Ure’s Pissed: Trump Ought To Call-Out Congress

George on the Soap Box this morning. Skip the first article if you just want the daily ration of press releases and market stuff. You see? Eventually, when you have enough money, principles DO MATTER.

Whether you agree with his policies, or not, president Trump is likely to call for a major revision in the Federal Budget, and will likely call for Congress to get off its duff and actually produce on the promises that have been (more or less) continuously presented to the electorate back home…forever!

Despite the anti-Trump headlines, like the Washington Post this morning running with “Trump says his budget will make government ‘lean.’ It’s really a scam” we can understand the president’s frustration.

Consider these points:

      • When the United States broke from England, we didn’t have solid borders. We still don’t.
      • When the country was founded, we paid off our national debt. Poof! Toast!
      • America of old didn’t have a world-class highway system. We still don’t.
      • The U.S.A. didn’t have best-of-class internet access for all. (We’ll skip the part about computers not being invented yet, lol). We still don’t.
      • The U.S.A. had an extremely low crime rate. We’ve blown that one, too.
      • How about education? No, not doing so well there, either. Not only are student loan debts screwing over Millennials so they can’t form new families, but to make matters worse, the government is actually making money on student loan debts.
      • Well, then, how is that Johnson-era Great Society program doing? We’ve thrown $16-trillion down that hole since 1964. Near as I can tell, we still have a welfare system that breaks up families and sends male heads of households packing so the family can qualify and the kids can eat….
      • There is also the matter of Money. When America was founded, Congress was the sole monetary authority. Blew that one out in 1913. A banker’s cabal has been running things ever since.
      • And what about Innovation? Back in the 1960’s it was the government was leading the way to the Moon. Nope, blown another one: This morning that SpaceX was planning a flight around the Moon in 2018 – a totally private affair. WTF? Why doesn’t the Greatest Country on Earth have a base there waiting for ‘em? Unless we’re not really the…..oh skip it.

      Frankly, if I were a developer, rather than a cynical old fart living in the Outback of East Texas, I would be frustrated as hell.

      The GOP already cobbled up a healthcare plan and presented to then-president Obama knowing full-well that it would be vetoed. Where is it?

      If that plan was worth a crap, the GOP would have dusted it off, passed it in the first week of the Trump administration. Trump would have signed. By now they’d be monitoring and watching so that “tuning legislation” could be shoved through instantly.

      Bupkis. Ain’t hap’nin brothers and sisters. Because both political parties in Washington D.C. don’t give a bloody (f-bomb) about actually fixing shit. All they care about is a) their staff can opt out of Obamacare, they get to fly all over hell’s half-acre first class, and Congress follows Paul Ryan around with him supporting the invasion and failing to take on Obama on critical budget points.

      To me, Ryan has the markings of at worst a traitor or at best a skunk.

      Ryan, who has lost touch with the Great American Middle, is headed for a clash with Trump over ideology, the way the NY Times figures it.

      But I think they have it wrong (again): This ain’t about “ideology” – it’s about getting shit done.

      That’s what the damn “Fools on the Hill” can’t seem to grok. Their jobs haven’t been done for years. No, make that DECADES.

      They would have been put on probation and been out the door years ago if given an honest job review by a heads-up impartial H.R. department at any top-notch company.

      Since the two parties are effectively colluding to commit fraud on voters, we are not even interested in how the radicals of the left plan to “troll” the Trump speech today.

      Bet me the Clinton News Network and others will give far more than equal time to Trump critics – even though under the old “equal time rules” there’d be no requirement for anyone to mouth-off afterwards. Trump’s an officeholder now, not a seeker.

      So fellow citizen, Ure’s eyeing the ViseGrips again. ‘Bout to give myself a big-old pinch on the forearm. Because this clown posse in Washington has already provided a wide range of “pains in the ass” that need to be counter-balanced.

      Next time an incumbent asks for your vote don’t ask ‘em “What phony-ass promise are you peddling to the stupid people this time around?

      Instead, ask the question that kept Hillary from becoming president: “Name 10-things you got done that were good for America.”

      When incumbents wave patriotic flags around and talk about our shared future, ask instead “What did you get done?” Voting to piss away more money is not “GETTING IT DONE.”

      New Yorkers can see president Trump’s accomplishments littering their skyline.

      They could also see the demise of America littering the Federal Budget Deficit, if they’d consider the rest of the country for a change.

