Swamp Chess: FISA UNredacted, Statin’s Scam??

First a (Whiny) Reader Note:  Again, we are posting in sections this AM because our [alleged] internet provider here in the Outback (CenturyLate) has not yet repaired our malfunctioning DSL lines. CenturyLate alleges techs will be working on it today.  We’re not totally optimistic.  Pardon me if the tone of my commentary on this degrades (as CenturyLate DSL service has) over time…  We live in an area of “permanent bandwidth exhaustion” with no plans to upgrade (in my lifetime), leaving us S.O.L if the sat backup rains out..  Yet, they keep signing up new customers.  Somewhere there’s an ethical line, isn’t there?

For now, our last “on-ramp” to the internet (Satellite) is in use.  But,  satellite connections fail in rain:  precipitation causes path-losses (i.e. drop-out).  Welcome to the one major PITA of rural living.

Let me ask you:  If you were a rabid day-trading type, would you be willing to place mid five-figure day trades if your internet connections were sketchy?  Ummm, No?……I didn’t think so!

Swamp Chess:  Unredacted

President Trump has rolled-up the sleeves and signed off on orders requiring the prompt, un-redacted release of 21-pages of hitherto fore “classified” pages of the Mueller Fishing and Hooker expedition source documents.

As Fox headlines it: “Trump orders feds to declassify key FISA documents, text messages in FBI Russia probe/”

If you read that whole Fox report, what comes out is another crystal clear example of democrat party double-standards.  Obliviously, anyone genuinely seeking Truth would see this release of docs, as Trump’s labeled it,  transparency.  But, the democrat spin?

“House Intelligence Committee ranking member Adam Schiff, D-Calif., called Trump’s decision “a clear abuse of power.”

Yessir, Gomer…release of facts is “an abuse of power” ts because we know the rattess is in all this…One reporter labeled Mueller’s circus as “the worst Easter Egg hunt ever…”  Gimme an “Amen,” brothers and sisters…

Elsewhere – like this Politico story, other democrats are trying to make it seem like no big deal (but it IS):

“The President shouldn’t be declassifying documents in order to undermine an investigation into his campaign or pursue vendettas against political enemies. He especially shouldn’t be releasing documents with the potential to reveal intelligence sources,” tweeted Sen. Mark Warner, the ranking Democrat on the Senate Intelligence Committee…: write Politico.

What senator Warner fails to acknowledge is that the only foreign actor is likely to have been the one bought and paid for by Hillary-dominated DNC operatives.

The pages, will likely be released later in the week. But Swamp Creatures move slowly, when it suits ’em…And we suspect that the GS-15 mafia will drag this out as close to the election as possible.  It’s how Swamp works.

Obama Shadow Government Woes

The American Enterprise Institute doesn’t use terms like “subversion” or “traitorous”  (although we might) as they looked over the former Sec State John Kerry’s going behind the Trump administration’s back and negotiating with Iran on a nukes deal long after Obama was out..

Instead, they simply opine that “John Kerry’s freelance diplomacy is an invitation to disaster.”  Well, NSS.

No, we’re not on a “hate Kerry as an  Obama-steered subversive” kick (although, if the shoe fits…).  BUT, we will remind you that Kerry’s back-channeling is clearly felonious under the Logan Act that Wikipedia describes Logan this way:

“The Logan Act (1 Stat. 613, 18 U.S.C. § 953, enacted January 30, 1799) is a United States federal law that criminalizes negotiation by unauthorized persons with foreign governments having a dispute with the United States. The intent behind the Act is to prevent unauthorized negotiations from undermining the government’s position.[2] The Act was passed following George Logan’s unauthorized negotiations with France in 1798, and was signed into law by President John Adams on January 30, 1799. The Act was amended in 1994, changing the penalty for violation from “fined $5,000” to “fined under this title”; this appears to be the only amendment to the Act.[2] Violation of the Logan Act is a felony. “

Felony, huh?

We figure it’s about time for Trump (if he can find a few UN-neutered republicans – and good luck on that)  to appoint his own grand inquisitor (Son of Mueller probe) to look at what we’ve in the past characterized as operations of the Obama Vichy Government — the one that has been stopping Trump everywhere they can.  Including the current circus act brought in for the Brett Kavanaugh character-assassination attempt being orchestrated by the lefty coup leaders.

Sorry if you are not comfortable with such direct speaking, but this is how it reads when we get down to cases and root meanings of words..

