ShopTalk Sunday: Process Map, SMD/T Soldering, Shop A/C

Before we get started,  a short personal woo-woo from a dream early this morning.  Very clear message that the “future” would be in a product (or company?) called HLiON.  Haven’t had any time to focus on it, but it seems (in my dream, anyway) to work on some symbiotic chemistry between the hydrogen fuel cell cycle and a new HLiON battery.  So keep an eye out for that.

Million Dollar Product Idea

One other idea – curiously ShopTalk related, too – was the idea for “switch chuck” power tools.

Funny story to how this idea popped in:  I was looking for a smoother-feeling rotary encoder for my uBitx  (pronounced micro bit ex) HF transceiver I  put together a couple of weeks back.

Ordered a new 12 pulse per turn, no indent unit from Bournes (via DigitKey).  The encoder has a switch in it.  You put the tuning knob on it when  assembled.  Then to access the software menus, you press in the knob.  There’s a detent and when held, up comes the menu.

Next thing you know, while I was waiting for my Sunday pot of Kona blend to come down, pondering process flow in the shop, here comes one of the problems:  Why not take that “push in switch” idea and apply it to shop-sized electric screwdrivers?

Thing is, when you’re ripping through a project (serious ham gear, for example) wouldn’t it be cool to have a “fat Sharpie” sized rechargeable 1/4 inch bit screwdriver you could just press into the screw (especially easy with Phillips heads) and turn the machine on that way, instead pulling a trigger or rocking a switch?

Even better, since I’ve now put the idea out in the public domain, it should become standard on lots of small power screwdrivers in the future.  Even an adjustment for “press-on” sensitivity.  Moderately light touch for 0000 up to 0 Phillips, a little harder for #1 and #2…and so forth.

Send in Ure Prototypes (you do remember I’m a tool slut, right?)  Or, if they are out there already, where and how much??

Process Mapping the Shop

Still haven’t figured out my “process map” for the shop, yet.

“Ure what?”

OK, so all wood working is what?  Four basic operations:  Measure, Cut, Join, Finish.

So, setting up a woodworking shop, you would have wood storage (and lately, a Brinks guard for that) at one end.  Next to that would be the layout table.  Then the cutting tools.  Followed by the Assembly table where the joining (gluing, nailing & screwing (‘cept the other kind, lol) takes place.  And out the side to the spray booth for finishing.  Got it?

Where things get ugly and why I have a project cart is because my dream shop involves several media:  The metal shop is a cluster:  The wood shop is a sprawl, and now the 3D printer farm and next-door CNC is a mess.

Last. but not least, is the electrical and electronics bays.

Metal shop is part outside (under that lean-to I wrote up a month or three back).  Metal projects that are big (*welding on tractor, for example) are outside.  The plasma cutter and oxy-acetylene rigs, stick, and wire welders are all “wheel out”.

And even the lathe (600 pounds, or so) isn’t compatible with the woodworking area (nor is the mini vertical mill) because both throw off sparks which around wood chips and sawdust, doesn’t seem like an especially smart idea.

Also contemplating how to keep the 3D printing machines clean with the chip-making CNC machine next door on the bench.  This was all supposed to be so easy…

Speaking of Wood Prices!

Chris Tyreman – when he’s not busy revolutionizing translation of the Bible from base languages using Self-Defining Hebrew, keeps his family fed and comfy by doing some amazing construction work.  Buy, rehab and upgrade, then sell.  No secret sauce there (except most people are either too lazy or not sufficiently skilled to pull it off…

Getting to a point here:  One of his buildings he purchased had a bunch of maple shelving in it.  Want to see a blow-ure socks off video showing what a craftsman can do with old scrap shelving?

Even if you don’t have time for the full 17:48 video, a non-brainer idea is there for the “borrowing.”  Pick up a “Lazy Susan” and use it as a rotating spray table in your paint booth (or area). Consider it stolen.

Ure Does SMD/T

Several electronics projects have been sitting idle here because I don’t have SMT soldering skills.  That “surface mount technology.”

See, in the old days (think 1963 when I got my first Weller soldering gun) life was easy.  Components were pretty good-sized.  Even the tube sockets had reasonable holes a careful tech (not me) could weave four wires into.  My limit was 3 with any regularity.

Now – after the 5 or 6 eye surgeries – I had considered SMD work off the table.  But I just “can’t let it go.”  Gotta learn SMD soldering.

