The World’s Most Important “Video Game”

Odds are you have never heard of it. 

There’s a reason for that:  It doesn’t run on any computer you own, unless you are a mighty power in mathematics (or an unspeakable math geek).

But there is a model that is driving government policy.  Since we’re in the midst of a stock market blow-off top, we thought it would be fun this morning to perspetivize an economic reality just under the public attention threshold.

Plus a few news snips, as the charts, of course.

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George Ure
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3 thoughts on “The World’s Most Important “Video Game””

  1. Didn’t we hear just a few weeks back that North Korea was several years away from developing a nuclear warhead that could be fitted on a missile? Wasn’t that the narrative when NK launched their most recent long distance missile. that claimed to be able to hit Chicago and other eastern cities?

    Now we have the intelligence agencies telling us that NK has developed those nukes to mount on their long range missiles and its only been two weeks.

    How could that be? Is somebody providing NK with that technology?

    And now Tillerson is out there softening Trump’s responses to NK.

    Is Trump being set up for his Swan Song this fall, or his full adaption of Neocon policies of USA hegemony?

  2. Oh oh.. Trump’s statement on NK was direct. That isn’t what caught my eye.
    What did is his body posture .. that spoke volumes.
    It definitely got my attention..

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