Rebranding Retirement

A totally engrossing topic is on tap this morning:  What should old people do – once they get old and are comfortably well-off?

It may seem an absurdity to even consider it – especially if you are young and working one, two, or even three jobs and some side-hustles.  But, believe me, if you remember our three laws of life, you may actually get to the point where you’ll have a little side hustle (that’s fun) and be able to ponder the bigger questions like “What’s the absolute BEST way to retire?

The answer should be clear:  Retire with a purpose.  Fine.  But, how, exactly does one go about finding “purpose?”  Our topic this morning after some warm-me-ups and a few charts…

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George Ure
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20 thoughts on “Rebranding Retirement”

  1. Could we get the global and U.S. oscillator in the new spread sheet too if they are going away too? I really liked the data we got. Helped not with trading but seeing the road ahead. It would also be awesome if we could get the trading golem and instructions on how to get the graph function to work too. Thanks Mr. U’re!

  2. George just some thoughts on your main post this morning. Looking back at my life patterns I find that what came into to learn this incarnation has guided all the things that have happened to me and are still happening. My primary forte this time has been to take rundown or unknown businesses and turn them into some thing very viable. You seem to have some of the same patterns but that can take on different looks. I wont get off to far about being health conscious which you and your partner seem to be. But at 84 most think I am in my early or mid 70s and that is due to starting a healthy lifestyle many years ago. But to your readers out there its never to late to start. The problem is finding something you are comfortable with but dont worry about being versatile as you make changes. A suggestion, as I have said before if at all possible be around very young kids as much as you can newborns on up.

    • I certainly agree with a healthy lifestyle and hanging with younger and much younger folks. I draw the line at 18+ though, since it’s not safe for a single male to be near kids of any kind. They’re also much more difficult to relate to than adults of any age.

      Your ability as a business turnaround specialist is interesting and no doubt financially rewarding. It’s something I’ve always wanted to learn. I imagine it involves imagination, business skills, sales skills and people skills.

  3. As an 80+ year old retiree, looking back, each and every retiree should plan on the Federal Reserve stealing 2.5%of your purchasing power per year through inflation, price increases, smaller units of food, higher medical costs etc..
    The crux of our problem is ‘where do I put my money?’ Currency ( paper money) is just above toilet paper in real value and with respect, stocks are for those who can take losses. like 2008. Food, water, shelter, clothing, heat, PM’s are the basis for a long-term living- speaking of which I can only dream of being back on a paid for small farm within low tax and adequate rainfall areas.-Positive thinking-.Plan for facing our Creator-everyone will; no exceptions.
    Laus Deo

    • I noticed your use of the word “grok” in a past posting. If you were in fact a Heinlein fan, I would suggest John Ringo’s Live Free or Die, Citadel, Hot Gate series. Also, March Upcountry, March to the Sea, March to the Stars, and We Few series. Niven and Pournelle “Legacy of Herot. E-mail me if you want more suggestions to cut down looking for additional titles.

  4. Lots to say here, now that the idiotic “Centurylink” DSL is working again! I’m surprised that you’ve not yet commented on the confluence of a nationwide internet screwup/failure by Centurylink, with the cascade including much of Verizon. That, and a “transformer explosion” continuing for 2.5 minutes in Queens, NY, with another similar one in Louisiana. I would have expected breakers to trip and eliminate the arcing within the first second or so. Something’s strange here – it’s pushing “coincidence theory” too far! If I was a “conspiracy theorist”, I’d say that we’re being probed and softened up for something by someone, but of course, that’s just silly……..

    I appreciated all the charts and analysis even though I’m a lousy investor – so far. I just don’t have spare time for it. It’s not on my hot list of things to get done next year – yet. One value added idea for PN would be to have a list of resources – where to find valid raw data and perhaps how to make the charts, so that we could implement these things. That’s safe. Finding and using futures charts(and historical) for commodities, stocks, indexes, and other markets is really helpful.

    I’m told that making a lot of money is sexy, but it never seemed to make a difference. I always could get a financial gig that paid well if I was willing to go far enough afield and spend my time doing it. Regarding the nine people you tend to become like – I don’t interact with that many people on a regular basis most of the time. It’s a lot of work without an assured payoff or purpose. Perhaps that needs to go on the list for next year.

    It’s freezing cold here, with three foot drifts of snow. Temp this morning was in the single digits. My new experience will be trying to use snowshoes so I don’t have to wade crotch deep to where I can get a machine going and plow the yard. New Year’s day is supposed to be a repeat. This is rare, but it happens every few years.

    Reinventing: I do need to do that. I don’t get Elaine’s desire for fame, though if she wants it, she can just write a column(or podcast, or videos) of her own. Elaine certainly could do the video thing! Sharing some of her skills with the unwashed masses of the internet would be appreciated by many. Perhaps columns on how to stay looking as she does and ways to break the mindset of most regarding the 60+ set. Her background skillsets are obviously valuable and some of us would certainly read her columns. My one conversation with her years ago indicated that she has lots to share. Another idea that just came to me would be for the two of you to do videos together. She’d get the fame for obvious reasons!