Kerry has, as we read in this press report, already copped to negotiating which was behind the Trump administration’s back.

If Kerry negotiated, without permission, get the man an orange jump suit.  Better yet,. cut him a deal and let’s see who HE might flip on… I mean, for God’s sake, turnabout is fair play, right?  And isn’t “fair play” still an American core value?

(OH…what a fool I am…sheesh!)

Statin Drugs a Scam?

Although this is not a Peoplenomics level report, you need to pay very serious attention of what is going on in the medical background of the Swamp.  The background where a captive regulator-infested Fooled and Drugged Administration hands out corporate profits. Like that cock-up with colchicine (gout medicine) a few years back (2010) on the flimsy pretext of needing to “study” a 20-century old preparation ( from the autumn crocus)   See the New England Journal of Medicine backgrounder from 2010 here

Fast-forward to this morning on Statins: Short part of the story first.  In Europe, a group of doctors  (17 of ’em) has found that giving older people statins (if they have never had a heart attack) doesn’t do them any good.

In fact, headlines the UK Sun report there’s no evidence that high levels of “bad cholesterol” causes heard disease.  And then continues their headline: “17 physicians from across the world appear to have dispelled the theory that there are links between having high LDL-C levels – known as bad cholesterol – and fatty deposits that clog arteries.

Well there goes a few bubble billions, huh?  Well, no…

Let’s dig in to what’s really going on in economic terms.  But, first, let me also acknowledge that if you have had a heart attack, the data says statins extend life.  So, on anything health related, talk to your doctor.

But be hard on ’em.

The reason is the monster pile of money on the global operating table by convincing people they “need to take statins” as a preventative.  How big is the market for statins?  Funny you should ask…

The global cholesterol-lowering drugs market is expected to grow at a CAGR of 4.9% in the first half of the forecast period. The market is estimated at $19.2bn in 2017. In the Statins and Fixed-Dose Combinations segment, Crestor was on the lead in 2016 and held a share of 26.7%.

(A CAGR is a combined annual growth rate. And, $20 billion will buy a fair amount of beer.).

Now, besides reading the Sun article carefully, let me remind you of a book we suggested you read – this was several years ago.  The book’s title? “Ignore the Awkward.: How the Cholesterol Myths Are Kept Alive.”

One of the key findings in this 2012 book was that people who have heart attacks tended to have low cholesterol. This is why I recommend you read it (and understand the economic impacts of excessive statin scrip-writing) before your doctor, like mine, gets out their phone (in an almost used-car-like pitch) and wows you with numbers on a (“guess who paid for it“) app…

From my own experience, I went on statins for three weeks and it took me 8-months to recover.  I had all the “rare” symptoms.  Aches, pains, muscle cramps, nausea, vomiting, chills..it was horrible..

When I went to the drug store a month, or so later, I talked to the very fine Nigerian immigrant head pharmacist who runs the local dispensary – great guy and top of his game..

“Was my reaction abnormal (name)?…Am I that one in a thousand cases?”

“Oh, no,” he told me.  “The side effects seem much more frequent and severe than gets reported.  It’s just one of those things….”  Clearly, he’d gotten a ton of bad experiences like mine reported.

Like climate change data (if you don’t like the numbers, jigger ’em) so, too, in medicine, the side effects can be written off as “a touch of the flu” not the cash cow.

Won’t bore you with all my personal research, but the root of heart attacks seems (in what I’ve read) to be inflammation related and that got me purusing strategies to reduce inflammation.

My personal solution was to dramatically cut wheat intake (which seems to drive blood pressure).  See the LiveStrong article here that hints at wheat (gluten) intolerance as one driver of high blood pressure.  Cutting out wheat lowered my personal “big number” 10-15 points.

I’m also super-careful to take adequate vitamin D, magnesium, and I use a potassium-sodium Lite salt.  Tossing-in exercise and weight loss, I was almost happy.

Then I added serrapeptase – and that really helped.  This is an extract of the enzyme used by silk worms to “eat their way out” of cocoons after birth.

In order to throw people off, the current spelling in medical research research spells it serratiopeptase.

I also take a turmeric/curcumin and the daily baby aspirin.  There are other supplements, too  – and one of these days I will have to write up my personal “process path.”   70 feeling like 40 is pretty cool.

