Scapegoat Monday at the Failure Circle

Failure is an orphan, after all.  Says so right on its birth certificate.

Success, of course is on the other side:  Always at least two smiling parents.  Oftentimes, though, half a dozen – even more.

I would like to be upbeat, but reality stomped out that mood within 3-minutes of touching the keys.  This is scapegoat Monday.

The failure circle?  That’s where everyone gets around in a circle and starts firing.  In the end, everyone’s dead, except the last shot fired.

Life’s got the potential to mosey that-a-way; sooner than not.  While they’re still standing, time to check up on the circle jerks.  But first:

Three Economic Notes:

  1.  The stock market is set to drop today at the open.
  2. Bitcoin was $47,510 early but Lumber was down to $492 – which means we’re not out of the woods, yet?
  3. And just out:  the NY Fed Empire State Manufacturing data:

“The headline general business conditions index fell twenty-five points to 18.3. New orders increased modestly, and shipments grew slightly. Delivery times continued to lengthen substantially, and inventories were somewhat higher. Employment and the average workweek increased modestly. Input prices continued to rise sharply, and the pace of selling price increases set another record. Looking ahead, firms remained optimistic that conditions would improve over the next six months, with substantial increases in employment and prices expected.”

Those who are optimistic apparently don’t understand that the border is leaking Covid (and tons of military aged men), we lost Afghanistan, and spending 3 1/2-trillion dollars does not an economy make if lockdown 2.0 looms along with interstate border checks.  These would be the last straw.

“Papers Please?” is already being test-bedded in Oddstralia: Covid border restrictions across Australia: where you can and can’t travel between states – and to New Zealand | The Guardian.  Power-mad bureaucracies are contagious.


Biden blew it.  President Harry Truman as much as told us so.  See, he had a sign on his desk during his time in the White House:  “The Buck Stops Here.”

Borrowed from the Truman Library The other side says Im from Missouri

Today, Joe Biden is desperate.  While idiotic press sloshes cover-up stories like “Defiant and defensive, a president known for empathy takes a cold-eyed approach to Afghanistan debacle (” which was a syndicated piece from the Washington Post.  The Post should know better than lie to a pissed-off country led by losers who collective own this outcome.

Biden owns this, lock, stock, and Kabul.  Yet – in the Blame Circle – we see other hyperbole and BS.  Like this other Washington Post courtesy spin:  “Military and Washington’s policymakers reflect on the Afghan collapse.”  No, ‘fraid not.  The military follows orders.  It’s all owned by the political hacks and the State Dept. – just like it was in Vietnam.

When arguably the smartest leader in recent U.S. military history said back in 2001 “SCHWARZKOPF BELIEVES U.S. CAN WIN WAR IN AFGHANISTAN in the” we absolutely believed him.  In fact, he could still win.  But not with the clown posse in the ring. Schwarzkopf was the “real deal.”  Which means who got in the way?

The pros, progressives, pervs, and pitiful’s suckling at the public orifice.

Stand in line to blame the father of the art-pass-through bidding:  World leaders blame Biden, express disappointment with Afghanistan.  Take a number.

Not  too surprisingly, Trump calls on Biden to ‘resign in disgrace’ over crisis in Afghanistan (

Things won’t change, though, since the “yes men” are still in charge: Joint Chiefs Inform Senators Terror Threat From Afghanistan “Moved Up” | ZeroHedgeGod help us.  Yah think?

Just like Biden keeps double-talking on the bioweapon (see where the World Health Organisation cleared Wuhan lab of Covid leak after just TWO HOURS (   We expect the same lack of candor and honesty that is quickly sinking these remnants of a once Titanic country.

Can We Get Real for a Sec?

When Obama gutted the military and drove out  our greatest commanders (who might have saved Kabul) the shame-sucker press failed to summon the honesty and courage to call it what it was:  Hollowing out of American might.  Obama, like Biden, was an appeaser who talked a good story.

Iran’s been  listening – and when Obama sent cash to Iran (which was flipped into war making goods) the press forgot the legitimacy of “spoils of war” in order for Obama to reprise Neville Chamberlain’s appeasement.

Meantime, Biden’s second epic fail shapes up 400-miles down the road from us: Politicians Who Claim To Be Serious About Stopping Covid Better Get Serious About The Border.

Joe blow, indeed.

Hitler’s Second Book

Which few have read, lays out an interesting case against the feminization of nations.  When a nation loses its male mojo, the will to fight leaves.  Making a politically correct country politically weak.  Playing right now.

Whether you’re talking shame-training, sensitivity, or open borders, it’s all been nearly arranged by the Marxists in education to leave themselves – not America – the last ones standing.

Hitler was nuts on many things.  But when it came to the world’s first freeways and his theories of war and state-craft, nutty or not, people need to understand the thinking.

Side bet says people leading in the Middle East have.

