The "New WEH" [Web-Empowered-Human]

“A Training Routine for Digital Knowledge-Fishing” is our focus today. Originally, I sat down to write up my plans for a ideal survival computing platform….  But, suddenly, there was this whole way of becoming “Web-Empowered” that doesn’t seem to get much notice.

Moreover, it crosses a lot of “traditional societal views” in the process.  That is, it is based on multiple concepts that can be seen as “encroaching” on everything from religions, to schools, the government, to social mores…

It’s a new “project” for us – and one eminently suitable for hot weather when outside “physical work” is limited by heat.

A rundown in the form of a project outline, after the morning headlines, the ChartPack, and Podcast #24 which is available here.

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George Ure
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43 thoughts on “The "New WEH" [Web-Empowered-Human]”

  1. Dam Dude – U just dont give up…

    Virus stats are totally meaningless, complete waste of time..without some COMPARISONS.

    Presenting virus stats with No Baselines or starting points; total deaths, total deaths due Influenza, cancer, accidents, heart disease… IS very DISHONEST- at BEST – FAKE NEWS spin doctor..

    No Ure R definitely a Deep State Tool – Ure might wanna consider moving to Seattle and or San Fran – real estate can be had for CHEAP..relatively speaking..
    THOSE city folk are just DYING to get OUT,and move to the Burbs, except for Ure fav TRAITOR.
    – who cant tell the difference between dog poo on his shoe and HUMAN FECAL MATTER.

    Can hardly wait to read of Ure tears pouring out over NY AG Berman getting the Heave Ho.

    ? Is it a class 4-5 felony to wear a mask and carry a concealed Firearm – more importantly U gotta ask yourself – If ONLY Perverts and Criminals Wear masks – Which one are you ?

    • San Francisco real estate that is cheap?//hahahahahah. Meanwhile my business is up 32% YOY. Record May and June so far that eclipses anything I have done in my career. Prices are not going down. Some people are leaving the city…it’s a cyclical thing that happens every 10 years or so. But they just relocate to the suburbs. Too many high paying jobs here to leave the area. Tens of thousands of job applications are submitted in the area every month. Don’t worry about us. Worry about your lousy attitude…fix that first. You people live in a fact free bubble. Get a grip on reality.

      • @Marx

        I am glad for that YOU have to pay a lot more in TAX’s since you are very successful……Capitalism Rules…..make sure you do not cheat on your IRS return’s this year…. since..the man you hate so much watching for your filed return….you did know he reads this site everyday , didn’t you …..

      • I’m trying Mark. Trump has turned out to be very unresponsive to all the threats and watching the house slowly burn down. Unless there’s something I don’t know. But I’m busy with my life and I can’t/don’t want to police my leaders. That sucks. I want to establish a leader police with laws and statutes including penalties for infractions. But I won’t hold my breath. We are in fkn trouble.
        I know you made a wheelbarrow of cash but what will you/we spend it on in a crash? Not looking good Marky not at all. I Know a sh!t hole goes for over 2mill in the Bay area. But stuff needs to move in and out and that is a task in a loss of order. Just sayin dude, I live betwixt NYC n Philadelphia. So I am in the nuke zone. Well it’s father’s day tomorrow so time to try to relax for a minute. Blessings

      • Steve,
        First, the Bay Area has nearly 8 million, not 2 million. I am in downtown San Francisco right now. Just had lunch in North Beach and am walking down the beautiful Embarcadero on a gorgeous afternoon. Most beautiful city in the world. Your ignorance is so off base. Does it have issues? Yes…So does, Atlanta, Dallas, Houston, St Louis, Chicago, Memphis, Jackson,MS, Tulsa, Albuquerque…I could go on and on. You attack us, because of our extreme wealth, with the largest concentration of millionaires here than anywhere in planet earth. You attack us because you don’t have what we have. You attack us because in reality you wish you were us.

        Jeez. It makes me wonder how you can fire up enough brain power to even write such an ignorant post.

      • San Francisco real estate is free to use! It only costs if you want to buy or rent it.

        Ask the homeless folks.

