Wall Street and Wuhan: Turnaround Tuesday

Earlier this morning, the Dow futures were pointing to a higher opening, by some 140 points, or thereabouts.

Unfortunately, since we closed under the present trend line in the Monday session, this may be a simple “wave 1” (Elliott) bounce before the next move down.  Time will tell on that one. Dead cat bounce, anyone?

Before this morning’s two big data points (Housing will be out shortly and we’ll visit Durable Goods in a moment) the market was trying to rally since our dart-toss as the bottom of trend test for a minor (iv) could be counted as done.  This leaves some room to rally higher.  All a crap-shoot no matter how you slice it, however, due to the erratic nature of the U.S. Senate and the other pesky bugs in Wuhan.

We will explore this more deeply in our Peoplenomics report for subscribers tomorrow.

For now, our music of the morning is Johnny Cash as we “walk the line” up on this Turnaround Tuesday.

Those Self-Serving Pols

Speaking of the “pesky bugs” in Washington, I was appalled to read Monday that Mitt Romney was hinting at  himself  be available should there be an impeachment.  Spare us.

That’s about the most disingenuous thing I’ve heard from a political empire-builder from a political family in a while.  Where do these “American Aristocracy” pretrenders come from?

An additional swamp-slog comes into focus in “Lou Dobbs Slams Staunch Conservative John Bolton as ‘Tool for Radical Dems’.” I’ve known Dobbs for a long time.  He was at KING_TV in Seattle during my broadcast days and I like his style.  Not a BS’er, he speaks his mind even if the truth reported has a bite to it.  If Bolton can’t see he’s a tool, fool, RINO, and sell-out to values, we be tem,pted to diagnose him as coming down with  NEOCON Dementia.  Which presents initially as massive swelling of perceived-importance.

Unless, he actually honors his various oaths and stands up to the Pelosi-Schiff Show Lynch Mob.  Don’t hold your breath, though.  Idiots and warmongers don’t readily change their stripes. Data says they won’t.

I’ve set up a new news-clipping folder with the tab “Lazy, Untrustworthy Political Hacks.” Five names dominate so far:  Pelosi, Schiff, Schumer, Romney and Bolton.  If these were cats, I’d be contemplating burlap.  Because in my view, public service is supposed to be different than  self-serving, but I’ll be damned if I can see the public good from this tag-team clown squad.

One for one witnesses is the only fair way to play the witness game, if it goes that way, Bolton for Joe Biden and Ciaramella for Giuliani (an “Italian job?”)  With a focus on unauthorized disclosure of WH information and a criminal referal?  Did not the whistler go Schiffty-Schiff’s aids for coaching and drating?  How about calling a former president and his phone records to all involved and the media leaks?  And let’s stand-up some media sell-outs who got it all wrong on Russia influence that never happened.  Yeah, this could be a whole new ongoing fiasco for a decade to come…

And we gotta wonder how Hunter will do under hard cross examination…don’t start me. Why do I keep seeing the word “Conduit” when I close my eyes?

The media that hasn’t published the name Ciaramella (alleged whistleblower and variously spelled) has, in our view, thrown-in with the attempted coup against a sitting president.  The Senate ought to dismiss and move on.  If I can find a name on the internet, close enough to “public figure” for any journo worth 10-cents.  Truth is the ultimate defense and we think Trump supporters ought to remember that.

These two-bit politicals hacks in DC are more contagious and damaging to America than Wuhan virus, know what I’m saying?

Sheesh!  Where was I?

Oh, yeah.  Numbers to drive, so into the…

Durable Goods

Report, just out:

Doesn’t paint a picture of a rock-em-sock-em economy does it?  Which gets us to clinically asking besides the Fed going deep with QE’s and “free-po depot” chits, where’s the beef?

