Reality Checks Friday: All-Time-Hype, Covid-AIDS?

Since Urban is (nominally) a long wave economics site – which gets wildly off-track because its writer-in-chief is seriously ADHD – we will try to keep things in order by starting with some “economic reality.”


We continue to sit with market’s poised for a monstrous collapse in coming weeks based on our Aggregate Markets work.  Yes, the Dow and the S&P are off into la-la land.  But that’s because the Easy Money Fed has (essentially) made-up over $8.6 trillion dollars.

The arrival of Covid – impacting the U.S. – may be clearly seen now as a “context-changer” in exactly the same way that 9/11 terrorism back in 2001 provided a “credible scapegoat” to global economic collapse which was pending at the time.

Recall that gave the Bush administration virtually unlimited powers which were abused (Patriot Act still hasn’t been rescinded, so watch what you say on the phone or in emails) and it was used to run through the Middle East backwaters for 20-years killing people and breaking things.

Economically, terrorism  did its job well.  People forgot losing somewhere between $5 and $7-trillion in the Internet Bubble stock collapse.  They encouraged the hiring of a third of a million people for TSA and Homeland Security (which didn’t previously exist).  And your right to privacy “in your papers and affairs” was torched by Admiral John Poindexter with the Total Information Awareness (TIA) program.  Which now gives the FedGov godlike powers (never abused, right?) to look at your digital footprint.

Renamed Terrorism Awareness Program this huge usurpation of rights has persisted and grown as a digital cancer ever since,  This is not to critique the program because there really are people who hate America.  It’s just that sometimes the cure is its own special kind of poison.  Like Covid may be, but we’ll be along to that in a minute.  Anyway…

That Was Then, This is Now

In place of 9/11 we have been suffering through the “government excess marketing” of Covid.  Like 9/11, the megalomaniacs (TIA and its spawn) now want to lift up the skirts of ALL your personal finances. They Lied’em  administration believes (based on delusional and anti-constitutional members of Congress prompting) that all financial transaction you make should be open to government surveillance.

This whole matter of listing skirts began with the Banking Secrecy Act.  This summer, the CATO Institute did a dandy overview on things:  A Reckoning Looms for America’s 50-Year Financial Surveillance System.

Each time we get a major panic (terrorism 2001, plandemic 2020) and the financial indo’s get bonused and bailed, government goes out front. Anti-freedom.

A number of readers have asked us “Why the full court press to get everyone vaccinated?”  Ah…

You Don’t Want to Read

There have been some stories out of the UK this week being parroted on American websites following claims three weeks back that “New UK Health Security Agency report proves without a shadow of a doubt that the Covid-19 Vaccines do not work and have negative effectiveness as low as MINUS 66% – The Expose.”  The source has been censored in America (by cooperative US media).

I got up this morning and tore into the underlying UK government reports and found the claims were a distant stretch.  BUT, in looking over the UK underlying data sources (me and Excel are buds), I was able to finally figure out “the deal” with nearly-frantic government appeals, demands, and marginally legal “mandates” to get Vaxxed.  Maybe.

The “Denominator Game”

Turns out when you compare week 32 of the UK weekly CV report with the week 41 report, there’s a big difference in vax “benefit” for certain age groups.

I have a strong personal interest in the 70-79 YO group (yep, that’d be US).

In Week 32  (Table B, page 16 of this PDF)  The advantage of having a vax, versus not having full coverage was 10.5 deaths per hundred thousand and 56.9 deaths per 100,000 without being vaccinated.

More recently, we have the Week 41 report (Oct. 14) online here. Whipping down to page 16 and table B, the numbers are now 15.8 (*with) and 56.5 without.

The vaccine offered a 5.42 to 1 advantage if it was down to “To die, or not?”  But then in Week 41 we see only a 3.58 to 1 answer to the same question.

Near as we can figure it, once the manic rush-to-jab slows, and the denominator in all these reports begins to settle out, we may see a real leveling of advantage in getting vaxxed.

Because if the denominator freezes and the cases keep mounting, people might figure this to be like those math tricks.  As long as the denominator keeps growing the advantage may be claimed.  Now toss in breakthrough cases?  Yep, they’d have to hype fast.  Do your own reading –

I think AIDS as an outcome is a real stretch.  But at the Big Data level, vaxing and its success depends on growing the denominator.  Which is how “breakthroughs” were likely there the whole time.  Just covered up by the denominator game.  Which in turn keeps this round of Everything’s a Business Model in play.

Mania Market and All-Time-Hype

Our unusual way of thinking around here is, admittedly, a little too real for those who are Truth Believers.  (Government never lies, never abuses power, and have never read “10 Felonies a Day“)

We do, however apply this to the markets.  While the Dow and S&P set records, the whole thing has been stopped by the NASDAQ pullback.

Our Aggregate based on early futures was 40,389.62 compared with the Labor Day weekend’s 40,475.85.  On the close, not during jack-around hours. Unless we actually close well over the old high (and stay there a week) color us skeptical.  In fact, a sell off today would actually validate this view:

If Taiwan blow or if La Palma scrubs off Florida (both of which are now interesting bets!) then the double top will break hard down.  If peaches bloom again?  Up, up, and Away.  (Credit”:  Fifth Dimension, 1968, was it?  If you can remember the 60s you didn’t enjoy them!)

Early on, except for a sticky NASDAQ things were looking like Up might win.

With these kind of popularity numbers?  Biden’s support is fading as concerns over the economy and Covid grow, CNBC survey finds.  Could have asked around here and they would have been even worse.

Economic Reminders

PMI (purchasing managers) flash will be out shortly.  Then, Jerome Powell speaks – which ought to be like a cross between reading a financial statement out loud and trying to give a good job-interview to Slo Buy’ed ’em.  We’re confident thinking Powell is out.  It would be a continuation of the idiot-in-chief’s marksmanship with his feet.