I already have a 7-inch LCD microscope – which is great.  This week I tossed in an order for a wireless (USB whizzy) magnifier.  For about $36 at Amazon try a Wireless Digital Microscope Handheld USB HD Inspection Camera 50x-1000x Magnification with Stand Compatible with iPhone, iPad, Samsung Galaxy, Android, Mac, Windows Computer.

Second part of SMD work is understanding that soldering is done with hot air.  (Yeah, I produce a lot of that…)  Problem is I already have a good ceramic tip variable heat unit.  So, upgrade to a hot air AND conventional unit.  Not a cheap thing ($105) YIHUA 862BD+ SMD/T ESD Safe 2 in 1 Soldering Iron Hot Air Rework Station °F /°C with Multiple Functions.

Toss in some SMT practice kits like the (under $8) Gikfun DIY SMD SMT Welding Practice Soldering Skill Training Board Ek7028 and some solder paste (under $16) Chip Quik Solder Paste Sn42/Bi57.6/Ag0.4 No-Clean Lead-Free Low Temperature Melts 138C 281F, and I should be in business.

Then head over to Youtube for a couple of hours of learning.  Something like:

While the one above is a 42 minute example, you can get the idea in 6-minutes at this one:

The key thing is getting the right amount of solder paste on the board.  The paste will pull back from the open areas between traces when heated.  Which is why solder-masking of boards is important.  SMD/T is not exactly great for the home CNC geek (which I’m planning to become).

So the plan ( as projects map) is to hog out conventional component CNC and then mount sub assemblies that are SMD’s and wire to the through-hole board.


All this so I can repair my Yaesu FT-920 ham transceiver?  Well, uh…yeah!

Shop A/C

Looking Outside the Box (LOOB) a frequent contributor to STS columns (you’ll remember his cardboard furniture/bar for a college student?).  Well he’s back with another great design/build.

This time with an “indirect swamp cooler.”

Shops get hot in the summer because most are uninsulated.  If you’re lucky and the building department strict, your garage will be plaster boarded and “fire taped.”  If not?  Heat will come in like mad.  Half a dozen cans of spray-in foam and a temperature sensing exhaust fan is a start.

What LOOB seems to be outlining is a swamp cooler approach that  will cool down pop cans for a heat exchanger.  Let me show you some of his notes because he’s always open to a better, cheaper, faster (gai-zin) way.  I mean, who isn’t?

Here was his first iteration:

“Ok this is a roughed drawing  of what I’m thinking.

3 six inch by twenty six evaporative cells. Three wicks the first one has 2.5 inch by six inch tubes ( beer cans 16 ounce) the tubes are offset with an inch to two inch separation.. three wicks filled with bio balls…  (Like left over Hydroton clay balls from hydroponic projects – G)  the top handle also acts as a spray wand with quick connects yo the main line. The main line goes down to a UV sterilization cell ( the one I used in my aquaponics) down to the pump which draws through a sediment filter. A six inch reservoir beneath the system.

The fan is hooked up similar to the Dyson bladeless fan air is allowed to flow around the unit.

The cooling cells are pull out for cleaning …

I’m still out on the radiator just past the dust filter and not sure if there should be a duct to increase air flow.

The cells are cut from pegboard style aluminum sheeting along with the tube mounting holes. ( yup the price just went over a hundred) I need someone with a CNC laser.. I’m going to use a planter and a water bottle for the bladeless fan..

On top of the cells is the indirect fan drawing air through the cells…intake and out take depending on your furnace setup.

May be a bit hard to read…and what kind of citizen reporter are you, if you can’t read upside down?

OK.  24-hours later, the design evolved more:

“Ok .. design change it’s still basically the same. The change is size and access. Do either ducting can be added to utilize household air or outside air. The cooling cells are the same . The addition of the air cooler radiator on the side where the vortex action of the bladeless fan and using a standard furnace fan and a top fan to draw air through the wet cells expelling the cool wet air to the outside. Instead of 5ft square it is down to 3 foot square. With a side access panel for the pump. The water sediment filter will be mounted on the outside for easy access. “

I’m still pondering the problem.  Over on Youtube there are some very good examples of how this “2-cycle” cooling system works.  The basic concept is not dissimilar from a regular “swamp cooler” except you route the cooled water through a heat exchanger to keep the moisture contained.

There are many places in the country where a regular swamp cooler is fine.  Because when you’re in a bone dry hot climate (Phoenix/Tucson for instance) the added moisture isn’t too bad.

