Remember our “New [global] Caliphate” Peoplenomics?

[Editor’s note:  Don’t use used to us publishing Sunday updates.  But more or less exactly as predicted in our Peoplenomics “First Things” section from June 18th, we note with no surprise that ISIS/ISIL is now proclaiming itself to be a “new Caliphate” which – if history is any guide – seems likely to suck in other interest groups and could press the formation of the “New [global] Caliphate” predicted in our report.

Because of the potential historical importance of this, I’m  putting a small section of one of our Peoplenomics reports out for general public consumption because this is an issue of immediate (and like growing) concern.]

From Peoplenomics #667-A, June 18, 2014:

First Things

Mapping the New [global] Caliphate

Here’s a look at a Peoplenomics project that’s in the “research in progress” stage  but is obviously coming into view:


[Map derived using Microsoft Streets and Trips 2013]

Obviously, this is the al Qaeda/Wahhabi/extremist map that headlines infer, and no, it’s not a “done deal” yet but the headlines make a strong case that the reason we haven’t experienced a terrorist attack on America is that we’re being infiltrated by Other Than Mexicans (OTMs) through our leaky border, and no point poking the sleeping US giant, as long as we’re ignorant of the overall expansionist game plan of the Global Caliphate leadership.

Our view of this global caliphate evolves from watching the pattern of conflict that is now in play globally and applying the headlines to the underlying map contours you can draw in the borders much as I have above.  In this sense, the headlines of the day make perfect sense – if you’re on a Caliphate Building Mission:

Militants strike Iraq’s largest oil refinery.

Algeria says killed 50 militants in 5-months.

“Libyan general wages war against Islamist militants in Benghazi.”

Chad, being low on easy resource is lower on the food chain, but still in May “Nigerian extremist strike and kill again.

I could go through each of the countries on the map, but this “big picture” of the New [global] Caliphate is not in the MSM because people don’t seem to do well with anything other than byte-sized morsels of news, and people’s attention deficit really plays well into the lower tech, more focused thinking of people not raised on cell phones.

Nevertheless, off at the other end of the Global Caliphate, which is slowly becoming an emergent fact, slowly and over time, we read this morning how president Karzai in Afghanistan is blowing off claims that there was widespread election fraud in his country’s presidential polling.

Hmmm…wonder where their voting equipment came from?

Notwithstanding, the Taliban/Pashtun are much closer ideologically to the Sunni, since they’ve been screwed over by the Iranians (Shiites) in the past.

So when news from that part of the world includes stories like Abdullah Abdullah is charging election irregularities and wants vote counting stopped, the impartial observer looks at the warscape and figures it to be little more than a birth pang of the New Global Caliphate’s birth.

Not all Americans are so confined by their thinking, but a vast majority tend to look at conflict as somehow relating to borders.  But to the thinking person, there are many kinds of borders:  The kind laid out to define political divisions, but also the type which are based on resources, religion, rainfall, mountain ranges, and the cultural bonds of people.

Which is precisely why the political border in Ukraine is so contentious:  The Russians have installed a lot of their culture and people in Ukraine over the past 200 years and they would like to consolidate that social grouping as retained as a part of Russia.

The US/West backed government in Kiev, which is asserting its autonomy, is declaring a unilateral ceasefire in the contested eastern portions of the country, but what seems likely is that we’ll see a tit-for-tat with the border moving more westerly if the Russians will play nicely (the western “carrot” idea) or the fighting will increase if Russia insists on asserting and dialing back gas deliveries.  That’d be the stick.

Oh, to be sure, there are some American’s who see this big picture, but with a different slant, more along the lines of that proposed by the late Project for a New American Century.  But while that concept was wrong for so many reasons, we still wryly note that Dick and Liz Cheney write in the Wall Street Journal’s OpEd last night about the “Collapsing Obama Doctrine.

Could it be that the Dick [Cheney]-haters and Zionist bashers missed something?  The map argues the point well.

On a longwave economic historical note, all depressions have their basis in massive technological change.  In the 1920’s the change agent was autos and internal combustion farm equipment. In present times, it’s the arrival of instant everything facilitated by networked computers.

So its possible that one goal of the Global Caliphate is to own the world when technology, like a big bacteria colony in a dish of agar, finally eats the last of available resource as it gobbles toward the edge of the Petrie dish, which is ever-closer to those with clear vision.

Oh, and did I mention they have the missile and warhead power evolving to sort of bring that on at will?  EMP would be an interesting tool to see used after a few more years of New Caliphate expansion.

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More as the rest of the world catches up to what we cover in our “thinking ahead” newsletter, Peoplenomics.  And more tomorrow, as always…