Perps At Home

The shackles of political correctness are still firmly in place.  Whether you’re talking the razor wire of the Pelosi Weimar, or the the FBI’s pollicization,  the “soft perps” at home have a key role in Kabul.

FBI dodged Ilhan Omar-‘bro’ wed probe: Devine (”  If the truth  might leak, time to get the leaker off the playing field.

Before I Forget

Just gotta hand out our “failed journalism award” to Yahoo for running “Tucker Carlson hatefully mocks AOC’s Capitol riot rape fears in on-air rant: ‘Get a therapist, honey’ (

In a courtroom – of something other than public opinion – hatefully goes to Carlson’s state of mind.  Which – sorry – is at best an inference and at worst a lie.  Near as I can figure, this is the worst of “judgy journalism.”  Plain bullshit.  Bent broadcasters and tilted television are part of the PPP – perverted progressive press.

In fact, so bad is media coverage of commercialized socialists like AOC that the People’s World called out the media for botched work:  “No socialism, please! CNN gives AOC the corporate media treatment – People’s World.” While we’re not fans of many left-wing views, the People’s World piece by Ed Rampell nailed it with this quote:

“The August 9 hour-long CNN program Being… AOC about Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez is a case study in how corporate media covers—or, rather, covers up—socialism. The reddest or pinkest thing about this debut of CNN’s new Being… series were AOC’s lips. More time was spent bantering about the 31-year-old’s lipstick, fashion sense, and being a magazine cover girl than her left-wing politics.”

When even liberals see through the personality monetizations, it’s a shame the rest of corporate media can’t stick to the story.  Hatefully?  Yes, ‘fraid so.

I’ll take an honest socialist over whatever this mess is, any day.

Still, the right screws the pooch, tooHarvard professor says flag waving Kristi Noem ‘unserious,’ Kabul crisis is ‘what happens’ when US not serious | Fox News.  Around here, we don’t wave flags for retreat.

Still, comes back to QOJ – quality of journalism, so our next data blooper is Daily Beast reporter calls Israeli soldiers ‘genocidal’ in ‘Jeopardy’ host hit piece.  Side of bias, anyone?

At the Beachhead in Higher Ed

None of this would be particularly worrisome if higher education had maintained its role as thought arbiters.  Problem is the systematic silencing of anything other than hard left views is yet-another reason why Buyed’em botched Afghanistan.

The new Cambridge University Course titled “Marxist perspectives archaeology | Archaeological theory and methods | Cambridge University Press” is symptomatic of higher ed empire-building.

Once – long ago – archeology was a set of facts.  But, in today’s headlong rush of the left to force its Marxist, climate, race, gender (yada, yada) views on the world, politics is injected at every turn.

We can hardly wait for the offering of Gender Perspectives in Inorganic Chemistry.  Or even more gleefully,  Racism in Long-Tail Financial Analysis.  Coming sooner than you’d think.

Back to Actual News

Blow?  A Fred check:

Blow 2:  Grace check:

Media are reporting nearly 1,300 dead from the Haiti quake this weekend – and now Grace is on ’em.  Ye gads.

Still Waiting for Starlink:  We’ve had our reservation since February and no sign of service (or even direct customer service contact) yet.  Still, hope springs eternal as SpaceX’s First Orbital Stack Flight, Coming Within Weeks.

The “Do as we Say, not as we Do” Party:  (*Joe’s mob)  Lieu’s Largess: Democratic Assistant Whip Accused of Giving Campaign Funds to Stanford Before the Admission of his Son – Jonathan Turley.

Covid crim charges?  (Otherwise he runs again…sheesh!) We wonder as Cuomo successor Kathy Hochul vows to ‘fully cooperate’ with COVID nursing home probe.  We’ll believe it when…

White shame du jour Minnesota principals sign ‘de-centering Whiteness’ pledge, suggest unions, PTAs help White supremacy.  Keep the cops, defund the schools.

Food Recall:  Frozen Shrimp Recall: Several Food Brands May Be Contaminated (

Making our case:  (that famous people should stay in their lanes of expertise) “George Takei: Deny COVID unvaxxed priority care -(  Also on the Trekkie circuit: ‘Malignant’ Star Annabelle Wallis Is Dating This ‘Star Trek’ Actor (

Time to beam up some chow.

Write when you get rich,

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74 thoughts on “Scapegoat Monday at the Failure Circle”

  1. In your reply to Andy yesterday, you mentioned that George2 was moving back with you at the end of the month. I am happy for you both.

    If you are willing, I know your readers would be interested in hearing some of his stories. With all the forest fires around the world this year, I can only imagine the hell he and his colleagues have gone through.

    If you can pardon the terrible pun, I understand how they can get burnt out. I have known several of them in my life time and they are true heroes. On my desktop is the picture of the NY firefighters raising the flag at ground zero. It sits beside another picture I have of Winston Churchill, without whom we would all be speaking German today.

    So sad to watch the Neville Chamberlain clones that are leading our “free” world today.

    • True on the latter day Chamberpots!

