Vax War Continues, Business Fibs on the Beat

There is, it seems, not very much reliable data for the average – non-statistician – to consider when deciding to get a vax shot or not.  UN-like the US CDC, however, the British have been much more clear (dare we say transparent?) in their reporting.

For those keeping track, the latest is out in Week 45-date released some 20-hours ago.  What it shows?  Well, yes, shots seem to prevent deaths, but there’s a huge asterisk to discuss.  Numbers first, however:

Pretty obvious to us – when looking at the under 18 data, sure looks to us like the vax-the-kids move will save 1-tenth of one death per 100,000 people. Source Report here.  Data on page 22.

What doesn’t show up in the data – as Reader Ray so ably noted – is that people dying rather inconveniently apparently FROM vax effects are counted as unvaxxed.  And things go downhill from there:

“A 52-year-old prominent New Brunswick cardiologist suddenly died in his sleep just two weeks after getting his 3rd Covid jab.

Cardiologist Who Said He ‘Won’t Cry at Funeral’ For “Selfish” Unvaccinated People Suddenly Dies in His Sleep 2 Weeks After 3rd Covid Jab.

I anxiously await the results of his autopsy…”

Elaine and I continue tracking data.  Which, if you go back up to the first columns on the left, for example, show in the 40-49 age bracket, you’re more than twice as likely to get the ‘rona with two or more shots than with none.  Although the mortality seems lower that could be by not counting recent recipients as “fully vaxxed.”

Like elections, it really does matter who’s counting.

But, in the end, we hold that this is more about money than medicine since the majority of cases now are among those vaccinated.  Which is soft-soaped in reports like COVID-19 hot spots offer sign of what could be ahead for US.  Again, look at the British figures above:  More people get Covid after vaccination than without, but they survive better.  Counting the side effects cases (clots and sudden organ failures) as “without” is dishonest statistics, as we see it.

Fortunately, for the vax profiteers, we don’t matter. But, we’ll mention it, anyway.

Brandon’s Biz Fibs

The supply chain remains broken in America, but the reasons are varied enough that it’s an easy Big Lie to sell as to why it’s happening.

However, this week’s report from the Association of American Railroads, bolsters our contention that the “Economic Recover” is more sham than substance:

“For this week, total U.S. weekly rail traffic was 504,111 carloads and intermodal units, down 3.5 percent compared with the same week last year.

Total carloads for the week ending November 6 were 235,585 carloads, up 3.1 percent compared with the same week in 2020, while U.S. weekly intermodal volume was 268,526 containers and trailers, down 8.6 percent compared to 2020.

Five of the 10 carload commodity groups posted an increase compared with the same week in 2020. They included coal, up 7,624 carloads, to 66,745; metallic ores and metals, up 3,486 carloads, to 21,039; and chemicals, up 1,178 carloads, to 33,780. Commodity groups that posted decreases compared with the same week in 2020 included motor vehicles and parts, down 3,204 carloads, to 11,946; grain, down 2,039 carloads, to 25,386; and petroleum and petroleum products, down 413 carloads, to 10,010.”

Searching the keywords “supply chain” returns lots of sit-rep, but little in the way of  specifics revealing actionable moves anyone can take.  Prices of local goods jump amid supply chain issues, labor shortages.

Our (OK, cynical) view remains that it’s due to changes in regulation in California (including new electric truck rules), regs on container stacking, a longshore contract in negotiations, railroad inefficiencies driven by their bottom lines, and a heaping side order of China teaching us a thing or two about self-sufficiency.

Of course, the Useless administration has fed into this, with deals to kill pipelines and wreck American energy independence.  Why, if they keep working at it, we’ll all be on diets as famine coming to America is one of the hallmarks of a Depression.

It’s crazy, but since the Bidenistas are replaying the 1929 collapse (though printing wheelbarrows of money and choking off supplies to drive up prices and thus avoid the Effective Lower Bound of interest rates, they seem intent on bringing back the Spanish Flu with a kind of hysteria and then setting us up for famine.

Yessir, way to go Brandon!  (Go back up and read the decrease in grain shipment numbers…)  Then haul out the T.H. Watkins book The Hungry Years: A Narrative History of the Great Depression in America to get a sense of where this is driving.

Of course, at the end of the cyclical disaster, it ends in world war…and that brings us to?

Xi Whiz

Feeding into the middle-lower discontent with our marginal leadership, the Chinese have nailed it:  China slams U.S. democracy as a ‘game of the rich,’ at an event promoting Xi’s growing power.

Xi and Biden will be doing a video conference today.  Against this background some really silly shit is making the rounds.  Take the WSJ for example: Biden and Xi Pressed for U.S.-China Climate Statement.

Seriously?  China’s bigger economy and they don’t need us, like we need them, give Xi the opportunity to drive the agenda.  Contrary, to the wokeness of the WSJ, the reality is China is still building coal plants having not swallowed the woke pill.

