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Mental problems may be subtle, sometimes.  They can sneak-up unnoticed.  Then BLAM!  You’re crazy.  At least that’s a two-bit impression from the small time I’ve spent skimming psychology books.

But it seems particularly probable when our “Equivalent Mondays Theory” is rolled out for a semi-annual airing.

The theory holds that we can sometimes “get at truth” by looking at the same day last year, then comparing things.

Equivalent Monday in 2020 was May 25th.  On that day, the Dow closed at 24,456.  The S&P nailed 2,955 and the NASDAQ rolled to 9,324.

To review – going into this back-alley math project – the Dow closed Friday at 34,207 and change; while the S&P notched 4,155 with the NASDAQ around 13,470.  We’ve skipped the decimals following.  Too much work, too early, too little caffeine.

The short summary:  The Dow is up just under 40% (39.87160614982% if you want to be pissy about it.  The S&P has also climbed 40% (40.609137055837% for obsessive-compulsives).  The techs of NASDAQ report a 44% increase.  Unless you’re anal in which case tech is up 44,4658944658945%

Is There a Point?

Hell yes.  In fact, a whole boatload of points:

  1. Life in America is no better-off than a year ago.  Yet this supports markets charging 40% higher?
  2. Growth – the Holy Grail of economic largess – has died.  Replaced, instead, by massive federal “money giveaways” and inflationary massive deficit spending.  Think of this as an AED for dying economies.  U.S. News seems to offer lessons in “graveyard whistling” in “A Chill Fed, Cool Inflation, and a Long List of Reasons Not to Worry (So Far)”
  3. Are supply lines anywhere near recovered?  Absolutely not.  I still can’t get 5% to 20% of the items on my grocery list filled at the local Wal-Mart.  Pastries, jugs or wine.  Cuts of good meat.  The kind with lower levels of water-injection.  Which is a whole other way consumers in the “Victim Economy” get hosed.  It will be slow to end – if it does: “Supply Chain Shortages Expected To Continue Into 2022 For Some Products” reports a TV station.
  4. But let’s not fixate on my ideas of health food (wheat, meats, and sweets) and count chips instead.  The semiconductor sort.  Shortages are killing auto lines and more.  Far from over:  “Global computer chip shortage may worsen unless Taiwan gets vaccines” reports Yahoo.
  5. America’s seemingly intractable problems haven’t been addressed.  Open borders, racism, that kind of thing.  In fact, the story Will Cain warns America is declining: In 60 years we’ve gone from Martin Luther King to Lori Lightfoot” seems to argue Black racism is rising.  The mayor of Chicago won’t do one-on-one interviews with anyone but Black or Brown reporters…making her an obvious racist.  Can you imagine what would happen if a White mayor said “One-on-one’s for White reporters only?”

Despite the obvious economic play (inflate and pretend is a good executive summary of it) the problems of last year are still around today.  Given rising markets and “free government money” (coming out of our collective hides), most people are blinded by their addictions to normalcy.

Maybe that’s a good thing.  Like being on an airplane and enjoying that remarkably close view of the Mountains…right before impact.  Sometimes you’re better off not seeing it coming.

[I keep hoping Tabitha King (Stephen’s wife IYDK) would write an economic horror story.  Though we’re first to admit, the one being written daily by the razor wire coup leaders, will be a tough plot to beat.]

Bitcoin Signaling Something?

Maybe.  Maybe not.  But it was trading (earlier) around $37,625.  But an earlier fix was $34,486.

As usual, the news flow offers pointers.  Some of which we think are reasonably pessimistic: “Bitcoin resumes sell-off over weekend, dropping below $32,000 (” for example.  Other stories sound like touts (shills) looking for greater fools: “Bitcoin Price Has Dropped, But Payments Support Is Growing (”

Our penchant for honest reporting on any story involves disclosure.  We’d sure like to see a simple “reporting law” announcing whether the reporters penning a story own a crypto wallet. Or are partisans on the topic at hand.

Ownership ought to be a HUGE IN YOUR FACE CLUE that the reporter might be a partisan.

