The New American Poorhouse

Shearing of the Sheep.  “We the People” is not ewe and ewe, as the US in U.S. has checked-out and headed for parts unknown.

The problem comes down to a simple “We have lost our values and our hustle.”  In place of American Exceptionalism (ask Hitler how challenging that worked out), we have turned into a gender-confused, hopeless flock of sheep who will be sheared again by our media masters with the kangeroo impeachment going on.

Do I think Donald Trump is a great president?  Sorry – jury is still out on that.  But  Trump has only been able to focus a small amount of his ability on improving the American Way.  Most of his energy has been successfully  bled-off by the Deep Staters.  Including the “anonymous” whistleblower who the democrats won’t put on the stand because they know a) Schiff’s team coached him and b) because he’s an Obama holdover and c) because after Joe Biden’s getting a prosecutor looking into his son Hunter fired (worse: bragging about it), nothing Trump has done comes close to rising to the test “high crimes and misdemeanors.”

Won’t stop the shearing, though.  Meantime, we are hearing more reports of how social media is throttling and blocking anything more conservative than RINO republicans.  No wonder:  Social Media has conned the American people into thinking they’re the only game in town.  Our robust comments section here argues otherwise.  But the flock don’t flock if brain cells are involved.

There are only a few things we patriotic types can do:  Recognize the ongoing coup attempt for what it is, would be a dandy start.  Liberalism is a business model, but then so is genderism, and damn near any other “ism” you can name.

We have lost (or are quickly losing) our ability to invent, to innovate, and to excel, and that’s evident in a quick tour of the day’s news.  China filed more than 1.5-million patent applications in 2018, the U.S.?  Less than 600,000. Thanks, educators, brainwashers, and socialists!  Good job.  Way to bury us.

What ideas we have may not be good, either. Take, for example, the idea of robots and AI.

What do we know?  Well, the US   military contractors are hard on the track of building killer robots to automate the harvesting of conscripts.  Russian strongman Vlad Putin likely sees this as a new – and terribly dangerous – arms race.  Which would account for “Putin calls for worldwide ‘moral rules’ to control AI-powered killer robots.”

It’s already too late, however.  Today robots are at war for manufacturing.  Adidas is moving robotic manufacturing to Asia and kissing off American tech.

Meantime, thanks to the “shearing” of the poor, gender-confused, anti-free-thinking, and so forth, we are now putting young people in “capsules” that make microhomes look large.

Dehumanization isn’t strictly an American problem.  You can see it in the UK where “the people” wanted out of the European Union con more than two-years ago.  Government still can’t get the job done.  Which we blame on the rise oif socialist-communist teachers in schools.

In the UK more than half of students say there shouldn’t be free speech.  And if that’s not a page from Marxist-Leninist doctrine, I don’t know what is.  Where do such foxtrot-uniformed kids get such crap betwixt their ears?  Social media and teachers.  An unholy alliance, if there ever was one.

Yes, the same social media that collects user information in ways that seem sketchy to us.  Including Facebook, Twitter, and YouTube.  Even worse, Facebook, YouTube censor mentions of ‘whistleblower’ in Trump-Ukraine scandal. People get to be partisans, not corporations…which are legal fictions. I mean WTF?

If machine-driven brainwashing (via reposts and retweets) isn’t enough, and selling sexual ideas that would have resulted in jail time in an earlier America, few seem willing to admit to the simple fact that people are born with one set of hardware, or the other.  Beyond that?  Well, then it becomes a software issue.  And the programming?  Social(ist) media and Schools.  When the John Birch Society was being labeled a “fringe group” in the 1960’s for demanding accountability of schools against the incoming social tide and school boards, they were marginalized. Yet, 40-years on the broader sweep of history give them the point.

You’ll have to pardon me for speaking so directly.  There are mornings when it’s starkly apparent that America is in trouble and most people don’t see it.

We used to have somewhat fair elections in this country, back before we became a Corporation.  Nowadays, corporations buy government outright.  They “mobilize the grassroots” in a sophisticated (hidden in plain sight) payoff system.

That there’s now the first of what we can predict will be a sequence of attempted coups underway, like it, or don’t.  A few “media masters” I wouldn’t let fix coffee are programming America as good little power-hungry anti-freedom megalomaniacs.  They have a laundry list: Free speech, guns, privacy, and groupthink on issues like climate.