      Ah, but why bother. Thanks to the liberal education establishment, Americans can’t ask hard questions – since when they do, they’ll swallow any bullshit answer offered and say “Yum! This tastes great! Can I have seconds?”


      Sick ‘em Don-O.

      [I will take a 1-minute blood pressure reduction break here…]

      Housing Data

      Picture first…”The following chart shows the index levels for the U.S. National, 10-City and 20-City Composite Indices. As of December 2016, average home prices for the MSAs within the 10-City and 20-City Composites are back to their winter 2007 levels….”

      Now the details…

      “NEW YORK, FEBRUARY 28, 2017 – S&P Dow Jones Indices today released the latest results for the S&P CoreLogic Case-Shiller Indices, the leading measure of U.S. home prices. Data released today for December 2016 shows that home prices continued their rise across the country over the last 12 months. More than 27 years of history for these data series is available, and can be accessed in full by going to www.homeprice.spdji.com.

      The S&P CoreLogic Case-Shiller U.S. National Home Price NSA Index, covering all nine U.S. census divisions, reported a 5.8% annual gain in December, up from 5.6% last month and setting a 30-month high. The 10-City Composite posted a 4.9% annual increase, up from 4.4% the previous month. The 20-City Composite reported a year-over-year gain of 5.6%, up from 5.2% in November. 

      Seattle, Portland, and Denver reported the highest year-over-year gains among the 20 cities over the 11 months leading up to December. Seattle led the way with a 10.8% year-over-year price increase in December, followed by Portland with 10.0%, and Denver with an 8.9% increase. Twelve cities reported greater price increases in the year ending December 2016 versus the year ending November 2016.

      Gross Domestic Product

      Picture time:

      Always fun to compare this to the National Debt. From the Bureau of Economic Analysis:

      “Real gross domestic product (GDP) increased at an annual rate of 1.9 percent in the fourth quarter of 2016 (table 1), according to the “second” estimate released by the Bureau of Economic Analysis.

      In the third quarter, real GDP increased 3.5 percent. The GDP estimate released today is based on more complete source data than were available for the “advance” estimate issued last month. In the advance estimate, the increase in real GDP was also 1.9 percent.

      With the second estimate for the fourth quarter, the general picture of economic growth remains the same; the increase in personal consumption expenditures was larger and increases in state and local government spending and in nonresidential fixed investment were smaller than previously estimated.”

      These are typically laden with “percent this” and “percent that” gobbledygook. The one number that matters is present run rate. That is:

      $18.8855 TRILLION Q4, $18.5656 for all 2016.

      Compare that to the National Debt:

      $19.930147 TRILLION.

      Take a chill pill. It’ll all be over too soon, anyway, at this rate.

      International Trade Plus…

      This one comes from the Census Bureau:

      Advance International Trade in Goods The international trade deficit was $69.2 billion in January, up $4.9 billion from $64.4 billion in December. 

      Exports of goods for January were $126.2 billion, $0.4 billion less than December exports.

      Imports of goods for January were $195.4 billion, $4.4 billion more than December imports. 

      Advance Wholesale Inventories Wholesale inventories for January, adjusted for seasonal variations but not for price changes, were estimated at an end-of-month level of $599.9 billion, down 0.1 percent (±0.2 percent)* from December 2016, and were up 2.2 percent (±0.7 percent) from January 2016.  The November 2016 to December 2016 percentage change was revised from up 1.0 percent (±0.4 percent) to up 0.9 percent (±0.4 percent). 

      Advance Retail Inventories Retail inventories for January, adjusted for seasonal variations but not for price changes, were estimated at an end-of-month level of $613.4 billion, up 0.8 percent (±0.2 percent) from December 2016, and were up 4.0 percent (±0.5 percent) from January 2016.  The November 2016 to December 2016 percentage change was revised from up 0.1 percent (±0.2 percent)* to virtually unchanged (±0.2 percent)*.

      Note the 4% YoY Inventory build…mean softness to you?

      Later this morning, the Chicago PMI and the Consider CONfidence numbers.

      For now, the Dow futures point to a fractionally lower opening.

      Tomorrow we get Personal Income and Fairytale numbers, but that’ll be only for our www.peoplenomics.com subscribers.

      Also: Thursday don’t forget our Coping section will feature another chapter of our ebook “The Millenials Missing Manual…”

      I have to go wrestle the ViseGrips off now.