Related:  A week from tomorrow on the Peoplenomics side of the house, a marvelous OTHER pile of research on how to personally boost anti-aging.  It’s likely why my mid-70’s wife looks like 50-something.  Seriously.

You can read up on serratiopeptase research results on the government’s PubMed website here.  Oh, serrapeptase research is not likely to skyrocket.  Like magnesium, kelp, vitamin C, and vitamin D research, where’s the money?  No patents, no dough!

Our advice is simple:  Do a lot of research.  Talk to your doctor before doing anything new or novel.  But read, study, and work out your own  personal “test plan.”  If statins work for you…great!  If they are part of an after infarction recovery plan, those are well-optimized..so go for it.

Don’t put up with feeling less than damn good, though.  Your body is likely telling you something if you and your doc can figure out what it’s saying.

Like anything else in life, when you wake up repeat those magic words:  “I AM WHAT I DO.”

DO smart.  And rent your doctor’s brain. It’s worth it.  But you may need to challenge and that’s when you get the best value for both of you.

Useful News to Know

Escalation in U.S.-Chinese trade conflict hits German firms: BDI.

US stock futures – hour to the open – Dow +62.  We figures stories like U.S.’s Ross says China must decide on trade talks: CNBC may cap the upside.

Elon Musk may be having troubles in car production, but we see he still has his head “in the sky” as CNN touts Meet the tech billionaire who will be SpaceX’s first moon tourist.  Roll me one ‘them hog legs, bubba…

Visa, Mastercard reach $6.2 billion settlement over card-swipe fees.

Russia’s alternative to a Mueller-like charade, perhaps? ‘Highly plausible’ Pussy Riot member was poisoned, doctor says.

Useful to the real estate professionals who read Urban: Outlook for Existing-Home Sales Remains Strong Amid Rising Rates, According to First American Potential Home Sales Model.

If you were wondering if “size matters” – yes, it does. TomTom shares crash as carmakers opt for Google Maps.

And, if you’re car shopping Ferrari looks to iconic past designs with new Monza models.  When they roll something in the under 50K range, we’ll get interested.

If you enjoy UrbanSurvival, please share the site with your friends. Think of it as alt.social.

Off to breakfast and moron the ‘morrow.  Great Peoplenomics report tomorrow on QP-Fields….

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52 thoughts on “Swamp Chess: FISA UNredacted, Statin’s Scam??”

  1. I started drinking Japanese green tea, and my cholesterol fell to 186. I totally agree with you on the wheat consumption, and that doctors are either seriously misinformed, or complicit in their relationship with the pharmaceutical industry.

  2. ” (if he can find a few UN-neutered republicans – and good luck on that)”

    With Tears in my eyes.. I have to tell you George… that with How many Billions donated to just causes to congressmen…. I am afraid that .. Oh I just can’t say it George the words just choke me up to much..and the tears of sorrow are so deep in my eyes I can hardly see the screen..But Our Congress is already Owned and the puppeteers are doing the happy dance on the voters….


  3. George
    Our buddy Coop also turned me on to the Serrapeptase as a relief for phlebitis and other clotting related issues I was suffering from when we were both working in Chem Demil in Colorado and flying more often.
    Fortunately Ky is closer so we drive more than fly but that still means long periods in a car seat, and that can mean clots, so the serrapeptase is still on my daily list as well.

  4. George,the estimated $20 million cost so far for 1 year investigation/interference project led by Von Mueller, is winding down with absolutely ZILCH on TRUMPs’ fabricated and then accused of RUSSIAN collusion. Wonder what sort of payback these fine “investigators/attorneys are due?
    I believe John (skull&bones/322) Kerry will be standing before military judges, in line for a one way ticket to GITMO, if he is lucky, see Uranium 1 deal for treasonous details. Suspect there are going to be some more “suicides” coming to a theater near you soon.

    “We have everything, we know everything..” -Q

    Q520 – There is NO ESCAPE
    There are NO DEALS
    Treason at the highest levels. -Q

  5. Food + Roundup = health problems


    There’s eighteen to twenty million people in America that have gluten intolerance. And really, they’re not gluten intolerant. What they’re intolerant to is the pesticide glyphosate that’s sprayed on wheat, oat and barley as a pre-harvest dessicating agent. Scientists have studied the gut microbiome – your stomach is your second brain. There’s a gut-brain axis, and glyphosate really significantly disrupts the microbiome in humans just like it disrupts the microbiome of the soil.

