The January Slam – Which-in-the-Wings?

Our Big Story this morning is probably one that feels a lot like we, as a Nation, are being set-up for a January Slam.

“The Slam” (JanSlam) near as I can label it, will have many components all smashing on America at the same time.

The first we can see by this morning’s poll on  The Drudge Report  and gives Hillary Clinton the #2 spot on the Democrat ticket.  When I looked earlier, Joe Biden had 31% to Clinton’s 24%, but a “slam” would be for the corporate wing of the party to simply “big-shot” their way into another lease of the White House.

This is not exactly conspiracy-thinking.  When we read the poll line-up this morning, all of the dems, save Biden, had been eclipsed in the results by people smart enough NOT to go through the warm-up debates…  Just like Clinton jumped over Bernie last time, looks like the new game in town is to Jump Over underdogs who can’t write the Big Checks.

Result:  Best government money can buy.

Jobs Matter, Though

Frankly, we were disappointed by the weak job creation numbers Wednesday (+67,000 by ADP).  This morning’s Challenger Job Cuts report, does balance things off…but only a bit:

“Job cuts announced by U.S.-based employers fell to 44,569 in November, 11.3% lower than the 50,275 cuts announced in October, according to a report released Thursday from global outplacement and business and executive coaching firm Challenger, Gray & Christmas, Inc.

Last month’s total is 16% lower than the 53,073 cuts announced in the same month last year.

Employers have announced plans to cut 559,713 jobs from their payrolls, 13.1% higher than the 494,775 cuts announced through November last year. It is the highest January-November total since 2015, when 574,888 cuts were announced. Job cuts announced in 2019 have already surpassed the full-year total in 2018, when 538,659 cuts were announced.”

A bit of simplistic math here:  67K new less 44.5K cuts seems to point toward a net increase of 22.5 thousand, which – with population growth – is not very good, at all.

The federal numbers will be out tomorrow, too, so we don’t have long to wait.  But,  if our bead on this is wrong (yeah, I know, perish the thought, huh?)  we could actually see a decline in the total number of people employed.  This, too, could be a factor in a “January Slam/JanSlam.”

Think in terms of Peak Trump.

Impeachment Weighs, Too

Thinking people know there’s nothing “legal” or “fair” about the democrat’s “kangaroo court” impeachment hearings in the House.  Yet, that’s the whole point of not removing a sitting president via the Courts.  This is purely a political showdown.

“Pelosi to discuss status of impeachment…”  Oh, the pseudo-drama of it all.  GTFU.

On the other hand, that has to apply to both sides equally.  The Washington Post  reports that “Barr’s chosen prosecutor says he can’t back theory that Russia case was U.S. intelligence setup.”   (We think they skipped the word yet, but let’s toss Durham’s Grand Jury into the JanSlam potentials, too.

On the other hand, here’s where it gets fascinating:  In my “model of the JanSlam” what would fit would be the “sudden” arrival of a well-funded anti-Trump republican renegade.  Could it be someone like Pence?  Or, do the R’s have as many other “dog-in-the-manger” types as the D’s?  Time will tell, but we’re shading our expectations thataway.  Can’t trust anyone, these days, can we?

Trade Tragedy

Another factor in JanSlam ought to be the slow, dawning realization that Globalism may be dead.

Just to underscore this a bit, did you see when the Treasury Sec sent off a letter to the OECD telling them (gently) the U.S. has not interest in a Global Tax scam the globalistas are pushing?

This is another big factor because it seems to us that the globalist-run dems would love to have a Joe, Hil, or Mikey to ram-through their Global Tax Play.  As we always remind at every opportunity, the power to tax IS  the Power to Rule.

Woes to the Internet?

Not much US focus on this, but did you see the  Xinhua piece “U.S. urges countries to suspend digital service taxes amid digital row with France?

