The Missing Context, A Side of Woo-Woo

The entertaining insanity in Washington promises to be in full-farce (sic) today as the democrat “bum’s rush” toward impeachment gears up.

After a thoughtful read of the entire phone transcript document Wednesday, I was hardly shocked to see how the crooked media (most of it, these days) didn’t focus on the  main context of what was going on:  Specifically, Ukraine had a previous partisan prosecutor who was not going after misdeeds of former Obama administration officials.

The President: I would like you to do us a favor though because our country has been through a lot and Ukraine knows a lot about it. I would like you to find out what happened with this whole situation with Ukraine, they say Crowdstrike… I guess you have one of your wealthy people… The server, they say Ukraine has it. There are a lot of things that went on, the whole situation.”

Here’s where we get a clear-bead on the media bias:  In their “analysis” (here) the NY Times which has been cheerleading impeachment, pawns-off the Hillary Clinton  email server crimes as “another investigation” without even mentioning Hillary.  Can speak for you, but to my way of thinking (having only written news for 50-years) is crooked, one-sided reporting.  Here’s how the left-leaning Times spun the Trump comments vis-a-vis Crowdstrike et all:  Notice no mention of Hillary!  (Flat-ass amazing spin! (see bolded)

“Mr. Trump said Attorney General William P. Barr would call the Ukrainian president about another investigation. Mr. Trump appears to be referencing an unsubstantiated conspiracy theory pushed by Rudolph W. Giuliani, the president’s personal lawyer, that Ukraine had some involvement in the emails stolen from Democratic National Committee.”

A more unbiased analysis?  We would have written it more like this in an analysis piece:

“Here, Trump wants the Ukrainian president to investigate Ukraine’s involvement in Crowdstrike and/or email server abuse by the Hillary Clinton campaign.”

See?  The NY Times is STILL  covering for Clinton!  So Trump explains “the fix” was in:

“The former ambassador from the United States, the woman, was bad news and the people she was dealing with in the Ukraine were bad news so I just want to let you know that. The other thing, There’s a lot of talk about Biden’s son, that Biden stopped the prosecution and a lot of people want to find out about that so whatever you can do with the Attorney General would be great. Biden went around bragging that he stopped the prosecution so if you can look into it… It sounds horrible to me.”

Again, can’t speak for you, but seems to me none of this constitutes “high crimes and misdemeanors” but not my steamroller, not my revolutionaries to be appeased.

BLong ago, a buddy of mine, state ACLU director who went on to teach law at Georgetown, reminded me:  “The first victim of any courtroom proceeding is Justice.”

Same might be said today about Truth and reporting.

Meanwhile, NBC rolled out “Majority of House members now back some type of impeachment action against Trump” without underscoring that the House majority is what?  (Trump-hating dems…).

Meantime, a Drudge Report poll Wednesday figured when all is said and done, 76% (as of when I looked) believe nothing would get done.

Hey!  We’ve finally torpedoed the Constitution:  Five-years of Obstruction before every election!  Yippee!  Government is gone, full time guerilla theater and political warfare reigns.

We know both side of the aisle are full of puffery, greed, and self-importance.  So when the headlines say things like the whistleblower report is deeply disturbing, it may be because in  Ukraine, they’re about to launch a non -US probe into HRC…you just gotta follow the script closely.  That part will be buried so you won’t think about it.

Main thing to remember, we think, is what CNBC covered in “Why Trump asked Ukraine’s president to look into CrowdStrike, a U.S. cybersecurity company that recently went public.”

Oh, and Time more evenly reports Ukraine Saw ‘No Connection’ Between U.S. Aid and Trump Request on Biden, Official Says.  But then  again, ther Ukraine official is not a democrat, right?

DDDD (Double Daily Data Dose)

Item 1:  US Gross Domestic Product is just out from the Bureau of Economic Analysis:

“Real gross domestic product (GDP) increased 2.0 percent in the second quarter of 2019, according to the “third” estimate released by the Bureau of Economic Analysis. The growth rate was the same as in the “second” estimate released in August. In the first quarter, real GDP rose 3.1 percent.

