Short-term Future, America’s Muddle-Mandates

With my right-hand raised, I do solemnly swear (cussing is more my style, but whatever) to write shorter columns.  Which will be more to the point.  Focusing on being a close-in map for coming events.

Temporal Lobes

This week’s timeline features a quiet (read: rally) early.  However, then things get interesting at mid-week.

Other than some mid-morning PMI and ISM data (along with construction spending) there’s little to fear.

However, tomorrow the Fed will meet.  Wednesday they will hand down some clues as to whether we’ll see “taper with a rapier” or the Bubbleator will continue.

Wednesday’s warm-up for the Peoplenomics report will be the ADP employment numbers.  Challenger cuts Thursday and Federal wishful’s Friday.

Brandon’s Mandate Turns Boner

It is becoming increasingly clear:  the Biden “mandates” may do more to sink the flailing democrat party than anything Trump came up with.

Take American airlines:  Thousands of flights canceled.  At least in part due to “the mandate.”  Rather than understand pilots are stone-cold data readers, the Woke Idiocity of America (the WIA) is being sold stories like “Southwest Airlines to investigate pilot’s purported anti-Biden chant.”

If you’re not clear on who this Brandon fellow is, background is here.

As usual, the gap between the would-rule clown posse, passing itself off as legit government, failed to see that people see through BS pretty well out here in “fly-over land.”  Libtard-double-standards are clear when “My body, my right” is chanted on abortion, but you’re a by-God terrorist if you hold that view on manda-vax.  Stunningly stupid is the new American Way, thanks to Joe and the Regressives…

Unable to understand cause-and-effect. this latest pre-impeachment flub has resulted in NYC being on the verge of becoming the world’s largest Volunteer Fire Department.  The combination of defunding cops and unconstitutional “mandates” (which aren’t law) will likely return a Wild West air to Los Angeles where sheriffs are clearing out.

Political Fallout

You don’t hear much about Seattle – where communists and super-libs have pretty-much taken over.  But on the local conservative radio site, stories like Rantz: Mayor quietly admits Seattle Police staffing crisis, but could be too late, appear.  Yessir – you can always tell a super-lib, but you can’t tell ’em much.

Even the liberal-leaning woke peddling NY Times can’t seem to decide the obviousness of Brandon’s Blunders: Seattle’s Choice: A Police Abolitionist or a Law-and-Order Republican?  If that’s not an easy call, you’re a brainwashed idiot.

Mental acuity is not a hallmark of the Woke.  When you see stories like Nearly 5 million people have died of COVID-19 since the start of the pandemic, the reportorial error is likely confusing between OF and WITH.  You see, in stats, there’s bonus money paid for OF.  The word “WITH” denigrates Covid to the same class as a bad flu helping Death along for people with cancer, heart disease, and obesity.  In fact, CV is still not the leading cause of death “Globally, COVID-19 is now the third leading cause of death, after heart disease and stroke.”  What ever happened to “natural causes?”

While the death toll (if you trust the stats ) did in fact cross the 5-million level globally on the Johns Hopkins site this morning, the US death toll was 745,836 but that’s not nearly as scary.  Especially when comorbidities are not delineated.  But hey!  We’re just data purists, around here.  Given 337-million, that’s a death rate of just over 2-10th’s of one percent.

It’s all very much cut of the same cloth as elections:  Depends who’s doing the counting.

We await the Nov. 16th book by Robert F. Kennedy, Jr.  The Real Anthony Fauci: Bill Gates, Big Pharma, and the Global War on Democracy and Public Health.  Ought to drive the manda-vaxxers nuts.

In the meantime, we see how the ‘rona might extend Social Security for survivors.  Always a silver lining.

Taiwan Ticking

My consigliere’s window for trouble to blow-up is not-yet closed.  Runs to Nov. 6th, or so.

In the meantime, the headlines are still swirling:  ABC’s Blinken raised concerns about Taiwan with China doesn’t sound as alarmist as Fox’s Antony Blinken: US will support Taiwan against Chinese aggression.

Opinion pieces are also flying:  Warning China on Taiwan, the U.S. is the real problem – CGTN.  But, the US is totally reliant on Taiwan for many types of computer chips.

And you see, ultimately it always comes down to money.  Just as Taiwan wants investment deal, foreign minister tells EU, China will predictably raise pressures.

And one of these days – with little (or no) notice, it will be game-on.  China would likely find an excuse to take out an American carrier and then we’re game on with how does the Bungler in Chief respond.  God help us all.

Motion in the Backfield

Why does the abortion question keep coming up?  Supreme Court: Texas’ abortion law SB 8 goes before justices.  “Are otherwise reserved to the States” seems not to be taught anymore by the education insurgency.

Saw a poll over the weekend that BLM support is waning.  Could it be stories like Two men sentenced to federal prison for destroying police car in George Floyd protest have something to do with that?

Over half of Global Warming is driven by China.  Most people don’t know that.  Maybe explains why China’s Xi to address COP26 climate talks in writing only.  Hope you are braced for the flood of brainwashing on climate about to be unleashed… Fact is, the U.S. is being singled out for climate punishment.  Liberal apologists play Why it’s hard for India to quit coal. Yet we’re so old that we remember when America stood for equality.  Long-ago, far away, lost with our ability to be self-sufficient.

Warning’s a bit late, bubba: Elon Musk Warns Austin, TX, to Avoid Becoming a ‘San Francisco Copycat’.  Some of us in the deeper-thinking parts of the state have considered barbed wire be used to keep Austin contained, already.  We can see what happened to Detroit as their tech peaked and was overtaken by Asia.  San Francisco, we figure, will be next to “top.”  New York may already be in decline…  Meantime, Texas is still Charmin’.  Not poopycats yet.

Let’s talk about how well strict gun control laws work, shall we?  At Least 6 Killed, 27 Wounded In Weekend Gun Violence In Chicago – reports CBS.  With an ultra lib, cop defunding mayor, this promises to get even more ridiculous.  BYOK (Bring your own Kevlar.)

ATR: ‘Puting

I put my computer where my mouth was this weekend:  (That hurt!)  Told you I expected zero to 1 impact from the arrival of the CME post the minor X-class flare.

What better time to work on the server, here.  By the end of effort, GT Metrix was showing:

But all that speed isn’t worth anything if it’s not also married to good security: So over on the website, we score:

As soon as I get done patting myself on the back, there’s a reason data like this matters.  Take a read of the PC Magazine article: The 10 Websites That Track You the Most | PCMag by Eric Griffith.,  Good information to tuck away.