Let’s go ahead an pencil in possible disruptions (or attacks) on the Internet.  Globalists have an agenda to  charge for “free speech.”    Toss in the EUropricks trying to hold digital providers worldwide revenue hostage and we cmight see the quick collapse of the internet over the next 6-8 years as coming into focus.

There’s already something of a mood change beginning. Earlier this year, we noticed social media use was up 9% (year on year to 2018) but thing is, mobile phone sales were only up 2%.  Point?  When consumer saturation arrives, social hits the wall.

NY Times reports on another angle to this in: How Disputes Over Big Tech Are Disrupting Global Trade

Growth is the cocaine of finance.  Low (or no) growth is something that causes recessions and worse.

Which Gets Us to Markets

We gleefully pointed out for our  Peoplenomics subscribers Wednesday how the market traded well-below, but managed to rally to almost smack ON our trend line Tuesday at the close.

After the job cut report, here’s how things looked earlier today based on futures pricing around click-time (which was before demo-speak):

As always, we’ll save the larger contexts of all this for Saturday morning’s Peoplenomics report…

Trends and Turns

When we moved to the East Texas Outback in 2003, who would ever think that America’s future might be found by going “back on the farm?”  But here’s another one of those “signs and portents” that we wonder what they mean: Macy’s president Hal Lawton is stepping down to become CEO of Tractor Supply.

A couple of personal health notes this morning, since Pandemic diseases always make our “Big Worries” list.  In England, Norovirus closes 1,100 hospital beds in England.

And, one of our retired “fright attendants” said be sure to look at the headrest on your next flight.  Turns out, they’re  filthy…Don’t try to sneak any antibacterials on, though.  Can you imagine trying to talk a can of  Lysol through TSA?  Yee gads!

Off to continue the annual leaf clean-up.  Short work season, but this being a “tree farm”….

Write when you get rich,

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23 thoughts on “The January Slam – Which-in-the-Wings?”

  1. George,
    I would like to add a couple of things to the mix.
    What happens when the Schiff Show hits the Senate and they actually allow for a fair or even a, leaning to the President, type of hearing? Where the truth of what the Dems have been doing for the past 3 years comes out to the public? What does that do to the markets when they see that Trump is totally vindicated and exonerated? Does that help the markets go screaming to new heights? Feb Bounce?

    If the NOK’s Rocket-man gets froggy and jumps into shooting off new missiles, what effect does that have?

    Finally, what happens if the middles east with all the different players decide to get aggressive and it explodes into WWIV? What does that do to things. We all know that we need a War to fix economies from collapsing.

    This Schiff Show for anyone with a brain and can think and eyes to see and a willingness to understand that what has happened to the office of the Presidency by the Dems, is abhorrent and disgusting. Their hypocrisy knows no bounds!! This has been a farcical show of abject ignorance played to the people who are deranged with Trump. Ultimately this is really about one thing and one thing only; the Supreme Court. But thats for another day.

    • Wayne, the World economy is in fine shape due to all the free money generated. I look at my brokerage account over just the last 2 months & free money has poured in. Makes for a good Christmas. You must keep money in motion or the party will end. The Trump impeachment issue is a non factor, unless he gets impeached. As I said before, look for URE INDEX 30,666, unless earlier. There is no free ride.

    • ONLY the sight of US Marshalls walking into the CONgress and arresting and handcuffing ALL of the lying Criminals that have COMITTED SEDITION…being led away….will restore a smile to this old face….IF this does not happen….then down range will have to suffice….Semper fi

    • George, if common sense were to prevail, the R’s should call on Ukrainian President Zelensky to testify. After all, he is the second party on the “infamous” phone call. He states and I quote: “I never talked to the president from the position of a quid pro quo. That’s not my thing.” The Washington clown show continues…..

    • If the House D’s vote for impeachment, they will hand the White House and both houses of Congress over to the R’s next year. The R’s are ready, willing, and able to put on a show for the heartland in the Senate.