This means shortly, like tomorrow, we can get the latest calc of the Velocity of Money at M2 which can be done with the quarterly GDP out…

Item 2:  Fresh International Trade numbers are out from Census:

After the data, Dow futures up 65, but the idiots will gavel in soon and no telling what then… Besides, someone besides us might notice US business investment much weaker in the second quarter than previously estimated.


Oh dah: Elon Musk freaks out about ‘advanced AI’ and its manipulation of social media.

Oh Dah 2: A top tech analyst says Apple’s ‘valuation no longer appears attractive’.

Blame BREXIT Dept: Jaguar Land Rover to stop output at UK factories for a week due to Brexit.  Why would it matter, fer cryin out loud?

As we been explaining – Economics is why borders are open.  Now comes another voice Latinos may be the key to future US economic growth, study arguesEBM kiddies (everything’s a business model!)

Woo-Woo:  Meeing the “Karch”

Couple of items on the Woo-Woo table this morning.

First Woo:  As a vivid dreamer, you know I spend my nights often living in my “second life” –  in various  worlds, adventuring in what in my book (Psychocartography) are called The Realms.

Two-part adventure last night.  In the first part, I spied some odd-looking fellows who were busily “arranging things” in the front seat of a car.  Their purpose unclear, I asked them about it while three of them continued bustling about some package needing to be “just so.”

“We’re Karchmen!”

At that, back through the “switch yard” between waking and dream states to pop into awake here about 3:45 AM.

I remember there was something seriously distasteful about these karch-men, and mentally found myself looking back toward sleep (if that makes sense) knowing I didn’t want one of them to following me back over to waking.

A few minutes later, I decided to go back in (to sleep) and start looking for them to find out more.  (Warrioring in dreams is how we learn deep, inner confidence, understand. One you internalize you can’t be killed in The Realms, it’s very comforting.  Noit less scary, just comforting.  It’s all about the drama.)

Upon going back in  (to sleep), I found myself in a boat, sight-seeing my way with the current down a fast-moving, but shallow river.  Through a deep canyon with vertical rock walls.  Quite picturesque.

As I was drifting with the current, I could control the boat with oars, but not row fast enough to row into the current which was moving faster than I could row.  I could almost go sideways.

After a bit, I noticed one of the ugly “Karchmen” slogging up-river in the shallows (1-2 feet deep) along the canyon walls.

“I have a message for you…” he yelled, holding out a sheaf of papers.

Try as I might, I wasn’t able to get to him, so I yelled I’d get the message another time…  At that, I was awake again.  4:49 AM and time to find a coffee pot.

Just another “adventure in The Realms?  Well, maybe…maybe not.

I got to wondering if these “Karchmen” were really “Archons.”  With a side of mistranslation, tossed in.  If they were, plenty of reason NOT to get too close to them, since the Wiki of Archons goes like this:

“Archons are, in Gnosticism and religions closely related to it, demonic entities subordinate to the embodiment of evil in the corresponding belief-system. Among the Archontics, Ophites, Sethians and in the writings of Nag Hammadi library, the archons are rulers, each related to one of seven planets; they prevent souls from leaving the material realm. In Manichaeism, the archons are the rulers of a realm within the ‘Kingdom of Darkness’, who together make up the Prince of Darkness. “

On the other hand, while there is some linguistic similarity between Karch and Arch, the fellows in this Realm were not the four-foot high (“grey”) looking types that both psychedelic users and UFO “abductees” report.

Upon waking, I went looking up translations of the word “karch” to English from various languages.

  • In Azerbijani, it means “crunch”
  • Same meaning in Tajik and Uzbek
  • In Bangla, its the action term “I’m doing…”
  • In Tamil is means “cork”
  • In Telugu it means “car”
  • In Urdo, it means “splinter”
  • In Gujarati, it means “the cost”

Bet you didn’t know Gujarati is the 9th most common language in the world with 55+ million speakers, did you?

Interestingly, if you draw a dashed line from Azerbaijan down toward India…see how linguistic mapping can be a fascinating time-sink?

