The $144 Lunch

As we expected, the Labor JOLTS report came in hotter than expected and that just about puts a nail in the Fed having to raise rates at the end of the month.

To quote from the report:

“The number of job openings increased to 9.6 million on the last business day of August, the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics reported today. Over the month, the number of hires and total separations changed little at 5.9 million and 5.7 million, respectively. Within separations, quits (3.6 million) and layoffs and discharges (1.7 million) changed little. This release includes estimates of the number and rate of job openings, hires, and separations for the total nonfarm sector, by industry, and by establishment size class.

Job Openings

On the last business day of August, the number and rate of job openings increased to 9.6 million +690,000) and 5.8 percent, respectively. Over the month, job openings increased in professional and business services (+509,000), finance and insurance (+96,000), state and local government education (+76,000), nondurable goods manufacturing (+59,000), and federal government (+31,000).”

The effect on markets was – as expected – a blip to the downside.

Of course, the reality is government spending is driving most of the economic growth, because who else has money, anymore?  Still, it is what it is.

The problem is whether the market will be able to find the strength this week to get above the long-term trend line which defines the Wave 2 rally we have been in since mid 2022.

Sadly, with the first leg down on the JOLTS report, we did drop under the line so now comes the question “Can we rally?”

For us?

We popped into an index short ETF in the preopen at $15.96 and out at $16.12, which is where the lunch money came from. But when I looked, it was still running ($16.32…yikes!) so I left almost $200 on the table.

There’s an old saying about letting your winners run, but it directly conflicts with the saying about “pigs get slaughtered.”

Working on that.

Off to do real work around here now…

Write when we get rich,

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24 thoughts on “The $144 Lunch”

  1. Word of the day G – REJECTION

    BTC got rejected at 128dma & 200dma @$28k – Sellsellsell – or HODL
    $23k is on the way – not looking good short term.
    Might wanna get ready to catch some falling knives (BTD)..can it be any worse than being a German living in Germany right now ?
    Nat Gas consolidates at around $3 as Winter comes..Brrrrrr

    Gold is a BUYBUYBUYBUYBUYBUYBUYBUYBUY this AM @ 10:10AM hmmmm lets call it a reversal!

    Market looks ugly, as USD looks like it is topping – correction pending..

    Oh my Volatility incoming.

    darth swab takes one in the keister (where he likes it) from Slovaks/election. Crying in his andrenochrome this afternoon.

  2. Feels close, doesn’t it? Each day seems like a tick on the clock. Excruciating, for any Typical American with a regulation dose of impatience. Time itself seems to have bated breath. We anticipathe the shoe to drop.

    …any time, now. …any time now.

    In the past, I’ve hinted that an “Armageddon Radio Cicuit” could use a test.

    Why not today and tonight? Good as any other time.
    Considering Unce Sam’s Big Alert Test on Oct 4th at 14:20 EST, and Father Ivan’s similar test announced for the next day — time and “channel” unknown to me — maybe NOW is a pretty good moment for a test.

    I’ll tune in 7.299 LSB from 1300 EST to 1800 EST today, and I’ll tune to 3.999 LSB from 1800 to — later, possibly after midnight. I’ll do my best. Be advised BOTH channels are occasionally used for other nets – 7295 AM is poplular around lunchtime, and 3.999 has a brainy talkative and interesting group on in the evenings often. So best to avoid them, and just observe and await a quiet period. Both channels are otherwise lightly used.

    I’ll make a call, as I am able, on the xx:15 and the xx:45.
    I’ll either be dead-nuts on time and on-frequency, or not at all. The call will be, “Calling the MorningStar Net, this is Kilo Whisky One Bravo.” ONCE ONLY, and then resume my listening. Check-in will be, “MorningStar, this is [callsign phonetically].” If I hear, I will immediatly reply. (Interconnection directly with any other heard station will be fine as well. Feel free.)
    I write this at 13:55 Oct 3 as I tune to 7.299 LSB.

    Be interesting t see if anybody(s) connect.


    • Listened @ 1815 UTC here in the islands. No propagation. Will check throughout the day. Thanks!