Same way a Palestinian writing about Israeli politics might have an axe to grind. And visa-versa.   (Iran, a Longtime Backer of Hamas, Cheers Attacks on Israel – The New York Times reports the NY Times. Our look-ahead here? Watch Biden support Iran.  Especially after reading “Sen. Cotton: Biden has been ‘rolling over for aggressors around the world’.)

Back on point:  UrbanSurvival disclosures are simple: in the spirit of such candor we do NOT own a crypto wallet.  And there is only a miniscule unlevered short position in the S&P 500 which may be closed this week at a small loss.

Last Trading Week of May

Last day of April our Aggregate Index closed at 37,477.17.  Since Friday saw 36,902.56 at the ding, the pressure is on to keep this month “in the green.”

Investment gurus like month-on-month performance.  Along with 50, 100, and 200 day moving averages. You can follow these on  your own platform if you’re a playah.


Oh, that.  Chicago Fed National Activity Indicator;

Even as the ChiFed was reporting:

“The Chicago Fed National Activity Index (CFNAI) declined to +0.24 in April from +1.71 in March. Three of the four broad categories of indicators used to construct the index made positive contributions in April, but three categories deteriorated from March. The index’s three-month moving average, CFNAI-MA3, decreased to +0.07 in April from +0.35 in March.”

S&P futures were still up 23 while Dow futures were up 129.

Death, Doom, and Destruction

No “Man bites Dog” material today.

Starting with Death:  NJ mass-shooting survivors recall horror as possible motive surfaces.

The moving on to Doom: ‘War’ footing needed to correct economists’ miscalculations on climate change, says professor.

Along with a “side of Destruction”: DR Congo volcano eruption leaves death and destruction | DW .”

While the foggy reality of CV-19 being a bioweapon is still in Corporate Media Denial and Rework:  Did you see where Trump’s Ex-Advisor Claims COVID-19 Was Made To ‘Control’ Society?  And then there’s latest “rework”  in “3 Wuhan lab workers were sick enough to be hospitalized in November 2019, triggering calls to reconsider theory that COVID-19 originated in a lab: WSJ.”  Except, of course, NO NATURAL RESERVOIR HAS BEEN FOUND, YET.  I mean, really, isn’t it becoming clear this is part of a compliance and control plan?  Gives cover for a severe recession and all…sheesh!  Did you see where “Missouri AG serves Chinese Communist Party in lawsuit over ‘unleashing’ COVID-19 pandemic | on Fox News?

Doing better than Biden patrols?  Fox News spots migrant group running across southern border into US.  Should news crews be deputized?

If you’re a San Francisco real estate mogul, be sure to listen to this pod as the CEO of Redfin thinks the rise in home prices could be about to cool a bit

Even if you’re not a Mogul, yet, tried Chris Tyreman’s latest: Real or Fake Money Gurus? Can You Get Rich On A Minimum Wage, Following Their Advice? – YouTube.

Still think things are “looking up”?  Supermoon Total Lunar Eclipse: How To Watch This Week’s ‘Blood Moon.

Happy Monday to all… three-day weekend ahead and more time on projects around here.  Don’t walk under falling cryptos…

Write when you get rich,

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52 thoughts on “The “Equivalent Mondays” Problem – CFNAI”

  1. BTC -“signaling something” ..ya think ?

    Wooo – that is some astute observations regards cyrpto price action this past week. Ure crypto prose belies Ure prejudice against antifragility.

    Human central nervous system being prime example anti fragile system – strengthens itself in response to stress/stressors in environment – it makes itself Stronger. bank bail outs , no plunge protection team, no FED backstopping, no old brain mush grannies calling big banks about current reserves on hand – just pure un adulterated free market trading – well except bankster controlled Futures trading in BTC.

    -obviously Ure FEARs FREE Markets – wonder why ?

    Is it cause U cant compete on a level playing field ? elliot cant predict, need GovMommy to keep U safe ? afraid of real – actual COMPETITION ?

