Ukraine’s Revolution

I assume you know that the death toll in Ukraine’s latest revolution is now heading up toward 50?  This as the peace talks and truce worked out last night blew up on the streets, but there’s good reason for that.

As I’ve been saying, it’s a three-way international power struggle.  The US is backing one (violent) right-winger.  The EU faction of the Enterprise is backing another, and as soon as the Sochi Games wrap up, there will likely be some “friendly” Russians showing up in Ukraine (like advisors showed up in Syria) all countries are failing economically and need the jump-start that only a war can provide.

This isn’t the first time Ukraine has “blown up.”  Here’s the list:

Khmelnytsky Uprising (1648–1657)
Ukrainian War of Independence (1917–1921)
Declaration of Independence of Ukraine (1941)
Orange Revolution (2004–2005)

Meantime, our news analyst fellow up in Winnipeg as be following the tweet storm which accompanies headlines like that other Russia/West showdown hotspot Syria…

The enemy is at the gates. While perhaps a discouraged activity at a dining hour, Twitter browsers can digest the musings of a Western jihadist in Syria, @Fulan2Weet, Sadly there are many more of them. Questions may be answered at the Latvian-based website Ask dot fm/Fulan2Weet. Commentary from @VancouverExpat (“revolution until victory”) is maybe no less disquieting. Should the traitors in the field defeat actuarial odds and return home, one could well imagine their Sunni disposition being clouded by others not conforming to the “faith”. Time to consider thoughtful reaction, but perhaps not time to waste?


Of course, who the enemy is depends on which side of the gates you happen to be on  – in which West/Russia showdown country – and whether your promise of power is coming from the EU megalomaniacs or the think-they’re-smarter-than-Putin folks in Washington.

When we get past this weekend, and Sochi wraps up, look for things to really heat up.  And one of our designated smart guys says the market collapse date is March 10, which is a Monday.

Meantime,  Robin Handler, who publishes the Options Signal Service,  penned a pretty good observation in his overnight report  (“Another Red Flag” here) that looks at the scary language shifting about and spilling into financial stories now.

We’ve been using language (and cycles off the Fine Structure Constant to make predictions like the pending terrorist attack that came true in Nigeria with an attack this week that killed 47. Overshadowed by events in Ukraine, but only for now.

In yesterday’s runs, words like “reputation” “flag” and “internet” were popping up…and you should check the site later this morning when Grady gets the overnight summary of the word frequency analysis posted.

Don’t be misled by the hype about “EU talks under way” on Ukraine.  The EU/US/West is on a free-trader land-grab and at some point (before March 10) expect the Russians to be invited into Kiev by the incumbent government and that’s when the fan starts spinning up to operating speed and bad smells waft worldwide.

The major US Media aren’t calling it honestly:  Instead they chatter on (like this NY Times piece) about the need for the EU to talk with Russia. What the “me too” press isn’t pointing out is reports that the EU/US are backing opposition leaders.  Proof is offered by the Russians who even released a tape where the whole western plot is laid out.

Worse, the republicorps are re-winning their label as the “Un-thinking party” by allowing remarks from members put out crap about “stepping up in Ukraine…”  Are they trying to rebrand as the Warmonger Party, or the Lack of Grip on Foreign Policy Party that is promoting insurgencies in Venezuela, Syria and wherever else the Fortune 500 lust?

Oh, and the Iranians have jumped in with a report that a former Israeli military type is leading things and an “Israeli tycoon” is funding the uprising.

But the US/EU sycophant press isn’t going against the commands of their corporate leash-pullers.  They’re wrapping up Ukraine in a flag and pretending we’re there to help. 

Bullshit.   The facts don’t support that.  If the EU was really such a good deal, it would all crumple on its own, like the wall coming down in Berlin. Without violence, without bloodshed.  The Soviet empire was simply outspent.  And the EU could have been satisfied with that.

But instead, they’re fomenting an uprising and that’s crooked in anyone’s book.

If there’s fighting, there’s a cash flow.  And to the Russian way of thinking, this is just as dangerous as the US/EU/West putting missile sites in Poland.  Which they figured (and rightly so) would come into play down the road when the EU/West made its play for eastern Europe.  And now that time is here.  The Russians weren’t paranoid. They were prescient.

