“The 100-Year Toaster” (Ch. 12)

Down to the “Concept Corral” as we model the future this week. Our approach, as with all research, is to review what is known and then construct a filtering process on several levels.

This is a useful exercise because it can turn into a wellspring of good ideas.  Or, in the case of coming up with a non-planet-wrecking economic system to replace the one in power now, it can at least get us on the path to asking the “right questions” about our dilemma.

After coffee, a few headlines, and of course the ChartPack.  Wherein we shall look ahead to what a collapse this fall could look like when we pass “End of the Replay of 1929” which might come as early as this coming week.

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George Ure
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31 thoughts on ““The 100-Year Toaster” (Ch. 12)”

  1. Grandpa Peaky Blinders, Y U gotta be so angry?

    1st- “well stick with forms of wealth that dont need power and the internet”.

    PM’s need power to mine and move, Ammo needs power to make, tobacco/MJ/booze – not so much – just sunlight and firewood.

    2nd- “cash at least in the short term doesnt spoil”. really ?

    No power = No Cash – cept what U can carry. Can you prove what you had in bank, treasury direct accounts, mutual fd accts..? Not unless U hard print account statements/balances every Friday..like the DaoBum does.

    odds U will get Ure wealth it back after SHTF scenario plays out? Hadry har har. Hope U can prove U own the house and property U sit on after a SHTF scenario.

    The DB has been Bullish Bitcoin FUNDAMENTALS since the very beginning – and still R – more so with each passing day.

    Everything is ENERGY – EVERYTHING..its electric baby!

    I knowz The Secret – and will not go astray.

    * as long as U B going down wabbit holes w/test tube aliens and project blue beam – how about REM Clone/Cloning..Enter Sandman..seen Brittney’s video smashing liquid filled human sized/human clone containing “test tubes”? signs and clues are everywhere..

    • DB

      EVERYTHING..Its electric baby!

      Including Bitcoin. Good luck making that work if an EMP hits fan.

    • PM’s need power to mine(in any real quantity) and move to market. After that you can hold them in your hand and even wear them. Ammo needs power to create(in quantity) and then is good for a very long time if stored properly. It certainly takes no power to use. Cash aka currency is quite portable and you can carry a million in a suitcase. BTC and any derivative, bond or stock is only as good as the counterparty, and today all of them require the net for transactions.

      Even food requires a lot of power to produce and transport(in quantity), but can be stored and eaten with little effort and no electric power.

      Real estate, aka “royal estate” exists through the police power of the state and the rules of commerce, or your ability to hold it against all comers. It’s hard to hide land.

  2. Two out three indicators went from positive to negative NASDAQ – NEGATIVE, DOW – NEGATIVE, S&P 500 – STILL POSITIVE.

    Next week the potential for trouble is at a high. Trump is a wild card and so is Iran. How nervous is Israel? Saudia Arabia is a non factor, they won’t do anything unless US Forces are right behind them. The Saudi’s are a pawn in this showdown.

    I am still positive long term unless things get totally out of hand. How much war is the US willing to tolerate? I think a lot. We are becoming like the Roman Legions. Citizens don’t want the bombs exploding while getting a Starbucks. It will ruin their day.

    • How nervous is Israel? You gotta be kidding! Israel is foaming at the mouth with anticipation! Maybe, JUST MAYBE, their latest intricate but easily spotted false flag might finally end up in the climax of destroying IRAN!!!!! Israel wants AMERICAN MEN AND WOMEN to fight for them!!! Just like we always have!!!

      • That’s the left-wing or libtard-speak with some recent crossover into the patriot core at work, again (selling anti-Israel pap).

        While it’s true that Israel does want US help, this BS about wanting “American Men and Women to fight for them” is pure Marixist bullshit.

        They didn’t need much support in ’48, or in ’67, or in ’73. And, thanks to Dimona, they won’t need help to glass-over Iran if it comes to that. Plus, what the anti-Semites of the left don’t mention is that Israel support from the US largely comes in the form of FMS – foreign military sales. Where the “support to Israel” actually flips into America jobs as they buy things like advanced military hardware. We get the jobs and increase our exports. Like the Russians do with worldwide AK-47 sales.