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      31 thoughts on “Ure’s Pissed: Trump Ought To Call-Out Congress”

      1. Well seeing the whatever they are protesting all over the place, wouldn’t it be interesting if Trump called out his supporters to do the same, for it would soon be the deplorable’s 10 the snowflakes 0 game over…

        • Oh yeah , and Queen Cankles or Feeling the Bern would be SOOO much better at solving the mess they helped get us into…Both have been feeding at the trough for how long? LOLAL….

        • Jon, thought you said last week “my work here is done”? Looks like you qualify for a rewarding career in politics.

        • I would love to see who’s actually instigating the chaotic marches all centered on legislation passed decades ago..

        • WRONG AGAIN! Will you NEVER learn to shut your mouth before making a public fool of yourself?

      2. At least the problems in a second world country are of the simple nature of corruption for financial gain and keystone cop incompetence. In the USA the problems are those of psychopathic people in power fighting other psychopaths for power, mind control of the populace, nuclear weapons, and war/genocide financed with an uncontrolled printing press.

        Are you aware that since the USA started the “war on drugs” that 100,000 Mexicans have been killed as collateral damage? The Latin American drug trade is a trillion dollar business. The opium trade out of the Middle East, reestablished and protected by the USA military is another trillion per year. Without this revenue, sucked from the pockets of addicts at the lowest levels of society around the world, the USA financial system would collapse.

        Trump just proposed increasing the USA military budget by 10%. As an American, what else do you need to know that the election changed nothing?

        When the world economic system resets, for the residents of second and third world countries, it will be like a fall from the roof of a one story building, painful but survivable. For those of you in the USA, it will be like going off a ten story building. If the USA printing press and USA military were not holding the empire together, things would have failed one thing at a time, and American ingenuity could have dealt with it. Now, like the “wonderful one horse shay” (Google it) everything is going to fail simultaneously. The financial system, the medical system, the electrical grid, the transportation system, the currency, etc. Make your own list of 10. You won’t be wrong.

        In Ecuador, when an interaction with the government bureaucracy goes smoothly, we have learned to consider ir an anomaly and are grateful. In the USA, when your government tells you the truth about anything, you should feel likewise.

        As an Angolan immigrant cab driver said, “we fled to the USA to avoid what we see happening here around us. What to do now?” Find a former resident of the USSR, and they will tell you, “we have seen all this before!”

      3. Too much $ to be made. If you watch NAT geos Mars documentary/ storyline fast forward you will understand what happened to the space program. If the CIA hadn’t stolen/borrowed Russian lunik.
        We would still be sitting on the ground. My money is on Elon with the dragon heavy for mars.

      4. Here’s hoping The President points a finger at congress tonight and says “You’re fake legislators!”. I’ve even lost a lot of faith in Sen. Paul as he isn’t nearly as far out there as his father was. Straining for some credibility with his fellow senators, I suppose.

        Have you seen any of the interviews that Jimmy Dore has done? One was included on Jesse’s Café website in which Dore was talking with Mark Blyth. Blyth covers a lot of what’s been kicked around here and having it come from a left-winger is encouraging.


      5. Trump on Fox News this morning said that folks are complaining he is not filling lots of vacant positions fast enough. He said he is not going to fill those vacancies because the government is bloated and those positions are not needed. He said, “what are all those people doing?” Coming from the private sector where people are hired when needed and expected to actually work, Trump cannot grok the welfare system that is government employment.

      6. George, I agree totally. Congress needs to be repealed and replaced, unless they can have a credible repeal of the ACA on President Trump’s desk within two weeks. They could do it tomorrow, of course, if they chose to.

        There’s no reason to replace the ACA until we’ve streamlined the system we already have. After eliminating the massive inefficiencies of the medical bureausaurus, we can then consider a baseline medical support system. Beyond that is up to the individual. I have my ducks in a row, and they don’t include the system at all. Others can do the same.

        If I was 40 years younger, I’d find a way to move to China, marry into their culture and build like there’s no tomorrow. They’re far from perfect and discriminate against old productive folks, but they do have that “can do” attitude that we were famous for up through the ’60’s.

        I’m on President Donald’s side, but have major concern about getting all the crap out of the way in time to actually produce the way we’re intended to.

      7. “New Yorkers can see president Trump’s accomplishments littering their skyline.”

        They know Trump better than anyone and voted against him. New Yorkers know a con game when they see one.

