Trade Wreck, Divorce Bill, and Woo-Woo School

We have gone from a low-interest Monday to a “Things get interesting Tuesday” with events over the past 24.  Let’s begin the morning roll with:

Trade Wreck

People – mainly being sheep – are “conditioned” to thinking charts that go UP are telling us good news.  But when comes to the Trade deficit, no, they are not.

From the body of this morning’s release?

Exports, Imports, and Balance 
March exports were $200.0 billion, $12.4 billion more than February exports. March imports were $274.5 billion, $16.4 billion more than February imports.
The March increase in the goods and services deficit reflected an increase in the goods deficit of $3.6 billion to $91.6 billion and a decrease in the services surplus of $0.3 billion to $17.1 billion.
Year-to-date, the goods and services deficit increased $83.2 billion, or 64.2 percent, from the same period in 2020. Exports decreased $21.0 billion or 3.5 percent. Imports increased $62.2 billion or 8.5 percent

Meantime, I have to say my Deflationist pal Jas nailed it in an email overnight:

“Couple of weeks ago there was news that container ships were backed up along CA coast to unload stuff Americans will buy with borrowed money by the federal govt due to the most massive welfare payments in all of history by any country. This has resulted in a boom in the Chinese economy. Chinese are happy to lend money to a suicidal country and then simply wait.

WW III is an economic war, and it is in its final stage.”

Plenty of co-incident indicators, too, but here’s the problem in a nutshell:

  • America under Biden has torpedoed energy independence.
  • Global food demand will press up prices.
  • America doesn’t make most of our own “stuff” – and almost no critical chips anymore.
  • The complicit Fed is papering it all over – with eventual tax-indenture paper to the tune of $1.44 trillion per year…

And so we were totally not-surprised when out came word that Warren Buffett warns that coming inflation could blow our socks off.

Given a choice between listening to corrupted political officeholders, or paying close attention to Buffett and his sidekick Charlie Munger?  I’m sorry…was that a question?

Later Today?

We’re looking for the auto sales figures to fill in over the day.

Especially since the local paper is reporting “Rental companies are buying up used cars as chip crisis deepens (

We are astounded at the number of Americans who want to pile more debt in their driveways in a depreciating asset.  Which can’t be used as much any more.  As a Nation, AYFKM?

At first whiff of the day, stock futures were down 166 on the Dow and 23 on the Essen Pee.

The Gates Divorce

One of the advantages of being an old-time reporter (72 going on 30, lol) is that you oftentimes will remember stories that put so-called “breaking news” into perspective.

The “breaking” is about the break-up after 27 years.  The “stories remembered”  include?

Yes, despite a lopsided showing of headlines linking Gates and Epstein, which – who knows? – may have figured into the breakup?  There is another side:

Still, Epstein’s plane wasn’t the only one in the sky.  So, we would seek adjudication of allegations via air traffic control tapes and aircraft flight plans – which might settle things.  But who knows?

Through all this, however, we feel sorry about the children who will have to live with the consequences of high profile divorce.

Climate Hysteria?

Another “Inconvenient Truth” has just landed:

U.S. saw fewest April tornadoes since 2000 (

With no Trump, and weather-still-being-weather, how long can the compromised mainstream media keep selling hype and bullshit to the public?

The answer is look at officeholders and the answer becomes evident, doesn’t it?

Free-State Showdown

It’s no secret that a lot of high-end government hanger-on’s and tech-types with dough have been fleeing to Texas.  One of the few remaining “free states” in America.

Thing is, they’ve been bringing their left-wing politics with them.  And, since places like Austin are further from the Mexico Border than, oh, say Phoenix or El Paso.  Or, San Diego.  Or Deming.  Or….

Point is, this Elitist-Lite class is wrecking Texas as they arrive.

In the latest turn of events? How Fed-Up Citizens Took On Leftists Over Austin’s Homeless Problem (

At present rates, California refugees will become a significant fraction of Texas population.  Leaving us to wonder which Texas border needs beefing up more?  The one with New Mexico, or the one with the other Mexico?

More Liberal Media Bias?

Sure.  Got it by the truckload, around here.  But, let’s roll with How three major news organizations all got a story about Rudy Giuliani wrong (on

Thing we see in the Rudy stories is it gives the MSM a way to keep linking-back to Trump.  And it’s a fine monetization.  Especially when follow-ons like Climate haven’t really made sense.  Especially when different countries are treated various ways the the Paris Climate deal with is an affront to any egalitarian human.

Did I mention, the weather is still the weather? ‘I saw trees flying’: More than 100M people from New Mexico to Delaware at risk of severe weather; at least 2 dead in Georgia (reports  Try to remember who called for the upcoming round of baseball-sized hail 8-days ago.