        Now, this is not to say that Israel doesn’t stir the pot and add some spices of their own. Of course, but show me a country that doesn’t. They get things wrong, too. All countries do.

        The attack on the USS Liberty gets touted. But we only know part of that story, the unclas one, even now. We don’t like to think the US would be double-dealing or that we could be at times acting in ways that harm Israel’s interests, but that’s possible, too. Do you think there are pro-Palestine leftists in our own State Dept. or intelligence agencies? Hard to tell without complete, detailed knowledge. But, I wouldn’t bet against it, for damn sure.

        Iran has a history of helping countries like NK develop war-oriented tech and yeah, they’re spinning-up weapons-grade by third party reports. Then there’s Afghanistan which would never have been allowed to remain “in play” as long as it has were it not the source of major funds for the world’s criminal drug cartels from heroin poppies. Which would be easy to fix, except that a lot of that money, in turn, flows eventually (buffered by cut-outs) into the politisphere and black-budgets.

        But simplistic net-speak phrases like “false flag” and “Israel wants” really reveals a shameful lack of depth of analysis. There are no 10-words answers, anymore.

        Do I believe reports Israel has 30+ hours of phone sex eavesdropping on former pres. Clinton? Sure. Like I said, there are reports. And who OK’d super computers for China, hmmm?

        On the other hand, are Pakistan and Afghanistan the future of Chinese “belt and road” entre to the Middle East? The overland routes to their Africa investments? Is Iran aiding North Korean missile development? Russian reactors fueling more than lights in Iran? Are they resourcing attacks on the Saudis? Wouldn’t take any of those bets, sorry.

        And is stability and containment of an theocratic regime in global interests? Yeah, probably. In their foundational paperwork, lying to infidels (that’d be anyone not them) is totally OK. And then Russia steps up the propaganda to the ‘Merican left which will weigh things this way or that. Russia’s game is warm water ports. A reconstituted buffer zone, a kind of Moscow-left EU-lite.

        There are no “isolated situations” any longer. Everything is global, everything is modeled. Competition between business models wherever we look.

        Judgment’s an easy thing to do when it’s been distilled into a web-ready phrase that’s largely a lie, with just enough factual basis to get it past people’s rational scrutiny and then get it repeated on the web. Sound judgment? Well, that’s another matter entirely. The world is in a state of delicate balance…Which is why we claim (and I think provably so) that the web has been weaponized. Which makes predicting licensure to come easy-peasy.

        And if you don’t thoroughly comprehend all that, you’re carrying the water for someone else. Some other cause. And likely someone you haven’t even thought of when “peaceful wisdom” like this “…wants American men and women to fight for them..” is regurgitated without critical review of the battle-space and analysis of the cross-links and money trails.

        And “they always have”? Another subtle anti-Semitic implanted subtext in your thinking processes. America has bailed out both France and England twice (not counting the Cold War). Yet, have you noticed how when it comes to phrases like “…they always have…” these are never painted on the Brits or the French? Stick to the data. Read the body-counts. Where is the “like they always have” as applied to Europe, to NATO? It’s not, is it? Didn’t think so.

        When one begins to paint words, labels, and phrases un-evenly, the propagandists win.

        We suggest the “five questions” approach: Every time you are about do say or write something ask yourself “Why do I feel this way?” And when you find the answer, ask the question again, only of your new-found knowledge this time. Also ask “Who benefits?” “…they always have…” is not a self-arising phrase. Propaganda, my friend. Take that to the bank.

        By digging five-layers in, you can tunnel deeper into what’s going on. Just keep asking question-after-question to peel away layer-after-layer and reveal complexity-after-complexity.

        Which at some point, naturally, will blow up. But, as it does, you’ll have a better appreciation for the roots of the flash-bangs in the end.

      • In 1967 I was in the Marines & all leave was cancelled & we started packing up to head to Israel, but the war was over before we finished packing. Israel is capable of fighting it own wars. They are prepared down to how much water each soldier needs a day to survive in the dessert.