    Should be running around today with a reed basket in hand – snatching BTC’s like they were “fruits from the garden” …x 4 = infection of land and reptos, terrible sin that theft of fruits/infection..”filthy adams/animals”..

    will b Basqueing in mass profits today as SPY 427 (5/24 expire) calls come into the money ..

    Ez BTC Zuretzat!

    FEAR = the religion of the Physical

      • I wonder… most of those investors in cartoon coins have only one desire.. a fast buck and usually have enough that tossing a few million away by gambling is quite a bit like giving up their morning doughnuts and if they loose it oh well nothing important lost..write it off on some tax loophole..
        The little guy that doesn’t have anything uses every dime in Hope’s that the lottery ticket they buy gets them money.. he in turns breathe house and car away.. leaving the kids hungry and Bill’s unpaid.
        Anyway that’s just my observation..

    • If you can’t stand in front of it with a gun to protect it you don’t own it!
      –Gerald Celente

  2. On the crypto hate again this am. Kind of like a broken record, but this makes no logical sense.

    We’d sure like to see a simple “reporting law” announcing whether the reporters penning a story own a crypto wallet.

    So you want someone to disclose they own an asset whenever they mention said asset? I automatically assume folks writing about an asset familiarize themselves with the topic. People talking about banks, probably use a bank. People advising about stocks probably own stocks. Someone talking about home maintenance probably owns a home? I think it is almost 100% guaranteed if someone is “promoting” crypto they probably own some.
    You think some additional regulation would change that obvious reality? Of course the other way around also can be concerning, why are people that have never participated in the crypto market and have no intention to ever partake, writing about the topic. Like people giving lots of hate to Tesla autos, having never own one of their models.

    • “why are people that have never participated in the crypto market and have no intention to ever partake, writing about the topic”

      Why does a teacher spend hours talking about cell structure or reciting the periodic table.. now I use to do miles and logs daily.. didn’t even need the calculator or slide rule..but realistically..its crap the average person will never use..
      Its talked about to inform and give others a broader scope.. kind telling a child.. don’t touch the burner its hot..
      As far as whether or not you want to invest in nothing that’s a personal prerogative. So is buying a lottery ticket or putting your coin on a one arm bandit..
      I don’t invest in it because of a few reasons don’t have money to throw away..and.. it’s dark pool money .. designed to mask and hide their transactions. Banks take your money and loan it out.. the fact that the money people are investing in BC could in reality funding terrorism or child trafficking or any number of horrible acts is negative enough for me.
      Theres no form of regulation..

  3. Speaking of mental nutjobs, some folk are excited the masks are coming off. Yet, some of the same folk insist China attacked with a bio-weapon.

    Why would folks who think bio-attacks are taking place take off their mask? Isn’t that an example of doublethink?

    I’m on Rapture Watch -everyone who took the vaxx drops dead for unexplained reasons – Rapture. That’ll be the day. Authorities flip the 5G switch and 60% of the population drops dead.

    • People like me who think the Kung-Flu could be a bioweapon aren’t running around with our hair on fire because we think it was a “dud”… may have been accidentally released out of the lab by workers there who got infected. Remember, “gain of function” research is incremental.

    • And every nuke plant on the planet then melts down rendering the place uninhabitable for about a million years. Sounds like a well thought out global plan with thousands of conspirators. Does that sound likely?

      • Perhaps a race of shapeshifting reptilian aliens would thrive in an environment rich with radiation. Some folk believe in space aliens. When we look to the other planets none have Earth-like environmentals.

        June is disclosure month. Be prepared for anything.

      • Spend a few years learning about health physics and bio effects of radiation you will realize just how foolish and stupid your statement is. Even Chernobyl has a vibrant ecosystem around it. And that was at a plant that in typical Soviet fashion built a reactor complex that not only maximized the risk of meltdowns occurring but would actually maximize the effects once it occurred. Those of us in the nuke industries reaction to reading the IAA reports was dumbfoundment. Like a doctors reaction to watching a 3 Stooges medical surgery skit and realizing that they were actually practicing medicine that way.
        Uncontrolled reactor meltdowns will increase cancers and birth defect in the local vicinity and kill and injure those very close, but will not poison the entire earth etc. I would recommend brushing up your knowledge before you post on things that you know little about.
        James Johnson, ex-nuke

    • China DID attack with a bio weapon, they just may not have acted (nor funded the research) alone.

