The Miserably Myopic Media

To define terms: “lacking imagination, foresight, or intellectual insight.”

Example 1: Drudge Report this morning leads with “Snowblast Set for Northeast.”

We have been over this before, my friend. It’s winter. What does it do in the winter, do you suppose?

Example 2: For the past two days the “story” about “How Coretta Scott King and JFK joined forces — and helped change the Democratic Party” has been making the rounds.

But that’s not the story: Democrats and the (Paul) Ryanesque Republican have merged and there aren’t effectively two parties in America. It’s the corporate party.  Soros buy ‘em for how much?

Making it even more absurd? Who gives a crap whether Liz Warren or what’s-his-name the Repugnician reads it to Congress?

Points are a) it’s an old letter, b) democrats are still “foxtrot uniformed,” and c) WTF is either party wasting valuable taxpayer time reading aloud something that could be read 2-10 times as fast – if anyone cared? (See point a).)

Worse: It seems to have set of the NY Times into reading other old letters so today “Letters Offer Glimpse Into Jacqueline Kennedy’s Heart…” is a “story.”

Hand my the vice grips, a couple of benzo’s, and a dooby, would yah?

Example 3: NY Times this morning has a tear-jerker about how a woman was arrested in Arizona after the term “criminal alien” was broadened. Pines the TimesFor Years She Abided the Rules. Now She Faces Deportation.

For heaven’s sake, pobrecito, if we wanted four more years of Obama, Hillary would have won. Long part time for the Berkeley rioters and the radleft to just STFU and deal with it.

Sickening, huh?

Trump’s Latest Errors

We note the approval of Jeff Sessions as attorney general, but Trump has made several (in our opinion) major screw-ups and we don’t sugar-coat this as all.

His (latest) screw-up is that “Trump Supports Civil Asset Forfeiture Even Without Conviction.”

As I told Peoplenomics readers Wednesday, perhaps if Trump Towers were seized because someone on the 13th floor was snorting coke, he’s come around to endorsing DUE PROCESS. But, not, he’s got a huge blind spot on this one. It’s fine to support cops and such – but DUE PROCESS is, um, you know….part of Democracy!

Next point is Trump is working for US now, and U.S. News is asking a pertinent question: “Is the Trump Battle With Nordstrom Fair Game?

We’re also EXTREMELY disappointed in Ajit Pai’s nomination to chair the FCC because he’s swallowed the corporate swill about how the net needs two speeds. Under the corporate plans, your net content will only be as fast as your payments.

Previously, one of the few things Obama got right (no, blowing up Libya was not one of them) was Net Neutrality where all bits are created equal.

If there’s a silver lining to Pai, it may serve to slow up (or shelve) our plans for a serious daily video rant. Hmmm…

Point is, Trump is exhibiting behaviors that we don’t like or approve of, but nothing impeachable…so we expect the Trump-bashing to continue unabated.

Media loves of crisis…And near as I can figure it, they’re trying desperately to make one up.

Marketing the “Child from Hill”

So along these lines, what some call the “Clinton News Network” is now pimping Chelsea (spawn of HilnBill) Clinton’s Twitter feed under the headline “Chelsea Clinton embraces her Twitter sass.” Unable to get things like Middle East policy right, the family seems ready to steal a Trump move and one-up Trump as the Clinton’s seem in our estimate to be moving in the direction of a Kennedy-like family empire effort.

Meanwhile, ever apologetic, our favorite NY media explains away Clinton Foundation issues as “Soul-Searching at Clinton Foundation in Trump Era.”

So that’s how stuff rolls out this morning:

The MainStream Media is recycling the SOS (same of zhit) and who can blame them? It’s easy to cover – there’s now shortage of bauble heads to spout anti-Trump messages but they leave our middle-of-the-road assessments like ours that are open to him doing something yet calling out the REAL MISTAKES he’s making as they come along.

While we have some very interesting stories going on, it’s easy “news slop” to serve up “it’s winter,” “old letters,” and “the Daily Bash.”