Speaking of Slo (*and feet)

I suggested that if Joe Biden had any stones, he would have brought the national guard out long-ago to fix the supply chain mess.

Therefore you couldn’t possibly have been surprised to read  first that Biden said it and then second that the marionette strings were pulled as White House walks back Biden vow to use National Guard to untangle supply chains.

Dang, sand here I had my Carnac the Magnificent hat all ready…

Macerating Newserator

Switch on?

BBS&B  (Biden bluster, bullying, swoggles and bullshit) Biden says US will defend Taiwan if China attacks.  Admiral Yuan says we’re quit on the loss of a carrier or two.

Oh, reader asked:  What happened to that Russian and Chinese fleet that was seen near Taiwan during recent war games?  Well…. We hear that this batch-of-sailors are still cruising – parts east of Japan.  We’ll let you know if a fleet oiler or two shows up because that would dramatically increase Taiwan odds.  No further position details and it’s a big ocean full of little places like Guam and bigger places like Oahu.

Long as we’re on war worries:  NATO Presence In Ukraine “Already Underway” Poses “Real Threat” To Russia: Putin  Reality check here?  The recent spate of energy bumps has gotten long-term energy sources back front and center.  Like the Dnieper-Donets basin in Ukraine.

Prop gun, was it?  Alec Baldwin ‘Rust’ shooting victims: Who are Halyna Hutchins and Joel Souza?

Talk about a firefighter’s nightmare:  7 Dead in Fire at Russian Explosives Factory.

Back to tile work.  Left thumb is numb from pushing things through the saw..

Write when you get rich.,

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58 thoughts on “Reality Checks Friday: All-Time-Hype, Covid-AIDS?”

  1. 11-3

    Just a pair of numbers and hyphens – that is all, dont question the numbers, 4 they never lie..unlike every single creature living off the fetid swamp that is the district of columbia..Why did couric edit the RGB interview ? Ole jeff (old enough 2 read, old enough to bleed) epstien “didnt kill himself” – well No Shit ruthie.
    How many million $$ settlements does t-rump have in his closet ? That is one very LARGE closet, t-rumpian in size 2 hold ALL those nasty skeletons no doubt..just bannon-another CLOSE fiend of epstains.

    The Lying Liars at pfizer & moderna, nih,fda,cdc have given Every Human being on planet now has the Perfect Objection/Reason for vax Waiver ..“According to my religious belief, the murder of an undeniably live infant for any reason is unconscionable and evil, and I refuse the vaccine.”
    Fundamental & Unquestionable.


  2. No vaccine is advertised as perfect. Even the folks at the CDC openly admit that is true for all of the Covid vaccines. In a recent report, the CDC stated the following about deaths among the vaccinated (report was updated 15 Sep ‘21):

    “ Among hospitalized or fatal cases reported to CDC as of August 30, 2021, 70% of hospitalized cases and 87% of fatal cases of COVID-19 in fully vaccinated persons were in persons aged 65 years or older. Infections in fully vaccinated persons may be associated with lower antibody levels compared with those who maintain protection, as shown in a study of fully vaccinated healthcare workers in Israel with infections caused by the Delta variant. However, infection in a fully vaccinated person may boost immunity; four weeks after an outbreak in a long-term care facility, fully vaccinated residents who experienced SARS-CoV-2 infections were found to have significantly higher antibody levels than vaccinated individuals who did not experience SARS-CoV-2 infections.”

    If valid, this data appears to reinforce the need for booster shots for those over 65 and those who are immune compromised.

    • The study seems to focus on antibody levels, excluding T memory cells. Of course, antibodies are much more easily measured, but that’s only part of the story. Natural immunity is against the total profile of an antigen or pathogen. Vaccine induced immunity is against whatever antigen the vaccine contains and/or induces endogenous production of. In a sense, any insult to the body – natural or vaccine, will sharpen the “filter” for antibody and T-killer response. An exception might be when the antigen with an adjuvant triggers autoimmunity. This broadens the filter(lower Q). Giving boosters to those with immunocompromise may increase antibody response, but the adjuvants and potentially cross-reacting proteins may well trigger autoimmune adverse effects. The more boosters, the more likely. Any residual human tissue or protein in the inoculation would increase this likelihood.

      We can’t save everyone, so we should concentrate on products with an undeniably high therapeutic index! On the treatment side, Ivermectin qualifies – much more so than HCQ, though both are useful.

      • The rule of Vaccine/Vacination – Vaccinations CAUSE variants to vaccine-no variants. Its really that simple. Good luck Injecting a “Transcriptor” into your cells – making millions of copies of What exactly ? already existing cancer cells perhaps? any disease already present in the body? Nahhhhhh cant be, conspiracy! Here take another shot, and a booster..its good for Us.

    • As with many of the narratives spun by ‘the criminals-in-charge’ during the time of Covid, the CDC and many other health authorities are lying by omission when they focus solely on antibody levels as being the key to immunity to SARS-CoV-2 infection.

      Immunity to viral infection involves involves two components, (1) the humoral (meaning antibody production), and (2) the cellular (T-lymphocytes that become NK cells (Natural Killer cells) whose job is to attack and destroy human cells that have been virally infected. In fact, it is the cellular component that confers most of the long term immunity to a person who is infected and recovers.

      Determining antibody levels to the spike protein only partially measures the immune response (there is no measure of the level of cellular immunity) and it doesn’t determine if the antibodies are ‘neutralizing’. Neutralizing antibodies actually help eradicate the infecting virus, but non-neutralizing are sometimes also produced; testing to determine if an antibody is neutralizing takes time and money.