Worth Knowing:

The bum’s rush is on for tracking your personal information  – which we see as massively encroaching on your Freedom.  Yet, here it comes: Airport security app Clear looks to score with U.S. ‘vaccine passport’ | Reuters.

Question is, are there so few values-based people left in ‘Merica (the former Land of the Free) that are willing to give up their freedoms to watch overpaid athletes “play with their balls?”  (err….)  I used to be astounded by such possibilities.  No more.

Meantime, a second Covid wave could wreck Africa as ‘We’re just trying to survive’: what Africa risks from a new Covid wave | Coronavirus | The Guardian report.  Which has us wryly noting that this “bioweapon that isn’t” seems to be ravaging resource-rich countries hardest.  Just saying:  If it walks like a duck…we’re willing to call it a duck.

Open Borders Slow Joe is still ignoring the will of the People and kowtowing to the Lefties:  Joe Biden raises Trump refugee cap after backlash – BBC News reports.  But is the US liberally-monetized press making a big deal?  No.  Sell-outs.  Understand this clearly: Cash talks and Mexico walks – north.

Quadruples the Trump-era limits.  How ’bout we toss in even more for Maricopa County?  Cyber Ninjas claim Maricopa County election audit ‘most transparent in American history’.

Historical Revisionism is alive and well, too.  As Nikole Hannah-Jones Responds To Republican Efforts To Censor 1619 Project.  I’m at a loss to explain why our own take on Revisionism (Everything’s a Business Model =- the Dollar-98 Project) hasn’t captured America’s mood.  I would have bet my whack-job “me-too”  Critical Money Theory  would be far easier to see and universally applauded.  Wrong again, huh? No money in equality, though.

Biased Juror? Here we go again:  Photo of Chauvin juror wearing BLM T-shirt at march raises questions of impartiality, experts say | says  The Seattle Times.

For Ure reading list: Charles Hugh Smith’s: Insights into Risk: Taleb and Tyson”.

Woo-Woo School

Our .mil affairs contributor (“warhammer“) has been eyeing a lot of this woo-woo I’ve been writing about recently.  He’s come up with a lot of useful concept in a fairly dense read:

“I’ve been thinking about dreams, and prophetic dreams in particular, due in part to your Woo discussions.  At the heart of Jewish mysticism lies the ancient Kabbalah, allegedly orally practiced and handed down from before the time of Abraham.  Nostradamus has even been said to have been schooled in its shadowy arts, tapping into it for his famous quatrains.

One interesting prophecy unveiled in the writings of a Kabbalah mystic is called ‘the prophecy of two Benjamins’ who are to co-rule over Israel in a split government.  Since 2018, Benjamin Netanyahu and Benjamin Gantz have co-ruled a split government, which appears to map closely to ancient Kabbalah predictions.  This occurrence is significant as the Kabbalist prophet states the deadlock will herald the Jewish Messiah’s imminent arrival, which also coincides (as in the New Testament) with the appearance of a bright star, this one is predicted specifically to occur in the constellation Cygnus.

As spooky as this all might seem, astronomers have been monitoring two stars in a death spiral within Cygnus, with math models predicting a nova occurring in March 2022.  Based on this, the Jewish Messiah is on final approach.

How do mystics tap into the Kabbalah?  The Kabbalah introduces the ‘ten Sephirot’ embodying creation, best described in today’s terms as ten dimensions of existence, six of which are extra-physical, a concept mapping to modern physics’ String Theory and certain aspects of parallel universes.  We experience four dimensions – X, Y, Z and a forward-moving-only time vector.  The other six dimensions cannot be experienced or known.  Quantum bubble chamber experiments seem to show glimpses of these mysterious realms.  Within the quantum soup making up our perceived reality, time depends upon one’s position of observation, or it simply does not exist at all, and all outcomes are possible until the moment one or more conscious minds ‘observes’ a specific outcome (see ‘Schrodinger’s Cat’).

The key to making any sense out of these paradoxical concepts could be a ‘conscious mind’ observing.  In a dream state, the mind is not conscious, and so perhaps it is able to view more than one possible outcome, or skip forward in ‘time’ to see how one or more particular events unfold through one specific reality.  Perhaps something similar occurs during deep prayer/meditation, as mystics are schooled to do, where the mind is disconnected from conscious reality (and time), swimming amidst the ten Sephirot of Kabbalah?

Things that make ya go “hmmmm!”

