Sugarplum Incomes, Durables, Giftery & Cookery

OK, so the word “Giftery” doesn’t seem to be in the Oxford Engrish. Uppity damn Brits, anyway.

Everyone here knows that giftery is the fine art of giving unto others, so they will give unto you” at well-managed levels both in terms of time and resources.

Perplexing no end are the mysteries of giftery that will periodically appear.  Like this week.

FedEx brings me a box.  Paperwork says it’s from MapleSyrupWorld. Which proved to me that with the Internet, you can find anything.  Well, except who sent it!

According to the Rules of Giftery, I must say both thank you and admit that it will become the key ingredient to finish off my latest affront to Cardiology: Ure’s New and Improved Holiday French Toast.

Remember the Original recipe?  Couple of three eggs in the blender with 1/3 cup whipping cream and 1/3 cup of Bailey’s laced heavily with fresh ground nutmeg? Soak the bread in that and heaven awaits when toasted.

New and Improved the 2024 edition will use store-bought Southern Comfort eggnog in place of the whipping cream.  Don’t wuss out on the Bailey’s though we have been known to use an off-brand generic (O’Mara’s or some-such). The hangover is the same, but less bank drain.

Experimentally, we plan taste testing French toast cooked stovetop in butter, on the waffle iron, and for the next day we’ll toss more on the panini press. (After that, googling weight loss clinics…)

This may seem counter to the notion of weight loss. But understand, that’s a lot like “integrity in government” lately. More notional than actual, if you follow.

Before we delve into the economic fairytales, we should point out there’s a special version of “giftery” used in this fine Nation’s Capitol.  “Griftery” – which is all about taking while giving as little as possible back. You don’t see all the grift because so much goes to relatives and friends.

Did I mention our L.A./Century City backup consigliere sent a client note pointing to Oregon Dems Ban Republicans From Running for Office | Frontpage Mag?  No, I suppose I overlooked that.  Sometimes a good host will do that.

Sugarplum Incomes

Early market futures today we down a hunsky (100) on the Dow and down 3 on the essen pee (S&P). Which this month has been the effen-pee during our “position trading” experiment. Notwithstanding, we expect higher today – 20, or so points, to close higher into the three-day weekend.

Sugarplums, Anyone?

From Griftery Central comes word that we’re all stupendously more well off this year.  (Gimme a Hallelujah and an Amen! But don’t try to actually spend it…)

“Personal income increased $81.6 billion (0.4 percent at a monthly rate) in November. Disposable personal income (DPI)—personal income less personal current taxes—increased $71.9 billion (0.4 percent). Personal outlays—the sum of personal consumption expenditures (PCE), personal interest payments, and personal current transfer payments—increased $47.8 billion (0.2 percent) and consumer spending increased $46.7 billion (0.2 percent). Personal saving was $839.8 billion and the personal saving rate—personal saving as a percentage of disposable personal income—was 4.1 percent in November.”

(Did someone just yell “My ass!“?)  See here:

Also out is the Durable Goods Orders and this one we shouldn’t comment on.  Because we might ask “How much of Goods going up is because of all the sales of Arms to Ukraine and whoever else can wangle into the FMS (foreign military sales) line?”

“New Orders
New orders for manufactured durable goods in November, up two of the last three months, increased $15.1 billion or 5.4 percent to $295.4 billion, the U.S. Census Bureau announced today. This followed a 5.1 percent October decrease. Excluding transportation, new orders increased 0.5 percent. Excluding defense, new orders increased 6.5 percent. Transportation equipment, also up two of the last three months, led the increase, $14.3 billion or 15.3 percent to $107.8 billion.”

Later this morning, home sales and consumer sentiment figures drop. Since (waving a fancy degree) we can prove statistically that a) you aren’t buying a home today and b) your income hasn’t changed enough overnight to make you wildly optimistic, we’ll just gloss of these figures.  And move along to…

Tearing Down the Wires

Let’s call him a “Special Persecutor” shall we? Jack Smith’s special counsel status is unconstitutional, former attorney general tells SCOTUS – CLG News ( Don’t look now, but half a century of Lefties abusing the legal system is beginning to seriously weaken not only the courts but with ripples into snubbing Congressional subpoenas and the like, too.

US to Give Killing for Christmas!  OK, maybe that’s overstating things a bit, but reading UN again delays vote on watered-down Gaza aid resolution; US backs revision. It’s an indicator of how crooked Life on Earth has become. When drugs can’t be moved legally but arms can be. WTF?

Biden’s latest “steel”:  Biden believes U.S. Steel sale to Japanese competitor warrants ‘serious scrutiny’ | Fortune Check the offshore contributions and get back to us?


Price of Diesel going up?  Vin Diesel faces 2010 sex assault claim by former assistant – Raw Story.  Wait, was that Triple-X?

Assault on Elections, too: Donald Trump Michigan Tape Is ‘Perfect Evidence’—Attorney ( is part of a the ongoing efforts in Michigan to keep hating Trump for things alleged in 2020.  If this looks like demoscraps fighting the last war, yeah, they do that.

Another left-wing marionette is motion: Soros-backed California Lt. Governor Eleni Kounalakis demands state ‘explore every legal option’ to eliminate Republican hopeful from 2024 ballot as Colorado contagion spreads. We can hardly wait for “Sideshow Bob” in Washington state to get on this bandwagon.  Riding Trump-hate to the governorship is, well, novel… Ferguson – if he can find the sensible middle – might be an OK governor.

Bitcoin Indicator:  Under $44,000 again at click time.  Meaning (since public spirits around stocks and cryptos are softly entrained) suggest a lower period into year end, as we figure it. Spot Bitcoin ETF approval ‘still happening’ by Jan. 10, analysts say (, notwithstanding.

The Daily Genocide:  Say, there’s a name for an up-and-coming website, huh?  It could feature Palestinian death toll tops 20,000 in Israel-Hamas war, Gaza officials say – CBS News and Israel’s military campaign in Gaza seen as among most destructive in history, experts say | Stars and Stripes.