Myopia, stupidity, laziness, egocentricism of the liberal Northeast? Take your pick. Then look at the topic of our report from Wednesday and I will ask it again:

“Is America Insane?”

Real News…Dam!

Meantime, you’ll have to forgive us for focusing on actual news: As the hole in the Oroville, California dam spillway is growing even as officials had another sleepless night trying to figure out how to stop 1.1 trillion gallons of water from going where gravity orders…

A Short Economics/Investing Lesson

Quick question: What did the market do yesterday?

Most people would quickly answer “Dow was down 35 points…”

True, but it’s terribly misleading. It’s also why on the side of the house we deal primarily in aggregated results. That’s how we arrived at 18,490.25 for a Tuesday Aggregate Index and 18,492.0 for Wednesday.

So the market was UP overall while the Dow was down. It shows up places like the Advance Decline line, too..where the advancing stocks on the NYSE were 54% up.

Today, the Dow is set to open up 30, the S&P up 3-something while the techs could rise 4-5 points.

What seems to be going on is we’re in a sideways trading range and we may get one more big press to the upside in the next month which should press the S&P through the psychologically important 2,100 level.

In the meantime, we will discuss a longer view of where things are going in our Saturday Peoplenomics update.

Bitcoin Dances

Meanwhile BTCs are $1,037 this morning but until we bust above the old highs, pardon me for not getting too worked up.

If we do? Based on old highs and such numbers like $1,860 come into view.

But if we fail to put in a new all-time high for BTCs, then the recovery from 2014 would have been the all time high (ATH) the decline to the 300 level would be the 1 (or A) down. Failure to hit new All-Time-Highs would make this a 2 (or B) and shortly thereafter, BTCs would go to zero.

How could this happen?

Oh, some super-smart person figures out how to hack and crack…that sort of thing. Digital counterfeiting makes for a hell of a novel plot, doesn’t it?

Beyond Crop Circles and Nazca

Check out the mysterious geoglyphs that have been found in the Amazon. Great article with pictures over at Popular Science.

Much better brain food than the daily T-bashing or discovering that yes, it snows in the winter.

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35 thoughts on “The Miserably Myopic Media”

  1. Trump, his business, his team, his cabinet are Goldman Sachs, World Mafia Tribe flavored people of the Rothschild co Inc variety. It seems silly to expect much of a revolution for the people coming out of that mix. ?? As they say, rhetoric is cheap and not to be trusted.

    • BOYS! Rhetoric IS cheap and that’s precisely what you are ALL spouting in your posts above.

      Perhaps now you’ll understand why nobody takes your comments seriously…

      …but, I doubt it.

      • Hey, Jonny, you finally got it mostly right – except it was 48% that didn’t vote for either. But you still have to acknowledge that it was the best voter turn out EV-er for a presidential election. That makes a significant difference.

        Like I said before you have a masterful way of reorganizing fact to suit yourself as any good salesman does. Must have sold a lot of bridges in your time.

        “Nearly 139 million Americans voted this year, according to the United States Elections Project. This sets a new overall record, surpassing the all-time high of 132 million Americans who voted in the 2008 contest between Barack Obama and John McCain.”

        “But that total suggests that only 60% of the country’s 232 million eligible voters actually voted this year.”

        I guess we’ll never know how many illegals voted, multiple times, for Hillary. But, again, the U.S. has never had a full 100% turn out for elections and never will. Nothing even approaching it. It’s naive to think we would.

        In all honesty I have to agree with the bad choice we had last year. As stated before I was considerably more in favor of Dr. Carson.