Anyway, saving the fun stuff for last, seems a Googler had “heap plenty fun” with their translating engine.  “Karch” translates into “LUNDBERG” (yep, all caps) from Turkish to English…lol.  Google linguistist or coder outted?

I’ll let you know if I ever pick up “the message” proffered.  I’m hoping it will shed some light on the odd property of low-pressure plasmas throwing off time anomalies and gravity we’re tinkering with in Old Man Labs (as time permits).

SECOND WOO:  From a note from a colleague:

“If you haven’t watched this series on the History Channel, I encourage you to do so. Look for “Unidentified” – about 6 episodes. I was alerted to the series by a former [redacted] guy who has since done both engineering [redacted] and had a distinguished career in [redacted] – someone whose judgement I trust. The guys doing the investigation are really credible. As in really really credible.”

And since the tip comes from a “really, really” good source, you ought to (really really put this on your binge-watching list.

OK, off to the binge-fast table…moron the morrow and write when you get rich,

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36 thoughts on “The Missing Context, A Side of Woo-Woo”

  1. George

    “odd property of low-pressure plasmas throwing off time anomalies and gravity”

    I have been reading “Dimensions Next Door”. I just finished the Tibetan Levitation section. It occurred to me that the largest drums and horns are doing the lifting while the smaller drums and horns are actually there to provide steering of the stone blocks.

    What good is lifting a stone block if you can’t steer it to the desired position?

    You wrote that the drums could be shifted with staffs but that would be iffy to do while a block was in mid-air. Adjusting the sounding of the smaller drums and horns would be much more timely and accurate.

    Just conjecture!

    Too bad nobody has the lifting process on video!

    • “Too bad nobody has the lifting process on video!”

      It is..

      Let me see if I can find it..
      the same with the kids breaking a boulder with a stone by tapping it..

    • Everyone can move objects with their mind. There is an experiment in E2 by Pam Grout that is a tutorial on how to do so. With a little practice, you could beanch out to bigger things. But to me it is such a trivial skill. Id rather place my focus elsewhere.

      When i was playing with it a number of years ago, i would have someone hold the metal rods about 10 feet away and i could move them while they held them by waving my hand each direction that i wanted them to go. If you were to practice that experiment and expand on it, you should be able to actually levitate yourself.

      We all generated electromagnetic fields and can weild the energy around us. With any skill, it just takes practice to gain precision and efficiency.

      I dont really care about moving physical objects with my mind. Parlor tricks dont do much for you but ego grandiosity. rather be able to alter and add to the theatrical script of the world and on a personal level. Lol

  2. Whatwhatwhat? Crowdstrike Server with over 36km of the evil witches Emails on it – U know the ones that were “wiped”/destroyed AFTER they were subpoenaed – ruhrow

    QE Infinity stealth launch via REPO facility..dont turn up the heat too fast, the Taxdonkeys might notice. REPO is only for Primary Dealers/Bank, what about the rest of the Fin Svc firms?

    No Worries – goodtime to go “whistling thru the graveyard” Halloween being around the corner and all..”Aint nothing happening but the beans in the pot – but the beans wouldnt be jumping if the water wasnt hot” – N.R.

  3. George,

    I’ve always been envious of people who dream the way that you do. My best friend of over 40 years is of that type. As for me, I’m sure that I do dream every night, but I rarely remember any details. I’m a combat vet, so as par for the course, my most usual dream is a nightmare which occur maybe once per month. They’re rarely combat related these days, but somehow it’s all still related. Even earlier this week I literally woke myself up screaming in the night. I’ll spare you the details, but I was staying in a hotel and if I had neighbors they must’ve thought someone was being murdered! Haha. That’s kind of dark humor, but I still kind of thought it was funny. I have had a few precog-style dreams that were very, very vivid and their memory never fades. One such dream from a few years ago I managed to record on the National Dream Center website a week before the actual event happened. Score one for the home team.

    So, don’t think I’m complaining or fishing for sympathy. Hardly. It’s a small price to pay for doing my part to uphold and defend.

    All of that is not even why I decided to post today. The real reason is that I wanted to share my mental framework for perceiving the current state of the world. This is the lens that I view things through to place things in proper context. Especially the political and larger social world that we’re all force fed each day.