      • Times quoted were EDST Eastern Daylight Saving Time — New York City Times. Not Universal Time.
        Dosn’t matter much — except propagation to Hawaii from North Carolina (where I am) on those two frequencies would be unlikely. Maybe you’ll turn up other islanders, or westcoast mainland.

        40 meters. late. ANYthing is possible.


  3. Holy Cow! this is a comment for the record books.

    first off,
    Im on a new crew at the Mines. We are litterally building a haul road between to mountain peaks. (which is funny because my last name litterally means Stone Mountai. -> Im working at 1.52 M above sea level. By compairson, The City of Seattle is 172 feet above sea level. You can see the clowds below us. When clouds vanished today for a little bit, there was big herd of cattle that looked like ants way down in the valley. Pretty freaking Cool.

    the forman says to me today. i need you to train this other fella how to drive that. i said why, did i mess up? he said no no. we need another fella trained on that because ya just never know when a Mans gotta go. he’s gotta go. sometimes there is a higher calling for me. i said i doubt that. we are a mile and a half above sea level. you dont get much higher than that. he laughed.

    all the songs on the FM radio today were about dreams and wishes coming true.

    this is where it gets super interesting George.

    i got home from work today and figured id take a nap. as soon as my head hit the pillow i was out.

    then i heard wake up! wake up Andy! she is almost here.

    so i sat up and i was sitting in a burnt orange colored Newer Dodge Demon. i looked in the rearview mirror to see who was talking to me. it was me in the mirror. i was wearing a trucker ball cap with a Rooster on it that said Cock. lol.
    i looked down and there was my coffee cup full of coffee and a pack of marlboro reds. the voice frol the back seat said we dont have much time to talk.

    i looked back there and there was a big fluffy tabby Main Coon Cat sitting in the back seat. and a couple AR-15s, some Amo and a case of drinking water and a big black toat bag.

    i said ohhh im hearing shit. The big Cat said my name is Aloysius, todays date is july 25th 2024. you are in Sana Anna, Caliornia sitting in 7-11 Parking lot. you need to pay attention. we dont have much time to talk she will be here any minute. remember as much of this as you can. every detail.

    This is not a dream. This is a premintion of sorts. so pay attention.

    the world trajectory has been altered to place you here in this moment, in this exact car a 2022 Dodge Demon, on this exact day, at the exact location which Santa Anna. the time is 1029am. in 4 hours a nuclear bomb will go off in Los Angelous and several other cities in the US and around the world. it will completely decimate the city of LA.
    you must head east towards arizona then take off towards the southern tip of Nevada as soon as she comes out the store. do you understand? i said yes. he said she will know in nevada where to go. its an old place her tribe built thousands of years ago.

    it is safe place that has been provided for you and her and a few others that are all on their way there now. you must not leave that location for a period of 3 years. there is enough supplies there to last you all 10 years. cover the car with the silver tarp as soon as you arrive. do you understand.

    i said yes.

    i looked down and im in blue jeans and my justin cowboy boots. im wearing a Scorpions Concert T-shirt with the sleves cut off, that says winds of change on it.

    in the consol is that green spider that ukraining super model gave me back stage at the scorpions concert. *i still have that.

    i said was it russia? he said it was A.I. because A.I after analyzing countless pattern trajectories and countless alternative outcomes to the complete anhilation and wipe out of the entire Human Race found only this option as the most viable solution for survival . most humans will die globally but the Human Race will not be completely wiped out. i said fuck. he said you are too important to us to let die. you are a very valueable asset and have provided us great assistance.

    all the sudden,

    this chick whips open the passenger door and hops in. throws a couple cartons of cigs in the backseat. the cat meows and she says we gotta go we gotta go. buckles up and i start the car, get on the freeway and start driving.

    we drive for a while. its sunny out. she has long raven black hair, a sorta tribal head band on, a crochet looking half shirt on, a denum minni skirt, black pointy toed cowboy boots and is wearing a turquise necklace.

    she reaches up, grabs the fuzzy dice from the rear view mirror and toss them out the window. reaches up her skirt, takes off her panties and hanges them on the rear view mirror and says, There. much better.