Now, if you conclude we are  neutered social media addicts, and incompetent losers, for not only letting America get lapped – but for electing people to office who are career panderers – well, can’t say you’d be wrong.

Putin Has Gas

The story about Slow Joe and his personal emissions at COP26 were really more of an indicator of things to come.  Future’s like that – offers an event – keywords fly (gas) and people all titter and chuckle.

The REAL passing of gas that matters is now apparent as Vlad Putin has Kevlar marionette strings into Belarus.  Which the EU is trying to play hardball with, not realizing it’s like Russian Gas Roulette.  As now becomes evident in Belarus threatens to choke off EU gas supply over border dispute.

Meanwhile, tensions (also gas-related) are rising over Ukraine.  Although Moscow won’t invade Ukraine — unless provoked: Russian envoy.  Well, except we’ve  already poked the Bear in the eye by?  “US concerned about Russian military activity near Ukraine, as House Republicans press Biden to deploy troops.

You should understand in truth that the labels Republican and Democrat are already bankrupt.  There’s a Peace and Progress Party (liberal Rs and conservative Ds), there’s the Idiot Socialists (Bernie, AOC types), and there’s the NeoCon War Party which is orchestrating sending more hardware into eastern Europe.

Of course, there’s also the Vax Party, remnants of a Liberty Party, but it’s never all so simple as Rs and Ds.  They all sell-out; we just need to check the going bids.  Which should be on eBay so we can see what they’re worth, but that’s never going to happen.

Noticed in Passing

Do as we say, not as we do:  How green was the COP26 climate summit? – BBC News.  And what are the climate shills proclaiming?  Catastrophic Climate Change Cannot Be Stopped If We Keep Using Coal.  We figure John Kerry should stick to what he knows…selfies?

Been a few years since the fear-mongers rolled out the “thermohaline conveyor shutdown” as a climate terror.  But here, we see it’s back:  Concern grows over Atlantic Ocean ‘conveyor belt’ shutdown.  Taxes to the moon to buy water pumps, anyone?

The BLM Shakedown of NYC hits a rough patch:  NYPD cops rip ‘domestic terrorist’ BLM leader Hawk Newsome.  Saying, in effect, “We’re going to riot for no law and order” is nearly the stupidest thing ever.  Well, if we ignore Pelosi, Schemer, Slow….hmm.  Quite a list now that I think about it.

Lost in Space?  An ‘earthgrazer’ flew ‘a whopping 186 miles’ over 2 states — then vanished, NASA says.

Around the Ranch

Zeus the Cat got us up around 4 AM to talk.  Said he needed to go outside to check the possum trap because he was sure one had been snagged.  Sure enough, he was right.

ShopTalk Sunday – lots going on around here.  Doing research on how much laser to put on the small CNC machine in order to be able to precision-cut 1/2″ Baltic birch…40-60 watts seems the peak before moving into a more spendy CO2 laser rig…so not sure – research continues.  Have a 5.5W/40W laser now.

Nearly done with detailing the tile kitchen.  Black silicone stove-to-counter gap-fillers will be installed today.  And a new black drainboard goes better with the dark green tile than an aging clear one…

New ham radio receiver arrived – will be testing the ATS-20 vs. the larger color touch-screen ATS-25 receiver today or tomorrow.

Eyeing a new EdX course:  CS50’s Introduction to Programming with Python | edX.

Just the charts on Peoplenomics tomorrow, unless Taiwan falls this weekend, but two weeks of Thanksgiving seems like Xi would wait, if not for spring and even into next fall.

Futures up 100 on the Dow, 10 on the ess and pee.  Don’t want to risk a position over the weekend, so cash and good night’s sleep this weekend…

Have a great weekend and?

Write when you get rich,

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72 thoughts on “Vax War Continues, Business Fibs on the Beat”

  1. This is something that’s been running around in the back of my mind for a while now – whether or not they’re going to try and start putting crap in our food beyond the GMO b.s. Git yer non-GMO, non-Covid seeds riot cheer, folks! A buck a seed, folks, durn cheep as I see it.

    Scientists Are Attempting to Grow Covid Vaccine-Filled Spinach, Lettuce, Edible Plants To Replace Covid Injections

    “Researchers at the University of California were awarded a $500,000 grant from the National Science Foundation developing technology that infuses experimental mRNA Covid-19 vaccines into spinach, lettuce and other edible plants.”

    “The team of nanobiotechnology experts is currently working on successfully delivering DNA containing mRNA BioNTech technology into chloroplasts, the part of the plants that instruct its cells’ DNA to replicate the vaccine material.”

    “The researchers are tasked with demonstrating the genetically modified plants can produce enough mRNA to replace Covid jabs and infuse the plants with the right dosage required to eat to replace vaccines.”