      As we should recognize by now, information published by governmental institutions will be skewed and biased to fit their official corrupt narrative; this includes ‘data’ and analyses published by the CDC, NIH, or FDA. The CDC information cited by Warhammer tells only part of the story and I would caution everyone that basing a decision on taking the jabs or the boosters on a CDC-spun story may be foolhardy.

    • But ignoring the FACT of actual detrimental side effects in ALL age groups doesn’t help anything either.

      Dr. John Campbell has had his eyes opened enough to interview a young biker athlete that has had a very adverse reaction to his second jab to the point he hasn’t been able to return to his, up to recently, very successful competitive career since early this year and probably won’t for the foreseeable future. The myocarditis along with several other debilitating reactions his body has produced has pretty much shut his life down.

      The reaction of the first doctor he went to see about it is a head-in-the-, well, sand, if you want, about the negative effects that can be produced by The Jab. Luckily he found a second cardiologist who, while skeptical at first, has taken a keen interest in Kyle’s case. Also Kyle talks about who is an organization that helps and documents cases where adverse reactions have occurred. Kyle mentions the fact that several people who have either had adverse reactions to The Jab or lost loved one due to it have already committed suicide as a result of having no support system for these unfortunate events. The incidence of ridicule just for HAVING the adverse reaction can be too much for some people.

      Dr. Campbell and Kyle do mention that, due to the real possibility, if not probability, that the vaxxx was introduced into a blood vessel and, thus, “mainlined” into his circulatory system, have produced these effects in his body while, apparently, it did not in his girl friend’s injection site. Kyle has shared Dr. Campbell’s other video explaining the importance of aspirating the injection site before shoving the plunger home on the syringe. Apparently few people giving these injections are taught to do this.

      Given the “official” attitude that the first doctor Kyle went to see showed; the adamant nature of the government’s insistence that all “common” people get this vaxxx while the completely UN-equal administration of the “rules” surrounding Covid as to how to avoid transmission and who MUST get The Jab and who gets a pass go totally unaddressed by this administration; the price setting of Merck’s new oral drug for Covid to an unbelievable astronomical level BY THE GOVERNMENT and the obvious cover-up of any and all adverse reactions AND DEATHS from the vaxxx while indemnifying the pharmaceutical companies from any liabilities ought to make any thinking person avoid The Jab for any and all reasons. Seriously, if you can’t see mRNA as a massive con job there is no hope for you at this point. Especially after what Dr. Carrie Madej found under her microscope when examining several batches of the vaxxx from several different makers –

      • The entire Covid thing is a con – a con so large that the normalcy bias for most people has kicked in very strongly and most people buy the entire scam hook line and sinker.

        Btw, I found this interesting. There was a Doctor Peter McCullough on the Jeff Rense show last night. Now this doc is very anti-vax and his claim to fame is his advocacy of simple protocols to fight the ‘virus’ – hydroxycloroquin, ivermectin, etc. Ok, fine. But when asked by Jeff Rense why there were no published articles in top of the line medical journals demonstrating the isolation of the ‘covid 19’ virus he said there was ONE. It was some relatively obscure journal that claimed the virus was ‘isolated’ via an electron microscopy.

        Ok, so let’s break this down. We have had the entire globe pretty much shuttered or severely restricted for over a year and a half because of so called ‘covid 19’ and we have ONE, only ONE study proposing the isolation of the virus? Huh? One would think if this virus was real then we would have had hundreds of studies by now ‘proving’ the existence of the virus through isolation. This virus and its isolation have been the most studied thing since Jeshua Ben Joseph. No?

        Any comments – I love to hear the comments from the ‘covid is definitely real’ crowd??

      • aNTI-gEORGE pushes for the lying politifact hacks, remember when they supported the RUSSIA,RUSSIA,RUSSIA LIES

        Politifact hacks are liar liar pants on fire, so damn bias, DO NOT EAT THE BAIT, there is a hook in it, as the fish asked the chef “what’s for lunch?”

        Facebook’s hidden hand holds Politifacts hand and puts a little cash in the prostitute’s bank account

        Watch out for Durham, he speaks softy and carries a BIG stick. he is NOT out grand standing, look at me attitude, seeking every chance to get in front of a corporate owned TV camera. Remember Mueller of Russia,Russia,Russia fame, repeatedly lying to US
        So it is impossible for me to trust anything so BIAS as Politifact, that one must consider, Dr Carrie is telling the truth

      • Another George –
        I’d be willing to bet that, with a minimum of effort, you could contact her yourself and have an interesting conversation with her rather than listening to leftist propaganda sites that purport to declare what “Truth” is and isn’t. Her contact information is out there.

  3. Durham is dragging big shot deep state lawyer to court, discovery is where the prosecutor presents his evidence to the defendant’s lawyer, pre trial. BOOM, this is a good read

    “According to this latest filing, Special Counsel Durham has produced “more than 6,000 documents, comprising approximately 81,000 pages” to Sussmann. This includes “documents received in response to grand jury subpoenas issued to fifteen separate individuals, entities, and organizations – including among others, political organizations, a university, university researchers, an investigative firm, and numerous companies.”

    This is an article by Techno-fog, he has been pretty accurate in the past, uses court documents to support his writings

  4. Question
    of the

    Even though it was just a computer glitch, did BCN and the other tulip connoisseurs shit themselves when Bitcoin dropped 87% in .87 seconds, yesterday?

    -Asking for a friend…

    • Rehearsal to blow out the cobwebs for the corrections coming on the real exchanges. The experienced wonks are probably all retired by now…

    • It was a “shart” and only because lack of an executable trade in hand – to BUY some of that nifty digital gold..

  5. Looks like Trump got his payday yesterday.

    I don’t see the big problem with the California ports. Rickets & scurvy shouldn’t set-in after less than two weeks out at sea.

    “Ships sitting outside Los Angeles, for instance, wait an average of more than 12 days at anchor before they can pull into port. It takes almost that amount of time to cross the Pacific from Asia. There’s rarely a shortage of work to do, but such delays are forcing captains to find ways to buoy spirits for those stuck at sea.

