Telluric Energy Prospecting

Lab notes today on some of our “further-out” thinking. Including oddities like the study of local earth currents and “earth batteries.”  Where does over-unity fit?

While there has been “buzz” around the internet for years about  coming “new electrics” with much energy (and hype) focused on things like the over-unity motor quest, I think there may be lower-hanging fruit in other areas of science.  Worth this morning’s cup of coffee.

Then again, so are hot issues like Brexit and what may be retribution to follow.  Plus there’s the matter of how bad will crop yields be this year and more.

More important than our low-probability of breakthrough research, though, We’ll explore the process of asking “Right Questions” and “instrumentation,”  Coupled with a unabashed willingness to “fish in strange new waters,” there may be hope for humans, yet.

“Anchors away!” We go fishing today for “free energy” after analyzing some news and do some serious chart-gazing…

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34 thoughts on “Telluric Energy Prospecting”

  1. GEOTHERMAL ENERGY – It’s cleaner, cheaper and more abundant than every fossil fuel.

    Most people have never heard of geothermal energy. Yet many cities and countries have already started to harness this power source. In 2014, San Francisco got 60% of its energy from this fuel. New York City Mayor Bill de Blasio recently signed a bill requiring the city to use this energy source in all new construction. Already the Brooklyn Botanic Gardens, the Bronx Zoo, the Statue of Liberty and St. Patrick’s Cathedral have begun tapping this reserve for energy. Geologist John Rhyner estimates that over 2.5 million New Yorkers could use this fuel for power. In China, this fuel’s usage is growing exponentially. When Xianyang city first began using this energy in
    2006, it provided heat and electricity for 1 million square meters of living space. Today, it’s used in over 30 million square meters of residential space. China General Nuclear Power Group, the country’s largest nuclear power operator, is considering a $3 billion investment into this remarkable fuel. In Paris, France, this fuel is now used to heat 170,000 homes. And it will heat a new resort being developed near Disneyland Paris. Even less developed countries such as Costa Rica are jumping in. It already gets 15% of its power from this energy. Costa Rica also invested $958 million to begin tapping this fuel nationwide.

    What does this mean for the investor? Massive stock market profits for these companies. This technology plans to be completely disruptive to the energy sector. One such company is ORA.

    • Above the arctic circle theres a resort that has a well.. the water comes up through a loop in a chamber with coolant in it. The coolant has a low boiling point in a vacuum. So it in turn heats and cools the resort generates the nm power and their refrigeration system.
      All from geothermal energy. From a closed loop system

      • You should tell this to Sue Aikens on Life Below Zero at the Kavik River Camp in Alaska 196 miles north of the Artic Circle.

      • “You should tell this to Sue Aikens on Life Below Zero”

        Yep.. she should get satalite tv NC she could have watched the same show I did on the going green network lol..
        Although I’m with you that she should have paid more attention to her gradeschool studies or if she did any reading she would have discovered along time ago that they’ve used efficient methods of using natural resources and geothermal energy since the days of the vikings..not even considering ancient Rome or China or ancient turkey..

        I could post a few research papers on its use in the past but we’ve all heard the stories a few dozen times and most people question why tribes face their shelters the direction they do etc..

      • What’s funny is years ago I had to process a bunch of film.. all from Antarctica beautiful thought provoking photos.. it was my dream to visit there .. ( now I wouldn’t push to visit because its turned into a tourist attraction. But I still have a fascinating with it.)
        Anyway in those photos was a shot of some of the guys in a hot spring pond ice all around them and these guys bathing like a hot fascinated me and I always wanted to see it.

    • Just for the record, geothermal is not a fuel, though it can inefficiently generate one. It’s a reasonable source of energy when easily available, but it’s as ephemeral as electricity without effective storage. As a heat source for buildings, it makes sense. As an energy source for a vehicle, it would require conversion to electricity and storage either in batteries or by making an actual fuel. Stationary heating(and cooling) loads are the most efficient use of this resource.