For a little change-of-pace, the War behind curtain number two: Ukraine Downs 24 of 28 Russia-Launched Drones ( playing off Video from Germany: Leopard 2 training centers empty – Kiev has 800 casualties a day – Zelensky has no soldiers to send! would underscore the futility of War.

A Million Dollar Idea

So, you know how there’s a system which requires blowing a clean breathalyzer before driving a car?  Well, we got to thinking, why not put a radio frequency detector in cars so they can’t be used when a car goes over 5-miles per hour if a cell phone is in use?

Two things drive this idea.  The first is Look out! Phone-related accidents are skyrocketing – Study Finds.

The second is son G2’s S.O. was texting and creamed the front of his Kia.  Back and running fine, but in every problem, life hides opportunity.  So go invent this!  Send us royalties.  Save lives and make money!  How does it get sweeter than this?

ATR: Political Reporter Class

I learned political reporting from some of the best in America. My late friend, Dick Schrock, a long-time top shelf energy lobbyist and supporter of former Washington governor John Spellman, and the late Shelby Scates and I would occasionally meet for a drink at the Grosvenor House bar – back in the early 1970s.  Thing is in politics, or life for that matter, we assumed to never be what they seemed on the surface.

This was when my on-air name was George Garrett. My mentor in radio news was B.R. Bradbury, whose on-air name was “Bill Munson” – so chosen because it kinda/sort of sounded like hydroplane driver Bill Muncey

Back on track? One of the key political reporting lessons taught a (then) young reporter was to always “check out the facts.”  Schrock used a good clipping service and the newspaper morgue (where all the back-issues lived) as a favorite haunt. Had a keen nose for opposition dirt.

Which we do, at times – though mostly for personal entertainment these days – when there’s a story that “Just don’t seem right.

One story that caught my eye recently was Why GOP Voters Filed Lawsuit That Kicked Trump Off Colorado’s Ballot (  Hmm.  GOP voters? That doesn’t sound like the America (or Colorado) I know pretty well…

That sent me to the OpenSecrets database.  Where I did a quick spot check of the “GOP voters.”

Well, what do you know?  Here’s what looks like one of them who (says the database when we checked) has a history of democrat contributions (data source) and only gave money to a republican (in that source) once and that was in April of 2022.

When we read with another donor (and do remember, Colorado is in the 80-xxx zip codes, here’s a second contributor and that read like an all-democrat contributor. Again, in this source.

Now, this isn’t to impugn a fellow reporter’s work.  But (GOP and independents?) I would strongly suggest that everyone bookmark the OpenSecrets Contributor Lookup and throw a couple of bucks their way now and then.

Because when “four GOP and two independents” are cited, we’d have written it a “mixed bag” of people including a couple of democrat donors” by the look of the data.

That’s the kind of nuanced learning that being an old school political reporter involves.  That and drinking many gin martinis in the prototypical smoky bar where stories wandered through the front door every lunch hour… Political reporting is a craft and few play it very well. The right smoky bars is where the real news is found. Even now, if I could keep up the martini count to industry standards.

Two other outstanding reporters I watched and learned a great deal about political reporting from back in the day?  Joel Connelly and Richard Larsen.  Seattle’s answer to the SF Bay stable of reporters of earlier legend at the Chronicle, back when.

You can do worse than finding one (maybe two) good reporters – people who’ve earned your trust by getting things right – and following them.  The majority, particularly in streaming media these days, are likely flashes in the pan. Flushes, perhaps?

Your time is too valuable.  Life’s for living, learning, and being. Not to be wasted on partisan battles. But, if you’re going to, the data still matters.

If you get bored over the holiday and need some non-news, non-economic, non-political something to read, check out our ShopTalk Sunday archives. Or get some flour and bake some bread. But that’s just going to put even more weight on over the holidays…

Write when you get rich,

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    • Any Snow Near You? – on forgiveness and Light

      Professor Stewart’s posting some days back, considering offering The Devil forgiveness
      prodded my lingering/fermenting reflections on personal offers due and acceptances received (or pending?). In either case, we all carry a bonding burden. But when the offended offers, the debt is broken and we are free. A very complex ‘spiritual’ contract for resolution indeed.

      I have always been profoundly sorrowful for Judas Iscariot, another ‘devil’ figure. Perhaps that is personal – for some he is the archetype. In St. John’s Gospel there is implicit harsh anti-semitism. Judas gematria and motives in the compositions of J.S.Bach (St John Passion for example) hint of the composer’s caution treating the judgemental libretto, perhaps with empathy for Judas’ circumstance? And I reflect on the splendor of Lucifer, in his first estate, wondering if The Almighty offered him forgiveness?

      Maybe Professor Stewart and Rector Ure need to start discussions in The New Year on the metaphysics of betrayal/duplicitousness and our appropriate responses. Seems like there will be a lot of Darkness on the journey ahead and time is short.

      But there is Light which, LOOB recently wrote so gently (December 19th posting) and beautifully about this past week. Thank you! That Light is a Mystery, and whether sceptic, cynic, partaker, or explorer, this poem may help:

      Until I wander’d

      Until I wander’d through the world
      I did not know that even in Bethlehem, in
      Falls the white soft snow.
      Then I did imagine how
      A morning long ago
      Reflected light from all the land
      Flooded through the door
      And lit the spidery rafters
      Above the sleeping child
      Whose eyes were lifted up to a mother mild.
      And such a radiance was around
      On ass and munching cow,
      Some said because a child was born,
      And some because of snow.

      Herbert Read (1893-1968) (from’Moon’s Farm’}
      as set for choir by Alan Ridout (1934-1996)

      A Joyous Christmastide to all! dgw

      • “I have always been profoundly sorrowful for Judas Iscariot, another ‘devil’ figure. Perhaps that is personal”

        I’ve never read anything that said, Jesus treated Judas any differently than He treated the other 11 Apostles. – Jesus was always aware of what Judas was going to do. Same as He knew Peter would deny knowing Him 3 times.

        I guess what’s meant to be, will be. I read the scriptures but stop short of what may or may not have happened since … I don’t jump to conclusions on some things. That stuff’s between them and God. I’m too busy trying to keep myself strait.