But, here in East Texas, while swamp cooling works (OK, not great) the downside is that the last thing you need with a starting point of 60% relative humidity is  more moisture in the air.  Rusts tools more quickly.

Whole point here?  Take a look at what LOOB is up to, think of all those beer cans you have accumulated – and ask yourself “Hmm , Self:  With some tin snips, some 18  to 22 gauge sheet aluminum, a glue gun with 500 sticks of glue and some plumbing supplies, what could I cobble up?

No telling around here, but that’s what ShopTalk Sunday is all about.

Product of the Week

Hats off to my 68-year pal the Major for turning me on to the Speedy Sharp Carbide Knife Sharpener – (2) PACK- (Orange) 2020 New Version.  $23 at the Zon and they work great.

I have a Lansky, which is good, too.  But this one is part of my “regular carry” pile.  Which is a whole-other topic for another morning.

Get off your ass and go make something.  Or…write when you get rich,

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35 thoughts on “ShopTalk Sunday: Process Map, SMD/T Soldering, Shop A/C”

  1. “setting up a woodworking shop, you would have wood storage (and lately, a Brinks guard for that)”

    A construction worker stopped by yesterday…he builds houses. What he said is because of the costs escalation out of reach.. they are selling.

    Wait for or it..

    1/4 inch cardboard sheets sprayed with sealant for the sheathing of new homes.

    The indirect swamp cooler idea going to be fun.. can a person lower the wet bowl temp by running it through a radiator prior to being dribbled over the cell?? I dont know.. for a fan motor I wanted a jet engine turbine but cant find one ten inches. So I will use two high speed racing radiator fans blades then have another 14 inch fan at the intake of the high speed cone.. and a larger one drawing the moist air through the cells

    • Heres a video on a bladeless chamber.. I am planning on having two inch gap around the vortex chamber to increase velosity…
      With a turbo charger style jet turbine fan in the column going to the bladeless vortex chamber.. I will put a cereal bowl above the motor of the outside fan drawing moist air out int the atmosphere.

  2. Shop process map here at El Rancho de Chaos:

    1. Project identified and/or ordered. Current project(s) to remain in the way….. I mean place. Determine which stationary tools will need access paths to be cleared of obstructions.
    2. Assemble materials. Lumber and other wood materials are in a handy rack behind the baler waiting for bearings and a pitman’s arm arriving tommorrow. Plumbing supplies/fasteners/adhesives and such are on the shelves over behind the new recently shop built hay wagon with the missing toungue. (Note to self; go pick that up from the neighbor who was supposed to have a large pintle hook and yoke from his old dead combine.) Mechanics tools are thankfully in their drawers in the rollaway. Just move that box of baler twine and bale wrap that just arrived yesterday. Welding gear is in the lean-to aka loud/hot/smelly operations zone. Ham radio and electronics ops are in the house in the unofficial office.
    3. Set up workspace while fantasizing about a new larger shop. (See step 2)
    4. If the project is not related to ranch operations, try to remember what the project was. Hopefully it’s not something the Mrs ordered for the house. Try to figure out how to work the question into casual conversation.
    5. Go do chores.

  3. Greetings fellow point of Awareness,

    like 2 suggest brain shop work – practice on weekends , like Ure lucid dreams -brain exercise!

    Ure expressing yourself, while asleep, in a non linear way. Regardless, still a solid way of flexing Ure brain muscle..a great way for changing your perception.

    We no doubt are living in a perceptual prison – belief systems bee the bars that imprison Us.

    Cultural Loops/Shit Food/Pollution = Reducing Lifespan..never having time to REMEMBER – is key technique for prison administrators/guards – to keep us IMPRISONED here.

    * Learning to express oneself in a non linear way – never too old – a radical form of rebellion inside the Earth – reptilian/pleadian controlled prison complex.

    souls = a point of awareness – “all that is”.

    density = measure of awareness

    ..thats it, rest is all bullshit..3rd/4th higher density, my ass! hahaha what a sad joke! poor new agers… yeah yeah just wait for it ! the ascension that is.
    – Sure and How is that forgiveness thing been working for Ya ? U terrible sinners U!

    Prison is duality and our awareness is liquid .

    Rules of the system r holding US back – Gotta fight like hell – intense focus on “Super Human Physic Ability” – practice, practice,practice, practice…like mirror technique starring into one eye, LED red light staring into single point of light until everything seems to collapse into total blackness..the moment prior to “teleporting” Ure consciousness..

    Can we learn to surf by reading a book , watching youtube vids ?..need practice.

