Strategic Liquidity

We ask a rational question:  “What is modern (post-Colonial)  liquidity?”   Because we’re hearing rumbles about things ahead and there’s no time to prepare for them like the present.

Along with our usual review of a few headlines and the weekly wrap-up of global and domestic markets.  Since going into the weekend is when all the “hot money” has to find somewhere to perch before being deployed again next week.

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32 thoughts on “Strategic Liquidity”

  1. “We have taken the precaution of paper bank statements and we expect the FedGov would – in event of a meltdown – at least try to make good on promises to fund FDIC, FSLIC, and the other guarantors.” Quote from today’s subscriber side. FDIC has 41 billion to cover 6 trillion in deposits. That works out to roughly .00683 against 6 trillion. Looks less than a stellar ratio to me. “Try to make good” looks a bit sketchy to say the least don’t ya think? We know the fraud I mean FED has a printing press but I’m not sure even they have that much ink and paper! The simple solution: crash the system! What say you?

      • I read something years ago, I think it was in the U.S. Code, it simply states that no matter how many banks you use, how many separate accounts you have or how much money you have dispersed to the various banks and accounts, the FDIC will only pay a maximum of $10,000.00 to any one person.

      • “the FDIC will only pay a maximum of $10,000.00 to any one person.”

        $100,000, but used to be $40k max from any one bank. That said, the FDIC and FSLIC both have an internal policy of paying out 100% of all losses, irrespective their magnitude, to help ensure against a panic, and bank run…

    • Make sure you have paper versions of all titles, along with paper statements from banks, S&L’s, credit cards, insurance, and yes, brokerages. If you have cryptos, forget about all this (snicker).

      • That’s an awful lot of paper, along with time to organize it all. Some things are not worth the trouble. Possession is still 99% of the law. While I agree in principle to having lots of documentation, it still needs to be organized, findable, up to date, verifiable and secured. If things are that messed up, the court system will likely be too.

  2. George. Your Urban Survival readers who don’t subscribe to Peoplenomics really missed a good one this morning. Understanding what is going on in the “hackers” world should concern everyone on the planet. Even with tough passwords and very careful protection, the worst can happen. Here is a personal story.

    About 5 years ago when I had gone totally to online banking, I stopped in to the bank one day to purchase a money order. On the way in to the bank, my bank manager stopped me and said “You still haven’t confirmed your email to me about the money you wanted transferred.” I told him that I hadn’t asked for any money to be transferred. He gave me the details.

    My wife an I were travelling on vacation in the USA about 2 weeks prior. While we were on vacation, he received an email from “me” advising that my wife XXXX (they had her name right) and I were travelling in Chicago and needed a bank transfer for a business deal I was trying to close. It was a 5 figure number. He was given the bank account number to transfer to. They knew my bank account number, exactly how much money I had in my account as well as the fact that we were travelling and the dates we were gone (information that was only available in my email account and emails with my travel agent). My bank manager (thankfully) advised that he would need a personal phone call from me to confirm. The hacker(s) said that it was urgent and I was in a location without phone service. He carried on 6 email conversations (I had no record of) with them before I arrived at the bank the day in question.

    The bank went through a full audit and I believed they discovered (although never admitted) that an inside employee had hacked both my email account and my bank account and had either sold the information online or was carrying out the scam on his own or with fellow criminals. It seems that the foreign bank account number to be deposited to was created that morning and cancelled within a day or so, an event that happens regularly.

    Be warned and be ready. Whether it is government hack, corporate hack or personal hack, we are vulnerable and the pain could be a lot worse than the high price of gasoline in the North East USA right now.

    I have mentioned a couple of times on this site the 2 books that I recently read that scared me to death, Nicole Perlroth’s non-fiction “This is how they tell me the world ends.” and Vince Flynn’s fiction “Total Power.” Both of these books are worth a read if you have time. They are hard to put down and will hopefully cause a lot more interest and concern to this glaring threat.

    • Recent study showed Vitamin D reduces risk of ICU admission 97% (Covid)

      Another study I found years ago showed a 77% reduction in all cancers for those with higher levels of D3

      Years ago a study showed that fair skinned people exposed to tropical sun (think summer beaches) make about 20,000 iu in as little as 1/2 hour.
      Those with inherited suntans require longer exposure times.
      About a month before that study was published the AMA was pushing warnings about even 600 iu of D3 and how dangerous it was.
      I immediately wondering … If it is so dangerous, where are all the dead bodies on the beaches??? Or, could it just be dangerous to their bloated incomes???