      • Go back and read my ignorant post since you are so much smarter than me. I referred to home values not population. And jealous of living with people like you? Stopped up ears and considering everything is an attack when it was not an attack but a dialog. But your hostility blinds you further. I only even responded cuz Andy spoke well of you. Have a nice father’s day.

      • I see now why you hate Trump so much. You and he have SO much in common, but you must think he does it better than you because he’s president and you’re not.

        For instance:

        • You’re both egomaniacs with delusions of grandeur, although your case is more severe–you should see a shrink about it. You think EVERYTHING in your life, including your self-styled fabulous self, is the GREATEST! Trump dishes out superlatives like a salesman when discussing what he’s done or is going to do, but his superlatives are frequently describing others, not himself. He’s nowhere near as into himself as you are.

        • You both engage in childish rants–Trump on Twitter and you on Urban Suvival (and probably on other unfortunate blogs)

        • You both resort to name-calling when someone disagrees with you.

        I’m likely missing other similarities. However, at the end of the list, his accomplishments are greater than yours. He has actually done things FOR OTHERS, both personally and as president, while you merely croak on and on about how much money you make. You may not know this, though, because your sources of info appear to be (from references you’ve made on this site) mostly the lamestream media. A plus in his column, as opposed to yours, is that he spews dislike, but not the hatred that you spew.

        Before you respond with your usual myopic rant about brain-dead Trumpsters, I will say that, although I voted for him, I’m somewhat on the fence at this time because of his disastrous swampy appointments, not because of anything he’s done. And if no major political criminal has been indicted by election time, I may not vote at all. But in spite of my misgivings, I’d rather have Trump as a friend than you.

        • Would everyone PLEASE read the Sunday post and take it to heart?
          The comments section here is to further spread deep thinking, not to resolved into the online version of Seattle’s CHAZ.
          While try to remain detached, we are on the verge of a flame war here. And flames over personalities is not in my script.
          Thank you

    • what OSHA says about wearing face masks (muzzle) and O2 levels

      “A lack of oxygen to the brain, well now, that certainly explains some of the unhinged behavior on the part of those wearing face diapers, to say nothing of how ridiculous they look.”


      In case someone cares about WHO guidelines – universal masking is not effective.

      This is directly from the WHO (World Health Organization), current as of June 5, 2020:

      “At present, there is no direct evidence (from studies on COVID- 19 and in healthy people in the community) on the effectiveness of universal masking of healthy people in the community to prevent infection with respiratory viruses, including COVID-19.”

  2. You thought Seattle or Berkeley or Minneapolis was a different sort of land?

    How about Minnesota Surreal?

    Maybe it’s just Democrat’s craziness. I’ll make it short.

    Last year the Leech Lake Indian Tribe got a check for $29,000,000 from the state.

    The State discovered it was an accident, the Tribe should not have gotten the money.

    But the Tribe wouldn’t give it back.

    Yet, the DFL Governor Walz wouldn’t pursue it, the DFL Attorney General wouldn’t pursue it, nor the DFL House.

    But they had literally stolen the money.

    The Tribe had the cash and all their money making casinos making more cash to enrich the Leech Lake Band. Pay it back, please.

    So what to do?

    The Democrat’s answer was to pass a “Police Reform” Bill on Thursday that included $29,000,000 for the Leech Lake Tribe. The Tribe would then turn around and give it back to the State as payment for their ill-gotten cash.

    Ergo, the DFL literally paying the Tribe $29,000,000 for stealing $29,000,000.

    I want off this planet.This is just crazy.

    • Dell,
      Let me know who’s selling tickets to alpha Centauri.
      Aliens fly by the Earth and lock their doors.

  3. “You do know about PDFDrive, right?


    another one is amazon prime… and the book downloads..

    of course interent archive.. and just about every library world wide not counting the colleges.. and their research materials.. I totally love the new technology.. when my wife made me dump all my books..(wouldn’t you know it.. she wanted to park the car in the garage) I got into ebooks.. and audio books.. audible.. great group to..