      On G2 coming down, it’s really a very bad sign for world.

      Since when we did this place, we “intended” with the full power of manifestation that when the years got short, this would be a gathering place for our flock.

      Seems we’re nearly flocked, now.

      Many stories in our family about the long-term power of “deep intending” but it really does work. Even when you hope it never does.

  2. George
    Our military needs to send in A10’s and other attack aircraft into Afghanistan to destroy any equipment we left behind.
    Don’t let the Taliban get any high value items of war like an Abrams tank et al.

    • A report came out 3 weeks ago, we left EVERYTHING behind, including surface to air missiles, planes, tanks, trucks (keys), hand grenades, bombs, EVERYTHING!!!!

      This retreat without a plan, was an exercise, a PURPOSEFUL ONE, one that could be seen from 10,000 miles away; it was designed to SPIRITUALLY ATTACK THE UNITED STATES CITIZENS BY DEMORALIZING THEM SOME MORE. Our country took us into these wars because of LIES, Osama Bin Laden did NOT attack us on 911, we did NOT kill him – he died of kidney failure many years earlier, we have indebted our nation to the tune of Trillions, for nothing, except to map that part of the world for oil pipelines, and rare earth minerals, etc., bomb and attack Syria, destroy Libya, be a burr in Iran’s side, etc., in other words be the terrorist that we are fighting.

      It has accomplished NOTHING FOR THE USA.


      Another or several FALSE FLAGS?

      Can you believe, as you state, the border is WIDE OPEN TO ANYONE FROM ANYWHERE, YET THE AMERICAN PEOPLE HAVE TO BE VACCINATED, wear masks, but you can cross our border and not have to be vaccinated or tested.

      IF they start restricting our movements, state to state, or mandate another lock down, people better WAKE UP!!!

      As far as you son moving home, I understand it is sad sign, but it is also a GOOD SIGN. It takes time to make a mental move transition; especially this one, where he will be learning new skills, a different pace, making a different way, and being there for his parents. Please tell G2, that he will be entering into another wonderful adventure and very exciting time of his life. IT’S THE RIGHT MOVE AT THE RIGHT TIME.

      This is a sign that all families need to pull together, come together, assess their situations.

      Our family managed to keep our parents at home until right before they passed. We were never out thousands of dollars; just a few thousand all told, through caring for very sick parents, at the end of their lives. BOTH OF THEM LEFT EVERYTHING THEY HAD TO THEIR HEIRS; THE STATE DIDN’T GET A PENNY BECAUSE THEY DIDN’T SPEND THEIR LAST YEARS UNDER THE CARE OF THE STATE. So, if we could do it, many people can do it, (not all, many), you just have to put a plan in place. YOUR HOME IS THE BEST HOME FOR YOUR AGED PARENTS; bring in help, use resources available, including Medicare (showers 2 -3 times a week), hire aids yourselves, be the aid, have stocked stations in bedroom, bathroom, and living room. YOU CAN DO IT. It’s the best job in the whole wide world; giving back to your parent or parents in their time of need.


      • Thermite is scary.. I accidentally made it with the last gas grill I had.. I had a grease fire from hell.. thought I was going to burn right through the concrete.. got rid of that grill right away..

    • A-10s only have a combat range of about 800 miles … Afghanistan is about 900 miles from our closest bases in the Gulf. MOST of our OLDER ground support combat aircraft have a similar range, the newest model ones have about 200 to 300 miles LESS combat range. (WHY? have to ask the wizzards on the Potomac in that 5 sided building)

      Unless Pakistan allows us to use their airbases, which is UNLIKELY since it was Pakistani Intelligence Agencies advising and HELPING the Taliban, of our ground based aircraft only our long range bombers can reach Afganistan with a full load of armaments unrefueled. Navy planes from carriers CAN make it, and are much of the airpower we have used over the years.

      A further consideration is that any aircraft we send have to OVERFLY Pakistan … or come in roundabout and overfly one of the STANS (an even longer flight) (I am assumining neither Iran nor China would let us overfly their countries to go bomb in Afganistan). Will Pakistan NOW let us do bombing missions overflying Pakistan after they helped the Taliban take power? Only in your dreams imo.

      Don’t believe, look at your own globe, or pull out your own maps.

      The 3 C-17’s that flew out people yesterday (two American, one British) ALL had to be midair refueled via KC-135’s for their flights out (no refueling anymore I take it on the ground at Kabul). That should give people a pause as to how NOT easy it would be to restart a bombing campaign against Afghanistan.

    • Bwahahahahahaa

      You have got to be kidding Ureself- OMG

      This is a military that REQUIRES you to get MULTIPLE Permissions before you can even ENGAGE an enemy. They actually have RULES of Engagement in War !?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!? Hahahahahaah – looks who laughing again!

      And the HAIC (hateful assholes in charge) wonders why simple fighting forces with minimal or no tech continually kick the living shit out of the US is beyond a SHAME.

