The End of “Flat-Land” News

Advances in data summarization and presentation has outstripped the average human’s ability to live  effectively with “Flat-Land News.” That is, to admit that most of what passes for “news” is wholly incomplete, lacking of context and riddle with fake “forced-choice” presentation. 

Because it falsely distills complex events into bi-polar choicing that is most often agenda-driven.

At the simplest level, “Should taxes be raised” is an extreme of binary (yet persistent) news polarity.  At some level, supportive facts are offered on both sides.

Yet, at the deep level, there’s far more going on.  For raising taxes in a hyper-complex world results in hyper-complex rippling impacts.

Consequently, high-order manipulators of the “fact field”  proffer “bigger & truer facts” but not reliably “useful” facts.  Despite these shortcomings, they still hold sway. Climate and Trump-hate are only two present examples.  We use illegal immigration as an example in today’s discourse.

The result of “flat-land” news – absent wide contextualization –  is serial sub-optimal governance decisions, financial error compounding, and life-changing oversights such as those recently outlined for subscribers) in the just-completed book The 100-Year Toaster.

Before reading, you may wish to work on serious “centering” of sell.  One suggestion is  Some study of the Hawai’ian art of Ho Oponopono.

Contradictory though it seems, today’s report probes the opposite end of the mental spectrum.  .  Rather than “quieting our data” we suggest a massive reform of what we define as journalism into deeper data relationship analysis.  Think of it as lots more “deep diving”  – sure to scare hell out of the “waders” at the shallow end of the information pool.

A few comments about it in Podcast #9 online here (27 min).

The process may take a long while to evolve.  But rather than become sheep-like partisans, following the sources of greatest hyperbole, human culture may ascend to a new – and better place – where cultural realization can triumph over experts in financialization and political manipulation.

Ah!  An A/B choice, then?

No – since we all zoom-in to the data displays in our minds differently.  It’s a choice range, not an Bushian “with us or against us” idiot-oriented over-simplification.

Confused yet?  Dandy!  We’ll count bodies and market action first thing today. But, after that? We shall propose a NextGen  presentation layer for news and information not adequately transported to the mind by present 2D constructions of  (what rather sloppily) passes for “the news.”

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17 thoughts on “The End of “Flat-Land” News”

  1. The CDC Director’s recent interview with CNN can be found here:

    A good summary lessons-learned analysis is available here:

    This article delves into the history of the event, and how US-trained researchers are now working in China:

    While this disaster was made in China, guess where the technology came from? This is the real face of open borders and globalism. Country A won’t fund your mad science, then haul ass to country B, live well, and start a pandemic. The CCP’s equally mad rush to acquire technology through globalism and theft may have doomed the genocidal thieving sociopaths. Whether they take us with them remains to be seen.

    Pay attention to the news stream; along with the feel-good fairy tales there is some good solid information out there. And above all, stay wary.

  2. Thanks for the “deep dive” into news – past present and future this morning. I laughed and cried.

    As I was reading today’s long column, my wife came in and turned on the TV. She always watches CBC followed by CNN. I told her I would predict what was on.

    CBC will be talking about the fact that Indigenous Canadians have shut down all rail travel in Canada because rail tracks and pipelines go across their land. Bingo! Score one.

    She turned to CNN where I predicted that they would be talking about the dastardly duo of Donald Trump and Roger Stone. Score 2.

    She now thinks I’m psychic. LOL

  3. My highest compliments, George. A Tour d’ Force in mass information history (or something). This stuff is Sheer Gold and Prime Education.

    My old man was a big-shot at the local newspaper in 1961, and I actually had a session seated at a Lin-O-Type machine. I haven’t remembered that for many decades, till just now. And I then thought about my first Apple ][+, and it’s “Bytewriter” printer — an interfaced IBM Selectric-based printer that could also be used as a plain electric typewriter.

    And I ruminated upon how the human mass-mind and Conversation is impacted by technology. Wood carved type, metal type, roll-paper high-speed presses, the “APWirephoto” machine and the teletypes for AP and UPI hammering away in that little special room…

    And, being a recovering TV producer myself, how it all went Dynamic and Damn Near Real Time — and then Really-Realtime to where we are. I lugged around an RCA TK-76 ManPack for a while in the Early Days…

    And the knowledge that 5G will be irresistible and inevitable — no matter WHAT the downside(s) may be.

