Replay Complete!

In our pre-Super Bowl edition, we mainly focus on the ChartPack.  With a functional replay of the 1929 collapse and bounce complete, is there an on-side kick ahead?  Or, are there flags down on the field?

Both possibilities are examined.  After a scan of a few headlines and a look at the week ahead.  Which promises to offer another truckload of pseudo-drama…

After this morning’s first down…which consists of lots of coffee…

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George Ure
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20 thoughts on “Replay Complete!”

  1. George,

    ‘until conventional vaccines are released.’ Hmm….some questions that come to mind:
    What is a conventional vaccine?
    How would you know it’s ‘safe’?
    Would you rely on the ‘government’ to tell you it’s ‘safe’?
    Would your doctor tell you about contraindications with a vaccine?

    I can tell you that the military gives many ‘conventional’ (conventional only because they have been around for some time) that are not safe. Btw, the doctors are completely ignoring contraindications with the current ‘jab’. People are just lined up and jabbed as far as I can see.

  2. “Still Bashing
    With the second impeachment trial of Donald Trump due in the kangaroo court Monday, .”

    Just in time for March 15….

  3. “We had an extra big power bill last month ($335) which is crazy high – twice what was expected since we have so much solar capacity.”

    We pay a fraction of that average is about fifteen over base pay.. solar was the best thing I had ever done for the house…. and we live in the area where they say solar doesn’t work… or isn’t efficient LOL.. If and when I can afford to get a couple of power walls.. I think we could if needed survive without grid. although I believe that solar power by individuals should be the leaf helping the production of the roots.. of the tree.. assisting the tree itself.. no price increases as long as your donating the extra power to the tree for distribution..
    I would love to see my solar tower.. god that would be a dream come true.. I know it is the way.. smaller easier to integrate into the system and more efficient.. but I know for the USA to try something like that.. I would have to win the lottery and build it myself LOL.. similarly my co2 filters on street lights and green scaping.. our cities would need to green scape.. all it takes is one.. my hope was when we went solar to get the town we live in to adopt green technology.. be the first.. you would need to set up one sample town or city for greenscaping and solar power towers etc.. once there is one.. the rest will follow..

  4. “Is life really random?” If there’s consciousness in everything, as some believe, then how could it be? I would suggest that you two do only what’s necessary and spend more quality time in bed. When an ex and myself both got pneumonia many decades ago, it was the event that started our family. While that might be a bit much for you two invalids, you can certainly spend the time appreciating each other. Tomorrow’s not guaranteed, but this moment is!

    My best wishes for both of you!

  5. I liked the capitol nutjobs.

    At one point QAnon-Man (with the horns) was outside the capitol carrying a sign w/ “This is Ragnarok!!!” scrawled across it but later was in the capitol praying in Christ’s name.

    Gold to me looks like a falling wedge.

    Spin-up the 1 year:

    Stock Patterns:

  6. Things to watch and read:

    Time magazine admitting to conspiracy to force election by large organizations and government insiders:

    “The Secret History of the Shadow Campaign That Saved the 2020 Election” by Molly Ball. This is MSM at it’s worst – admitting to and throwing the conspiracy in our faces!

    Download both in case they change their narrative.

    I suppose you can break the law as long as you own the courts.

      • Unbelieveable. My first thought when I heard about this was it had to be satire. Nope. So, be sure to pat them on the back, you know, since they saved us from ourselves.

      • “Time Magazine throwing the whole thing in our faces sayin’ “what ya gonna do about it now?” ”

        Bill, my introduction to American-style politics was the 1960 Presidential Election. When Democrat pols and pundits were later confronted with the probability that Mayor Daley raised 200,000 from the dead to vote for Kennedy, that was their exact reply…

      • “Bill, my introduction to American-style politics was the 1960 Presidential Election. When Democrat pols and pundits were later confronted with the probability that Mayor Daley raised 200,000 from the dead to vote for Kennedy, that was their exact reply…”

        I know Ray… what is funny is the first time I even thought about it was when I was reading the book… Double Crossed and while the election was being counted was following the news and the chapter on how they put Kennedy in office.. it was almost word for word… scary.. that is when the book became one on my most scariest books list… LOL

        lately I think everything that the politicians have been doing that seems to be corruptive actions has been right in your face with the what do you think you can do about it….