      Just track Fraudie Fauci Flipper for your answers:

      Fauci: New Urban Dictionary Definition; eternal flipper depending on his pay status, he will say or be whatever you want him to be.

      You don’t just think ‘world travelers’ spread this virus do you?

      We caught it in Waco, Texas in a very popular open air restaurant right after Christmas, 2019.

      We take off our masks because we have immunity. These powerful forces KNOW about those of us that have immunity, and they are working day and night to combat natural immunity.

      Well, after all, OOWS, it is humans, and people we love. Neighbor, problems since last vax. Sister took vax against my recommendations, and has heart problems.

      Obviously, the masses are not getting the info that the ‘George Ure, et al, investigative class’ is getting.

      You know that it isn’t going to stop with the vaccinated right?

      • “We caught it in Waco … right after Christmas, 2019.”

        We got it in Indiana just before Thanksgiving, 2019. Big dinner with all the fixings and I couldn’t smell or taste anything!
        How could this happen BEFORE the incident at Wuhan?
        It boggles my mind.

        • I had a case of “faucet nose running” third week of Dec. last year after our consigliere was here after a W. Coast trip… could I have had it? Who knows…

      • I also got covid right after Xmas in 2019. I just caught the same mild case again, so having it once does not confer immunity.

    • No need to watch for rapture – never gonna happen, beside U only need to look at Glyphosate .

      What countries with heavy usage? which countries burn glyposate polluted crops for biodiesel? – the shit is literally in the air..and inside all our containers/meat suits.

      Every breathing human living in a country where glyphosate is legal/regulated – every single one has a very WEAK or WEAKENED Immune System. – mRNA vax just uberized the related issues – surrounding covert19/low dose Sarin gas, for the really nasty strains…hahaaha – herd there gonna call it – Mad Sheep Disease.

    • “Speaking of mental nutjobs, some folk are excited the masks are coming off. ”

      They are going option 3.. those that I know in the medical field are telling me that they aren’t testing as much as they were.. but are testing workers daily..and if someone has symptoms and isn’t in a critical situation are being sent home.

  4. I am old enough to remember being a passenger on airplanes that had a smoking and non-smoking section. If I remember correctly smoking started at Row 16. As a non-smoker, I very often was seated in Row 15. I even remember being on international flights that had no non-smoking section. At that time also, most restaurants had no non-smoking sections and it was normal to enjoy your after dinner coffee with smoke wafting through your nose from a smoker at an adjacent table. Workplaces also had smoking lunchrooms where all employees ate.

    That all changed of course.

    It seems to me we are at a similar crossroads today with COVID as we sort out air sharing in public places. It promises to be a rocky road. I came across this well written article this morning and think it is worth a read. “We’re not all in this together anymore.”

    “The alternative to informed consent is informed refusal.”

    • “I am old enough to remember being a passenger on airplanes that had a smoking and non-smoking section.”

      I am that old to.. LOL LOL… and if there was a long enough layover because of weather etc.. they got you a room and gave everyone a shaving kit.. I still have one…every flight had a meal..
      One of my day labor hats was cleaning planes overnight.. and we would get all the booze and pop and any left over food sealed in the trays.. it was amazing..
      Clean one wipe down all the seats vacuum etc.. clean out the fridge so it could be restocked.. then we would set up the ozone purifier while we went to the next plane..
      the best flight I ever had was just a hop because of fowl weather.. it was just myself the pilot copilot and the stewardesses.. it was a hoot..
      back in the day we could jump a ride on the military planes.. it was always a fantasy to fly to England then call in I can’t make it in this morning because the traffic on the picadilly circus is to great.. but we never did..

