Washington Psychodrama, Boring Markets

Although we are now about 16-months into the liberals bashing Trump, and continuing to live the lie that Hillary would have been better, we aren’t seeing much progress by either side.

Instead, the game of “He said – she said” continues…and it has absolutely nothing to do with Russian influence.  Anyone every really look into Uranium One?  No?  Email server?  No.

Tawdry affairs of Trump long before he became president?  Oh hell yeah.  Which just this morning we’re reading how a former Playboy model has reached a negotiated settlement allowing her to talk freely about Trump.

But, is it any business of the media, let alone a special prosecutor?  Keep in mind timing:  Trump didn’t run until 2016.  And about the timing of Trump’s reported affair Wikipedia puts it like this: “In November 2016, The Wall Street Journal reported that McDougal had told her friend that she had an affair with a married Donald Trump from 2006 to 2007, with various sources quoting that it had lasted from ten months to a year.”

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Interestingly, the media – which largely gave Bill Clinton a pass on his WHBJ deal – sees Trump now as somehow unfit for office.

When you look at how the liberal press coverage is running, it’s clear there are two agendas in play.  first is to cripple the Trump presidency, lest he continue draining the swamp.  And secondly, keeping the Robert Mueller Hooker and Fishing Expedition running as long as possible.

See, for example, the NY Times pathetic OpEd piece “The Smearing of Robert Mueller.

Look closely at the picture of Mueller the Times used and them compare it with something more current from, oh, Wikipedia, for example.

It looks to my totally untrained eye like the Times is trying to given an impression of Mueller as being much younger than he is.  Moreover, while the Times wags a finger  toward Sean Hannity’s charges and says there’s nothing to back it up, we so far have don’t have anything more incriminating on Trump than as a very rich businessman, he frequented hookers, some of whom appear to have “renegotiated terms” after the fact.

NOT on the front page of the NY Times (when I looked) was “Comey memos could land Rosenstein in contempt of Congress: Top Democrat” which may be a huge deal.  Deadline for production of the Comey memos (all of them) is Monday.

Wanna bet they get redacted and any incriminating ones, especially with higher ups  (Loretta Lynch?)just get “lost?”

Did you also notice “Comey friend hints forthcoming report could be damning for Loretta Lynch?”  Again, odd oped in the NY Times reads to us like circling of wagons.  The old newsman term to have ready is “Firewalling.”  As in Lynch and then Obama…

All because of a simple fact:  Give any man a billion dollars and see if beautiful women start to show up…all over the place when word slips out.

This psychodrama train wreck continues in the Wall Street Journal today, too: “Cohen Would Turn Against President if Charged, Counselor Warned Trump.

When was the last time you heard a lawyer telling a former client that their choice of legal representatives was brilliant?

Not one article I’ve seen has mentioned that Mueller’s “Russia turned fly fishing/hookers” probe could result in all the convictions ever…and still be meaningless.  You see, Trump as the sitting president would be able to issue instant pardons, if he had a mind to.  It’s the kind of little detail that gets overlooked.

If I were president, I’d get a second special prosecutor appointed as soon as possible to look into the other party.  And the one we’d recommend?

Alan Dershowitz.

Or, replace Jeff Sessions with Dershowitz who in our view would be more action-oriented and less process and people constrained.

Just sayin’.

Meantime, several leading political figures are demanding quick action on reports of unusual surveillance activity  in the District of Whateverness.

Oil Prices Rising

And they’re now at the highest levels since the previous administration was in the WHouse.  See Despite Increasing Focus on Electric Vehicles, Global Oil Demand Still Growing in the Short Term, Supporting Refining Margins, IHS Markit Says.

Also notice that gold and silver are firming?  Silver futures were up to $17.25 when I looked earlier.  Meanwhile, Bitcoins are around $8,200…but we figure this is as much about “George Soros is buying BTC’s” hype as anything.

While it’s not investment advice, if someone gave you the choice between 475-ounces of silver or ONE Bitcoin, please don’t tell me you’re that foolish!