We continue with the great conundrum (Google Adsense or Commission Junction) for the few bucks a month ads throw off this site.  While we can get the speed of Urban up a good bit from here, that would involve turning off ads.  Occasionally, I see an interesting one go by, though…

Novel Ideas

Being (as I pretend) a writer, I’m often torn between whether I should write fiction or non-fiction.  The next project on my list is pushing “The 100-Year Toaster” – my rant on how virtually all the world’s problems come back to planned obsolescence – out the door.

But after that?  Torn between a) a new sci-fi novel, b) another in the David Shannon (DreamOver) series, or c) more non-fiction.  The choice between A and B will in part be driven by some time machine experiments.  But, since writing Packing to Die: Suitcase between your ears” and not including laborious footnotes, a lot of the “work-sting” of non-fiction can be relieved.

If you have read one of my books – your input is appreciated.

Ranch Life:  Three projects this week:  Remove a few of the leaves which are piling up.  Then there are new “Posted: No Hunting” signs to be refreshed along 6,200 feet of fence line.  And, we’ll finish the backsplash and be done with the tile project; or nearly so.

My sister gave us a black and white granite topped roll-around some years back.  I’ve measured it for a “tile recap” so everything in the kitchen will match.

Looking ahead, there’s assembly of the CNC rig and laser to engrave new kitchen cabinet faces.  Not too hard from a technical standpoint.  Take a good picture, convert to line art of ink drawing in your graphics program.  Then roll into Inkscape and export as g-code for CNC.  At least, that’s how the process-mapping looks from here.  More details in my ShopTalk Sunday series which you can click into with a button on the menus above.

With that, remember the suggestion of shorter columns?

Two hours before the open, futures were being run moonward, again.  Happy-talk Monday.  The Imperial Global Government (G20) climate meetings today will be seen as a good thing. It’s just a bash of the US for once being successful.  Not many worries about that lately.  Equality (total and across the board) is terribly out of fashion.

Write when you get rich,

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73 thoughts on “Short-term Future, America’s Muddle-Mandates”

  1. George,
    RFK Jr. is not a Senator. You must be having a flashback.
    He a long-tme anti-vaxxer (not just COVID) who works for a “childrens health” non-profit that he created.
    Hangs with Jim Carrey and Jenny McCarthy.
    ‘Nuf said.

  2. Hi George,
    Have you ever looked into getting your books on audio? I find myself preferring to listen to books while driving or working on my wood carving in the shop. I guess I’m getting lazy in my old age.

    Keep up the good work.

  3. About your ads… I use Brave browser on my phone, linux and windows machines, and I note your urban survival site has not been verified. I know you are against most crypto, but it makes micropayments like these a bit easier. In case this is something you have not considered yet. Brave blocks a lot of the ad networks and replaces with their own, and or payments based on web page getting my attention for an amount of time. Anyway, I will probably continue to block most ads as they are so very annoying, but I do like the idea of micropayments for sites I regularly visit. It would be nice if we get an open (non tracking) system that I can subscribe to pay for content, but not have to keep track of many accounts. Perhaps, dailywire, timcast, or locals with come up with something more consumer friendly.

  4. Over half of Global Warming is driven by China… Probably better to note over 1/2 of carbon emissions generated by China. Putting it the way you have is to acknowledge, that carbon emissions is causing GW and that we will be able to impact climate with forced changes on our energy usage. Though many believe this, you seem to be more on the side that climate changes no matter what humans are doing. I am on the side of convincing people to use less and purchase more renewable, as on balance I see that as having a better environmental footprint then carbon based sources. But I am certainly on the side of the free market and people driving toward solutions that are best for themselves. Government solutions generally fail, are inefficient or just fill the pockets of the people paying the politicians.

    • I don’t think we are really on opposite sides of this:
      1. We just picked our last round of veggies from the garden.
      2. Almost half our power comes from our panels and battery backup system.
      3. We sequester 30 acres of big trees that eat carbon all year.
      4. We drive (all vehicles) about 3,000 miles a year.
      Just so we’re clear – may have been weak coffee – second error in this morning’s column (warming)

  5. “China would likely find an excuse to take out an American carrier and then we’re game on with how does the Bungler in Chief respond. God help us all.”

    “And, especially, our sailors on and under the sea” – or something like that as the hymn goes with incompetents at the helm.

  6. “Cry Havoc! and let slip the Dogs of Wars..

    Woof – as we look over battlefield Earth, one niggling little item keeps buzzing my brain..Who let the “dogs” out ?

    “spacenazis” favorite occult dates is back on the front burner this week..”ashed Wednesday? Lets hope not – yeah yeah Hope is terrible startegy, I know, thanks.

    Heads up for wonkiness and strange ringing in Ure ears .

    FEAR – is all they got, all they need to “turn the herd”. Although with direct energy weapons – once “zapped” you get a bad stomach ache…followed soonly by massive heart attack – see secret scv agent -Trump-Scottish Golf course incident..many others – dont be a target. Like Havanna syndrome – need 2/two beams(1 microwave) directed on target – has me wondering about reflective clothing/hat.

    Nixon made decision back in day regards UFO File – he gave it ALL to Corporates..imagine what restrictions are NOT on “Private Security”, boggles the mind no?

    Lets see now – the old plan was a 3-fer..Iran, Syria, would that play now ?? Think the turd has turned and turkey be ripe for plucking unh I mean sacrifice..

    Calling All Dogs.

  7. “The 10 Websites That Track You the Most”

    Either were tracked or not tracked, there’s no “most”.

    I’m being tracked. Netflix sent me an email, “It’s been 291 days, will you comeback for $8.99?”

    Somehow Home Depot knows I was looking at bathtubs on their website because they keep emailing my Yahoo email account about tub sales. I did look at tubs but wasn’t logged into Home Depot or Yahoo when I did look. I haven’t logged into Home Depot in over a month. The last thing ordered was concrete sealer.

    One day Lehman’s (hardware) emailed me, “We see you stopped by.” I stopped by but didn’t log in to the site. Then later they were emailing me about stuff I left in my cart – garden edging tools. But I didn’t log-in or leave stuff in my cart and never looked up garden edging tools. I have gas tools.

    I rarely log-in to my Google account and when I do I log-out when done.

    And I do delete files and cookies regularly. Simple consumer websites track us. I have used a credit card at HD and wonder if they have my pic matched to my email accounts and phone number(s). HD did get in trouble for stealing customer images at the U-Scans so it’s plausible.

    Fidelity stole my voice print and so did Citi. My voice is in the system and can be matched up. An I9 does 10 trillion instructions a second. An I9 has 18.

    • “Either were tracked or not tracked, there’s no “most”.

      I was actually suggested not to share the contents of the Bill’s that congress notes on.. to this day I cannot log onto or see the contents on the thomas library without going to a library to read it. So my guess is someones monitoring ..
      I actually love playing with the adds…lol how many get support the Democratic party ads on

      • I use AdBlock+ and Ghostery to block ads.