The Ure family egalitarian view says in a free society, we are all supposed to be (nominally) free.  You do your thing, I do mine.  We do ours.   But that’s not a blanket permission (that the socialists have taken it to be)  to allow one-sided brainwashing and promote a socialist on the road to communist view.  Both political parties and virtually the entire internet have thrown in with the corporate masters and old farts like me won’t be around forever.  Spend some time “cleaning up your thinking” and less time gobbling the swill online.

Other than that, Mrs. Lincoln, how’s the play?

Well, Let’s See…

Stock futures were set to rise about a dozen points at the open.

The real story here is there $70-million in “easy money” repo’s due today and the question (to be answered later this morning) is how much dough will the NY Fed Trading desk toss in to roll-over things?  If more than $70-billion?  Why, we’d expect the market to rally.  If there’s no rollover, then withdrawal from a cash addiction could lead to some downside.

Sound too simple? (If not a bit paranoid?)  Well, go read “World’s Ultra-Rich Preparing For Market Crash, UBS Warns” and get back to me.

Sure, this will sound a bit Machiavellian, but how about this:  A momentary financial panic if the (sham) hearings don’t play well?  Yeah, that’d flip the sheep around.  In fact, a rundown into the weekend and financial panic would turn off public opinion on the IG report which we wouldn’t be surprised to see dropped after the market close Friday.  (Which one, we don’t know, but that’d be the timing, more than likely…)

Not much else driving in the way of economic news.  Consumer Prices tomorrow morning – which we will have on the Peoplenomics side of the house.

This and That’s

Hey!  Let’s demonize Russia so we won’t notice the West’s wild overdose of facial recognition and license plate scanners, shall we?  How about something like “Russia Is Building One of the World’s Largest Facial Recognition Networks.”  Evil Russia, bad Russia…only the West escapes scrutiny.

Still thinking a bit too freely?  Still open minded?  Well, let’s push out another polls to sell you on a fake consensus.  Would you like one? oll reveals American attitudes on impeachment inquiry/

America’s going up in smoke, too: Chart: Missouri’s medical marijuana market draws thousands of applications.

Well, off to have breakfast before the repo deals come out…and you’ll know the “idiot hearings” are going badly if some serious shit hits the fan.

It’ll be OK, although we are a little concerned with  the idea that “It’s just a spring clean for the May queen.”  You see, the BBC is running lots of Hillary stories.  Like “Hillary Clinton: ‘Shameful’ not to publish Russia report” and “Hillary Clinton ‘wants to hug Meghan over racist treatment’.”

Shhh…don’t mention to her she’s campaigning in the wrong country.   They can keep her.

Please.  Send her back sometime in 2021.  (Regrettably, she’ll be back to campaign…bet me? Clinton-Bloomberg…)

Write when it makes sense…

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49 thoughts on “The New American Poorhouse”

  1. It is a shame Trump isn’t allowed to govern. His ideas were on the mark, but his execution is sometimes suspect, especially concerning immigration. At least, he keeps the crazies tied up with trying to get rid of him The Dems don’t think they can win in 2020 if Trump is on the ballot. The Dem motto…the hell with the country, we need to win elections.

  2. “Do I think Donald Trump is a great president? ”

    I think he is convicted to trying to do the right thing..
    has he made mistakes.. yup then we have to remember he isn’t a politician.. he is a businessman a very good businessman that has learned a lot from his mistakes.. but he is trying to do the right thing and it has been an extremely frustraiting run.. every thing he tries he hits a wall..
    I like the vast majority didn’t vote for him because he stands there and makes an eloquent speech telling me he is looking out for me personally.. I vote for him because he stands and says oh my god we are in such a horrible situation .. we need to fix this broken wheel before we go in the ditch..
    where we the voters screwed up.. is we got the mechanic.. we got the wrench.. but we didn’t get the tire to change.. we needed to vote out the whole shooting match that was running for office for congress.. if we had done that.. doesn’t matter what party they ran from.. (they are all boken and paid for in my opinion) just change the diaper get a fresh one in.. they to would be bought just like the T-party was when they had a win.. but we needed to make that statement to those leading us.. keep up the same old crap and we will vote you out to..