      Makes one wonder if that is why they have been trying to keep people indoors, or if they do go out, they should wear sunscreen which prevents the skin from making D3.

  3. O/T – G,

    For some reason your website isn’t automatically updating in my browser. Every time I visit I have to refresh…. Is it me?

    Note: Firefox; disabled all ad tools. No change.

    Perhaps you’ve already mentioned it in the past. Many apologies if this is the case.

    And another thing! Please update your website to “open links in new window” going forward. If I forget to right click, open in new window…. then I have to click back and all that.

    Keep up the good work!

    • I don’t have that option on Urban – do on PN – will check to make sure working.

      On FF., check your page caching. Unless you clear cache on closing the cached copy will load on starting bowser

  4. Mech warriors Vs Drones

    The Matrix Revolutions – Zion Machine Invasion [HD]

    Would the U.S. Military EMP themselves to save themselves? People take Chemotherapy which is a similar strategy.

    The Colonial Pipeline if real shows any small-fry can bring down the machine.

    At first authorities said “Darkside” demanded anonymous Bitcoin. Later authorities said they clawed back the Bitcoin payment.

    That was after the company said they wouldn’t pay, before they did pay.

    • “Would the U.S. Military EMP themselves”

      I think so….
      Years ago one of my day labor jobs was cleaning a purge tent for pilots..AF pilots sprayed a biological over our area to track how the winds would take it.
      I’m not sure what it was but it burned like hell..

  5. My second, or is it third career is in IT. I’ve coded for gov and private industry, including half a dozen fortune fifties, mostly in finance and logistic systems. I now work as a test engineer as I got tired of middle of the night support calls for things I told management would happen, but was not allowed to take care of because of cost/time. The things that scare me is the forgetting of the KISS principle in making everything (which introduces vulnerabilities) and the cloud. Putting everything is the cloud is convenient and cheap, but you then have a very, very large single point of failure. Compromise just one hypervisor account and you have the keys to every kingdom. Work slowly, cover your tracks, and when the time is right you can corrupt or control everything in the cloud of that provider. Even small nation-states have enormous resources, the big ones are mind boggling. China is a very patient country. If conflict every erupts between the US and China I expect the first thing to happen is all financial transactions of any type that relies on computers to be blocked in the US, most if not all accounts corrupted or drained, and the JIT system of ordering trashed. In other words, the hacks have already happened, it’s just it’s not the right time to activate them. We are only now waking up to the possibility. It does no good to have your systems locked down while your critical business partners aren’t.

    James Johnson, ex-nuke

    • Yup.

      I worked as a Unix Systems Administrator for a few decades and saw the same foolishness every few years. Some variation of the “remote client/server model” would come along. Always sold as a “convenience” where somebody else, somewhere else, would keep your data safe. Bean counters always seemed to fall for it. It always failed, sooner or later, and always cost far more when it did.

      I always fought the “If you don’t control your data, you don’t own your data” fight. Sometimes successfully, but not often.

      • “Putting everything is the cloud is convenient and cheap, but you then have a very, very large single point of failure. Compromise just one hypervisor account and you have the keys to every kingdom. ”

        So true.. a friend sent me an ipad that had been rebooted to factory ..anyway my 4 year old grandson was watching a cartoon on it and he came up to me asking me to change the channel..
        In there was my friends home the camera on his desktop his wife just out of the shower.. somehow he had tapped into the cloud and the machine was still logged onto the cloud. It was all there..
        I tried to tell my friend but he thought I was being a smart I decided to show him.. added gay clubs to his contacts bevis and butthead videos and male stripper photos etc. There was a file called photo. So I had this photo cropped of the luckiest guy in the world …
        So I dropped it in thinking it was just going into his photo gallery.. he would delete it so.. I would drop it in again and again.. this went on for over a week when I asked his kid to talk some sense into him.. then I sent it back..a few days later I get a call.. I told him destroy that thing. He said you had the cloud yup and where you were with your phones etc. Banking credit card everything. I figured you’d get a hint when you kept deleting that guy.. what guy so I sent him the photo.. here the photo file was his doorbell. Everytime I dropped it in the file his doorbell would ring lol lol.. he had the police looking for him lol..
        That cloud stuff is scary.. now AI and robots.. what if they had access to everyones cloud .

      • Ever notice, guys, nobody born after 1985 seems to have any clue or concept of “GOD-mode…?”

