth to a deamon to come after me….. so.. I pulled everything out of the garage.. cleaned all day long.. got it all cleaned up just so the wife wouldn’t see what a mess I had made… two days later.. she went out.. there on the floor was a small spot about the size of a soup can there must have been a tablespoor of molllasses left someplace…. she went through the roof at what a mess I had made..To this day She has no idea what a real mess I had made for myself…
        I think if this viral agent was put out on purpose then the idiots that shoved this sucker out in the open are working feverishly to get this mess cleaned up…. before the world realizes what they did or they all catch it and die.. cost is not an object on a situation as serious as this.. can’t go down in the shelters.. take it with the shelters become tombs.. you can’t allow commerce to continue.. it is a mess to be sure.. we are in totally uncharted territory in way more ways than one..
        with an army that can’t breath or run because of fatigue and a fast mutating virus designed to clear cut the human race.. you can’t do much of anything your now the weakest link..
        If someone did do it then maybe now they will stop trying to imitate beevus and butthead and play nice..


  17. George – you wrote: ‘The Deep State (which I suspect is behind this whole virus thing ANYWAY)’……..absolutely!! This is the biggest false flag since 911. I am not saying the virus and its effects are not real. They are indeed very real but there is an agenda behind this that is mind boggling in its scope and complexity. We will not know for years the long term effects, but they will be breathtaking when we look back on it. It’s hard for people to see it now because the hysteria is preventing us from seeing the true picture. In the light of day, much becomes clear.

    • It’s like one of my best friends say – “The numbers just aren’t there!” Well, yeah, and you don’t WANT the number to be there otherwise we’d be in the same shape as China. The problem is in order to AVOID a China-level catastrophe you have to do pretty much what China did. Easy in a totalitarian communist country, very problematic in a country like America. The question will be until we see otherwise – will the power grabs we see in the large population centers in America be relinquished in time? History and human nature say no but we’re projecting that into the future.

  18. Dude! Why are you suprised??? They are gonna throw Trump under the bus and blame him.

    Like I said, “corporations have more rights than humans.”

    Like I said back in 2016. Remember all the animosity against the top 1% in 2008??? This is what “they” want to create the Revolution in the US. ROTFLMFAO! Like I said, Trump is gonna be left Holding the bag.

    This is exactly what I wrote. 2 trillion dollars of the citizens money and they dont get a dime of it.

    It’s our fricken money!!!!!! Nacy Pelosi thinks it’s her money! Bernie Sanders thinks it’s his money, Joe Biden thinks it’s his money! Donald Trump thinks it’s his money! The Fed thinks it’s his money

    Off with their heads for Treason!

    Because None of them realize this truth: That $2 Tillion is The People of the United States of Americas money.

    • No Trump dosen’t have a thing to worry about after all he’s one of them,true this isn’t all of Trumps fault or doing but he contributed his share in endlessly pushing the Fed. to cut interest rates, so his cronies could keep on borrowing the cheap money for stock buy backs to drive up the market,while tweeting that the economy is great again thank you Mr Trump,that of course was double talk for the market is doing great but the economy sucks.!!!

  19. G-Dog,

    Pull Ure head out that dam time sink and take a look at the Markets. Clearly Scheisse Stiil B on Fire – Yo !

    SitRep: The big ass “FIRE” is still burning hot – with loads of fuel nearby just waiting to IGNITE/COMBUST.

    Plan A: Put the Fire Out with FED $$$ Printing – NAFPrayer. fire gonna burn hotter..

    Why is this always the plan? it has NEVER worked before, yet we continue to try papering over our MALINVESTMENTS=trillions.

    Plan B: BANKRUPTCY – painful to the MAX, but it works – see blue hindu dude SHIVA on how to..out of Destruction..

    Sorry I digressed – is it 4/20 yet – So how do we play the Max Paper Over Play?

    Long Gold/Silver – Short USD
    Long BTC – Short USD
    Short SPY – Long UST
    Short USD – Long 3x Bear ETF – daily basis in&out

    Cant sit around bored while in lock down – like to have action going on in background while “putzing around” guess that means Ima PUTZ!

  20. A bit of news that was just sent out to Realtors! While I WILL NOT need this version our association sent out, there will be many Realtors and self employed business people that will benefit from it though.