    “This is probably the thing that is keeping me up most of the time,” Grote said in an interview.”

  6. Rep. Tony Gonzalez being interviewed on Real America, GOP YouTube channel.
    About 18:45 – 100K people coming through Panama going to the U.S., 52 people, so far, have been caught and associated with Al Queda. (which makes me wonder about the ‘got aways’) Gonzalez asks if anyone in the administration knows about this and he says “there’s no one home…” which about sums it up for this PRETENDency.

    This is a systematic dismantling of our country on just this issue alone. The interviewer says “we have to win this next election…” a meme the R’s keep pushing but we won’t last until the next election at this rate. If, by some chance, we do and actually have elections the cheat is still in effect.

  7. “if Joe Biden had any stones, he would have brought the national guard out long-ago to fix the supply chain mess”

    As if any bureaucrats can fix anything like a supply chain. They are the ones that caused the issues, by paying people not to work and printing money. Having military inference will not help to adapt us to our new inflation reality where we are going to have to pay lots more to people to do some of these jobs. Haven’t we had enough of government solutions? Best thing they could do is remove regulations on these industries and let them hire people willing to work and not according to historical discrimination criteria.

  8. George, please download and do the same analysis from the FDA website for the vaccine trials. You will find that Pfizer and Moderna offered .08 increase in protection over a placebo. Vitamin C does better.

    The harm, on the other hand, immediate, and ongoing, that’s the needed stats, but with under and none reporting, it’s only people’s lives that are being played with.


  9. Although the sky’s been cloudy, I’m actually seeing bits of rational thinking peeping through. Hope for the flowers!

  10. yep yada yada depression talk is a psyoptic tool . not one constructive or positive alternative . the veges are beaten animals .

  11. Note of Caution….
    I’ve been following the “Public Health England” report for a couple of months. Public Health England (written on the last page of the report) is an organization of OPERATIONAL AUTONOMY.
    You have referenced/ linked two different reports today. One is by “Public Health England” and the other is “UK Health Agency”. I don’t know what UK Health Agency may be…. but there is no mention of OPERATIONAL AUTONOMY at the end of that report.
    That being… Your UK Covid numbers confuse me…. (maybe I’m just not to bright?) .
    I’ve been reading PUBLIC HEALTH ENGLAND reports as such….
    I Only pay attention to the comparison of the columns “Total’ to the “Not Vaccinated” column on “Table 4 Covid-19 DEATHS” (in week 41 for example) : for death within 28 days in age group 50-59 of the 203 deaths, 101 were not vaccinated. in the 60-69 age group of the 378 deaths only 109 were not vaccinated. In age group 70-79 of the 726 deaths only 116 were not vaccinated. Covid has a survival rate of about 98-99.98%. Higher ages have way greater risks of death. If there are deaths from Covid in ages lower than 60 years of age… comorbidities are usually the driving factor for the deaths, not Covid per se.
    My point is: How can anyone claim these so-called “vaccines” do any good?
    disclaimer… I’ve referenced UK Health Agency Report for the numbers above, but it’s basically for example use of how I read the report.
    Public Health England have all their reports available via the web.

  12. There are several other aspects that muddy the comparison of vaccinated to unvaxxed people. These are intentional because of money, power and pride.

    The pcr test is crap. And even if its accurate, does not rule out other infections.

    Most people have been convinced to wear non medical masks whenever in public. These are generally not washed or handled properly, especially in schools where the rules tell students to put the mask on between bites of food during lunch. Thus the children have catchup, grease & crumbs mixing with dirt, drool, boogers and moist breath, causing hypercapnia, hypoxia and bacterial infections. Applies to nursing homes, workplaces as well.

    OSHA specifically discourages employers from reporting vaccine related injuries, cause it might discourage vaccination efforts!

    Ones immune system depends on various and miscilanious things- nutrition, hydration, and exposure to environments. Most people suck at cooking so lockdowns meant more pizza and burgers, less salad and healthy food. And less going out means less excercise, less movement, more boredom, more drugs and alcohol.

    Hospitals are paid to report covid in hospitalization and death. You might recall that some hospitals reported some deaths as covid19 with a secondary infection of motorcycle crash. One is not “vaccinated” till 2 weeks after the 2nd dose of covid vaccine, and many hospitals are unwilling to report vaccine adverse events, so someone who has a heart attack between dose 1 and 13 days after dose 2 could be recorded an unvaccinated covid death. And if they have a heart attack or stroke 1 month after vaccination, they simply died of that. An unvaxxed 85 yo diabetic cancer patient who dies with covid is proof you need to take your shots. A 13 year old athlete who becomes crippled or dead after vaccination is proof that side effects are rare and all kids need their vaccines.

    Then there are the follow on problems of policies. How many people lost their business, or income? How many have suffered from poverty? How many old people were too brainwashed and afraid to let their jobless sons & daughters move back in with them?

    So just as you cant trust government inflation or jobs numbers, you cant trust medical data. I cant come up with a way of accounting for these variables, so I ask: que bono?

    The beneficiary is the manufacturer of drugs, masks and vaccines, the political parties that have unlimited money and power, the tech industry that censors everyone, and of course forign powers who could take advantage of a weakened and devided nation.

    But most importantly ive gone out, played with animals, visited friends & family, driven around and I havent been seriously ill since febuary of last year. So in an age where all data is lies and manipulation, I do things based on observation. You might be old, but enjoy what time you have left as if there is no

  13. Especially vaccines that do not tell you exactly what is in them – even though someone may choose to get the injection it is not by Informed Consent ……. On to 2 boosters and if efficacy is what the claim it to be release the contents …. And as for physicians recommending these injections – Do no harm and don’t claim like the guards at Auschwitz – I was just doing my job…

  14. To be painfully honest, the “vax” is not the worst thing I have wver put in my body.

    But I will just leave this right here:

    A venturesome minority will always be eager to get off on their own… let them take risks, for Godsake, let them get lost, sunburnt, stranded, drowned, eaten by bears, buried alive under avalanches- that is the right and privilege of any free American.
    16 Idaho Law Review 407, 420 – 1980.