        Bean counters need to be lined-up beside the lawyers in the cigarette-line…

  6. Capt. G,

    RE: cow mutilation would be a alphabet agency phys-op, designed to provide the most accurate radiation measurement/analysis.

    Asses and eyeballs are removed/taken/and analyzed for highest and lowest levels, as eyes provide lowest and asses highest readings.

    We B farm animals living on a repto Prison farm .

    You dont think guvmint types would be surreptitiously removing asses and eyeballs from cadavers in morgues across the country – stolen body parts used as a natural born animal dosimeter..

    ..then again whats 175,000,000 increased Gama radiation counts so far 2021 USA over all of 2020 ? someone (s) ‘killing US, not so softly”……..

    • I can’t prove it, but these cell phones are dosing eyes, faces, breasts, chests, hearts, hips, nuts and bolts daily. Don’t you ever wonder what the side effects are? How about thinning of the retina, for starters?

    • main utilization of bovine gestational fluids( dracs/aldbaran-tallwhites/MIC) is the growing in-vivo of clones, ebe’s, hybrids/hybrid parts… the truth (pictures&vids) is out there..

  7. Yo Jorge, A couple of data points found recently: 1. Appears the retired military brass have had enough, open letter from retired Generals and Admirals:

    I believe quite a few vets in this country would agree. Also, this letter could turn out be prescient. 2. How about a little doom porn for your weekend. Dr. Tenpenny discussing vax issues on Bitchute, rather scary:

    Have not checked her bona fides, but the cited sources seem credible. And lastly, just finished reading Dr. Salla book “US Air force secret space program”. Extremely well written, easy to read and well sourced. This book has tied up many loose ends that I was uncertain of. Good job of explaining all the players: the Nordics, the Grays, USN, USAF and our friends the Dracos. And it appears to me that Dr. Faux Chi is being thrown under the bus. Will he be the scapegoat? Mountains of Karmic debt piling up on the good Dr..

  8. I have always had paper bank statements. Even though they charge for it now. No kidding! “Paper Statement Fee” itemized on each statement. They desperately want you to go totally online. My bank is not one of the most visible ones in the market, but it is a ‘National’ bank… meaning it is a FedReserve member, and the source of that funding for all the other local banks. As close to the source as I can get… even if it IS ‘funny money’.

    “Strategic Assets”, besides the usual preps and supplies, includes lots of physical silver: Ounce Rounds and ‘junk’ silver coins. If (when?) the ‘funny money’ dies, at some point barter will become commerce reborn.

    • Paper statements have their downside. They can be intercepted and/or stolen from the mail. They pile up if you don’t pick up your mail regularly. Of course, they’re useful in case of dispute. On-line statements can be printed, and that’s probably a good idea. They can also be downloaded as pdf’s and kept as softcopy offline. Personally, I prefer to avoid the paper statements from the banks, and I try to keep balances low enough that they’re not attractive targets. Some documents, such as tax bills and receipts for them do warrant physical paper in a fireproof secure location.

      I avoid web based and subscription apps to the extent possible, and always if it’s critical in my life. Sometimes I need to engage with such apps for an institution, and do my best to firewall them from any critical personal data.

  9. Well.. I guess I won’t be feeling sorry for myself anytime soon.. LOL
    got talking to that single mom about her air conditioner.. she was all upset over her boss.. he doesnt’ want to pay her for all of her time on the job.. HUH… what is up with that.. well she said she did have a talk to the scheduler to work on that.. see her take home with two teenage kids.. a household to run groceries to buy etc.. is 62.00 a week take home.. ( no bills paid no groceries etc.. that is what she gets a week.. )
    I asked.. can’t you get on any of the programs like food stamps etc.. nope.. the teen agers are to old.. one is fourteen and the other sixteen.. hmm.. this sucks..
    and the kid needs a prescription.. when she talked to the office about hours.. they said he doesn’t’ want to pay for more hours even though she worked them because his wife wants.. ready for this.. BOTOX… and they are going on a vacation so he has to keep the budget stable until he gets back from the vacation and his wife gets fluffier lips.. .. Her car insurance is due to..

    the joys of the healthcare game LOL…

    • gotta luv a dumb “slave”, keep working her till she fallz over mean time recruit one or both of her kids into the “indentured servitude” game – thats what I call “cheap labor” , one of the best kinds – U can force on the under educated masses..

