The Second Depression Timeline

This morning we present some extremely specific predictions – more like tentative trading points – which should evolve over the balance of this year.

No, we don’t rely on tea leaves or obscure code…just years of cumulative spreadsheets and data studies.

While we don’t offer “financial advice” per se, we do offer an outline of what markets presently are suggesting may be in our longer-term future.

This from the guy who blew out of his market long position at 2:31 PM Eastern Tuesday expecting the market ought to turn down…when it opens today…

Plus we offer some advice to the silly children of POJ – Pile On Journalism.

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George Ure
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18 thoughts on “The Second Depression Timeline”

  1. Hey George your website is great on computers and Android phones but your pay system you know to subscribe it is not very compatible on the Android and I am not replacing my regular computers or upgrading I’m just letting them rot to the winds so to speak, you’re going to have to revise your Android pay system because it really a bummer, but you can fix it ,lots of laughs

    • In today’s world, those who do not keep up electronically simply do not count. Note the recent disasters of computers that were not upgraded.

      Years ago, I was a member of a computer club that provided assistance to seniors. I remember seeing their sad faces when I had to tell them that those still on dial up connections simply didn’t count in the scheme of things, and that their issues had no solutions with their current hardware.

      You can always just mail George a check, he still uses them. I doubt if 90% of millenials can even fill one out properly, if they even know what they are.

    • Instead of using three computers I got rid of my 98 Windows last year and I have 3 more computers instead of upgrading and using those, I now have three Androids and that will do the job of the three computers,
      Androids,don’t take much room and have the capacity of a laptop and those Behemoth desktop
      I can take an Android with me it’ll fit in my pocket or all three of them will fit in my pocket wow I wish I could take all three desktops and laptops in my pocket
      Any computer anywhere I can be hacked so it doesn’t make any difference there and nothing that I have is that valuable the most valuable things I have are on graph composition books,
      that’s why I say if you going to probably something do it on paper because computers can be wiped out and most of us arent going to go through the trouble that you go through to save all your information
      saving seeds and save and books that people can read even if it’s a graph composition book or more viable in the future and the computer yes the computer will run your world but what will you run what were you have control over, that’s the difference
      Bill Gates the CIA and the NSA they all control the computer’s not me ,
      I controll the seeds I save
      I control what I write down in the book and keep
      But digits on a computer or whether a USB or a DVD or CD or any of the new formats no I don’t control that and I’ve been messing with this since 98 and so I really don’t need that I’m taking a more simple approach for now ,,,who know what will pop up next month
      have a good day and may all beings be lovingly fulfill so be it

      • Simple: I have a Dell 17R laptop with a core i5 processor and 8GB of RAM purchased for me as a birthday gift in 2010. this year I swapped the 500 GB HDD [only 49GB used] for a lower capacity solid state model [230GB] for $49.00. I bought it new on an in store clearance at the local micro computer center. Two pointers. 1) With an SSD disable Windows virtual memory, which is not needed and actually slows things down. 2) Enable oversubscribing on your SSD, I used about 20% of the available space, this increases longevity and performance.

        My computer has never been faster, and is running Windows 10 professional.

        Cost of a new 17 inch i5 laptop with 8GB of RAM and a regular HDD?
        >$700.00. So for a little time and frugality >$600.00 was saved.

    • Bryce, my sweetheart, who I enjoy reading your intelligent postings, send it snail mail! Easy peasy! Now, don’t tell me you don’t use cash or checks any longer! If not, send 2 silver coins so George can have 3!

    • I agree about the pay system.

      Too bad there wasn’t an address at the bottom of the subscribe page that said, “Send your money and e-mail address to the following address:”

      Still will subscribe soon.

  2. Tell your buddy the Major to take the cash while it is available – car prices, especially lightly used, are in a swan dive.

    The VW deal is a “push, pull or drag” deal – the offers are the same regardless of the vehicle condition, being based on model and time of export.

    My son had his VW nearly totaled out ($19,000 estimated damage). He had the shop fix it so he could drive it in; by this – bent wheel, broken windows, non-working electronics, discharged airbags, etc. They gave him his receipt, he mailed it in and got his money in a week.

    He then bought a 36 month old Subaru for $9000 and banked the rest. This may break VW, so I would advise take the money and wade into the used car market – it’s a bloodbath in Houston.

  3. This is what traders looking for a quick buck are doing to the country. A profitable company considering layoffs to try to get the stock price to rise. Bet you can’t guess which one.