A Word of Explanation: Beyond Art

It occurs to me that a new reader of UrbanSurvival might wonder “What the hell is the “glue” that holds together such a wide range of topics on a morning like this?”

The answer is simple:  Whatever we’re moved to consider.

People take the “daily inputs of Life” differently based on a huge number of variables:  Who you’ve talked to recently, your age, how much cash you’ve stacked in life, you health, and so forth.

By the time you reach, oh 50, or so, there comes a time when you make a conscious (or otherwise) decision about how to conduct the “rest of your life.”  Kind of like “Ure point of being here is?”

A lot of people say what amounts to “Awe, f**k it.  I’m going to couch-out”  Others, though, are just getting started on their path.  Even at 72, I can hardly wait to get out of bed in the morning because there is still so much to learn in this Life..

My major projects include:  Writing my next book, developing the magic of gardening and raising some of our own food, ham radio, 3D printing and CNC design-builds, home construction projects, and yes – in the studio – there’s the time machine project I’m still working on.  Outgrowth of my book “Dimensions Next Door.

Thing is, this week, events have aligned so that warhammer felt compelled to contribute some thinking on dimensionality..  And that’s a major interest since my next book, “Packing for Death: A Users Manual” is coming along nicely.

And that’s how it works for some people.  Every day there’s a “my agenda” (with the personal and usually mundane tasks of Life).  But “spiced up” and guided by sensing the flow of the Universal Subconscious Mind we’re all part of.

But, “Beyond Art?”

Sure.  Because in a sense, what I’ve come to think of as my Life’s “work product” as could be umbrellaed under “Beyond Art.”

Most “artists” have a specialty.  Painting has classes, for example:  Oils, acrylics, watercolors, and so forth.

In Beyond Art, you look at the totality of the World.  Then you size-up your personal skill sets.

At which point the Whole of Reality becomes the canvas and the entire collection of your education  and skills accumulated in life becomes the brushes and tools used to  “Fashion a Useful  Life.”

People bounded to Art 1.0 tend to see art as a brush or potter’s wheel.  But in Art 2.0 (and Beyond) everything from differential equations to short-final aircraft approach speeds, to ABS plastic print parameters, to writing skills  become your “work product.”

Then – in the ultimate exercises of freedom, you get to decide how to live the exciting finish of your own personal movie.

For me, the parameters including:

  • A marvelous wife.
  • Good health
  • Unlimited personal energy (we all have blocks)
  • A “themed home” where each room becomes a kind of “movie set” with the goal of helping become “non-local” by just walking around the house. “A house that transports us…” as Elaine puts it.
  • Technology:  All the toys covering DC to Daylight.  Computers to ham radio to (incredibly) time machine experiments.
  • A dream shop with useful tools and the skill to use ’em all – well.
  • Sound matters as an art, too, so there’s the recording studio.

All of which then become tools for additional skills, teachings to be learned, and concepts to be internalized. It’s an unlimited hierarchy of knowledge.

In the end, we’re all dead, though.

Let’s get real about it.  As I wrote a while back, since the Life Review at time of death is being scientifically confirmed (a useful challenge to man-bent religions in such papers as “The life review experience: Qualitative and quantitative characteristics – PubMed ( a very good starting point for anyone with a Life is to decide “What kind of movie do you want to watch when “time’s up?

That – and the adventures in my book Psychocartography: Mapping the Human Mind – make up some basic concepts in my next book “Packing for Death.”

While it’s true with regard to money) that “You can’t take it with you,” everything in mind between the ears is likely “going along for the ride.”

Und zo?  Grab as much (and as intense as you can stand) EXPERIENCE and pick up as many TOOLS AND EDUCATION AND DOING  as you can.

Consider Death kinda like a Big Job Interview.

Want to be a Janitor, or a Co-Creator of Universe in the AfterLife?

You aural, optical, and emotional capture comes to our “interview at the End” and when you’ve really internalized that realization, almost unlimited power comes with it…subject to your own self-imposed limitations.

Everyone has access.  Not everyone will see it.  Fewer still will pour out the sweat needed. Tripwires and distractions abound.  Yet there it is…beckoning each of us toward greatness.

Now, feel better? 

Write when y0u get rich,

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45 thoughts on “Trade Wreck, Divorce Bill, and Woo-Woo School”

  1. Free state? Try Florida now due to a Pro-Active governor.

    Not the first bill that DeSantis has signed lately in attempt to protect Florida citizens against the over reach of the federal government.

    Covid- News or opinion on the vaccines is here. Group of doctors and others from the EU, UK and USA making statements about Covid and the vaccines. Not saying that I agree, but it is info from some medical professionals.