    • I quit ALL grains several years ago and have not had a cold or flu since. DRAMATIC change from my earlier life when I had several colds/flus a year.

      In the past year I have added organic rice, teff and quinoa back to my diet without issue.

  6. Hi, George,

    The President of the United States has the final and absolute authority on security clearances, as well as what documents and information are classified or de-classified. There is no argument.

    In my opinion, John Kerry should be charged for treason against the United States. It has also been revealed that he was among several recipients of “bonuses” for promoting the Iran money deal hatched by the Obama administration. At the very least, he should have his passport pulled.

    Statin drugs are dangerous. They block the cell from getting their needed nutrition. There was an interesting book published years ago,”How Statin Drugs Really Lower Cholesterol and Kill You One Cell at a Time”, authored by James B. Yoseph and Hannah Yoseph, MD. Great reading.

    • Secretary of State heads have been doing this for years. What John Kerry did is typical for former heads of state not name Hillary Clinton…(keep her away)

      More recently, Henry Kissinger and George Schultz visited foreign governments decades after their stint as SOS. Kissinger is still doing deals and is presently in talks with Xi Jingping. Schultz is a member of the council on Foreign relations and has also traveled to the Middle East, Russia, China and other nations quite frequently..especially during his stint with Bechtel.

    • THIS! x 1000!

      You stated exactly what I was intending to say, with the additional benefit of the link. I’ll be ordering that book to read, and then pass on to a friend who needs it. The brain is made largely of cholesterol(after water), and depriving a brain of essential materials is insane(under most circumstances).

      Yes, the obviously corrupt (Kerry, et al) need to be incarcerated, tried, and dealt with. We need to get our country operating according to law. And I do hope that our president will immediately fire all those who refuse to obey a lawful command. At the least, it should save us a lot of tax dollars.

      I’m expecting to read the unclassified documents on Thursday in full. They are already unclassified as of the moment president Trump signed the order – we’re simply waiting for the DOJ to find and release them. At this point, anyone who possesses them has the right to post them.

  7. I was diagnosed with high blood pressure after a rare trip to the doctor. Put me right on medication and told me that diet and exercise wouldn’t change anything. For three months I took the medication and developed the chronic cough, dizziness and eventually vertigo. When I mentioned these things to the doctor on my monthly visit, I was dismissed. They didn’t tell me my numbers, just that they were still high and she toyed with the idea of doubling my dosage. In the mean time, I found out that they were doing the measurements all wrong. I got tired of the room spinning and tossed the damned drugs. Six months after that I had an unrelated issue and went to the clinic for the same company. She took my blood pressure along with the usual things. I was waiting for her to comment on my high blood pressure. When she didn’t, I asked. She said my blood pressure was good, no problem. Now I wonder if I even had high blood pressure to start with.

  8. You should add some daily vitamin K/K2 as it is integral to all the others processing correctly. Thank you though, I have refused statins and flu/pneumonia shots for years, (age 68) and am supremely better for it. In 10 years the whole medical complex will have overthrown, I hope! Oh, and regular homemade silver colloids properly done!

    • I ditched colloidal silver for “MMS” — Master Mineral Supplement/Miracle Mineral Supplement. It is acidified sodium chlorite, which yields chlorine dioxide. You take very small amounts.

      MMS has saved my life. Talk about a survival medical prep –this is major.

      Use an alternative search engine to research it. Google will pretty much give you the pharma line that it is a dangerous poison. Yeah, a dangerous poison used everyday in the food processing industry.

      Pharma got a campaign going against MMS all about “parents giving their children bleach to cure autism”. That is a big part of what you will find on Google.

      Sodium chlorite is a heck of a detoxifier and antibiotic. I cannot speak from experience about the “MMS cures autism” controversy, but if autism has any relation to either microbial or toxin overload then I can well imagine it might help.

      I have been taking MMS in small amounts for over a decade with nothing but massive benefit. However, as with anything, exercise caution. Some people may have problems that go beyond Herxheimer reaction.

      • I have been using MMS for less than 2 years, I have solved all my health problem.Arthritis, back pain , heart prblems and derived fatigue symptoms, neuropathy….My energy level has improved dramatically.People I know personally have tried it and the results are impressive.It is simply the major discovery in centuries

  9. Anti-Aging — the current science from a physician – scientist – mother – athlete.

    The Kaufmann Protocol — Why We Age and How to Stop It
    Sandra Kaufmann MD

    The focus of the book is cellular health with specific recommendations given on how to maximize cell health. No fad diets or exercise programs or promotional materials for the doctor’s own private label supplements.