      • I once flew a 747 from Honolulu to Minneapolis, with one stop in LA, on Thanksgiving day/evening. Plane was half full from Honolulu to LA. The stopover took a little longer as I noticed they held us to load extra baggage containers of mail. They also took on a training crew of cabin attendants to shadow the regular crew and learn. I was the ONLY passenger in my section of the plane. After takeoff and the initial crew training about the cabin, the attendant got relaxed and sat next to me. I found out there were only 12 passengers onboard. “Let me know when you want to eat. We have first class food for everyone!” She got me a bottle of champagne to drink at my seat, and another to stuff into my carry on so no one would see it leave the plane. Yes, they had roast turkey for first class meals. Best Thanksgiving ever, at 37,000 feet and no crowds!

    • It’s an interesting article, though I don’t agree that it’s a “wonderful vax”. We were never “in this together”! We were and are in this separately, and though we owe it to society not to infect others(to the best of our ability), our health and health decisions are ours and ours alone. The current generation of vaxxes to SARS-COV-2 are far from safe and effective – especially in populations at risk. There’s plenty of evidence that those who have already gained natural immunity from having experienced covid should NOT get vaxxed. The current simplistic and paternalistic approach to “one size fits all” is not worthy of being called “science”. Vaxxing kids with an mRNA vaxx is playing with fire. There’s so much here that I can’t put it all in a comment. I can only suggest that each person do their own research.

      The idea of a “vaxx passport” has little to do with the disease and much more to do with yet another control mechanism for the population.

  5. Wow George. Got that Boomtown Rats song…”I Don’t like Monday’s “ jiggling around your head today?
    So much wrong with your column today.

    Are we better off today than a year ago? Hell yes! I am eating inside restaurants, went to a few Giants games, went to (unfortunately) the last Warriors home game of the season as they missed the playoffs and going in the office regularly, traveling. More important, my real estate sales for my team is up 28% and our nationwide corporate sales are up 22% YOY.

    Growth…see above… I have never before seen such optimism in an economy as I have here in the Bay Area…Construction cranes everywhere…new restaurants are taking the place of closed ones…there’s a renewed, better version of everything waiting to have a grand opening and…traffic jams are back…never thought I would miss that…there’s excitement in the streets as we open up our economy bigger and stronger than ever before.

    Supply lines? I don’t know where you shop, and what crap you are buying, but there’s an abundant supply of everything available where I live…maybe the truck lines and logistical algorithms are suggesting there’s no profit in boonies anymore, knowing that the real money to be made is in the urban centers. To be fair, Demand is way up, so supply lines are stretched as everyone is enjoying some of the best earnings of their lives about now. If you can’t make more money than ever before in this economy, you just can’t make money. . About those supplies…I drive towards work and look out at the Bay towards the Oakland ports, all I see are lines and lines of cargo ships backed up waiting to unload their goods. That’s a great sign.

    Chips and semiconductors? From Fortune Magazine…”They are in short supply because demand is surging far beyond capacity. Manufacturing giants are already adding more capacity to meet future projections. This is short lived “crisis” if you can even call it that…The good news is that the shortage isn’t for lack of resources, such as the dearth of the raw silicon that forms the wafer base for semiconductors…it’s just the disequilibrium between demand and supply.” Increased demand is a good thing in my recollection of how economies work.
    America’s problems with race and socialogical issues? Yes, we need more work…but we are talking about it more now than ever before…the talks need to continue. Here in the Bay Area, we have the highest concentration of inter-racial families anywhere outside of Europe. This is somewhat significant because it’s about People loving people. Asian, brown, black and white people accessing and accepting the soul over the image. In my youth, if this were to happen in my Missouri home town, there would have been arrests. Now…My own kids are involved in such relationships. My team consists of Korean, Chinese. Russian and Brazilian women and two white guys. Great time to be alive…

    And finally…as for your story of about the Redfin CEO and housing prices cooling…please be aware that Redfin is the bottom of the barrel in our industry, The Dollar store to our Bloomingdale image. Of course, he is saying that. They have some of the worst trained and knowledgeable agents in our business. I can guarantee that they will see a cooling.

