The Anti-Aging Elixir (1)

Investors – deep down – know one of the fundamental rules of money is “Must be present to Win.” Which means there’s a reason to spend profits now and then on getting healthy as possible.

This week, we focus on a key new idea that has come out of research into life extension.

But while tech, and our personal experiments seem to be working very, very well, there’s a problem.  And that is simply whether the World can support a major increase in the population’s life expectancy at this time.

We are going to look at both parts of the story, this week and next.  With some of the latest science and how it can be applied at the personal level.  Then, next week, we’ll consider the government policy implications.

For now, I’ve shelved working on my novel Ancient Children because there’s been an almost daily increase that the “plot” envisioned in the book will play out IRL (in real life) long before the book would ever pay off.

Headlines, the ChartPack and a spot of tea are at the head of the line, though.  Before we get into the weekend’s mini focus section.

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49 thoughts on “The Anti-Aging Elixir (1)”

  1. “…there’s a problem.  And that is simply whether the World can support a major increase in the population’s life expectancy at this time.”

    Oh, I think the big Pharma goons have solved that problem by applying the intelligence test of reading the fine print on the population masses. Read: “experimental”, “untested”, in the Covid clot-shots and see how many bleating sheep succumb to the psychological onslaught of advertising and coercion.

    • H.L. Mencken, full quote –

      “No one in this world, so far as I know — and I have searched the records for years, and employed agents to help me — has ever lost money by underestimating the intelligence of the great masses of the plain people. Nor has anyone ever lost public office thereby.”
      “The mistake that is made always runs the other way. Because the plain people are able to speak and understand, and even, in many cases, to read and write, it is assumed that they have ideas in their heads, and an appetite for more. This assumption is a folly.”

    • Hank & George, the world can well afford the readers here and I am not just being boastful or flattering. My brother and I have both had doctors and professional family tell us to maintain our PE licenses into old age, even retirement because they will move us up the triage list in the worst case. I see that in my treatment when at my doctor or hospital, and my brother was flatley told by his doctor that applying for Medicare would change his treatment plan by the insurance to manage his health to assure death by 75.
      Also, having credentials of some sort means you are always getting a call here or there with some extra work that only the license/credential can do.
      This keeps you active and your brain sharp.
      As an frequent consultant you are aware of this.
      What they are looking to clear out are the (wo)man-in-the street(bikini) interviews where they ask just about any world affairs or history question and get back the uncertain question answer, “France?”
      Who did we fight in the Civil War?
      Those people.
      They will not want to wipe us out because they know in a crisis we will usually feed ourselves and those around us, which they believe may include them.

      • that is true…. I believe that in WW3 the fact that we have the farmlands available.. is what makes us valuable to them.. what I see in the poison pawn trap is they are letting the greed take over.. use up our strategic reserves then move in to knock the oligarchs off of the thousand year hill of power..
        what is it that Sun Tzu had to say in the art of war.. to win the war without firing a shot.. let us destroy ourselves..
        which we are doing.. we haven’t taken care of our infrastructure.. the pedo printed up trillions to repair our infrastructure and hasn’t done it.. instead it put us further behind.. tried to cover over the evil deeds by funding this war… putting all the smaller nato countries on the front lines to be taken.. using up their strategic military and monetary reserves..
        we outsourced our industrial capabilities and instead of pushing an education we have dumbed down our youth.. took mom from the home leaving them to MSM and the neighborhoods to fend for themselves..placed the vast majority of the kids in poverty.. then let terrorists like BLM and Antifa destroy the poorer neighborhoods.. defunded the only protection they had.. opened our borders and assisted the cartels in trafficking drugs and children.. it doesn’t get any better laid out than that.. millions crossing the borders.. let them destroy themselves.. some of the alternative candidates have come right out and said they don’t care about what is going on with the people in the USA what is important is to get the war in Ukraine furthered along..
        china and russia and all the countries that we have bullied through the years in the name of peace are rushing to take down the thousand year economic reign of power by backing their currencies with gold silver grain and whatever is of value.. ( I wish they would do peanuts.. then we could have nut bucks.. put the planters peanut man on the dollar bill)
        sixty seven percent of our food comes from someplace else.. even the grandsons favorite muffins are baked and shipped here.. we shipped out our bakeries our farming.. and really did an injustice to the american working man.. but then I believe it was all planned..
        I got sticker shock today.. went grocery shopping.. what was fifty cents a can is now two dollars plus.. there was three hundred percent increase since last month.. the one thing that didn’t go up that high was canned chicken it only went up fifty percent.. from last month.. I buy groceries once a month.. then for the remainder of the month just buy the essentials.. like milk eggs and bread.. this was a shock.. a big one.. and with the crops failing and the farmlands of ukraine not having a crop this year.. we all will feel this..
        Even if we got someone that was interested in fixing it.. I doubt they can at this point..