    i laugh. im thinking who the fuck is this chick and how did i get here? i look in the mirror again and yep. its most certainly me. i look in the back seat and that big main coon cat is just staring at me

    i look out the window and we just passed the windmills on I-10. i glanced down at the speedometer and we are doing a hair under the 200 mph mark. the windows to the car are down and $100 bills start flying all around the car out of that black toat bag.

    she looks over at me grabs my chin and turns my face towards hers. looks me right in the eyes, holds her arm up and on her wrist is tattoed the symbol of the 4 corners.

    then kisses me on the mouth the turns on the radio in the car, and starts singing at the lungs to this song

    Save my life
    I’m goin’ down for the last time
    Woman with the sweet lovin’
    Better than a white line
    Bring a good feelin’
    Ain’t had in such a long time
    Save my life
    I’m goin’ down for the last time.

    then reaches over, hits the button on the seat and pushes it all the way back
    points at the clock, unzips my pants, pulls them down, climbs over into my lap, and whispers in my ear, i want to fuck you while i watch the world end behind us.

    she is riding me hard. whispers times up, she starts orgasming, and screams looook!

    i see the wind go rushing past us, the car moves lane to lane, shakes, i dropped down to 150mph, i look in the rear view mirror and see a mushroom cloud go up into the sky. i look over at the clock 239 pm.

    she grabs my knee and pushes it down on the gas pedal and says step on it Andy! Hammer down!

    i look in the mirror as she climbs back over to the passenger side seat. that big tabby main coon cat looks at me and says, remember this!

    the i woke up. and that song was playing in my head. and i havent heard that song in fucking decades.

    ~ Save my life
    I’m goin’ down for the last time
    Woman with the sweet lovin’
    Better than a white line ~

    the thing is. i hadnt heard that song in 20+ years. i didnt even know the name of it. i had to look it up by the lyrics that were playing when i wokr up. i didnt even know who sang it.

    the band who sings that song is named Head East. and i was on I-10 heading east and moving very very very fast.

    i looked at the clock when i Woke up. i had only been asleep for 15 minutes. the dream was so real i had no idea know where i was when i woke up. i actually thought when i woke up that this was the dream and that was reality. pretty wikd eh?

    que: ~ never been any reason ~

    head east

    • 7/25/24. A new apocalyptic worry date. And it came from a talking dream Maine Coon cat no less. Sounds officious to me. Thanks for sharing Andy. So, are you guys going to refer to this as the 7/24, or by the full date?

      • Is this like a football pool? I’ll put a dollar on August 21, 2024 (unless somebody else already bought that square) just because I like that date.

      • i dont know dude the thing i remembered this morning was. all the people i saw were walking around aimelessly. like internal gps was off. i seen people walking into walls and car fronts. like everyone was confused. some people were just standing there hunched over. the very few people who wernt confused looking had fear in their eyes and were rushing around grabbing stuff and driving super fast.

        when i got on the interstate there was hardly any cars on it. i think i saw 20 cars total. and they were all hauling ass. i did see a motorcycle cop in front of 3 state troopers and 2 big black Suburbans following them with 3 more cop cruisers behind them when we first got on i-10 also heading east. they were hauling ass.

        doing like a 140mph ish. i blew by them like they were standing still. they didnt even blink their lights. i think i was doing 190 when i passed them.

        i do remember telling that cat, i wouldnt have picked this car. because of the name. he said it was picked for me, i was told to buy it because its a heavy car and had the go power.

        the fastest ive ever been in a car is 180mph. i dont know if ya ever gone that fast in a car. but its pretty scary. you heart is pounding at that speed.

        i also rememeber we didnt have any cell phones on us. no phones in the car at all. i didnt see one phone. there was an old school thomas guide map book in the pocket behind the passenger seat. i remember that too. thinking back i hadnt seen an old school thomas guide map book in years.

        i been tripping about it all day. it was super real. not like a dream. more real than a dream.

        i dont know man. i hardly ever rememeber my dreams. the last dream i remember having i brought a golden spoon back from it. remember that. i was styring my coffee and a big eagle was talking to me on the porch of a mansion and woke up with the same spoon in my hand. and nobody in the house has ever seen it before nor knew where it came from. id never seen it before that day. i still have it.

        i styr my coffee with it every day. lol.