    The book is written for the intelligent layperson who has the patience to digest a lot of information. There are a lot of concepts and big words. If you are a regular reader of UrbanSurvival you can probably handle it.

  10. Arterial Inflammation, according to a Heart Physician with thousands of operation under his belt, stated on Fox TV that Inflammation of the arteries was the common item in his surgeries. My TCM (Traditional Chinese Medicine) doctor said the ’sticky cholesterol’ was the problem with heart attacks. Add the two together (inflammation causes rough arteries which would allow sticky cholesterol to adhere to the artery walls causing a blockage) which might be something to consider.

    Wheat is not the same all around the world based on travel experiences. USA type wheat seems to cause more adverse reactions to our family than European wheat or the wheat we have eaten in Central America. What is the difference other than the type of wheat? How the wheat is grown and what chemicals are used in the growing, harvesting and packaging of the wheat products.

    Attempt to stay drug free as much as possible, which is a life style change for some of us and damned difficult. Cheers George and another good article.

    • Arterial plaque (clogged arteries) showed-up in large measure right after the Korean War in the early 1950’s. A large number of our returning soldiers were dying of atherosclerosis when in their early 20’s!
      It was eventually linked to chlorinated water. Potable water was difficult to find so our soldiers were using large amounts of chlorine tablets to ‘purify’ the available water for drinking. Unfortunately, there was a side effect – clogged arteries!
      The final medical conclusion, now buried, was that ANY amount of excess chlorine in drinking water, no matter how small, will cause this problem.
      I have been using Jim McCanney’s gravity water filters for over 15 years as a result of the report as they remove chlorine, fluorides, arsenic, drugs, etc. without any add-on filters needed.
      I thank George for turning me on to his website (jmccsci.com).

  11. Had a horrible experience with statins. Took them for about 3 months and didnt notice the talked about side effects, then I switched insurance and needed a refill. The new provider refilled the same statin but it was from a different mfr. Within 2-3 weeks I was severely dehydrated, drinking 3-4 glasses of water an hour and urinating accordingly. I went to my dr and she said no way its the statins. I stopped taking them and the severe thirst went away but the damage was done. My A1c went from 6.5 to over 11 in 4 months. Theres many law suits alleging the association with statins and people becoming diabetic after taking them. Ive had to cut way back on carbs to get my A1c down. I feel the statins damaged my pancreas. Also heard the quality control of the mfr of many pharmaceuticals is way compromised now as many are coming from China.

    • This happened to a friend of mine about 15 years ago. He went into liver failure and almost died as a result.
      I will never take statins!

  12. Hey George, The really sick part about big Pharma. is that there is NOT ONE prescription drug on the market that was not derived from a natural source ie. plants, mineral but you can’t patent them so add some nasty chemicals and call it medicine…nice. I urge every one to do some research on natural medicines and start using them you will be all the better for it! On the Brent Kavanaugh deal what the Dems are trying to do is terrible but I have come to the conclusion that ANY one in that party that condones that type of antics is just as big of a scumbag as the people that are doing it and from now on I will deal with them on that level!

  13. George, makes reading so much easier now that everyone has (mostly) stopped cheer leading for Trump.
    Wonder what it finally was? The unbridled corruption? Being a traitor? Sympathizing with Nazis? Attacking our FBI to support Putin? That Witch Hunt nonsense? The 8 convictions/flips? The Grand Swamp? The massive deficits? The trade wars? The $12 billion for farmer welfare? The death of facts?
    Did it all just get too ridiculous to keep finding excuses? I mean — The Deep State? Really? Best, Mike

  14. Take a look at EDTA for heart and vascular health.
    It works like serrapeptase but even moreso, and it’s less expensive.
    Cleans all the junk that collects in the arteries over a lifetime.

    You must replenish minerals like potassium and magnesium, since it clears those too, but that’s a small price to pay to eliminate all the bad stuff.

  15. A little over a year ago I was suffering from clicking in my joints, especially neck and shoulder joints as well as lower back pain.

    A little over a year ago a sandwich or dinner roll would inflame my joints.

    A little over a year ago I would fight allergies every spring and summer.

    A little over a year ago …well, you get the idea.

    A little over a year ago I read Dr. Thomas Levy’s book Primal Panacea (link below), and started taking 4 grams of vitamin C a day.