      As far as I’m aware, it’s lightly regulated compared to any other significant energy source.

  2. “the study of local earth currents and “earth batteries.” ”

    Wow George.. you and I must be on the same thought patterns.. LOL ( thats scary and not meant to be an insult to you ) but wow..
    Yesterday was the day from bizzaro hell…woo woo events everything.. the wife got home it was the same at her work.. it wasn’t a full moon.. but wow.. anyway I wondered if there was a huge difference in the shuuman frequency and that set me out on wondering if the wild changes in the earths resonance frequency could be a factor..
    with cell phones and our bombardment of the earth with microwaves and the sun changes.. the earths frequency has risen from seven point something to almost thirty.. the huge increase started.. about the time that the internet went viral.. as did the increase in earthquake activity.. so I wonder.. could our progress be changing the earths resonance.. and with the chemistry in our brain affected by frequency.. could this be a factor of the increase in woo woo events.. maybe our brains adjusting to frequency changes lets us see the alternate realities.. just some wild thoughts on this subject..

    Most of this is just basic Crap.. OH.. I mean C readible and R eadily A vailable P rinted material… but interesting none the less.. and how will it affect us as we advance and cover the earth with more frequency.. theres a lot of research out on the new 5G and its affects.. but I won’t digress into that..

  3. a couple of things:

    1) The “Particle Froth” that is a feature of quantum space allows for one of each of the “spontaneous” particles of a particle-anti particle pair to be grabbed and kept. Stored. Not allowed to re-combine and be annihilated back into the Dark Soup of possible, but non, existence. This effect creates an imbalance on the books which may be exploited.

    2) In the middle of the 1960s, a fellow Novice ham and I did an experiment in what was called at the time, “Earth Radio.” We each drove two four-foot copper grounding rods into our back yards. We used audio oscillators to generate a 1 kHz tone, fed this to a pair of Crown tube audio power amps, and drove the rods which were separated by about thirty to fifty feet at each location. Using a phono pre-amp set for magnetic (low-output) cartridges, and using a sharp audio filter at each end to favor our 1kh Hz frequency, we communicated quite nicely using that old-fashioned “Morris Code.” We were about four miles apart. There was a PILE of other signals on there by day — some sounding well-organized, and not just random noise–but it was much quieter at night. I often wonder if anyone else ever heard us.

    3) We (all) are scientific “Electronics Chauvinists.” We assume everything we might want to measure and quantify can be measured — sensed — using electronic devices. Transducers, converters, amplifiers, etc, etc. Maybe some things involve energies (forces & fields) that are NOT electromagnetic as we understand it.
    No, I don’t know exactly what I mean. I don’t know how to make a Franjotic Field Pick-Up or emitter, either. Just trying to escape The Boxx.

    4) Something I can’t verbalize has always drawn me to fascination with deep infrasonic frequencies – both audio (sound) and EM. Lotta funny stuff happens down there. Very slowly, but it happens.

    • Now that is interesting.. I never tried that.. back in the day before the time of its existance.. I would play with light and communication.. had the use of a nice laser.. and was thrilled.. today you can do the same thing for under ten bucks and get the supplies in the checkout lane at walmart LOL…
      an interesting thought.. was I knew a researcher.. ( for a govt.. org that did and still does research.. ) and he was working on thought patterns and if a person could read someones thoughts or give someone thoughts through frequency modulation and biometrics..
      we all know you can gather energy from the air.. or the atmosphere and save it to a battery.. the ole air battery thing.. and we are bombarded with radio television and cell phone etc.. etc.. frequencies all the time.. could telepathic communication.. or psychokinesis be nothing more than the ability to focus the energy frequency that the body randomly emits..

      years ago there was a gentleman that said he could heal someone of their illnesses by the frequency he emmitted and on .. Not david letterman that other guy.. showed how he could stimulate an electro magnet to move a post.. when they showed how his body when he would meditate could show the forces of what he was doing.. then you think of the healing touch..
      all of this is a curiosity..