    • Before DJT’s election I speculated on the “Brer Rabbit” nature of Trump’s candidacy, given the lopsided nature of the media spin. Since then, upon researching WWII having discovered overwhelming evidence that the highest levels of the National Socialists(NSDAP), including Der Fuhrer hisself were (what I call) Khazionists (of the Khazarian tribe who supported the Zionist ideology. Further proof (if needed) was the stone cold FACT that Rothschilds and Associates (like Rockefeller/ Standard Oil) were MAJOR supporters of the “German”(wink wink) “hegemonic”(wink wink) war.
      The take away from all this is that WWII was the biggest Psyop of the 20th century, and most people are still “buying it”. Many will dismiss such a crazy idea out of hand but a THOROUGH research effort will prove the truth of the matter.
      So who has researched the lightly “scrubbed” Khazionist genealogical roots of DJT? (Hint it wasn’t AIPAC) The issue of DJT’s loyalties political, financial or otherwise have been given an almost total pass by the MSM, (which is owned by who?). I do recall one little token red herring piece about the racist antisemite Breitbart, who it turns out was a dyed in the wool Khazionist, (along with his buddy Steve Bannon).
      What I’m saying here is that there are some extremely DISTURBING parallels BTW the 20th century NSDAP/Khazionist Psyop and what we see happening right now. Perhaps we’re in for the biggest Psyop of the 21st century?

  2. Emailed shawn handjob a couple of days ago about monopolies in pharma and medical. On his show yesterday he said it was capitalism because they need high prices for research . nothing about breaks laws nothing about open markets in real capitalism just crap If they were subject to real capitalism the national debt could be handled crooks every where

    • boy I am with you… I had a medication that for me to buy.. ( it wasn’t covered under insurance) was 1250.00 in the usa.. across town ( before congress shut it down) there was a pharmacy that would send the prescription to canada.. they in turn would send the medication to you.. the cost same medication same company same lot number same manufacture date.. 250.00 and if I was a Canadian I could have gotten the medication in generic for 75.00.. I know they have large research costs.. we give them grants.. and if they want to recoup the cost then pay us back and spread it out on all markets using it not just the usa..

  3. Hey George,

    Trump’s policies on track to increase the National Debt over $10 trillion. Cutting health care and other services to the little guy won’t put a dent in it. Looks like we’re going to have to raise taxes again, no? Mike.

  4. The thing that got me about the civil asset forfeiture was that when DT was told that a senator had a bill preventing this, he said, “maybe I should ruin his career.” He is one scary MF! The GOP should take him out while they still can!

  5. Regarding the dam spillway, send in the Seebees! This is emergency construction and they’re among the best. Call it an exercise and get the thing safe until the dry season.

    Regarding theft: Call it what you will – confiscation, levys, fines, or “asset forfeiture”, it’s theft, pure and simple. No agency or government can legitimately profit from the proceeds of an allegedly illegal activity. Neither can they do so without proving that the allegedly illegal act was done by the individuals who own the property, beyond a reasonable doubt and in a court of law.

    To do otherwise encourages corruption and also discourages improving one’s self or our nation. If I know that if I work for decades to accumulate assets, I’m just making myself a target for theft, it’s much more tempting to just dissipate such assets on gambling, hookers, vacations or even drugs. There’s no point in working hard if the fruits of that labor are at unreasonable risk of theft from a corrupt law and government. One of the two primary purposes of government is to provide a framework for commerce. Asset Forfeiture breaks that frame.

    That said, Donald Trump is unpredictable and he likes it that way. Some of what he’s doing is misdirection and some is not. Given the alternatives though, he was the best candidate among the field. All the others were non-starters IMHO.

    • When was the last time “the rule of law” was actually in effect here in the U.S.?

      According to Judge Napolitano (bait, LJ, bait!) the 9th Circuit Court has no Constitutional standing to hear or render judgment on Trump’s travel ban.

      State and local police departments have been confiscating and using such funds and items to self-fund for a while. At least Oklahoma put a stop to it last year but it took too long to do it.

      With the resultant deportations in the news the only criteria for concern has been that of unadulterated emotions rather than the fact that felony convictions have been placed on the deportees.

      Rule of Law? Mine and everyone else’s a**.

  6. <>

    I should remember that the next time I see coverage of a hurricane hitting a few million people or a tornado hitting a few thousand.

