That Coastal Decimation Dream Stuff

Not the kind of thing what I’d normally interrupt your day with, but a note from a reader, Chris at the and our broadcast pal in Hawaii are all worth a quick break.

From reader Dan who grokked this morning’s reference to the predictive dreams report about “watering eyes”

Two hurricanes (with eyes) are about to hit the Hawaiian Islands with a one-two punch bringing lots of water from the sky and the swells.
Seems like a hit to me.

To which Chris at the Dream Center…

Yes, we’re expecting these storms to fulfill the Proj Aug coastal decimation headline. Primary target was Florida, but we specifically mentioned that Hawaii might get hit.

By the way, all the Proj Aug headlines are now available, and everyone can play along by watching the news and posting news articles with the hits. The assassination headline got fulfilled as well as the bus attack and people fleeing urban areas. Check it out…we’re getting a lot of hits.

(In a weird sort of way, it almost feels like the old days when I played fantasy football. Except the stakes are real this time…it’s no longer a game.)

And from our ace TV fellow in what may shortly be Howlinglulu…

Holy Crap!

FYI also… fulfilling Jim McCanney’s science stuff…. the big island just had a 4.2   4.5 earthquake as the hurricane approaches…

Atmospheric electrical discharge stuff.   We also had an earthquake like this the last time a hurricane passed just south of the Big Island and discharged there.

So there you have it:  Dreams and some of Grady’s finer code of the site and bippity, boppity, boo…disaster forecast possibilities.

So this weekend if (while) we hear/see about the Hawaii disaster, remember it’s been visible in dream works and software for a fair spell.  So now the only thing remaining is how bill with the headlines be?

All depends on whether the Wimea quake up west of the Waipio Valley is foreplay, seems like.  And if the Hamakua Heritage Corridor Drive continues to be a drive, not a swim come this time next week.

Passing exceptional low pressure areas of nearby ‘canes could be problematic for unstable landmasses, and specially those which have already suffered close brushes with long undersea run-out disasters.

A refresher read of the 2006 Hawaii quake (6.7) may be instructive going into the weekend, but let’s hope not necessary.  Even worse would be a replay of previous disasters emanating from Hawaii.  Specifically scholarly research mentions:

The Nuuanu landslide, off Oahu in the Hawaiian islands, with an estimated volume of 5000?km3, may be the largest single landslide on earth (Moore et al. 1989).

That was a very long time ago…perhaps as much as 1.5 million years.  But there have been 17, or more, undersea slides, and they may have generated waves as high as 60-feet in the Bering Sea and could have be responsible for killer waves that washed down Puget Sound in Washington State that show up in local Indian lore.  (Or those could be from the departure of Vancouver Island from the lower Mainland, but I digress.

This is high risk period for Hawaii.  Additional background about weather/barometric pressure may be found in the NY Times (2009) article”How storms can trigger earthquakes.”

The Akamai dey hangin, braddah, da’ kine? Ure talk stink,  he lolo buggah.

I certainly hope so.  And for our friends out in How-ah-yah.