    I don’t think he should run again.. other countries have been staying neutral because they know it is broken.. they also know that the same rotten tire is on their car to.. they are waiting to see if the mechanic can fix it before they tackle the the tire that could send them in the ditch to.. they of course are part of our car.. since they do the manufacturing.. we do the buying..
    the Congress has ruined any chances of him making any credible advances.. we are stuck having to get the new mechanic that won’t work..that will in essence let the tire direct the car..

    what I don’t understand is.. why does the one that wants more.. want us to fail so miserably.. to bring us to a war so they can get a resource that will be totally useless to them once we go into a global war over it.. that doesn’t make any sense.. how much do they need.. this time.they can’t toss the working class under.. they have been manipulating everything to toss the upper twenty nine percent under.. what good will that do..
    in the end.. I hate to see what is coming.. none of us have a real clue.. except it will be a hundred times worse then the weimer depression.. to the point where I think it could touch off the new dark ages..

    • “how much do they need..”

      It’s not about money, but about power. How powerful would you feel, were you to have absolute life and death (survival and subsistence), financial, housing, communications, and reproductive power over 300mln people?

      • Great Question Ray….

        Unfortunately I don’t have a clue.. it all seems so absolutely stupid to me… who ever is manipulating all of this is obviously not the manipulators of old.. they at least had a reason..
        I think this is all just about blind greed.. there is never enough more for someone wanting more.. but as more comes the tables all shift..

      • “How powerful would you feel, were you to have absolute life and death (survival and subsistence), financial, housing, communications, and reproductive power over 300mln people?”

        That is exactly what throws me.. they already have that power over the blue collar workers..
        I think after looking at that last spending bill that who they want the control over now.. are the very ones that can make the changes to their plans.. the upper twenty nine percent of the haves…. and do like Hitler had planned so many years ago. Take the resources that the haves have ecncarcerate anyone not willing to back their plan.. hitler shoved millions into camps of the haves.. got the backing of the people that depended on him to survive….this would propel them to the stratosphere.. but with what.. a made up currency that isn’t backed by anything.. any other country could throw a wrench in it instantly by tossing out a backed currency.. would there be a few shindlers out there.. took care of a few people that had escaped the ghetto.. luckily they made it.. the stories they told are very powerful.. I have the diary to the overthrowing of the czar same story.. get the power and backing of the have nots..

    • Ow wow…Looking Out of the Box…you said this?????? “I like the vast majority didn’t vote for him because he stands there and makes an eloquent speech telling me he is looking out for me personally.. ”

      Who the hell are you listening to? I have never, ever heard an eloquent sentence come out of The Dumb One’s crooked mouth in decades. Something is definitely either in the water or Fox is brainwashing you with subliminal messaging. Maybe both. Your GMO laced products, fried food and watered down beer in the heartland has zombie-ized your brains. No person EVER has said those words and really meant it….Not even his own staff…as is evident by the hearings, and book tour ex-Staffers like Mattis, Kelly, Tillerson and Scaramucci…Wait till Bolton starts talking. Haley has her own agenda to run for President, and is playing into the GOP kiss ass frat.

      • I voted for him because he didn’t give me the one two three speech…

        I was a supporter to a senator.. a friend of mine was running for an office.. and wanted my support.. so I decided to pay the fifty dollars..( back in the eighties) for the meal and thought I would go in show my support and then leave.. got to the dinner.. but I didn’t have time to go change into clean clothes.. I was building cabinets then and was covered in saw dust.. got to the meal.. and seen everyone was in a suit.. so I thought I will pick the most out of the way table and go eat quick tell my friend good luck and get out.. I sat down..
        unfortunately it was the candidates table.. so .. what do you do .. get up look even more stupid than you did walking into a convention hall in dusty clothes.. so I decided.. ok I will eat quick and leave..
        the senator I supported walked over to the table and sat down.. another candidate sat right across from him.. and asked.. “what should I talk about.. the senator I supported said… Just give them a one two three speech.. they are all dumb as sheep and will believe anything you tell them….
        I was shocked.. but then after reflecting on what he said.. he was on the money.. I don’t think that the President expected to win.. I think he joined in the lineup to throw a monkey wrench in the other candidates possibly getting in another candidate as president and keeping Hillary out of office.. ( I personally wanted to see Rand Paul make it.. but then they would have attacked him to.. he believes in the constitution)
        What I liked about DJT is he didn’t give an eloquent speech.. he said what was on his mind.. and what he said was what everyone else was secretly thinking.. we had a broken system.. we still have a broken system.. I didn’t start to support DJT until after Rand Paul dropped out.. then I had a choice.. the one that only showed up for work one third of the time..( they work 28 days.. for godsake.. he showed up one week.. give me a break.. ) The messages that DJT was saying made a lot of sense to me.. bring back jobs.. secure the border.. tariff incoming goods and services.. fix the infrastructure that has been neglected since what.. the fifties..

