Transitioning to 3D Warfare

If the day’s news has left you feeling a bit dazed and confused, rest your troubled mind.  Things seem in an uproar constantly because of two facts.

First, the world is “in transition” from 2-dimensional thinking into the 3-D world.

Second, secular events are not labeled 2D or 3D so it requires a bit of head-work to sort out on which level things are being played.  Oh, and we study war because its conduct is quite similar to business.  Substituting bottom-line cash for bodies, naturally.

This morning, we’ll delve deeper – after a few salient headlines and our ChartPack where we size up markets…

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George Ure
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6 thoughts on “Transitioning to 3D Warfare”

  1. Things that make you go “Hmmmmm…”

    Skimmed your Peoplenomics submission today George to make sure you didn’t already have this noted – “National Solar Observatory Mysteriously Closed As Geomagnetic Storm Looms” FBI people are all over this and won’t tell the local sheriff anything. Guess it’s a Federal jurisdiction but given Greg Hunter’s interview with Dave Janda a few days ago where Janda expressed worries that the Deep State may be planning an EMP event makes one wonder if something really is up with that. Ben at didn’t say anything this morning of any particular note about Solar activity and there most certainly are many other observatories keeping an eye on things around the world so shutting this one down shouldn’t hide that much … maybe. Of course, too, it could just be the terrorists that the judge in NM let loose playing out their plans … or Q’s mentioning of “sleeper cells” being activated.

    I think it may be time to stock up on Weller …

    • George, I’d like to renew my subscription but the links for Subscribe Now and Subscriber Help Center both result in “No, bad guess. Try something else”.

      • LOL – caught me in mimd-server work. Going to a higher-security front end which is why it “grouched you” – sorry about that.

        Should be done with work on it this afternoon. Trump Bump or not, there’s not a huge line of people waiting to signing up most days, lol…/

  2. At one time you quoted where I got this as a “source” – and my memory is you’ve mentioned this wall-o-water before.

    But like many of their hand wavings – the benfield thing is a dead end. Perhaps you know of something actually authoritative? Beyond “hey, this could happen”.

    Washington, D.C. September 11, 2018:” “The Benfield Hazard Research Centre claim that the western flank of the Cumbre Vieja volcano might be caused to cave in after an eruption, sending a huge mass of rock, twice the size of the Isle of Man, crashing into the sea and unleashing an immense tsunami which would fan out across the Atlantic at speeds of up to 800 kmph. After 10 minutes, the wall of water would have moved almost 250 kilometres.

  3. Thanks for the 3D subscriber bonus!

    WUO ooo…WUO ooo…Sfo Flow serenading some “subterranean homesick blues”? Times are a-changing in Category 5 land? WUo ooo…WUo ooo…Call Uncle Jed, Mr. Trump’s selection has no PhD from Michigan…noaa, noaa..noaa, noaa.

    According to the UN-European Commission’s Global Disaster Alert and Coordination System, gdacs dot org, typhoon Mangkhut (tr.”toothless”?) is assigned a red zone threat of 2.5 of 3 and Hurricane Florence is given an orange zone 1.5 of 3.

    Comrade, science is truth.

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