  15. Hi George, I seem to recall a dream you had at the beginning of this plandemic. Millions of people crossing over in a short amount of time. They were setting up wi-fi stations, possibly 5G? preparing for the huge influx crossing over. Not from COVID 19. Maybe the depopulation injection that is destroying everyone’s immune system with the spike protein? ?? Thanks for all you do. ?

  16. George;
    I remember the 1960’s.. 12 yrs old all the guys but me drunk,3 girls in car with us. I am driving.I had one beer,then drank soda. I had fun with girls,got to explore.
    Everyone got home safe. This repeated up thru 1965,then I moved from West Virginia to Baltimore.
    I had fun in Vietnam as a combat medic.I got to shoot bad guys,if they lived I got to work on them,saved some..
    Got a lifetime career.Put stitches in a guy 2 months before my 19th birthday.1969 while guarding a village,got to listen to moon landing. Delivered a baby too. Fortunately Mom had done it 2 times before and helped me A lot.LOL,LOL… Being drunk or stoned on OJ’s ( that is
    marijuana dipped in opium)cigarettes was not a survival trait for combat or after. I am sure some guys hallucinated much of their “War experience”..
    I prefer Reality,no drug filters needed or desired..
    Plus I got to treat everyones VD.. FUN STUFF not.
    Recently a STD public health nurse had a Swinger gal and her husband come up positive for syphilis.. They had to contact all 35 folks in the swingers group and their kids to test them all for syphilis.. It is at a record high nationwide ,in every state as well as gonorrhea, and other fun STD’S.. FOLKS were surprised their kids had to
    get checked. A couple questions about oral sex,,anal and lots of amyl nitrate, Viagra. Yes kissing your child can give them syphilis.. Public Health. Some folks were surprised..
    Just part of the grand activity of Human Beings. Often do not think of consequences.. CHOICES.
    YES I remember the 60’s. Better than most. Had 12 friends in scout group 5 died from drugs and Alcohol.One had leukemia died age 20 , one drowned age 12. 1964.
    Five of us left. I am the only veteran. Glad I can remember. even the bad things/times are valuable not to be shunned or forgotten.Valuable for this life and maybe the next.Make new mistakes not same ones over and over..

  17. ” he would have brought the national guard out long-ago to fix the supply chain mess.”

    Now.. I for one don’t think he should … first off..
    How can the national guard fix a supply chain as broken as ours…. if the boats are all out to sea.. they have to be brought in unloaded transported and delivered …
    now stop for a minute and think about this whole scenario….. could all of this actually be by grand design?
    We have the holidays and winter coming up.. our country is filled with stressed shopping centers and stressed people totally dependent on china’s manufacturing capabilities to supply the goods they need badly….
    I personally thought before that it looked like we were being set up for a poison pawn defeat could this be the pawn..I actually thought the pawn was the greed of oil and that we would blast our way into the balkans or off the coast of syria to steal the oil there for some joker in another country. under the protection of the UN then have to send manpower to the region leaving us unprotected…
    We have an administration that has been flying in ten thousand illegal refugees a day..from what I have read now he is sending in plane loads of children to boot..
    the same administration has been accused of having financial ties to the many aspects of foreign govt. where they have been paying millions of dollars for access to those in power..
    There has been a suggestion that they are paying huge amounts of money to inspire our congress into their decision making a bought and paid for system by an open ended gift giving system.. If any of that is true then think about it a little bit. what did it take a few million dollars here and there, a few kids and ladies to have your pleasures with, maybe some drugs and a few vacations, transportation to and from work on a luxury airline.. jobs for their families or themselves.. Really if it is true it is a very simple plan, a meal, a glass of wine maybe a drug or two and a blow job and a few bucks in their pockets that will, if it goes the Weimar way be worthless as tits on a boar in the future….Just to get what they wanted passed to conquer a system… they don’t even read what they are voting on they have even argued why they shouldn’t have to and really most of them are written to be confusing and since they don’t write them at all it would take a lot of time to actually decipher the bills they vote on…… hell they aren’t even at work most of the time what is it now with juneteenth twenty seven days a year.. and all that other stuff that daunts their abilities with the nightmare coming at the country full throttle. they are all off someplace spanking their monkey.
    Now we have the national guard which is to protect the home land and be available to backup our troops overseas…
    If they turn them into delivery boys would that in essence leave the country wide open with no one to protect the home land..
    the whole idea behind a poison pawn move is to convince the opponent into going after the pawn and leave the defenses of king open to be put in check.. what I find really interesting is in the Russian defense report that was made public and on google…. there is a mention that china has adopted the club-k missile and remote vehicle system along with stories that say they have been modifying container ships into military delivery and attack vessels.. hmm.. Now doesn’t that add an interesting twist to this whole supply chain debacle .. could they.. would they..Did they.. we will never know for sure until it happens if they did. but it does put an interesting twist to this….