      • “I have always been profoundly sorrowful for Judas Iscariot”

        judas only sold his soul for a few silver coins sadly.. Jesus only sin was to be born to a single mother and helping others against their religious teachings.
        ancient scholars talk about the angels returning in the last days. I read the daily news and wonder.. what is taking them so long. things are so bad that it has me curious are there angels walking with us now.. how much worse wS soddom and ghomorah..

        • “a few silver coins”

          Historic economics.

          Comparing the value silver had way back then Vs today. Huge loss of buying power for HODL’s. Huge.

      • There is always more to the story. “The text of the gospel of Judas is out there. Whether or not it received the Catholic church’s seal of approval is immaterial.

  1. When you get those back issues of Farm Talk prepare to lose yourself in them. Shoptalk in an old fashioned newsprint edition. Bad idea or good idea?
    There is something about reading an old fashioned newspaper.
    Merry Christmas. Stay safe.73

    • To each is own. It’s part of the joy of html and derivative works, I suppose.

      I much prefer to see only Arial font and especially despise serif types. I can read much faster with a reduced character set. It was my Waterloo when attempting to learn both Chinese and APL. Others with a more artistic minds will probably disagree.

      Merry Christmas to all!

  2. Dude G,

    As per usual the UrbSurv spellchecker be offline/DNE/DOA.
    This one is glaring and so I thought to highlight it as how messages get mixed in dlivery..
    “The second is son G2’s S.O. was texting and creamed the front of his Kia”
    Only one letter in alphabet off T to S, but it changed the story from good clean fun to irresponsibility.
    Obviously had you used Ure spellchecker and reread Ure prose prior to posting we would not still be in the dark regards G2 and S.O. shenanigans.
    Here it is as it should have been were you not suppressing the news; “The second is son G2’s S.O. was SEXting G2 and creamed the front of his Kia”

    Ure welcome.

    PS- ever try holla bread with Ure french toast (challah)-its delish.


      • I hear ya.. I use it all the time and it pops in some crazy stuff all on its own.. which has me believing that spellcheck had a smart ass writing it to do just that as a joke..

    • i thought i saw this, we have a very old golden lab named Kia at the ranch. She is 16 years old. She has a hard time getting around.

      that is a picture of her, after i went and bought her a big fluffy pillow.

      i sometimes go lay with her on the kitchen floor. the last time i did, i cuddled up next to her, i was texting and she pushed the phone out of my hand with her nose and it fell next to me, i curled up next to her and fell asleep petting her. i woke up 2 hours later and my lower back was super sore. im kinda old too. at age 53. atleast to be sleeping with the dog on the kitchen floor.

      so i thought if that hurts my back. i must be brutal for a 16 year old golden lab. so i got up and drove to the feed/farm store and got her that big fluffy pillow.

      she loves it.

      sorry i didnt comment earlier BCN. maybe that is what you were seeing. about G2 and Texting and Kia.

      since im kinda like Georges unrelated mountain man cowboy bastard Urban survival son.


  3. “FedEx brings me a box. Paperwork says it’s from MapleSyrupWorld. Which proved to me that with the Internet, you can find anything. Well, except who sent it!”

    I got one of those to.. absolutely the best syrup in the world.. check in the bottom there is a nice xmas note that will say who it is from..

    • speaking of which.. can youse share how you do Vanilla Sugar?
      I took a bunch of sliced & scraped beans and threw em in the sugar bowl. Its a real cluster f in there now, I keep getting chunks of bean in morning cuppa joe. Not that big of deal – I just pick em out as they present.
      I immediately reasoned, upon seeing mess in sugar bowl, that there had to be a better way. So rather than farting around with more slicings, figure I would ask the expert..Youse.

      * thinking 3 month minimum of soaking/extracting, so March – 24 for the big reveal.
      ** S.O. thought the vanilla on ass and love nip was HILARIOUS…still haven’t “field tested”, yet

      • I believe you are supposed to run the vanilla sugar thru a blender or coffee chopper in order to separate the bean clumps and mix into the sugar.

        My 10 Madagascar beans arrived. Thinner than I expected, but juicy moist. I sliced each one lengthwise and dropped them into a bottle of Everclear. 75% alcohol will do a strong extraction. Labeled for ready in one year. Still pondering what I will do with 750ml of strong vanilla next Christmas. Shots?!

      • Absolutely…
        To make vanilla sugar, you can use either vanilla beans or vanilla extract. Here is a simple recipe to make vanilla sugar using vanilla beans:

        Slice the vanilla beans in half lengthwise.
        Scrape out the seeds in a downward motion using the back of a small paring knife.
        Add the sugar to the bowl of a food processor.
        Add the vanilla seeds.
        Pulse until well incorporated.
        Pour into jars or a large airtight container.
        Now if you are going to use the vanilla seed for something else.. then you take the beans.. don’t chop them in small pieces.. but leave the seed skin long and then stick it in the sugar jar.. otherwise you will be getting little vanilla skin on everything..
        If you make the vanilla sugar using the seed.. then pulse it in your blender.. until well mixed..
        Ok.. this will sound really creepy.. but use an ear wax spoon makes getting the seed out of the pod easier.. they use to use them as coffee stirers in mcdonalds..
        perfect size to get the seed out of the pod.. just don’t use it for the ears and then scrape your vanilla beens LOL..
        you can get them at one of the smoke shops to.. druggies use them for doing who knows what I am not to in tune with that culture I am a coffee nut make wine and beer.. like your meat thermometer they have to be washed by hand.. I have a small paring knife to that is perfect for slicing the bean open..the mini spoon gets all of the seed out of it really easy..great tool and it won’t break the bank to get a few of them.. I keep mine in with the meat thermometers.. you can use a knife to scrape the inside of the bean pod to but that is a pain in the butt.. where the little spoon is perfect to fit in and its quicker.. I once tried to cut a straw to use.. nice sharp but it bent to easy.. the tiny spoon is the trick.. good luck enjoy the vanilla sugar.. speaking of which.. I need to make some to LOL

  4. I ran across this video which is interesting on a couple of levels. One, the interviewee is a former Louisiana cop who ran for and won a seat in congress… a trained investigator. Two, the interviewer is Lara Logan, a very tough (and nice looking) journalist.