Left Aims at the Supreme Court

ISYN.  Am I the only one who know what the word “Supreme” means?  (Outside of Motown, I mean…)

Well, here we go again…more Obamanista-like behavior (Marxists dressed in constitutional lawyer garb)…so pay close attention:

Trump administration won a HUGE Supreme Court case.  Basically said that if people come to America, unless they can demonstrate a way to NOT become a burden on the government (which is you, me, and our checkbooks), they can be denied a green card.

Reasonable?  Absolutely.  Great, right?

Well, not so fast.  I guarantee you what will happen next:  The lefties and open border idiots are already out “judge shopping” to every appeals court in the nation and they attempt to block this from happening.  You see, to the mush-headed, open borders and Trump-hate are more communicable than Wuhan.

And they will be cheered-on by commie sympathizer-sounding bauble-heads on the Hill who are part of the Uprising Against America – intent of turning the U.S. into a Central American shit-hole workalike..  Oh, look! Right on cue:  “AOC rips ‘shameful’ Supreme Court ruling allowing ‘public charge’ immigration rule.

Ding!  Ding!  Low-information voters like free-lunchers including Bernie and AOC.

We dangerous Thinking People already know “Socialists Never Pay – Working People Get the Tab.”  They stick it to their victims.

Easy to see where these pickpockets are going with their reverse discrimination (victimology) and country-busting inciting to insurrection.  Which is what such judge-shopping comes down to…

My God, it’s an embarrassment.  Who would have EVER believed that America would see radicals left of Vladimir Putin sitting in the U.S. House of Representatives and Senate?

Which explains the data as we spied on Business Wire: Satisfaction with Federal Government Drops Again, American Customer Satisfaction Index Data Show.

We is, as Pogo might have said, not suhprised.

The Shorts

Demography and Climate Notes: Hotel offers free stays for couples who make babies.  But seriously the B.C. Outback? Do we need more Canadians? I thought China owned that Franchise?  ROFLOL…

NY Times  is doing people’s thinking for them in The Coronavirus: What Travelers Need to Know.  Let us lend a hand, as well: “Stay the f8ck home.”  (Maybe I could get a writing job in NYC, think?)

Since gambling in stocks is in record country, you know what else to expect, right? Record number of bets expected for Super Bowl.

Silly-sighten? A dose of ‘magic mushroom’ drug reduces anxiety and depression in cancer patients, study says.  Butt-load of kush might work, too, you know.

Off to await the Housing Data so look for a second post when that crosses…

Peoplenomics tomorrow – best $40-bucks you’ll spend outside a liquor store or marriage license (if you get one of the 50% that works out)…

This Turn around Tuesday has been brought to you by the N Y Fed Repo desk, with $85.70 billion worth of financial gasoline.  Stand back and rally ho!

Write when you get rich,


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73 thoughts on “Wall Street and Wuhan: Turnaround Tuesday”

  1. The Coronavirus: What Travelers Need to Know. Let us lend a hand, as well: “Stay the f8ck home.”

    Very well said. WTF is wrong with people?

    73, Stay safe.

    • “Stay the f8ck home.”

      LOL LOL LOL unfortunately Jim.. my old bosses didn’t even let you call in sick without fear of loosing your job and I worked in health care system…. staying home.. won’t work it isn’t an option..how long would you stay home.. got mail or buy a hamburger that someone sneezed close to.. .. touch and envelope that has the virus on it depending on how the gene was modified to stay alive it could be weeks…. depending on how long it stays active..before gene modifications I don’t know if they would cover that in their patent on the viral agent.. in fecus it stays alive for weeks on end..
      Since I don’t think anyone would let something like that loose on purpose biologicals in my mind are only researched so that they can design a cure in the event it gets out and goes rampant….and they already patented that they have a cure or vaccine.. it won’t take long for it to be let loose and there is a mass vacination.. like the hong kong flu.. I caught that one when I was young..


      that is a pretty good video on how a viral agent can spread.. I was showering and changing at work long long long time before mythbusters ever even came out on tv..

    • What if you changed “Earnings Call” to “Booty Call”. “Booty” in the Pirate venacular. Or would that be tacky?

  2. “Stay the f8ck home.”