        It gets complicated but I don’t use any phone apps on the phone. I use emulators like BlueStacks instead. I don’t believe in VPNs. Maricopa County knows the router logs know.

        Sometimes I consider switching email to Proton but if everyone else has Gmail or 365 as example, the privacy is worthless.

  8. As the wheels of civilization continue to wobble loosely on the axels, and the bearings make squeaky noises suggesting full-on seize-up is close — very, very close — it occurs to me that a Complete Breakdown of Everything To a Mad-Max scenario is not likely, at least not immediately or terribly suddenly. (As in a few days.) I think. Maybe.

    Complex systems of systems degrade slowly more often, getting progressively worse for some time before total immobilization is reached.

    It therefore occurs to me that a “downhill ramp” scenario seems more likely as the Vast And Arrogant Powers That Be struggle to remain Large And In Charge.

    Consider this idea as, “Prepping With a Crutch.” What?

    City Water (and sewer) and electric power will be maintained IF AT ALL POSSIBLE for as long as possible, because every cheap bureaucrat knows open armed revolt will very quickly follow if ALL basic services suddenly blink out for any long period of time.

    The supermarket may have mostly empty shelves, especially as the Unprepared Ones panic-buy everything they can in a nasty, urgent environment, and many things may be closed due to curfews and goddam covid shutdown over-reactions; and overwhelmed emergency services will be slow — to be optimistic about it. They’ll have to do triage on incoming requests at some point. Some (many?) minor emergencies will not get a response at all.

    But The “Crutches” of water and power will likely be up — at least for a little while. Maybe. True Total Chaos will come hard upon the heels of Total And Complete Failure Of Everything. …and everybody’s cars will have at least a little gasoline left in them. So, the zombies-to-be CAN wander for a little while before becoming, finally, marooned in place — wherever that may be.

    Yes, it will be ugly.

    Experience has taught me that most Big Emergencies get steadily worse over some time before recovery begins — IF that recovery is even possible.

    7.299 by day, 3.999 by night — “on the fifteens, and the forty-fives.”


    • “City Water (and sewer) and electric power will be maintained IF AT ALL POSSIBLE for as long as possible,”

      You know.. that is in the FEMA playbook for a SHTF event.. that is why when I made our backup systems.. I had one that is natural gas.. low pressure.. as one source.. In the OLD version of the civil defense emergency management handbook..

      the first time I ever seen a wood gas generator.. I was a little boy.. and would play at a friends farm.. in the shelter belt was an old tractor.. had this can on the front.. I asked the dad what that was.. he said it was a gas generator.. back in the dirty thirties.. that gas was rationed and there wasn’t enough to plant or harvest the crops.. he bought his from sweden and put it on the tractor.. burned corn cobs and trash.. the next time I seen one was in 78 Mother Earth news went to state fairs and showed one that they made out of a water heater..
      well a few years ago.. I decided to go and build one.. we made it out of an oil drum.. LOL.. worked good to.. I did decide to make one out of plumbing parts or a semi muffler..
      then again.. why not use a pressure cooker and a slow cooker design.. you fill the pressure cooker up with your scrap plastic or spun oil.. the heat it slowly.. twenty watts of power.. you have to insulate the heck out of it.. then the fumes goes into a bubbler.. everything is energy.. just don’t show the little kids how to melt stones with the sun.. bad mistake.. really bad mistake.. I thought they would learn that you can make things out of metals.. instead they seen it as a ray gun or something like that.. they were melting everything.. thought they were going to burn the house down LOL…instead I showed them how to freeze things with the sun.. great project.. my solar beer chiller was born.. LOL..

    • Consider this. the PTB go prolonged total grid down, what powers their survailence state? Look for rolling blackouts and marginalization. the question is this. How long and to what degree of depth do they take this to where it achieves irreversible damages? wont take much at this point with the current fragile state of things.

  9. George,
    On your reference to the article, Elon Musk warns Austin-avoid becoming San Francisco copycat.

    If you read the article closely…it’s mostly click bait. It’s says nothing and can’t. San Francisco and the entire Bay Area is a Model for success. Is it perfect? NO…Is it expensive? YES. For a reason. It’s an incredibly wealthy enclave of successful engineers, scientists and business savants that have a huge desire to call this place their Nirvana. In my case, where else in America are their 14 home buyers bidding on each and every home available on the market…and bidding as high as $900,000 over the list price? Where else in America is the average down payment on a home in excess of $1 million? Where else in America is the average cost of homes in excess of $1.9 million? Where else in America is there a demand so great that there is a shortage of homes at that price? You may call that ridiculous…From my perspective it’s incredible. The demand is so great to want to live here it’s an auction like atmosphere to get a piece of the action. It’s literally making millionaires out of every single home seller in the Bay Area. We do have the largest concentration of millionaires anywhere on planet earth.

    And…since we have Proposition 13 that freezes your property tax on the date it was purchased…many home owners that have owned their homes for a while have lifetime low property taxes (taxed at 1.25% of purchase price). They now get to move anywhere in the state and keep that low property tax up to a million dollar re-purchase.
    For instance, I have one client (there are dozens of examples just like this) that purchased their home for $200,000 in 1976 and have a very low $208 monthly property tax bill. I just sold their home for $2.43 million. Nice investment huh? It was paid off and they paid cash for their dream retirement home in Wine country near Calistoga for around $1 million. (It’s cheaper there)…but get to keep their $208 a month property tax courtesy of a new Proposition 19. This is important for people on a fixed income…so they get to bank around a liquid million from their home proceeds, (they still have the million in their new home equity too) live on pension and social security comfortably and enjoy the near perfect weather of wine country.

    And Elon doesn’t want Austin to be like San Francisco Bay Area for what reason???? If the Bay Area is so horrible, why are there so many people wanting to crazily overbid on homes here? Let me reiterate…14 offers from buyers per every house on the market…And bidding anywhere from $300,000 to $900,000 over the list price. My team is setting records on scenarios like this. Excited new engineers and scientists are clamoring to get in and be a part of this party and retirees are more than happy to let them in and cash in on the boom. On the other hand…I myself am going to have to delay that retirement for at least another few years. Too lucrative to retire right now.

    • Thanks for the post Mark. I needed the uplift after driving through the poor part of my city on the way home. Its starting to get cold here in Canada and lots of street people looking for shelter in doorways and on steam sewer vents. Stopped and gave 20 bucks to a homeless guy named Garth who I have known for years He is a really neat guy (University Education) but everytime someone buys him a coat or boots, he just sells them for a few meals. Doesn’t drink. Looks to me like the number of friends in his community is up dramatically this year.

