Twilight of America: Kiss-Off Privacy

Take me off your contact list, please.  The latest pisserlation (a revelation which causes you to get what?) is that the NSA – already seized by Gestapo-like management, is now ripping off your email address book contents, according to the Washington Post this morning.

What the article doesn’t get into, in much depth, is the why they’re doing it.

So here’s the deal, down and dirty:  The intel agencies (Stasi lites?) believe that they can build up a who profile on every single human being in America by bits and pieces without outright breaking the law.

You need to closely study the Wikipedia entry on “social mapping”

In social geography a social map is the cartographic, twodimensional representation of social institutions or processus projected on a plane. The first social maps date from the early 20th century. A recent example is the mapping of the residences of U.S. Facebook users and their social links [1].

In marketing a social map is a visualized analysis of a digital identity of a person, brand or company. A social map shows exactly where a digital identity is created, formed or discussed and sets each element in context and proportions.

These social map created an intense discussion about digital reputation and digital identities. For companies a so-called Corporate Social Map is still very new and an unusual methodology, but also very effective and meaningful.

Conspicuously missing is what it means to government and law enforcement.

File:Six degrees of separation.svgBasically, it takes guilt by association (an address book entry) and attempts to electronically morph it into probable cause.  

Since everyone on earth is connected to everyone else on earth, the wet dream here is to develop software that will ‘see through’ the six-degrees of separation’ problem and will turn everyone on a contact list into a suspect.

Of course, by weighting other contacts into the mix, we can see how it might, in theory, actually work.  But, the downfall is that the digital underbelly of everyone is exposed…except for the HMFICs who are running their own game.  Yes – the same guys who talk about –  but don’t deliver what?  TRANSPARENCY.

So as if terrorists and even room temp IQ and above criminals can’t figure this stuff out, i.w. don’t use a contact list, we the innocent with contact lists are now having our digital butts sniffed by the computational K-9 corps.

More on the delicate balance of freedom versus runaway government in the Coping section this morning.

Terrorism Dry Runs?

Another “explosion” was reported at LAX last night and it is similar to a Disneyland explosion in May.  Which has us wondering if this is a dry run for something.

Fed Secrets

The NY Fed has moved to seal records in a lawsuit brought by a former Fed employee turned whistle-blower.  What?  Where’s all that transparency we were promised?  Covering Goldman’s super-tight relationship with the NY Fed maybe?

Say, speaking of the Fed and all, a number of readers have asked if the Federal Reserve will go away in December.  The theory is that the Federal Reserve had some kind of a charter and it was for 100- years, yada, yada, but it’s more of the usual internet BS to try and scare up page views from idiots.

The Federal Reserve itself answers the question online here (and no, they are not going anywhere) and why people would persist with dumb questions is just beyond me…

Actionable Economics

The latest Global/Europe Anticipation Bulletin offers an outlook which is even more dour than our own around here:  “The future of the USA – 2012-2016: An insolvent and ungovernable United States (first part)” which is worth reading over here.

Not exactly Dr. Wayne Dyer or Earl Nightingale positive mental attitude (PMA) stuff, but then neither is “Leading Economics predicts a Bitcoin Backlash…” when you think about it.

More after this…

Premature Victory Dance?

With reports out this morning that there’s a chance of a budget deal (which is basically no change, since there is no deal until there’s a deal) the markets are poised to rally on the hypulation.

If you’re wondering why gold is having it ass kicked this morning, the hypulation about a debt decision and government funding deal is the reason why.

Shakes and Quakes

A 7.2 quake hit in the Philippines this morning and more than 20 people are reported dead, so far.

What we haven’t taken a look at for a while is the current long-term trend of earthquake data which both the legendary reader Tony R. and I have been staring at because it seems that we may have started a “topping” process in the longer term data sets.

OK, this morning’s 7.2 argues that another one or two should be coming before the end of the month.  But look at what’s going on with the total small quake picture:

Now, I have this pet theory that goes something like this:  The reason the quakes are in decline now is that the Global Warming Peak is past, which is just obvious as hell if you look at the sun’s output:

So, the way I read this is pretty simple:  In the Big Picture, is it possible that the expansion of Earth is toast for a while and now we should get back to normal levels, or is something else going on?

Readers Are Wondering

The typical email on point is asking “George, is this what it would be like in the event of a problem in the national banking systems?

What they are talking about are the reports of Wal-Mart shelves being cleared in the EBT computer glitch last weekend.  The answer is, yes, except more quickly and, unfortunately, with less lead time.

If you haven’t accumulated a bit of “prepper stores” I won’t say you’re an idiot…you gotta figure some of these things out for yourself.

Green Light to Foreclosures?

Story in this morning’s Denver Post deals with the challenge to Colorado’s foreclosure law which has died a quiet death.

This gets into something called Rule 120 up in Colorado, but remember, the banksters are one step ahead of the law, having weaseled through a 2006 legal change which means they don’t have to product documents in order to foreclose.

Which seems unconstitutional, but here, lately, that don’t seem to matter much, none. 

(Or, if you’re not from the South: the constitutionality of which may be questionable.)  We should maybe go to publishing regional editions.

Happy Times in New York

The New York Observer reports a real oddity:  No murders in New York last week and folks are looking at the data…

How to Fix Bratty Kids

Well, for one thing, suggests Madison Ave. Mike’s pick out of this morning’s NY times, you could start with a regular bedtime for them.  Seems going to bed at the same time improves behavior.

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