Priorities Wobble Before Babel II Falls?

“Effective News Reading” may be our “tag cloud” this week.  

Since there is little “economic news” this morning, I’ll subject you to a “free-form ramble.”  Because there is a major shift in Future possibly approaching.

Please don’t take this as an “anti-news” piece.  More like? Analysis from the subconscious.  Distilled – yet only partly clarified.  The result of taking an “Invention Day” break Sunday.

Priorities Flip-Flop

I am getting a “sense” that large numbers of 35-55 year old humans are in the midst of “flip-flops.” Unsure of  their future at the moment. Lockdown?  Vax work, or not? War? Climate?  It’s becoming fuzzy.

A couple of source examples:

  • My son has flip-flopped on moving to East Texas for a while.  Sure – still on great terms, will visit – but he’s a rock star in the local Covid health world in Washington State and just in the past couple of weeks, he’s become not “clear on future” even two years out.   Following his guts.
  • Long-time poster in our Comments section – Andy – is “going away, hanging it up.”  Frustration and the futility of trying to help people “deal themselves a better future” does get old.  (Dude!  We totally know that one!)

There are other examples – maybe among people in your orbit – of this life spinning with Future unclear.  Will America soon adopt Spanish as a second language like Canada did with French?  Is THAT what Biden Blows Borders (BBB) is about?  That kind of thing.

Everyone has a “compass in Life.”  And from their personal direction they project off into a future. Spoken, or not, we all harbor a “lightweight Plan” of what’s out there.

Which, through various psychological means, we consciously or otherwise, then set about creating.

When I sense a high level of “flipping” going on, I go looking for confirming indicators.  These are often weak.  While individually, they don’t seem to mean much, taken as a whole, they MAY.

We should know in perhaps six months.

How Future Arises

Although “Scients” have something of a Reductionist handle on it, how “That-Which-Is-Not-Yet” shows up, expressed as Life, is not well understood.  Were it, schools would offer lessons in such unbespoke topics as learning to Generalize Well.  Development and use of Common Sense and Harmonizing with Flow.

The lessons on the mechanics of this real-life Abracadabra stuff are there – plain as day – for the few who are a already onto the tricks of Wise Generalizing.  Some examples across a wide range?

Anticipatory Surprise Index

A key reason to read the news – other than to observe mayhem in progress, lies (promises broken, Biden on border and packing the SupCo) and mass generalized confusion – is to assess cohesion of human mass consciousness.

When actual events are underway, there is little surprise.  It’s at the “moment before touch” that Future is decided.

Ure Goes Ethereal?  Not really.  Only a few “news” stories make the point that we’re riding a massive wave of “anticipation.”

“Minneapolis braces for unrest as Derek Chauvin trial enters final phase…”

Tense nation readies for Chauvin verdict.

See how it works?  Anticipation is high.  Verbs cue us.

And in a collective mass consciousness way, that sets us up for massive change and likely very soon.

And that’s even before we get to G.A. Stewart’s “worry date” for war with Russia in eastern Europe at Orthodox Easter in two weeks.  Or, for that matter, the Anniversary of Evil tomorrow.

Yeah…Hitler’s birthday. Tomorrow in 1889.  We going to get a decision tomorrow?  Be a curious rhyme of history were it to happen.  Hate never takes a holiday, though, near as we can figure.

Shaking Babel II

Even as the world heads toward Digital Mob Rule (the DMR) there are already pre-quakes that indicate to us how tentative our vision of Future is.

Take for example, the alliance of competitors who are attacking Elon Musk’s Spacex – StarLink satellite program.

Buddy Michael out in the East Bay was charged for his his StarLink unit that was to ship within 3-days.  This was back on March 22 and so far, hasn’t shown up yet, so far as we know.  Oddly, almost impossible to talk to any support at StarLink.  Bump?

Musk has other matters to ponder.  Such as the Smoking Gun report “Cops: Nobody Was Behind Wheel Of Tesla Involved In Fatal Texas Crash.

Musk – big deal that he is – doesn’t comprise all of Babel II.  Other players have a hand.  Some of today’s social quake swarm:

Babel II isn’t falling over yet.  That will be an accomplished fact when online stock trading, digital bank runs begin, and that’s all slated for the outbreak of WW III.

In the meantime, stories like “Matthew McConaughey Has Double-Digit Lead in Texas Governor Race” dominate.

Chris Tyreman’s Next Book

In addition to his “Step-by-Step” millionaire video series (be sure to watch his “Lies, Damn Lies, and Statistics“), Chris is fine-tuning his next book “Unmasking the Great Delusion.”

While the existence of an ancient language (with built-in error correction as happens in Self-Defining Hebrew) may not seem like a Big Deal, there’s a marvelous lesson in linguistics about to step forward.