    The context that some people work very hard to force us to adopt is that the current president is a corrupt, incompetent idiot that was illegally placed into office by a hostile foreign power and he must be removed at all costs. This crowd also wants you to believe that, not only does everyone think that, but the rest of the world thinks that, too, and if you don’t believe it you’re an idiot, plus several other derogatory labels about your level of education and family lineage.

    The context that I place the current political situation in is more along these lines: The existing political system is a large comprehensive mechanism that contains within it every major device and system necessary for not only maintaining itself, but also expanding itself where possible. It’s international in scope and it includes all U.S. government agencies, nearly all national and international media and multinational corporations. That umbrella covers a lot of territory, but for the purposes of brevity I’ll let you all figure out the rest. It maintains its power by corruption, blackmail, extortion and control of human perception. Under its reign, every kind of human tragedy imaginable occurred. Much of it for profit and, even worse, for pleasure.

    So, we’re not witnessing biased reporting and bad journalism or patriotic professional politicians fighting to save the republic. My analysis is that it’s much larger than that. Based on my observations over the last few years what we’re witnessing is a bloodless coup. Another group of powerful players have pulled the rug out from under the previous power structure and are now far down the road towards dismantling the former power’s control mechanisms. That explains the near monolithic response from the public face of the existing political class and the larger media. Despite having been thwarted at every turn, they continue the assault. In a historical context, I would put it on par with the Ardennes counteroffensive in World War 2. It was the German’s last ditch effort to defeat the allies even though they knew that the war was lost.

    They know the end is coming, but these people have no real choice. They are literally fighting for their lives because of their involvement in this massive criminal enterprise. In a way, it’s sad to see this kind of human desperation but I’m not sympathetic these types. The people who have willingly participated in all of this aren’t entitled to it. Due process is what they are entitled to and I hope they get it.

    My closing thought isn’t really a thought, but more of a question…will the new overlords be different than the old ones? Time always tells in the end.


    • Oh, my gosh. Many levels of answer swirl.

      On the matter of conspiracies, I would echo the previously cited works of Dr. John Coleman including his work on the “300” as well as Tavistock – all good information found hereL and here:

      On the second – the waking from nightmares – there is something to be learned, perhaps.

      I have found that when I have had the odd nightmare (and who doesn’t?) the best thing for me is to try and figure out its root. Usually, it is a wrong (against another) I have done.

      In your case, the “special condition” is war. And, if I could, learning very deep self-forgiveness is critical here. Much as a Christian says “I renounce the devil and all his works and all his ways…” it is important to remember that self-assigned guilt is one of those “ways.”

      As you read through the literature past lives (report brought literally back from the dead) there is, in most cases, a warm, loving, and forgiving Presence felt by those who have focused their lives on “doing of good.”

      It’s there that relief from nightmares may come: From the realization that if there is some Presence that will forgive me later, I want to claim this forgiveness NOW while continuing to live a life worthy of that forgiveness.

      Not saying it will help, but I seriously doubt it would hurt, either.

      And the one other thing: Before you go to sleep, empower yourself. Some might call it a prayer, but every time I go to sleep I take a moment to thank that Presence for a fine day on this side (waking) and looking forward to be the most amateurish, child-like, yet aspiring to be a worthy under-study on the other side (sleep_) and seek the protection and blessing of that Presence.

      Deeply felt, I think it changes up the inner world for the better.

      Not laying a “religious” per se, trip out here. Just saying that self-forgiving is one of the most important things we can do in life.

      Have I done bad? Who hasn’t? But I have forgiven myself deeply and trust the Presence to continue overflowing with the love and forgiveness beyond time. Such that when “bad” tries to happen to me in “the realms” it can hold no ground, gain no purchase, because workers in the light need fear nothing from the dark.

      It’s what we do. Even if it gets messy at times.

      be well…


      • Great blurb today George. Oh the WSJ is sure putting out some good putdowns on the lefties. Today is exceptional. Proud of them.