    • ‘Didn’t build one, because I didn’t acquire a “mad scientist” friend until my later teens, but my Dad explained how to build an “Earth radio” when I was about 9-10. Apparently, the things were utilized in rural America, back in the 1920s or ’30s…

  4. First thing…Don’t believe anything that FOX news says. All day yesterday, CNN was talking about the Hillary/Tulsi Gabbard story…and not in a good way. They were a bit critical at times…and today they are covering Tulsi’s angry retort back. yesterday, the headline…(CNN) – Former Democratic presidential nominee Hillary Clinton said Thursday the Russians are currently “grooming” a Democrat running in the presidential primary to run as a third-party candidate and champion their interests.

    Today, they are running both on their broadcast and online, Gabbards response…”Thank you @HillaryClinton. You, the queen of warmongers, embodiment of corruption, and personification of the rot that has sickened the Democratic Party for so long, have finally come out from behind the curtain,” she tweeted.

    Second, Tesla Model S now gets 270 mpc (miles per charge). I have taken long range trips in my Model 3 and it’s a piece of cake. There are dozens of charging stations…the biggest down to L.A. is in Kettleman City…over 40 charging stalls and an incredible lounge while you wait the 20 minutes or so to charge. Long range is no problem. Urban driving which most of America does from Mon-Fri anyway is what most cars are for regardless of fuel…Tesla makes it as easy as parking in your garage…a simple 110 outlet gives me an additional 70 miles overnight, which is more than I drive on any given day…A 220 outlet gives a full charge (if I am low).

    After my Wreck, I drove my Mercedes and realized first of all how the lag and absence of torque on a gas powered vehicle is and talk about range anxiety…I never have to look at my power gauge in my Tesla…I found myself almost running out of gas a few times and cringed when I had to pay over $50 to fill it up. If I charge at home, my Tesla cost only an extra $20 a month on my PGE bill (prior to my solar installation)….Now it’s next to nothing.

    The point is…There are so many charging stations out west, there is no way that you couldn’t go long range…

    Third, look for a subsidiary of Google to start testing a type of Tellurid Energy…plus…Tesla and Elon Musk have also tried to revive a safer version of their namesakes Wardenclyffe Tower to provide on the go power for their cars…Love the innovation of the Valley…

    • Must be even CNN is realizing it is all a Trump Witch Hunt & the real guilty party is the Dems themselves. The Dems may find their lies backfiring on them. As momentum for Trump rises, the legal system will see as prey the Dems themselves. The Dem rigging or our legal system may be over & sanity returns. Even NY, the unofficial legal enforcement arm of the Dems may run least they be exposed. Cuomo can’t be trusted.

      Tesla stock has been climbing ahead of its third-quarter report due Wednesday. Tesla is expected to show its first decline in quarterly revenue in seven years and also post another loss. I would look for the stock to crash shortly thereafter. When will they run out of cash. To see this type of stock action see ZG recently.

      • First the only momentum for Trump is the kind that will see him banished to a penal colony. And….No CNN doesn’t think that it’s a witch hunt at all. Neither do real sensible people. Stop watching that insidious Fox. It’s so fake…it’s almost a comedy show. In be totally in the know, I stream all of the channels. Fox is what I watch when I need a laugh.

      • Mark: No matter what happens with Trump, you will skew it to make it fit your verbage. You are like talking to a brick wall (The person you are speaking to doesn’t listen or care what you have to say).

        Isaiah 42:20 Seeing many things (streaming all), but thou observest not; opening the ears, but he heareth not.

      • NC,
        As long as we are quoting scripture…here is one for you…BTW, I think the following is silly. I am not insinuating my belief in this biblical conspiracy…but it shows how these theories get started and how many of you FOX viewers get sucked up into the crapdom of their mind control.

        The Sixth Trumpet

        (Side note…isn’t it coincidental that Trump/Pence sounds like Trumpets)

        This second-to-last trumpet will sound before a war is started near the Euphrates River. This waterway traverses Syria, Iraq, Turkey and Iran, which comprise the Middle East. Revelation 9:13-21 indicates that four angels will command an army of 200 million individuals. (China?)