    • “We all know that we need a War to fix economies from collapsing.”

      unfortunately Wayne.. this time a war won’t fix our economy… we have outsourced way to much of our industry to be able to use it to rebuilld.. we essentially have become a consumption nation.. Those in power still have the image in their minds that we are still the Worlds greatest.. unfortunately that isn’t so. we have been consistant to dumbing down our youth.we are just barely at 16 and score at about 23.. it isn’t as bad as where our countries health is rated that is setting around thirty or thirty seven. we did hold the rank of 26 for a while but it has since declined in the last ten years.. what that means is someone in we are now at 37 on the health ranking of our country overall ( I am thinking that that is even a little low on the ranking they haven’t updated the ranking in a bit.. my guess is about forty something or other on national health).. Our econonomy is only going strong because they are printing like no tomorrow and plastic debt is rising..The returns looks good and they are keeping the velocity of cash flow moving but that is fast coming to a close..
      as a bottom feeder that is a little more anal about budget then the average sheep.. I keep a close eye on it.. and can tell you that I understand why they are still spending.( you wish to keep your present quality of life.) but that basic essential living expenses are not outshadowing the income threshold..IT WILL COME TO AN END… I am assuming it will happen quite suddenly..and that scares me… because I know the odds are I will be in the same boat that my new friend is in.. the old arkinsas mousetrap..
      I don’t think anyone has thought out of the box on the overall ramifications of this.. a total reset.. all infrastructure all programs everything from square one…a bankruptcy of a nation.. of the worlds money… everything is tied in together..
      That is possibly why the puppeteers are driving so hard trying to gain control of all the resources. When the reset happens they will be heralded as gods.. the quest for large numbers means nothing at that point they will be useless.. look at argentina.. or greece and their form of social security.. old people diving for food in dumpsters.. whea the puppeteers don’t consider.. is they may think they have the goods.. but.. it is the ones that control them that will.. if we survive the war..Hell on earth..
      Like an old scientist use to tell me daily while we had coffee and glanced at the heavens…


        Five years ago I bought my last package of 100 Tetly Tea for 99 US cents, which I did for several years! Today the same package goes for $6.49, same store. Anyone wants to talk about how inflation impacts old people? On top of it goes an almost 10% city sales tax. ;-(( Let the crash come!

        What will we do with our politicians who cause all this? Vote for them again, and again like bolshevics do.

      • “Five years ago I bought my last package of 100 Tetly Tea for 99 US cents, which I did for several years! Today the same package goes for $6.49, same store”

        Exactly bolshevic… except when it hits.. the same 6.49 box of tea will be hundreds more.. if not thousands more..
        a cup of coffee.. ( not grounds) in Argentina was a few years ago has risen a hundred times.. a loaf of bread and sandwhich material a months wages..

        Now those are just a few.. but think about it..then put those thoughts on a global scale.. the currency that everyone has cherished and coveted for a century now gone… not worth the paper its written on.. a number on a piece of paper a lifes work and savings thrown down a drain left to fend for yourself.. a big house is hard to heat and heating fuel just became more valuable than gold..
        read about wars and how wars were fueled by famine.. go to stews site
        and read about Nostradomus’s predictions on famine and war.. all to come.. Not a very pretty image to consider.. most of us.. in our minds because we haven’t anything to measure it to.. see things as doable.. how many of us think that what we have is adequate.. that we will shimmy to the left or scurry to the right .. and it will be all fine..
        We don’t have Hell in our past.. It frankly scares the hell out of me.. yet people will still vote in the same old group over and over.. the ones that should be looking out for us will drag us into the quagmire of the future events..
        unfortunately there is very little any of us can do except hope that the federal reserve can keep the currency alive.. that our leaders will get smart.. or at least have a conscience of what they are doing.. the global chess men are all in place.. waiting for someone to move… blink..