    The topic of the interview is J6, the videos of which are slowly being parceled out to the public.

    • Very good interview. Lara Logan is a courageous rape-survivor. Thank you for the link and Happy Holidays.

      • AND cancer survivor…

        I just like her because she’s tough-as-nails, and utterly fearless — and she’s a damn’ good IJ.

    • Yes I feel bad for what happened to laura..she seems like a nice girl to..
      I often wonder is after the horrific things that happened to her.. it was an eye opener for sure.. If she will ever go back to the region.. or better yet the region and their beliefs are coming to her via open borders.. a sixty minutes crew had to be rescued.. and I hear quite often from a young woman in sweden.. her job is delivering groceries about the neighborhoods.. and we thought that gangs referring to young women as THOTS was horrific..

  5. “New orders for manufactured durable goods in November,”

    I do like that dishwasher that retails in its home country for $4.50 US that has all its parts made in china and is manufactured in another country…
    Got a spare Ozone unit.. a while back.. just in case one of my others gives out..
    now what is funny is this.. they sell for what four hundred plus shipping.. since we know the business model is everyone makes something on a sale..

    what did that thing cost.. I remember the year that I bought all the grandkids an MP3 player.. got twelve of them for a dime.. shipping was where the cost came in they charged me twelve bucks back then..
    the replacement unit.. ( the last one that went out took almost twenty years before it failed)
    the unit I got this time.. the major part of the cost was the shipping to the USA… and i made a new friend and sales person to..
    consider that.. the cost of living in those countries is definately lower than ours.. by a tad bit..
    So.. what is the difference in spending..

    “In 2022, the Stockholm International Peace Research Institute estimated the China’s military spending is $230 billion which accounted for 1.7% of the country total GDP.”

    “The United States led the ranking of countries with highest military spending in 2022, with 877 billion U.S. dollars dedicated to the military.”

    who is getting more for their money..I remember a pair of jeans.. the gentleman that made the pattern did so with the stipulation that the jeans would be made in the USA.. ( my brothers uniforms were made in china.. the shoes I just got from the VA are made in Vietnam)
    they did for one year than the orders slowed considerably.. the reason the jeans were selling for eighty bucks a pair.. and they were getting them made to sell delivered for a nickel a pair.. delivered..
    with knowing that.. my guess is that with the lower amount of US coinage that is being spent by them.. that they are getting a few thousand times more from what they are investing..
    One look at Libya.. is another .. we went in took over.. and the people there were forced into poverty.. it was a failed mission..

    OR was it..

  6. The biggest campaign contributor to the Anti-Trump crowd isn’t Soros…It’s the Charles Koch backed group Americans for Prosperity Action Super PAC that has made it very clear that beating Donald Trump is their number one priority. They have poured money into Niki Haley’s campaign, but are spending more to create anti-Trump ads. Last figures show the Super PAC is closing in on a billion dollars. That would dwarf all other campaigns. If there ever is a time to back the Republican Party and align with the Koch’s, now is the time. Trump does not uphold even a morsel of GOP values and can never be elected.

    • What I found interesting is.. some of the oligarchs.. that have super pac’s have both sides of the ticket covered.. that way they can’t lose.. It didn’t hit me until I read the book the secret life of billionaires.. only to discover that some of the go to places I went to look at both sides.. were both owned by the same person..
      kind of like playing checkers with yourself..
      I love the sites.. they are filled with information.. kind of like that crazy person that is arguing with themselves.. yes no maybe LOL…
      kind of like the old quote.. LOL LOL

      ““Of course I talk to myself.
      Sometimes, I need expert advice!”
      ? Edward Henheffer”

    • Um, Charlie Koch is not a Republican.

      DJT upholds Constitutional values, and American values, which in an honest world, “trump” both Republican and Democrat values, and blow the GOneocon and Democommie values to which we’ve been subjected for the past 50 years or so, clean out of the lake.

      You are correct, in that AfP is outspending Soros’ Open Society. This simply lends proof to the precept that all the dirty politicians don’t sit on the Left side of the aisle.

      TDS is a recognized mental illness.

      It never hurts to ask your therapist…

      • Trump is the most dangerous man in the world. Zero moral character and can’t spell constitution, let alone uphold it. No TDS necessary. Just good old common sense. The whale that spouts is the one that get’s harpooned. Trump’s inability to hold his breath and spout in a frequent, nonsensical manner will be the cause of his own undoing.

        • anybody but TRUMP is classic TDS
          brought to you by Pfizer, the controller of TV news, telling morons how and what to think

          can’t ya see ‘truth’ in that post?
          trashes TRUMP while praising Koch !
          Trump is the first person that got into politics and lost money,,, constantly under attack by both RINOs and Demoncrats
          We are the moral majority and we voted MAGA, but the stealing demons control the ballot machines in enough places to switch the count,,, this chess game is not over, interesting moves by both sides, I AM for MAGA, and TRUMP is the ONLY one protecting the US Constitution, and pushed it’s adherence
          GOP is a dying act , self inflected, Ronna is a killer of it by controlling her candidates funds instead of the peoples choice,,, she chose poorly,,, did uncle mitts have a hand in her down fall? RINOs, left one hellofamess in all aisles, clean up on the Hill
          I gave straight to Trump’s re-election and skipped by the disease of ronna denying support to MAGA candidates,,,
          everyday is Zippity do dah day, praise God Thank You for letting live to see this change, history in the making, live action,
          Anti-Trumpers only energize Trump’s support more and more by their lame attacks, desperation of losing , calling him the most dangerous man in the world.
          I almost feel sorry for ya, tipped scale, out of balanced you are

        • I’m still not not overly enthusiastic about Trump running again, but I’m even less enthusiastic about paid government operatives engaging in attacks on mainstream political candidates in public forums like this one.
          When X (Twitter) sent their political hate censorship squad packing, the constant leftist trolling of sites like Urban Survival cut off like a light switch. Now it’s back. Who is paying for it?
          I’m wondering if the DOJ is back in the political hate payola business like they were during the last election. The money which was used to set mainstream America on fire 4 years ago came from billions in corporate fines which the DOJ diverted to leftists with their hands out asking for grants. Who is minding the store this time around?