    After several months I was so satisfied that I upped to the dosage to 10-15 grams per day (divided doses! 1-2 grams an hour.).

    Today I have NONE of the issues listed above. My joints move smoothly and I can eat all the bread and wheat products I want without problems.

    My conclusion (and that of others far more knowledgeable than I) is that while gluten and toxins such as glyphosate are triggers for a wide range of problems, they are not the root cause of those problems. Vitamin C deficiency is.

    Primal Panacea is available from Amazon at: https://www.amazon.com/Primal-Panacea-Thomas-Levy/dp/0983772800/ref=sr_1_1?ie=UTF8&qid=1537282655&sr=8-1&keywords=primal+panacea+by+dr.+thomas+levy

    Also of possible interest:
    Iron and Gluten, The Toxic Tandem – Thomas E. Levy, MD, JD

    High-Dose Vitamin C Therapy for Major Diseases: A Historical Perspective – Andrew Saul, PhD

    • Interesting…

      Linus Pauling postulated, based on firsthand observation, that a healthy 180 pound human could utilize between 40-43 grams of vitamin C daily; that a sick or injured 180-pounder could utilize 200-400 grams daily; and that it was impossible to overdose, because if one did, they’d develop diarrhea and flush the excess.

      Despite being one of only two scientists to ever win multiple, merit-based Nobel Prizes, the pharma community has panned and lambasted Pauling’s research for the past 60 years. I have long-assumed this to be because none of them have figured out how to make a billion off vitamin C…

  16. George, I have the same problem with Centurystink. Sometimes I do online tests for my course and if the net drops at the wrong time I’m SOL. Of course, the grade doesn’t really matter to me, but it is a way of measuring my understanding.

    Here’s a thought on an additional channel: If you have a cell tower within range on any carrier, consider getting a phone using that carrier, or a paygo that uses their bandwidth. Get 4GLTE and you should be able to hack together sufficient connectivity to at least exit a trade, and possibly enough to monitor it. If you’ve got mid five figures at risk, the cost for such a connection is negligible. You can use it to create an access point for a real computer that runs familiar software. I don’t especially like the cell system, but since it’s there(even where I am), you might as well use it.

      • Agreed. A Wilson amp/repeater and a directional dish do wonders for weak or non-existent cell signals. I can get fractional t-3 speed on 4-g connectivity where two years ago, no signal was possible (26 miles to the nearest cell tower…)

    • Century Link doesn’t go all the way down the road to my house so I only have satellite for my internet. I have been working from home with a vpn connection for a year now in the Olympic rain forest. It has been working good enough for me(even in the rain)to get my job done. It is a little sluggish at times, but it is worth the price to be living here far from the big city. The only people that come out this way are tourist as it is not on the way to anywhere.

      • If you get a republic Wireless telephone it will work over the satellite Network it’s the only phone I know that does that.
        Mine does

  17. Statins suck. My Kaiser doc prescribed that crap for me about 8 years ago and after taking the first dose, and the side effects that come with it, I threw the rest out (along with the Kaiser doc). I seriously think if I hadn’t it would have killed me.
    On the Kerry situation, who the F does he think he is to usurp Pompeo and what nefarious dealings has he had? Lock him up (with HER preferably).

  18. Who needs statins? Its all about diet and exercise. Pills are easier to take but harder on your body. I take fish oil, Krill oil, DHA, Resveratrol, Tumeric mixed with pepper, Braggs Apple Cider Vinegar every single day…and I cut out bread and limit red meat to once a week. I am a chicken and fish guy…My cholesterol is about as low as it gets…my blood pressure has been 118 over 60 my entire life.

  19. I did my own research on statins and saw through the ‘money scam’ of big pharma. Cholesterol an energy carrier in the body, produced by the liver, burned by muscles and used in the body. Chemically warping the liver to produce less cholesterol cannot be a good thing. Yes, inflammation is a key. Cholesterol is used as a ‘band-aid patch’ for inflamed or damaged artery walls. The problem is NOT how much cholesterol you have circulating…. the problem is WHAT MAKES IT STICK to artery walls. That is a stress hormone called Homocysteine. (That’s why stressed-out individuals have heart attacks.) Lower your homocysteine and you lower your heart attack risk…. regardless of your cholesterol numbers. TriMethylGlycine, TMG, supplements will quench homocysteine stress hormones. My old ‘corporate clinic’ doctor wanted to put me on statins… as part of their standard operating practice. I refused, and gave him the argument. I found him unconsciously shaking his head ‘yes’ when I said statins do NOT prevent heart attacks and the science was bogus. I’ve seen charts of the ejection fraction of old people who declined into heart failure when put on statins. One needs CoQ10 to keep the heart strong if you are on statins, but most doctors neglect to tell you THAT also.