      • It’s only becomes a peak when the money stops. Money ain’t stopping any time soon. It’s the lifeblood of the blue bloods. They rule the world, not any of us for goodness sake. We CAN become the beneficiaries of the benefactors though if we listen, learn and act. I have heard you and others talk about peaking since 2018. Even during the pandemic, while we saw forced closures of businesses, we also saw record Wall Street earnings and stock gains. Those gains are being parlayed into growth initiatives and watch out for the super heated summer we are about to have!

      • George I keep looking for the shortages you refer to. The only shortages here in Abq. is houses for sale. Even two months ago buyers were in a bidding market and still are to buy a house and rentals are just as bad.

      • “So much wrong with your column today.”
        “It’s only becomes a peak when the money stops. Money ain’t stopping any time soon. “
        Didn’t Irving Fisher say something about a ‘permanently high plateau” back in 1929, just before the money stopped?

        And the chip shortage is NOT just because of new, excessive demand as you indicate. Tried and true electronics like limited market ham radios are now unobtainium. Major sellers are out, and none know when or IF new stock will be available. Maybe it will finally hit home when new homebuyers cannot get that big flatscreen TV they want so bad.

      • @ abq joe

        Joe, I can buy all the 8′ 2x4s and 4x4s I want. The problem is those 2x4s were $3.29 exactly one year ago and the 4x4s, $5.99. Now they are $12.99 and $23.99 respectively. 3/4″ ply? A ridiculous $83.99 per sheet. I stopped buying it when it hit $26.99.

        Gas is up about 80 cents per gallon, which isn’t bad (wait a year and its pump price will have doubled), but the T-bones I bought last year on sale for $5.99 are ON SALE this year for $16.99. Quantity is lesser and quality is lower, on some packaged foods and many off-brands now exist where stores used to carry name brand in-quantity. Worst of all, a lot of the stuff we buy now sends its profits to China. It was bad enough when I learned Eckrich was now Chinese (and Emge, and Robt. Morrell, and of course, Sugardale) but frickin’ Nathan’s Hot Dogs are now Chinese-owned!!!

        Too much…

      • ABQ Joe: There’s a shortage of plumbing supplies and even gutter stuff! I was in ABQ and had to visit multiple box stores to get what I needed to finish a project for a relative. Even then, some of the fittings had misaligned injection molding, though it was good enough to get the job done. Some fittings had to be modified because the correct ones were unavailable. There’s enough wood available if you’re willing to pay five times its price a year ago, though even Home Despot is limiting quantities on some pipe and lumber products. Covid has effectively lost the world economy a year’s worth of productive work.

    • Commodity prices for raw manufacturing materials and food are heading skyward. It isn’t something that someone in your line of work or at your income level is going to notice, for the time being. If you are going to make any capital purchases in the next year, you might want to pull the trigger early and avoid sticker shock later as the price increases work their way through the system. The price increases will become an issue for the masses going into 2022.

    • “…I drive towards work and look out at the Bay towards the Oakland ports, all I see are lines and lines of cargo ships backed up waiting to unload their goods. That’s a great sign…”



      Maybe to the Corporate “Fleesters” who offshored US manufacturing so much that we now have to IMPORT almost everything we consume think that is a “Great Sign”.

      Only a “Costal” person would think those cargo ships backed up waiting to unload their cargos … so they can go back 80% empty, and most of what they do carry back is not “value added” products but raw agricultural commodities … would think that is a GOOD SIGN!!

      The Coastal types just can’t grasp that their chase for quick profits by firing
      American Workers, who mostly lived in Fly Over Country, and hiring cheap Asian Workers (mostly Chinese) is why Fly Over Country voted for Trump to begin with, and why the resentment across wide swaths of the country is simmering just beneath the surface.

      Sure Apple designes it’s stuff here … but most of those employed in making their products are foreigners, which in days of old would have been Apple Employees. Ditto with almost any Tech Industry HARDWARE seller. The head count of MOST US high tech companies, if you include those doing the actual manufacturing – which you MUST since those have ALWAYS been a part of overall number employed, is now MOSTLY OVERSEAS WORKERS.