        the water and gas lines for new york alone should scare the hell out of anyone.. yet we would rather blast the hell out of some one elses home then rebuild their infrastructure.. than our own.. and for what.. somone elses benefit.. that isn’t even an american citizen just so they can get richer..

        as far as Fox news.. I don’t watch it.. I don’t watch any of the others either for the most part.. I use to scan fifty newspapers a day.. but have pretty much stopped that to.. especially when you find out that the vast majority of them are owned by the same people..

        what really surprises me.. is seeing people that have the dream.. they make the money.. got the cherry on top of life.. yet they want to see DJT fail.. even though what he would like to do is make their life more secure.. and the fallout from him making their life more secure would dribble down to the catfish at the bottom of the ponds..
        instead just like so many tyrants.. we will let someone in that will show us.. hey look and see what I can do.. we will buy the one two three speech.. the answers they are predicting all deal with taking it away from the can’t get blood from a turnip.. the only ones left are the haves..
        read what some of those executive orders deal with..

        I have a sneaking suspicion that it doesnt’ deal with any of the early american crap I have.. LOL.. I have some that say hey.. they don’t know I bought this or that.. excuse me.. just run down with plastic once and buy something out of the ordinary.. you will get a call from the company to make sure it was you that bought it.. because you changed your normal spending habbits.. the world is full of lists.. and each of us are on that list.. that is where the one can prepping principle comes in.. you purchase a shizt load of stuff.. they have it.. an extra can of beans doesn’t show up…
        it is going to happen.. the change is going to take place..

        oh.. almost every military and auto industry has the patent for what is shown on that page..( I believe it is used on helecopters to..)

        I think the president is sincere.. he means well.. and the fact that they started to dump money in the hate trump campain before he won.. says a lot..

        He calls it like he see’s it.. and yup.. it is about as honest as any of us will see in that office as a president..

        what we the people should do but won’t is vote the members of congress out..

        the sad part is.. Congress refuses to read the bills they vote in..

        seriously though. it doesn’t matter what I think .. or you think.. or the few people that we know think..unless everyone voted.. it will remain the same..

        I read once in the book double crossed How they manipulated elections.

        . it was my number one scariest books.. then came the creature from jekyll island.. then adolphs second book which still holds the number one scariest books spot..

  3. ” China filed more than 1.5-million patent applications in 2018, the U.S.? Less than 600,000. Thanks, educators, brainwashers, and socialists! Good job. Way to bury us.”

    An assembly job…. we get the items to be used that are manufactured in ………. ( put your country of choice in there) the assembly man sits there.. some bozo comes up and says put this screw in this hole..
    No brains used .. the ones producing the product has to think.. see the complaints they are getting over their product and make a correction to it.. new patent..
    then there is .. will congress let it be sold in the USA…
    Like the solar cells that could be made for a penny a watt back in the eighties.. they chased it out of the country.. the unit that converts your waste plastic to oil and has the capabilities to distill it into the product you need.. not allowed in the usa.. or the can sealer I want to get to help in canning.. I have the old unit.. they make a simpler one that is cheap and can do any size extra dies to buy.. it is adjustible..hmm.. that isn’t allowed for sale in the usa.. I can get it in poland.. but they can’t ship it to the usa..

    • If anyone can get the design plans, tech and capable people exist here in the USA to build it, and possibly market it – depending on laws. Generally we can build and use many more concepts than we are allowed to sell. Clever people will find a way if the concept is published and the goal is worthy.