    For the record, my industry is not exempt from conducting business except as needed to maintain “continuity of operation … of … construction, including housing construction.” “Therefore, REALTORS® should cease doing all face-to-face marketing or sales activities, including showings, listing appointments, open houses and property inspections. Clients and other consumers are also subject to these orders and should not be visiting properties or conducting other business in person.”

    in other words, we are basically shut down. So, many less fortunate Realtors will need help.
    Forgivable SBA loans, direct payments, unemployment assistance for independent contractors Are included In the Senate bill.
    The Senate has passed the “Coronavirus Aid, Relief, and Economic Security Act’’ (CARES Act), a bi-partisan bill to provide financial relief to individuals and businesses impacted by the coronavirus. 
    The $2 trillion package….Under the bill, self-employed independent contractors may qualify for forgivable SBA loans.  The forgiveness is for 7(a) SBA loans that are taken out between February 15 and June 30.  Under the forgivable program, borrowers may be forgiven loan amounts for certain business expenses.
    C.A.R. urged Congress to provide forgivable SBA loans to self-employed, independent contractors, such as REALTORS®, aid package. As independent contractors, REALTORS®, do not have access to the safety net of unemployment benefits afforded to millions during this crisis.
    In addition to the forgivable SBA loans, the bill creates a Pandemic Unemployment Assistance program designed to provide assistance for up to 39 weeks for those not otherwise eligible for unemployment insurance (such as self-employed independent contractors).
    Lastly, the bill will provide a rebate check of $1,200 ($2,400 married) for individuals with adjusted gross incomes up to $75,000 ($150,000 married).  They may also receive an additional $500 per child.  The rebate phases out for incomes above those amounts and is completely phased out for incomes exceeding $99,000 ($198,000 married).

    • You will still have a job for the immediate future, I wager. I would suggest that you telecommute, and disinfect incoming paper and boxes.
      You may want to watch Hanks’ Castaway. Adjusting from the live- by-the-clock lifestyle to the lockdown-manana-baby lifestyle is a major life event.

    • Sole proprietors who have been in business less than two years, get nothing, no unemployment, no forgivable SBA loans, no nothing. These owners have to negotiate with their landlords and all other vendors for MERCY. This bill did NOT cover all Americans who make under $90k. But Mary Summer Rain via No Eyes predicted the END of Real Estate as we know it.

  21. George,
    The good news is that we’ll all be out of quarantine by April 12th. I heard it from a very reliable source.
    Best, Mike.

  22. It is becoming more than obvious people’s patience is wearing thin. Incidents like these morons coughing on food in stores and on other people, freaking out over toilet paper, and on and on. Expect to see a large scale act of violence shortly.

    Avoid crowds, like standing in line at the grocery store and watch your perimeters closely.

    • I think it all depends on your neighborhood. I live @ ground -0- if there ever was a nuclear war ;-( but the people are first class. Just returned from my walk and noticed that one can buy any number of TP, and yesterday I was still able to buy the original Munich bratwurst served at the “Oktoberfest” flown in from Germany. Liquor stores haven’t closed either. Life in peaceful NYC is beautiful to me at least.

  23. Why George what did you expect,after scamming the people for the last 40 years you should have known to get out the vasoline, the minute you heard we feel for you, we know your pain, suck it in you should be use to it by now while we craft another TARP for those that really count.Now once this created scam is over you will hear get you lazy ass’s back to work for we need those tax dollars to pay the bank that we gave to the to big to fail and all their cousins.

    Now I was reading last night that when this latest scam is over our GDP will range somewhere between $8 and $10 trillion dollars, many have stated in the pass that our true GDP has only been in the $12 to $14 trillion dollar range, the rest has been made up in all the froth of financial scams along with all the get rich schemes, in order to get the people to buy it.Many of these so called temp. lay-offs will become permanent as the people try to pay their rent buy their food, catch up on the payments that they are behind on.

    Maybe we will have to get the Russians in to show them how to do it, as they rush to help their people, and raising the tax on financial instruments outside their country from 2% to 13% to pay for it ,meanwhile our leaders due to inside information was rushing to unload their billions in stock before it took a drumming,who says this system ain’t the best in the world where once they are bought they stay bought,and now they are saying “we are from the government,we’re here to help you”,reminds me of those poor bastards trying to get their world war one bonuses only to be run out of Washington by Patton tanks.!!!!

  24. The radio told me Quicken Loans, the largest U.S. mortgage issuer, is taking the virus seriously.

    They’ve transitioned 98% of their workforce from “in-office” to “from home” and are in the midst of record volume.

    Why pay rent for big buildings when there is no need? That’s the new way. We wire into the fiber circuit from home.