      For those of us with eyes to see, the increasing wealth of the mega millionaires where you live and the desperate poverty in many other areas in North America are on a collison course. I hope your bags of money keep you safe when the SHTF.

      I know you don’t read anything from the conservative side but I thought this article today in American Thinker was worth a read.

      All the best Mark. Hope you make millions more.

      • BIC,
        The wealth here isn’t due to liberal policies. How can you have a Bay Area GDP of nearly a trillion dollars if we are supposed to be so damn liberal. You can’t. We aren’t when it comes to making money. This is the mantra of the right isn’t it? Capitalism at its best or worst…However you want to look at it. Remember, I have said this many times on Georges site…I am a Republican and therefore there is part of me that has been programmed to cash in on the opportunities that have been granted to me by market conditions. But….The centrist/liberal side of me spreads the wealth by paying my administration staff far above industry average and taking lower commission splits from the agents that work for me. I may make less, but it’s important to keep the people around me in good spirits, because I really do care about them. Happy employees work harder and perform so much better too. And when they are happy, I am more focused and happy too! If there were more people that thought that way, maybe there would not be so many poor people in the streets like the ones you pass everyday on your streets . Most greedy businesses and execs are in it for themselves and that is the root of the problem. Nobody pays it forward anymore…many never have and never will and that is a big part of the reason why there is division and anger in this country.

    • “San Francisco and the entire Bay Area is a Model for success.”

      Lol when using a side walk or store isle as a place to relieve oneself .. along with tens of thousands living in cars and card board boxes.. food stamp availability at just shy a quarter million .. is the model of success…phew now that’s sad..

      • Hey man – let the guy live in his fantasies – it is entertaining as all hell reading his RE marketing pap.
        I mean really can you imagine a city by the bay – full of indigents, in bidding wars over cardboard box homes with sweet steam vent locations – it boggles the mind.
        I raise your @#%@^&$^$@!# bid $1000 ! my disability check comes in end o week. FU I see Ure raise ! my city stipend for not shop lifting this week- comes in..hardeeharhar.

      • You and ECU are possibly the most ignorant people on this site. Can you read what I said? Do you think that very wealthy, extremely intelligent people would pay millions upon million for real estate, and developers would spend billions upon billions to build if any of the negative propaganda about people living in cardboard boxes was true?

      • “really can you imagine a city by the bay – full of indigents, in bidding wars over cardboard box homes”

        ECU that brings up a cute story.. for the national home show tour.. the cabinet company that deals in high end cabinetry needed a disply.. we built a home out of cardboard.. even the sales counter was cardboard.. the whole thing was impressive and gorgeous..they hung over a million dollars in cabinet’s in it.. what the people should have been admiring was this display that was on tour . Afterwards we shoved it in the compactor hauled to the dump..
        Because it was such a success they gave us a keg and materials for a shift picnic.. while at the park..two officers peddled by on bicycles..we all laughed and seriously considered heading to the shop and whipping up a small gingerbread house with mailbox and putting it in the trees beyond the bike lol

  10. OF and WITH. You see, in stats, there’s bonus money paid for OF. The word “WITH” denigrates Covid to the same class as a bad flu helping Death along for people with cancer, heart disease, and obesity. In fact, CV is still not the leading cause of death “Globally, COVID-19 is now the third leading cause of death, after heart disease and stroke.” I am sure you seen the graph that correlates from the invention of Margarine and Heart Attacks right? its only one molecule from plastic. I never eat that shit. tastes just like butter, f – you Fabio!

    WITH—– What In The Hell.
    rim shot!

    did you see the resurrection of doorfore? wait for it, time it with matrix movie and that date of number 10 for me. been finding alot of dimes. ten eye see. LOL fuckin Angels and their metephores… and like the trailer for the new matrix the last words in it are, “Feed your head.” huh…. i don’t know if someone is messing with me or i am creating this stuff.. been pondering that. matrix movie called resurrection, comes out on the anniversary of my 10th NDE and I run a short bit on the interwebs as the Door man.. “feed your head” and One of my many nick names is the causmic chicken bunny… being an Arian and all, the white rabbit. who is late but right on schedule. hmmmmmmmm… could be THE DUDE and HIS jokes. not sure……

    I seen them fcking vultures up there way up high. looking down from the top of the Arena, they have a couple offices way up there past the nose bleed section. how the hell do they get up there. I noticed them and I am sure they saw me staring back up next to the sound man at Church concert. you know when someone is next to you on the freeway and you can feel them looking at you so you look. i gave them that look. vampires i suspect. nobody ever sees them up there. hell i didnt even notice them until Church. looking down. next time i will take a picture.

    i asked somene there, those boxes up past the nose bleed. what is that. they said, “Control” and High Power Execs. i said how do you get up there? they said, only control and the High Power Exec’s know. they have a special key for the elevator. i said High Power Execs? like who? They said, Bill Gates, That amazon fella, their onterage… and Tesla… guys like that. I said who is working security for them? They said not sure.. they all look like Mr Smith from the Matrix… i said ohhh interesting.

    or fckin ptw all trying to baiting me to work the door again. im aready working the baracade… hmmmmmmm…….. thought about kinda catchy… maybe bring back the original sophia. apple? change it up… make this one about something new.. since we use the past to propell us to the future… I am at Andrea Bocell on hump day, unless you work 7 days a week then humpday is friday. 65 million views and I never heard of him. never been to the operah… guess this dude is in good with pope.. not a big fan of the pope. LOL the pope is just another meat sack at the costume party. parading around as something he is not. have to break out that black bow tie that floated across the parking lot and landed on my right shoe. come as the phantom, since everyone these days are wearing costumes.

    I am becoming a huge EDM fan. that shit is off the hook. most fun concerts by far. Everyone shows up in lingerie and by the end of the night after gobs of Xtacy everyone is naked. Kids today! me thinks its todays generations version of Heavy Metal without cans of Aquanet. if you could have owned stock in that company before Motley Crue and the Scorpions.

    WITH indeed. well its a new day. im sure something good will happen. it always does. got 3 new assistants starting this week… i cant do it all by myself. its bigger than me. you know the best workers are. former military and former prisoners. both are on point and hyper aware of their surroundings.

    oh Ms Ethopia just showed up. Time to get busy.

    Happy Harvest Day George!

    Cue: ~ International Harvester ~

    Craig Morgan.

    • Damn Andy! Where do they get to score the X? Anyone can get H, blow, or weed on the street, but the good stuff is unobtanium! Inquiring minds want to know. It seems that these things are only available to limited age cohorts.

      I enjoyed the EDM scene too – when it was easier to find, though even NYC was more hung up than you describe. 911 ruined underground EDM in NYC.