    Good note from Warhammer. The year 2022 has been in my mind (or what’s left of it!) for several months.

    Cheers and enjoy the ride. Buckle up as it will be bumpy.

  2. Riddle me this one G-man –

    Spooky ? out of this world, or right next door ?

    Go ahead and try to debunk columbo cloussau..

    Whats amatta ? Too much brain pan splatta – cant handle the “overwoo” ?

    Perhaps a parasite cleanse would help clear the minds much sugar did U have so far today ?

    Question of the Day ; what is the Trusted News Initiative ? who = us govt/cdc,fda,un world health org. AND big pharma= official obstruction,deflection, suppression, collusion, COVERUP.

    Why does National Institutes of Health Co-Own Moderna covert19 vax Patent? How many does dr falsie own/co-own ?

    true facts – 1976 swine flu pandemic USA – US vaxxed 55 million AMERICANS, caused 500 cases of Paralysis and 25 Deaths – TWENTY FIVE DEATHS ! – Pulled /Cancelled at 25 deaths .
    77 Million vaxed in US, we have 2,602 Official Reported DEATHS and 12k serious injuries.. so far.. and we are being encouraged to to take on moar of this genetic shit – EVERYTHING is Connected – including every single molecule inside every single human cell – U R being lied to, “does not effect DNA” again, as usual.

    20-30 Deaths reported every year to VAERS, related to flu shot. At 195 million Flu shots.
    – COMPARE that to covert19 shot @ 2,602 deaths thru 77 million vaxxes.

    “Pigs” want US dead, yesterday – FOLLOW THE MONEY – to Civil unrest/WAR – there goes billions in future govt. $$$Liabilities..useless eaters indeed.

    • Wow.. I thought heck I’ll try my phone..stu’s site is being blocked on the phone as well.. my question is stu’s site hitting a nerve to the point its being targeted

      • If that’s what’s happening and the age of desolation hit a nerve to the point its bring blocked.. then I wonder how long will it take for to be targeted next by big brother.

    • Out of curiosity.. I borrowed someone elses phone to log on.. it to was blocked..

  3. Re: Those “depreciating assets” –
    We’re just about to put down the cash for the final payment on our SUV after dropping 12 C-notes on the transmission and a lot more for the 1-ton. While it’s true the things you have own you I keep telling the wife trading for another car, #1, keeps you in debt and, #2, is just trading one bag of tricks for another (and I chew my tongue trying to keep from comparing it to marriage). As long as it’s a different problem each trip to the mechanic’s shop and not out of the usual expectations for repairs or I can’t fix it myself my personal feeling is it’s worth it to stick with what you have if it’s serving your needs. The truck’s repairs are deductible anyway.

    The Gates Divorce – Power meets with power and cares nothing for morality. Melinda has been with Bill throughout all of this and is just as dirty. Splitting their forces to tackle even more agendas is probably more likely to be the outcome of this breakup.

    Free States on track to becoming free-er? – Windham, New Hampshire voters are giving their “Selectmen” what for as they shout them down for being Dim-ocrat sycophants. They’re following Arizona’s example. Conservatives are beginning to find their voice as the push back on the Left’s agenda increases.

    “Former Oregon House Speaker and current Clackamas Community College board member Dave Hunt has been arrested and charged by Portland police in an undercover sex traffic sting operation.”
    “Hunt, a Democrat, voted for the 2011 bill that he is charged under.”
    I wonder how many (more) Lincoln Project people are going to be caught out like this? Human/child trafficking is proving to much more endemic to our country than anyone has ever dreamed!

    And finally, “the appearance of a bright star … in the constellation Cygnus” – If this star is flaring due to the Galactic wave that is now upon us and affecting our solar system as talked about at length in Ben’s website Suspicious 0bservers could this mean Messiah is riding that wave? Given all we talk about here what could be more prescient??

    • beware-caution advised..
      “One mans messiah, is another mans anti-christ” -da coot

      • Especially to all those neighboring villages the OT prophets told David and the rest to annihilate. Oh well, like I’ve said before here: reincarnation. The original “Great Reset”.

      • Ya. The quick and the dead.
        Nevermind about that. Ya can only do what ya can do. Had a strange call from Nevada. At first it was alarming. Then I realized my old friend who passed away had a few friends from the lodge down there that were watching over me. Guess it was more about, hey we got ya.

        My initial reaction to such things isn’t Always right. I learn to pause and think about it before I make choices.

        Speaking of dreams and “The Zipper” I ventured 8 months into the future and saw myself get shot in Alaska so, I think stay g put. Why are they trying to get rhe wizard out of the Emerald city? Big new data on Mt Rainier, still processing. Lots of incoming data all hot data on Mt Rainier.