      • George,

        I appreciate the reading material and especially the advice. I’m really going to give that an honest go starting tonight. Everybody has their own personal demons and has made transgressions here and there. That’s the nature of our existence.

        A couple of years ago I went to the VA for help with some of this stuff. Think of it as accumulated spiritual baggage. I know that the VA gets a lot of bad press and some of it was probably warranted. My experience is that it really depends on the management of the hospital in any particular region. I was fortunate enough to live in an area with a really well managed hospital. Long story, short, they helped me tremendously! In the process, I learned things about myself that I wasn’t consciously aware of. The professionals that I met with literally knew me better than I knew myself. I mentioned spiritual baggage earlier for a reason. We carry things around and we don’t know how to put them down. Over time they tire out your soul. Even the small things can do that. Here’s an example they gave me as an analogy: Pick up a small glass of water and hold it out away from your body with your arm fully extended. That’s an easy thing to do…at first. Now, hold it there for 8 hours without putting it down. It’s now bordering on impossible. That’s what we all do. I was carrying things that I didn’t realize because they were eclipsed by bigger, heavier things. As I put each one down I discovered all of these smaller things. It was quite an amazing journey of self-discovery and I’m forever in their debt. One take away that I’d like to share here is that I had to initiate the contact. In other words, I had to ask for help, which isn’t an easy thing to do for folks like myself. It was a smart move and I recommend it to anyone reading this that needs it.

        So, thanks again, George.

      • This is what I did when I came to the end of being able to carry my burdens. I didn’t read this anywhere, I got no guidance, it came from the deepest recesses of my soul in my suffering. I prayed hard for one whole night, I thought of anyone or anything that I could ever remember that I had done wrong by, I prayed for God to intercede for me to reach ALL of everyone that I had every slighted, hurt, innocently or intentionally and I asked God to ask them to please forgive me. I started from my first memories of life on earth at 2 years of age and moved forward to my then age of 33. For example, when I was in grade school, I had remembered a teacher at given me $1.00 to send her a postcard from another country we were traveling to. Being 8, I remembered, and I bought the postcard, it was the type all strung together so they unfolded, but I never got it mailed. I never saw her after we left, but I counted on God to reach her. I carried on, all through the years, thinking of every single thing that I could remember, and I asked God for forgiveness. Also, even when someone harmed me, I asked for forgiveness with any part I had in it as I didn’t want to be connected at all. I didn’t miss anything. I did this with every fiber of my being and spirit, and I cried. In the early a.m., when I finally fell asleep. I had a Vision, which has stayed with me all these years and will until I pass along. I woke deeply refreshed and forgiven; those burdens have either completely disappeared or the memories are no longer potent, hurtful, or holding me back. This was a deeply healing experience. I sometimes think, it was my version of a vision quest. All I know is it works.

      • Ibn Seerin, Dictionary of Dreams, available on Amazon.

        canyons: can mean perfidy, trickery
        boats: can be symbolic of good deeds
        paper/s: can mean warnings
        oars: can mean children

        some of these dream metaphors have a whole page of interpretations, I think you met ‘Crash Men’ with data pages warning you of what’s coming…highly likely, as October is historically volatile (stock market), & you’ve already said this week could be the ‘big’ one….

  4. Karchmen..sounds like name of volleyball team..


    perhaps yaldabaoth boyz R trying to f with your mind…nothing but BAD information from those cosmic losers – Ignore It – friendly advice that. The rogue Program created that hot mess, then hid it the “cloud” – its pride and arrogance knows no limit…Onwards and Upwards thru Realms – Upwards and Onwards..

  5. I submit that the House should hold continuous impeachment proceedings. Have witnesses, testimony, and vote to impeach, every day. Keep doing it until you have sufficient numbers to send it to the senate. But don’t stop *there*. Start all over again the next day. More hearings, more testimony. Vote again, IMPEACH! Treat it like the Republican house did regarding the ACA: Keep voting. Vote early, vote often…IMPEACH!

    Why? As long as they’re busy chasing their tales [sic] over whichever fantasy narrative they’ve concocted from whole cloth…they’re not passing unconstitutional laws, distributing pork to themselves, their relatives and their buddies; and not making the lives of Americans worse: Which is what they would otherwise be hard at work doing.