    I should be on a 300 seat passenger plane at this very moment flying 4 hours to our annual vacation in Jamaica. Taking a lot of flack from family and friends. “You overreacted” they tell me.

    So at 78 years old, I had to rationalize that making a decision too early and ruining a vacation was better than making a decision too late and potentially ruining the health of myself and my wife.

    I just read that the Coronavirus case in Germany was a man who did not travel to China but was in a meeting in Germany with a businessman from China last week. Changes the game doesn’t it?

    My paranoia may be expensive but hopefully prudent.

    • Sometimes, you put the chips on the table and the wheel spins.l

      Other times, you let the wheel alone and just walk out.

      Elaine and I may blow off a couple of hundred worth of May concert tickets using similar logic.

      World’s third biggest casino gambling? Ummm…we will see how it looks in May but we don’ty mind losing some to save some.

      • Hmmm….Short casino stocks? Other types of similar companies where large numbers of people gather to use their product or service? Can certainly add airlines and hotels, especially those that have large convention revenue? What about companies dependent on China shipping. Will other countries block container ships from docking? That would be a SHTF moment, if ships are turned around.

        • A man following his heart is always “protected” (except for ECD who doesn’t believe in such things) and it’s proof again, it works! Thanks for sharing – and following your inner guide!

    • Your money or your life; it’s as simple as that!!!! You done good, don’t fret about it, ferget about it!!!

    • Andy Reid has never won the Big one, many tries – came up short every time.

      So does Past Performance doing similar work in a similar situation Predict Future Performance ? Chiefs are -1 this AM at the sports books.

      U know the Commish ?

      • Correct, Andy Reid is not a big game coach like Hank Stram or Bill Walsh, but I think the team can overcome that after their last 2 pathetic starts. They realized in time for the Super Bowel, unlike the Ravens, that they are not invincible & need to play full speed each game. Should be a good game. Both are capable of winning. I would expect the betting to favor SF, so my Chief lock should be a big payout.

        The commish is not on my Christmas Card list.

      • “Chiefs are -1 this AM at the sports books. ”

        ‘Doesn’t matter. Gamblers don’t pick favorites or “points favored by.” TV “sports personalities” make “Vegas odds” seem important, because it gives them more camera time and something to talk about while they’re on.

        Gamblers play the spread. Chiefs were -1.5 Sunday. The fact they’re -1 now means too many people are playing them, and the high rollers and arm-breakers need more money down on SanFran. “Vegas odds” are not about who’s going to win, they’re about laying the spread, odds, total points, how many times Garoppolo or Mahomes picks his nose or scratches his butt, or whatever a bookie can get someone to bet on, where the house has a statistical advantage. You can rest assured, if a bookie or betting emporium of any kind takes a bet on an action by a particular player, they’ve sat down and watched sat-feeds of every 49ers and Chiefs game this year, and counted exactly how many times a player has done it, on average, per game, during the season.

        Sheesh! Didn’t y’all watch Jimmy, the Greek when he gave those instructional gambling talks? You couldn’t ALL have been “Daddy’s gleam…”

  3. RE: Romney – A prominent member of the LDS, Mitt was was surely schooled on the “White Horse” prophecy of LDS founder Joseph Smith https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/White_Horse_Prophecy
    wherein Smith predicted “You will see the Constitution of the United States almost destroyed. It will hang like a thread as fine as a silk fiber…. I love the Constitution; it was made by the inspiration of God; and it will be preserved and saved by the efforts of the White Horse, and by the Red Horse who will combine in its defense.” Perhaps Senator Mitt envisions himself as a key player in fulfilling this prophecy and he sees the Trump impeachment as the Constitution “hanging like a thread?”

    • If he saw it this way, he would not be tearing at the thread to break it now, would he?
      White Horse is a fine story. People trying to paint themselves into church doctrine? less so. That’s the job of history after the fact.