    I personally can’t see Xi doing that.. But then the administration has been pushing them into a corner and testing their borders China and Russia has signed agreements with a wide variety of countries and china has an active interest in Taiwan .. and even right off of our southern Florida with helping Cuba during their time of trial and food and medical supply shortages.. seriously I think we should have been the ones to go to their rescue instead of flipping them the bird…. and if Xi see’s his country in a corner with no way out.. I think he would throw everything he has at the ones they are against to win.
    With that in mind it wouldn’t surprise me if those containers were scattered all across the USA. I thought that when Russia first came out with them and the fact that our congress sold off the ports, toll roads and we check a relatively small amount of the incoming containers. close a few roads for construction the orange cone nightmare.. .. we would be chasing ghosts.. or what is the old saying a wild goose chase.. then on top of it.. flying in illegals when they came right out and said.. that was exactly how they would attack from within….
    they have been working night and day strengthening their grid.. building vacant manufacturing plants for just in case.. all ready to be fired up and running at a whims notice.. housing for the people that would be displaced.. and building massive bunkers for their population.. and we have been what. defunding the police in the highest crime ridden area’s of some of the biggest cities… I hope and pray that this is only a paranoid thought by an old man that reads to much and none of it is real and just some abstract puzzle….

    • The “National Guard” is a placebo for the masses. Weekend warriors don’t know how to drive a crane or cap a semi-chassis (unless that’s their civilian job) and they can’t legally drive a big-rig on the nation’s roadways unless they hold a CDL. They also, in general, know nothing about logistics and dey ain’t enough warrant officers in the NGs of all States, combined, to move those containers any better than the civvies they’d replace.

      The port problems are:

      1) Creepy Joe is a rabid unionist. Because of this, only union dockworkers are working the docks and only union teamsters are hauling containers.

      If LA or LB are running a single shift, it is because that is what the Longshoreman’s Union has dictated, not the dock-operators or Port Authority.

      2) There is a shortage of both container chassis, and people to haul them, because only union fabs can build the trailer chassis, and only union drivers can haul them.

      If’fn ya drives across northern Indiana or southern Michigan, between US-12 and US-20 you will pass dozens of RV and trailer fabs. You will pass vast storage lots full of 40′ and 53′ container chassis. These are all Amish-made and transported in stacked clusters by “mom & pop” independent truckers.

      They’re all still setting there…

      Part of Joe’s plan (might actually be HIS plan, rather than his handlers’ plan) is to force unionization everywhere he can, and force independent truckers either out of business, or into the Teamster’s Union. THIS is the source of the majority of the “bottleneck” at the West Coast ports.

      Everybody who has SiriusXM needs to get off music, POTUS, or The Patriot Channel and listen to Road Dog Trucking, every once in a while. Everyone who doesn’t, needs to find WLW-Radio (700AM, clear channel in North America) and record the overnight trucking shows…

      3) Only late-model tractors may be driven on Port Authority turf.

      Unless it’s been retrofit for electricity, AND DOCUMENTED, your 11yo tractor is not making it through the outer fence.

      So, what we have here is an obscene bottleneck, created by the Biden Admonition (sic) to increase the coffers of heavily-Democratic corporate donors and foist a new iteration of the Reuther Culture on us (that’d be logistics-related unions, to the Millenial readers), using COVID as both the excuse and the scapegoat. It’s a brilliant plan, assuming owners give in to the unions before hunger sets-in to the masses…

      Aren’t you glad we’re contributing a half-mil to build a wall + concertina-wire fence around Creepy Joe’s vacation home, while unerected border wall panels rust in the Texas humidity because they can’t air out? I guess walls only work for Joe (and Nancy…)

      • “listen to Road Dog Trucking, every once in a while”

        What channel is that? I always listen to the hallmark channel..

      • ““listen to Road Dog Trucking, every once in a while”

        What channel is that? I always listen to the hallmark channel..”

        SiriusXM Channel 146

      • SiriusXM Channel 146

        thanks Ray… I totally love sirius xm..It is getting a little spendy though .. I get it for the wifes commute to work that way she can listen to the music she likes..I cannot stand the Rap crap they have on the other stations and the oldies but goodies channels is all a big loop..

  18. VIDEO: Democrat Mayor Blasted for Hiring Registered Child Sex Offender

    …Redmond is a registered child sex offender and is listed on the Illinois State Police child sex offender’s registry, the outlet continued: FOX 32 News has learned Redmond spent 24 years in prison in Illinois…

    Loudoun email reveals superintendent notified school board on day of alleged sexual assault

    The superintendent for Loudoun County Public Schools (LCPS) sent an email alerting the school board of an alleged assault on the same day as the one that has captured national headlines.

    150 years ago the majority of the Loudoun County school board would have been tarred & feathered, and run out of town on a rail, and the ones that weren’t, would’ve been hanged. I’m starting to wonder why the common dictum is that “society” has become more “developed” or “civil” when we’ve taken to letting immoral bâtards like the members of this school board, emotionally molest and psychologically completely wreck an entire generation of children.

    • ” I’m starting to wonder why the common dictum is that “society” has become more “developed” or “civil” when we’ve taken to letting immoral bâtards like the members of this school board, emotionally molest and psychologically completely wreck an entire generation of children.”

      they have all been lulled into compliance through the greed that is allowed in DC… its frustrating when you see those sworn to protect actually work hard to hide the horrific actions of those leading.. or to allow the actions of those emotionally and psychologically molest our children.. It is even worse when they can fly them in by the plane loads and the people accept that they are paying for their debauchery and criminal actions..
      for four years we heard about how awful trump was because of his narcissisms and boldness .. now look what we got and they are trying to make us believe that this is better.. At least we knew what we had and he was trying to make a positive difference in our country.. he stood up for the what if he was proud of his accomplishments..

  19. Retailers Lining Store Shelves With Props To “Hide Supply Shortage”

    Instead of leaving some store shelves bare, which might insight fear and buying panic among consumers, some stores are lining their empty shelves with meaningless items to appear as full as possible.

    THIS is what I saw in in store photos in the early 2000s, from Venezuelans with camera-phones, who surreptitiously shot “life” in Caracas, before Hugo Chávez made cellphone communications go away.