    This is how “precieved” the 1st of the 3 Arks,the ark of the covenant, now under area51, it is ruined beyond repair..vile power hungry money grubbers tried to force it open it seems/clueless geniuses. AI powered- electro-mag – defense system built in – lots o peeps killed trying to get it open – destroyed all the nano containers – holding DNA of all life forms on Earth prior Tiamat destruction..

    100 yr physical life span vs immortal Point of Awareness = eternal “life’ – where would U invest Ure time and treasure?

    Whats Ure RONI (return on nrg investment)?

    A Liquid Perception – Learning to Move Ure Awareness to different loci – got 2 practice chief, like Bubbachuck hisself said “U talking PRACTICE !?!”

  4. We have a 50 ft deep ravine behind our shop. The temp in that ravine is about 10-15 deg less than ambient due to it being forested over and shaded, often having moisture evaporation going on from the bottom of the ravine.

    I got hold of some free 18″ ducting, so we are going to see what happens if we draw air from down the ravine directly into the shop. If that works well enough, we may make something more permanent.

    Another project is to build a solar “preheater” for our propane water heater. We have to build an additional lean-to on the shop for our free boat, so are thinking about using a stronger roof and trying it there. The water entering the heater is cool due to it being buried coming down the main – it’s about 75-78 deg going in the heater. I don’t know what difference it will make, but figure it’s worth a shot and some cheap black polypipe. We can disassemble it and reuse the pipe if it doesn’t make much difference.

    We also got our valves in to make a ram pump in the ravine. We need to use the water in the ravine to move some up the hill to irrigate with. We have easily a 30 ft drop, so we will see how that works out. I am going to get more 300 gal totes so we can make a bank of them under the pine forest canopy to hold water. We already have the sand filter (free) for the drip system.

    But today I am disassembling a section of old fence at my city home, which we will use to finish out the A/C area of the shop. We have most of the shop internals finished out with old fence pickets and they look pretty good to us, especially pricewise.

    I had to get 3 huge oak trees taken out of my city yard – all had fungus, with one dead post-freeze and one leaning so much the root mat has raised the turf 3 inches. Going back with a sycamore and a chinkapin oak and probably a pear, since my neighbor has a pair…

  5. I want to build a low wall to protect my air conditioner from visiting cars. My hands are bad so I can’t carry cinderblocks. I saw a video where someone built a water containment pond with sand filled water bottles and cement. A two sided thing like that would work for me. However, I’m worried about our Oklahoma heat on the water bottles. Would they shatter after a season or two?

    • Eleanor. I have a lot of experience in this area. Most of the throw-away water bottles are made from a plastic called PET (polyethylene terephthalate). Heat does not have as much of an impact on this plastic as UV light and this seems to be more of a surface phenomena (i.e. the bottles will yellow over time). This of course should not be a factor for you.

      In my opinion you should be ok for several years. Even in Oklahoma, they should not shatter.

    • Make an oil recovery unit.. it isn’t anything more than a pressure cooker and bubbler then you will have some use for the grocery sacks and laundry soap containers.. or make a wood gas generator.. we built one a few years ago it was awesome..
      and fun……
      they sell them here.. but in Sweden they make them for cars trucks and tractors… all ready to set up.. then buy a still or two you can seriously make alcohol out of anything….. and an oil extractor.. I have a couple of oil extractors.. the filtration system isn’t to hard to set up either.. the germans used alcohol water injection.. the auto companies.. I am not sure which one but at one point we were like china building all our military machinery in the USA that time we were building a vast majority of Germanies …
      I know that isn’t the information on Germanies water alcohol injection.. but it is a little newer.. and you can buy the stuff already made pretty reasonable.. just about anywhere to..

  6. That mirror is brilliant work. I noticed the fellow is NOT a young man, either. Why the younger gen won’t get these skills to make something wonderful out of nothing boggles the mind. People LOVE creative work, especially if it is functional. Thanks for sharingthe video!