      • As a member of Mitt’s faith, with good connections with people of Utah; Mitt is a one term Senator. He will be out and forgotten on the dung heap of those who tried and failed and didn’t know when to get out and shut up. He is an embarrassment to Utah and many in the LDS community.
        Trying to become what McCain was or worse what Dingy Harry Reed was, does nothing for those in the state Mitt is suppose to represent. I hope he enjoys his only term as a Senator; unless he can find another state where he has a home, but doesn’t live in and try to get them to elect him.

        • I am so pleased to hear that. Mitt, like his family before him, doesn’t seem to value a hard days work like the rest of us and seems to think THEY has somehow taken up the Divine Right of Kings.
          There was (is) only One…and I’m glad people in UT are still smart and aligned with One.

  4. When investing don’t listen to anyone but yourself and one other person who knows what he or she is talking about. (ie. Made u money in the past). Otherwise your mind gets too cluttered.

  5. George

    ” The lefties and open border idiots are already out “judge shopping””

    I’m just a simple engineering type of guy. Only had some Calculus and Differential Equations in collage. If the Supreme Court say it’s this way and not that other way isn’t that the end of the story?

    How could a lower court say it ain’t so???

    Dazed and confused down south!

    • Yeah…well, old son, let pappy Ure ‘splain you this way.
      The Court says it’s OK. However, the lefties will find a nit (didn’t say within 3-years, so that’s a made-up executive branch decision so let’s challenge that…) and they will refile the case (different legal issue) and since most judges are liberal (for the most part) they will accept the case with a different legal deal point (even though about implementing the same law – which is nuts) and here comes another injunction.

      Like a cop can use any “probable cause” to pull you over. This court decision said “Can’t pull them over for unrolled window…” So the case is refiled and re-tried claiming the tail light not being on is a different legal point.

      \See why we’re screwed?

  6. Romney says Republicans may break ranks.

    Are turn-coat Republicans really the “lesser of two evils” when pulling the lever?

  7. You know I respect you a lot George…but To paraphrase the catchphrase of the late, great Columbo…there’s this one little thing…Trump.

    Why is it when people of far greater intelligence measured in light years than the Dunce we have as president, finally get the courage to speak out and tell the truth, they are hacks and part of a clown squad. This absolutely makes no sense. Dozens of his former cabinet members, staff and anyone that had to exchange intelligent words to him and get unintelligible nonsense back from him have blasted Trump as unfit as well. When everyone is saying it…don’t you think it’s true?

    Here’s the difference between people like Bolton, Kelly, McMaster, Tillerson etc. They didn’t need the jobs in the first place. They were totally set in their financial future. Therefore, they had nothing to lose when tasked to speak the truth about the lack of character, brains and fitfulness of Trump. And all did tell the truth and that has been corroborated by a myriad of books…the latest which is the best seller, “Stable Genius” …Can’t wait for Bolton’s book either.

    Now to the House and Senate Republicans. With a few exceptions all need their jobs…Romney doesn’t…which is why he has the guts to speak out. But the rest of them? It presently is their sole source of income. Trump knows this and is willing to shame them and give them a 3 minute bit in his clown posse road show to keep them in line. Therefore, they have checked their spines at the Capital steps and are afraid to speak out. Their wives need shoes, and their kids private education. They are not going to stick their necks out and compromise all that…no matter how patriotic it is. Their mantra, party before country has been ingrained in their weak brains by the party Mob Boss.

    It’s sad really. I am not a Bolton fan and his hawkish ways by any means…but I am a fan of integrity and he can win a lot of points with the American people if he just stands up and does the right thing and tells the truth about how incompetent Trump is.