  7. a personal note William around the ranch.

    i have had 12 NDE’s. (Near Death Experiances) 7 of my experiances were the same. 4 i do not rememeber (from when i was a baby, because i was born dead, and brought to life after 8 minutes) and one was quite different.

    the 7 that were the same, will give you comfort.

    when i died, i was hovering in the room. (and twice above a car, one time i died going through the windshield and through the back window of the car in front of me and ended up in its back seat)

    i was hovering above my body. i could see, hear, smell everything in the area. Three of those times i could see my “soul” was teatherd to my body at the heart, the Bundle of His. which has pjorke cells in it. same cells found in the cerebellum.

    i could see the teather starting to disolve. it a common mis conception that the soul is within the machine. its not. the soul is outside the body. teathered to the body at the heart.

    if you stop to really consider the world and eveything in it. it takes 8 minutes for sun light from the “Sol” to reach the earth (spelled another way, Heart) and after 8 minutes of no heart beat, you are pronounced dead.

    (now in one of my NDEs i had exceaded that time and was pronounced dead and had no heart beat for over 15 minutes. NDE number 9. where i was shown glimpses or “frames” of my life as it was to be.)

    now there is no sence of time or gravity or any of that when you die. atleast that has been my experiance.

    at some point these large white light beings apear. they are so nice and wonderful and smell like cookies. they really smell like fresh out of the oven home made cookies. they never speak words. but you understand them. its like telepathy. a portal opens up and you and them usher through it, it has been called the tunnel of light.

    on the other side, you enter like this large field, its a light blue color. and there is a multitude of translucent shimmering white beings. everyone is this translucent white shimmering being. i call it the field of souls. you can hear everyones thoughts and everyone can hear yours. all via telepathy.

    there is very tall and larger translucent beings present kinda herding everyone in the same direction. they are answering questions and very pleasent beings. (Angels?) its hard to describe. there is no sence of gravity, no pain, no sense of time or direction. you can feel people laughing and joy. a kind of joy not found on this world.

    at some point, you end up paired to couple Large Tranucent shimmering beings. which have this like lightning flowing through them.

    here, you are shown your entire life. from the moment you were inside your mothers belly all the way to until your death. your entire life seems to flash before your eyes. because their is no sense of time. but you are white shimmering being. you have no eyes or body.

    then you are shown your entire life as everyone eles saw it. from your mother to the fella at the gas station on the pump next to you when you were 25. you know and understand every single thought that everyone else had of you durring your entire life. you feel every single feeling they had about you. every hurt and every joy, every thought of love and every feeling of disapointment. every pain and every feeling of gratitude. all of your entire life, with the exceptions of the wrongs you righted durring your life.

    some gurus call this Karmic Debt. but that is a cheep lable compaired to the experiance. where you were intentionally cruel and did evil to others you feel that pain magnified exponentially by compairison. and vice versa where you were intententionally blessing others you feel that joy magnified exponentially.

    after that, You are in a Court room of sorts. one side a version of you stands as the accuser. on one side a version of you stands as the defence. infront of you stands you as the Judge and “God” and one version of you stands in the middle. as the subject. and you judge yourself by the evidence presented by the accuser, the defence and evidence.

    its all very hard to decribe. again there is no sence of time, no sence of Gravity, direction etc etc.

    once this process is completed, you are sent to this laberyth of infinite doors. the one you open is either heaven or hell or another life. you choose. you can open doors and look. and not go through them. some doors open up to hallways of infinte doors. whatever door you choose to walk in sets the stage for the next experiance.

    with assistance i opened the farthest “door” in my 9th NDE and entered a place of what would be considered the Throne of God. which was whirling spiral with white light globes (like planets) moving up and down on sorta flame of white light around a giant white light globe in the center. around the outside stood these extrmely large shimmering white lights. 12 of them. and they dont alow ya to anything until the center white light globe with flashing 3 white lights in the center speak. and when i stood there 2 of of the shimmering white lights seized me and i couldnt move. then the center globe with the whirling spiral with white light globes moving up and down the spirlas said come forth. again its not by words as we speak but as thoughts and feelings. and the other large shimmering lights took me to it and it absorbed me and i was in it for what seemed a very very long time. here you are beyond the concepts of black and white, good and evil, warm and cold. beyond space and time and things of this world. or any worlds. so its very hard to describe. its also very personal and at some point you end and there is no you and there is no other. its all one. you are one with everything and everthing is you and every non thing is also you, its “place” of infinite and eternal.

    it could be a minute long on earth and an eternity simutaionuously.

    its hard to describe.

    very difficult to describe.

    in my 9th NDE after a “moment” in that “place” it was decided id return to this “place” earth as it is, because it was good to do so. it was a mutual decesion. and so i moved out, along the spirals on the outside like drop of water and then came back through the laberyth and through the field of souls and through the tunnel of light and teatherd myself to my body and one of the fellas who smells like cookies touched my body and said not till year 80 (again not with words, but telepathy) and i woke up laying on a slab in the arlington morgue in the basement. the nurse came in to zip up my body bag, and i sat up and said what the fuck is going on in here. she screamed Jesus! Mary and Joseph! fainted on the floor right there and the boom box in the corner started playing Back In Black by ACDC. and i started laughing hysterically. i got up i was buck ass naked, removed the tag from my toe and started dancing. the doctor came in and said it was a miracle. they had already notified my next of kin and typed up a death certificate.

    and now im here.

    ive has 3 other NDE’s since then and i never make it past the sea of souls. the big shimmering fellas say hey, you are not supposed to be here yet. the last time i died they said not till year 88. i said no its been year 80. they said you been extended. i said that is just great! how did that happen. they laugh and boom im back on my body and here on earth.