    Make America great again! Don’t think so. If this stock price goes low enough, some Chinese company, using borrowed money at zero interest from some big USA bank will buy the company and move it offshore.

    That’s how it looks from Ecuador.

  4. Someone/ something will step in & calm the markets & we’ll have a decent run up in stocks & hopefully a good pullback in gold (expecting near 1000 by late in your timeline). I am one of those awaiting the big crash… keeping that powder dry. Love your timeline George, keep up the great work.

      • I don’t know about this prediction.
        The Dems and Media have been slinging any and every accusation to see if anything would stick, and I believe they figured that if they had no valid accusation, just sling so many so fast that the could not be answered, and create the impression of guilt.
        The other thing to remember is they do not care if things fall apart if they are not in power, it is just a way for them to (Maybe) regain power. The markets performance since Hillary went down makes them look bad, so I am sure they will not mind a bit if the market crashes on Trumps watch.
        They also will cause the crash, and then blame Trump, with full cooperation of the eMSM.
        The main problem is that most folks aren’t reading Urban Survival, they are not even watching cable news. (There are 330MM out there, add up the total viewers of the news channels and see what you get.)
        Most folks are watching Vanna turn letters (She still does that doesn’t she?).
        When the market crashes they will say “hey what’s Trump doing anyway?”
        The Media will happily help them along on that thought.
        So, I am not looking for anyone to ride to the rescue. Even Wall Street will know who did what, but will just adjust and play and pay the winner.

  5. George, how about an update on Bitcoins. I noticed the last month significant growth, and over 400% over the past year. I used to mine them, but got out a year and half ago and sold what I had. Definitely kicking myself in the butt. I’ve also got an old wallet backup that has 3-4 bitcoins in it from previous years that I forgot the password to and haven’t been able to open. I just want to cry.

  6. “This morning, after the pack of jackals went after Trump for “disclosing secrets” we see Vladimir Putin says he has a transcript of what was said…
    What this means, in simple terms, is that someone in government DEILBERATELY LEAKED CLASSIFIED INTEL and fed it to the co-opted media. Then everyone piled on.
    Not Trump’s doing…the MEDIA’S. Got that?”

    Did they.. and if there was only two in the room.. how did the media get it..
    We all know that the whole white house is monitored they monitor anyone walking in and around etc..with the exception of one area a private study.. when Clinton had his thing going on with monica I had a real tough time believing it since it is pretty common knoweledge that everything is monitored a team of people sit in a room listening and watching.. ( remember the missing thirteen minutes.
    Now.. it is also pretty common knoweledge that we monitor other countries embassies . . So how hard would it be for a country to plant a few of those bugs in the white house.. how many people have been there through the years repairing etc.. if we can get the attention and help by offering a few hundred thousand dollars that they can’t ..
    look at us dropping a brown paper bag with a half mil on a guys porch once a month just to have his support at our activities in his country.. just look at lobbyists paid employees of the puppet masters.. Money flows in two directions.. so is it the media.. is the media controlled or is it just another tool.. or did Putin get transcripts because he had the place bugged.. also how about a bug being on the man trump was visiting with.. anymore.. camera’s are everywhere.. I just watched a show that they said that televisions had chips with code written into them where our own country can turn on the microphone and listen in in our homes. . a few years ago.. china turned on all the camera’s on cell phones baby monitors etc etc. we went on a huge surge to place smart meters on everything.. all of them Made in you guess where.. LOL. my guess was they turned on all the camera’s just to show us that they had the technology and they can use it at will.. ( well in reality we already knew that since their youth are better educated than the USA youth because they put a lot of emphasis on educating their children rather than money where we put how can we keep our children separated so that one class will always be the one in power and money.. Technology works like electricity it flows both directions we put little green pieces of paper as the most valuable they put knoweledge and manufacturing..Making them the manufacturing capital of the world and our country in dire circumstances we lost control over our manufacturing our people are separated by finances and education..
    remember Iran didn’t shoot our secret drone out of the sky.. they took command of it and landed it LOL at their local airport and we didn’t have any control of it at all..)
    So there could be a leak.. but really how many people were in the room my guess is.. the white house is bugged.. or maybe they to have the white house monitored and like the old saying.. Keep your friends close but your enemies closer..

  7. George, any thoughts on the future of the Monero (XMR)?

    As of 2 weeks ago, it was up about 4250% in the last 12 months, if I looked at the chart right.

    Are you freaking kidding me? 4250 percent??

    I realize it’s a controversial crypto, but supposedly more secure than BTC.

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