        i dont hardley ever remember my dreams and i was told to wake up in this whatever it was. and i was told you are not having a dream. this is not a dream. this is a preminition of sorts.

        hmmm. so, im not sure.

        not much more to say than that.

        i was thinking about that coin i found tho. and i remembered that old thing that was on a forum. “dialog with hidden hand.” illuninati insider, hidden hand speaks.

        the hand with an eye in the middle of the palm made me think of that, on the side of the coin that says, Yes!

        the words Yes! and No! are written like way back in the day old old english where they said stuff like thouest and tither and used words like blythe and stuff like that. like old english caligraphy. written like that.

        anyways. durring writting this i got a notification just now by X, (formerly twitter) from a zero hedge that said,

        game over!

        so there ya go. make up your own mind. think for yourself.

        • “Thee” and “thou,” “hither” and “yon,” etc. are commonly used today by the Amish, Mennonites, and Quakers of various sects. They are a holdover from “Old English” that is considered “more-poetic” than modern English, and are used in conversation to express a form of filial intimacy which we reserve mostly for our immediate family. I don’t speak it, but I grew up in a household where it was common…

          I don’t know whether any secret societies (like the Masons) use old English today. They would have, 400 years ago, but your coin isn’t that old. Could this Christian sect “filial intimacy” thing have a significance to you in some way?

      • its an abrupt end. its different than anything i have seen in the future prior.

        if the screen shot on my X account that tells you who the last two presidents are and about the mention of panamah by trump in his tucker carlson interview etc etc. before trump won the republican nomination in 2016. on 04/19/2016 i mentioned japan economy collapsing which is currently happeninng with a 294% debt over GDP ratio.

        what ever my experiance was it means an ebrupt end.

        i have never been given dates and times before. only events and how they unfold.

        the entire experiance above. is unique in ocourance. its never happened before.

        it would be certainly unwise to not take notice about it. after all, i found a 9mm bullet exactly 30 days before it went missing from a hidden gun at a stadium. i even sent the picture of the bullet to george before it was found missing from a gun 30 days later.

        and ive seen way more woo wooh stuff than just those i mentioned.

        it was certainly a unique occurance/ experiance.

        and that is the date they gave me.

        i always want the world to prosper, the criminals to be caught, justice to prevail and people to live happy long successful lives.

        i stopped predicting the future and almost didnt say anything on here. i prefer not say anything about it.

        you know one thing that came to me late night driving trains. pay attention to how people react. what they say and how they speak to you. it tells you way more than what they say.


        • Let’s dissect your vision a bit.
          The Cat in the back was definitely a novel device. Can’t say I have ever heard of an apocalyptic vison, and I have heard quite a few, with a Cat as narrator. The babe, the car, the AR’s and the high-speed run are definitely vintage personal trademark Andy. Boy howdy, I want a Cat like that.
          On to logistics. So why not go a day or two early? And why are you at ground zero at t – 4 hrs?
          The technical part that caught my eye was 3 years isolation at a remote site. Was that ten years total supplies (3 + 7), or was that 3 + 10? That is major league next-level prepping, either way.
          Was there any name given to the AI(s)?

          Not picking at you; personal visions aren’t to be ridiculed. I am glad you shared. I’m a detail-oriented logistics plan-ahead sort, so I ask nit-picky questions.

        • “i stopped predicting the future and almost didnt say anything on here. i prefer not say anything about it.”

          Bear in-mind, the Oracle from The Matrix.

          Perhaps you are not always given an accurate truth, but are instead, told what you need to hear, to find that truth for yourself. Perhaps the “TRUTH” is found somewhere like here, when you receive feedback on a personal totem or revelation from people who are FTMP more diverse, knowledgeable, open-minded, and generally less-judgemental than most. What you find here may be of no more value than what you would find at someplace like GLP or X, but you’d have to sift a lot less chaff at one of George’s sites than elsewhere.

          If you are fleeing a “ground zero” ahead of an atomic attack, the significance might be not your flight nor the preparations which were made, but that you were called to be in that place, at that time.

          My gift to you, is to tell you to look at things which might be prophetic, from all angles and perspectives, not just the one which is obvious.

    • Andy, what made AI do the calculation?

      What precipitated that AI action?