    Kids will be at home on their computers schooling while the parent (S) are on their computers working.

    Massive reorganization.

  25. “While NPR is hyping READ: $2 Trillion Coronavirus Relief Bill “ What no one seems to be mentioning is I don’t see where the money is coming from before tax time NEXT YEAR.”

    Um, George, there’s a serious discrepancy or disconnect here.

    HR-748 is: “Middle Class Health Benefits Tax Repeal Act of 2019”

    Sponsor: Rep. Courtney, Joe [D-CT-2] (Introduced 01/24/2019)

    Committees: House – Ways and Means

    Latest Action: Senate – 03/25/2020 Passed Senate, under the order of 3/25/20, having achieved 60 votes in the affirmative, with an amendment by Yea-Nay Vote. 96 – 0. Record Vote Number: 80. (All Actions)

    Roll Call Votes: There have been 5 roll call votes

    Notes: The measure is the expected vehicle for the aid package that is the third response to the coronavirus crisis and that was passed by the Senate on March 25, 2020. A text is available from the Senate Committee on Appropriations.

    Clear text of the bill (as *.pdf) may be found and read here:

    https://www.appropriations.senate.gov/imo/media/doc/FINAL FINAL CARES ACT.pdf

    House front page on this bill may be found here:


    It looks to me like our highly-motivated and [not lazy at all] Senate rewrote a tax relief bill from last summer, to make it fit the current circumstance. I grabbed it a few minutes ago and read through the first couple hundred pages. The only concrete monetary mention in what I read was in a section regarding Railroad benefits. That’s not to say it isn’t there, just that I can only read so much legalese or politicalese before I hit a ceiling. I have hit my ceiling for the month…

  26. Ancient Chinese Curse roughly translated – May U live in Interesting Times.

    LARPing under the mushroom clouds..

    genius of vilna(Gaon) – “when Ure hears the the Ruskies have captured Crimea,know that the times of the jewish messiah have started, that his steps are being heard. And whenUre hears that the Ruskies have reached Istanbul, put on Ure Shabbat clothes and dont take them off(please) – because it means the messiah is about to come any minute” – it also means the Madhi is already on the scene(Yemen/Syria).

    “forces been looting my humanity
    curfews been been curbing the end of liberty
    ..the international plan in the psycho shadow of the white right hand”. – radio CLASH on pirate satellite.

    Smashing thru the veils then..red, yellow,pink,blue,deep blue, violet,crystal clear..

    3/27 itwasyellow
    3/31 Bombingrun-gattlinggun-machinegun-UNBEGUN/meansun -Storm Arrives as the surge comes..
    3/11 emergencybroadcast-main point of impact -eyewall crosses. Oh my!

  27. CARES Section by Section:


    This is apparently either the Cliff’s Notes version, or the “Congressese for Dummies” version, but just showed up on the Senate Appropriations page…

    BTW, link to the Bill is dead on my links above. The working link to the actual Bill is:


    and poo poo to either Congress or WordPress, for not translating spaces in URLs to “%20s…”

  28. Just google Dr. Shiva for a new narrative on Covid. MIT educated, creator of Email at 14 years of age! He has a PhD in immune system bio-engineering. Very enlightening and has quite a remarkable story to tell us. I think he offers an encouragingly new paradigm to consider.

  29. Enough with the ready fire aim.

    A careful reading of Sec. 6428 calls it a tax credit for Tax Year 2020, which is to be paid out as a rebate per the stated formula immediately by the Treasury to qualifying individuals.

    I posted this comment earlier as a reply and no one read it.

    Everything in life is a reading comprehension exam.

    • People don’t understand what a tax credit is, so they are thinking it’s a deduction or something. I’ve been trying to explain the same on George’s next post.

  30. Sounds like neighbors to the south are awash in future tax credits. Are those redeemable at grocers?

    My understanding is that the Canadian federal government will have the first of four monthly $2000 payments into the hands of individuals whose income has been interrupted by the virus crisis. The legislative package passed this week also gives the government unlimited spending authority until September.

    An ominous development is that the world’s longest non-militarized border between Canada and the USA is apparently going to see US troops stationed nearby. Are they intercepting covid-19 border crossers even though Canada’s infection rate per capita has been half that of the southern neighbor? Then again, maybe the domesticated inmates will be getting restless with no circuses happening, and who knows what the bread dough situation is. It might be time to pack the fine china in a safe spot, in case more than thunder is starting to rumble.

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