Time or Price?

The fun resumes Monday, huh?

Markets like this are difficult to trade, especially when this may only be a first wave down.  We have our eye on November 27th as a possible “bad hair day” for markets.

This morning, a few ideas about time and price as we roll through the charts and fine-tune our look for the period just ahead…

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8 thoughts on “Time or Price?”

    • Invest in things that people use and need. After all, our economy is a barter economy. We trade things for other things. We trade promissory notes (dollars) for other promissory notes, or for other physical assets. We keep those promissory notes at institutions for future trades. Problem being, the number of those notes is manipulated by the FED. More of them, results in diminished trading ability (reduced purchasing power)

      The FED can print as many dollars as it wants, but it CAN’T print tools, clothes, or food (hard assets). Those things retain trading parity (purchasing power). Of course, the trick is to figure out what things people will need, at what time of day/year. Figure that one out and you’ve got it made!

    • Great question JC…if the value of the dollar falls at the same time it could be HELL that we’ll be experiencing..

    • If things get bad enough, and they can, the essentials are priority #1……water, shelter, food, medical, security.

      Gold, diamonds, land….you have to live through the chaos for any of that to matter much.

      Every time you see a news article about a new cache of coins from Roman times being found, remember….the person who buried those coins did not make it back to dig them up.

      Knowledge and skills, short of death or traumatic injury, cannot be stolen from you.

  1. Hey George, shout out – Thanx, your thoughts and charts have been a strong “governor” for me on my trading strategies(risk & volatility exposure). IMHO this current market environment is providing us all a very rare opportunity to make profits in the extreme, or lose everything.
    The SDOW experiment performed exactly as Planned..Long 20 @1.07 – sold 5 @1.45/35%, sold 5 @1.60/49%. Still Long/holding 10 into weekend.Sell Stop is in place to preserve profits.
    I prefer trading SPY options.SPY option market is super fast, super liquid & efficient.
    Made a HUGE error in last 10 minutes of trading Friday, a really dangerous time to be trading, duoh! Was furiously blowing out SPY Nov Puts, to cover days trading activities. Have had some success with NFLX Puts this week. So I snatched up what I thought was 10 NFLX Nov 290 Puts @27.50 ea., I know a BIG bite! Anyway in the chaos of the final minutes of trading I created big negative cash balance on the WRONG option. I wanted the PUTS, I bot the Calls which were $10 more expensive..double duoh!
    Because Hope is NEVER a viable strategy, just look at 8 years of Obummer, I need to get out of those Calls, and make some money in the process,or spread them against the Nov 300 calls if we get a pop on Monday.
    Caesar once told his generals “a bad plan is better than no plan at all” If things go wrong you won’t know, you will be running around not knowing what to do. At least with a bad plan you can see what is going wrong – and make corrections. With a plan & lil luck , I can trade out of those Netflix calls at profit..thanks again.

  2. There is a very good article in The Blaze about Avenatti this morning. Liked the last sentence of the piece.

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