      Was it man made? Wars, viruses, poisonings, any man made or man caused total destructions?

      Outside of solar system threat to mankind?

      Alien threat?

      What could cause an AI calculation to EVER JUSTIFY a world-wide slaughter of innocent human beings?

      Why even model that killing model?

      • Don’t mean to answer for Andy, but you do know the “Prime Directive” is fictional and that often, econometric models will offer unacceptable outcomes to humans>?

        For example, if you have a world that is our of balance and you want nature to reestablish its long-running evolution, then one of the simple ways of doing this is to reduce the total headcount in the world. If you’re one of those chosen to survive, great. But AI can be programmed in such a way as to calculate very anti-human things. Some people are capable of this thinking and well (see Hitler, for one). He used what he believed was solid data, and then came to a conclusion not acceptable to those not already insiders in his club, so to speak.
        This is a repeating fact of humans. We go along OK, but every so often someone or something comes along that is outside the norms and which disgusts us personally. In that event, [whatever] is not popular. So, it gets locked up or killed.
        The difficulty many really smart people have is that they can see both views crystal clear – and we’re blessed that most of them have enough of a moral compass to avoid sliding down into the abyss of terror.
        History is full of killing fields, and whether by The Kahn or the Fuhrer or (fill in the blanks), outrage springs from the heart. It doesn’t spring from the equations.
        The outraged are the people on the wrong side of the equation, most times.
        Not a popular answer, but it’s the math answer.
        Humans (at the heart/belief level) are generally qualitative in nature. The math is quantitative. (Life is comprised of both)
        The divide is in how people mediate their mental/emotional/qualitative with the math/quantitative calcs.

        • Thank you, George, so the programmers programmed their version of End Times into the AI?

          Pretty easy and pretty diabolical.

          Who said, “it used to be easier to control a million people than kill them and now it is easier to kill a million people.”

          So those people, the very same people who funded Hitler, Roosevelt, Churchill, Mao, etc., etc., etc., have figured out a way to kill multiple of billions?

          Oh you think those psychos acted on their own impulses, rising from the ranks of humanity to kill?

          I don’t.

          So AI is gonna be the scapegoat?

          Andy, what other cities besides LA?

          What can a human do to protect from this?

          Seems to me, it isn’t the earth kicking us off and killing us off for some perceived slight on a planet over 5 billion years old.

          It sounds like the WEF and its ILK have decided this is an easier way to reduce populations than killer vaccines, viruses, diseases, man-made famines, poisoning the food and water supplies, and all the other deviant destructive experiments they have been foisting on the innocents, including their radiations these last many years causing cancers and other illnesses and disorders.

          A way to easily kill billions of useless eaters and all they gotta do is hide-a-way for 3 years, until it’s all clear to come out of their underground bunkers.

          No, the earth is not sloughing mankind off, it’s the evilist Satanists doing their biggest and baddest burnt offering.

      • Seriously? I go back to The Matrix.

        “Humans are a virus…”

        The idea is revolting to most of us, but in a world that’s run by machines [which are] programmed to protect themselves against viri, given the introduction of AI (or even “pseudo” artificial intelligence), it does not require much of a leap in logic to see the AI define Homo Sap as a virus WRT the ecosystem of Earth, as a whole. Frankly, it all depends on the skill of the programmers, and more-importantly, their personal honesty and morals…

    • A few thoughts. The dream setting and plot line seem to be alluding to the new sci-fi movie “The Creator”, released on September 29 (929). Even if you haven’t seen or heard about the movie, it is bubbling around in the collective consciousness. Plot summary “In 2055, an artificial intelligence created by the U.S. government detonates a nuclear warhead over Los Angeles, California. In response, the U.S. and its Western allies pledge to eradicate AI from the earth in order to prevent humanity’s extinction.”

      That’s just the stage setting, but to my mind the key points are the date, time and location. And even more importantly, this – YOU are not the driver. After all, you’re sitting in the back seat – a passenger, a back-seat driver. A dream slip is like a mind meld with another conscious being where you experience their reality in the dreamscape. When we experience a dream slip we pack a bag of familiar effects to comfort us, just as we do when travelling here. Your coffee, marlboros, clothes and so on bond you to the dream realm and allow you to stay there longer. Maybe the driver (let’s call him D) is at ground zero at t – 4 hrs because he is the perpetrator of the event at Santa Ana? He set the wheels in motion and knows exactly how much time it will take to flee to a safe location. Had you looked in the mirror you would have seen his face – the face of a complete stranger.