        Not sure if its active or ufo relates and been seeing close encounters of the 3rd kind..

        You ever notice that the Devils Tower looks like a tree stump. Home tree of the N’ave from the movie Avatar, “look at all that chedar under it. ”

        I didn’t die. 2 other fellas did tho. It was a bad duck hunting trip. Pull! I been shot before. I didnt like it much. How I met my second wife. She was my wound care specialist. Funny how great travesty sometimes turns into a good thing. Get shot, find love. Find love, get rolled in divorce, divorce, find new psychic abilities, bad sciatic nerve pain, find new abilities.

        Time to be still and listen.

        Afa the two stars. Blue and Red Kachinas dancing in the court yard? Now that is older than Kabalah prophecy. But 2000 years older. Last stop on that prophecy has yet to unfold.

        Rumer has it dude the lost tribe of isreal is scattered around the US. Certain blood type, and DNA. You know there is only an estimated 144,000 practicing Zarathustran’s. Say, aint that a biblical number?

        Almost as weird as if ya put a think coat of Vaseline around an egg shell, put it in a plastic bag, it will keep the egg good for 6 months without refrigeration. Incase the power goes out. Last time I checked a dozen is still a dozen.

        Lots of weird stuff.

        Good to know, bro. Or is it good to go?

      • to the Woke Joke, ie: Spread them lies, pump the paranoia..
        you sound just like a lefty news liar. Relabel truth in news as “far right hysteria” then you go on to Quote twitter twatter and Politico, as if they could be trusted. I laugh my azz off every time you post, thanks for the jokes
        We the people trust
        over your resources.
        Does the Arizona, Maricopa County audit got you a little/lot scared?
        Are you part of the adreno-chrome crowd? Well are ya? That shit is expensive

  4. George, this may be one of the best articles you’ve written in a while. Not to say you don’t consistently write good articles you do in my opinion. I’ve been sitting in the hospital for the last five days with low platelets that came on all of a sudden. Everything you wrote I guess has significance just because I’ve been thinking about the same things. What will my story look like? I do know one thing, if I get this resolved, my life from here will be much different than it was before. I’m going to change a number of things so that my final video, so to speak, comprises some better things than I had previously. Can’t get undo the past, I definitely can write a different future. Thank you so much for this article it was a help to me this morning.

    • I am privileged to have shared. Between you – and the comments of Radio Ranch Bill – we can all learn much.

      More to come – it’s a joy to write useful information.

  5. I’ll throw a log on the defining “Beyond Art” fire, in search of Deeper Meaning.

    Back in 1961 or so, when I first became interested in electronics, I was a snot-nosed kid who knew just enough about audio to be dangerous, and was in the gap between sophomore and junior high school, and with a hot girl friend who was far, far beyond an obsession, I joined a high-school kid-based summer stock theater operation, run by a local large church. (Keep the kids out of trouble.) Because she played viola, and was in the orchestra, I needed to be around her. Desperately.

    I roped myself into working for the audio crew. We had a mild sound reinforcement system –not a blaring “P.A.,” but a slight additional amplification. Subtle, but important.

    I had been lucky enough for the previous two years to get a kid’s summer job in a local specialty electronics manufacturing firm — ultrasonics — where I was closely schooled by the well-seasoned adults in metal work and electronic design and assembly. (Hint: The master of the metalshop who tutored me was a Dutch machinist whose first name was “Helmut.” I’m sure his middle name was “Precision.”)

    I built a twelve-channel mike amplifier for the show using 12AX7s, that was the greatest single Work Of Art my hand has ever built. It was Beautiful. Precise placement of the parts and the sheet metal work, the soldering, the colorful nature of the resistors and other small parts, the extreme neatness of the hand-wiring — it all was just excellent. It also functioned extremely well. It truly was a Work Of Art as refined and perfect as any oil painting by some big-shot artist. My Masterpiece.

    I’ve built a lot of things since then, but that was my personal best ever. (I wish I still had it.)

    A great many people have such an item in their past, present, or future. A unique piece of excellence, partly out of some luck, but mostly out of knowledge, and careful attention to every detail.

    We all do Real Art at a high level occasionally. Recognizing it is the trick.

    SHTF meet-up place:
    3.999 by night, 7.299 by day; both LSB of course

    • Lol lol.. the wife was just why I was looking for ham radio…
      I could only say.. to hear a friendly voice of reason when things get dark.. and it looks like despair..

    • Art, Artists, Freedom of Expression – that is what got us ALL Imprisioned here on prison farm Earth.
      This is the dumping ground/ prison from/for Orion Wars of Aggression – see Tiamat’s demise..