    • I don’t think it makes any difference mike.. it’s all been deemed fake news… billions has been spent to promote and achieve the goals that were set and people will believe what they are told..DJT should have just accepted defeat gracefully and congratulations to the new administration..already there are some that believe when joe raised his cane…the waters of the Potomac parted leading his people to victory freeing the country from the evils the country has been enduring.
      Just accept the outcome and move on .. who knows maybe the ones in control actually have honorable intentions and all the concerns that has been brought up are unnecessary. Time will tell.. it’s just another election.. seriously we move on to tomorrow forgive the past and pray for the future..

    • “I just want to find 11,780 votes, which is one more than we have because we won the state. I only need 11,000 votes. Fellas, I need 11,000 votes. Give me a break.”

      Or else there would be criminal prosecutions.

      Someone should go to jail for this. There’s no excuse, no explanation, no rationalization. This is attempted election theft plain n’ simple.

      Do you want Biden to be calling secretaries of state in 2024 and doing this?? Smarten up and lose the tribal cultism.

      • The story NM Mike referred to was published in Time magazine and was about the “heroic measures” the Biden side took to insure Trump would not win. It offers excuses and rationalizations for what they did.

  7. Red Light Therapy… I have a panel of 18 x 1W LEDs at 660nm deep red that I got on eBay way back when. Mounted inside a nice plastic box with clear cover, this is my ‘therapeutic’ red light. Been doing daily applications to abdominal muscles after surgery and it does wonders to increase circulation and relax tight muscles and promote healing.

  8. For those seeking news or information, who might’ve blown off my suggestion of “Infowars,” please note:

    Astronomers Detect Puzzling Activity From Supergiant Neutron Star
    by Lilia Dergacheva | Sputnik

    ACLU declares ‘transgender myths DEBUNKED,’ says trans girls don’t have any ‘unfair advantage’ in women’s sports
    by RT

    California Cops Bust Man Who 3D-Printed Guns at Home
    by Zero Hedge

    Large Cache Of C-4 Explosives Vanishes From California Marine Base During Military Exercise
    by National File

    Financial Firm Warns Events In Motion To Remove Dollar As Reserve Currency
    by Zero Hedge

    STRATCOM Chief Claims Nuclear War with Russia or China a ‘REAL POSSIBILITY,’ says US Can’t Assume ‘Strategic Deterrence Will Hold’
    by RT

    …And I take back my lefthanded dis of their lackadaisical agglomeration policy. There’s a LOT of stuff there, and it’s both prescient and timely. To be fair, “Prison Planet” used to be an absolute mirror of Infowars, and hasn’t been updated since October. Also, Infowars has gone through a serious format upgrade since the last time I was there. ‘Might be an attempt to stay online after the Bureau of Truth gets installed.

    Good luck E (although you won’t need it — you’ll do fine.) Patience, George…

  9. BTW, I discovered a possible failing of LED lighting:

    My current EDC light is a top-shelf Fenix (y’know, like that city in Aridzona.) I don’t usually carry a light it would be painful to lose, but this’ns so darn handy…

    Working outside for several hours, it crapped out on me today — first intermittent, then total failure. It gathered itself back together after I’d been inside for a half-hour or so, and is now working as normal, again.

    I don’t yet know if it was the battery (chipped Samsung 18650 30Q) or the emitter, or the light’s internal circuitry, but some part of this expensive little torch apparently shits itself when ambient is below 15°. I used to think the “warnings” on semiconductors, which state an operational low temperature limit of -10° (Celsius) were “recommendations.” I didn’t realize I’d gotten spoiled by the cheapass HF driveway alarm, which also has -10°C in its *.docs, but works (by actual observation) down to fifteen below (-26°C).

    ‘Guess I’m going to have to carry my old baby Mag-Light until April…

  10. Yo G,
    You wrote:
    “While stopping short of nutjob and conspiracy theories, the data, nevertheless offers guidance to be highly aware during this portion of economic cycles.”
    For one such as yourself that uses stock charts there is one ‘formation’ I don’t ever recall you using – the “Expanding Top”, “Megaphone” or “Birds Mouth” formation. Although rare, the current one shows up on all the charts starting in early 2018 beginning at your #5 on the Global Aggregate chart. This formation usually represents extreme instability. If one measures the height of the Birds Mouth then subtracts it from the formation bottom it will indicate the approximate target once triggered. In the case of your Global Aggregate it is 43.000-28,000 =15,000 then 28,000-15,000=13,000 (off 70% from the high). This is probably a conservative target!
    Good luck and best wishes to Elaine and yourself this week!

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