A special thank you gift this morning for Peoplenomics subscribers as I’m on the road for the rest of the weekend and not able to generate a lot of original research while driving…

So thanks to co-author (and great human), JB Slear of www.fortwealthtrading.com, we present a free download of our MyGroPonics 3 book which you’ll maybe want to print out and have in your “Keeper” file of reports.  Along with JB’s phone number for when you get the itch to try some commodity option trading.  Great guy and his Trader’s Blog offers an alternative view on many topics including the trading ranges of the precious metals.

Then we have a few comments on cross country travel, occasioned by another 8-hours on the road.  But the real sanity question about how humans are presently organized was brought about by our re-introduction to the fine are of driving rain on the tiniest little freeway ever, I-25 from the E-740 expressway…and that gets us to another tale of turning a public highway into a toll road…because government can’t live within its own means.  But stick around till the blood pressure comes down from how highway taxery works in the Mile High world.

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