    • Incompetent? Pahleeze, brother. He runs a lean and mean company – and he’s not a process player like DC. Moreover, let me ask you the key question:
      Since he did not hold up aid (Ukraine got more than they asked for including missiles) why isn’t Joe Biden being “pre-peached” for holding up aid to the Ukrainians?
      Moreover, if you were on trial for high crimes and misdemeanors, which of the two articles don’t apply to everyone in DC?
      If he had done a set-aside for democrat foundations and relatives? Z’at what it takes>

      • Come on GeorgE! . You are a brilliant guy! That’s why I have been here everyday for over 19 years reading your column. But Trump runs zero! He is a horrible manager. The only reason the has not been oustered by his own party is because he is manipulable. He has a pact with a few more powerful Congressman that they won’t spill the kompromat they have in him, if he does what they say. He is nothing but a pathetic puppet on a string…as was Bush, Clinton and many before them. Nothing new here.

        • Would I like to be managed by Trump? Oh, of course not. Round of golf would be fine.

          But one mgt secret I learned first -hand long ago is that sometimes the crappy personalities ge the most actually done.

          One Seattle exec I know was a first rate chauvinist, verbally abusive and people hated his guts…That phase lasted about a month when people signed on with him. A month later, seeing the results they had a hand in achieving, they changed their tune.

          What had happened was he kept people stirred up – and they ran the programs.

          methinks Trump may be of the same clothe. Crude, but pays off. Hire brains, piss them off,. then get out of their way when they “prove to you….” (fill in the blank).

          No who you are mark, nor me, but it’s a management style few have seen or understand – but it’s real and – oh yeah – works.

      • “He is nothing but a pathetic puppet on a string…”

        That is the description of our whole congress.. IF….I think that if he was a puppet.. doing what the puppetmasters want.. they wouldn’t have been trying so hard to destroy him for the past three years..

    • Let’s talk Mrs. Pay for Pay, if you think Trump is do dumb. left-=wing lawyer and body counts, anyone?

      And Joe’s boy, being the conduit from Burisma with apparently Obama being in the loop —

      Yeah, sure, so which one of the popularity contest charges so you think is a high crime or misdemeanor?

      We have our truth detectors turned on and waiting.

      • “What had happened was he kept people stirred up – and they ran the programs.

        methinks Trump may be of the same clothe.”

        I think so to…. no one in business has an 80% employee retintion unless they feel he is on their side.. those retintion levels are unheard of in todays employment market.. companies like that usually have to pay someone to quit and retire.. the last place I worked had a twenty or maybe twenty five percent retention ratio.. the turn over was amazing.. and everyone knew they didn’t have your back..

      • In my experience…Those types of jerk management personalities are also the first to get sued…thus the thousands of law suits that Trump has had to endure over his years in business. One of the main reasons he moved out of New York is that the entire metro area hates him. I will give Florida one year before they grow weary of him as well.

        • No, Mark. The jerk lawsuits come from the Jerk off party. “Free Lunch! Free Housing! Open Borders! Values teaching out of Schools! Sell Sex change!@!! Anyone with a Brain is a Bully! ”
          (want me to go on? Just getting warmed up…

    • Mark, I respect you too and much of what you’re posting may fit the facts, but don’t you realize that you yourself suffer from a psychological “father-issue?” Of course you wouldn’t ;-(.

    • “They didn’t need the jobs in the first place.”

      Neither did he..I think he tossed the towel in just to upset the IDIOTS ( oops..)I’m bad.. I meant to say the best the America has to offer..

      He has been attacked constantly and still got stuff done.. my fear is what will the elite puppetmasters do.. if He gets reelected.. Historically it hasn’t gone well for anyone opposing the puppetmasters.. I am for what he wants to do 100 percent.. but feel horribly bad for his family and him for having to take the abuse he has had to endure.. and not get paid for any of it.. the money he would be getting is going for other things instead..

      • Looking…
        He has done nothing. Name one thing that he actually did that made a difference. Don’t mention judges. That fell into his lap. A monkey could have picked a judge. Don’t mention the tax plan. That is a huge disaster. Don’t mention the recent China deal. He just rolled back Only a few of the very tariffs he put in place. Don’t mention the Mexico deal. It’s NAFTA light. About the only thing I can give him credit for is something Jared Kushner did along with big support from Van Jones…and that’s prison reform.