  3. Quoting Hitler now George?
    What has been suggested in your political positions for a few years has now become manifest.

    • Actually, why is that, why do you say that? You mean we can’t quote military leaders, good or bad? He is the most recognized person in the last 100 years; no one is more recognized in this recent history; he is on the History Channel regularly, books are still being written about him, the Daily Mail has one or more articles a month about him, we celebrate the ending of WW2 annually, we remember the losses, the war, the sacrifice. How do we separate Hitler from WW2? How about WW!? How about the GOOD that he did for his country BEFORE WW2? We can’t learn from him? We are not allowed to learn from him, the good, the bad, and the ugly? Is he off limits to us, or only allowed if he is transmitted by TPTB via media, movies, tv programs, their books, etc.?

      People who educate themselves spend time on all fronts, all facets, so as to ascertain truths.

      Limiting information is not the way to truth.

      Have you read Hitler’s second book?

      LOOB, can you republish the LINK to Hitler’s second book, please?

    • I didn’t see any quotes. Admitting someone in history existed doesn’t make you a fan. Get a grip.

      If you bothered to read what George wrote, he’s talking about another part of the world where Hitler was very popular. And still is.

      If you ever bother to go see how the other billion live in India, don’t be surprised to see translations of Mein Kampf for sale (it’s very popular) or giant swastikas painted on buildings. Not religious buildings if you get my drift.

      But hey, you didn’t bother reading past the H word and your narrow mind just had to start typing.

    • Dan… seriously Have you read the book..I have a couple of times and it is on my scariest book list.. the real scary part is.. you can follow it in the daily news..

      I am totally terrified on future events.. and will what is going on in Afghanistan be coming here?? What will happen when the poison pawn trap is finally tripped.. how many secret warriors have been sent to the USA posing as illegal refugee’s and openly let into our country.
      How many would it actually take to totally flip the country upside down..
      then I think about the BLM and Antifa that set out to upset the police departments in the highest crime area’s in our major cities..

      stuff like that and then thinking about what I have heard from people that went through atrocities during WW2.. enough to scare the hell out of anyone.. I am at the bottom of the pile.. I cannot afford to move to another safer area.. and what area would be safer.. the world is one really dangerous place right now.. I rarely watch network television anymore because I can’t trust what they are saying..

    • I truly believe that those in our govt..They should be just as scared as I am if it does come here.. they won’t have anymore protection than the rest of us.. probably be worse since they will target those in power first…. instead the DC Droolers are acting like it is the greatest thing ever as they bellied up to the feed trough of secret gifts and contributions.. dam if that doesn’t take all.. have they read the Quran.. probably not.. shoot they haven’t read the crap that they vote on..

      • It WILL come here.
        They will be immune from persecution and death for as long as they sell out their Nation and their Oath– until they are no longer needed.

        For the rest of the sheeple, their best hope is to bleed a fatal strain of COVID on the executioners, when they slash their throats…

    • If you don’t like it or understand why the inferences are valid, why have you been reading this site for “a few years”? Take your criticisms where you have an audience. Because you don’t have one here.

  4. George,

    Back in the ‘80s, British historian Paul Kennedy penned a historic analysis titled “The Rise and Fall of the Great Powers.”

    Kennedy presented his academic thesis, which covered the period from the 1500s until the 1980s, stating that the status of great powers depended upon their economic production in relation to other great powers, concurrent with each power’s military expenditures and force structures. The Cold War stressed both the USSR and the USA, but also spawned huge leaps in technological development, particularly wrt manned space flight. The subsequent fall of the USSR permitted the rise of dissenting political groups within the U.S. concurrent with industry moving away from heavy industrial military production and into other technologies. At the time high tech was not yet dominating the markets, yet by the end of the Cold War computer related industries exploded.

    Kennedy’s theory has since been generally validated. America, like all great powers before her, was seen in the mid-1980s by Kennedy as bieing in the early stages of a global power decline, while other powers – especially China – were preparing to ascend. The model Kennedy foresaw in the near term for the U.S, was one much like that of Great Britain in the late 1800s thru WWII. Britain was still relevant during that time, and her former colonies retained economic and military ties. Today, most former colonies are now part of the British Commonwealth and they share defense expenditures and responsibilities.

    I’m of the opinion that Kennedy demonstrated sound academic wisdom and a modest degree of foresight. The book is a good read if you like military and economic history and want to understand how global military and economic power are related. But the linked Wikipedia entry above is fine for most of Ure readers.

  5. George

    In regards to the southern boarder crisis go check out the “monkey werx” web site on YouTube. The 8-11-2021 edition is especially interesting. The speaker has uncovered the fact that numerous coordinated aircraft flights from Mexico and other southern countries are ferrying migrants into the U.S. .
    The question to ask is the Biden administration building an army to quell a citizen uprising?

  6. My father was with the marines when they were island hopping.
    He said they had one order.
    Kill the enemy, and then you can go home.

  7. “Papers Please?”