    • funny you should mention it. I have a Doctor friend I spoke with 2 nights ago, who works with plants and hybrids, cross breading DNA on plants. She comes here time to time.

      she was the one looking for me George, that you said “this isnt Andy’s answering service”. LMAO!

      she is also my dumptruck rider that i took to the mines, back in the day that damn near shit her pants riding shotgun when I was running big rig out of the Mines. doing 70mph on the Haul road bumper to bumper, with a 100 foot drop off on one side, choking down Marlboro reds, black coffee with ACDC blaring on 10, grabbing 18 gears, fully stretched out at 105,500 lbs, hahaha!

      IF she sees your comment, I would encourage her answer it. after all she has PHD in plants and plant DNA. she would be an “Authority” on such topics. since we were just talking about micro and macro cosmism the other night.

      seems fitting.

      hmmmmmm… i know some of the most remarkable people in the world. from all walks of life. including you!

      hope she answers your questions. be mindful tho, she is a wiley one. haha she is definently smarter than the average bear and quite gifted in many ways.


    • I’d call that “adulterated” food, wouldn’t you? What’s the purpose unless the goal is to secretly make people ingest the “gene therapy” without knowing it. Isn’t that total 180 off from the Nuremberg principles?

    • If scientists can make food that changes human DNA perhaps the natural ecosystem can do the same. Charlie would call it evolution but maybe it’s plants attacking the warm bloods. War among organisms.

      “Mountains of research have confirmed that plants have intelligence and even beyond that consciousness by many of the same measures as we do. Not only do they feel pain, but plants also perceive and interact with their environment in sophisticated ways.”

  2. Trump spent a lot of U.S. treasure directing Operation Warp Speed. Get the Vaxx. You’ll sleep better knowing you are safe from bio-weapon or accidental release… Trump rode the needle. Trump is safe. Who doesn’t want to be safe?


    Catch them all.

    I can’t prove this but think animals are attracted to same species urine. I had a trespassing house cat problem. It took a couple few weeks to clean-up all the cats (and release them over at the golf course community) but haven’t seen any since, over a month.

    I think all the cat urine washed away and the general area reverted back to ‘unknown’.

    You have a large yard and would need an RC land system that autonomously patrols the perimeter to find their trails. Tesla recognition S/W integrated into a Roomba, if you will.

    • Did Trump go back for 2nds?
      in my Darrellist’s opinion, warp speed kept US from total lockdown, locked down for years waiting for the vax,, death of US Constitution, by medical/corp mandates,, moves and counter moves

    • I think Trump was working with what they wanted him to know at the time but I think he’s promoted it since then which is hugely disappointing. The only “safe” thing to do is ALWAYS question authority!

  3. Hudie’ chibangs Commrade,

    A realestate component to the “replay” should shirely bee along soonly.Hmmmmm

    >Nevergrande debt burrito started the global debt indigestion xplosions – lots of benchi/badgas from this particularly large ponzi scheme..burping and farting, farting and burping

    Why next thing you know, places that have seen massive inflows of red hot Asian RE investment funds will be starting the inevitable fire sales.

    – to cover their collective asses in places like SF, Vancouver, Toronto to name butt a few. Keeping in mind the Asian anatomy is sightly different than Caucasian, in that Asian peoples rear-end cracks run Horizontal, instead of Verticle..this explains funny noise they make when sliding down stair rails/bannisters. Butt I digress, I would be looking to Sell and/or Short the above referenced markets soonly.

    Yes it would Stellar for you all to get a of the shiba inu, why not a lil XRP..banker coin, but maybe they will settle someday moonly – none the less they all be sheeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeetcoinz, butt BTC.its Ure futue.

    Like “missing link” said yesterday – shout out Satchel Paige!

  4. Covid

    The actual Minnesota data documents it’s a very benign flu for all but the very elderly and those in poor health. It also shows that all the draconian mandates have not made any difference in outcomes and being vaccinated means little -and could make it worse.

    The best prevention against all diseases is to be healthy, exercise and don’t be fat.

    The flu does what it will do and will change and keep doing what it does.

    Minnesota % Fully vaccinated as of 11-5-21
    65+ 87% Vaccinations began in January 2021
    50-64 75% ”
    18-49 65% ”
    16-17 59% March 2021
    12-15 53% May 2021
    5-11 N/A November 2021

    11-9-21 Data, Minnesota Department of Health Age group data table:

    ………………………………………………………………………………………………Deaths %……………..Deaths %
    Age group….Cases….Deaths….% Cases…% Deaths…of Total Cases….of Age Group Cases

    Minnesota by Major Races, 11-9-21 Race and ethnicity data table.
    ……………………..Cases…………Deaths…% Cases…..% Deaths…Deaths % of Cases

    • So, how come Minnesota had a 5.1% death rate in the 70-79 (my group!) age range while the UK had roughly a 0.2% death rate for the vaccinated and a 0.6% rate for the unvaccinated in the same age range in the table George pasted? Have I misplaced a decimal point someplace? Covid stats are a witch’s cauldron and a lot depends on whether you use a right-wing or left-wing ladle to dip into it. The more I learn, the more confused I get. In the meantime, I took the third jab. Neither a one in 20 nor a 1 in 500 odds appeal to me. Still basically avoiding indoor events and wearing a mask when I can’t do a curbside pickup.