        When a new world-dominating government is established under the Antichrist, (Trump) an event coming very soon, we will be in the midst of a great war that will see the Abomination of Desolation and the Great Tribulation.

        Now go read George’s Sunday preppier column. I will will be having risotto at a local North Beach cafe chuckling at the faux cacophony.

    • “There are dozens of charging stations…”

      Thats the truth I loved your post Mark….. that was one of the things that sold me on getting a hybrid plug in.. I bought the prius prime.. what disapoints me is you cannot use the tesla fast charger that you see everywhere with the prius and they don’t have an inverter to plug into one.. the tesla uses dc voltage the the prius ac.. and no one brilliant enough to make a conversion plug in to use with the tesla super charger…. which makes it sad.. what would be nice is if Toyota put a second plug in just for the tesla charging stations.. that way when your traveling you could use the super chargers
      I do get good mileage with ours.. without plugging it in and just watching how you drive.. I can get fifty five to sixty before the charge runs out.. the wife gets thirty five.. the kids thirty.. or less.. the selling point of a car for me is the backseat.. whenever I am shopping I sit in the backseat and let the salesman take me for a ride.. then if we drive all over and I have had a good comfortable ride.. I drive it to see if it is suitable for me.. so far there are really very few cars that offer a comfortable back seat riding experience.. and in my mind they should just get rid of the back seat altogether.. many offer you only four or five inches of foot space.. which is horribly uncomfortable.. we average way over two hundred miles to a gallon though.. but then the majority of our travels are thirty miles or less.. in the two years we have owned ours I have only put in one tank of gas besides the starting tank..
      I would like to get a couple of those tesla power walls.. I think it would take three of them for my place.. I thought about building a couple of them myself..but seriously wha tesla gets for them the cost is reasonable enough and the value is there just buy them.. I just have to wait for the cash to do it.. the wife would shoot me right now.. we have three ton’s of batteries give or take a thousand.. my arguement is the tesla’s would take up less space less maintenance LOL.. oh well a pipe dream…
      I do love our electric hybrid though.. I never thought I would like xm radio.. but my god that is nice.. I got it for the wife.. and now wish I had it for the buggy I drive..but it isn’t in the budget this year either..

    • “If I charge at home, my Tesla cost only an extra $20 a month on my PGE bill (prior to my solar installation)….Now it’s next to nothing.”
      Wow..ours is nothing.. and if you we had what you have in California where we got credit for the energy produced we wouldn’t have a bill at all.. our electric bill is the lowest bill we have. Because of where Iive we will always have the facility charge and since we have to pay.for any power used after dark.. our electric bill is usually ten bucks more than the facility charge .. took fi e years to pay itself off the last 3kw didnt even calculate that the cost for the equipment was so low i figured a month maybe two..

      • Solar is absolutely one of the best investments I’ve ever made.
        The head of the power company stopped after 3 months of checking it to see it for himself. We were the first and everyone was curious. His comment was we didnt have any idea it would work that well in this area.
        My comment was you bought your own BS and unfortunately I did to at first..
        The the comment that I would say when others would make remarks.. I dont know about you but the sun shines in my world..


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  6. Dear Fellow Traveller on Tellus Mater,
    I had planned to post this last night, but I drifted off to sleep.
    Our Moon beside Earth is as Ceres of 3.66 AU to the Sun is beside our Moon? “Run, rabbit run!” The good guys doused a hot Cole near Lewis County; CNN raises the bar?
    “Dream on, dream on, dream on.
    Dream until your dreams come true…”

  7. Speaking of Energy –

    “PG&E warns of 10 years of power shut-offs. California officials don’t like it”

    PG&E money is gone.

    What’s the most likely consequence.