The situation is highly instructive for the aware reader.  It shows you how the New World Gang is working.  Surround Russia with arms, foment trouble in its former buffer states and then subjugate economically under threat of revolution.  What you’d be remiss forgetting is that democratic concepts like  “one man/one vote” has been by the EU where the NWO Enterprise has already seized power.  In  place of democracy, a Kafka-like maze of bureaucracy and layers of useless (not to mention expensive) officialdumb (sic) has been installed.

The process, if you look, is underway in America as well.  Were it not, the Department of Homeland Security would not be buying 704-million rounds of ammunition for use here in America, would they?  2,500 rounds per officer?

As we pointed out (in detail) for Peoplenomics subscribers:  One of the major prerequisites for civil wars is big outside players to fund an uprising and a list of grievances and then high food prices or the non-availability of food.

Russia groks that – which is why they put $2-billion more in economic benefits behind the existing government this week.  The EU/West are now valiantly wrapping things up in a flag and demanding talks in something they shouldn’t be party to in the first place.

Clearly, the EU is playing (rabid) dog-in-the-manger and the Obamanistas are backing the play.  It may be early to be paranoid, but write down “Flash Goggle April” somewhere to refer to in the not-too-distant future..

Now, put a fresh battery in your bullshit detector and let’s look at this morning’s cost of living report…Your unit should have used on up already on the Ukraine hype.

More after this…

Low Inflation, Huh?

You’d better double up on the meds before reading this one:

The Consumer Price Index for All Urban Consumers (CPI-U) increased 0.1 percent in January on a seasonally adjusted basis, the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics reported today. Over the last 12 months, the all items index increased 1.6 percent before seasonal adjustment. Increases in the indexes for household energy accounted for most of the all items increase.

The electricity index posted its largest increase since March 2010, and the indexes for natural gas and fuel oil also rose sharply. These increases more than offset a decline in the gasoline index, resulting in a 0.6 percent increase in the energy index.

The index for all items less food and energy also rose 0.1 percent in January. A 0.3 percent increase in the shelter index was the major contributor to the rise, but the indexes for medical care, recreation, personal care, and tobacco also increased. In contrast, the indexes for airline fares, used cars and trucks, new vehicles, and apparel all declined in January.

The food index rose slightly in January. The index for food at home rose 0.1 percent, with major grocery store food groups mixed.

The all items index increased 1.6 percent over the last 12 months; this compares to a 1.5 percent increase for the 12 months ending December.

The index for all items less food and energy has also risen 1.6 percent over the last 12 months. The energy index has risen 2.1 percent over the span, and the food index has increased 1.1 percent.

Before you go popping the champagne (Mimosa time”?) here’s the problem.  When costs go up 0.1% in a month what that really means is that deflation (you know, the stuff long wave economic depressions are made of?) is running WILD.

With the amount of cash floating around the US economy up a whopping 8.9%, what a 0.1% increase in the cost of living means is that deflation is actually speeding up and it could be argued is now running 8.8%.

Triple A Fuel Gauge report backs up the deflation claim:  Gas prices at the pump are down more than 10% over year-ago prices.

Oh, and did I mention that next month we will begin to see convincing evidence of housing starting another leg down?

Look for the Dow to drop 50 at the open and maybe really start unwinding this afternoon…

Told You So Dept:  Bitcoins Collapse

Fine email from reader Steve this morning:

Hi George,

You were so right on that call. You know I just thought I would write you a congratulatory note, because it sure is nicer to receive a positive email than a critical one!



The quotes this morning are running anywhere from a low of $587 to a Mt. Gox low of $134.10.

Yeah, well, we do study economics, bubbles, and BS a lot around here…It pissed-off lots of folks …and yes we lost many reader over it.  But old men like me win by skill and treachery, not youth and daring.  Something to be learned there.  Common sense wins out now and then.

Not You Or Me

The winning PowerBall ticket last night was sold in California.  $425-million.  Jeez I hope they took the cash option.

Myth of Pricing

Facebook is buying an App company for $19-billion.


Google is planning ultra-fast Internet service to 30 cities (Palestine, Texas is not likely on that list, which shows to go you something.)

Figure the reason Charlotte and Raleigh-Durham NC made the list was because of all the financial colo centers out that way…Got mixed feelings about their involvement with the persons of interest  up in Provo..juss sayin’

Family Matters

I see where North and south Korea hold family reunions for the first time in 3-years.  mIs Kid Korea coming to his senses?  Is Rodman getting through?  Hmmm…

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