      If prison farm – how does work – “Death Traps” – keep feeling for loved ones/family, just go to the light – for Ure life review, suckerz!\
      – massive electromagnetic electrical attacks on our “souls/spirit/intelligent NRG” – causes Brain Injury ..everytime.
      – this is why most have NO memory of past lives -experiences.
      Should be able to focus OUR minds on a subject from OUR past and be able to review “the memory” – this is how it “works” for EVERYONE outside of the prison farm…

  6. Neil Diamond warned Gates in his 1960’s hit,”Solitary Man.”

    “Melinda was mine till the time…………….”

  7. One correction I would make from the comment from your deflationist friend, we are not borrowing this money from anyone. It is being printed out of thin air.

    • There is officious paperwork to cover all hand-outs; but otherwise, you are correct.

  8. Couple fact checks: People are moving to Austin, Nottexas, or Houston if they need something industrial. 2: Epstein was a tax wiz that shaved $millions off billionaires’ tax bills, causing auditors to rip their hair out. Govt actions make a lot more sense when viewed in that light. Just about all the media reports leave that out and center on allegedly illicit parties, yet to be proved in court. Titillation sells better than finance in a frame up.

  9. KIC 9832227 will not go boom in 2022.

    Apparently somebody typo’d an observation time years ago and the mistake has propagated. It will go boom; but not in 2022.

    Not to take anything away from WH’s comment.

    • Science – it’s so wonderful because others continually check data and hammer away at hypotheses. Thanks, CPA. I cited the Orion nova, while the Kabbalah prophecy simply states there ‘will be’ a nova at the time of the Jewish Messiah’s predicted coming (whenever that may be). Said nova could occur anywhere out there. Or, frankly, it might not happen at all. But if one does occur, IMO it must be visible to the human eye and not just detectable only by Hubble or Webb. From a logical viewpoint I personally have some trouble connecting the dots with how many different ways the future can unfold with how some sage seer winnows out the kazillions of other alternate futures to focus in on our collective one, true timeline. Things like freedom of choice and ‘butterflies flapping their wings’ come into play with this line of reasoning, with billions of human consciousnesses all observing the same outcomes and resultant realities. But then filtering through multiple dimensions in space-time is truly beyond the capability of any conscious human mind. It is, as scripture called it, unknowable and infinite. That said, maybe quantum AI will one day be able to play that game. Sir Isaac Newton struggled mightily with reconciling math and physical science with mysticism, going so far as analyzing scripture to eventually predict the world would end sometime on or after 2060; see:

    • Lol lol.. the wife was just why I was looking for ham radio…
      I could only say.. to hear a friendly voice of reason when things get dark.. and it looks like despair..

    • Ah, but if we see it, or anything else in Cygnus, it actually went boom hundreds or thousands of years ago…

  10. The old Epstein connections. O/T – I saw photos of Stephen Hawking on the island. Also near the island under the sea with hot babes in a submarine. For whatever it means.

    Epstein and the crew got away. Even the woman has been initiated.

    Ghislaine Maxwell shown with ‘black eye’ in photo -lawyer

    “Sternheim said Maxwell did not know where the bruise came from, but it may be from her using a sock or towel to shield her eyes because guards shine light into her cell every 15 minutes, to ensure she is breathing and has not committed suicide.”

    I bet the 911 lawsuit participants still believe. 20 years have floated by. “Believe, it won’t be long now”. 20 years is a long time.

    Generally a female who graduated college back in 2001 @ 25 Y/O can no longer have children.

    “By 45, fertility has declined so much that getting pregnant naturally is unlikely for most women.”

    I haven’t looked but car sales must be down. Plants wee closed after chip shortages reduced production. There were no cars to sell.

    Chevy Equinox Production Halted In Canada For Two Months

    “According to a report by Automotive News, General Motors had to shut down its plant in Ingersoll, Ontario due to a chip supply shortage, connected to the ongoing semiconductor crisis.”