    I absolutely agree with your comments about derogatory terms like “the elderly”. They are the N-words of ageism! I fail to understand why men’s only clubs are virtually illegal, yet women’s clubs and race specific(except White) are tolerated along with age bracketed(eg: thirties only), or “young professionals” with a cutoff of 35. Certainly this is as illegal as discriminating against a given race. It’s just not acknowledged or enforced.

    I can force myself into a group that obviously doesn’t want me and interact for an entire evening, but it’s still forced. We need to find a way for elders to be desirable, both socially and sexually. That’s the next big thing for anyone that can make it happen. It could trigger an economic boom all by itself!

    • “I’m told that making a lot of money is sexy, but it never seemed to make a difference.”

      I always thought making a lot of money was the answer.. I wasn’t lucky enough to get positions of higher pay.. and was content to just work day and night to do what I had to do to survive.. seemed to always be plagued with medical expenses..that devoured me financially..

      I didn’t realize what was truly important until my attempts to cram five lives into one took their tole with my body.. and it was with a vengeance.. That is when I realized almost instantly that the answer is family.. and friends I was lucky enough to realize this before It became to late to amend the damage done.. unless your extremely wealthy there won’t be any money left and if your extremely wealthy those that still see you will be fighting like piranha to get it after your gone and only coming to see you for the exposure to gain what they see as the answer to all things while your still kicking .. if your lucky enough to outlive all of your acquaintances and money then you will sit by a window waiting..trying hard not to soil yourself waiting for someone to come help you.. if you have respect from those that do take care of you physically then you will gain probably the best friends of your life. if you valued family then family will stop from time to time .

      my brother made a profound comment that really hit home with me..

      isn’t it sad that at the end of your life all you have left is a couple of boxes of assorted crap a few photos and the memories of what you stood for.. the time you spent with family..

      its not money.. money isn’t even worth enough to be valued by anything other than a promise.. its a piece of paper or a number on a piece of paper..

      that is what happened to the gentleman that stays with us.. he had the one two punch of death.. his younger life was solely devoted to making more his drive and nothing other than his drive mattered.. he lost it all.. and he didn’t show those around him that he cared because of his drive and money was the only thing important.. today.. he is constantly reminded that he screwed up in the what forty five years I had never seen anything as sad as this..the friend I had that lived in a dumpster had more friends and family exposure than he does.

      Before NAFTA and outsourcing.. there was a one income family.. family exposure.. today everyone is so busy trying to stay afloat that family exposure is gone.. adult presence is gone for the vast majority of the kids.. all you have it tito down the street with the better be bad gang.. or some video game.. or television show desensitizing them to all forms of depravity on television..all while mom and dad are struggling to keep the bills paid get the next best toy..

  5. “If you just act like you know what you’re doing,
    everybody thinks that you do!”
    —Joe Walsh
    Analog Man

  6. It may seem an absurdity to even consider it, but every major city should have an “assisted suicide clinic.”

  7. Closed ALL market investment accounts. Went and sat under the shade tree in the cool breezes. Feel much better just tinkering around than checking on the market for a few bucks! Like Graham am looking at ‘where’ to stash some $$ without major losses. Not needing the cash for daily living, only for replacing cars or what ever, where do ya park it? Have all the property that I need for gardening and fruit so that is not an option. Too hot to work in the garden at this time of day, shop is looking pretty good, so it might be back to the shade tree and cooling breezes. It’s 5 o’clock somewhere. Life is good!

    Rebranding myself as the Tinkerer – Tho not as the Marvel Comic evil guy

  8. 1.) If we were the algebraic addition of any nine people, in time all people would converge to a bland average. No, we each are “based on,” and we add our own
    energy and creativity to the blend of our micro-mentors and our major-mentors.

    2) While “Antiquities” is nice, “Curiousity” seems closer to the stuff of ures I’ve been
    reading for a couple of years now…

    Avanti! “Faster, Further, Higher.”

    William of Barsoom, age 74

  9. I think you are missing something websites are old news. Kids today are making hundreds and millions of dollars a year being “influencers” and as a result of having large social media followings become promoters of products . This also means putting all your business out there for the world to critique. Not for me.

    • Websites are not “old news” for anyone who’s serious about doing business or purchasing product.

      Kiddies may use their Youtube channel to hawk product via a disguised infomercial, or put product access info in their tagline or #hashtag, but those pointers have to lead to a manufacturer’s, importers’, or retailers’ E-Commerce site, which IS an actual website.

      Being neither young nor foolish, I tend to value my time a LOT more than the typical Millenial. I don’t watch commercials, not via television nor streaming. I learned how to use a search engine back when one could use advanced Boolean terms to create a highly directed and specific search, then send it in an E-Mail to Altavista and receive an E-Mail in return which contained, not 1.7mln answers or URLs, but between 1 and 7. ‘Doesn’t work so well with Google, because Google only accepts simple Boolean terms, and biases results against those which generate income, but it’s still somewhat useful.

      The kiddies who’re making millions… Good on ’em. It p!sses me off that the American (mostly middle-class) consumer is subsidizing them, but if these kids didn’t collect all those advertising dollars, someone else would…

      FWIW, I don’t shop product for which I HAVE to go to utub, farcebook, twit, instagormless, or any other social media site to get to a link to an E-Commerce site. I’ve become a contrary SOB in my old age and when so-forced, WILL invest my time to locate a suitable substitute product that’s either better or more-accessible.

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