  3. Q asks, “how do you catch a wild animal?”
    I bait a trap to catch them
    Trump make an unsecure call to Ukraine
    NYT and WSJ make headlines about a whistleblower on this call
    BOOM: Sleepy Joe’s bad deals are brought to light
    I wonder what is in store for the Clinton foundation
    I do not Know but I have hope
    You have a nice weekend, see ya Monday

  4. Some folks, mostly leftists, feel the population must be controlled and reduced. This has been fashionable talk since Doctor Paul Erlich wrote “The Population Bomb” way back when.

    The trouble is nobody is wise enough to judge what the ideal population should be.

    …and the trouble with that is that many Nice Things need a large population base to be desirable, affordable, or even possible.

    Take semiconductor devices as one possible example. The machinery and systems to make semiconductor products are expensive, rare, and require experts to run. Materials, some quite exotic, need to be mined, purified, and supplied to the semi-con factories. Semis need to be designed — not a simple thing — and then manufactured into products — cellphones, computers, TeeVee sets, car embedded comps, medical devices, and a lot of other things.

    If the population is too small, it would be economically unfeasible to make semi-cons. Not enough demand, and not enough workers if everybody is working at subsistence farming or other lower-level support industries.

    Space? Forget about it.

    The basic and mundane makes the finer things possible at all.

    If we don’t eventually leave this cradle, Earth, and grow outward and populate the planets and other star’s planets, we will die here, trapped on this Earth as the easily recovered minerals — coal, iron, etc — all slowly run out or become uneconomical to source and apply.

    We have a (limited) time-opportunity to grow and develop and spread — or to perish here pointlessly amid an ever-expanding list of severe shortages and run-outs.

    Yes, that would take a very long time, but Earth and its facilities are not infinite while the Universe IS.

    (Regardless of all that, one day the Sun runs out of gas, becomes a red giant, and fricasees this world into a dead cinder or else a thin gas blending with the solar atmosphere if it expands far enough.)

    Point being: to not grow and extend outward is to die slowly.

    I think the “aliens” are waiting and watching to see what we decide to do.

    I also think that — like alcholics — we Earthlings haven’t had our ultimate existential crises yet, where the fork in the road becomes suddenly crystal clear, and the choice must be made.

    “Lo, I have set life and death before you. Therefore, chose life, that you and your progeny may have it more abundantly.”

    Seems an easy one to me…

    That Starfleet Prime Directive thing seem to be really quite wise.

  5. I’ve been trying to figure out how to classify negative interest rates from a historical standpoint. I’m wondering if the most obvious folder to lump the negative interest rates in is the credit deflation folder, hidden in full public view. An alternate folder would be to dust off the Sheriff of Nottingham folder.

  6. George –

    To my tired eyes Fridays (9/20) candle in a hollow candle chart of the SPY is FUGLY. Should SPY open At or Below Fridays close of 298.08 on Monday – we could be very well be setting up for a “slaughter of the Pumpkins”..just saying.

    JPM (criminal)Trading desk EVP was booted from the LBMA Board this past week.Optics I suppose..

    The more the market continues to climb the wall of worry & woe, the more coot will continue to pile on the Hedge (s). Since I don’t trade Currencies foreign or otherwise, guess GOLD is Good hedge against USD..too high & coming down soonly -IMHO

    Some version of Gold – Digital Gold – Digital PMs seem a likely vehicle for holding value in the future.

    Tightening up ALL Stops, consolidating “bets” down to a limited few – quality names FNV, WPM, KL, AG, PAAS, KGC – they all got one thing in common – Proven Reserves In the Ground.

    As the shrunken head w/Jamaican accent on the doubledecker bus said in Prisoner of Azkaban “..Fasten your safety belts, clench your buttocks! It going be a bumpity ride”.

  7. This is your best Peoplenomics yet. This stuff really fascinates me. I have a couple of thoughts on Babel and GCI…(Global Coherence Initiative) but have to work today. Later.

