Table of Alt. Futures

Are we toping or readying for new highs?  Since I’ve been doing a lot of thinking about judgments lately – and the whole process behind them (whether good or bad), we’re going to make some judgments today about the pending future.

First, though, a lot at some key headlines and then we’ll eye the future through the lens of data in our ChartPack.  I think you’ll find it interesting.

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George Ure
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19 thoughts on “Table of Alt. Futures”

  1. This rally still hasn’t gone past the 10/01/18 high, so it should still have a lot of steam left. Economies don’t turn on a dime & ours is still strong.

    • “Our economy is still strong?” Are you Cuckoo for Cocoa Puffs? The U.S. is indebted to the tune of $22 Trillion. It is projected that the POTUS will add another $9.1 Trillion, as federal spending continues to rocket, but mostly in the War Department. Again, are you Cuckoo for Cocoa Puffs? Are you not bothered not one whit about all of the wars, human suffering, despair, the immigration invasion, and DEBT LOADS, Pollyanna?

      • Oops…

        Off a little bit.. of course at its rate of increasing debt by the time I write a figure in it will be off to. Several months ago the daily interest was two billion
        I’m not sure but should be closing in on three billion a day now or it might be more than that.. I guess I never really looked lately. The reason.. our tax revenue income is fast approaching the point where interest will be more than revenue. I always referred to that situation as a spiral.. you think you can and things seem to be going ok..but your steadily headed down.
        Now with the influx of ILLEGAL refugees converging on our country and the money Congress thinks the average laborer should kick out for them in revenue. The spiral will only increase in velocity.
        DJT has been attempting to get tariff revenue from goods and services imported strengthen our borders and inspire manufacturers to build American. He’s been fought the whole way to.
        The only solution I can figure out is… the country goes bankrupt. Dump the federal reserve and go with a backed coinage..doesn’t matter what you back it with.. beans..or the population head for the Cayman islands along with those playing hide and seek with taxable income. Or increase taxes reduce deductibles.
        And what do I know.. I still like flat tax..and I’m to poor to migrate to another country..

      • Kateyn, the issues you cite has been going on for some time. Th economy isn’t nearly as weak as when the Fed went year after year after year with free money trying to stimulate the economy. Read and compare Fed minutes today vs. 3-4 years ago. Unemployment is at 50 year low (and an all time low for women and minorities). Things could be much worse.

  2. Higher from here Jeffe, higher.. The trend is URE friend, and this is one big,looong multi decade trend -higher.

    Luv this time of the month – Trading Golum is pointing higher, but seems like Ure trying to out analyze the emotions moving these markets.
    Another very smart George…Soros has a theory postulated years ago in a book on finance called REFLEXIVITY…feedback loops/negative feedback loops. All investors basing investment decisions on non complete, fake/made-up and or false information….makes perfect sense in these “markets”.
    Crash put on the WAR trades again this week – and is already ringing the register – with moar to come – Long LMT Calls, Long RTN calls, Long NOC calls ..light, light LIGHT EM UP!

    • I could never sum up the courage to invest in anything where I could lose 100% of my investment. But every investment type needs money to function & investors to play. Plus, I only like to check out the markets once a day at closing. Good luck, it is fun to make money.

  3. What good are judgments when you are operating within a lunatic Assylum? Here is no longer reason involved!!

    Let’s face it — we are sooo beyond reason or judgement, as demonstrated by everyday’s action, most he time that I wonder how people like George keep their own sanity.

  4. Hey Mr. U’re, could you bring back Tom the Baker & Little John for a series on how millenials can prep and what they should do to prep? Then have a section for how to prep for business readers like how to prep a business for hard times ahead while also have the story of Tom the Baker & Little John trying to figure out how to prepare because they see SHTF on the door step of the kingdom? Like Millenials Missing Manual PT. 2: How to Prepare for life? Taking the process and recipe but making decisions on how to prepare and what to prepare for? Maybe showing more out of the box thoughts?