Philly Fed Outlook

Just out:  Manufacturing data continues to improve:

“he diffusion index for current general activity edged 1 point higher, from 22.3 in March to 23.2 this month (see Chart 1). Nearly 37 percent of the manufacturers reported increases in overall activity this month, while 14 percent reported decreases. The indexes for current new orders and shipments remained positive but fell 17 points and 9 points, respectively.

In a picture:

Speaking of Philadelphia: Murder?

Police are investigating the “suspicious” death of former White House advisor H.R, McMaster’s father.

File under “Open Cases.”

Prime Time

Amazon crosses the 100-million mark in Prime customers.  One of which writes here and was one of the first to sign up way back when.

Dissing Predictions

We notice the media just can’t seem to wait before dissing a prediction about the end of the world. Here’s what I mean: “Rapture prediction for April 23 just latest of kooky doomsday calls.”


While there’s no question that it hasn’t happened in the past 736,679.5 days (2018.3 years), we will still bite our tongues until April 24th.

Meantime, time to fix a bathroom floor, so moron the ‘morrow…

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53 thoughts on “Washington Psychodrama, Boring Markets”

  1. 736,679.5 days ? Pretty good counting leap years and years with no leap years every hundred or so. Lots of fingers and toes. BTW, every time I look for a clerk in a department store nowadays, it seems like the rapture has occurred. Maybe they are all working in an Amazon warehouse.

    • Love the humor Georgemonia. Keeps me from crying with the weather we are having here in my part of Canada. Another zero degree (Celsius) day here on April 19. It has got so bad we had to change the calendar to January 109.

      Read this morning that it is global warming that is causing all this. Hope it changes soon or we are all going to freeze to death.

  2. Trump is odd man out. He’ll never be a politico! That’s why we voted for him.I never knew it was a national security or impeachment issue to have bad judgement in women.I wonder how many of those getting the rails and pitch ready have ‘unadulterated’ pasts?

    • Unless something major changes, I’ll be voting again in 2020 for our president. He’s done a far better job than his former criminal opponent, and I’ll hope for more. There are too many swam creatures out there.

  3. ODG, you mean that despite being a multi-billionaire, and owning a mansion(s) and a yacht(s) (like Elmer Fudd), he still had (has) to PAY for sex. Might be time to redefine “loser”.

    • Half of us men would be on death row if chasing pretty wimmens was a crime, the other 50 percent would be liars, sjws, gay, or just low t victims…

    • No matter how you look at it.. you pay for it. His was a sure thing..and yes I couldn’t afford her requested gift unless he was just being generous but be truthful it would be fun to meet her.

    • Chasing is very time consuming and wasteful. If you want a fish dinner you can simply order one in a restaurant or you can go deep sea fishing. The former is far more certain and time/cost/labor efficient. As a businessman, efficiency matters.

      I’ve not yet figured out how to be known as a billionaire and not be sued daily for real or imagined wrongs. In fact, I’ve not figured out how to even look rich without wasting a lot of money on high upkeep toys and other crap.

      Unfortunately, CL personals and BP are still down, and finding sex/relationship for sale is much more effort.

      • Yup you don’t have to be a billionaireor look like one buying what you seek up front is a whole lot easier than going deep sea fishing and cheaper in the long run. Like this stormy issue with trump. So what if he did she is of legal age on her own terms so she got a thank you gift . Yet there are many truly evil people that no one would even consider seeking out mostly because they have power. Instead chastising someone trying to support their family pay off or sway some of the expenses for a college education, the lonely salesman or woman. In the end What’s important is treating those around you as if they matter. As for a business like a restaurant is in the end The restaurant you walk in doesn’t really give a hoot if your wearing a suit coat have the latest things or your wearing blue jeans and a t-shirt. (No shoes no shirt no service) all they care about is if you can pay for the meal your clean etc. I am not shy about how I tip a waitress or waiter busboy etc. I’ll actually ask to see the dishwasher and commend him on how clean the dishes are. And slip him a tip. (I washed dishes as one of my many hats. They are the lowest paid. ) and I almost always tip 100 percent or more. Waitresses earn their living via tips. Last week. It was a long day lunch time at one of the upper end restaurants my car an old rust bucket. Wearing jeans and a t-shirt during the busiest time of the day. I had a tough time finding a parking spot so I circled the lot. Got the wheelchair for my friend out and we wheeled in. There must have been forty or more people each with the little signal buzzer for when they had a table ready. We get in the lady says we have your table ready.. took us right in. I have always gotten water with a bowl of lemons. On the table was my pitcher of water my lemons and coffee. My friend lemonade as if the knew we were coming. Along with a cup of this kick butt soup they have that I adore. Now that was a huge compliment but a much bigger compliment was on the waitress station was several bowls of lemons the way I like one for each waitress. They seen me hunting for a parking spot and each of them was trying to clear a table for our visit. Guaranteed my coffee is hot I have service as if they are family and my dishes are clean. It’s Karma and courtesy and for what a few bucks and treating those that serve us. Money will be gone in the end it’s your family friends and those we meet along the busy road of life.
        Of course it’s only my opinion.
        I think stormy is wrong if she did have a liaison with trump. That’s a private matter that should be between two people what she got as a gift or how much was spent during a date should be private as well IMHO who cares if he had a moment of weakness. Heck I would she’s a very beautiful young woman.