      • Maybe socialized medicine is better than Medicaid and going naked? The Brits have fewer comorbidities? Coding instructions in the UK focus on not embarrassing the government while in the US they focus on reimbursement? Hypotheses aplenty, proof not forthcoming. Still, off by a factor of 10? We are in X-Files land and “The Truth (ain’t) Out There.” At least Ph.D. candidates in epidemiology and sociology will have dissertation topics for many years to come.

  5. interesting language juxtaposition there, COVID-19 “hot spots”. most of the time words “Hot and Spots” coupled together is a term for internet “Access”. entry to an information vehicle. when i see words couple together and juxtaposed in use, not normally found.. i take note.

    Ref: Peter Pan. nobody gets in her bedroom and goes on adventure with her but but him. hahaha! YES! Iam the man for that job!

    as you said yesterday George,

    alike, yes sir!

    we shall see.

    Truly, Iam Blessed and Alta Futuna! it is my hope, you are as well.

    Que: ~Drops of Jupiter ~


  6. I, too just ordered an ATS 25 after having lived a week with the ’20. We shall see. I hear tell that it is more sensitive receiver. We shall see.

  7. You didn’t mention the results in the 70+ age bracket. I suppose sooner or later we’ll run out of old people and the covid death rate will plummet. But for those who use rates of infection or death in their arguments, who also aren’t in the “oh crap” age statistics range, of course you are justifiably outraged, and of course you don’t give a crap about the people who are most vulnerable.

    It didn’t take much to get rid of the social security problem, just make the young folks wear masks and take vax.

    • Every single bug that has accosted the human race has been treated properly by keeping those infected isolated, not this reverse, over-politicized pseudo-science of isolating everyone, all the time, vaxxxed and un-vaxxxed with and without the infection that 98% of everyone gets over often with no symptoms presented. At 64, nearly 65, I’m right there, out and about, taking my vitamins and sometimes horse paste and calling b.s. on everything that tries to paint this PLANdemic for anything other than what it is. Natural immunity has proven to be better at keeping you healthy while the Covid swirls around you and the vaxxx does anything but keep you from getting it while athletes and others around the World who are jabbed are dropping like flies. If you can’t see it for the population reduction pogram it is there’s no hope for you Phil.

      • Bill, you can’t have it both ways. Are there excess deaths? Yes or no.

        Some say no. COVID isn’t killing any more people than usual, based on the overall death rate being essentially static.

        Some say yes, COVID (or the vaccines) are a deliberate population reduction program, based on… what? How are you measuring this?

        When the 6 billion people who have had at least one jab start to die at a rate higher than the global death rate, give me a call. Otherwise, it’s just like any other fear scam. The doom is just over the horizon. Along with global warming, nuclear war, the ozone hole, peak oil, global cooling, the population bomb, and all the other nonsense that people are so sure is just over the horizon.

        Seriously. Do you even hear yourselves? The lack of real information makes you more sure. The non-appearance of a problem is somehow proof that imminent doom is assured. That’s mental illness.

      • For cryin’ out loud Phil. How much information has crossed this comments section alone and your still dithering? Seriously you’re like newbie the frustrated tech guy at the help desk is trying to help in the old 2000s joke trying to help a PC newbie and who finally told him to just box up the computer and send it back to the factory because they’ll never get it. How many accredited World-class doctors waving red flags in your face with voluminous proof do you need to convince you to stay away from The Jab? Would you rather have had all the millions of people in India fertilize the soil with their bodies because they DIDN’T get Ivermectin? They’ve all been showcased here and you still would rather go with Madcow and company? There’s no hope for ya.

        • Yet despite the data and the doc at the SF bd of supervisors laying it all out in 3 minutes earlier this month, people still think Elaine (but especially) me are nuts for not jabbing up. Go figger.

      • It’s a matter of would you rather listen to someone BEFORE or AFTER you go over the falls on your way down stream. It doesn’t matter how far ahead they may be they’re there nevertheless. In the mean time with all the evidence piling up how much damage do you want to allow to happen on a continuing basis? How many more people have to die far in excess of the victims of other vaccines (which The Jab IS NOT!) while TPTB keep insisting we get it?

        At this point in my life, as anyone here knows in regards to their own, I’ve lost just about everyone that I gave a flyin’ rat’s patoot about and I’m next in line in the normal progression of things. I viscerally disagree with my son, who’s got The Jab and his wife, potentially jumping the gun on me in this time line as well as anyone else out there in my circle of friends. But, in the end, ya CAN’T. FIX. STUPID.