  5. Full my thing happened yesterday.
    I get a call asking what I thought about the exec. Order signed a few weeks ago on EMP..and something he said basically saying every household should be prepared to survive on their own for several months to years..

    My thought was he read the new study that was done on probable results of an emp attack ….


    There may be some military recon. But I’m leaning towards the new report that listed expected potential results.
    The report is even scarier than previous reports and as we dump industry and our infrastructure decays further from not maintaining it will only make it get scarier.

  6. Before i go for a while. I want you all to know, I pray to the Supreme High above the creator of the Universe for each and every one of you. That you all have eyes to see, ears to hear, a heart to decern and the ability to make the next right choice. That your lives are filled with health, love, peace, joy and goodness. That all of you are Divinely inspired and prosperous.

    Especially in times such as these.

    Everything i can do, seeing things far far far in advance with amazing clarity, you also can do. I honestly dont know how i can do it. I dont know why, i keep comming back and dont stay dead after flatlining sometimes for over 8 min. I know only, that the Hand of “God” is upon me.

    Now, just a note to a certain person, a lurker. Cause i can see things people cant, and i sense things even if you dont say a word. There is nothing hidden from The Divine. Nothing! And that is whome i belong to.

    IF, you be thinking you are gonna come after me? If you are thinking of harming me or my family in any shape or form? Please please, think again. Before the thought even forms in your mind to do so, i seen it. This is the internet. IF i can see over 3 months in advance of whats going to transpire on a website?

    How much more do you think I can see in real life? Mmmm?

    Best give it a rest.

    Now, if you are thinking of visiting and its friendly. See ya then. :)

    To all the rest of you. I have such a huge heart for you all. You have all been so wonderful and hilarious at times. And even suprised me on more than a few occasions.

    Like i said hundreds of times. I dont say everything I see. Most of it i dont.

    Thanks soo much to all of you being perfectly you! Simply wonderful and im sure i will he around here and there. :)

    Im just a regular dude, blue collar and hard worker. My mind just never stops talking with God. Its like its on some sorta non stop auto thing that it just does, even when im texting, driving, sleeping, talking to other people or busy doing whatever. It is always in the back ground having that ever present conversation with the higher powers and the Supreme.

    Hope i uhhh didnt scare any of ya. Not my intent, there is several layers to everything i say and do.

    Hmmm. Would be great if God handed me down some $$, i dont need it. My needs are met and all that. Still, i like having $$, cause life is much more fun and a little more you know, adventurous.

    Thanks n, i do appreciate you and i do apologize for using you as an example. Just was having some fun, making a point to someone and well, doing what i do. :)

    Just prayed for all of you and your families. Hope you all a good week ahead.

  7. Oh sh!t, almost forgot. Dear, NW Mike. She is just around the corner dude. Jus be yourself and Play nice. :) ya gotta get out and say hello if n its gonna happen.

    I dont uhhh err uhhhh give personal readings, usually. Its a fine line to interfere with peoples power of choice, free will and all that. Not because of karma. Lol. I dont sweat karma, at all. I just dont usually say anything.

    Later old dude and others.

    • Thanks for your thoughts Andy! Life’s a challenge and it certainly helps to have God on your side. You seem to have a particular gift that is obscured in most of us, and we only get access when we’re on the precipice. I’ve had situations where something saved me from certain death – I can immediately think of three situations and there are many more. I’m sure we all have them – recognizing them is key. Most of us don’t have clear insight most of the time, and even meditation can’t always pierce that veil. We just need to keep going and have faith in life and it’s source.

      I’d like to hope things work out in my own life and work toward worthy goals. I can do that, at least. I’ve never quite understood “be yourself” – I don’t know how to be otherwise. My best wishes and hopes for your own life path. You are generous with your gift, and I understand the conundrum that deep awareness can create.

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