  2. A link with unusual content for you guys.

    I enjoy coming across links like this. It’s like finding an old and much overlooked box in your grandparents attic. Take it as you will. In particular, it occurred to me that Stu might find some of it interesting.

    • DAM… thank you for sharing that Infectious.. there are several books on there that I have NOT read.. and will jump into them right away…. I was just reading the Egyptian coffin texts.. its been a long time since I read them and thought heck why not.. I was reading the books of eridu and thought heck.. does that coincide with whats in the coffin texts

  3. present and accounted.

    the synergy of the group on urban survival is more important than any single persons talent..

    as much as….the synergy of life on earth is more important than any single entities power.

    life is a balance. and pride always comes before the fall.

    always be humble and kind.

  4. i went to the store this morning George and the bakery had loves labled Old Fashioned White Bread.

    i could relate.


  5. So, supplements. Anyone have suggestions on what brands to buy; pure ingredients and ones that aren’t contaminated with undesirable chemicals? Or who to ask? There are a lot of useless products out there.

    • Excellent point! I have generally found the Amazon reviews useful – sort according to which products are getting the best reviews and then toss out anything with less than 300 reviews…

    • A great resource for published materials on supplements (and they sell them, too) is the Life Extension Foundation…
      Membership gives back in discounts on products, and also helps fund new research. The magazine is full of recent research.
      On another note, in order for Human Growth Hormone to be generated in the body, some important precursors are needed that George didn’t mention. The amino acids L-arginine and L-Ornithine are precursors. Also, EVERY hormone reaction in the body requires Iodine for the thyroid gland to do it’s work. Most people are iodine deficient. There are several iodine supplements such as Iodoral and others, generally accepted at 12mg daily. Doesn’t matter if it comes from seaweed or plain, chemical iodine or iodide. It is elemental, and the thyroid will absorb it. The 12mg dosage was determined from Japanese women who ate a lot of seaweed in their diets, and have the lowest breast cancer rates in the world.

    • Go with established companies that are based in, and supplied from North America. Chinese ginseng is not any better than Appalachian ginseng, but it has a much longer supply line, and one the Chinese can cut at any time.

      90% of our prescription medicine comes from China. 80% of the remainder comes from India. If one or both of these supply lines gets cut, we have to either have a NA source for the drug, or the ability to work around the ‘scrip with a NA-sourced homeopathic substitute. It is much more prudent to search out alternate supply streams now, than it would be after you run out of that heart, liver, kidney, or stroke med (or eye, ear, or topical med, too, FTM…)

  6. George …

    Major Correction … Not every asset class will crash …

    Money exiting commodities, equities, and crypto will flow into US debt instruments driving US debt interest rates much lower.

    The March 2020 Ten Year Note weekly fractal sequence is 30/75/72 of 74 weeks. The 72 of 74 week third fractal is composed of a 4/10/10 week series followed by a 8/19/17/10 of 12 week series. The final 4th fractal 12 week series starts on 5/11/2023 and is composed of a 8/19/18/5 of 13 day series.

    The next 8 trading days would reasonably complete a 1981-82 13/30 year first and second fractal series, interpolated within the US hegemony 1807 36/90/90/54 year series with its 90 year third fractal asset (composite equity and crypto)valuation peak on 8 November 2021. Historical terminal 2x-2.5x area 30 year second fractal nonlinearity would result in both sudden and huge declines in equity and commodity prices.

    The Fed will likely do something unexpected at the 25-26 July 2023 meeting.

    • Fair point G-Man – I overlooked that. Too eager to generalize when caffeine levels are suboptimal. Like we say in the South (Texas) “The Bonds Shall Rise Again.”

    • What stops the fractal from extending?

      1981. Reagan said he was going to leave the kids “liberty” to be whatever. He got that right! And we don’t have to decorate cakes.

      Address to the Nation on the Economy – February 1981

      “We can leave our children with an unrepayable massive debt and a shattered economy, or we can leave them liberty in a land where every individual has the opportunity to be whatever God intended us to be. All it takes is a little common sense and recognition of our own ability. Together we can forge a new beginning for America.

      Thank you, and good night.”

      Note: The President spoke at 9:02 p.m. from the Oval Office at the White House. His remarks were broadcast live on radio and television.

      Another fractal probably started August, 1971.

      “Prosperity without war requires action on three fronts: We must create more and better jobs; we must stop
      the rise in the cost of living; we must protect the dollar from the attacks of international money speculators.”

      “I will propose to provide the strongest short-term incentive in our history to invest in new machinery and
      equipment that will create new jobs for Americans: a 10 percent Job Development Credit for 1 year,
      effective as of today, with a 5 percent credit after August 15, 1972. This tax credit for investment in new
      equipment will not only generate new jobs; it will raise productivity; it will make our goods more
      competitive in the years ahead.”