  4. “Nowadays, corporations buy government outright”

    it use to be illegal to influence a bill.. today they not only influence them.. they write them.. I would like to see bills written by the legislator that is pushing it.. ( a sixth grade level of reading and comprehension would be able to understand it) but that won’t happen..
    since bills have been passed now giving the deep state the ability to move around do what they want unhindered..
    the fact that they bought the report trying to oust him as president…..

    Now curiously.. what good does it make that I know it is a farse.. my vote won’t make any difference.. who they want in will be put in place this time.. no matter what people say or do..
    even though we voted in the businessman.. it didn’t make any difference.. they have been spending billions to discredit him and they have successfully stalled any actions he has come up with to fix the issues that he was voted in for.. then they have caused doubt among those that voted for his making changes and successfully convinced everyone that what changes they wantes wasn’t what they wanted..
    we are screwed.. get ready the roller coaster is heading to the top of the big dip.. so hold on tight

    • “Well, go read “World’s Ultra-Rich Preparing For Market Crash, UBS Warns” and get back to me.”

      I think deep state has been thinking.. and has plan’s.. notice that they only made enough to house what…about 20 something percent…..

  5. George – looks as though the Hilarion will Not escape her fate.. Ritualistic Black magic can provide Ure intended – but never in the manner U would expect – karma is a real bitch..they never thought she would lose.

    Define Rogue Server: a server/computer operated WITHOUT an ATO..

    Hilarions server has 2k classified emails – 30k “bleached” out – and 200 Special Access Programs. Obummer sent an email to this server using a pseudonym – gotcha ya! guilty -TREASON .. NSA HAS EVERYTHING

    Confuzzled ? Real Whistle Blower = Dennis Montgomery..

    “The HAMMER – key to COUP – Admiral (ret) Ace Lyons..

    Latest Q posts can be seen at if interested in Military Phys-Ops.

    Indictments in 2019
    Sessions “secretly” appointed 2nd prosecutor outside of DC..ruhrow

    Remember spec ops helos and operators on the streets of LA around Guatemalan embassy related bldg last year = NEST TEAMS – 2 “containment bags” carried out – Schiff for brains district..hmm

    these people are sick and have absolutely no LOVE/Compassion/Emotion for fellow man..just like their young/mates ect.

    “not every man U meet is Human” – Plato

    The WAR is raging here and above/below – no worries – take the “mark” -the beast system aint so bad – just require some “sacrifice” once in while..

    • We should remember what happened to “John-John” Kennedy whenever he was fixing to throw his hat in the ring for the congressional seat.

    • If I still lived in that horrible state, I’d want both of them to leave. Regardless, I’d prefer that they’d leave the country.

      I was not impressed by Bloomie at the time of the WTC destruction. He was not mayor, but he was a nuisance, and probably much more. No more needs to be said about the old hag.

  6. The rich are the “me” generation.

    Thinking about the micro-level I watched the GM strike on TV.

    The higher paid “senior” UAW members had no problems crossing the UAW member strike lines of the less senior staff. Recall back there when all UAW members screamed like stuck pigs for a handout.

    In 2019 UAW members crossing UAW strike lines is called an “emotional dilemma’. But they do and did cross.

    And nobody is supposed to notice the UAW tiered wages. The current UAW workers who started in 1970 are eligible for pensions that exceed the monthly take home pay of the new UAW members, $15.00/hr. That means the pensions are unsustainable. Tired wages means at the very least the UAW has been setup for a pension bailout.

    It’s raw but the Sackler family had it right, grab what you can.

  7. Great & true words for a dying AMERICA ! Anyone Remember AMERIKA , mini-series from the mid-80’s ? If I were RICH, I’d mail acopy of ur post to all of U.S.A…..give the mailman some work…….Peace & Love to ALL

  8. Perhaps there is something to the saying “idle hands are the devil’s workshop”. Living in a prosperous country where the generations before you did the hard work and you reap the benefits in a seemingly effortless way gives credence to the ‘idle hands’ proverb. Folks value the things they have had to work hard for things given to you do always hold a great value.

  9. Clinton-Bloomberg. God save us. Care to bet on Chelsea running in the next few years. My head aches on that thought.

    Don’t count the Sheepdogs out though.