  8. And a further to pandemic prepping, a half dozen drops of hydrogen peroxide in the ear canal and lay down holding it in the ear for 5 minutes or longer and listen to the bubbling, amazing.
    Clean all those germs out.

  9. America leans left due to its youth, who have been indoctrinated with an agenda of victimization and class inequalities. The fact that the war machine was the conservative platform, did not help their image in the minds of America. We are in need of a cleansing, from a lying government and greedy and selfish ruling class, I.E. the rich. As life styles and basic necessities become more difficult to possess, we will see revolution in this country, and rightfully so !!!

  10. I think you may be maligning Putin with your
    ” left of Vladimir Putin ”
    Looking at some of his recent stances, Vladimir Putin is looking pretty far right of the ‘left wing and/or media”, at least in regard to leading his country.

  11. George,
    Good piece on the economics today, although aren’t you getting a bit tired of the R’s huge deficit subsidies/welfare for the Repo market, the farmers, etc.?
    Wasn’t that the R’s big Obama beef?
    Are such ‘temporary’ supports still necessary 12 years after the Great Recession?
    Haven’t we given the corporations enough welfare already, putting all those stock buybacks on the national debt?

    And, what’s Bolton supposed to do? Lie?

    The last time Bolton lied he helped the R’s give most of the Middle East to Iran.
    Best, Mike.

    • Mike, once again, you forget where those huge deficits came from (The House) and when comes to swelling social spending, which party opens the border for even more? And when even the Supreme Court gets sick of the influx, goes judge shopping to find another obstructionist ploy?
      Bolton is no republican, for even some of these are more honest and less war-like.
      Quick! How many wars did Obama start/expand vs Trump? See why Trump’s not so dumb after all?
      No, of course you don’t. You are blinded by your own biases.

  12. Ohh Nooo! run for the hills..

    Better yet hole up in Church somewhere – any ole church will do – give em a little money and they might forgive your Sins 4 U while U wait for the Virus to run its course.

    Isolation first, after U sell all your Investments!

    80,000 People died in the USA last from the Flu ! Regular ole influenza A/B – too bad – their prayers must not have worked some reason..

    • “Ohh Nooo! run for the hills..”

      I actually want to move where Expat lives..
      Scary times ahead.
      A contractor friend just let me know about an 87 million dollar housing build to house illegal refugees free of charge and once its built it will be a sharia zone where no Christians will be allowed..

  13. Lol if you really really want to be honest George they are all political hacks, who are only out to line their own nest. With over 50% of the hacks millionairs and the balance running to catch up, the only thing we can expect is what we have, a do nothing congress who simply slurps at the trough at the tax payers expense.The only time the so called congress ever came together with anything, was when they jumped on Trumps band wagon of tax cuts for the wealthy, that’s something they all can agree on.

    Johan Galtung say 2020 will be the year the empire falls apart,he at first said it would be 2025 but after the mess that the Bush years created he revised it down to 2020,he was right on the collapse of the USSR now we’ll see if he right on this one too.

    Don’t know about climate change but what ever is going on I’ll take it,living in Western N.Y. where snow gets butt deep to a tall man, and temperatures have plunge down to the minus 30 area, this winter has seen more rain then snow as the temperatures are running 10 degrees above normal.First time in 82 years I ever saw them make syrup in the month of December and having it run thru the month of January.!!!

  14. “This leaves some room to rally higher.”

    Perhaps it’s just filling the gap on DJI and/or SPY?

  15. “Where do these “American Aristocracy” pretrenders come from?” Nothing wrong with them, IMHO! What’s major wrong is the rest of US, just reading headlines and noticing what people are interested in. Disgusting ;-(.

  16. ““Lazy, Untrustworthy Political Hacks.” Five names dominate so far: Pelosi, Schiff, Schumer, Romney and Bolton.” It’s a good start, but let’s not forget Hildaburger. She’s a neocon in democrat clothing and has zero care for anyone but herself.