      8. George…I absolutely loved todays post. You civered absolutely everything I have been ranting on for years and.years..
        I have faith in the Trump administration and hope he’s able to turn it around. It will be a tough go especially since the interest in what we have.borrowed was over a half trillion last year alone..
        I doubt seriously that congress will fight to hard against his administration. Just because if they do it would put the focus on anything that fails off of the.president and on them. I am afraid that Either way we go its not going to be pretty.

        • And ask : how much did it cost the money suppliers to loan a half-trillion?
          Did they dig it out of the ground as gold?
          No, someone simply entered a few zeros into a computer. Now ask : how much sweat and pain will it cost us to pay it back?

      9. George,
        Excellent RANT, now all we can hope is that Trump, calls out Congress, stops the fed reserve, releases the audit of Fort Knox, and continues to reove the traitors in DC. well now that shuld keep him busy for the next WEEK!! LOL, ONLY TIME is going to show us who can be believed or not!

      10. An interesting thought…in one of the comments I seen the three trillion number on how big the illegal drug industry is currently.

        After a brief check it shows that if our nation legalized recreational use of marijuana that right off the bat the savings from fighting it would be roughly sixty billion there would be tax revenue on another sixty billion and the sabings on court cases that roughly account for one in sixty citizens and the savings of the incareration of one in forty five citizens…if I am not wrong wouldnt legalization marijuana save the american citizens roughly about a quarter of our tearly budget.. Open the doors for research on life saving drugs and increase product profitability from the new products available.
        The way it looks to me..those that use it for recreational purposes will anyway.. Why not legalize it and regulate it.
        States that have have seen an increase in revenue and a drop in crime a reduction in hard drug use ..http://www.drugpolicy.org/drug-war-statistics

        • What gets me is the hypocrisy. The typical folks in favor of the literal application of the constitution and state rights are the same folks who are overjoyed to allow federal enforcement of mj laws and the subsequent property forfeiture.

        • Pardon me for not recalling the source ( History Channel special ? )

          #1and #2 industries in the world are arms at one and drugs at two. I dont believe we will ever see those two get knocked down , or out. Too much money , power and control would be given up.

          I used to be very pro legalization. After watching the 60 minutes show where they talked about Denver and their issues , and from my damn near constantly having to smell it seemingly everywhere I go ( live in California ) , Im more against it now. I have two neighbors that constantly smoke. Even with my windows shut , it still gets inside. Its disgusting. In California , as elsewhere , we have fought so hard against second hand cigarette smoke and smoking , but fought so hard for people to smoke marijuana.

        • Do you want government to get involved with brushing your teeth or eating, too?

          Here. Pot is easy to grow. It’s a flippin weed. And the strength is in the genes, and you can get seeds cheap or free. Or clones if you are lazy and like to pay.

          I shouldn’t need to go on but ok. Legalize the stuff, DIY. For goodness sake, EVEYRONE PLEASE stop TALKING ABOUT MONEY MONEY MONEY and how the industry needs to get involved.

          Anyone who does this is part of the problem.

          It is a freaking weed. You can cook with it, smoke it. You can do nearly everything with it that our government and private “industry” can do with it.

          Why is it that everyone misses the fundamental truths we have clearly in front of us?

          Think about weed as a weed. Maybe use some and this bit from me might make sense.

          • unfortunately.. we gauge and live out our life in search and possessing the Benjamin’s.. heck some don’t even have a pile of benjamin’s they have a sheet of paper with some numbers on it.. Bernie Madhoff had that all figured out.https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=OY525D7nsbA. he figured out a way to send out regular sheets of paper with varying numbers on it.. and had people all over wishing they could know Bernie and get a piece of paper from him…. LOL….Historically grain was the most valued..heck new york was bought for some pretty beads.. gold was chiefly used as an adornment metal.
            today we cherish and obsess about a piece of paper.. that literally isn’t guaranteed by anything more than a promise that it is good..
            There are more things that the plant is good for.. have a nuclear accident.. well the plant thrives on eating radioactive waste and removing heavy metals from soil and water. not counting the fifty thousand plus uses for the plant.. carbon fiber, clothing , fuel, food, medicine, building materials, a true miracle plant.
            Lately I read a report that there was a huge spike in radiation on the PNW from the Fukishima disaster.
            I would think collectively that they would be promoting everyone to plant it along with sunflowers in their yards and forests. but then.. future sales of medication’s for fighting future Cancer increases is there again a money issue.. … its all about the benjamin’s.. look at it like a business model


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