    • The USA still has Engineers……
      In plants they still have leadmen..
      the bad part is.. We outsourced our manufacturing.. and hand made is a rare thing..After outsourcing manufacturing.. we went quantity over quality.. a quick cheap alternative to television repair was to buy a new one.. it was and is cheaper..
      Today.. your success comes from having a sheet of paper on the wall.. an example.. my power steering leak… took it in.. the owner of the company is a master mechanic.. Covid had all the older mechanics moving to bigger shops that they could make serious money at.. and the new labor.. from the tech schools.. so what did the kid do.. he did what they taught them.. go to the computer punch in the symptoms and get a diagnosis.. got the car back.. made it home the next morning had to add power steering fluid.. I looked at the leaking hose and yup it was still leaking.. took it back.. this time they put a whole new power steering column in.. the kid nicked the brake line.. got it home this time I don’t have brakes and the power steering hose was still leaking.. of course I had to pay for all the repairs.. several thousand dollars.. on a car I paid two hundred for.. this time I go in and tell the kid.. hey just a hint here.. that hose that keeps squirting you in the face.. thats the cuprit and there is a brake line leak now.. got it home.. the brakes were bad you had to push it to the floor to get it to even slow and the power steering wasn’t fixed.. took it back and said heck winter is coming up.. you should give out certificates for a free casket.. the kid and boss looked at me funny.. on icey roads you better have steering and brakes or your gonna die.. then pointed to the leaks.. asked the boss you sure this kid can fix cars.. he has to quit looking at the computer.. you don’t put and aed on and shock someone that is breathing and talking to you you have to use a little common sense here.. this time the master mechanic went out and helped the kid figure it out by showing him how to diagnose a problem without the computer….
      Engineers don’t do the job.. they sit in an office with the colored paper behind them and plan things.. the guys on the line and the lead men are the ones there to teach those coming in how to do it.. I am sure they still do that in the plants in china.. we just don’t do it here anymore since we don’t really make anything ..
      It is the same with kids going to school to be doctors.. they would have them work with me on the floor all the time.. so they could get a feel for the job..know patient bedside relations etc.. get a feel for the real job all of my best doctors worked side by side with me.. even the college professors go to work during the summer on the floor.. not only to keep abreast of what is going on on the floor.. but to see how their students are doing to find their weak and strong points…Most of the time.. the real floor workers are the only ones that know who and what they are doing.. that way they know where to push the education at..

  7. Arthur Bradley has got a special going on an $79 DC-blocking 50 ohm impedance Polyphasor NEMP surge protector for HAM applications which looks to be absolutely outstanding:

    He also has a YouTube video on the same subject:

    I hope he comes up with surge protector for 75 ohm impedance applications as well . I have about a kilogram of mix 61 and mix 31 ferrites (3-1) on my TV antenna coax, and a grounded DC blocking Polyphasor gas tube surge suppressor at the entrance to my home. I think the gas tube is too slow for NEMP applications, but should be good for lightning EMP. My antenna amp is in a box outside ahead of the DC blocking devices. I protect my power feed to the antenna amplifier with a dedicated Transtector, which is mostly there to stop a back feed into my AC system from EMP susceptible VHF antenna . I supplement all this with a Holland Electronics non-DC-blocking device directly under the antenna tower, and a similar blocking device at my distribution amp indoors, both of which are alleged to be 1 ns devices. I would like to upgrade the gas-tube Polyphasor to something newer and faster, but I haven’t found a newer 75 ohm device with NEMP capabilities.

    • You could use the 50 ohm device on your 75 ohm TV receive line without problems, I believe. The short section of 50 ohms will be barely a bump on the line impedance, and will not seriously affect your receive signal. It would be more serious if you were transmitting thru it, but receive should be OK.
      I built homebrew versions of these things with the DC block and gas tubes for my HF antennas, and found that my 1.2kW amp didn’t like them. I’m using simple coax spark gap arrestors at the base of the tower, and again at the grounded entrance panel to the shop. And they do work! Had a storm dropping nearby lightning bolts, and I heard the arrestors ‘snap’ from induced voltage.

  8. ???? what about junk mail for a building material????

    the average person will generate seven pounds of trash per day.. when I drove the garbage scow.. I dumped around a hundred and sixty tons per day.. maybe out of that amount .. was twenty tons wet garbage.. the rest was paper and plastic.. so.. chip it up mix it with straw or shredded cornstalks etc.. mix it with a glue then form it.. you could either push it out through a form like a pasta machine.. or you could lay it out press it or veneer it.. like they do making plywood or chip board..
    two by fours.. same thing.. mold it in a square then cut it to the dimensioned size your looking for.. or extrude it.. mix it with melted plastic bags and canisters..
    the grandson was reading a book.. the three pigs.. we got the first pig making a house of straw and the questions began.. well they do use straw in adobe home making.. so why not.. good point.. we could take the lawn mower clippings and make a mini baler so we could make a grass clipping fort.. why not do the same thing with junk mail.. those ad’s would finally have some use.. another thing.. use it as an adobe in ICF forms.. the major cost would be the icf forms..