  17. “If these were cats, I’d be contemplating burlap.” My cat was offended by this “just for cats,” but I think you’re geniously funny ;-). Unfortunately, it’s hopeless with humans (watchem all get re-elected for the umtiest time — long live cats, I mean the genuine pussies!

    • PLeeease not so fast with the burlap! Cat’s are Citizens, Dogs are Slaves! They look at us as giant can openers! No one Owns a cat! That’s why I enjoy my 19 lb. Maine Coon and his personal independence!

      • Ah gees Ray that’s really really funny! I needed that this morning thank you! Bear is only 18 months old and the Vet calls him a junior. He should gain another 5 or 6 lbs. in the next year or so. Will that qualify him as full size?

  18. “My God, it’s an embarrassment. Who would have EVER believed that America would see radicals left of Vladimir Putin sitting in the U.S. House of Representatives and Senate?”

    One of our former Senators had pointed this out a long time ago and I believed him on the evidence then. To-day it’s clear that he was right — and the majority keeps electing same ilk. Solution: Restrict voting! Just think about this.

    • No income tax return, no voting? all in favor?

      Why would you let strangers vote on what you get for your family at the grocery store? (Lefties will go wild with this, but closer to the Framers’ intent than what we have today…O)(

      • I’m against! Welfare folks file income tax returns just to get excess refunds for their “earned income credit”. I’d rather stay with the original founders’ principle of property owners only. No government employees get to vote either. I also think that voters’ information should remain private and the parties should have no access to it. Keep it available to audit and validate votes and for no other reason. It would help reduce targeted lies and arm twisting so that the politicians have to go with a single lie for everyone.

      • Yep tax the property owners,tried that once it was called ‘Shays Rebellion” they scraped it in a hurry for it almost led to another revolution,I say cut out all welfare and start at the top with corporate bankers agriculture,or simply go we a graduated flat tax,and give all those companies and corporations who use off-shore accounts (welfare) 30 days to move it stateside or be sized and applied to the debt.People need to get their heads out of that dark place they park it, companies and corporations are nothing special,in fact they are a drag a on any financial system,Boeing is a good example as they put stock buy backs to benefit the board c.e.o and stockholders ahead of safety,and now before its over they will bend the U.S. taxpayer over the barrel again,and again and again.!!!

  19. Yo Schiffty wheres transcript #17?? U know the Atkinson transcript.

    So CIA command center spy plane is taken down in Trashganistan and all the US press reports is 2 dead..after initially deny it was ours. Word on the ground is alive US prisoners were taken..

    Reports Taliban recovered a treasure trove of highly sensitive intel(Iran/Pakistan/India all bidding)

    – this plane was Micheal D’Angelo/D’Andrea’s personal CIA comand center plane – he of Dark Prince fame – considered hisself the Dark Prince – involved in the farcical hunt for Usamma Bin Hiden – and in recent Soliemani assassination, not to mention 9/11..whoops I mentioned it.

    SSSseeya – wouldnt want to be ya!

    Bolton = Canary Trap..there be leakers/traitors at NSC.

  20. ” I was appalled to read Monday that Mitt Romney was hinting at himself be available should there be an impeachment.”

    This scenario has been out in the Demo-verse for more than a month (I’m surprised Mark hasn’t picked up on it):

    Trump gets impeached and removed.
    Pence becomes Da Prez.
    Pence must choose a VP of whom the Dems approve, which means a Democrat, or Mittens.
    The House then impeaches Pence and has him removed.
    Mittens becomes Da Prez, just in time to run as an incumbent President.
    The Republicans get slaughtered in the General Election.
    With heavy majorities in both Houses, and Hillary in the WH, Pelosi and Schumer can ram through anything they desire.

