Server Problems ALL Solved!

One of the great lessons of management is knowing when to “hire an expert.”

Well, Brian at our hosting provider, is  the Man today.  All of our server-side woes are fixed!

“Hi George,

I found the problem and fixed it.

You had a .htaccess file from a plugin called WebP Express ( that was preventing those images from loading. The directives in that file had limited browser support which explains why it was working in Edge and other browsers but not in Chrome or Firefox. The file was located in your uploads directory. A .htaccess file governs file behavior from the top down so this file impacted all of your images. Renaming the file to .htaccess-backup fixed the issue.

Please inform your users it was never an IP address issue at all. It was a WordPress plugin problem as I said it was. I also upgraded your site’s database to use HTTPS as it had a ton of non-ssl links in it. I also have your site using PHP 7.2 now instead of 7.1. 7.1 is now obsolete. So in the end, I used this time to make some much-needed improvements to the security and speed of your website.”

And that, dear reader, is why I have been with EMWD for 10+ years now.  When you find smart people…hold on to those relationships.

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7 thoughts on “Server Problems ALL Solved!”

  1. Yep you and your management made it working again ,,,,y’all get an A+ and raised stock option and free vacation to the Bahamas . Lol

    • Zeus the Cat has threatened a shareholder lawsuit, Elaine’s holding her shares hostage for various demands and I am pushing to buy back my own stock so II can retire rich…

  2. Now the question is where did you upload that file from that corrupted your system.
    Was it from one of your readers who gave a file or was it from your own downloads.

    • No, it was a piece of software I installed, tested, and uninstalled. It left a file behind (.htaccess) and that is not usually in the directory involved, but the s/w put it there to control loading of faster webp graphic formats

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