  4. The April 23 date for the end of the world is based on inaccurate and faulty planetary info. There will be NO planets in Virgo that day. The prediction says that the Sun, Moon and Jupiter will be in Virgo for the rapture.

  5. I thought Sessions would be a great AG and go after the “swamp creatures” but I was wrong. Now something may be going on behind the scenes that we don’t know about, but I doubt it and IMO Sessions should be replaced. Maybe Dershowitz would be better, I don’t know. But right now Jeff just isn’t cutting it and time for a change.

  6. It’s not the women problems that has Trump in trouble. It’s the fact that he paid them off with possible campaign money that is the big issue. For a man that wanted to drain the swamp, paying off misdeeds is a swampy thing to do.

    Oh.. and now he is blaming Obama for the million dollar remodel of the White House. He said he couldn’t cancel the construction contracts the Obama administration already ordered. Really? This kind of thing is right in his wheelhouse. He has no problem cancelling the The Pacific Trade deal…but can’t cancel a construction contract?

    I keep saying over and over…his negative press is brought on by his stupid actions. In 90% of the stories..they are just repeating what he produced.

    • And I keep saying you keep bringing up the same old stupid s*** like John does I don’t know why I guess it’s in your nature something you’ve been abused and you don’t want to lose the only loves you fine which from Hillary the child abuser rapist and kills little babies did you watch that thing that I post about that where she’s guilty of the stuff or do you just keep reiterating your same thing about Trump like John does.

      So everybody wants to know why you’re not on Trump’s side.

      He’s fighting the pizzagate pedophilia people who rape and kill little kids but somehow you’re against him doing that what is wrong with you my buddy friend Mark is there something wrong with your brain that disables you to vote for this guy who’s against all criminology of child and women abuse.

      So what’s your inner reiterating again is hate you don’t like the fact that Trump is pulling down the Deep state so what you’re saying is you like the Deep State you like that children should be raped and killed is that what you’re saying spit it out man spit it out let’s hear from your heart what it is you believe in so what you’re inner reiterating again is hey You don’t like the fact that trumpet is pulling down the deep steak so what you’re saying is you like the deep State you like that children should be raped and killed his that what you’re saying spit it out man spit it out that’s hear from your heart what it is you believe in.

      • So the rabid alt right knew sentence structure all along….

      • With your “pizzagate pedophilia” and “deep state” you convinced me to never read another word of yours again.

  7. Hey George. Why are Conservatives always so obsessed with sex? Sex is irrelevant, except as a MOTIVE for serious crimes, such as campaign violations, bank fraud, money laundering and conspiracy.
    Also, am not sure what the Ruskies have on Trump to make him still act like such a little girl about them, but it’s got to be a whole lot more than sex. And the Ruskies openly kill anyone and their FAMILIES who cross them. I’d say the first place to look is into the Fl. estate where they washed about $60,000,000 too much to Trump through the sale.
    Or perhaps Trump knows he needs the Ruskies to commit more election tampering in the next cycles. That might be enough. Let’s face it: Comey, the Republican, improperly disclosing only about Hillary but not about Trump, and the Russians, criminally tampering with the elections, were the two top reasons Trump won. Trump and the Republican congress aren’t stupid. They know which side the bread is buttered on, even if the butter was stolen. Ha ha.
    And, BTW, Mueller and Rosenstein, also Republicans, will bend over backwards to give Trump a pass too, if only he’d shut up long enough to take the spotlight off of them. It’s pretty hard for the Mayor to fix his biggest doner’s tickets if he’s always running to the press. Best, Mike.