  2. “Pelosi to discuss status of impeachment…” 

    Now .. put your comfy slippers on.. sit down in your most comfortable chair.. take a few deep breaths.. tighten your leg muscles then relax.. tell yourself relax as you work up your body doing the same thing.. each time you take a deep breath eyes closed feel the warmth..the total bliss..
    Once you are totally relaxed bring in the mental image..feel it slowly work it’s way into focus… Nancy Pelosi in a bikini……that smile she has that warms ones soul..
    Can you see it…her charisma sweet .. oh wait that’s a nightmare sorry . Phew you could have had a heart attack with that one .lol lol lol

    • Luckily I can’t visualize anything as an actual image. That said, I reserve bikini(and less) shots for those deserving of such an image. I can think of a couple of worthy girls, neither of whom have any connection to politics.

      I have zero interest in this “impeachment inquiry” nonsense until I hear of a potentially legitimate charge. I just hope our president refuses to engage and just continues to do his job. I’m tired of these congressoids doing everything but their jobs. IMHO, they should all be fired, but they make the rules – for now.

    • Time for a story…

      In the beginning, He got bored and decided to create man. He started with a liberal man but soon grew weary of the happiness and bliss. He then created the conservative man and from that we have “debate”. Soon He grew tired of refereeing everything everywhere all the time and decided to create woman to keep man in check. However, His underling in the production department made a mistake and forgot to flip the switch before creating conservative woman. Realizing his mistake, he fixed the setting and created the liberal woman.

      And to this day, it is why liberal women are much more attractive than conservative ones.

      • Lets think about that
        Melania vs Big Mike Obama or Hillary
        Joe M needs an eye Dr and a shrink

        but it is a story, with no reason for his conclusion , just like the dems wanting a crime but they got NO evidence of one,,,except on their own crimes,,which they are trying to deflect,,Russia Russia Russia,,, dont look for their servers in Ukraine, that is the dems old honey pot

    • Gaahh! I did NOT need that mental image this morning! All I can think of now is to call her a ‘Trump Hater’ over and over and watch her go up in a puff of smoke.

    • I may agree with you, but as a woman, I get tired of the old lady slam. Think of Trump or many of the other old codgers in congress wearing a speedo…. YUK! Make a good argument. How many old people look good in swimsuits?

      • While people may use the location of Pelosi’s plumbing to slam her, the vast majority shoot verbal barbs because she’s a megalomaniac who’d flush the entire nation down the toilet to maintain and expand her power.

        BTW if I were going to take superfluous potshots at her, it’d be because when she has spoken publicly over the past dozen years or so, 80% of the time she sounds like she’s baked on Xanax.

  3. The way I look at it, if the Republicans had another candidate they would be pushing him forward prior to the impeachment results. If impeachment fails, Trump is the lone Republican candidate. Since they are not pushing another candidate, impeachment outcome is known & will fail. The markets will rally.

  4. If you own a stock that you think should go up but doesn’t, what should you do? Sell it & buy something that is in an uptrend.

  5. sounds like a horror movie .. throw it the gold salesman , they have a solution for everything.. there the guys with the sunglasses who talk fast ..

  6. For the nineteenth consecutive month, there were more job openings than people unemployed = strong labor market.

  7. Speaking about dear Nancy.. on the news tonight they showed her flipping out angry when someone asked her if she hated the
    And smooth joe.. heck I thought he was going to go through the roof. he got so angry when the voter asked about the Ukraine and his son doing business there..
    I think it’s all starting th o unwind..
    Where will it all go..who knows..interesting times ahead for the USA

  8. “And, one of our retired “fright attendants” said be sure to look at the headrest on your next flight.  Turns out, they’re  filthy…”

    Now that’s shocking to me.. back during the recession during the Reagan years after deregulation..that was one of my day labor jobs to clean aircraft after they had last stop and hangared.. I did that several months until they switched airports.. that was the one task that took the longest to.. clean each seat and headrest.. it was a great day labor gig to.. as the cleaner you had to clean the refrigerator to.. back then they served meals.. not to mention the liquor cabinet .. all of it was to be discarded free to the cleaner..
    2.5 to 3.0 hours per plane to prepare.

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