    Blizzards are serious, and this one is affecting more people than live in all of Texas. The temperature is dropping 50 degrees around here in less than 36 hours, and the convection from this storm has generated widespread thunder snow. The barometer has dropped more than 30 millibars in 24 hours. This kind of stuff doesn’t happen every year, much less every week like tornadoes. Last time I saw lightning during a snow storm was more than 40 years ago.

    • I see that the segment I copied from your column disappeared. It read “We have seen this before, my friend. It’s winter.”

      You seem to think that a major impact on 60 million people isn’t, or shouldn’t be, news. By the way, that’s more than the populations of Texas, Louisiana, Mississippi, Alabama, Arkansas, Oklahoma, Kansas, Colorado and New Mexico combined. If you were sitting in your home in Texas, and some major weather event hit you, everyone else in Texas, and everyone in every state around Texas, you would be incensed if the news media didn’t cover it.

      As a former mariner and current flyer, what do you think of sustained gale force winds, 30 millibars and 50+ degrees of temperature drop in one day, and visibility below 1/4th of a mile for hours on end, and convection so extreme it can produce 50,000 – 60,000 foot thunderheads without ground heat? All that developed from 30 inches of mercury and fair weather in just about 12 hours!

      • Have you not ever heard of a Texas “Blue Norther”? Farmers and ranchers have had their butts hanging out in the wind since the Biblical beginnings. Big difference is farmers have insurance for their crops and ranchers almost always don’t. Starting over is just part of the game. Don’t like it? Flip burgers.

    • Time to get out the cocoa and snow shovel… Pop some popcorn and put a movie in about the tropics…

  7. I think the best thing for everyone to do is simple. Realize that everything that is tossed around as “news” today is BS. If it really IS news, then every outlet will cover it – ex. Oroville Dam

    If it is politics, it isn’t news – just ask Mark Twain. Just switch it off. Don’t listen to what they say – watch what they do. And so far, Trump hasn’t done much, IMHO, other than write a few EO’s and then crawfish on them in one way or another.

    I can’t even listen to TV news anymore – the word “insipid” comes to mind. The online stuff is so full of punditry and supposition that it is hard to read. Every single site has a slant to appeal to broader audiences and gather clicks. Oh for the old days of the telegraph where every word cost you to send it – concise, brief and on point.

    If it truly is something you need to know, you can bet it will be blaring everywhere – so don’t worry about missing out. Most of the news since Trump got in is about his tweets FFS or about something some congress critter said about the danged tweets. Expecting something new from the same bunch of DC insiders and mega-millionaires is a huge waste of mental space and a recipe for depression.

    The only way this gets better is for it to fall apart, and that will not happen as long as there is big money to be had working in DC. The color of the guard changes, but the stripes of bureaucrats and politicians do not. There are so many laws that even with “one reg in, two out” it would take generations before we got to any significant changes in regulations!

    Everyone’s time would be better spent doing or learning something new than listening to what passes for news in America.

    I am not trying to make anyone angry, but there is a QUADRILLION dollars of debt floating around this planet. These bills are not payable, not now, not ever. It only ends one way, and you can expect only one thing – the can will continue to be kicked until it doesn’t move.

    • most excellent is this

      ” Oh for the old days of the telegraph where every word cost you to send it – concise, brief and on point. ”

      I say we each set a cost to talk to us, and communicate that cost to our wives, husbands, friends and family.

      Nothing mean. Just is what it is. “You wanna keep blabbing about useless stuff? Fine. We don’t do something good then. Let’s bab about useless stuff, sweetie. ”

      See how long that lasts. A proper amount, I hope. Just be ready for some pushback. But heck, nothing good comes easy.

      Thanks again.

    • OM2 – Thank you for your sage observations.

      We haven’t watched local OR MSM national news, other than what we catch on the Internet, for quite some time. But your right about the money. The only way to get things righted is for the money to go away. The Alt-news pundits are always beating the drum for a major destruction of the U.S.$ but this time the beat is unusually intense and insistent. It’s even bled into the MSM which really makes me worry. All that being said it is the only way things WILL begin to return to normal, a “new” normal, as it did after the 30s depression. Such a collapse would allow the heat to bleed off of the over-taxed emotions of the public and give us something more pertinent to concentrate on which is just making a living and getting on with our lives.