  6. Ya know G. I was chatting via messanger with my friend in Krakow, poland a few weeks ago. Its funny. She thought that everyone in California is transvestites or transgender. She says, it must be strange being around women who are men and men who are women. I know the powers that be, are all transsexual there. Dont become one. Hahahahahaha!

    People have all kinds of crazy beliefs.

    She is very gifted, spoke a few things into my life. Her and the Lithuanian princess i met who live in London now went to the spanish Riviere for the week and are baiting me with a good time. Hahaha.

    I had a rapid succession of changes yesterday in life stuff. So everything i thought was to infold in the next week, has beem altered to a great degree. Not sure how that affects us all on the world scale. Its just that when such things take place at the macro level i know it changes the things on a larger scale though rapid butterfly effects.

    Ahhh yes! The Achons. They dont like me much. Some say they are the good guys and some say they are the bad guys. I dont care if they are good or bad. Their actions and agendas is bearing on me or mine. And sometimes i dont know what my agenda is. Hahahhahah i keep that stuff a secret from me so others dont read my mind. Hahahaah

    • Yes, well im sure everything will work out, just fine. The universe is making some changes, so i will ride with the tide, instead of swimming against it and land on the shores where ever it takes me. :)

    • Yo George, I play golf with retirees that were all in the business. Our big joke is that if any of us had a classified server in our basement (ala Hillary) we would spend many years making big rocks out of little rocks in a FedPen. I guess some people are members of a club that are immune to the rule of law.

    • “She thought that everyone in California is transvestites or transgender.”

      I know a guy that did his mission there and he said if you drop your keys you have to kick it to the corner before bending over to pick them up LOL LOL LOL…..
      Navy bases were listed according to population how many women to men ratio.. I picked DC the problem was they didn’t tell you how many were gay and lesbian LOL…

  7. You know George. As per pur conversation via Email. My life is so strange compared to the people if Walmart who choke down chicken pot pies and reruns of “friends”.

    This morning i was having breakfast with a fella from Iran, a a fella from Egypt, a fella from Mexico City and a fella from Switzerland, a gay porn star from Hollywood and a writer of opera from New York City. Ohhh and CEO of a major bank. And we were all just laughing and talking sh!t like regular men. All powerful and wealthy men. And me the union dump truck driver.

    Hahahahahhahah! Life is the grand adventure.

    • “All powerful and wealthy men. And me the union dump truck driver.

      Hahahahahhahah! Life is the grand adventure.”

      Andy, is “powerful and wealthy” still an issue with you? ;-) Was that earthquake in SDiego postphoned, or is there a new date? I’m glad to read that you’re having a grand adventure.

      • No i still have 10/17 for the quake in Dan Diego. Havent really thought about it, to be honest.

        Its just differnt. Example: ky friend from Mexico city sitting accross the table from me at 11 o’clock was wearing a $65,000 watch. and the guy sitting to my 3 o’clock position was wearing a $12,000 tailored buisness suit. I was wearing a Walmart XXL $7 tshirt and a pair of $30 shorts from Target.

        I sorta recruited some of these men, to talk with TM (Tao Master) that i met in verious places since my stay in Palm Springs.

        Men of High intellect recognize it when they see it. I may have a $37 wardrobe but i am very wealthy in the noggin. Lol

        So we have had this ongoing “pow wow’ for the lsst month.

        I meet the most intersting people and i know people from all over the world and from differnt walks of life.

        I never judge anyone hy what they wear, but i do recognize power when i see it.

      • Sorry, Andy! I had you down for quake in SD 9/22 and/or 10/13. I don’t know why I particularly tried to check up on these items?!

        Best to you, and yours, Bruno

    • Most of G____’s readers rub elbows with the rich and famous every day but they don’t talk about it ’cause they don’t want to be labeled. But most of all, the label they want to avoid is the one their spouse would hang on ’em if they get caught chillin’ with a porn star in coffee shop.