  8. I’m not sure where this fits in the weekend memes (redacted – not related to UrbanSurvival content)

    Support the NRA. Domestic mass killing sprees have become the political stalking horse for the leftists and their dupes.

  9. I’m in class and the teacher says today we’re going to learn about hedge funds does anybody know about hedge funds so I raise my hand and she says okay Bryce what do you know about hedge funds well I had some funds and I spent it all on this hedge trimmer.
    BLACK+DECKER LHT2436 40V MAX* Lithium-Ion 24″ Cordless Hedge Trimmer, Battery and Charger Included…

  10. To a hungry person the world looks differerent than what we perceive. To a person in pain same thing relating to perception. The biggest hunger in our world is for sex. A satisfied person seems at peace!! Any comment?

    • A wealthy nation with its citizens needs met are the prime customer for Illegal Sex & Drug trade. Then that wealthy nations leaders do nothing to stop it, they may act say they want to stop it, in fact they secretly encourage it because they are the worst offenders of this trade. ie Bernie Sanders.

      • NC perhaps you got me wrong since I didn’t have any “Illegal Sex & Drug trade” on my mind. I meant home grown frustration like demonstated in Hong Kong & Paris ;-).

      • If an “illegal sex trade” is necessary, the citizens needs are NOT being met. A legitimate society would have a totally legal sex trade that’s as affordable, open and simple to engage in as buying toilet paper at Walmart.

        It would be about sex, intimacy and love, not violence. And yes, you CAN love someone you’ve just met.

  11. George, you said…”Today, one of the “table-setters” for the difficult times ahead is the fact that there are no more practical transportation technologies in sight.”

    That is not true. Electric cars and autonomous cars are here for good and are picking up steam. Again…come to the Bay Area and see for yourself. Nearly 40% of new cars sold are electric or at the very least, hybrid. Tesla is the number one selling luxury car in it’s class…gas powered or electric. Chevy’s Bolt is a hit. Nissan, VW, Mercedes, BMW and now Volvo are in the fray. It’s the automobile business model started by Henry Ford all over again….complete with infrastructure (charging stations take the place of gas stations), overhaul of conveyor systems in auto plants, WiFi enabled road systems, and jobs, jobs jobs.

    I have ridden in many autonomous cars too and they are the real deal. The AI is still in learning phase…but way more advanced than a 16-18 year old new driver is…and throw in the 85 year old grandma that can barely see over the dash board…Autonomous cars tend to be more careful and cautious…which is a good thing…Engineers help build, program and maintain that technology. That means that electrics overall will create far more jobs than a combustible engine does today given the redirection of tax support that must go into it.

    As far s Babel…their has been an effort called the Global Coherence Initiative (GCI) that is a science-based, co-creative project to unite people in heart-focused care and intention. GCI is working in concert with other initiatives to realize the increased power of collective intention and consciousness.
    The convergence of several independent lines of evidence provides strong support for the existence of a global information field that connects all living systems and consciousness. Every cell in our bodies is bathed in an external and internal environment of fluctuating invisible magnetic forces that can affect virtually every cell and circuit in biological systems. Therefore, it should not be surprising that numerous physiological rhythms in humans and global collective behaviors are not only synchronized with solar and geomagnetic activity, but disruptions in these fields can create adverse effects on human health and behavior.

    The collective convergence of thought and consciousness is a powerful tool that in theory could help topple evil behavior amongst us…it could unite mankind, which in theory would collapse the economies of the world. Once mankind realizes the nirvana of co-existence and planetary synchronization…the less we need to be reliant on material acquisition and greed. The Indigenous peoples of all the major continents lived that way. Europeans conquered and destroyed that in favor of a fiscally divided world.

    What kind of power did the ancients have when they supposedly did speak one language and had this convergence of thought? Did they have the ability to transport, or have the ability to naturally “FaceTime “ their worldwide brethren? Is that why there are pyramids and other similar artifacts all over the world? Did that power become so ubiquitous that our watchers lost control? Did the watchers declare war on mankind and used their power to alter our DNA and divide us? Is technology heading us back into that one world convergence again and is Trump and his Deep State friends trying to cause that divide again?