  20. Whole grains that have not been soaked or shall we say sprouted have anti nutrients called
    phytic acids which keep them from rotting till they can grow can cause much of the problems people have with grains.(I’m definitely aware glyphosate is harmful, but more for the endocrine system) I personally have migraines that are connected to the proteins in glutens(funny the word grains is in migraines) Gluten is in all grains,legumes, and veggies just at varying degrees. Being vegetarian for years and changed to organic grains in the 90’s, I’m sure it’s not the glyphosate for me. The proteins are still in the sprouted grains so that still does not work for me, but can relieve many gut issues. I also have experienced less sickness and even less tooth decay with a grain free diet. I feel that eating an alkalizing diet can alleviate many of our modern day illnesses which are caused by inflammation .

  21. Hi, George,

    It appears that both Mike and Mark suffer greatly from Trump Derangement Syndrome. Trump is not a stupid person, even though that is what they believe. Trump has been doing an amazing job as President, irregardless of the huge push-back from those who have weaponized the DOJ, the FBI, the media, and others. We must have an effective rule of law here in the US to stop the treasonous element operating in high places in our government, or we will go the way of Venezuela. I hate communism, and socialism is a step toward that. Lawlessness is no way to run a country.

    There is something I call a pendulum swing. It occurs when situations go so far either to the right or to the left, that when pushed to the limit, it cannot go any farther. A crisis will then occur, either a war, a meltdown of government, or something horrible that happens to the people. I do not want any of that, although some idiots in the media have called for it (a nuclear war) just so it will eliminate Trump and his supporters. Just bear in mind that a crisis may loom in our near future if this lawlessness continues unabated.

    • Very smart observation! I fear, though, that there’s something seriously wrong with the ‘general public’ at large. ;-(

      • Three things: Apathy and laziness, and ignorance.

        People don’t invest any time, learning about politics or politicians. They take what someone else will spoon-feed them as gospel. The vast majority of people under 50 also don’t have a clue regarding our form of government, its machinations, its Constitutional limitations, and how it differs from every other nation’s government (except for the two recent entries, which patterned their constitution and government structure after ours.)

        They don’t know the difference between the governmental philosophies of communism and republicanism, or between the economic philosophies of capitalism and socialism, and have no desire to learn. All they know is: “Capitalism is unfair,” and “Under socialism, everybody gets everything for free;” “republicanism” was something invented by a bunch of old dead Greeks — irrelevant because we live in a “democracy,” (which they believe, because they’ve not been taught otherwise, nor the difference) and “communism” ensures “equal treatment for all.” That’s the economic and governmental “reality” that’s been pumped into their heads.

        THAT, and the fact they’ll tolerate any amount of illegality, immorality, or exercise of privilege by people with whom they agree ideologically, is what’s seriously wrong…

  22. Serrapeptase…YES…Good stuff. Another poster mentioned Vit. K2…You should really look into that one George…And I’m sure that Elaine will find certain aspects quite interesting also…

    In short, I was told that I would need to take BP meds for the rest of my life and I decided, NO…These days, even after an hour of HIIT, my BP comes in at 110/65… As an aside, I’m less than 30 days younger than you…(March)

    Here’s the best explanation of Vit. K2, MK-7 that I have found to date for your perusal…Quite extensive with all the research noted and in laymens terms…


    I won’t make this long but I have more research (on this and other things) I have done if you are interested…

  23. Have had VERY high bad cholesterol for over 35 years now – somewhere between 270-290 (started monitoring it in my 30s). Diet change dropped the number by about 10…I don’t drink, smoke, and exercise 4 times a week. Am not overweight.

    Doctors kept trying to get me on statins – which I refused because of the side effect and the unknown long term effects.

    About 15 years ago, started getting an echocaridogram of my heart – and guess what – crystal clear. No buildup. Zero plaque build up. Nothing – just a healthy heart and arteries. And it has held consistent for 15 years. I go in every 5 years to recheck.