  10. George you seem confused. The “corporations bought the government” but our problems are due to socialists. Huh.

  11. George,
    By way of correction: So far, Trump goosed the stock market by paying for their ‘crack’ with the national debt credit card. Didn’t we used to be against exploding the national debt? By that measure of greatness, let’s just put another 5% of Wall Street’s expenses on the national debt, and watch the prices soar.
    And gee, the ‘Deep State’ just forced Trump to extort a desperate country into getting dirt on his #1 political opponent? Really? And didn’t we used to be against Russian aggression and expansion? Spending your time worrying about who called in the fire alarm as opposed to who saw who start it (percipient, non-hearsay witnesses) and how to stop it in the future is quite irrelevant. Unless your goal is to get a guilty guy off, in which case just remember that that was OJ’s defense too.
    Best, Mike.

    • Hmmm……so it’s extortion if Trump asked for it, never got it, and the Ukrainians got their military equipment from us anyway? That’s not generally how extortion works. It’s works more like this: let’s say a high ranking official of a country tells a high ranking official of another country something like ‘hey I’m leaving in six hours and if you don’t fire that prosecutor you are not getting a billion dollars from us. The prosecutor is fired and the billion is received.

    • No DEAL was EVER made – Zilch/Zero – Genius

      Read the transcript..ohh sorry my bad U obviously cant READ

      This site U.S. is Not a Socialist organization, nor is the board –

      Your deficient Intellect as evidenced by your postings R really dragging down the quality of discourse.

      I would encourage you go back to school and try to get a General Education Diploma – good luck.

  12. Google secretly gathers medical info on millions of Americans, Project Nightingale (look it up)
    Kentucky governor race a total fraud. D’s in charge of counting. Your vote doesn’t matter!
    You think your proud to be an American where you think in you drug addled mind your
    free? Ha. The war was to make us all slaves on the plantation. Keep on believing.
    We shall come rejoicing sheering all the sheep! Now say three times, i am free I am free
    I AM FREE! Shut up slave we know whats best for you as we are your betters,

    Pelosi Says Dems Will ‘Shut It All Down’ If They Don’t Get Their Way On Impeachment

    • “Pelosi Says Dems Will ‘Shut It All Down’ If They Don’t Get Their Way On Impeachment”

      I’d need a confirmation on this blogpost, and at 0400, after a 700 mile drive, that’s not gonna happen…

      That said, I’m okay with a total shutdown. If the House walks, the gummint stops p!ssing away money. If she jerks Social Insecurity, the checks will keep coming until October, and in November, the House will suddenly number 435 Republicans.

      • the BEST thing that could happen to this country is that the CONgress..leaves for vacation and STAYS GONE…..the states will do very well .on their own….IF the Federal government was allowed back …it should be requried to (1) have a Cnsitutional Scholar read any and ALL bills…to see and demand that they are within the chains ofthe Constitution…if not then they do not go beyond this point….ever…….ALL ABC agencies and NGO’s…and Research progrmas at Universities etc…are to be disbanded and defunded immediately……..ALL FEDERAL EMPLOYEES AND THAT INCLUDES CONGRESS AND THEIR STAFFS and the MILITARY……..go on medicare….and you can add many more requirerments that come to your mind……….the main point is that the Federal Government must be ‘downsized’…to a very limited enity…as was’ founded’….and ALL career’s are gone…as the States are doing the major portion of law making…as ‘founded’….

  13. It is amazing to me how people are abdicating their thinking to their favorite talking heads, whether on TV or in print. I hang out with a group of friends that span the political spectrum from hard left (Feel the Bern!) to hard right (Trump Do or Die!). Everyone has very definite opinions about, say, the transcript of the Trump-Zelenskyy phone call. When I ask them if they have actually read the 5-page transcript themselves to form their own opinion, I get nothing but blank looks. As another example, everyone feels strongly about the Paris Climate Accord. Have they actually read the 25-page easily downloaded PDF? Well, why should they? Rachel Maddow or Sean Hannity will be happy to tell them how to think.

    This attitude is particularly discouraging to me as I am a retired high school math and physics teacher. I spent 20 years trying to instill in teenage minds the critical thinking skills that, sadly, the “adults” in the room refuse to use.