  11. George,
    “How three major news organizations all got a story about Rudy Giuliani wrong” This story had the wrong lead-in. It should have alluded to the much more likely scenario that there AREN’T 3 Major news organizations. There is now only one. Though there are several corporate media businesses, along with those having the big deal, three letter names, such as ABC, CBS, NBC and some others with catchy names and titles. They all key their headlines from the 3 majors
    Didn’t you smell this rat when they ALL began to quote each other and use exactly the same syntax and phrasing of their “breaking news” as they all marched in lock-step to gleefully torment and disrespect our last President?
    If it wasn’t apparent with the ‘destroy Trump at any cost’ frenzy, it sure is with the latest drumbeat… “Everyone needs to get the “vaccine” to reach ‘herd immunity.’
    There are numerous Covid treatments besides the “experimental medical injection” that do work and are saving lives yet are not the approved, bogus “vaccines” that come with their own major risks.
    Ivermectin, methasone, hydroxychloroquine and other one-off treatments come to mind that are being FORBIDDEN by authority figures from the CDC and other non-elective organizations. They are being rejected out of hand without even an attempt to try them, even as a person lay dying.
    This is being manipulated to prevent any recourse except taking the “experimental medical injection” as the only possible course of action.
    No, there are NOT three major news organizations anymore…

    • Just because CDC doesn’t accept something does not mean doctors can not or will not use said treatment. Many doctors put their patients first and shrug of the political BS. So far no one is forcing you or anyone to get a shot, though, it can be painful to integrate into “regular” society if some organizations demand proof of vaccine to be able to participate. I am scheduled to get vaccine this week, and look at like the flu shot. Cheap insurance to try and keep the amount of downtime due to sickness to a minimum. To each their own though. Here in Georgia outside the public schools life is quite normal. Though I still see the oddballs out at the park with their young children with masks on in the hot, humid afternoons. Cannot imagine the stress and fear we have piled on to this young generation, when they have almost no risk of impact from this particular virus.

      • We are human because of the evolutionary impact of countless viruses on our human ancestors over the eons.

        It’s been determined that most of our ‘junk’ DNA is actually left over bits of viruses which ancient hominids encountered and survived, those remnants acting like cellular switches for what are now key human biological processes.

        Vaccines ‘cheat’ Ma Nature’s long play ‘survival of the fittest’ game and neutralize the more damaging effects of new viruses and evolved variants for all who receive the jab.

        Mandating vaccines, particularly ‘experimental’ ones, has a bit of a “Brave New World” twist to it, but in a worst case scenario failing to do so potentially results in a great human die-off. Economies could crash. Governments might even fall. Civilization would be on the brink. Sounds grim. Right now in America, the choice is ours whether we choose to vaccinate or not. If we choose not to, certain elements of society and teh economy may choose to exclude us from participating. But then standing up for one’s principles always did come with a price.

  12. G man ,

    What is Ure # 1 advice – warning – caution when ever we look at a current event/news story..”follow da money”, si?

    killbill and melinda getting a divorce is all about shielding assets from “whats to come’ of mr softy..
    Its alwayz about da Money, ALWAYZ.
    Just like my fav lil Canadian copper co – Taseko (TGB) – earnings out 5/5/21
    inflation – dr copper, WAR – dr copper, EV’s – dr copper, infrastructure – dr copper – ? is can they make any money mining the red ore? hmmmmmmm

    Value prop – Central Americans/Mexican – long hard struggle just to get here – willing to work hard for a “piece of the pie” on one border Versus SF liberal elitists bringing their EVIL ways wit them on the other border..AYFKM – hurts my giant, beautiful brain just thinking about sf liberal elitists..dam U U rumpwrangling dumpster pumpers.

  13. “What kind of movie do you want to watch when ‘time’s up?’ You aural, optical, and emotional capture comes to our “interview at the End” and when you’ve really internalized that realization, almost unlimited power comes with it…subject to your own self-imposed limitations.’

    What if… each of us has WAY more control over our Earthly lives (and all these purported ‘Variables’ that happen to us each day) than we ever realized? What if it turns out that we CONTROL ALL OF IT!

    That thought is way too terrifying for most folks to ever embrace. Most will stampede in the other direction. Yeah, free will and all that stuff but control everything that happens in my life? No way!

    But since all of Life is ultimately Quantum… and all these Quantum tiny-things-that-aren’t-things-at-all-but-states-of-potential are always in state of flux and flashing In and Out of existence… and it is ONLY our Observation that ‘collapses the Wave’ into any One particular state-of-bring… and each of us IS THE ONLY OBSERVER for our own personal Universe…then WHO ELSE WOULD BE DOING IT?

    Why do some folks circle for hours looking for a parking space while others just drive right up and find one? Luck? The alignment of the Stars? Or is there something in their Psyche that is projecting success or failure?

    Maybe when we cross over into the Great Beyond the ‘joke’ on us is revealed and we learn that WE ACTUALLY DID ALL OF IT TO OURSELVES in our lives. Nobody else to blame. No parents, bad bosses, bad bed mates, the fates, or anything else. We are the Observer and We determined everything down to the last detail of every moment of every day.