    • I had a new radio put in the ole buggy.. what is cool about it is I can download my audible books and ebooks.. and it will read them to me or play them as I drive… its cool…

      • I use an old iPhone3 as a music/audiobook player and just plug it into my aux jack. I hate bluetooth and don’t especially love smartfones in general – so for me this works great. I also don’t geehaw well with talking “navigators” and LCD screens in vehicles. Just another thing to break and visually distract.

        Now if everything was in a HUD with verbal controls – I’m all in. But it’s gotta actually be affordable enough to buy, and HUDs aren’t.

      • O2 I use a kindle… speech to text.. start the book then drive.. I have used my phone to.. my first e-book reader was one from filament book club.. loved it..*entries*=0&_encoding=UTF8&*Version*=1&shoppingPortalEnabled=true
        seems like yesterday.. the kids at work were complaining about their text books.. I said huh.. why not use ( I am not even sure if the program is available now..) but flip books.. then everyone chip in buy the text book scan it and make a flip book.. get a tablet computer.. etc. etc. etc.. that is what they do.. one of those kids just retired from being a doctor.. ( she was my doctor to dam her.. left me with some of the idiots that they are graduating today.. LOL I was going to have to take the one kid to the woodshed and give him the papa lecture on appreciating his position.. luckily he moved to cali…. LOL…) this new radio has all the bells and whistles.. I wanted to be able to have sirius xm radio and got a whole lot more in the process.. I totally love sirius xm..

    • Thanks for these sources for free ebooks. Hadn’t heard of any of them. PDFDrive looks especially interesting to me.

  4. OK, but assuming our votes are nullified by ‘giant meteor’, and your solar panels are snatched away by horrendous winds – why not books? Because the filing system is brain and maybe a few color codes. Some acid-free paper and simple binding system and you can roll. Paper isn’t as cheap as memory, but it will certainly last as long/er if it is kept in the right place.

    Also, just in your article you listed a boatload of books/topics. In a survival or simplified situation, one rapidly learns that being an expert at everything isn’t realistic. You need a network of friends so you don’t have to own all this and carry it around or store it.

    The world is overrun with useless knowledge – it’s part of the issue with the entire internet. There is information, but the volume of disinformation and misinformation and “brainiac opinions” from folks who only read about it is astronomical.

    I think paring down to things of true import should be exercised viciously or things grow out of control rather quickly. And knowing your neighbors and their skillsets should be ‘part of the plan’ anyway…

    I got triggered by the entire concept of trying to cover everything possible – instead, I just expand the network of friends and associates who have other expertise I don’t…

    • My wife let me keep a bunch of my books.. at one time I collected plans.. how to on just about everything.. the really good ones I put on the shelf.. ( my gotta read it again books) and the majority are gone.. or digitized..( I do have some hidden LOL).. the go books.. for a shtf.. I put red binders.. then if the time came for a get out quick. grab the red books color coded….

    • “I got triggered by the entire concept of trying to cover everything possible – instead, I just expand the network of friends and associates who have other expertise I don’t…”

      A few years ago.. FEMA wanted all the communities to submit an emergency plan of action.. for the Just in case scenario.. I worked on ours.. everyone thought .. well I can do it myself.. I suggested we figure it out as a community.. you have all these people in the city.. what do they do.. what hobbies do they have.. you cannot do it alone.. so do it by the stone soup method.. everyone contribute what they can.. the community survives..
      How many people in a city actually knows their neighbors.. much less what they do or what their likes and dislikes are.. before the ME movement.. communities stood together.. new people always had a welcome wagon come by to visit with them..
      except for a few of the newer people in our community I pretty much know what everyone does.. the emergency plan has the different listings.. who has medical back ground who has farming or hunting etc.. pull together and work together.. share .. if someone needs a meal.. feed them..

      Heaven and Hell.What I teach the kids… be the blind man.. a blind man doesn’t know what color you have or whether or not you have fancy clothes on.. he doesn’t know if your big or small.. all he knows is who you are in side……

      jpg of heaven and hell of what I see heaven and hell is

  5. (2 Thessalonians 2:10-12) “And with all deceivableness of unrighteousness in them that perish; because they received not the love of the truth, that they might be saved. {11} And for this cause God shall send them strong delusion, that they should believe a lie: {12} That they all might be damned who believed not the truth, but had pleasure in unrighteousness.”