    They’re all in on it. Two, three years ago, “It’ll burn off in the summer sun”.

    Last Friday was Qanon’s Trump reinstatement day. Trump reinstatement day came and went just like the Saudi Lawsuit hearings.

  8. I spent a good half of my weekend talking with a group of soldiers (active & reserves). There is a whole lot of anger going around. Especially from the ones who have been in for more than a minute and have served in Afghanistan and Iraq. Not a one of them think current events are an accident, but by design. I do hope their predictions are completely off base.

    • “Not a one of them think current events are an accident, but by design.”

      Yes, it seems to be soo obvious (with all the “overpaid intelligence” that our government collects ;-((. Nothing went wrong it seems, it’s all according to plan, IMHO, of course.

  9. “we see other hyperbole and BS.”

    I think we shouldn’t forget the STING….where they do the switch and blame it on the previous administration..
    Yuh you’ll hear a hundred times a day now about Jan 6 and they own networks and news outlets..

    • However, our (treacherous!) previous Commander in Chief had it in his power to change USA events.
      He proved that he was and belongs into the same swamp as most politicians ;-(. IMHO

    • Hot Potato on a 20 year old war. 20 years is a long time.

      All the 911 babies are now college age. They had a year or two chance at enlisting into the same war their parents fought.

      Biden stopped an inter-generational war.

  10. “Hitler’s Second Book
    Which few have read, lays out an interesting case against the feminization of nations”

    You forgot the dependence on social programs.. to create a society where the rich get richer and wage earners dependent on the govt. For their daily existence.. before vovid 1 in 3 were on social programs. 76 % dependent on financial tax refunds.. I think that after covid the second 30% ended up on the eviction list..

    I think everything is in place except for the trojan horse warriors..

    • “I think everything is in place except for the trojan horse warriors.” They’re US the voters for LOL!!!

      • “They’re US the voters for LOL!!!”

        I know.. i am still baffled by that.
        If they’ve been consistently bad at their job taking gifts and such.. why do we still keep rehiring them..

        One of Our senators has a private jet donated for travel , with a full crew paid for by lobbyists.. and is always at home.. now a multi millionaire..Even though I still remember the young man sitting at my kitchen table with his wife discussinghis views.. nice kid back then.. today he would be the last person I’d vote for because I’m afraid he’s sold out to the groups that supply the feed trough.

      • “Is that how our foreign enemies will view the situation?”

        Yes, except for the Islamic countries. Places like, oh, Afghanistan, for instance, would have an even-lesser opinion of us than they do…

      • That’s true..
        The big difference between kammy and the pres is I think she has A deeper set of morals than the president does.. Notice she’s pretty much distancing herself from them in public..
        I’m betting her stomach churns sour like the vast majority over the news released..

  11. Biden? Or…

    G.A. STEWART: Every blogger can dance around Obama 2.0, the Biden-Obama Administration, or Obama’s Third Term, but you all do history and prophecy an injustice, because this is that time, and we all know that Joe Biden is not running the White House.

    Taking this to the next step, I do not believe that Joe Biden is the acting President of the United States; I believe that he is fronting for Barack Obama.

  12. “hand out our “failed journalism award” to Yahoo for running “Tucker Carlson hatefully mocks AOC’s Capitol riot rape fears ”

    I have wo dered in that one.. one wasn’t she so far away from the riot that she wouldn’t have normally been concerned over outside activities.. Or.. is that a secret fantasy…
    We will never know and seriously fo we really care.. and under a stressed situation its common for an unconscious disclosure.

  13. George,
    Just when you think you couldn’t see a worse president you get, not just the worst but the level of ineptitude, and lack of foresight, is staggering. Added to this is that we have people running our military worried more about gender equality, wokeness, and CRT that they all should resign or get fired due to what is a complete and total failure in Afghanistan. I thought we could never get worse than Jimmy Carter, then we get BJ Clinton. Then the appeaser and apologist Obama, not to mention the illegal payment of cash to his friends the Mullahs! But now we get this drooling, dithering old fool, who left in the heat of the problems to go on vacation? And throughout the weekend hasn’t had the common since to address the crisis and the take over Afghanistan? Even today we are told he might address the country in a few days?
    The haters of Trump put us here! The media, the left, and the Democrats. If they do not pay for this global failure along with the border failure, economic failure and the law and order failure throughout the country, then we are doomed and heading for a time where none of us want to go. But will if needed to protect family and country! This entire mess is the fault of the left, and those who hated Trump so much they would put this POS and his POS administration in charge. It has to get fixed sooner than later!!!!! This has to be the rallying cry!! We lost too much treasure over there and Biden and the Left have pissed it all away!!! Its despicable!!

    • Welcome to Clif’s rabbit hole. Got all the necessities the new normal is going to require? I’m wondering if I’ll have to be a one-man extraction team for some family members in some major cities.