    • Dam!

      “what the fish said when he bumped into concrete wall..”

      Back in the day – the doormouse said “keep Ure Head”, doormouse done done matured, grew up a little now he just goes with flow…feed Ure Head – ALL Learning IS Remembering, ReCALL…

      Dont know how you can stand that vibe at EDM shows. I would alwayz get a viscous headache when I had to be “in the area” of a show…usually on the Delaware River in patrol boat(wit a bag o confiscated weed..hahhah) the shows over at the Camden, NJ waterfront…Rock and ROLL Hootchie-coo

    • Lotsa views at special events/sporting etc. showing crowds chanting Americas new Mandate (FJB) are out for all to see. Any of that happening where you at so far?

      • I will answer later. I need to step back and evaluate some stuff. I had 3 peculuar things happen. ONE, i signed up for a buisness thing and it auto placed me with a new phone number and an Idaho address, i looked up the address on google maps and its pretty nice house. I never been there before in my life. and well the Angels or whatever or whoever leaves me those totems? put a massive pile of them by my car last night. like what the hell am I supposes to do with all that stuff or make out of it. i just took note of the Big bag of “Door knobs” and took the deck of cards and another item. opened the deck and cut the cards, shuffled and then cut them again and pulled out the Queen of Hearts and the Joker card. Interesting… to note that there is a convivence store of the same name at the Idaho State line called by the same name. “Maverick” i used to go to the Idaho stateline races.

        remember, i don’t make my decisions based on logic, or feeling or rational thought.. or ego or any of that. I dont base it on money. i dont base my decisions on comfort or prefrence. because sometimes storms of life are meant to clear the path for you, not just to be weathered… I do take all that into account before I make my decisions. I look at everything present and then I think what best how to approach it after a couple hours of meditation sometimes it is a no brainer.. but sum stuff like where i am at and what i should do… well there is the other thing that happened.

        hmmmmmm……. i will ask THE DUDE again. see what He says. Apparently the Angels brought me many totem gifts because they know I am paying attention. One common theme lately i have been witnessing is.. lost items returning to others. not just me around me. stuff being restored or something forgot about returning. stuff that is stolen being given back and i found a phone at a concert and found the person who lost it and gave it to them. and 5 friends in the last few days have lost their wallets and had someone return them with all their money and credit cards intact. all started when i got my lucky coin back… which i still have. been seeing alot of toe trucks lately too. towtrucks are metephores for becoming unstuck, assisted movement.

        so… i am leaving the office early and i am going to have a think about things.. not sure if I will be At Andrea Bocelli tomorrow or not… but perhaps i will go… and perhaps in the morning. i will load up some clothes and not look back. but i don’t think it is time for that for a few years. if it is even necessary. has nothing to do with fear. has nothing to do with security or safety has to do with movement.

        i am really really close to something… there is never this much action good or bad unless you are at the threshold… like building of a tempo before the climax. or a the peak of a wave before it thrust you to a new beach. hmmmmmm……. if that makes sense.

        time to step back and see everything for what it is. think and let the answer come to me. and you know damn well it wont be money driven. i was offered several jobs making shit loads of money in palm desert. shit loads of money. more money than i had ever seen in my life. and my hip was messed up and i could barely walk. i was in so much pain i could barely get off the floor. until i learned to meditate past that and you know what i did? I loaded up my car and I drove 2000 miles to rent a room in a delapodated house. why? Because I felt love there. and that was missing from all that money they offered.. and i needed love more than money at the time.. and all those people thought i was crazy to turn down 400k a month. LOL and i looked at them and thought they were crazy to turn down that much Love.

        but i am a diffferent juncture now…. so let me see what everything says to me and then i will decide.

    • Turkey vultures are like big black lab puppies with feathers, covered with flesh eating bacteria. The vultures took a liking to the new rubberized hail resistant shingles on my roof some years back, and I had to retrain them on the house rules of etiquette.
      If you want vultures to leave, move to a position in their direct view ( but not underneath them), put your hands on your hips and glare at them. The next escalation is to clear your throat menacingly. By then, they should be shifting back and forth on their feet, looking at each other and for an escape route. If they haven’t have already bailed, then as a last resort, loudly and annoyingly explain the rules on where vultures can and cannot perch.
      Only once have I had a vulture push back on this, and it was enormous black Mexican vulture, not a red-headed turkey vulture. The only reason I didn’t kill him was I didn’t want to deal with 50+ pound of flesh eating bacteria contaminated corpse on my roof. I finally annoyed him sufficiently screaming at him that he became insulted and left.

      • Daisy Red Ryder to the rescue! I use mine to encourage the departure of all sorts of unwelcome guests. It’s not powerful enough to kill or maim anything larger than a robin, but it does sting and startle when applied to the posterior of the offending visitor.

      • Federally Protected those gorgeous birds are – Caution advised.

        You are not even supposed to mess with them, startle em or any other nonsense.

        Several yrs ago my college age son shot a Vulture sitting on our split rail fence with break barrel pellet gun in back.
        Bird falls over into fenced in yard, laying on its back stunned, not moving. At the time I was on Patrol in Philadelphia as Conservation Officer – State of Pennsylvania with another officer (who I couldnt stand). Call comes in on state phone ..from my wife – she was apoplectic about big nasty bird tits up in back yard- apparently neighbors were having a party -outside summertime. Next call comes in from panicked son asking what to do “Dad – I think Im gonna take a hockey stick out there and make sure its dead” Keep in mind I am good friends with my county Game warden – jurisdiction regards dirty bird. Needless to say boy goes out with hockey stick to lump up the big bird – big bird popped up, couple hops – takes off flying over the yard..but not before disgorging itself of all stomach contents – unbeknownst to family. The GSD and jack russel both found it – rolled in it, rolled in it some more, and then came bounding inside much to delight of my already frazzled wife.

        Solution – whistling bottlerockets – “screamers” I didnt know there were any birds over in them trees” – plausible deniability..

      • According to the Feds:

        Because both Black and Turkey vultures are federally protected migratory birds, a federal authorization (permit) is necessary to legally “take” them. However, a permit is not necessary to “harass” or otherwise disperse or discourage vultures from using areas where they may be a potential threat to livestock.

        There is livestock near my home.

        The black vultures can be very aggressive. The big one I mentioned feigned a charge at me before flying off. The turkey vultures are quick studies, and they stay off my roof now. Otherwise, I regard them as grounds keeping staff, and leave them alone.