  14. WHEN and IF GITMO is filled with US CITIZENS who have been in political office and THEIR minions…who have broken FEDERAL LAWS…that can be proven as many can be….the ONLY Justice will be by a MILITARY TRIBUNAL….since 2001..Patriot ACT….everything federal IS an act of war against this country…written by those that are GUILTY of the same….imo

  15. What is scary to me the absolute blinders that people have on. Even though it seems very ominous for us to think there might be some type of “Civil War”, it might unfortunately be exactly what is needed in order to stave off a complete and utter take over by socialist and communists here in our own country.

    First; the deep state doesn’t want anyone to connect the dots. Once you start realizing what was happening in the Obama administration you see the depth of the deception and lawlessness. It makes absolute since that Pres. Trump would ask and make sure that there wasn’t continued corruption happening in Ukraine. Just a side note: Obama sent them nothing but blankets when they needed weapons to defend themselves from his pal Vlad.(“tell Vlad I will have more flexibility after the election”)

    Second: what organization pays anyone that doesn’t speak the language, doesn’t have any experience in their industry $50k to $85k a month, unless they know they will get favorable treatment from the name sake? Biden is what was purchased and Biden is the family that benefited. Why doesn’t anyone on the left or media want to have more understanding of what went on? Because it all leads back to Obama.

    Last: the lying, sniveling, lawless, coward Shift, has no business being the point man on anything, let alone be a member of congress. For the schit he has pulled he should be censored, disbarred, and thrown out of congress. That he is leading this shame tells us all how far the Democrats and all those that support this sham have gone to try and destroy not just Pres. Trump, but our country.

    I say bring on the Civil War! Those of us on the right have more resources and know how to use them than the gender confused, global warming, vegan pansies on the left. I think it is time to kick their asses at the ballot box and if need be; then in the civil war that may come if this coup d’état is allowed to happen.

    • “What is scary to me the absolute blinders that people have on.”

      they see… that is why DJT made it into office.. the real problem is.. they can’t do anything..they are bound..
      good jobs have been outsourced.. industry leaders quit hiring american citizens.. and big corporations to save tax money has moved offshore..
      daily the have nots.. get deeper and deeper… to the point where to survive they have to bow down and accept what is dealt them.. I have to accept what is dealt them..
      You will hear almost daily from the wealthy.. they must be drug addicts.. even though they won’t give their employees the raises they cut benefits.. and the middle class gets deeper into subserviance..
      the ones that will be targeted won’t be the servants.. but the ones that expected them to serve..

  16. Karnac: I wanna take you higher – baby baby baby light my fire

    Ed: S&P November to Remember Short squeeze

    The 200 day moving average looks sooo far away..

    Inverse S&P ETF ?

    Time Traveling update – Dr Douglas Phillips & Dr Anthony Neuman are Still missing..


    back back back

    1960’s – The Tic Toc Project and the Time Tunnel – located somewhere in Arizona (near veritas) $75 billion rumored expenditures poured into this bad boy – maybe the evil freaks at CERN can send a search team.

    Guess they booked a 1 way trip

  17. Yes, lots going on and most of it bad for the pro-Constitution crowd. I really should stop reading the news each morning. I dumped social media months ago for my own mental health. In general, nothing is as it is portrayed.
    I have not yet got my head around the fact that on Jan. 1, 2020 I will be a resident of the People’s Republic of Virginia thanks to over a million immigrants squatting in northern Virginia voting Socialist Democrat… immigrants who have no real skin in the game and who will never really be an American no matter what sort of certificate they have on their wall. I’ve brought up to my wife about the possibility of immigrating out of here ourselves, but where to? Its become an urban vs rural battle in most every state.

    Excuse me while I go have a beer and pet my dog.

  18. Sir,

    Please reset the sunset time on the oil depletion clock. The Iranian leader has announced that new finds bump up Iran’s oil reserves by one-third. Royal watchers may have noted that the announcement was made from Yazd, capital of the Empire of Iranians during Roman times.

  19. At what point will one or several of the states decide that the constitution they entered the union under is no longer in effect as it was understood at their date of statehood? AND will they at that time decide to sever the bond that tie them to a union which has lost it’s once great purpose. (I am also very curious as to which states those might be, I at one time thought Texas would be the leader in such a move but the Republic of Texas seems to have been kalifornicated.