    • “you get, not just the worst but the level of ineptitude, and lack of foresight, is staggering. ”

      Hmm.. I’m not sure..what we have a career politician. He really hasn’t ever had a real world job.. so instead of being inept.. he just doesn’t know..the DC bubble… thousand dollar hookers and meals.. travel anywhere they want to go on the dime of some big wheels.. what was it las year the first six months goes congress.. 2 or three billion spent on gifts.. the kid..ten million a year just so they could have access.. not counting how many mm eaters they handed over..crayon art in the millions of dollars.. drugs and hookers..
      Rather than ineptitude.. it’s more disassociated with real world life..for millions and billions donated..who do you expect them to associate with..
      Most people expect something in exchange for their money or assistance. Their in the bubble of DC.. a rich person doesn’t have the foggiest notion what someone working below them experiences.. the struggles from day to day.. just like a person that struggles doesnt have a clue what a wealthy person experiences..
      Take someone we all know that didn’t have a clue his city was on every news station world wide because of the poorest living conditions of any area.. he didn’t have a clue because it was out of his realm of his world they didn’t exist..
      My concern and worries.. is here is a gent that gor the vast majority of life hasnt had any clue.. no real world life experiences.. he’s had the hood life in a bubble..really theres no accountability it came free and easy in the bubble if an issue like a hard drive shows up..theres a team to get it cleaned up.. he’s spoiled and in charge of the button…that’s what scares me..

  14. The fall of Afghanistan is much worse than the Fall of Saigon.

    The Vietnamese did not plan to stage there, and attack us here in The U.S.

    Islam does intend to mount expeditions to kill us here at home.

    The left can’t understand that.

  15. “Things won’t change, though, since the “yes men” are still in charge: Joint Chiefs Inform Senators Terror Threat From Afghanistan “Moved Up” | ZeroHedge. God help us. Yah think?”

    Which is gonna be AWESOME…

    In 2006 we had an estimated 23,000 al Qaeda, Hezbollah, Hamas, etc., (religiously-motivated people who hate us) inside CONUS of which DoD and the spooks knew. Hell, there was an al Qaeda training camp between Tucson and Phoenix which had 24/7 FBI surveillance (and others, to which I wasn’t privy) until politics took over the Bureau. I wonder how many more have waltzed across the border in the last 15 years…?

    Understand, with the sacking of Saigo er, I mean Kabul, al Qaeda is now a thing again. After the Taliban execute a million or so elected Afghani pols and military brass, U.S. translators, America-friendly merchants, AND THEIR FAMILIES, Afghanistan will become a hotbed for terrorist training and a haven for an awful lot of really bad people. Expect al Qaeda, ISIS, and their many tendrils to flourish. Expect them to eventually unite with the Iranian-backed organizations. Expect religious fanatics with thousand year memories to be pissed at what we did to them, and seek retribution. Also expect our judicial system to not be able to handle the slaughter, once it goes live. They will kill us, judges will put them back on the street. Eventually, we’ll kill them back, and the judges will throw the book at us ‘cuz we’z civilized…

    We left 300,000 pieces of military materiel in Afghanistan, including air defense systems and advanced drones. What do you suppose they’ll go for in the bidding war between Iran and China?

  16. I would ‘pay for view’ to see Karzai high tailing it out of Afghanistsn with $20’s and $50’s blowing out the windows. I am not sure even Stanley Kubrick could have put together a better film of the collapse of the US empire!! So, you see, there is your final scene of the collapse of America. Some US sponsored despot abandoning his country with USD flying everywhere. Got to be an Oscar in that footage.

    Yes, reality does replicate theatre. Folks, you cannot make this shit Up!!

  17. “When Obama gutted the military and drove out our greatest commanders (who might have saved Kabul) the shame-sucker press failed to summon the honesty and courage to call it what it was: ”

    I see you went where I was going to go, but didn’t want to get too long-winded in a single post…

    The next thing we’ll see from the Biden apologists in the Press is that he was just continuing the policy and timetable of Trump. ‘Thing is, it was the policy, timetable, and commitment of Obama, which Trump was compelled to follow, and so Trump made it workable. Biden, in throwing out “everything Trump,” and having nothing better than thoroughly modern Millie to orchestrate military policy, made it what we see, today.

    Watching people fall to their deaths, while trying to cling to escaping airplanes, is no more tolerable to me than watching people swan-dive out of the World Trade Center windows.

  18. ““FBI dodged Ilhan Omar-‘bro’ wed probe: Devine (” If the truth might leak, time to get the leaker off the playing field.”

    “Only hours after Minnesota GOP operative Anton Lazarro posted online DNA evidence that allegedly shows Rep. Ilhan Omar was once married to her brother, the FBI busted him.”

    I almost posted this the other day. I saw Lazarro’s website before the PTB disappeared it, also the original writeup, which was in one of the London Dailies. I dunno if Lazarro has his own “creepy Joe” gene or not, but the only child sex ring in Minneapolis of which I’m aware, was the one run out of the club in which Messrs. Floyd and Chauvin worked security.