    You had a bad boss? How? Who said so? YOU did. Who chose to work there? You did. Who chose to leave? You did. Were they really a bad boss or did you just want to see them that way? And if they WERE ‘bad’, was there a reason you chose to work for them so that you would learn a life lesson of some kind?

    You had a bad bed mate? Who chose them in the beginning? Who determined that they are ‘bad’? YOU did. Who chose what crazy thoughts you going to believe in your life out of the infinite potential of ideas that are floating out there? YOU did. What DIDN’T you control? Oh, ‘that’… you think. But can you be “sure’ that in the end… it wasn’t You after all that controlled ‘that’ too?

    Most people can’t handle the idea that they are powerful beings and have so much control. SO they take the easy way out and refuse to jumpstart their Psychic Engines and choose to be weak and powerless and collecting grievances against others all day. So be it. One day, the Joke will be revealed. Will they then blame God or will they finally get the Punch Line?

    • Well stated, Shaman. As those Beach Boys once mystically proclaimed, “catch a (quantum) wave (function) and you’re sittin’ on top of the world.” Seriously, I tend to think the choices are indeed ours, and ours alone, and we can manifest our own successful destiny (or failure). However, embedded in one’s self-determination (aka freedom of choice) is the mystery of human shared self-determinations. We are created to be social, not solitary. Our growth occurs through interaction, not entirely through self-reflection. Every sage, every master of the mind recruited followers to share their knowledge with. Why would they waste their effort if nirvana is simply discovery of the all powerful self. Is George writing his column everyday for just his own benefit, and all replies submitted merely creations of his solitary mind? Somehow George’s ‘self’ shares with other selves. This is the great multi-dimensional mystery of our existence. Our ‘reality’ is more than a solo intelligence playing a video game, with the rest of the universe our gaming fantasy. Yes, we may construct the reality around us, but within that construct are souls sharing our experiences. Online gamers might be a good analogy in this construct. But our common and shared experiences, pure and and simple, is where the real magic happens.

  14. While the ‘life review at death’ is apparently a real phenomenon, and the likely fact that ‘consciousness’ reincarnates in a subsequent life… it is also a fact that people do NOT remember previous lives after rebirth… except in some extraordinary circumstances, or hypnotic regression.

    Perhaps another clue can be found from a previous posting here on Ure comments section. Free book“Alien Interview” from Roswell era. Download and read. I couldn’t put it down. Sheds some light on us immortal spiritual beings (ISBE’s) and the trap of being recycled on this prison planet at the pleasure of the evil ones.

    It would seem that ‘souls’ are thoroughly cleansed of memory before being sent back to a physical body to do it all again.

    • Long part of the coming book on this. I liken it to walking – disincarnate – into a super bright room where the lights are blazing. Blinded by the light. Plato in Allegory of the Cave talks at the the “end” of going out into daylight and being promptly blinded.
      No telling how long 100 years is in ISBE timelines, but it’s like a lifetime here getting over it, lol

    • Ah, there it is! I tried using the links from inside Godlikeproductions in ECU’s post above but they wouldn’t let me out of GLP.

      It’s thoroughly entertaining but there’s no way in heck the world would hold together for as long as he’s been making videos without something going “boom!”. I’d like to know how he gets everyone to disappear, though.

    • This could make sense from my own “many worlds hypothesis”. Each of us lives in a world of our own with mostly furniture and NPC types. A few real people interact with us(maybe), or perhaps they’re simply processes spawned in our own minds. Regardless, we live and learn. I actually watched that video and then spent some significant time imagining myself in such a world. I could adapt to it, though I’m sure many could not. Whether it’s hell, heaven, some weird part of the astral or something else, we all have to deal with the hand that we’re dealt, permuting it along the way with our own observations and choices.

  15. just listened to the old rag from down the lower east side . you know who i mean . she said little rate rises to stop the economy from overheating . please witch leave that stuff to jerome the jerk and further you will sprain your wrist turning rates down . and you can eat some gold pumpernickel down at kratzs if you think that will save you from the disaster you have created. disgrace for the economic academia to listen or read any rubbish from the kibutz of “in it together” fool facists . you can all shove it . short the guts of everything , yellow dog included . watched and read this garbage for 2 long . i suppose buffet was a trust fund child or a crypto wizz .

  16. join the crew !! buy crypto !! why not ? FED , government , darth banks , facists , millionaire unemployed everyone is in the trough . should have been outlawed a decade ago . but the pigs where hungry for swill .. needed a reason to keep the game going . forever greed . to hell with capitalists

  17. Yous have had a ball in this pandemic haven’t yous!!! Next you will tell us you where drugged or drink spiked . Disgrace the lies

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