  8. “Meanwhile, NBC rolled out “Majority of House members now back some type of impeachment action against Trump””

    Meaningless. There is one, and only one “impeachment action,” and that is the Congressional trial called “Impeachment.”

    For the dimwits: The House draws up “Articles of Impeachment,” which is the Congressional equivalent of a judicial “grand jury,” where allegations of wrongdoing are defined and delineated. The House then votes on the Articles, and if any are found to have validity, by a recorded 2/3 majority in a single roll call vote (no do-overs), an “Impeachment Hearing” is convened in the Senate.

    A Senate Impeachment Hearing is the Congressional equivalent of the judicial “Appellate process.” Only Articles passed by the House’s 2/3 majority may be considered, and only evidentiary matter introduced in the House proceedings may be entered into evidence for the “Prosecution” (the Senate.) At the conclusion of the Hearing, the Senate conducts a single recorded roll call vote (no do-overs.) If a 2/3 majority votes to convict, the defendant in the proceeding is immediately removed from office, and the next in-line for that office is sworn-in. If a 2/3 majority is not reached in the roll call vote, the defendant is acquitted, and any legal or Congressional sanctions placed on him(her) immediately lifted.

    As a comedic aside: Should Mr. Trump be subject to an impeachment proceeding and said proceeding run into the Election period (which would guarantee his re-election, BTW), if he is successfully impeached, and the Senate vote occurs even one second after he’s sworn in for his second term, Mike Pence would not only become da Prez, but would fall through the loophole in the “FDR Amendment” and become eligible to serve 12 years as President…

    I find the “whistle-blower report” very troubling. I find it very troubling that an IG (or any other investigator) would accept ANY secondhand commentary as EVIDENCE of anything, and I find it very troubling that not only was it leaked to the NYT, which ran with it completely unverified, but that every pub on the Wire also picked it up and ran with it, unverified.

    The first pulp reference to it I personally saw, was the Page-1 Headline in USA Today. USAT is centrally written and composited, then sent to newspaper affiliates nationwide, encrypted, through CLARINet, for regional publication. (This is why the USAT you buy in Cleveland, or Memphis, or KC, or LA is identical to the one you buy in DC, and how they hit the newsstands across the country at substantially the same time.) They typically shutter the compositing room at 1700, yet the writeup on the “whistle-blower” managed to get written (from the, at the time not-yet released NYT article) and composited to Page-1 “above the fold.” How does a newspaper do a wrietup on an unreleased story they didn’t originate? How is that possible? People with even the slightest grain of integrity and common sense, know. People lacking these, never will…

    Urepeeins don’t buy Jags. JLR’s production-for-export is exported principally to the U.S. and the Middle East. Folks in Dubai may have an issue with the “closed border” aspect of Brexit (although I doubt it.) Jaguar’s U.S. base are predominately pro-UK.

    “Unidentified” is now in the queue…

      • Thanks…

        ‘Thing is, I “got it” when I was 30, but lacked the realization.

        “Getting it” is merely the ability to use common sense to sort through obfuscation, confusion, or plain BS, then apply Occam’s Razor to the output.

        Its literary allegory would be the Sherlock Holmes quote: “Once you eliminate the impossible, whatever remains, no matter how improbable, must be the truth…” (I wonder if Conan Doyle ever realized he’d be socially canonized as a philosopher?)

        The difficult part of the process is becoming old enough (or perhaps cynical enough) that one believes what their common sense tells them MUST BE, which didn’t happen with me until I was well north of 50…

  9. G.

    Your brain was just going over the new Trump impeachment attempts. the Karchmen are the Democrats and their operatives, who are trying to destroy the country. Yeah sure, they have something to tell you don’t they ! That’s why it was so distasteful !

  10. History channel will be repeating “Unidentified” in series order on 10/1 in anyone is interested.
    I’ve seen many episodes of this show and looks to me like they use a lot of repetition to stretch this into a one-hour show, so when you watch, give the guys a break….they DO present quite a bit of worthwhile info you many have not heard about UAP’s.

  11. George,
    “Karchmen” sounds very much like coachmen (especially if you’re a pirate, arrg). And you were in a coach, of sorts…

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