  6. Don’t ever turn George loose in the library of congress. He would never be seen again!

  7. More issues we all should have from Trump. Besides the fact that he is defying science and having a PPE free rally in Tulsa, today he just threw William Barr under the bus. No wonder his former staffers, Cabinet and administration people are coming out with statements, videos and books.

    Barr write a letter to Geoffrey Berman, the powerful prosecutor atop the Manhattan US Attorney’s office that said….

    “Because you have declared that you have no intention of resigning, I have asked the President to remove you as of today, and he has done so.”

    But Trump said Saturday he wasn’t involved with the decision.

    “Well, that’s all up to the attorney general. Attorney General Barr is working on that,” Trump said on the South Lawn ahead of his departure for his rally in Tulsa, Oklahoma. “That’s his department, not my department. But we have a very capable attorney general so that’s really up to him. I’m not involved.”

    This man is despicable. I wonder how Barr feels about now.

    • Mark, Mark, Mark,

      Mr. Berman was installed in his position 2 years ago on a 120 day temporary assignment. Some judges extended it to such time as when or if a presidential nominee would or could be voted on by the senate. Do you let squatters soil the rug when you want to show a home to prospects? Of course not. You send in the pit bull to point out the door.

      • Trump appointed Bergman. He was not on a temporary assignment . Berman was a big Trump contributor as well. This is what happens when very qualified people get to know the inner workings of a highly UNqualified person. How many of the very qualified people he appointed or hired have turned on him now? Remember he said he only hired the best. Either he has lousy Human Resources Abilities or he is just a lousy President. Either way, Trump has only himself to blame.

      • Alan, Hahahahah! There were more than enough seats available. The 800,000 he claimed he had suddenly turned into 8,000. OOOOOP’s there were a few zeros missing. His overflow crowd? Crickets. Upper deck of the arena? Echo chamber! I am sure it will be all Obama’s fault. Hahahah!

  8. Dear Mr. Ure,

    It’s not just rock stars who have tickets to their events for fans hijacked?

    Oh, well. The game must go on.

    The Duke and Duchess of Cambridge (@KensingtonRoyal) Tweeted:
    “So good to have football back, we have all missed it! Thank you to everyone involved for your hard work in making it happen. W”

  9. 24 something to tulsa .. maybe 24000 dow Monday .. wow the gann fans opening up again .. fractals couldn’t catch the scum maybe old W.D. can .. this is madness

  10. couldn’t get a better rotation than june 29 !!!! WD WD WD better chant than ussa ussa ussa

  11. George, I find it impossible to listen to any kind of music and read at the same time! Even serious thinking requires silence. Either music gets the attention or the mental word processing does. This is such a problem that radio commercials with background “music” along with a droning voice-over get immediately muted. It disorients me! I often forget to unmute the radio again until I reach my destination. Even when listening to the podcast, I start it with an almost zero volume until the intro is finished.

    I fail to see the value of music except if it’s enjoyable for itself, and if it is, there’d be no incentive to corrupt it with concurrent mental tasks. Yes, I suppose one can dissect the melody/chords/beats/etc., but that’s more the kind of work you do to avoid dozing off.

    The only reason to read a book and listen to music would be if the relevant subject was the music being played. Even then, it would be read then listen, then read again – avoiding concurrency which would shatter and distort the message. I’ve found that music interferes with retention, not the reverse. Perhaps it’s just me, though I doubt it.

    • You are missing a tremendous art form if you turn down music and voice!
      Ure prescribes a beginning with some simple folk music – an instrument or two and a story.
      I’m not a huge Guthrie fan, but there was a time when people were not singing about drugs and gender confusion – they sang of the times and the places.
      Try something like this, for example
      Even some Bob Dylan will do –
      Which became Jimi’s great spin on it:
      I’m not musicologist but there are thousands of such evolutions to behold..
      I’d be mighty curious how you process vocals – song with music?