    My high cholesterol is genetic. And ALL my relatives have lived to over 95 – some to 103. This is who I am. And my heart is healthy. There are other medical problems, but not heart related or having to do with high cholesterol.

  24. what really gets me wondering on mankinds sanity.. is that the puppeteers are not even secret about their deals anymore.( they use to be called under the table) .Today it is a right up front in your face slap ..
    The congress has spend who knows how much and the puppeteers have spent probably in the billions to try to discredit our president Trump.. shoot they spent two billion the last few weeks of the campaign trying to turn the tide of the election.. Its obvious that there is an intense manipulation push to get the most powerful countries in the world on a collision course of destruction all because a few greedy people want control of resources they have. they are even from my position working at taking down the twenty nine percent of the wealthy so they can have control of the resources they have as well…. ( thank god the world leaders are smart enough to see that.. or being realistic are they)the puppeteers even have gone so far as investing in companies in multiple countries that they are busy manipulating during wars just in case..( all of this over what is essentially made up currency totally a made up numbers. LOL and the world buys it and is dependent on it )
    what I don’t understand is how much power do these people actually have.is it really that great and how did they get it. have they been overthrowing countries that long that they have it down to a systematic sequence of events.Seriously why would world leaders let a group manipulate them so much as to even get them to go froggie and jump with the triggers and sacrifice lives homes and whole country sides do these few people have that much influence on them…. then walk in and act like they are the saviors and start to rebuild what they have torn down..
    How stupid are we the people of our planet that we cannot see the extreme manipulation that is being done and buy the propaganda they speak even when we know it is just a ploy to get us to dance to their tune and vote out the good ole boy group that keeps dancing to the tune of the puppeteers..
    I am just totally baffled and amazed that a few people can actually do that..the other thing that surprises me.. is what is it they have planned.. if they get what I see they are trying to manipulate the masses to do.. it will take them down to.. or have they figured out a way to be secure from the repercussions of what they are working towards. total devastation, financial institutions that will be so destroyed that it doesn’t matter.. land homes people the list is pretty intense a complete change in everything.just night time reflections on things that really baffle me.. a puzzle if you will that is so simple and yet no one can or has put the pieces together.

    • how do they not see it – oh, maybe all the prescription drugs that are prescribed – anti-anxiety, anti-depression, etc. etc. What about the fluroide in our drinking waters? What about all the chemicals we are exposed to on a daily basis. The slow elimination of critical thinking in our schools. Chemicals even in the foods we eat. The hours and hours/days/months/years of mindless tv watching of useless and stupid shows, and the video gaming – numbing the mind and thinking processes. The constant bombardment of advertising that set empty materialistic goals.

      I could go on but not surprised that the majority and masses are not figuring it out — that is done intentionally by those in control.

    • “How stupid are we the people of our planet…” IF anyone studies history he/she will conclude that there is a mayor defect with us the “people.” (I’m glad it will be over for me pretty soon ;-)).

  25. I convinced my mother to give up the statins years ago. So many of the problems seniors suffer can be directly attributed to taking statins. Cholesterol is a necessary part of the body. The body will actually make it if you don’t ingest enough. Statins damage muscle and nerve fibers and weaken brain tissue. Nasty stuff.

  26. In RE: Mr. Warner’s comment, The FISA warrant was issued to investigate a minor Trump campaign advisor (who is also a CIA op, in case anyone forgot), who had little knowledge of Mr. Trump’s campaign, and none whatsoever of his personal or financial dealings.

    Against what “political enemy” could the FISA dump possibly be considered a “vendetta,” if there was no wrongdoing or illegality broached in obtaining or exercising the warrant? If there WAS wrongdoing, shouldn’t that be exposed so an appropriate legal response [can] be made against the perpetrator?

    In RE: Mr. Schiff’s comment – Clearly and absolutely NOT an abuse of power. Please read the Constitution.

    Schiff is acting butt-hurt because he’s running scared. He is as in on the coup and coverup as Strzok, (Lisa) Page, Ohr, Simpson, and the rest.

    …And John Kerry? The man who proved one could be haughty, pompous, condescending, and effete, all at the same time, and garner a Purple Heart for a cut finger if one had the “right connections?” Kissinger, Brzezinski, even Nixon and Dennis Rodman acted as emissaries of the (then current) Administration. Is Mr. Ketchup a Trump emissary? If not, his visits fall under either the Logan or the Espionage Act.

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