    • they have been doing this for a while now Ray… I use to have to hunt for diced italian style tomatoes.. LOL LOL LOL now they are everywhere..
      What they have been doing is filling in the blank spots with backstock the items that they don’t sell a lot of but have on pallets in the backroom..
      Like coffee pots.. they only have one.. so they pull that to the front and place what they have in the back so it looks like a full shelf..
      the vegitable isle.. if they have a case rather than fill the shelf if there isn’t anything in back stock to take the place of the missing.. they face the shelf with that one case so the whole shelf looks full..
      back in the middle eighties when Toilet paper was on sale for ten cents a package.. and pizza’s were a nickle.. we would sell so many that the only way to make it was to face the shelves so that it looked full..
      next time your at the grocery store.. go to the chip isle.. take a look and count how many spots there are for potato chips.. barbeque… I buy individual one ounce packages.. see if you can find any what you will notice is a long line of corn products..and maybe a couple shelf spots for potato chips( the company told me that corn is cheaper than potatoes) .. for the blonde oreo’s they can’t get them here.. I have to order them from NYC.. I buy a case at a time.. the same with potato chips.. you cannot get the one ounce lunch box packages.. I order them online.. the same with a few other items that they don’t sell here.. the cost is triple but it is the only way to get them.. and I totally wish that it wasn’t a favorite of some of the family members.. but it is.. I cut our cable down to one fifth of the cost as well.. got a five hundred dollar bill this month and said this is enough and those prices are going up next month…. I so far haven’t heard any wailing and gnashing of teeth.. so it is going to stay I did mention that if they wanted to order it they could..but I am not going to pay that much a month especially when Heat is going up thirty percent.. Now to get rid of the expensive cable boxes for the cheaper one LOL.. the one the inlaws use is a thirty dollar a month cable box LOL.. Someone had once asked why we just didn’t use over the air television and get an antenna LOL LOL LOL LOL.. We live in a signal dead zone.. yup.. if they hadn’t put up an antenna for cell phones we would have to use aluminum hats and do the.. can you hear me.. I just pointed to the two houses that do have television antennas.. they are on poles seventy feet in the air LOL LOL LOL you have to have cable.. I tried slinging it.. can get all the channels for a fraction of the money online.. but.. I couldn’t get them to understand the remote.. up down right left.. was to much..

      • “especially when Heat is going up thirty percent.”

        You’re an optimist. Heat in the UK is already up 450% in some areas. With Joe trying to throttle conventional energy and domestic production, do you honestly think it won’t go up like that, here…?

        The poor little demented tyrant shut down our energy industry, after Trump had gotten us to complete energy independence for the first time since the Great Depression. Now, he’s on his knees to Dubai and the Saudis, begging them to open their spigots (and using the fact they won’t up their production as the cause of our high gas prices.)

        I’m holding to my prediction of $7/gal gas by next August. It is hard-coded into Biden’s policies. I would not be surprised to see $20/gal gasoline in some places, by the time he’s thrown out of office — not kidding.

        I’m currently fostering a dog. The dog is used to eating crap food, because that’s what the last foster fed him. I have only super-premium food for my babies (price is actually cheaper, once digestive efficiency is figured in) and the foster wasn’t eating it. My daughter asked, then I told her “He’ll eat when he gets hungry enough.” Once he does, I will have ruined him for his owner. What my dogs are getting is the only dry dog food I’ve ever seen dogs fight over, so I’m assuming they find it both palatable and aromatically-pleasing…

        Get Sling, leave the remote where it’s easy to find, shut your ears. When your household gets hungry enough to watch television, they will teach themselves how to use the remote…

      • Shop around for all your comms:

        If you are captive to a monopoly cable franchise, there may be other options. Try looking for competing broadband services in your area on the internet. Here locally, there is competition, if you look for it.
        I am in a suburban comm dead zone, with no cable and no DSL, so I spend $75 a month for microwave broadband internet. I do have decent fringe off-air reception (except when I REALLY need it on a Sunday afternoon). Otherwise, my VOIP phone line is less than $25 a month, my cell service with unlimited talk and text with 2 gig of data is less than $25 a month per handset, and Sling is what it is. I also have Prime. Throw in Netflix DVD’s delivered to the mailbox, and my total bill is well under $200 a month, and I am not really lacking anything. If things get tight again, I will drop a couple of Sling and Prime add-ons.
        Assign the precocious grandkids to show the in-laws how to work the remotes; they’ll be too embarrassed to whine.

        Local gasoline was over $3 per gallon this past week. I have yet to see anything resembling food shortages or wild hyperinflation on anything here but real estate. Covid new cases have dropped 80 to 90% from September peak levels. There is nothing to suggest that any emergency measures are in order. I’m not buying the forced booster narrative.

      • “You’re an optimist. Heat in the UK is already up 450% in some areas. With Joe trying to throttle conventional energy and domestic production, do you honestly think it won’t go up like that, here…?”

        I am trying real hard to be an optimist .. that is my fear…as corrupt as our leaders are..
        they have been paying the family a lot of money. Buying drugs providing prepubescent kids to rape and abuse for years and years..buying influence with legislators.
        With legislators claiming it’s all good..
        Then to see us going down the Zimbabwe,Argentina drain..
        For me It’s all scary as hell.
        What’s really frightening is just when you think could it possibly get any worse.. then more Intel comes out having you shocked.. I totally see why they pick those they do.. after a long time at the feeding trough it’s easier. Costs less than converting someone with morals and an ethical outlook..

      • This Winter, We Could Potentially Be Facing Simultaneous Shortages Of Oil, Natural Gas, Propane And Coal

        Needless to say, we have never seen anything like this happen before.

        In such a scenario, how high could the price of oil potentially go?

        And if oil price records are being shattered in the months ahead, what will ordinary Americans have to pay when they go to fill up their vehicles?

        I have a feeling that we are about to enter uncharted territory.