    • This does point does interest me. I have thought for a while the governments crazy over reaction to Covid is because so many of the leaders are in that most vulnerable age bracket. But your point seems to be that everyone else should give up living their lives because old people are vulnerable. Already the youth give up >15% of their income to the elders in SS and medicare/Medicaid, but instead of saying thanks, you believe they should also hide away because an elder may get sick and perhaps die. It should not be onerous on me to protect or support you. If you are in fear of the young, or an un-diapered face, then shelter away and hide, don’t expect others to accommodate your fears. Here is a news flash, you are going to die I am going to die, I am not going to live the next 30 years of my life (hopefully) in hiding to accommodate your fear. Maybe you could regulate us to do constant perimeter walks around your property to ensure no criminal comes to do you harm. Maybe we hold your hand around some snow or ice to ensure you don’t fall and injure yourself. You live your life you take your chances, or cower away and let life slip by, and still end up dead.

      • Right on, bro! Fuckin’ old people!
        Get outta the way! Move Over – Stephenwolf
        Fourteen or Fight! – Wild in the Streets – 1968

      • Keep in mind if it weren’t for us old farts, you young twerps wouldn’t be here. Respect your elders, sonny!

  8. I thought possums caught snakes and unwanted bugs. I caught 8 cats and a possum over about a 6 month period because cats were peeing on our cars and porch. No more problems in over a year.

    I have been feeling guilty over the possum because I heard they mate for life. The city took all the animals away, neutered and rehomed the cats. No idea what happened to the possum.

  9. Possum bait? I quit using dry cat for bait and switched to those individual servings of diced peaches. Keeps the cats out of my trap, but possum and skunks love them

    UK covid vax report, the charts on pg 20 and 21 seem to give conflicting info about death rates for Ure/our age group. I do not have Blind Faith in British gov documents.
    Eric Clapton has given his experience with the vax, drawing the ire of libnuts, he [regerts] it
    Ya, I did a little Snicker misspelling
    Jimmy Dore, a liberal socialist, regrets his vax, still sick from it. He is a Trump hater, but is starting to see that that was not all orange man bad. He is starting to admit that Trump did a lot of good for US, but little Jimmy still demands free medi care for all. I feel a free-market medical system would reduce cost , to make medical care affordable. Our current fully corporate owned and controlled med system is treating US like an owned herd of cattle,, max profit, not what is best for US. If we had a free market, we would be getting human dose size of ivermectin over the counter without problems or backlash. That is just one small example of pharma/industrial/medical/FDAgov complex,,,HO HO HO no freedom for you
    Why do the doctors get rebates/gifts from the pharmacutical industry? when we are the ones paying the bill. To my way of thinking, this is Judas with his 30 pieces of silver. We are raised to trust the good doctor, , , HA, bi-polar
    Just because this medical system does a lot of good is no reason to accept their BAD. Our,, excuse me, their medical system needs a good colonoscope preparation, purge the shit out of it!
    I see systemic racism,, human racism, not color racism
    remember, Rockefeller used government to eliminated to competitive alcohol fuel and Duponts took away hemp/cannabis by government decree.
    Free Market vs capitolistic corporations
    Free market = free humans
    corporate owned market = owned cattle

    • An honest and respectful medical “system” would put physicians(not necessarily doctors) in a position of advisor or consultant. Prescriptions would be optional, and everything would be OTC. I visit my optometrist(rarely) because she’s top notch and has both the skills and equipment to evaluate my eyes. With regard to the rest of medicine, I choose to remain my own physician, and to date, I’m doing better than most. I’ll continue that approach as long as it works, even though the system is designed to prevent it. I’ve chosen to avoid the current fad of injections and do as I’ve always done – nothing – as there’s no science to inspire it.

      Freedom is the penultimate right, as every other right flows from it. We have no right to safety – life isn’t safe. We can work toward it, but it will never be complete. Government is corrupt – it’s the nature of the beast. We can hope for and work toward the least corrupt to run the show, but temptation is always present. I learned that at age 21 and refused to ever again have an elected position. Power corrupts if you let it, and I’ve never seen as corrupt an administration in the USA than what we’re suffering with today.

    • ” I feel a free-market medical system would reduce cost ,”

      I have said that for decades…
      Open the borders…medications are tens of thousands of percent more than other countries. Even though we give the pharmaceutical companies research money.
      Insurance companies can legally discriminate and price gouge..
      So open the borders, have a no discrimination law,…( oh wait that’s already on the books) and no price gouging. If costs go up for product a distribute those expenses to everyone. Right now they price gouge so bad that its unaffordable.. ( before they just denied you coverage) the patient is usually sent to the hospital ER instead of a clinic and those prices are passed on to the doctors at the clinics and those with the borders for insurance companies as well.. for my area I have four policies to choose from..
      Govt run hospitals are the best staffed. They just don’t work like a normal company.. instead of working 2200 hrs a year they work 1000. Staff them 24/7 at the VA hospital once 330 hits you could set up bowling pins the halls are vacant..
      Allow insurance companies from other states and countries compete..