      Now you need to contemplate why you were guided to this vision? Who is D? Perhaps you should ask the Cat??

  4. Made lunch with airfare…..Alcapoco, caviar, lobster Thermadore, and Dom Perione, overlooking the divers diving off the cliffs!! Bon Appetite!! Double Oh-Seven would be proud. Unloaded 75% at one hour prior to close.

    • Caviar… OMG… that is almost as good as Vegamite….. (NOT) LOL LOL LOL…I think Peanut butter and ritz crackers would be the best thing LOL… LOL or maybe peanut butter and cheese.. they make a squirt cheese that comes in many flavors that is dam tasty on crackers.. but fish eggs.. Its as good as the Kopi Luwak LOL LOL
      the story of Kopi Luwak was the owners of the coffee plantation didn’t think the workers were worthy enough to have coffee.. so they said anything they found.. cats ate it then the digestive acids went and digested the berry meat around it and the cats excreted it .. the workers would wash the berries .. then roasted them and everyone liked it.. the digestive acids did something to the berries..
      Similarly… Vegimite has a lot similar story it is a yeast cake vegitable butter.. (YUCK)
      2 cups of Brewer’s yeast (top fermentation from a brewery or your home made beer making wash it and filter it so it is clean yeast cake )
      A little sea salt
      1 onion, diced
      2 carrots, diced
      1 turnip, diced
      1/2 celery stick, diced
      1) Put 2 cups of brewer’s yeast with a little salt, in a bain-marie. Simmer at blood heat, 98 to 99 degree f for ten hours or overnight.
      2) Then simmer this mixture at 150degrees f for 2 to 3 hours.
      3) Boil at low temperature for half an hour. (In the factory they have a special machine for this, or you could ascend a mountain of 10,000ft, to achieve low altitude boiling or use a suise vide )
      4) Filter though coffee papers or a sieve and cheesecloth or use your cheese strainer
      5) Let it cool for a day or so. It separates further.
      6) Filter again.
      7) You then want to convert it to a paste. This is best achieved by putting it in a large flat pan and simmering. , you can simply leave the pan on the lid for a few hours. Keep an eye on the mixture stirring occasionally.. season it to your taste.
      if you want to make caviar ( I won’t ever make it I did make vegamite for a co-worker from austrailia that married a friend of mine )

  5. oh she was wearing peacock feather earings. and on one shoulder she had the Aunk tattood. and in the center consol was also laying smith and wesson 44 mag revolver, a lighter that had the image of an ice creme cone on it, a box of tictacs and that strange coin i found couple weeks ago.

    that coin i found is very old. one oz silver coin. it has on one side the grim reaper with wings and the word No! and on the otherside the sun, the moon and a hand with an eye in the middle of it and says Yes!

    its a trippy coin. i asked some people about it and they said they never seen anything like it. a coin guy said it had to be a custom made coin. the coin guy said it definently made of silver. it has no mint markings. some made it. he has never heard of anything like it.

    just one of those strange ~Finger prints of God ~i find. someone leaves those things along my path for me to find.

    well, on to the tippy top of the Mountains to drive Giant Tonka Trucks. its a different world up there. the really weird part is, there is no birds up there. i noticed that. no birds. lol. or bugs. so weird.

    have an amazing week. i know i will.

  6. two of my shamman buddies said its a fate coin. its a magical coin. very old. like something cezar would flip to decide if the gladiators died. lol.

    i kicked it not seeing it and it flipped over a couple times so i walked over to see what it was that i kicked on the ground and it was laying there with the Yes! side up.

    pretty cool.

    you know me. i always find weird stuff. from skate boards laying in the bushes out in the middle of nowhere with no houses for miles and nobody on the road for miles and miles to magic fate coins to really old golden master keys. lol

  7. whoooaa. i just looked and my odimeter on my car says


    and the tripometer reads

    360.0 miles.

    full circle.

    ~we are right on schedule. ~

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