      • Turkey vultures, both kinds in our area, are the #1 predator on our goat kids that we have to watch for surpassing coyotes and bobcats. I’m here to assert without reservation that they DO kill things that are small and slow enough like a newborn kid and any time from January through to Spring around here when the nannies are giving birth is a target rich environment for them … and me. I have on many occasions wondered whether or not enough of them piling on top of a yearling goat, even, slumbering so deeply as they do under the influence of a warm Sun, would not succumb to their attack since I’ve found many like that who you’d think were too big for such a demise.

        I have no love for these animals as they have inherited the worst of the reptilian traits of whatever lineage they evolved from. If I’ve caught them devouring a kid and deployed a round in their direction they are smart enough to give me and the goats a wide enough birth at least until an new bunch arrives that doesn’t know the rules of the ranch. It never has made sense with so much road kill out there why they concentrate on the kids as much as they do. The little skin and bones piles I find around the ranch I call “peel and eats” because they’ll inevitably start at the butt and peel the skin forward over the head – but don’t FOR A SECOND think that this means the kid is dead when they start eating. That’s what is most disgusting to me about it all beyond the loss of income.

      • If I lived on a Farm with any livestock – it would be shotgun city.

        Wouldnt even bother with rock salt – heavy,toxic lead. Nasty birds are a plague here locally to dairy farms/farmers.
        The nasty bacteria is neutralized by their acidic poop (urine&feces combo) they bathe their claws in.
        Never been able to get close enough to bash their heads in,not for lack of trying, unlike invasive “canadian” Geese, a lil cracked corn and baseball bat – make quick work of em – greasy goose on the dinner table!

      • “Turkey vultures, both kinds in our area, are the #1 predator on our goat kids”

        Yep. I didn’t know they’d kill, either — never bothered to research, because the nearest buzzard was 700 miles away — until it wasn’t.

        They peck out the eyes first, then go for the kidneys. Vultures killed more than one man, whilst he was attempting to traverse our desert southwest. They can kill virtually every immature animal that’s native to North America, plus humans and small adult animals.

        If I had a problem, it would meet my NPSS…

  11. Morning to you George and to Elaine,

    I am sending the link to this story by by Hal Turner about La Palma. Like him I think it seems close to blowing, really close. And if that occurs it is going to make life difficult for a lot of really good people. If I lived close to a European coast or likewise the US East coast, I’d have all types of alerts set to warn me if it goes off. And if I lived in Florida anywhere, I’d be packing my bags and my documents and moving to high country inland for a period.

  12. Whitmer Vetoes Voter ID, Election Reform Bills, Says They Would Hurt Minority Voters

    people think in a box! Whitmer tells the truth, if you know the definition of minority. People have been trained to think ‘minority’ means race. Minority means less than 50%. Our Republic is based on the majority of LEGAL voters. In a fair election the minority always loses. The majority is the winner. The true racists are pushing racism in to elections. People of all color are in the majority and vis versa
    We are the medium.
    Anxiety, people with this condition live in fear and are controlled by it. They believe blindly in “science” and “authority” and do not think for themselves. They BLAME our freedom of choice to not vax up, for their need to stay in their hidey hole. Stay away from others is fine, but they need to blame me, etal. I am not the one WHO developed this China virus, go see Fauci and company.
    It is an awful condition. Our great medical community offers no real help for it, only addictive drugs to mask the problem, follow the money. People hate drug pushers but love the Sackler family pharmacuticals. Prince Valium to the rescue back in the 60s, they have new drugs now, still addictive. They fail to realize, science is a study, not the final solution. Keep studying.

    The liberals demand vaccine passports BUT claim voter ID is racial. They want their cake and they want to eat too.
    Voter ID will hurt the minority’s (less than 50% of the legal population) ability to cheat, it will benefit people of all color. Minority is a word refering to the group of voters who lost an election, black, white, yellow, brown, and green. They use it as minorities to drum up as much delusion as possible.

    George I had a dream sometime back. I was in a safe place undercover, hidden from sight, from the creatures of the night, dark thick forest very little light, heavy brush and boulders and a dirt path going through, when up above me out of the aether, formed a energy being. She drew me up to her, I just sensed she was female, she was a radiating energy sphere without definite border,. I felt her love, non-sexual, but a family love. She took me out of the dark canopied forest setting to edge of it, into the open, sun lit blue sky, green grass, pond in the distance, marble columnade fence 3 foot tall and stone patio where we first exit the forest. It was a beautiful setting with others walking around in the distance. Then it was wake up time.

  13. Deaths aren’t the only problem with COVID.There are also the issues of doctors refused to prescribe ivermectin and other protocols.I finally found a doctor in TEXAS who would do so.Unfortunately my pharmacy in NJ wouldn’t fill it.So he sent it to San Diego where they will do so and mail it to me.

    Just 5 weeks ago,I was in great shape,working out at the gym,walking for miles on other days.Now,I’m in a battle for my life.

  14. “Even the liberal-leaning woke peddling NY Times can’t seem to decide the obviousness of Brandon’s Blunders: Seattle’s Choice: A Police Abolitionist or a Law-and-Order Republican? If that’s not an easy call, you’re a brainwashed idiot.”

    What’s truly scary is: In the land of “woke,” it is NOT an easy call. The Republican is not likely to win, partly because of the “R” and partly because not enough Seattleites have been robbed, raped, battered, carjacked, and murdered for them to extract their heads from their collective asses and realize you can’t reason with or counsel evil.

    Should Trump run in 2024, [given an honest election] he should win with over 90% of the vote. Given a combination of wokeness, TDS, cheating, and basic stupidity though, he’ll be lucky to eke out a victory.

    You can’t fix stupid.

    You also can’t fix narrow-minded prejudice, especially when it comes from people who’re too stupid or narcissistic to realize how prejudiced they are.

    • Ray,
      Didn’t you get the memo? On February 22nd of this year the Supreme Court rejected Trump election challenge cases. Let’s reiterate. A conservative leaning Supreme Court rejected Trump and his laughable suggestions of election fraud.
      The way the more intelligent side of society sees it…There is more evidence to suggest that Trump cheated to get to 76 million votes. That will be proven soon enough. That’s why Trump so mad. When he cheated on his past life as a corrupt businessman, he always came out on the winning side. How much did this latest scheme actually cost him? How many of you buffoons donated money to find the recounts that failed to find anything? Or the scam that was the Arizona recount?

      The 2020 election was fair and not corrupted in any way and Trump and anyone that stands with him is the Worlds dumbest man to think so. Move on. You all are making big fools of yourselves. Pathetic.

      • Sure Mr Obvious – so lost as to not even realize how long U been “off the trail”

        Brandon wins with 85 Million – a record! Go Libertards Go!

        The same guy = The single most Disliked, Disrespected, figurehead in murhrican history.

        Worst polls ever for a sitting President in less than one years time… your loser “news” spewers cant even massage that ongoing disaster out of the public view.