    • “but not about Trump, and the Russians, criminally tampering with the elections, were the two top reasons Trump won.”
      I’m still waiting to find out what “criminal tampering” is/was? Did Putin hack voting machines?, Did they stuff ballots? What was it? Opening up facebook accounts and saying mean things about Hillary doesn’t sound criminal.

      • No sh*t. Did 40 million Americans get electro shock therapy from their facebook accounts hacked by evil rooskies? And don’t forget these are the same people who laughed along when Obama said to Romney “the 80’s called, they wan’t their foreign policy back.” Now if you don’t punch a Russian each day – you are a hopeless colluder and deplorable all at once.

  8. Trump draining the swamp? Really? Are we that delusional? He fortified the SWAMP with Marxist bankers.

    Dershowitz? Really? The attorney who represented international child sex trafficker Jeffrey Epstein? He was alleged to have also visited Epstein’s pedophile island. Trump, according to court documents, also visited Epstein’s Pedophile Island. Heck, also according to court documents, Epstein and his Rothschild crony Maxwell (personally known to Trump), reportedly recruited young girls from Mar-a-Lago. Nevertheless, Americans still see this as a “Left Wing Conspiracy” designed to cripple Trump? What? Are we in grade school? That’s the same defense launched by Hillary Clinton years ago, just substitute “Right Wing”. Is that what we’ve become…Hillary-esque…as we continue to rally behind “our” Republican president, never mind the truth? Really?

    • If you had a whorehouse at your residence but somehow I was enticed to go over there maybe someone said hey I got a lady you need to meet but then once I got there I said I don’t want no part of this I want a wife not a one night stand that’s the perspective that you’re giving me is someone happened to go to a place and they rejected it and they exposed it and now they want to put you out of business who you are the person you have a problem with that

      • If I had a whorehouse in my residence, I’d never leave home! I’d be in heaven, but I’d probably use up all the profits making up for missed opportunities.

  9. Regarding George’s comment “Meantime, several leading political figures are demanding quick action on reports of unusual surveillance activity in the District of Whateverness.” the tired old bromide comes to mind:

    “If you’ve got nothing to hide, you’ve got nothing to fear.”

    I believe that everyone I’ve heard mouthing variations of that superannuated adage are completely unaware of the quote attributed to Leon Trotsky:

    “You may not be interested in war,
    but war is interested in you.”

  10. There is no mention of the RAPTURE in the Bible. So, clerks at stores should be available. Also, Armegedon took place in 70 AD with the the burning of Jerusleum. We are waiting for the second Coming of Jesus & seeing if our name is in the book of life.

  11. The “Rapture” should be included on the mental stability testing portion of the gun ownership application.

    Q: “Do you believe in the rapture?”

    A: ‘Yes?’


    • I say If you do not believe in the Rapture…NO GUN FOR YOU…….Might I remind you that in my opinio guns are a birth right in the USA also why do you require a mental stability test for gun ownership since my Constitution does not mention any quals Question are you from NY NJ Calif Oregon MASS CONN…were the Constitution is ignored or are you just plain arrogant

    • Too late scoffer, I already have mine. While I don’t subscribe to date setting, I do believe, in some form, it will happen … eventually. But, as I understand Biblical prophesy, all the predicted signs of the Christ’s return, thus the “rapture,” have not yet come to pass.

      Are we close? I have no idea. Every generation believes they are the one. It is a hope for relief from what all too often, manifests as a curse that is the human experience. Faith in something greater than ourselves and for a purpose beyond our understanding yet for the good, gives many of us the courage to plod on in trying times. Otherwise, for many of us, the alternative is self destruction.