      • Hi George,

        Sorry for the late reply! I was sidelined by a dental emergency that’s handled, for now. Regarding music, I can process slow, “pretty” vocals with music, such as Chinese traditional music, some American folk/Country, and the melodic rock from the 60’s. I mostly prefer female leads with non-abrasive voices. I generally don’t process the words – just hear the melody line as a soaring or swooping lead instrument. Melody and soulfulness(definitely not soul) matter greatly as to whether or not I enjoy or endure listening to a song. Busy riffs such as Hendrix or jazz just jumble up as noise in my head(sorry). Brassy sounds are unpleasant compared to strings and/or reeds. I will admit that slow, soulful guitar with or without accompaniment is quite enjoyable(House of the Rising Sun, etc), and I’d be very happy to just hear a real instrumental version of this(with a lead guitar playing the melody line) rather than singing. Unfortunately, I’ve never found that online or elsewhere, though I can play it on the piano. Grace Slick has an exceptional voice that sounds like an instrument, and White Rabbit is a favorite of mine, though I barely notice the words. Many people and most women think the basis of music is the rhythm, yet I hardly care. The melody, frequency range, and soulfulness(best exemplified by strong, often slow guitar presence, such as “Angel Flying Too Close To The Ground”) is what makes music for me. I was never able to keep rhythm to a metronome, nor was I able to successfully learn much at all of playing a guitar, even though it’s one of my favorite instruments. These are no doubt right brain skills that have been crushed under my very linear left brain primary processing modality. Trying to read, think, or do math with any kind of background music is a near impossibility, and I rarely listen to music these days. After all, if I just think of a song, I can usually play it in my head with full fidelity except for the words. The hard part is turning it off again!

        Curiously, I did have the opportunity to have a long(almost an hour) conversation with Arlo Guthrie after a concert decades ago in Battery Park, NYC. He was quite a decent fellow and I got to see him as a genuine person rather than simply as a performer.

        • You “audio processor between the ears” is operating in a non-usual way.
          If you were indeed a computer (and we are making them in our own self-image) what would be your troubleshootizing approach? I think that’s what Google still uses troubleshootizing,
          To me, you have a lot of what I call (in Elaine) a “small voice that keeps interrupting thought and/or flow.”
          Think of your “self-work” has focusing on “Interrupts” perhaps?
          Is there always an echo of something in your past?
          System-driven interupts…”

      • George, your Elaine is an artist and I have little to no sense of art at all. I’m bored to death in museums. I pretend to like art because people expect me to. I find art in nature, engineering, and of course, the female form.

        I don’t have any voice in my head trying to trigger task switching. Actually, I’m opposite in that I’m absolutely not ADHD and want to focus on only one task at a time, unless it’s unavoidably delayed in which case I’ll focus on a single other task until completion. Under triage conditions, I can run in a multitasking exec mode dynamically allocating what’s needed and prioritizing as appropriate, but that’s no fun. What works in your life is an artist female to center your life around. I know one, but she’s not (yet) willing to commit to more than a couple of weeks together at a time, and only a couple of times a year. We’ll both be dead and buried before that goes anywhere. Sadly, the “single life” just doesn’t work for some of us.

        BTW, my mother could never stand listening to any music at all, and my dad really liked jazz. I’m in the middle somewhere, appreciating perhaps one tune in a hundred.

        • Sounds to me like a) you have defined the problem and b) a partial solution is at had (a few times per year)

          To me, this sounds like the classic “Sales Engineering” opportunity.
          What are the “hidden client expectations?” What is the “Missing Feature set?” What are the obstacles and how do you design around them?

          Life’s too short to settle for less than ideal – and as I pointed out in last Sunday’s piece, we are all “directors of our life’s movie.” You got some creative directoring space here?

    • Nope, it’s not just you. When music is on, I LISTEN to it. It takes my whole attention. I cannot concentrate on something that requires brain power, such as reading, when there’s music in the background. I think it comes down to the difference between multi-taskers and single-taskers. Neither one is more “correct” than the other.

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