  19. So according to the Haaavard prof, the governor of the 46 th most populous state waving a flag to pump up her base is the mentality that lead to the fall of Kabul. I wonder if he thinks that electing a man in obvious mental decline would be considered a serious mentality.

  20. “Just gotta hand out our “failed journalism award” to Yahoo for running “Tucker Carlson hatefully mocks AOC’s Capitol riot rape fears in on-air rant: ‘Get a therapist, honey’ (”

    Personally, I mock All Out Crazy all the time. I don’t know her so I guarantee I don’t hate her, but I also don’t respect her because she’s not very bright, reads her scripts quite well but overacts to the point she looks ridiculous, and is another spoiled little rich kid Marxist, who managed to play the “poor working girl” card and have it stick, because the commies in the New York “Media” refused to either fact-check her, or her back-story.

    BTW, her “Capitol riot rape fears” are a good example of her overacting. Cortez was nowhere near the riot, and had completely left the building before the police opened the doors and let people in…

  21. IMHO, this stupid, obvious, and abject surrender in Afghanistan will likely be seen as a green light for China to accelerate its assimilation of Taiwan and possibly much more! I never believed that we should have been there without a real reason in the first place. It was certainly not the proximal cause of 911, and it’s where empires go to die. This is simply known history.

    People have wars for power, treasure and women. They justify it with ideological nonsense of one sort or another. Having a war with no hope of acquiring any of the above and with only a thin excuse for an excuse is insanity. Being involved in such a war and making no effort to win and make a profit of some sort is the height of insanity. For those who forgot, Sparta won against Athens. In war, those nations of hard men with nothing to lose will always win against soft nations of people far away. We held the line with an industrial and technologic edge for a very long time, but we no longer have the edge. We, as a nation, are on welfare! The few who come to this site are the outliers who actually do productive work and are self-motivated. We have a very short timeto get our act together, IF we’re lucky . Having an incompetent president, token minority sidekick, and the rest of “government” doesn’t bode well for anyone. We couldn’t even organize a proper surrender without giving away the show!

    I love the idea and land mass of the USA, but we’ve not learned the lessons of history or even current events. Most of us were alive for the Vietnam War, the Cultural Revolution, Pol Pot, and the fall of the USSR. How many of us realize the reasons for the results? How many could survive as individuals on the ground? How many survivors could do anything productive? I try to associate with those a generation or two younger than myself for my own reasons, yet I’m shocked at their naivete! If we’re to survive, we can’t even wait until tomorrow. What can each of us do today that will restore the republic while respecting the legitimate rule of law? I’m at wits end trying to figure this out. I can survive for now, but what of others? How many are putting in a solid twelve hour day of productivity? Most of those living in Asia do this. If we can’t or won’t, we’ll lose and we’ll be lucky to remain a vassal state.

    When I tried to find information on REPAIRING an automotive computer(ECU, PCU, etc), I was shocked to find how little existed! Lots of info on how to replace one, but little to nothing on repair in English on the net. The best info seemed to be in Hindi! The same is true for cellphones and other electronics. Most real repair videos on youtube seem to be from greater Asia, with some from south of the border. At this rate, we’ll be learning from the Afghanis rather than the reverse.

    Remember that Sparta won!

    So did the barbarians against the Romans!

  22. “Still, the right screws the pooch, too: Harvard professor says flag waving Kristi Noem ‘unserious,’ Kabul crisis is ‘what happens’ when US not serious | Fox News. Around here, we don’t wave flags for retreat.”

    Tom Nichols is a radical Leftist. He is an example of what is wrong with the military. The picture he posted of Christy Noem is from the bike parade at Sturgis, which is the biggest economic driver in South Dakota. He berates Sturgis as a superspreader event, yet the 10 days at Sturgis has the same population as any 10 day period at our “Southern Border” since March, and a much lower percentage of CV-19 infected people. Yet this libtard dares to come down on Sturgis, and on the Governor who proved draconian lockdowns weren’t necessary for an informed, intelligent public.

  23. ” I thought we could never get worse than Jimmy Carter,”

    I don’t think jimmy was that bad.. wht made him look bad was a congress that openly threw him under the bus. Letting middle class Americans take the fall..
    He accepted the blame because he was the man in charge, but in reality
    I think he wasn’t the one to blame for what happened..
    My thoughts on it was if we had followed his plan we would have had a tough go but wouldn’t be facing what we are today.

  24. Clown world.

    Failed state.

    Unfortunately Americans think their opinions are worth something. Tsk tsking about the bad things happening is like sitting in a rocking chair. Gives you something to do, but doesn’t get you very far.

    Write when you have proof that something in the USA is going to improve. Haven’t seen much of that in the last 10 years.

    What’s up next on the hopium list?

    “Last Friday was Qanon’s Trump reinstatement day. Trump reinstatement day came and went just like the Saudi Lawsuit hearings.”

