Reader Note: Never-ending Site Improvements

You should now (after a hiatus) be able to send in hot news tips using the link on the menu above.

I didn’t notice it wasn’t working for a while (sorry about that!) but it should be working again now and it now has its own email routing folder so anything that comes it will go to the right place.

I appreciate people sharing their “finds” with us because there’s no way one person can keep up with all of it…but as a group effort, we hope to continue to cover a lot more ground than most.

I’ve also been working on server-side enhancements and our typical home page load times are now typically less than 2 second with as fast as 0.96 seconds. Considering this is my own server tweaks, that’s pretty decent.  Remember, that’s with responsive graphics and all the rest of it…site should look pretty good and reasonably fast on mobile devices, too…

But the adventure continues.  At the risk of trying to “Make the round hole rounder” we persist in fine tuning in response to user requests and suggestions…thanks for sharing ideas.  Though the one of using a spellchecker?  Ahem…..

Mailing list should be up next week, as well….and still cloudy and on the cool side this weekend here in East Texas… Come on  by Monday!  A midsummer’s night winter should break by then…