The 45-day Technical Picture

I bet you’re wondering what’s ahead of the economy, don’t you?

Well, not to worry, mon ami, we have the answers.  A discussion from Robin Landry who has missed all the big declines like 2008/2009 and 1987 and 2001… and of course our own Trading Model which signaled the present downturn nicely by going to cash on July 3rd.

So here we go…just a few headlines but then a serious drill-down into what to expect in the next 45-days.

Oh, and I didn’t mention, but in the pictures of the bullet holes in my airplane, those pictures are all looking UP from the bottom of the airplane…some people weren’t clear on that.  Yes, I was laying on the hangar floor taking the pics and no one called Greenpeace.

Reader Note: I’ve been invited to chat with George Noory again on Coast to Coast AM on Monday night/Tuesday morning.  It will screw up my sleep pattern, but it’s always fun to chat with George and I expect we’ll have lots of call-in time, too.  Like they used to say – “Check local listings.”

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2 thoughts on “The 45-day Technical Picture”

  1. Any chance it could be made from a pellet rifle? They are pretty powerful these days and mine generates about 1100 fps.

    • I doubt that a pellet rifle could deliver more than one shot in the group at 1100fps. The airplane would be out of range for the second shot.

      I tend to think the shotgun theory is most likely. Regardless, we don’t need crazies shooting at any aircraft. I do hope law enforcement can get this one handled.

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