"The 100-Year Toaster" (Ch. 4)

Lies about Money and Labor.  There are a couple of axioms that we roll through not to mention the various kinds of “money” out there.  World does great at optimizing senseless digits.  But average work-hours to live numbers?  Forgetaboutit!

Our current fave is pseudo-money – the made-up diggery digital spunk.  Which, if you argue the point means you don’t know the carbon footprint of bit-mining. Rape resource to make-up hash codes?  AYSM?  That  makes crypto-fallacies the most environmentally damaging industrial waste (with the least return) ever invented by mankind.

A few headlines before going full-spleen today, but eventually we made the ultimate “Environmentalist Observation:”  The whole world has gone wild resource-stripping because we are optimizing “money” (and digits) instead of “minimizing labor.”  Stupid choice, ain’t it?  But we are a what kind of society?  Anti-smart.

(Which may explain why we are all busting-butt for 90-hours a week just to break-even.  Not our fault, except for the part where we fail to challenge the crooked business model imprinted on us from birth.  As we shall elucidate upon momentarily…

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George Ure
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20 thoughts on “"The 100-Year Toaster" (Ch. 4)”

  1. No George we aren’t anti-smart we are stupid and as they say you can’t fix stupid, but then again after years and years of propaganda what can you expect.Now we elect the same old worn out corrupt faces back to congress term after term, and ask ourselves why things never change,we know that the whole financial system is a sham to benefit the billionaire club, Trumps whole visit to the U.K. was nothing more that a photo shoot for re-election as he threatens more wars in the Mid-East to play to his supporters in the South that’s waiting for the second coming.

    I was reading that back in 2011 in a GOA report that they (the Fed./Central Bank) shoveled out over $16 trillion dollars to banks in England,Germany, Scotland, Ireland and only God knows who else,while homeless camps were only beginning to bloom all over the countryside, and the rest are working from can to can’t to put food on the table and a roof over their heads while the t.v. is busy blaming the other guy.!!!

    • Right on!! And what is ignored is that we need a stable ***money supply*** (adjusted for population growth :-)) regardless of what some economists proclaim. Money supply issues created most of the problems we face today in our world. JMHO!!

    • “the whole financial system is a sham”
      “as they say you can’t fix stupid,”

      DJT is trying to fix things unfortunately.. the first two above is what he is fighting with.. a system that is controlled by forces to powerful to break away from.. and the fact that it is hard to fix stupid.. especially since we have worked so hard to dumb down our society..
      working to long of hours trying to make it.. they believe the crap that is scripted..


      I love the fact that we are following the fairy tale.. w

      • Remember in the early days of the con, journos (if’n you can call ’em such_) go9t paid BTC to write favorable about BTC…what could go wrong, right?

  2. Thanks for doing the work on Ch. 4 this morning. Looks like 2 or 3 semesters in Grad school. Great job.

  3. Specious, Deceitful, Fake News, Fear-Uncertainty-Doubt – Four for 4!

    Great topic, insightful discourse – but puuuhlease don’t try to “Snow the Snowman” on Crypto.

    Lets put on our thinking caps and start “chewing”..

    Every time U use a Debit Card, backed by fiat currency the Transaction must pass thru thousands of large Data Centers that Process data and extensive fraud detection.Running 24/7 – just ONE cost heavy factor that stands behind fiat currency use, just one.

    Not a currency according US Govt./IRS.

    How much is consumed/costs to mine one ounce of Gold or Silver, Copper, Iron..?

    How much does it cost to draw one barrel of Oil out of the ground, refine, transport and sell?

    * As Bitcoins’ software continues to Improve and Evolve the perceived energy consumption issues ARE being phased out – already.

    The real truth of the matta that G & Dept 133 don’t want to know anytime soon – Bitcoin/Litecoin has the Potential to be the MOST Efficient way to conduct transactions on a global scale.

    No Bitcoin for U !

    • Seriously? Have you look at the wasted energy it takes to make a hash code and mine one of these suckers? ISYN, anyone who is supporting any of the “wastes of mie” can’t read or comprehend environmental damage…truly the stupid pigs of the world.

      Bitcoin mining consumes more energy than 159 countries

      And that’s when the payoff was lower.

      That’s energy pissed away and carbon blasted into the air that could be put to useful HUMAN ends. ISYN anyone who is in cryptos is killing the environment… says the tree farmer who went grid tied solar in 2008 and walks the talk on his carbon sequestering tree farm…

      • Seriously -Sighted source..Fake News.