    I was in the game when computers took over “letter shops,” and then commercial art, and then high-capability photo-manipulation, and then sound recording, and then television and editing — and now we have truly excellent Virtual Actors, and can put ANYTHING on the screen that one can imagine, at absolutely convincing levels of Reality. It’s been quite a ride. And sometimes I was the Victim, and sometimes I was the Vandal at the gates… (Consider Carrie Fisher, and how Jimmy Cameron made “Titanic” sail again.) Breathtaking…

    I guess our job now is to train Taste and Discernment into the children so they’ll be able to judge what to let inside their minds.

    Kids learn quickly not to eat stuff that smells stinky and disgusting.

    Same idea.

    • Ah, William… a kindred spirit. After 40 years building TV infrastructure in Honolulu I had done it all, including bringing live TV to the streets there for the first time. I was ‘downsized’ with the revolution in portable media… the smartphone camera. New owners got rid of all the satellite gear, the intercity microwave links, and the portable cameras…. and the engineers like me who made it all work. And most of the ‘cameramen’ were gone also.

      Reporters are sent out with a smartphone on a tripod to shoot their ‘standup’ and either relay the recording back to the studio via broadband, or… even relayed ‘live’ (slight digital delay… which is why you see those pregnant pauses at the start of a live report). I thought the technology was neat as we began to adopt it. I didn’t see it coming that it would obsolete me and my job.

      I flummoxed a production manager at the TV station when he asked why I didn’t watch “our product”… the TV news. I replied that I was a technical person and had no interest in the human factors or production of “The News”, and had no way to influence or improve what the news department does with their content or time. This disturbed the manager quite a bit as he implied that I ‘didn’t care’ about my job. I reminded him that my job was equipment… not content.

      So now they took away my equipment and job, and are concentrating on ‘Improving’ their news… as George has so thoroughly described here.

      • “I didn’t see it coming that it would obsolete me and my job.”

        Phew.. brings home some memories.. my brother inlaw..Printer press maintenance.. he can tear apart and build a newspaper press from the ground up.. the whole crew was downsized by the newspaper company the printing outsourced. the printing press obsolite and the company decided rather than keep the press rolling they would just shut it down regionally..
        It was the same way with plate making..half tone sheets all gone to a digital world the old colorado running on railroad tracks gone they tossed that piece of equipment in the dump..scrap metal all of it…
        I ran photo labs as one of my hats. I was in and checking out a digital camera to see how good it was..( by aiming at my grand daughters eye and focusing on the image that was mirrored off of it.. great camera really good quality better than any leica I had seen or even the speed graphic) they showed me how they are doing it today.. went back and they have a machine you plug your chip in they convert it to a negative then can make a standard photo print from the negative image enlarged.. really cool the old sine processors dip n dunks all gone.. ( they still had some of my old test strips that I had made hanging on the wall from forty years ago.. LOL)
        My boss at the hospital once said to all of us at a luncheon..that if he could take a bus down to the border and come back he would because he can get three for the price of one.. and if he could get a machine to do the job we all would be gone.
        AI is the future.
        what is scary is all of that technology.. is lost..I sometimes wonder if that isn’t the plan though..we read about lost kingdoms, lost libraries,and lost technology.. could it be as simple as we as a species get so smart that we put the old basic technologies behind us. out source and limit the knoweldge then some catastrophic event happens that sends us all back to the stoneage once again. one of the first things I do is teach the kids how to make their own pencil and paper .. crude yes.. but in a time when you can’t run down to the store and buy some they will know how to make their own.

  4. That was an informative write up on the news business. I’m going to read it a second time.

    Also I’m going to the archives list to re read “Death by JIT” because it is here. FCA just shut down a car factory in Serbia due to a lack of parts.

  5. I’m going to re-read death by JIT because it is here.

    FCA just shut down a factory in Serbia due to a lack of Parts from China.