      Can the US survive in it’s present form as just a design studio (which China should eclipse it as within 10 yeas) with little actual manufacturing except for the auto industry, but with lots of people selling each other all sorts of “paper” or paper related asset of one sort or another (including real estate)? Doubtful.

      Enjoy the backlog of ships coming in. It won’t last forever since eventually other nations will get tired of loaning loaning loaning money to the US so it can just
      Consume and NOT Produce … not even counting the fact that China will soon (10 years) be eclipsing the US as the world’s top “Design Studio”

    • Pretty funny. I remember reading a corporate newsletter during the recession and the sales type exec’s column that sounded the same as your view. It was memorable in a Marie Antoinette sort of way. He went out for dinner at a nice restaurant in socal and saw nobody going hungry, good drinks, free spending and general good spirits in a full room. So, of course everyone else was wrong. He denied the recession and stated everyone was better off than their fathers. (Partly true on the father thing to give 1 point) What a dumshit thing from somebody that hadn’t worked or looked for a job for years.
      go for a walk in a ‘bad’ neighborhood
      ask brownie if she’ll lead the company one day
      ask blackie if he knows anybody being arrested for dwb
      ask Brazilo, Rusky if they’re going back when rich like you
      Ask Redfin if they like competing in an entrenched, legally protected network (hint: they’ll take the spiffs and punish the smug, overtaxed old guard like lyft/uber did to taxis)
      Around here, sf expats are paying cash sight unseen for low quality houses and stiffing realtors by hiring a lawyer.

  6. “The true battle is between fiat and crypto,” Musk, who also runs the rocket company SpaceX, said this weekend via his preferred platform, Twitter. “On balance, I support the latter.”

    I think what Musk said this weekend sums it up. And I believe the “Victim Economy” is fiat with its out of control inflation.

    Which camp are you in George?

    • I was in favor of the “gold standard” but it didn’t last because of PEOPLE. Neither fiat nor cryptos will last because of PEOPLE. People in general are no smarter than geese; So what would you expect Peggy?

    • Peggy, none of that is the issue.

      The issue is: Cryptos are fine — until they’re not.

      When one major sovereign financial player, like Britain, France, Germany, or (especially) the U.S., decides to outlaw them, their value will go to zero, overnight, and people who’ve a significant amount of money tied up in them will lose it all, in a matter of minutes.

      Cryptocurrencies fluctuate wildly in paper value, which means huge amounts of money can be won or lost by playing them in the currency markets. The thing to keep in mind is when the show is over, it’s over, right then and forever. The thing to be aware of is the means and types of speculation which led to the ’29 crash being both devastating and lasting the better part of a generation.

  7. A “professor” with no Dr. or Ph.D. in his name griping about a panel of Ph.Ds not declaring an extreme crisis because keeping his job depends on there being a crisis?
    No wonder the latest fashion accessory for the vaccinated reopening party is a bad attitude and a load of fmj or hollow points:
    At least 12 mass shootings as cnn calls them. Something changed, a mass shooting used to be a bunch of unarmed people and one crazy. Now it’s a gunfight and bystanders.
    Bipolar busy shopping Sunday at the big box club. Half the folks looked frustrated trying to fill their carts quickly as possible and get around the others, a few just stood around blocking isles. Everyone was getting cranky, employees too.

    • Defund the police.. opened the door.
      Will Marshall law be the door closing

  8. ‘Are we better off today than a year ago? Hell yes’

    Nice fantasy mark…what your forgetting is You’re on the hill looking down Mark.
    Has the same profit boom trickled down to those that work for you?
    It took 3 weeks and 12 trucks th o fill one third of my normal monthly grocery ordrr… meat lockers are booked two years out.
    In the Hightower’s of California you may be doing the snoopy dance..
    But all the information being put out is saying the opposite is happening to the hourly wage earners.. why else would th he Democrats be wanting bv to put out a monthly stimulus to families with children.. to keep the noodle moving on the table..
    They like yourself is ignoring the ultimate outcome in exchange for the momentary pleasure.