    THIS is why Romney is being so Democrat-friendly, and also why the Dem Establishment is panicking over Bernie’s (and Pokeyhauntus’) current popularity. Neither must be allowed to accrue a significant plurality in the Primary voting (‘cuz they might run the same game McCain and Huckabee pulled in ’08, teaming up to oust the front-runner, or in this case, to garner delegate support of a first-ballot Convention-win for a Sanders/Warren ticket…)

  21. Bolton IS a hardcore neocon (neocons are ALL RINOs, and all Liberals, which is why they get stiffys at the potential for aggressive use of the military) and as I’ve stressed before, neither a friend of, nor a friend to, Mr. Trump. That said, his book is no-more damning than the Mueller Report. The NYT is attempting to foster another “Russia probe.” Exactly how stupid ARE the American people? Can we really fall for another NYT scam, even before the last one is cold and in the ground…?

  22. Neither Bolton, nor anyone else currently or formerly in the Executive can be compelled to testify in the House, and all of the above can (and must) be shielded from doing so. Congress does NOT have oversight of the President or the Executive, other than by a super-majority vote. The President does not have oversight of Congress, other than by the veto. Oversight of both is the province of the USSC (three CO-EQUAL branches — remember?)

    The “case” was “tried” in the House. Impeachment in the House is like an arraignment and lower-court trial. Impeachment in the Senate is not like a court trial, but more like an Appeals Court hearing. As in any other appellate proceeding, no evidence or witnesses are allowed, which were not first introduced in the House, because the Senate’s job is to affirm or deny the conclusion which the House already made, AND THE WAY THEY MADE IT, and to mete out sentence on an affirmed verdict.

    The Senate can choose to throw out the Constitutional dictates and proper protocol, but if they do, they will destroy a fundamental pillar of American law and justice, and set a precedent no American with functioning synapses wants to see.

    RTFM (the Constitution) and contemplate the damn’

    Law of Unintended Consequences…!!!

  23. Remember the spin that Ciaramella is a “_second_hand_ whistleblower?” The reason his identity has been illegally shielded, is to make his name, not his data, the object of the public’s conversation and attention. He’s actually “3rd hand,” and the person who whispered in his ear should be in Major trouble. They’re both dirty, and both have family, and highly-questionable business ties, in the region in-question. (I mentioned this in a previous post. I’m going to keep dropping it until it hits the fryer, or the fan…)

  24. “Five names dominate so far: Pelosi, Schiff, Schumer, Romney and Bolton.”

    You can add Nadler and “the squad” any time you feel the inclination…

    The last person the kangaroo House (and a bunch of Senators) want to see under oath and in front of 40 live TV cameras is Rudy. He should have sufficient provable dirt by now to force at least a dozen recalls and censures of currently-serving fools, and a lot of graybar rendezvous’ for their associated civvies…

    Hunter would be pure entertainment. Y’know he’s almost certainly secluded somewhere doing “two-a-days” with a trial lawyer, a behavioral psychologist, and a speech & acting coach, right now? Still, 10-12 hours away from his little silver spoon and he’d be likely to premier a complete aria.

  25. “Hotel offers free stays for couples who make babies.”


    I wonder if that offer applies to those of us that like to…… PRACTICE……LOL

  26. Coronavirus fears prompt Ohio’s Miami University to postpone college basketball games

    Two students quarantined after displaying symptoms


    The men’s basketball team was scheduled to play Central Michigan University on Tuesday night, while the women’s basketball team was set to play Western Michigan University on Wednesday night. Miami University said both games were postponed at the behest of their opponents.

    Miami is in Oxford, a picturesque little town about 30 miles north of Cincinnati. MAC (Mid-American Conference) schools have been especially aggressive at recruiting Asian exchange students. Western Michigan is in Kalamazoo, Central is in the middle of a Chippewa Indian Reservation, 90 miles north of Lansing. MAC schools range from Northern Illinois, in DeKalb (just west of Chicago), to the University of Buffalo, with schools near Detroit (Toledo and Bowling Green, and Eastern Michigan in Ypsilanti — a stone’s throw from the University of Michigan campus) and Cleveland (Kent State, Akron.) I’ve got to make a business trip to Akron next week — suddenly less than enthusiastic.

    I’d really like to know how “recently” the Miami kids came back from China…

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