    now i personnaly know others who have also had NDE experiances and only saw darkness. and many others have said they saw me, i was the face they saw when they died. which is odd. ive had strangers come up to me in the grocery store and say, “You are Him! Your the Angel i spoked to when i died.” and i have no idea who they are, ive never seen them in my life. but no matter what id say, they all have the same look on their face and you cant convince them im not the same person they saw when they died. they all say the same thing. one person at a QCC grocery store came up to me and said, when i died from falling through the ice as a child, i went through the tunnel of light, i was in this large expance of white sould and larger white beings and i remember your face. you looked at me and said your time has not come yet, you must go back. you will see me again. it was you. you have the same voice and same face.

    and i have no idea who they are. i dont remember anything like that, id never seen them in my NDEs or ever in my life. but no matter what i told them. i could not convince them otherwise. they all the same look on their face. you are him. the guy I saw on the other side that told me it wasnt time yet.

    which is weird. lol.

    this all very personal. death a deep experiance and hard to describe. because their isnt words in this world to descibe it. and there is no sense of time, gravity or direction there. what seems like 5 minutes here it could n
    be and feel like a thousand years over there.

    in one of my NDEs. #11. i was sitting on a boat on a calm mountain lake, breathing in how beautiful it all was. i didnt realize i had died. i was sitting there fishing with a fella and having a conversation about life. he kinda looked like gandolf when he became the white wizard from the lord of the rings. it was a beautiful sunny day, warm and the water was clear and calm. a few clouds in the sky. we were just fishing and chit chatting. i dont even remember what we were talking about. but we were laughing and reelling them in. it seemed like we had been there all day. not a care in the world. just some white haired old dude, could have been santa. lol. then he looked over over at me pouinted to the golden sunset and said, time for you to return. and i woke up in my body, in the ER with a lady saying clear, and hitting me with those paddels a d i sat right up, then fell back asleep. and woke up the next day in ICU. The Nurse said i was lucky to be alive, i had pnomoia and died for 4 minutes. i shit, i was fishing with this old white haird dude with a white beard. she laughed and said okay, i will let the doctor know you are awake. they will want to run some tests.

    im not sure if that helps or not. but i hope you find some comfort with your wifes passing. it hss been my experince to share with you to, know this. all the love you felt for her, all the joy you felt for her. she knows it and felt it as you felt it.

    today is 12/22/23.

    time to go. i got places to be, people to meet and things to do.

    until we meet again.

    • A further commentary (which may give additional comfort) and it’s hard to put this into words, as well:

      Andy (and many people I have met like him (grizzled, biker brutes who are really teddy bears on the inside) reveal in some strange way that Life on this Earth is like going into some Wild West era one-room schoolhouse.

      Where we have the pre-K kids (who haven’t learned to read, who’s in charge, let alone been acquainted with he Commandments) all the way up to the odd ascended master. Who comes by the schoolhouse for refresher courses to help “keep it real” over in the Realms.

      When you “deeply pair” it’s like being “besties” in school – that kind of bond IS one of the things that you can take with you. So is your undergraduate work. Like learning to appreciate the beauty and infinite design of this “self-winding watch” Universe we’re awake in (for now).

      The school reunion with come, but don’t feel like you need to rush anything. Because when the reunion happens you will be have amazing things to share – her from time spent “there” and your additional time “here.” It’s really elegant how it works.

      As my friend Richard (Seagull and Illusions) Bach once wrote, words to the effect that “How do you know if you have more lessons to learn on this visit through the schoolhouse? Well, if you’re still here, there’s work yet to be done.”

      Seemed stupidly obvious once said. But emotions are a bitch, especially at the holidays. When due to despair or depression, some left-behinds almost want to move up the reunion date.
      Sure, that can be done, but it risks missing an important lesson…perhaps one the Other Side needs to hear about when you get there.

      I try to begin every day asking “What can I learn today? What good purpose can I serve?”

      My personal cop-out is I write (being lazy and such) but seeking after Truth on any level seems like a worthwhile goal. We’re all “going east” as my son tells me.

      There’s Truth and Beauty all around, but only in the past two or three years have I come to appreciate the complexity of the Great Work of Creator.

      Jaw dropping in its majesty and glory yet invisible in whole cities. People seems like will never see what they don’t deliberately go looking for. Which may explain why time is so Big.

      vy 73

      • thanks George.

        and that is why i laugh so much at all of it. i have very few moments when im pissed in life. because of my NDE Experiances.

        If i ever get the chance to go fishing again with that old white hair and white bearded fella, who when he turned to look at me dircectly, his face was like looking into the golden sun at noon and pointed at the sky saying “its time for you to go back.”

        id like to go fishing again with Him. THE DUDE i suspect. it was one of the most care free, feelings, nothing hurt, at all, ive ever experianced, i didnt think about a cell phone or place i had to be or what time it was or should i eat something or do i have to piss. or what about what so and so said, or what about what i said yesterday or what im doing tomorrow or any of that.

        its was like the eternal moment and not a care or thought in the world.

        its such a deep and personal thing to share it, i had a good cry after i wrote it and shared it.

        then i had to come back to eath and said outloud,
        uhem, Big Trucks, Fast cars, Big tittie blondes with long legs and 8 Point Bucks. These are the things that little cowboys dream of.


        *tips hat.

        • Still, now and then you’ll still remember The DUDE and ask (as I have been doing lately) IF I was building an Ark for my heirs, how would I make it so it could be more “self-winding” (as Earth is). That’s when it really hits me. The gentle surety of erosion, patience and harmony to carve that mountain seen fishing just so. Versus the D9 with a rock ripper and an ape in school trying…
          Yeah…no question the FC, FCs and BTB’s are cool. You left out sailboats, but you’ll set to them sometime. More DUDEly than a Hurst shifter or a Bayliner or Donzi. He does the wind and that’s where we all go.

        • I like that George. so true. I almost got my sailing certs and went and raced sailing boats around the sound when I was living on Alki Beach. I just can’t do it all. but that doesn’t mean I won’t.

          the other thing I had not mentioned after your life as you saw it, and how everyone else saw it, you see the result you left as like a growing tree.

          how all your actions and inactions produced this “tree” long after you have gone. like a tree of life. how all the things you did here and didn’t do here effected and caused everything, and peoples life movements to move in the ways it and they moved. it’s like a living tree as a result of your life and how you lived it. hard to describe. ya. like a tree of life. lol

          when you see yourself as others see you. Feel what they felt. And when you were intentionally cruel and did evil it’s magnified exponentially what you see and feel.