        A “clown” votes for kilary and then doubles down on obongo – yet tries to tell people he is a repugnican..priceless.

      • “On February 22nd of this year the Supreme Court rejected Trump election challenge cases.”

        Opening the door for him to run in 2024 and assuming a fair election (which is a damn’ big assumption), win a landslide victory by the largest margin in modern election history.

        Neither the Constitution nor common law have a provision for the resolution of a fraudulent or dishonest election. “Law” puts the onus on a people who engage in democratic elections to devise a means of keeping such an election honest. We have failed more and more thoroughly since the middle 1950s, as leftists have pushed our election system farther and farther toward one which both fosters, and lacks preventative measures, for multiple means of willful & wanton cheating.

        As even you know, I can absolutely prove that massive cheating occurred during the 2020 Election. I can not prove that Trump lost the election because of cheating.. I have to rely on common sense to make that call.

        Extreme leftists like yourself are very likely to find yourself isolated in the coming months and years. All those tech nerds around whom you surround yourself are naive and ignorant, but they’re not stupid. When that software engineer in the Valley who’s pulling down a half-mil per year suddenly discovers the $350k he was netting under Trump is a lot bigger than the highly-diluted $150k he’ll be pulling down by next fall, HE is going to change his voting habits, and possibly even educate himself.

        You will still be sucking and spewing the dreck of the Lincoln Project fascists and their anti-American agenda.

    • “Should Trump run in 2024,”

      I really liked trump.. he told it like he seen it.. about as honest of an administration that we will ever see or know. Primitive technology.. you can’t go back to the past. All we can do is study it and learn to live with our environment.. the struggles that trump faced were out of control and difficult. I didn’t think they could be fixed then.. when he got into office the fall I expected looked as if his plan would work and turn the USA TITANIC away from the iceberg. Through successfully negotiations.. he was fought tooth and nail nonstop day and night..
      I think because of his age he wanted to leave a stronger country the one he lives as a legacy for his wife and kids. So that they Could benefit from a successful country rebuild the respect and security of the laborers..
      With the actions of the irresponsible administration now in office..has been complicating the situation that was once dire..into one that is so far gone that to turn it around would take the entire industrial industry along with the compliance and cooperative support of the top one percent..hes to old for an endeavor that big. It won’t ever happen. We will in my opinion ride this roller coaster.. like it or not.

  15. Just a thought. 6200 feet of fence? I’m sure it’s not all connected or close, but I can’t help wondering what would happen if you strung that much wire (you’d have to figure out how to get around the gates) on top of the posts, (4 or 5 feet above the ground) insulated, and fed them with some sort of matching network. Which brings me to the real question. How long, (let’s say for 160 meters) of a run in wire length would you begin diminishing returns for the extra length? If you could get the whole thing to resonate, it would be killer on ELF. Or, how long before it doesn’t pay to make it any longer? I’ve always wondered.

  16. “China would likely find an excuse to take out an American carrier and then we’re game on with how does the Bungler in Chief respond.”

    We would send in the nuclear SR-71s that nobody knows about, with sub-launched nukes timed to combine, and B-52s skirting Japanese and Sino-Choson airspace, purely as a decoy to draw off China’s air forces.

    Biden is a bully and a coward — always has been — and that won’t change with advancing senility. He is the guy I would have beat the hell out of in elementary school, for molesting a girl or picking on one of the Gonzales boys. If we lose a part of a battle group, he’ll nuke first (unless Milley or Pelosi can preemptively override him) and bluster after China’s response removes virtually every Leftist, woke, and gender-fluidity problem in N. America, for us’ns out here in flyover country…

  17. Bummer Dude –

    was hoping to hear about “portal” finally being constructed and powered up/energized at Uretopia Ranch..”where the tubes glow and the signals dont wander”.

    What led me to hope for breakthru in Ure time travel work ??
    ConCERNed about the recent ramp up at the supercollider.. that badboy be warming up.
    So Ure prolly looking at some supra magnetic forces to “investigate” and work with on November Beaver Moon.
    No U pervs- not that kinda “Beaver” – this kinda beaver ..kinda reminds me of G.
    *ECUnderwater no longer, apparently someones got our back..

  18. Someone had the wherewithal to count how many cars were in the extensive motorcade that ferried President Biden to the COP26 Climate Change Conference in Rome on Sunday.

    “Want proof that President Biden is just another ‘limousine liberal’? Check out his 85-vehicle motorcade through Rome this weekend ahead of the COP26 U.N. Climate Change Conference,” advised Fox News contributor Lisa Boothe in a report that aired on Saturday.

    NYT Reporter Asks for Raising Gas Prices on Middle Class to Cut Fossil Fuel Consumption

    “On the question of oil prices, economists say that when you raise the price of something, people will consume less of it, so why not allow even middle-class people around the world to pay more for gasoline in the hope that they would consume fewer fossil fuels and emit less?” Tankersley asked.

    The Biden Administration is not honest enough to admit that this is already a part of the plan…

      • @Steevo

        City dwellers may soon be up to their keisters in garbage. We’uns in flyover country who don’t live in an 80k or larger city, won’t, because even in rural MI, WI, IL, and MN, there are no jab mandates, and it’s incredibly unlikely there ever will be. Best-Way or Republic, or the local municipality is going to pick up our garbage as long as such services exist. When they don’t, well that’s when someone should’ve read the chapter in a good survivalist manual on waste, garbage, and dead body disposal and gotten themselves prepared…

    • “Check out his 85-vehicle motorcade through Rome this weekend”

      Hmm usually the size of a motorcade depends on the threat level..I seen Reagan’s there was six George Bush sr. Had ten.
      85. .. phew..

  19. “Alabama Republican Gov. Kay Ivey Is Blocking Efforts To Pass Ban On COVID Vaccine Mandates”

    Ivey however, says Biden’s federal mandate should be challenged by the courts and not statehouse legislation. “[It] makes no sense to have a federal law and state law at odds,” she said in a Mobile speech Tuesday, according to the local outlet, arguing such a law would place employers in a “bad position” of conflicting rules.

    Someone should explain to her that Biden’s “mandate” is not a law but a dictatorial edict, MADE BY THE PERSON HIGHLIGHTED IN THE NEXT ARTICLE, and is not legally-enforceable, even by OSHA.

    Biden apologizes for being late to G20 press conference: ‘We were playing with elevators’

    “I apologize to keep you waiting,” said Biden, who showed up more than 20 minutes late. “We were playing with elevators. Long story, anyway.”

    AYFKM!?? I played on elevators too, when I was 11 and we went to the City. I’d never seen them before, except in movies.