    • The world is viewed differently thru the eyes of a “HAVE” versus the eyes of a “HAVE-NOT.” Also brain functions differently — and that is how the DUDE designed it. ;-((

    • And dont forget.. theres still forty percent of the households on the eviction list.. they just keep pushing the date back.
      I personally keep watch for your posts.. since I am the indicator at the bottom.. your the indicator on the fiftieth is didn’t even realize people making a quarter mil are living in their cars and using sidewalks as toilets . Even though it is posted in MSM news world wide.
      With that in mind when you sound the alarm then I need to duck and cover because hell is on the way..

      • Based on what I have personally experienced recently, credit for people who really need it is drying up. Next to go will be the corporate freebies, like gratis rent. Foreclosures will follow. Compound this with escalating food and energy prices, and what have you got? Progressive Nirvana, which is not something I would wish on anyone.
        Your comments on food acquisition are disheartening. I won’t insult you with any suggestions on scoring protein, since you are as resourceful as anyone I have contact with. Unless some miracle occurs, at some point, I think that many of us will be having to adjust the diet to fit what is possible, and that will be painful. The suggestion that I will make is that you might need to start warning the adults about what is coming. Everyone likes to talk about being flexible and agile, until they get a modest bowl of navy beans and a slice of day old bread set in front of them at dinner. My stomach isn’t particularly agile or flexible either.

  9. one of your gurus says he would rather have bitcoin than a bond . ray dagolio . you fellas are not just evil now officially sick in head . he used to hang out with salty down the golden sewer mile . he runs swamp water and promotes sheetcoin now . he is probably shorting the USD too

    • Our problem is that “opinion of gurus” find it into the MSM. I could scream scanning some headlines. ;-((

    • ..and thats why Raymondo is a friggin Billionaire.

      Bond – pays Zero percent interest, ?? sovereigns ability to repay principal

      Gold – pays small % , when leased Out, holds its value over time.

      Bitcoin – pays small % when “leasedout/lent”, increases in value over time – Scarcity.

      USD/AUS – Fiat paper – no intrinsic value whatsoever, loses value – guaranteed – every year of its existence.

      Conclusion > GENIUS!

      • I’ll give you a code boy that every 100 bucks you can turn into 10000 . No risk sane :
        All you must display is patience and sanity . But that might elude you . So stick to loving desperate dagolio

  10. Watching the evening news and the major story is Gun violence is up..
    Hmm.. i wonder if defunding the police ..and our politicians that promoted riots with Antifa and BLM along with a loss of income from going option 2 has anything to do with it..

  11. This is an interesting article on potential crypto vulnerabilities. You have to wonder if sovereign states might have some additional strategies and shortcuts in their hacking arsenals:

    The other thing you have to wonder is if all the hundreds of clones have encryption and safety that is as good as the original? Nothing like getting your introductory lesson in cyber-security doge-style.

  12. I love this video.. I am not sure which school did a study.. that was similar.. I think it was stanford.. or maybe harvard.. but time after time.. the same reactions..

    I love this one below because I have seen a lot of expressions similar.. Since I have washed dishes as one of my hats.. I know that waitresses only make tips.. and have seen some start crying because they had to decide.. milk or diapers.. pay on the rent or pay buy food..
    because of that.. I am usually one of the bigger tippers.. it is the same with hair stylists and other menial jobs..
    the other thing I will do is pay it forward.. in line at a fast food and looking in the mirror see a woman and kids.. or in a restaurant with a husband young wife and kids.. and he orders little or nothing because this is a rare day out for them.. I pay the tab… not all the time but when I can.. for xmas I find someone that falls through the cracks..because someone did that for me.. best xmas gift ever to see the expression on someones face that truly needs the help.. ..

    • and I do it anonymously.. I have had to let people know it is me but hate to because seriously.. I don’t want to be a part of their drama.. I have enough of my own..

  13. at least you septics are consistent with your bs and love of garbologist gurus . old greedy mick takes the cake with dagolio . unbeleivable

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