  6. George, Fixing your lathe (if it had a bad gear, etc) should be child’s play if you had access to another lathe. The lathe is the “King of Tools” since it’s a machine capable of building another one like it. I’ve seen a broken tooth or two on a lathe gear that was just built up with weld, then ground and filed to an approximate contour. Yes, the gear clicked slightly if you listened for it, but it worked well that way for years. That lathe is not being used at the present, but it could be. BTW, it’s a South Bend. USA brand.

    I can see in the worst of future worlds where you might have to use makeshift welding rods, but we built this civilization once and we can do so again.

    • “George, Fixing your lathe (if it had a bad gear, etc) should be child’s play if you had access to another lathe. ”

      Now that flexible 3d printers are available for way under a grand..
      It’s only a scan away..print with metal or plastic .
      I am amazed at how the prices have done down in such a short time..
      A really good way to justify getting a good lol.. I actually had a thing for lathes and mills at one point. Had a great legacy wood mill.. got rid of all of them but a mini lathe.. lol..

    • John Hopkins is tracking officious figures from government entities:

      Intermittently ZH will publish insider estimates, which are running an order of magnitude higher for mainland China.

      Test kits only started showing up in Africa a week ago. I don’t know who in SA is actually testing yet.

      The CDC is setting up an intensive surveillance network in this country, but whether it is really operational is unknown to me.

      Outside of China, the surveillance and reporting seems to be happening in research hospitals in major metropolitan areas.

      In China, it was found that the test kits don’t work very well, and the x-ray diagnosed cases were apparently being turned away and not counted if a test kit turned up negative. I saw one anecdotal report of a person with advanced double-pneumonia having to be tested five times before the doctor got a positive result.

      Don’t expect an alert on your smart phone for coronavirus approaching your neighborhood, your employer, or your favorite grocery store and restaurants.

      Sorry, but I’m not offering anyone feel-good fairy tales this week. To the best of my knowledge, no large scale outbreak has been detected in North America. Medical facilities, mass transport, and the people associated with those facilities are the highest risk zones.

    • Patience WD patience it will get here when it gets here..

      If it is our time then it is our time.. learn as much about the basics that you can so you can pass it on.. ( the family home evening is a good start.. papa grandchild projects etc.)

      I heard a story once.. a young man walking down the sidewalk see’s the angel of death coming towards him.. he panics .. runs home and gets his bag and packs it.. goes to the airport gets on a plane and flies across the country.. feeling as if he just missed his time.. he goes out to eat.. there at the restaurant was the angel of death.. he comes up to him and says.. boy you had me worried when I seen you this morning.. because I had you on my list to meet you here today..
      I have taken care of people with some pretty nasty crap.. some that most wouldn’t go near out of fear that they might catch it.. all with that story in the back of my thoughts.. don’t get risky glove up wash up.. be careful go by the protocols but don’t hide either.. you won’t stop it if its your time to go..

  7. Your PODCAST comment “We are already in a crisis which most people don’t realize yet” reminds me of its beginning…The election of the King & Queen, Bill & Hilary. At that time, there were sufficient deplorables to elect the House & Senate Republican to stop Bill in his quest to be our King. Also, the deplorables continued to rally after Clinton & elected Bush. Then Obama…Trump. see the pattern. As the deplorable ranks are thinned out, Clinton…Obama Kingdoms will reign, but will be much worse.

  8. Until fairly recently, S.A. or Latino residents were referred to as “Caucasian” or “White” on all the demographics forms, including those from the Census Bureau. One of the Democrats’ favorite tactics for population management is to “pigeonhole” everyone in as many ways as they can, because compartmentalizing in such a manner creates a shortcut to controlling a population. Instead of regulating or controlling every individual, all the “power elite” need do is control the pigeonholes. This is the principal reason for the “drop” in “White” population. Illegal Latinos account for possibly as much as 20% of the population of CONUS, but we’re unlikely to get anything close to an accurate headcount. With that said, if we were filling out the 1960 Census form today, it would reveal that the population was around 89% “White” (since some of the illegals WOULD fill out Census Forms…)

    Once a reason to do so presents itself, I expect Scandinavians, or “North West European Americans” to get peeled off from those whose ancestral background is more middle-Germanic, Celtic, or Flemish, to generate another set of pigeonholes, to further compartmentalize us.

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