    Kudos to whoever wrote this.

    • “Trump reinstatement day came and went ”

      For the better, because he’s of the same ilk ;-((.
      The US needs a genuine LEADER not traitors.

      • “a monster in wolfs clothing” – exactly like ALL the other TRAITOROUS Israhell First ers in gov/power in US.

        Some things in this World never change, ALWAYZ repeated century after century after century

  25. Will remember the fascist authoritarianism of George Takeim. And Don Lemon, while thinking of all the wrongs i have read of the vaccine..

  26. I spent time in both of the failed efforts in Iraq and Afghanistan. In Iraq not only did I lose friends, but I forever lost some of myself there.

    In Afghanistan as early as 2012 there was some type of actual plan to leave. I was part of that effort in 2013-14. My unit was deployed and tasked with reducing the military footprint across all of southern and western Afghanistan. That means we tore down a shitload of infrastructure, buildings, vehicles, barriers and bases. Some of the cleared land and a few buildings were given back to the Afghanis. Most of it was completely destroyed. It was a massive effort. We were literally on our way out of that place. Look up “Central Command Materiel Recovery Element” (CMRE). I was heavily involved in it. It was also like watching someone burn pallets and pallets of cash. It had to be the most insane thing I’ve ever seen or participated in and that’s REALLY saying something.

    Look at the photos in these stories and you’ll see me. I was there and participated in this disaster. You also now know who I am, but I don’t give a shit.

    We were knocking it out of the park, but I don’t know what the f@ck happened.

    We all have front row seats for the final decline and fall of the greatest nation that ever, briefly, existed. Pass the popcorn?

    • We were traitored, MAJ13; we were never supposed to ‘win.’ It was to in-debt our nation, provide a strategic location for our #1 ally, take down (how many notches) Iraq, Libya, Afghanistan, attempt to destroy Syria, and kill, maim, and spread depleted uranium all over the middle east to destroy those GENETICS for generations to come.

      The CABAL used it to MOVE hundreds of millions of people around, especially into the majority White countries, which also added debt to those nations, added racial strife (continuing) including rape, and murder of the indigenous mostly homogeneous population (which we can’t admit actually exists or has a right to their culture(s)). Sweden, #1 Rape Capital of the World.

      We have watched a slow-motion take down of numerous nations who have been set up for being wiped off the face of the earth!!!

      The men have no guns to protect their families with. The media is against them at every turn (just like the USA); they are prevented from speaking out or their ‘laws’ will have them arrested, prosecuted, and imprisoned for their opinions. If they fight back, they are called racists and all manner of names, and are attacked, threatened, loss of homes/jobs/families. There has been an anti-White, Anti-Christian Agenda going full speed ahead now for 100 years; but the last 20, things have amazingly zoomed and sped up exponentially.

      The more they change their leaders, the more things stay the same or get worse. No problems are ever solved.

      Look at Merkel, what a disgrace, does she love the German race? Oh, vey, no German race?

      What about the myriad of English Prime Ministers these last many years, do they love the indigenous English?

      What about the million immigrants from sub-Sahara Africa being imported into 4 million person Ireland, who loves the Irish?

      Look how hard Hungary has to fight to keep their populations in tact.

      Do you notice Biden has yet to address the nation about the illegal invasion at the Southern Border 2.6 million since January.

      Oh, what a wicked web is woven, when you look down and see that their feet are cloven.

      The top is a head of horns, the mat is a bed of thorns.

      The feast is babies and women; the pact is not to be given.

      You are mesmerized by them, and you continue to follow them.

      Break the spell; they may be legion but YE ARE GOD’S; start acting like one!!!

      Looking back, you can see the picture, it is coming in clearer and clearer.

      • “Look how hard Hungary has to fight to keep their populations in tact.”

        They have it easier than we. THEY were smart enough to outlaw George Soros…

    • In April of 75 I saw the news footage of shoving choppers off the carrier decks. It made me want to vomit. I have never gotten over the embarrassment and shame of it. I will never forget my friends, brothers, and sisters who I left there. Ever. Not everybody wanted to go but we did because it was the right thing to do. And now, here we go again.
      Thanks for going over there and trying. Good to know somebody did. We both know why you were not allowed to finish.
      I quit drinking many years ago. If there was any in the house it would be hard not to start again.
      God help us.

  27. Do you suppose the starlink satellites could produce a magnetic field “shield” to block solar blasts?

  28. To clear matters . Australia is the most f?$&ed up joint in the whole world. Facist country of mass vegetable population . Yep I should know I live here . It’s lost . Gone . So that is cleared up for all my critics . Give me Sicily any day . Patriotism the last bastion of tyranny . Oz seer the capital

  29. So, getting this out there before the evening/night/morning talkers, even though it won’t post ’till tomorrow.

    A simple question: What are the chances Mr. Biden did this intentionally, because Mr. Putin, Mr. Xi, or whomever else now owns Hunter’s computer, told him to…?

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