    Then I grew up…

  20. Zuckerberg’s grave mistake: Facebook’s new name carries dark meaning in Hebrew

    The funniest thing that happened was the creation of META

    Make Everything Trump Again

    Mark Zuckerberg is likely kicking stuff around the office right now
    Oh, and BTW, #meta means “dead” in Hebrew

    Zuck must’ve been asleep that day during religion class

    Musician Turns Down $9 Million Payday, Refuses to Get COVID Vaccine

    Up until recently, the rapper Ice Cube, whose real name is O’Shea Jackson, Sr., was set to star in a Sony comedy with comedian Jack Black entitled “Oh Hell No.”

    Yet when Ice Cube was asked to ensure he was fully vaccinated against the COVID-19 virus, it appears that the film’s title can serve as a rough estimation as to what he told the producers in response.

    Governor Signs Law: Now People Fired for Refusing to Take COVID Vaccine Will Win Big

    A new law signed by Republican Gov. Kim Reynolds carves out an exception to the rules for individuals who claim religious or medical exemptions from COVID-19 vaccination requirements.

    …Which is fine, but what I really want to see is States, imposing a ban on State Agencies doing business with businesses that choose to enforce the dick-tater’s illegal mandate.

    Joe Biden: Pope Francis Is ‘Everything I Learned About Catholicism’

    I find it hard to believe Creepy Joe learned the Pope was a Marxist, in grade school. I’ve no respect for Francis. He is a Marxist/communist who’s been playing a power agenda since he got in. The Pope doesn’t get to interpret or change God’s Word, nor does he get to play with economics and engage in adversarial politics, to ensure when the shit really does hit the fan, the HRC will be the dominant religion, because everybody else will kill each other off; thanks, in-part, to Francis’ policies. I don’t care about priests bangin’ little boys — there’s proselytizers and pervs in every religion. I care when the ruling hierarchy intercedes to help those priests escape legal judgement, but I care more when I see that same hierarchy, leading a religion into Hell to assist the residents, instead of siding with their Deity to fight same…

    • Ol jorge d-snake, a very dark history/past back in Argentina – worked with /cooperated with some sick-nasty types. blood-sacrifice – death…usual jesuit “ladder climbing” scheisse _love love love these guys..killing in the name of the big C! pass the wine & wafers baby, its a pedo party.

    Wanted to bring this to your attention. The very first two lines read: “The Supreme Court will review its first gun case in a decade when justices set their sights on a 108-year-old New York concealed carry restriction. To legally carry a concealed handgun In New York, you have to prove doing so is necessary for your safety.”

    Between earlier screams for defund the police, and more recent walkouts/firing of essential city workforce (I’m skeptical of the sudden increase in numbers of vaxxed literally hours before deadline– numbers can be skewed and played with by the “experts” either direction), there is legitimate fear of not being safe in NYC for their residents. Some people will say, so what?, but if the city law is struck down, it has rolling potential in other cities. The big one coming to my mind is Chicago, the city of no legal guns where all the criminals, of course, have guns.

    Anyways, food for thought that could percolate in your brain, G.

  22. Comrades,

    Under cover of this weekend past, London’s 330 year old Barclays Bank with assets exceeding £1.3 trillion, accepted the resignation of its group chief executive formerly employed with JP Morgan. The bank’s board it is said wished to place distance between itself and the investigation by British banking regulators into emails forwarded to them by JP Morgan that were exchanged between the chief executive and the late owner of Little St. James Island.

    Barclays promoted its new chief executive, an Indo-American, from within. In times past, he enjoyed the employ of JP Morgan for 22 years.

    • Comrades,

      Amazon’s bane, News Corp, published via a NY Post article an uncredited picture taken 10 years ago in New York that showed the banker, a US Treasury Secretary, the owner of Little St. James island, a co-founder of Microsoft, as well as a jack-of-all trades – Microsoft science officer, immunologist, and involuntary successor executor to the estate of the Little St. James Island owner.

      The picture appears to have previously made an appearance with the banker perhaps cropped out in The New York Times of Carlos Slim during the time of the Gates’ split-up.

      Mr. Spock, did Lt. Valeris take the picture?

  23. George;
    Read Patrick Moore, Fake Invisible Catastrophe book. He helped Found GREENPEACE,Left it when it got too political,into corporate bucks..
    NO GLOBAL WARMING,except as per normal milankovich cycle of Ice Ages and intervals ,like now, when it is warmer..We humans exhale 4000 or 40,000 ppm of carbon dioxide every breath. No wonder plants do better when you talk to them…
    How much CO2 DO WE NEED.BELOW 150PPM PLANTS DIE.IF PLANTS DIE SO DO HUMANS.. The 400ppm we are at or near now is responsible for the Green Revolution..
    What is the optimal level for plants to feed the World? It ain’t less. 2000ppm would be fantastic. Humans do not have problems till we are at 20,000 ppm or so..See nuclear Sub Manuals for further direction..
    Plastics are not a big problem there is no sargasso of plastic killing birds and fish.. Birds,fish crustations plankton use all that floating stuff as homes. Tiny bits taken into bird gizzards help them digest food. Not many rocks out in ocean..
    Ain’t no problems that humans cannot figure out with a good profit involved.. EVERYTHING IS A BUSINESS MODEL.. YEA HUMANS.. AIN’T NO RACES EXCEPT HUMAN RACE, might bef some aliens about but I ain’t meet any that I know of so on planet Earth just us HUMANS..

    • “What is the optimal level for plants to feed the World? It ain’t less. 2000ppm would be fantastic. ”

      Between 2350 and 2400ppm is ideal. If someone who’s neither lazy nor a disciple of the GCC religion were to research the geology of Earth (climatology and meteorology are both sub-disciplines of geology, although that’s a moot fact for this particular research) they would discover the times at which the Earth best-flourished were periods in which our atmospheric CO2 was between these two numbers, with about 2388 being ideal…

  24. Elon Musk Deletes Jokes About Naming University ‘T.I.T.S.’ After Backlash

    Tesla and SpaceX CEO Elon Musk recently deleted a joke posted to Twitter proposing the name of a Texas university after being accused of sexism. Musk claimed that he would name his university the “Texas Institute of Technology & Science,” or T.I.T.S. for short. Musk claimed that the school would have “epic merch” and would be “universally admired.”

    He could always start-up the Sam Houston Institute of Technology…

  25. That went the way of Friends University of Central Kansas when they wanted to start an Undergraduate Program for research. Gotta be done no matter the acronym.

    Speaking of selfish pricks, add greedy and you have a real estate salesman. California wants to vaccinate kids in spite of them not having major problems with covid. Protect the wage earners at all costs. It also might protect the real estate salesmen from folks selling Calcrap to buy a mansion in a better area to remote work and have money left over for every toy they could ever want.

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