The Best – and Worst – Investments in Life

The Dow is about to get its ass kicked at the open this morning – the kind of thing our Trading Model has been telling us for about four out of the last five weeks.

With it, we are focusing on only two stories this morning in a good bit of depth, because getting things write in personal finance over the next six months might make – or break – you and your family’s financial future.

But, in case you’re wondering, the Best and Worst investments in Life are often (and paradoxically) the very same things!

We skip the superfluous headlines.  Meat and potatoes is all we’re serving today… we’ll pass on superfluous, especially those Distraction Rolls.

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7 thoughts on “The Best – and Worst – Investments in Life”

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  2. Given the coincidental explosion following 2 days of yuan devaluation, will we see some other type of retaliation by our friends under the red star?

  3. Debt is evil. After my “reset” I realized that marriage and credit should be illegal for everyone until they are 35 or can prove they don’t need either one.

    • Couldn’t agree with this enough. Especially marriage. We wonder why the divorce rate is so high, but then we have teenagers/20 somethings getting married and realizing 2 years in “oops I shouldn’t have done this”.

      Credit is equally bad though, especially student loans. Because hey, let’s just give all these people who will ultimately end up with very low income potential $100,000 worth of debt. What’s the worst that could happen?

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