        “Newsie” my butt – try “shockjock’

        Data sources are old, red herring type story using old,

        bad data. Carbon argument is silly – U should stop for plausibility reasons..

        The old, moldy $ system (script for slaves) is still killing it with transaction energy wastes – Finite # BTC’s …hashing costs will be cost averaged down to near 0 over time.

        Wasted?? Bitcoin is trading at $7600 this AM.. FMTT

        • Why that’s down $1,000 from a week or two back, isn’t it?
          Meantime it’s all because it’s a self-feeding frenzy because as one site notes about earning btc “/…you even can earn it by playing video games or by publishing blog posts on platforms that pay its users in crypto….”
          Lemme see – write about cryptos and get…cryptos! And without disclosures. F who to tears?
          Digital money changers the whole lot of ’em. Time to turn over their tables.

          And what is the value of an irreplicable hashcode? I can make ’em up all day…any bit length you want. Juss me and Excel and a few minutes of macros… what a joke!

        • And as it says here “The price drop in the cryptocurrency has had a surprise benefit of reducing the amount of environmental damage Bitcoin is creating ” https://www.compelo.com/bitcoin-energy-consumption/

          As the price goes up, so does the cost to the environment.

          I can put $8000 onto a paper check and pass it off to someone with far less environmental damage than a BTC…whast in God’s name are you people on?> Perpetual motion machines, too?

          I’d like some of that magic free lunch. I have a hard enough time trying to eek out 50% a real in the real world…

      • Patience…Sherlock and his friends appear to have some leads…


  4. I just can’t figure out how to stay unemployed reaping from Mr. Market. HELP!

    Distilled, is it all educated “best guess” work? Trading in and out throughout the week, for me – it’s guessing.


    Here’s a link to presumably all the “AI ETFs”.


    If I understand correctly, UBOT “holdings” are in “BOTZ”.

    UBOT Holdings

    All 2 Holdings
    Global X Robotics & Artificial Intelligence Thematic ETF (BOTZ) – 93.90%
    Cash Component – 6.10%


    BOTZ actually has holdings – but these are the same stocks in other ETFs/Index funds:

    Mitsubishi Electric Corp (6503:TYO)
    Intuitive Surgical Inc (ISRG)


    To me appears there are many channels – buying the same stocks.


    • Impressive links, IMO. You’re correct with most of what you’ve said. If I had to choose I’d go with the best YTD performer, and that is no investment advice!!

  5. George, in an ideal society where the government takes as little off the top as necessary to perform its essential functions and only those, specialization of effort and skills can have a real benefit. Since this is intermediated by money, usually fiat, there’s a strong incentive to disperse any work effort to many different specialties. In the case of a real economy, with licensing, insurance, regulations, graduated income tax/VAT, overhead and inefficient bureaucratic governments, it often makes far more sense to DIY as much as possible yourself, and of course repair what you already own. Rather than pushing your personal wealth increase through the narrow constriction of intermediating money and a gamut of grabby hands along the way, you can bypass much of such need by simply going from raw materials to result. For instance, you’re cold. You can go to “work”, wherever and whatever that may be, get paid in money less taxes, find a woodcutter who will cut wood and deliver it, and then start a fire and get warm. Remember that the woodcutter must pay taxes, insurance, license and fuel, so that will be added to the price above and beyond his profit. Therefore you are paying taxes twice plus all the woodcutter’s expenses and his profit, and must do so from your net income, whatever that is. Alternatively, you can go to your back 40 and cut deadfall every year and stay warm, along with cutting costs for the gym you don’t need anymore since you’re getting that workout for free. Thinking this way distorts the utility of macro numbers such as GDP, but increases individual quality of life far more than being ONLY a wage slave. Of course, some things require fiat, but the goal is to broaden the channel of value acquisition, not simply increase the flow rate in a fixed and fickle one.

    Your discussion of toasters is fascinating. My choice has always been Cylon #8:


  6. I never had time to get serious about crypto, but I’d consider mining it if I had energy(potential excess from solar or wind) that would otherwise be wasted. Why not heat your house with ASIC cards? Of course, actually using fuel at any level to create energy just to run a miner is ecologically faulty, even though it might exploit a market discontinuity.

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