Two-Part Tuesday: Market Collapse Tomorrow?

Check back at 8:20 AM Central for the latest Housing data.

A look at the calendar is all it takes to figure out what will (likely) happen today and through the balance of the week in markets:

The Dow and other indices should post small rises today as this is the end of Q3 and we usually expect to see window-dressing, which in this case may be holding us up.

After about mid-day today, after the bonuses are safe for the fund managers I wouldn’t be surprised to see the market decline resume in earnest along about tomorrow, or maybe Thursday.

Take a look at China’s Hang Seng:  The judgment test of the day is this:  How much of the more than 5% decline in China has been due to demonstrations and how much is due to economic prospects declining? 

Or, is that a bellwether for the West?

For their part, Hong Kong protesters have issued a deadline to China on a set of demands – about the dumbest move possible.  China could give a rip and knows how to use overwhelming force.

You notice how the US is silent on this pro-democracy stuff? We preach at the little countries and happily bomb away, but when comes to a country that is (in effect) our “dealer” – well, no harm, no foul, right?  You don’t diss your dealer…

Gold is hovering about $30 bucks over its 52-week low and that brings up the idea of more deflation in the pipeline.  Should gold continue weak then it will fall to housing prices to save the day – something that isn’t terribly likely, as I see it.

Massive market declines need a cause, but talking to Robin Landry yesterday he reminded me of an old market truism: “ Market capitulation and collapse doesn’t happen at the TOP…”

Over the next week, or so, that might be extremely valuable advice to remember, even if it seems a bit scary…

How Much Surprise was ISIS?  No, Really…

According to the Government Accountability Institute, the Golfer In Chief has attended less than half of the daily intelligence briefings prepared for his review.  A snip from the report Summary…

In September 2014, the Government Accountability Institute updated an analysis of how much time President Barack Obama has spent attending his Presidential Daily Briefs (PDBs), as recorded on the White House official calendar and Politico’s comprehensive calendar.

The updated study covered the president’s first 2,079 days in
office, running from January 20, 2009 through September 29, 2014. Of those,
President Obama attended a total of 875 Presidential Daily Briefs for an overall 42.09% attendance rate.

The whole report may be found over here (worth reading).  Remember the saying “Must be present to win?”

Meantime on the war front:  Britain can’t seem how to drop its bombs.  Is this a technical issue or is there something more too it? 

Informed speculation:  Like, oh, how about radical Muslims threatening to riot in the UK that they’re trying to take over, if the Brits let loose?  Either answer is above our pay grade.

If it’s any consolation (it’s not), Israel’s prime minister says it remains a nuclear capable Iran that’s the regional nightmare,.

eBay Spin

Looks like they will be spinning of their PayPal unit.  If they do, make a side bet that Apple would take a run at them…and that would give ApplePay a whole working base overnight.

If it’s spun and Apple makes a play, then then balance of power begins to change…again….

Google, Apple, Microsoft, and Amazon are all working on “ecosystems” where you can live your online life and not go anywhere else.

Each comes at the problem from a different discipline:  Search, Phones, Apps/’OS, and Retail.

Fun to watch, too.

The Transparency Lies Continue

Yes, IT is still coming…the unilateral Executive Amnesty is still on the way, says the White House.

And you can bet it will be a doozy – because if it wasn’t, the Washington Cartel would announce it ahead of time so voters could show their displeasure at the polls.

However, by carefully not talking about it and then placing illegals in every state, the Obamaviks are doing pretty much exactly what they accused the Bushies of doing.

Is this a “Look surprised!” moment, or what?

Responsibly, the Detroit Free Press editorial board notes that it’s the Democrat controlled senate that has killed a real transparency bill. 

Thanks loads, but this ain’t not change from Bushco…

When the journalistic center of the Universe, the Associated Press’s Washington Bureau Chief lists 8-ways the administration squashed candor and openness in government, you know it’s bad.

But let’s not reveal that another one more shearing of the sheep in November, shall we?  Then the border will be effectively gone and you will see Mexico immigration mobiles in your town too, more’n likely. 

Enjoy it…you voting for it in November.  It’s just not clearly marked on the ballot is all.

Mexico, say the history books, lost the Mexican American War in 1848.  Except that ain’t true. 

Come this fall with 11% of their population already in the USA, we will be able to safely declare in November when the democorp machines takes the senate that “Mexico Wins War with USA after 166 years…”

Don’t get me wrong, I like some things democrats stand for (working wage and so forth) but why they have to go Bolshevik and tear down borders and allow 50-years of War on Poverty to punish black men (kick ‘em out of homes so mom can get welfare)  and not change the percentage of people who are poor in this country just boggles the mind.

It’s a sad inevitable, though, when both parties are bought and paid for by corporate henchmen who masquerade as lobbyists.  “You make this happen and we’ll mobilize…[xxxx] and your fundraiser/election will be assured…”  The Mafia should operate with such finesse.

And we wonder where trouble in Ferguson comes from?  Seriously?

Americans don’t really “hate authority.”  They just have a natural inclination to despise bullshit.  Which, if you haven’t noticed, is what we’re swimming in right now.

I’m going to do some deep-breathing exercises now before the housing data.  We can get back to Ebola’s going to wipe out 10-million in the next year and some other minor news-noise another time.  Butt have you stocked up on Kaopectate and hydration supplies, yet?  (Is you preppin’ for the right thing?)

That’s a jump that’s likely to happen and when it does, it will be game on for martial law and all kinds of other unthinkables.

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