  10. Reader: “There is no such thing as overpopulation. That’s the first BIG LIE of our generation.”

    Choices: Can’t beat that for an opinion?! Case closed ;-((

  11. if memory serves, George, didnt you use Dragon Speak? an app that puts things into text? a little bird said use that to write a book. huh. never thought about that. someone gave me a laptop this morning. just out of the blue. LOL

    how was the app? does it work well? Perhaps I will write a book. if all i have to do is talk and it types for me.

    • I used Dragon up through 15 but now new machine with 11th gen and win 10- which begs me to activate win 11 does OK. Any of ’em require rereading and prufing, lol

    • “didnt you use Dragon Speak? an app that puts things into text? ”

      Lol lol lol… i was in really tough shape.. I couldnt use my hands..they looked like footballs.. I had dragon speak on the computer…to auto fill claim forms.. anyway I’m in a wheelchair at the time and the grandkids were bouncing on the bed playing..and it took off typing like crazy lol lol.. dragon speak was uninstalled shortly afterwards.
      Another cute story.. all disability policies are worthless.they are great if you stub your toe break a finger or leg.. BUT…if its something more begin to feel as if your a character in john Grisham’s book the rain
      Anyway to get the claims even acknowledged you have to send it snail mail,certified mail, faxed. And the state board .. well I had them on everything the credit cards at work a personal policy at the bank..for the just in case what if it happens to you..
      None of them covered a dime..except the lol..since it was a more serious issue they wouldn’t accept the claims put in by the bank..six months went by and the bank calls me late afternoon on the Friday before memorial day do you still plan on living in your house..they need you to send in the claims..oh my god.. I had fax on the computer with the claim filled out..hit enter and it would send a copy to both the state and the company..I couldnt walk yet in horrible pain..I hit enter. A message comes back a problem with the communication please try again..for 3 days every couple of minutes I hit enter.. tuesday morning 8am..I get a call.. DON’T send anymore we got it lol five minutes later the insurance company calls ..DON’T send anymore.. lol lol their fax machines must have worked all day..
      I have told all the good as they make you believe in them ..don’t waste your money.. buy something more secure..their business model is to make money so the execs can go on vacation or buy fancy crap.. I asked the bank manager why they sold it..especially if their willing to throw them under the bus..

  12. Well, Well, Well big pharma and the liberal government cooking the books over the one’s vaccinated dying. Surprise, Surprise, Surprise.

  13. Are you going to share your Pogo recipe with your readers? My grandfather’s depression era rule was “don’t kill it if you aren’t going to eat it”. A now deceased neighbor had his own version of humane treatment: live trap and release near the house of someone he didn’t like.

    • For revenge, my favorite would be sowing Kudzu seeds around the house of the person who crossed me. In a year or two, he’d be so busy fighting Kudzu he wouldn’t have time for anything else.

      • Biowarfare is certainly en vogue. I would think you would have to dislike someone a LOT to nuke them with kudzu.

    • “don’t kill it if you aren’t going to eat it”

      That’s my rule to N…. my grandson the liver of all reptiles was at the sitter and she killed a snake.. he was heartbroken..big crocadile tears..and he wanted me to sneak it into his bookbag to he could save it.. well we can’t save it honey..
      After school I drop him off and he goes up to her and asks..are you making soup for your husband lol lol lol..

  14. Vaccinated get sick more? Hard to rule out behavior changes. When people get vaccinated, logically, they will tend to rejoin society in a broader sense. More church services, sporting events, dining, bars, dancing, family events. So I would think their exposure chance of encountering the virus would go way up. For me it even felt weird to shake hands with strangers again. Numbers around here in GA, 7/8 of people seem to be back to normal, with 1/8 still masking up and distancing. I find it bizarre to be walking around the neighborhood, and seeing people outside or by themselves in a car all masked up. Middle school age kids are walking to their bus stop with full masking kit applied, and I assume are wearing all day long, even walking home. As a kid, we generally only followed adult advice when they were around. I notice though, it seems black people seem to mask up at a much greater percentage then others. Maybe that relates to a political leaning and following government leaders advice, or maybe they have read something that makes them more at risk of a bad run of covid.

  15. There is one pretty large caveat i’d like mention here. There is no distinction made., nor any reference to “co-morbidity”. Did these people die ‘with’ covid-19.. ?? or directly ‘from’ covid-19.. ? We do not know how many of these patient deaths were also obese., or undergoing cancer treatment., or had severe asthma.., auto-immune disorders., etc etc. No notation, or data was supplied regarding ‘co-morbidities’.

  16. We are constantly bombarded with scary numbers of cases and deaths from “the virus”. Over 5,000,000 DEAD globally!! (Plenty of literature indicating that even these numbers are grossly inflated.)

    How many actually stop and think about what that really means? Most don’t I suspect, but in actuality, out of a population of 7.9 Billion people, alleged fatalities are only .06% or much less than 1%. In children, the fatality rate is about the same as with seasonal influenza, which is almost zero.