  20. First off, I will NOT pardon you for speaking directly rather I will applaud you. You were really on a role today, a good role.
    Also r/t the living “capsules” for younger folk in So. Cal. I don’t know if you read the article BUT there will be no persons of the opposite sex allowed in the persons capsule for overnights and no sex tolerated in the capsule. ( (I was not able to determine if that included solo). Do you really think this can fly in Kalaifornia??? (I suppose the part about ‘no person of the opposite sex’ would be ok there as there are so few of “that type” still in the rainbow state.)

  21. Regarding impeachment:

    The Dems are strategizing hard. They are either thinking they can

    1) drag the sham hearings out into “convention season” to damage Trump by innuendo, then drop them, or

    2) When the House sends Articles of Impeachment to the Senate, the Senate can, by a simple majority vote, rule any charges to be without merit, and dismiss the Articles by a simple majority vote. The Dem strategists may have determined candidates can make more hay by raising indignant he!! about a summary dismissal than the damage they’ll suffer from returning Articles.

    The one thing the Dems CAN’T afford to do is bring Articles against Trump, and have Impeachment actually go to trial. A Senate trial would expose a bunch of dirty administrators and congressmen to charges of sedition (a hanging offense), but more-importantly for the Democrat strategists, would remove half their current candidate pool, leaving just Creepy Joe (until his arrest), Hillary, Mayor Pete, and the billionaire megalomaniacs. Congress must remain in-session during a Presidential impeachment trial, and if McConnell is half the political creature he’s credited with being, if impeachment is dropped in his lap, he’ll keep the trial going until August.

    BTW, if Hillary comes riding on to “save the Party and the Nation,” I believe she would partner up this time with Julian Castro.

    Also, there is no such thing as a “presidential whistleblower.” Someone who “blows the whistle” on da prez is not eligible for any “whistleblower protocols or protections.” The reason Schiff is trying to keep Eric out of the limelight is if he’s questioned by an adroit prosecutor, both his, and Schiff’s careers are over. Schiff is dirty anyway, but he’s owned by the Clintons and most of his “dirt” is theirs.

    Humans are lazy. Social media is easy. New social media can be cloned, but won’t replace the established media unless it offers gimmicks and gofasters the existing media is too bloated to steal
    (think MySpace —> Facebook.) “Regulation” is more-likely, and government regulation ALWAYS leads to an overflow of bureaucracy and a curtailment of freedom…

    It is small comfort to we old farts that the freaks, geeks, people who don’t realize their “empowerment” is artificial and doesn’t come from their own effort, and the ones who can’t differentiate between an innie and an outie, will be right behind us in the shower line, when this country goes Soviet. The commies will off them just like the Nazis offed the German “useful idiots,” because they will be a distracting element of useless eaters in any socialist utopia…

    The majority of “Chinese” patents are from Western companies that’ve co-located in China. Because of their market access policy, when GM or VW Engineering makes a new coil-pack, it MUST be patented in China, regardless of where the pack was prototyped.

    Say “Hello” to Terminator Nation… BTW, if you are a gen-u-ine fight to the death (did that once — took “fists” to a knife fight. Proved to myself I could fight even when scared sh!tless), there ARE no rules. Neither Putin, nor Xi, nor the American, British, or Israeli militaries would abide by any “killer robot rules,” regardless of their public “faces” — They daren’t, nor dare we.

      • They wouldn’t be stabbing Trump in the back. They would be finally discovering that they have a backbone and actually saving America from moral destruction.

      • They won’t.

        First of all, there are no Constitutional grounds for impeachment, and most “likely Republican voters” know this. An actual impeachment trial would enlighten everyone else.

        Second of all, they have no other viable candidate. If they removed Trump, Pence would become the de-facto incumbent, and would lose badly because DJT would receive 40mln write-in votes, splitting a Republican landslide and ceding the election to whatever Democrat is left standing.

        Third of all, once the American people, on the whole, realize “impeachment” really IS a sham political stunt to convict an innocent man and play them for fools, they will get really p!ssed and vote out a whole bunch of congresscritters, regardless their tenure or political affiliation. Were I a Republican Senator, I would not want to be on the “vote out at all costs” list…

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