          When I went through that process the first time. I will tell you the wrose pain and loneliness and dispointment I felt was seeing myself as a 10 year old child through the eyes of a Black Lab I had as a dog, I left out there chained to his dog house after he grew put of being a puppy. I mean I was a kid and kids are self centered and don’t think. When I saw myself through His eyes, I felt how much he loved me and how he thought about a million times a day. He just wanted to play with me and be my friend. And how day after day, I’d pour food and water In his bowls and walk away and leave him out there chained to a dog house day after day. And He was so disappointed, so lonely and How much he loved me and just wanted to be with me.

          Our pets feel so much in comparison to what we feel. Especially Dogs. It was really painful to see and feel that.

          But I also felt so much Joy. How proud my father was when i went into the military and i had no idea how much pride he felt in me.

          And it was funny to see how some girls has crushes on me in high-school I didn’t even know they felt that about me. And to know when I chickened out on asking a few different women out when I was in my 20s to see how much they really wanted me to ask them out. And we’re disappointed when I chickened out. And see me as they saw me. How when I should have taken chances but didn’t. How when I should have stood up and spoke the truth even I was the only one. And how at times when I

          Did stand up, I shouldn’t have.

          Like I said it’s a super deep and personal experiance and by the time you go through the process.

          There is no question to yourself your true nature when you finished that process. You know you, through and through and there ain’t no question about who you really are. There is no secrets. You can’t hide over there no secrets that arent known. It’s not God who judges you. Nor your peers. Nor your pets. You judge you, when you see yourself not as in the mirror but as you are. Who you really are.

          Now if you are lucky enough to come back here? You tend to leave every place and every person’s life you meet, better than it was before they met you. Because you know, on the other side if you go through life leaving a massive wake of damage through every place and everyone? You will feel it and see yourself as they did, to know who you really are. And if your intentionally that way, it is magnified exponentially what you see and feel as they felt it. And you tend to make things right as best you can while you can.

          That doesn’t mean throwing an extra dollar in the basket at church for smashing someone window out. You go back to the person you smashed window, you buy them a new window and own your wrong.
          Because that is how it is. That is how it is cleared off your plate.

          “The Lord prepares me a table amongst my enemies.

          Psalm 23:5

          “Thou preparest a table before me in the presence of mine enemies: thou anointest my head with oil; my cup runneth over.”

          That is true.

          And A Man in mask says to the man in the mirror, ‘you look funny in that.” The Man in the mirror shrugs and says, ” how did ya know it was me?”

          That is also true.

          Why George, you did display an exemplary moment this week of “Truths being told.”

          George may be a Prophet.

          Yes sir.

          Now Enough talk about Death. Get busy living. And have a Very Merry Christmas. I already am. I just got my first amazing present. Made my heart smile so much. The Rancher and His wife and such good people. So good. they made me a present and i LOVE LOVE LOVE it! and I Love them so much. And I saw their kids open the presents I got them. They have a little boy with Down Syndrome and He smiled sooooo big when he opened the present I got him and gave me a big hug. And that made my heart smile even more so.

          tis the season. the days become longer and we return to the land of the Light.

      • “Andy (and many people I have met like him (grizzled, biker brutes who are really teddy bears on the inside).”

        Yes! I had a co-worker who was one of those biker brutes but teddy bear on the inside, his name was Mitch. He invited me to a barbecue and I had some of the best baked beans ever. It turned out that he made them.

        Next Monday at work I told him that we should mass produce his baked beans and that I would handle the marketing.

        I told him the label on the can would feature him on his chopper, and the caption would read…

        Baked beans that are better than all the rest, because they’re “biker baked.”

        He gave me a strange look, didn’t say anything, and walked away.

        I guess he thought I was kidding, but I was serious.

      • Thank You both for all of that!! I have always wondered about the details of all of Andy’s NDEs.

      • Life for we humans on this Earth is a process of eventually learning that we are NOT what most people think and believe they are. They think and swear they are flesh-and-blood material creatures that are born… thrash about the Planet for a while… and then ‘go away’ permanently and dispatched to some unknown destination.

        And none of that is true. And we each learn this lesson in our own time and in our own way. And many (most?) will learn this on the ‘Other Side’. (Which in many ways is not the ‘Other Side’ but the ONLY ‘side)’.

        What each of are is… energy. Everything is energy. Things that appear to us as ‘different things’ are just energy assuming different ‘forms’ – forms being in quotes because atoms are empty and not a bunch of little balls stuck together to make a shape.

        Each of us ‘humans’ is Energy infused with Spirit. And that is what EVERYTHING that exists is. A form of Universal Energy taking on a Spiritual Essence of a kind. Our essential reality is being spirit energy and not the false image of a solid form of flesh and blood that ‘lives then dies’.

        And as for ‘Going Away Permanently’… where is, ‘WHERE’ exactly? A physical space? There IS no physical space – at least not as is commonly thought of. Again, everything is within a Matrix which is the Field for a Spiritual Canvass for us to project ourselves upon. Which theologians call the “Ground of Being”.

        And finally… ‘To Some Unknown Destination?’ Again, a PLACE? Everything is occurring in our consciousness. We aren’t ‘going’ anywhere. We live here and now in our personal and collective consciousness… and we stay ‘there’ whenever we ‘leave’ this Planet. So we don’t actually ‘go’ anywhere but we change our perspective and our personal identification with a realm within the fullness of Consciousness which has no space or time or boundaries.

        Persons we have ‘lost’ in our lives are not lost. It’s just that our current state of consciousness is not allowing us to see and experience them. But they can ‘see’ and experience us now that they have been freed from Earthly constraints and limitations. They are more alive than they have ever been. And through bounds of Love… persons will be re-united with loved ones no longer on the ‘physical’ plane.

        Getting out of the Dark Cave is gut-level realizing that each of us is fractal of Divinity. Always were. And always will be.