        Meanwhile, one expert recently told Bloomberg that we could soon be facing “propane-market armageddon”…

        I’ve got a 20yo, brand new woodburning stove and six cords of hardwood as an emergency fallback, and even I am looking at alternatives…

      • I followed my own advice and went back through my comm accounts; I found a value VOIP tier from the current provider: unlimited incoming with 500 minutes outgoing for less than $10 a month. Since 90% of my outgoing calls are made on my cell phone, why not? That translates to more than a $150 a year reduction in comm expense with no downside.
        I also changed an option package on Sling, and that saved me a whopping $12 a year.

      • “you left out food of course”

        You know what is funny.. wine making juice.. doubled in price in two months and some of them are three times the price.. I have pomegranate in fermenting right now.. the grocery store can’t get their brand of juice.. (it is bottled in another country of course) the only one they can get is three times the price..
        my cow with processing will be just shy two dollars a pound this year.. last year it was two and thirty cents..
        the farmer is actually getting less per pound.. and the price of farm fuel is up..

  20. Salmonella Outbreak In Multiple States Linked To Onions: CDC

    At least 652 people from 37 states have reported sick, 129 of whom have been hospitalized. No deaths have been reported, the CDC announced.

    The onions — whole red, white, and yellow varieties—were all imported from Chihuahua, Mexico, and distributed across the United States by ProSource Inc., according to epidemiological and traceback data, per the CDC.

    August to October is onion season in the U.S. Why the f**k are we buying onions from Mexico during our own onion season…?

    • “whole red, white, and yellow varieties—were all imported from Chihuahua, Mexico,”

      Dam.. I just bought a ten pound bag imported by that company.. I had freeze dried all of the ones I grew.. but for slicers I bought a bag.. Dam…

    • “August to October is onion season in the U.S. Why the f**k are we buying onions from Mexico during our own onion season…?”

      its all in the business model Ray… it is the same reason why we outsourced our industries to china mexico etc.. our containers that once was made in the USA now made someplace else.. the fruit we had for supper last night canned in china.. so was the vegitables.. one local store though does have their store brand canned in a small cannery in a local area around here.. we buy a lot of that if we can.. soup that use to be canned in the USA now canned in mexico.. the same with those blonde cookies we can’t buy around here.. the bakery use to be in Chicago and NYC.. now they are all produced outside the usa.. its about MONEY.. for those at the top.. the workers all make about the same..

      Why are US companies moving to Mexico?
      Global commerce, market competition, and reduced costs among other factors, have explained U.S manufacturing companies moving to Mexico. With their own budget plan, each company has to constantly modify and adjust to changes in the world economy.

    • Same reason Canada gets the best of California produce. It isn’t just for trade or globalism, it’s to destabilize the USA and try to make it unable to feed itself. It’s also a byproduct of our actions when we have hurt other countries farmers and economies, so we import their produce.

      Read up, deeply, on the potato famine in Ireland and how the farmers were ran off their land which was then purchased by the elite who then hired them, and starved them but made them fulfill the export contracts.

      We will see that here, except, Americans have no where to flee or immigrate to.

      Per the Geneva conventions, we are not eligible for refugee status anywhere.

      Oh, a few get out each year, but it’s a pittance.

      Just try, right now, immigrating to Canada, for example, not an easy feat.

      I am not talking about a seasonal move to Mexico. Yes, with mucho money you can head to Costa Rico, Ecuador, Peru, etc., if you want, but better get cracking on exchanging your dollars for citizenship papers.

      The sound of millions of moving feet across the USA, that’s what you have been hearing the undertones of. Trying to relocate for jobs, safety, food, education, religious and medical exemptions, AND LIBERTY AND FREEDOM, but this country is using those VICE GRIPS, George, and pinching everyone who earns under $400k!!! What a silly, uninflation adjusted, number!!!!

  21. ‘One Of The Principal Obstacles To Progress’: Sinema Advisors Quit, Say She Fails To Stand By Her People

    Five members of an advisory council to Democratic Senator Kyrsten Sinema of Arizona resigned, criticizing Sinema for opposing certain legislative priorities held by Democrats.

    ISTM that’s a win on her part. Politicians need a loyal staff. If’fn these commies are more-loyal to Xi or Soros than they are, Sinema, she’s better off without them.

    The vast majority of people who voted Democratic in 2020 believed they were voting for “moderate Democratic policy,” not the thinly-veiled Marxism we’re getting. The only Democrats whose priorities Sinema is opposing are the rabid Marxists — and not always, them.

    There ain’t nuttin’ conservative about Tulsi Gabbard, but she’s becoming a regular on FOXNews, ‘Same as Alan Dershowitz did.

    Does anyone wonder why?

    It is because she’s honest about what her political ideology is, and because she’s grown-up enough to admit that her oath to the Nation is more important than her oath to Bernie.

      • LOL LOL LOL.. did you hear on the network news.. the other day there was a story on the family was listening to where they were saying that people that stand up for their oaths they took in office are conspirators against the country..
        LOL LOL LOL…

  22. This next week is Clif’s “release dates” starting Monday. One theory he offered was that China’s Evergrande problem finally implodes and they unilaterally re-value gold to a five figure level which hugely affects our markets over here.

    We’ve been bouncing along in Never-Land since 2008 and no one I’ve run across can see how it can continue on. Danielle DiMartino Booth’s two part interview on Wealthion is a good discussion on what is going on politically in the FED – and touches on the China issue. As I’ve said before things will bump and stumble along and maintain the status quo – until they don’t and the rug gets pulled out from under us with no warnings other than “it should have happened a long time ago”.

      • A few days back I posted a link to a Jean-Claude and JSnip video on the Beyond Mystic 003 channel on YouTube where Clif went into detail about that and several other elements of his reports like the Cousin Alexy character. … … Didn’t you see it?

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