      – Richard Nixon

  7. Thanks for the update on timing of supplements. I hadn’t given that a lot of thought. I am on a fairly similar regiment to you and Elaine but have added in Taurine. Some excellent reviews. I look and feel ten years younger than I am.

    Can’t agree with you more on the magic pill. So many people continue to look for it while wolfing down McDonalds or Burger King and laying on the couch watching TV and their waste grow. Won’t bore everyone here by going over the list again but good health and longevity is a salad of doing things right and consistently.

    Quit smoking
    Good and regular sleep
    Good diet
    Good supplementation
    Social interaction (for me this includes hanging out with the excellent group of posters on this site).

    Thanks to all of you.

  8. ha! this is funny.

    so i checked my tickets.

    i had the exact all 6 numbers on my powerball ticket.

    i had the exact all 6 numbers on my mega millions ticket.

    the problem is all 6 matching numbers on my powerball ticket match the draw for the mega millions. and all 6 exact numhers on my mega millions ticket match for tonights drawing of the powerball.

    im not even joking.




    this is soooooo funny, i dont care who you are. i picked the right numbers for both drawings. i just put them on the opposite tickets they were drawn for.

    my powerball numbers match the mega millions jackpot and my mega millions numbers match the powerball drawing. exact matches.



    im laughing so hard i have tears streaming down my face!

    blue is red and red is blue???. i knew this fucking change of stance by the demicrats acting like republicans now and the republicans acting like the demicrats. and the mirror you guys were all talking about. fack!


    sooo funny!

  9. well, what do ya do. hahahahahahhahaha

    something else will present itself.

    i did eat an atomic cookie today at atomic days in arco idaho.


    so funny!


  10. i found 2, one oz gold cugarans couple days ago too. i pulled over to piss on the side of the road and there was 2 gold cugarans laying there. i said cooool thanks DUDE!

    so i knew i had the powerball and the mega millions numbers right. and i did!!

    over a billion dollars! whooh!

    except, i put the numbers on the opposit tickets.



    hmmmmmm. meditate and see what see in the morning.

  11. you know what i was going to do with some of the money George?

    i was going to run Brewster campaign ad for the us elections in 2024. dont vote for any of these clowns! vote none of the above!


  12. FDA Purges NMN From the List of Supplements

    Reversing its own earlier decision, the FDA has informed an NMN manufacturer that the molecule can no longer be marketed as part of dietary supplements. Another company that is testing NMN as a drug probably contributed to the decision

    In December 2021, Metro International Biotech, a startup pharmaceutical company, wrote to the FDA: “As a company that has instituted publicly available clinical trials on ß-NMN, we request that FDA take the preclusion provision … seriously to protect the rights of companies that have spent significant time and research to develop drug products from competition from dietary supplements”.

    Metro International Biotech, co-founded by Rajendra Apte and David Sinclair…

    Get it while you can…

    • Yeah, I saw that coming, and stocked up on NMN while I could. Should be enough to last me till I die… looking significantly younger!

    • This is most disturbing Ray but makes sense, doesn’t it? With 15 different versions of the COVID virus floating around and mutating every day, it may well be building its own ethnically targeted end point on the fly.

      Why use a nuclear device to destroy the enemy and suffer the fallout on your own population? This ethnically targeted virus and the targeted EMP grid shutdown are cleaner and far more efficient.

      RFK Junior will be targeted as a conspiracy theorist but so were those that claimed 3 years ago that the Wuhan virus came from a lab and not a pangolin,

      We should never misunderstand the term “Gain of Function” virus research. It is done by humans and not nature and it is done with an end purpose in mind. It does no widespread damage until it leaves the lab.

      • “RFK Junior will be targeted as a conspiracy theorist”

        He already has [been]. He gave a speech a day or three ago where he quoted a Cleveland Clinic finding that SARS CV-19 affected Chinese and Ashkenazi Jews less than other ethnicities and Caucasians and Blacks, more than other ethnicities. The ADL and a bunch of others are now calling him an anti-Semite, in addition to the “conspiracy freak” label they’ve hung on him for years. The media doesn’t care about the Cleveland Clinic study. I doubt you’ll see it mentioned, nor Bobby’s entire quote, except possibly at Breitbart or Revolver.

        The interesting part, to me anyway, is he’s reiterating what Putin said, over a year ago, at the U.N., for which he was roundly panned by the Assembly and his quote conveniently “lost” by the US/EU media.

        Things are only “conspiracy theory” until they’re proven, either true or false. I find it somewhat disconcerting that over the last several years, such theories have proven up far too often…

    • (deleted by admin) – links were compromised, jacked and we don’t tolerate that.

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