    So what’s all the fuss about? Why the masking of children, or anyone that isn’t sick for that matter? Why the pressure to get an experimental vaccine which has already shown poor efficacy in effectiveness and spread, and a rising number of adverse reactions and deaths, even though most are not reported? Why are they now mandating these jabs for children, when it is known children have an almost zero chance of death from “the virus”? Why all the destruction of small businesses, supply lines, delivery systems, and the inflationary repercussions?

    Why is the same thing that is happening in the US also happening in nations all over the world? Why is the term “build back better” being used all over the world? Is “the virus” just an over hyped opportunity to bring about a one world government where nation states lose their autonomy, their constitutions, and become ruled by a small group at the top of the wealth pyramid? Why have “they” told us, via institutions like the WHO (world health organization) and WEF (world economic forum) that the future envisioned for the entire global population (after a die-off of a few billion) is total control, a world where “you will own nothing, and you will be happy?”

    These are questions everyone should be asking themselves rather than being driven by a manufactured agenda of fear. This has nothing to do with health or science, people. This is about a future that will be terribly bleak for the vast majority of us if it is allowed to continue. The first step in stopping it is to open ones eyes and accept the horror that it is real. Then get pissed off.

  17. Biden’s /Xi’s actual Video Meeting is Monday, not today.

    I would LOVE to be a fly on the wall, or at least watch via an internet feed, that “meeting”. You KNOW Taiwan will be at the top of the list for Xi since for him that is the most important foreign policy issue facing China, one that has moved from the back burner not just to the front burner, but one that has the burner turned up to HIGH … and then had a BLOW TORCH added underneath it so as to heat it up even further.

    China now has the largest ability to do a seaborne invasion of any navy in the world … multiple times the size of the US’s current capacity … as long as they are in the near China seas.

    2 new modern LHDs are now deployed, 30,000 tons ships – which like the US LHDs have to unload off shore (US now has 9, one burned up in San Diego this past year – China is building one new one every six months now – will have it’s class of 8 built and deployed by the end of 2025, for the US it takes 4+ years to build one, only one new one is in the pipeline)

    8 LPDs (only a max of 10 years old) which each carry a brigade and all their equipment, including tanks. Each 20,000 ton ships are a smaller version of an LHD but can drive straight up onto shore for off loading (US zero comparable ships)

    60+- LSTs which carry 1 to 2 companies each with all their equipment including medium size tanks. These are 3,000 – 5,000 ton ships which like the LPDs can drive straight up onto shore for off loading (the US has zero comparable ships)

    The Chinese LHDs, LPDs and about 1/2 of the LSTs also carry a complement of LARGE helicopters for aerial landings inland and have hoovercraft for carrying troops and equipment to shore.

    The US seaborne landing abilities pale by comparison to what China can now do since we have eliminated most of that ability from our present Navy.

    As long as China can get control of the air space over Taiwan it should be able to do a successful seaborne invasion of that island. The ONLY thing holding them back now would be the secondary fall out from such an invasion, ie: becoming a world outcast … but could the rest of the world really throw them out when China IS the manufacturing center of the world NOW and after taking over Taiwan would control so much of the world’s IC chip manufacturing?

    Is Xi going to push HARD on Brandon on Monday over Taiwan? If so HOW hard? Is he going to DEMAND a reunification timetable with an unstated threat of invasion?

    Man … I would LOVE to be listening in on that “Meeting” on Monday.

    • “China now has the largest ability to do a seaborne invasion of any navy in the world … multiple times the size of the US’s current capacity … as long as they are in the near China seas.”

      I don’t believe this is going to happen..
      We are the aggressor’s not Xi.. or Putin.. and our politicians are for sale to the highest bidder..
      all they have to do is wait they know that the buyers want something in return and our politicians are going to be pimped out to do their bidding. How much did they pay the family again..
      the kid made the comment that they have how much hidden in swiss accounts avoiding to pay taxes on it….
      Then consider we love to challenge them by skirting their borders just trying to irk them into a confrontation then they can go to the people and claim we were attacked.. ..
      that doesn’t even take into an account that they manufacture all of our goods.. the moment they take Taiwan they have the chip companies the manufacturing .. and over two hundred of our key industries.. not to mention grain export and the ports.. our roadways and ranch land and how much do they loan out on home loans.. hmm.. I am lucky my bank doesn’t sell mortgages to mortgage companies…. Shoot seriously they could orange cone us into compliance LOL..or just quit selling car batteries till we eventually come to a halt.. LOL LOL
      there is a reason why originally it was not acceptable to buy votes or have someone else write the bills that they bring into law.. those days are over I am afraid,
      We have a cancer and no one is willing to vote these people out of office..
      Since we keep voting in the same old people time after time.. we deserve what they dish up for us….
      For me it is extremely sad to watch this all unfold the way it is..
      I kind of wish I didn’t know or have read about what is going on..Be one of the many ignorant ones in the world hustling day to day for the coin say it isn’t so bend over and get azz pumped to get some of the green god they covet.. ( or ghost coins)

  18. CNN bites the big one! All it took is people walking away in droves and the money that sustained them goes bye-bye.

    CNN To Reportedly Fire “Good Number” Of On-Air Talent, Staff In Major Shakeup

    After CNN ratings crashed through the floor once again in October – with not one single show averaging at least 1 million viewers, a major shakeup is in the works at the network.