  9. Uh-Oh! A new ham rig! This is a digital morse code decoder/encoder with a 40-meter QRP (low power) transceiver. I can do CW even with my rusty morse skills (or none at all). Morse decoders have been around awhile, and most work like crap unless there is a perfectly toned, noise free signal. (How often does THAT happen on the shortwave bands?) But the fellow who designed this thing, Eric Anderson, has 150 patents related to digital signal processing, so if anyone can get this idea working right, he has the skills.
    It just arrived and I’m learning it now. Of interest… the case is obviously 3D printed, and has a custom snap-on cover for the face panel to protect it when you go backpack QRP mountain climbing. I figure if I spend enough time listening and looking at the CW decodes I can get my code speed up past the speed bumps. Will let you know how well it decodes stuff as soon as I get my cables made and some listening time on it.

  10. “Shops get hot in the summer because most are uninsulated. If you’re lucky and the building department strict, your garage will be plaster boarded and “fire taped.”

    One place I worked it was so hot.. we knew how many seconds it took for the rotating fan lol.. anyway. McDonald’s had their burgers in styrofoam containers..
    We used hotmelt..a quick squirt an to the wall went Micky dees burger didn’t take long and everyone was sticking their burger containers to the tin wall lol..

    • That should also have flattened out the shop noise a good bit – since an uneven, no resonant surface is great for that kind of thing…

      • everyone thought I was nuts at first.. then they joined in.. don’t know about the noise level it was noisy all the time LOL LOL LOL it went about a year then I quit.. guess what we made……..
        FURNACES no insulation steel building and only one tiny furnace for the whole thing… ( they actually wrote books about the guy and his siblings that owned the company and how they survived the dirty thirties growing up in a railroad car ) …. coldest dam place ever I was sick all the time totally hated that job.. the guy was great but the job sucked big time.. working the paint booth LOL LOL the exhaust fans would kick on.. if it was twenty below it was twenty five below where I worked.. in summer it was an oven.. one of the girls tried to bake a cake just setting the pan out LOL LOL LOL… I was very grateful getting out of that place.. then ran a couple of photo labs afterwards LOL LOL huge difference..

  11. hey Mister…………
    Saw your referance to Chris Tyreman today (From the chronicle project).
    I’ve searched high and low for a single link to him and his work for the last 3 years….
    It was like he needed to put it all behind him when He quit…………….
    Any link would be so appreciated
    Thanks !!!!!!!!!

  12. Timberrrrr! What about lumber prices collapsing? As asked a week ago any flation flapper comment?

  13. everyone in this covid scam including the economic guru clowns should be arrested and executed for treason against the united states of america . disgraceful . the greatest document ever written by the greatest men ever, warned of this evil facist dark side. yes i spent a week in washington with a professor who was impressed with my passion and respect for the foundation of america . gave me signed copies of his books and a replica of that hall in philidelphia . what the fark ever happened

  14. “Even better, since I’ve now put the idea out in the public domain, it should become standard on lots of small power screwdrivers in the future”

    Like a lot of idea’s I get.. someone has already done it..
    When I worked at the cabinet shop that was what we had.
    I don’t know what brand they were..they were handy though..

  15. P.s. and FYI. Yada yada yada yada for those who got the limited edition I. Trajectory B has been selected. After Big Pharma Karma.

    I cant even remember what Trajectory B was. I write them in a meditative state. I dont read them expect to proof read them. I think Trajectory was where AI was the good guy. Not the bad guy. If there is such a thing.

    There seems to be a lag or delay in some cases. However, remember I just write them as I see it. It always manifests in some form or another.

    6 numbers rounds in a tumbler, weaving a fortune from the mirror of the sun.

    Not sure where that came from. Lol

    Edition I. Is no longer for sale. Ya has your chance to get it. If ya didn’t get it, well you got what ya got without it. If ya got it, ya get it. Gnome aye mean?

    All the best.

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    So I paused and pondered that.

    So I paid for it for you out of my pocket. Donated to the Gospil mission. As was the deal, You got a copy of ~Edition I ~ and got the financial fortune that comes with purchasing it legitimately.

    THE DUDE is so much smarter than me. Love that Guy! brilliant!

    Thank you. I really do appreciate you George. Now I got a busy schedule of doing Wonderful things I do, in Emerald City.

    See ya in about a year.

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