        And Love is the true and real currency of Universe.

      • You know.. there has been a few times where i should not be here..
        seen some crazy things and gotten help from the oddest unbelievable places during my most turbulent times..
        does the dude work through everything? or is it mrs.
        consider water….
        I have read his book to on the studies of crystallized and structured water..

        A few years ago now a similar study on plant growth was done..with similar results in cell structures ..

        I consider the ancient teaching and the recurring thing that keeps sounding loud and unto others.. if you practice the teachings of Christ the results are positive. people with deep sincere faith pass easier. animals emulate their owners..
        “Kids don’t remember what you try to teach them. They remember what you are.” – Jim Henson
        “The more that you read, the more things you will know, the more that you learn, the more places you’ll go.”– Dr. Seuss
        “Education is the movement from darkness to light.” – Allan Bloom
        “Give a man a fish and you feed him for a day; teach a man to fish and you feed him for a lifetime”– Maimonides
        “Change is the end result of all true learning.”

    • Hi Andy,

      I finally have had an epiphany with one of your posts.

      Your words ring true.

      I too had 1 NDA. Your ninth description paralleled my own experience. The only enhancement I can offer is this: the realization of your total life review is instantaneous. You (one) becomes totally aware in one thought. The ensuing realizations from life review just become more reinforcing.
      OASN: after pondering this experience I had for over 48 years, I am beginning to think that the human body safe harbors the DMT molecule in a safe hidden compartment somewhere in our human body, to be immediately deployed for life/death situations that arise suddenly

  8. Here is the shortcut to the Freddie Smith TikTok video that you see lefty journalists and other talking heads pontificating about, but no one ever seems to post the actual video:

    I would like to see the same analysis applied for median stat numbers. The present day income and savings inequality in this country skews the average numbers to look worse than they really are; I will wager the comparison of median stats will still look bad, just not quite as bad as Freddie’s analysis look. While the average home and rent may be at the level Freddie quoted, serviceable housing can be had a lot cheaper, by most Americans. Same with cars. Still, I don’t know how kids can make it on their own, without family help on housing and transport.

    • That’s pretty good but he’s considering an executives salary not the average laborers.
      his example doesn’t even touch an average wage earners income out-go. it wasn’t even near being realistic. on the plus side though.. he was reflecting a dual income household.. which is 13 per hour average here.. he was going by a 30 dollar an hour an average income didn’t take into account insurances,daycare,utilities,or auto expenses or groceries..
      if MI I mum wage had met up with the increasing cost of living minimum wage would be close to sixty dollars an hour.
      the teller at the bank makes two dollars a week after healthcare and daycare travel expenses..
      the wife made twenty bucks every two weeks after healthcare insurance.that didn’t pay anything..
      our medications are thousands of percent more here than in other countries. the elderly move to southern Texas so they can go into Mexico to buy their pharmaceutical needs..
      I cannot even Bevin to tell you how many times I have considered moving to canada..( Mexico is to hot) better healthcare and you don’t get robbed or bankrupt over medical. here the healthcare is great if your rich..if not then there’s huge waits to see a doctor..
      A friends father in law needed a cabbage.. the cardiac surgeon refused ..eventually he agreed to do the surgery his comment..I always wanted to own a farm..
      my medication in Canada is thirty times cheaper than in the shot that was fen grand a month here was thirty dollars don’t lose your house home business if someone gets sick.

  9. Giftery? What an abomination! Gift is a noun, not a verb. The insanity matches the false words “gifted” and gifting”. There is no legitimate verb “to gift”!

    For some reason the verb “to give” has been abandoned. No longer do people give. No longer can we rely on the traditional English word “Givery”!

  10. So many struggle with daily petty vanities. They rarely lift their eyes above their shuffling feet to the horizon — or higher. I would have that none are lost in a sea of unimportant minutae; but that all could grok Cosmos and its Author — and their place IN that Cosmos.

    I am both terrified and hopefully confident about what lies ahead. I feel it is not far off. I am fine with that. I feel cowardly and brave at the same time. I am as the leaf being washed inevitably down the creek to whatever lake or ocean it will merge into — mostly not steering, but along for the ride, hoping for the best. Trusting in God to run the journey well.

  11. re: Sugarplums & Crookery
    feat. Paris-Vatry-Disneyland Airport

    Today msm journalist imagineers have noted the detention enroute to Managua of a 296 seat Legend Air Romanian A-340 jet with a purported 303 trafficked Indian nationals at an obscure French international airport. The plane whose registration is absent from the Legend website carries colors emulating the paint scheme of Mahan Air, preferred carrier of Iran’s Islamic Revolutionary Guard Corps. Perhaps current Tehran to Caracas direct services can be extended to Managua in the near future? China’s ranked #1 planespotter holding one of the 7 Great Surnames of the “rich and powerful” dating back to the 9th century ad declares the aircraft has been in storage since the end of August. The detained plane itself, leased by Airbus to a Maltese airline with offices in Cyprus, most recently called NATO’s Baltic Air Policing non-commercial airport in Lithuania home base.

    Let’s rejoin DJ George as he heaps more coal on the fire with a Fryday ditty from the French post-punkers Underground Railroad via London:
    “Russian Doll”

  12. About 15 years ago I had an encounter with about 30 of that same type of Harly bikers. At that time, I made some of my living behind what was then a current Nikon professional digital camera, and had been asked to do what amounted to a series of 8×10 wall-hanger portraits of an older gentleman’s collection of restored classic cars.

    One of his neighbors came over and asked if I could do coverage of an afternoon wake for a recently deceased biker friend. A fee was agreed upon and I showed up to do it the next day. It turned out that the man had died of cancer and the photos of him I saw looked like a Hollywood stereotype of a 250 lb., slightly gone to-seed Harly rider. I found out that the ominous-looking man had started out owning a florist shop, and grew it into a business that had flowers from all over Latin America arriving daily at the Atlanta airport from where they were distributed throughout the Metro area. All of the attendees, about 50 of them, were his employees or from shops that sold his flowers. He was described as an extremely, gentle, giving, and trusted friend by them all.

    Gray Fox

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