  8. “What does it do in the winter, do you suppose?”

    George….( waving hands franticly.. ) I know the answer I know the answer.. ……


  9. “For heaven’s sake, pobrecito, if we wanted four more years of Obama, Hillary would have won. Long part time for the Berkeley rioters and the radleft to just STFU and deal with it.”

    What gets me is it isn’t even a secret that ISIS has been spouting that is just what they are going to do .. have fighters infiltrate the USA by posing as refugees.I think the president is right on the money.. I feel bad for the woman but can you imagine if it is true. shoot read the quran… they live it day to day have been for thousands of years.

    • I didn’t vote for her, but she DID win. Except for the fact that, in our aggressively anti-democratic electoral system, a Californian or New Yorker is equal to 1/4th of a Wyomingite. Which is only slightly less insane than a slave being counted as 5/9th of a person but not actually getting to vote.

      • This is propaganda worthy of Goebbels. You’ve never studied or heard the reason for the Electoral College? Typical deficient education standards have produced this. Billary knew how the electoral system works but chose to demonize the very core that has been loyal Democrats.

      • Sorry for the delay Wave. This weekend was a bit of a mess. A Civic tried to take on our 4WD we appropriately named “The Beast” and lost badly. We walked, grand kid even saved her ice cream, somehow, the other person went to the hospital unresponsive and we don’t know their situation yet. Hope they made it.
        The argument of the 3 vote states having more influence per capita than others is a paper tiger one. 9 states have only 3 votes, 4 voted Hillary, 5 for Trump. WA and OR overwhelmed the Trump states by 2 EV. By the time you start giving more EV to more populace states population becomes the consideration. If we were a purely democratic society we would have voted ourselves out of existence a while back. The “Fly Over Country” people tend to have a much more level head when it comes to running things and deserve a vote. If you’ll read your Wiki article electing people that know what’s going on was the original intent of the EC.
        Do you really want to have a “Mocking Jay” scenario here in the U.S.? I’d rather deal with ticked off Snowflakes than ticked off workers that actually control things. If Hillary had stolen the election, as many thought she would (Democrats have a virtual corner on the art of voter fraud) I’ve read where people who control the freighting hubs, 5 of them I think, would have shut them down strangling the major population centers before they could get them back up again. If I were you I wouldn’t tick off the actual producers and workers in our country. Hillary’s “nasty nest of neocons” would have a real problem fighting off the Russian hornet’s nest she was dying to swat while dealing with insurrection at home.
        You’re a great guy, Wave, but if Mr. Gordon is truly a first time poster and not, rather, another previous poster assuming another name then I apologize for being rough on him. However – I don’t recall you calling Jon out for his conceit and condescension he’s spewed all over these comments sections for the past 6 weeks or more. Little double standard working here?

  10. I need your help, George. All Americans’ lives depend on this. What would happen to you, your families and friends if the electricity was turned off for a year? Ten years? No water. No gasoline. No heat. No food. 90 – 95% of us our lives would be at risk. We need to pressure President Trump and Congress to reinforce our electrical power grid. Folks, please sign up at …

    • Shoot I wrote a huge book in response to this and deleted it.. Our infrastructure has been failing for years it is overall graded at a D. Hasn’t been updated since truman and would cost 3.6 trillion to bring it up to code so to speak.
      200 idiots on vacation decided to put that aside for the lobbyists sake and give that money to other things wars and stupid c ap. bad thing is it had an estimated twenty five to thirty year period to bring it up to code if we started today. so would electricity be the first.. how about water and waste fluids.. gas roads etc. give me a break that piece of paper is worthless.. we have a president that is trying to work on our problems and bring manufacturing back to usa.. but the same two hundred idiots are the ones that have to decide until they rid dc of lobbyists and put a limit on what gifts can be given we are sunk…

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