      • I know right… who said slavery is demolished… the sad part is..if she left there isn’t any unemployment compensation.. jobs are tight and leaving it leaves her without health she’s damned if she stays and damned if she goes.. it makes sense though the teller at the bank after transportation, daycare and health insurance takes home just a couple dollars a week.. my wife after insurance takes home a whopping 1001.00 a year…and no.. we don’t qualify for any of those free money either.. insurance is not a necessity..and the standard of livable income is less than a grand a month for a household..
        When I do next years budget I just won’t complain about how hard it is ..because I know in comparison we are living in hog heaven lol…

  10. “Security was then ‘layered’ on, message encryption algorithms were developed, but unless a particular network was closed off and limited to a certain number of secure transmission and reception nodes, message vulnerability present from the design phase was still prevalent…”

    “…Sure, you can have a fairly “hard” password into your bank account. But, it only takes one phishing error inside the bank for all your efforts to be for naught.”

    After spending 10 years with Cserve/Inet and a hacked Trumpet Winsock, and poking holes (using fricking Notepad and occasionally a “tool”) in DOS, whilst running that famous Swiss cheese GUI we called “Wide Open Windows,” I came to the conclusion that no operating system or GUI from the dominant OS company would ever be secure.

    There were a lot of us who did this. We didn’t share with the revolving Gates, because they blew us off and when some, like Steve Gibson, became prominent voices, they were attacked with massive disinfo/discredit campaigns (read Steve’s archives at sometime…) We worked for ourselves, to attempt to find and plug all the holes, to create an actual, secure machine. My personal interest was to build machines my customers could safely use to purchase stuff over that there newfangled World Wide Web thingy. AFAIK this feat was never accomplished by anyone before product EOL.

    A computer which has no means of joining a network is 99.998% secure. A computer which is only on a CIA/SecretService level secure network is 99.99% secure. These machines can only be hacked by an internal invasion. EVERY MACHINE which is CONNECTED to the INTERNET is both not-secure, and is a security risk to every other system on its internal network. All a hacker would have to do is sucker or entice one person to click one link, and game over.

    NB: The TV series “Leverage.” Alec Hardison (the hacker — Aldis Hodge’s character) nearly always compromises a corporate network by introducing a worm via a thumbdrive. This is the second most common means of invasion, and the most-likely to be both quick and successful (and be undetectable by A/V software.)

    The big commerce players all have impenetrable, A/V-enhanced firewalls. When someone “hacks” eBay or Amazon, or some similar site, they do so via thumbdrive (or occasionally, a stupid user click) which installs a worm, which burrows into the OS, then opens a communications socket through the firewall or piggybacks on an “allowed” socket, like “80” or “443…” My passwords are all high-security and no two are anything close to the same. My presence on most non-commerce sites is both stealthy and, if necessary, disposable.

    I consider Amazon, eBay, PayPal, my principal E-Mail accounts, George’s sites, and a couple others, essential. Everything else (including and especially social media) is disposable. I purchase online using an uncoupled debit card. I don’t put money in this account until I’m ready to use it, and I watch my statements. When Amazon gets hacked, I use Steve Gibson’s password generator to generate a new pseudorandom ASCII string, from which I build a new, secure password. When Facebook gets hacked, I just sit back and laugh…

    • As I have posted here before, I have a friend who is a DOD ‘white hat’ hacker who used to work with Ed Snowden. Doesn’t talk much, but sometimes I get a tidbit. He once bragged to me that “if any computer is on the internet for more than five minutes, I OWN that thing!”.

      • Ya don’t need DOD clearance for that…

        I used to have the toolz. I abandoned them in 2003 when I walked away from the computer biz. I also never abused them (didn’t need to.) They were strictly for hacking into a computer or network which a SCU (Stupid Computer User) had locked themself, or everyone, out of. They could certainly have been abused, though, and since the toolkit I had was built by both black hats and white hats, [they] undoubtedly were.

        I’ve a couple friends who were DOD Intelligence. One once asked me a question. I provided an answer. She asked how I knew. I told her it was PD and she could find it using a simple Alta Vista or Dogpile search. She told me: “I can’t do that. If I even attempted such a thing, I’d be in General Court in a week and scrubbing pots in the galley of an oiler in three. They watch EVERYTHING, both when we’re at work and at home…”

        I told her: “That’s the difference between DOD and freedom… People know _I_ exist!”

  11. Regarding the hacking issues, I recommend Clifford Stoll’s book “Cuckoo’s Egg”. It’s a good read.

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