    – California folks stay and “eat their peas” for the next decade.
    – a Blue Wave leaves California and heads to Texas.
    – the Fed’s bail PG&E direct
    – the Fed’s teach PG&E a lesson forcing BK and use backdoor bailouts through agencies like the Pension Benefit Guaranty Corporation then change the names.
    – the Fed’s buys everyone in California a gas generator (switching product lines)
    – the Fed’s buy Californians Tesla Powerwalls.
    – Agenda 21 is real, the Fed’s do nothing letting the peoples “figure it out on their own”.

    • Out of work…while PGE is part of the deplorables…California aren’t going anywhere..this from our corporate office…

      DID YOU KNOW? The $3 trillion plus economy of California is larger than the economy of the United Kingdom, India, Italy, Canada or France….and larger than the economies of Spain and Australia COMBINED… while California certainly has big challenges (not unlike every other state), today I want to salute all in California for this EXCEPTIONAL achievement! Aside from California’s remarkable natural beauty, its diversity of industries, innovation and speed of growth is an inspiration to us all. Thank you to all Californians for your contribution to the USA.

  8. I read a ‘free energy’ claim about a fellow who created an oscillating barium ferrite plate wound with wires that, once excited, would light a lightbulb for days. The ferrite plate was polarized NS across the broad flat sides… one large flat was N, the opposite flat side was S. The guy secretly ‘conditioned’ the plate. Later analysis by a third party showed a magnetic ‘island’ of opposite magnetic polarity in the center of the plate. Allegedly he pulsed the center of the plate with a strong electromagnet that repolarized a center spot on the plate. Now we have a floating ‘island’ of opposite magnetic polarity in the center of the plate. One coil wound around the plate would excite the magnetic spot to oscillate in it’s magnetic ‘cage’, and another coil wound at right angle to the excitation coil would become the load-output coil of the magnetic oscillator plate.

    I read this decades ago, and I wish I could remember the name of the guy or the device. Somewhere in the magnetic over-unity archives it exists, and it sounds a lot like your ‘magnetic oscillator’.

      • BINGO! Floyd Sweet. That’s the guy. Thank You!
        I wanted to build one when I read about it, but mysteriously all such ‘barium ferrite’ materials disappeared from availability. I don’t know if that particular type of ferrite is important to the device, or any other ferrite composition would work. And I’m having trouble finding ANY type of large ferrite plate materials. Another item on the long and growing “To-Do when retired” list for the Old Man Labs research assistant.

        • Here’s the assignment: You build the working proto and get materials list…ghetr one working and I will clone Ures…you get the nobel, I just want to dump it into my grid tie solar and make a buck…

  9. “if you not Short, you are wrong” -C.Bandicoot

    heard recently will trolling around some backrooms and alleys..Central Banks ongoing Repo fiasco is ALL about a Derivative Book blowing up and everyone (counter party banks) scrambling to cover..

    Rates going negative = U pay a bank to hold your money !?!? or

    Old science..prior to Clark-Maxwelll equations Aether was mainstream physics.

    Truth Leak – Electricity,Gravity and Magnetism are the same thing and powerful peeps dont want this info to be known. Tesla figured it out – but admitted you could not put a meter on it – hence no big profits for the swine – so we burn Oil instead..duh- Oohh!

    Yes the above unlocks barrier to Outer Space – without having to ride on top a big ass bomb.

    Gravity – non rotational – not a wave, only transverse waves have rotation/curl.

    Gravity – static vector field – Flow of Current from sky towards earth.Always attractive – never repulsive of Earth.

    Gravity – not Scalar – but type of scalar field, Its gradient is Negative, Anti-Gravity has Positive gradient/over gradient.

    Electrostatic Levitation is a form of anti-gravity – electrical over gradient to cancel effect of gravity pushing out the lines of magnetic force.

    “even in a vacuum of space there still remains 10 billion electrically active particles of all types per cubic inch that will conduct electricity. This is why space is not empty and the Aether really does exist. Maxwells equations will not work without it.Einstein was wrong(OMG),space is not empty – very conductve electriclly. J. Smith.

    The Key then is maximizing the current density of the reverse or over gradient field ala Dornbergers vacuum tank demos at NASA.

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