    • Mark, thoughtful posts like this redeem a lot, lol.
      Good point on the electric cars, that that’s already 110 year old tech,

      Somewhat authoritatively:
      The invention of the first model electric vehicle is attributed to various people.[4] In 1828, Ányos Jedlik invented an early type of electric motor, and created a small model car powered by his new motor. In 1834, Vermont blacksmith Thomas Davenport built a similar contraption which operated on a short, circular, electrified track.[5] In 1834, Professor Sibrandus Stratingh of Groningen, the Netherlands and his assistant Christopher Becker created a small-scale electric car, powered by non-rechargeable primary cells

      On the GCI that’s the good stuff – thanks for sharing.

    • Mark… that was actually a really good post…

      “Electric cars and autonomous cars are here for good”

      YES and NO… I bought one for my wife to drive.. ( it cost almost as much as my house did when I built it) Love that car.. I really love the XM radio.. only listen to one station 70… in the just about two years we have owned it.. Prius Prime.. with all the cookies.. we have only had to put one tank of gas in it.. and that was on purpose.. because I was afraid the gas was getting old..

      on the autonomous driving capabilities.. hmm this one doesn’t have it.. it does have the sensors to make sure you stay in the lane.. the problem is.. it doesn’t work with ice snow or in a dust storm..
      they are here but to make sure it worked good they would have to fix the entire roadway systems if you were to put sensors in the road.. for satlite or mircowave towers..then a much better system to filter out the static from growth buildings and the sun..etc..
      before satalite television receivers were for sale I built one.. the hardest thing I had was not having the cash to buy the calibration equipment and having to do it with the.. can you see anything now.. calibration approach .. and the filtration of the suns static waves.. that drove me nuts.. a thirty second of an inch off is about five hundred miles off in space.. and the static is horrible if your off a hair.. I do see them being the new generation of robotics.. delivery vehichles driving without a driver..

    • I have nothing against electric vehicles if the battery tech continues to improve. It’s still not there yet. There are many levels of hybrid, and personally I’d want even a Tesla to have a small diesel powered range extender. I suppose you could build a trailer for this function.

      I’d also like to see semi-autonomous pods(with the option to manually drive) that are like an RV in many ways. I can see these things driving to a hub(local city) and getting on a highway of sorts, where they’d be handled like containers and shuttled to a destination hub from which you could either move autonomously or drive to your final destination depending on infrastructure. The idea is that you pack up your pod at home, board everyone and possibly the cat, and press “Go”. You can sleep, eat, shower, study, invest or watch TV while the pod moves 2000 miles or so. If you need a break, you simply program in a stopover in a pod stop. Pod stops would have all amenities, perhaps including casinos and brothels. Pods would be owned, rented or leased, depending on personal choice and finances.

      The actual method of locomotion would be multi-modal, so that for the pod may ride on rails, roads, or watercraft, all autonomously directed. Current cars and RV’s are a very primitive version of this, with very little in the way of an autopilot.

  12. It’s strange: I’ve slept with my head facing all four main directions and I’ve been finding that head to the north works for me. This contradicts much of what the Eastern practices recommend.

    I don’t sleep as well with my head to the east, even though that’s that’s strongly suggested. It may be a personal thing, or a stage of life thing too. Sleeping next to a compatible warm female always makes for improved sleep.

    • I would find a kua calculator (*there are some on line) because a lot of feng shui is bs. Absent that, I would try 45-degree angles for a few nights each and find the one that works best, split the angles again until you dial it in.
      Then see if the suns location makes a difference or whether (and Elaine things along these lines, too) it’s more orientation to earth magnetism, not so much sidereal effects.

      • Thanks for the thoughts George. I ran my kua number and surprisingly it came out the same as my life number from the Coast to Coast numbers lady. My unlucky direction is east, so no surprise there(most bad weather comes from there too). I should definitely try the other directions, starting with NE, which for me is supposed to help with relationships.

        Time to move furniture. Unfortunately most roads(and houses) in the US are oriented to the lat/long grid, so the bedroom will look a bit odd. Definitely worth trying though.

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