      You demean yourself by your lack of empathy.

  12. G.U.
    Boring market? This is the 1932 nadir 87 year US Equity Great Third Fractal Asset Debt Macroeconomic System saturation area with a replica of the initial 1929 decay sequence. (You’ve been in anticipation of this time frame all of your adult life.)

  13. Wave 2 of (3) is probably over in the S&P Emini. (Precisely matching the 2718 of March 21st).

    NASDAQ & DJ Transports have the same pattern. (The roller coaster is about to drop! – my comment)

    All summarized from Elliot Wave Theorist Bulletin, 4/19.

  14. Dershowitz is on my most-admired list. He is a life-long democrat, but notice he’s getting face on Fox, and being quoted by conservative websites? This is because he is representative of what the Democratic Party used to be before it was infused by Marxist ideology. He is a “fair man” whose political perspective does not cloud his sense of “right and wrong.” He’s also a damn’ good attorney — words I rarely use in the same sentence.

    Global oil prices are rising because ARAMCO wants $80 oil…

    • Ray, you and I are in the same camp, sounds like. I would be a conservatgive democrat to liberal republican were there any around. Today, the choice is Marxist gender-peddlers and Bible belters. We used to have a solid middle. Now we have solid edges.
      This is progress? Or the Obama Peloser agenda?

      • I think the middle ground is very much there, but they don’t get acknowleged. I think most people are reasonably centered…they just dont fit the narrative the media placates to…

      • I was going to comment here, but figured I’d make a top-level comment instead, so the snowflakes and non-thinkers could throw more darts and dung at it. ;-)

      • Probably, although I don’t care much for labels and stopped trying to pigeonhole my personal political beliefs, years ago. I tend to be very conservative on things upon which I’m conservative, and very liberal on things upon which I’m liberal. Although I was a Democrat for many years in a past life, I am (and always have been) 80-90% conservative. I’ve never voted a straight ticket in my life, because no one Party has ever yet had ALL the right answers or best candidates.

        I’m a Christian, but can’t stand thumpers. I identify now as Libertarian, but can’t completely support modern libertarianism, even though it is the political path most-likely envisioned by Jefferson, Madison, Franklin, and even Washington, because I detest abusable lab drugs (for which their platform doesn’t differentiate), and it is impossible to sustain a Nation that’s either an open-bordered or a welfare state — let alone, both. I never lie, cheat, or steal, and I try never to discuss wimmin or gas mileage, which makes it much easier to live life without lying, cheating, or stealing…

        Mostly, I think I’m a realist, with a penchant for history, a really long memory, an appreciation for George Santayana’s most famous quote, and just enough common sense to get myself into trouble. ;-)

  15. Until the schism in the Democratic Party in the late ’60s and early ’70s, which infused the Party with Marx, polluted it with Alinsky, and spun-off the neoconservatives, the majority of Democrats and Republicans were patriots who usually worked toward a “better good,” but had widely divergent ideas of how to get there.

    Even during the Wilson and FDR years, notable low-points for classical liberalism, classical liberals (those politicians and pundits we now call “conservatives”) were against the “how,” but not necessarily against the “need.”

    “Republican” and “Democrat” no longer have meaning, except to shallow “cheerleaders” who, for some reason, equate them to sports teams. “Progressives” (Orwellian newspeak) work to REGRESS our society into a socialist, massively-centralized authoritarian structure. “Conservatives” are forced to fight a rear-guard action against this regression. The result is much money gets thrown around and comparatively little actually gets done.

    Unfortunately, the “Regressives” have been playing the long game since 1906, are “winning” (at our expense), and the rate at which they are winning has accellerated since the schism. Jack Kennedy was a “liberal Democrat” when he won the Presidency in 1960. In today’s political climate, he’d be considered a “radical, right wing conservative” by the MSM and “intelligencia,” and would probably be unelectable to the Senate of any State which lies between the mountains and their nearest coast.

    Dershowitz is a “JFK Democrat,” to whom the Nation and the Constitution are more-important than their Party “platform.” I celebrate him because he’s amongst the last of the breed…

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