    But according to Jon Nicosia – former Mediaite and IJR managing editor (and former breaking news editor at the DC Examiner) – CNN is going to revert to a 100% news channel, and a “good number” of CNN’s “talent/staff” will be fired as part of a major shakeup.

    • “After CNN ratings crashed through the floor once again in October”

      It’s the same crap day in and day out. Record five minutes and you have the whole 24 hours of coverage..

      • And it’s talking heads talking to themselves because no one out there is listening to them any more. Love it!

      • I can see the ** suddenly religious ** ENN suits, sitting around in the PD’s office, PRAYING for Donald Trump to deal himself into the 2024 Election.

        Nothing short of Trump’s return is going to save them, and I take serious pleasure in the fact they all now realize it…

  19. Here are some important links for people to see.

    Some new info for the prepping side, (some more good websites) from a 20 year truck driver:

    Now some aborted fetal cell information and the footnotes are excellent with item #21 has a pdf with more info:

    Oldie but Goodie to see what he got right:

    It starts young, and yes, we can dig in and research and protect ourselves, our children, and our future:

    A little dated, but worth the read for historical purposes:

    She started here:

    It took 4 or 5 tries to just try to find out what actually happened to her (most of the articles on the internet are like this one:

    And they leave out the 2nd part of the first paragraph in this article):

    And let’s talk about the bottom line:

  20. Comrades,

    Msm reported after market close today that a co-founder of Medidata Solutions perished yesterday in a small plane crash in New Jersey. The software company oversaw the Moderna covid-19 vaccine clinical trials.

    • The New Jersey Herald published an informative report that the aircraft wreckage had been moved by truck on Friday to the forestry service airport Aeroflex-Andover. Perhaps of future greater interest is the pictured tail wreckage in the wooded crash area provided by the Stillwater Volunteer Fire Department showing aircraft registration N-90559.

      • Reportedly it was a Cessna 172, which is regarded as THE SAFEST small airplane ever built.

        HOW in the hell can you kill yourself in a 172?
        and with a Check Pilot in the right seat to boot?

        Sure some people have managed to do that … but you really have to WORK HARD to accomplish that since the 172 has such inherent built in stability.

        Be interesting to read the final crash report but about the only thing that could have done that was a stall at a low altitude … maybe trying those 720 degree turns around a point at too low of an altitude for his check ride?
        (that is what my check pilot always wanted to see … a tight 720 degree turn around a point while holding the altitude within 100′, but we were never real low when we did those and it was always over corn fields or something similar)

  21. buildup at Ukraine’s border.

    This on the heels of Russia “rushing 90,000 troops to Ukraine border” and other such headlines. There’s no way to verify this, but it would only happen if Putin wanted to play a mind game with somebody, or Russia got credible intel on an impending invasion of Russia, through Ukraine. If Russia were going to invade a country on its border, it would trickle in assets and materiel so slowly and stealthily that no one would notice. The object of the game isn’t to win the battle. It is to win with as close to zero effort and zero casualties as possible. Even given a huge military advantage, a combatant is more likely to achieve this if their opponent doesn’t know a fight is coming…

      • AG: The Government has been doing a massive surveillance campaign at the lake for weeks — the search-patterns mostly overfly the tip of the peninsula and the northern end of the lake.

        This is the latest:

        and is typical.

        start watching at 26:30

        You can go back through Monkey’s “sitrep” videos for weeks, and there’ll be a similar segment in most.

  22. FWIW if this hasn’t been posted yet –
    Dr. Chris Martenson and friends is starting up an organization to help fight the vaxxxing of kids, especially in CA. He’s asking people to sign up if they want to get involved either as an existing group or individually. The side bar to the sign up sheet says –

    Immediate Action Requested
    Simultaneously we are quickly uniting various groups across the state while collaborating strategically with multiple stakeholders and thousands of individuals to effectively aid the excellent work they are already doing. Given that every moment counts, we need everyone reading this message to immediately:

    (1) Take a few moments to provide your contact information so we can build a network that social media cannot “cancel”.

    (2) If you’re not already involved with a group in your area that is active in this space, please visit the “Strategic Partners” section of our website, reach out, support them and engage!

    (3) Aggressively distribute this website to everyone you know and ask them to do the same thing three things.

    Please help us harness the power of leveraging broad personal networks to fuel exponential growth in the development of a network of like-minded parents and citizens across the state. Please help us do this in parallel to our ongoing work of unifying numerous groups, collaborating, and assisting in
    strategy execution.

    The website is here –

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