Specifically, Self-Defining Hebrew has 22 characters which all relate to verbs.  Our everyday English is a mix of nouns, verbs, and “extras.”

What arises in his book (when you read between the lines) is that humans are “action figures.”  And, to the degree we “simplify complex verb stacks” with “nouns” for simplification, we separate ourselves from a powerful generalization tool implicit in a verbs-only language. Which has error correction.

It’s also why a single “verb stack” in SDH Hebrew may result in as many as 72 noun-subbed words in Strong’s Concordance.  When you need 72 definitions for one concept the concept is not being properly reduced.

Hence, the foothold is carved for Delusion.

Really neat stuff.

And incredibly useful in terms of generalizing based on news.  Especially when you look for predictive verbs.

Verbs of the Future

Nostracodeus programming whiz Grady got us onto this path years back.  He was looking for words that “led to events, wars.”

That was a radical change in how we l0oked at “news” around here.

In modern use, “news” is largely “Events.”  So if you want a good handle on what’s to come, all you need is a focus on verbs and adverbs.  

Toss in a few calendars and we can already see a week shaping up in data.  We can add to it by parsing a few key search engines down into what cross-platform concepts are being programmed into the (sheep-like) public.

Thus, we see the Biden administration goading the Russians into Ukraine by raising western concerns about a Vlad Putin would-be challenger:

Yet, at the same time, we also see, behind the curtains of consciousness:

The fewer the words, the wider the lens opens.

Verb Searching

And so, with a few verbs, we can zoom in to future a bit.  Example finds?

[“plans”] reveals that “China says it has no plans to replace dollar with digital yuan.

[“plans”] also finds “Mexico Plans Tree Planting, Regional Migration Pitch to Biden.

[“anticipates”] gives us “‘There will be extraordinary spending’: Retailers anticipate a post-pandemic consumption boom.

[“future”]  Finds how the NY Times is rolling with the climate change marketing on a massive – even kids – level.  “A Climate Change Guide for Kids.”


While we’re being peppered with stories like “Market bull predicts stocks could surge another 8% by July, but lacks clarity on rest of year…”

Today’s reality is Dow futures down 71 and S&P futures down almost 11.

Not to say government free money hand outs (of our own tax money) won’t see more of it land in markets, but for now, we’re eyeing the annual Sell in May and Go Away before a summer rally.

Much depends on verbs clustering around Russia:  mass, invade, fight, seize, ship, bomb and that verb cloud.

Write when you get rich, and leave comments if you’re seeing the “Future get loose, slipping its moorings” a bit…

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65 thoughts on “Priorities Wobble Before Babel II Falls?”

  1. Disclaimer: What follows verges on Woo but is rooted in science. In quantum physics, where matter and energy are one, sub-atomic particle reality (mass, energy, spin) detected in our macro world occurs thru scientific experimentation/observation. Until observation, all quantum possibilities are not just possible – they simultaneously ‘exist.’ Buddhism essentially runs the same way at the macro level, which is why meditation is so important – thru meditation, we realize we are ‘part’ of a shared, holistic reality system, just not ‘the’ sole driver of the system – yet we can learn to control certain aspects of that reality that immediately surrounds us. Tangentially, Bezos uses related techniques – ‘manifesting’ a future and it becomes more likely to occur. Musk employs futures visioning and then works backwards to create the technology steps required to reach that vision.

    IMO, the media blatantly, unrelentingly attempts to create our collective futures for us by merging our individual consciousness, our attention and focus, onto one common/shared stream of thought – Capitol riots; immigration; guns; covid; crypto. The real question is, “aside from itself, whom does the media collectively serve?” Next question should be “are you aware they are recruiting you to follow a determined, manifested version of mass reality?” And finally, “what is the desired ‘manifested’ future such a mass reality leads to?”

    • That is perfectly put. Once you grasp the concept it’s impossible to un-see what the media does. It’s also damned near impossible to get someone to grasp the concept before they’re ready.

      The big question you asked is: “what is the desired ‘manifested’ future such a mass reality leads to?”

      I think we both know the general outline of the answer.

      Not to be too woo about things, but I’ve had a long time gut feeling that we all chose to be here at this time for some reason. This is an important time period and the forces of evil are riding across the land. I often think of the television (and other electronic media) as the ‘Eye of Sauron’. I was discussing this with a friend recently and she supplied me with this exchange from ‘The Lord of the Rings’ trilogy between Gandalf and Frodo:

      “I wish it need not have happened in my time,” said Frodo. “So do I,” said Gandalf, “and so do all who live to see such times. But that is not for them to decide. All we have to decide is what to do with the time that is given us.”

      • And – speaking of woo – it has always been my “knowing” that I’d get to write “Play by Play at the End of the World.” What better honor for a writer, eh?

    • Re: Warhammer, The Tinkerer, MAJ13 and George’s comments,

      Talk about woo and universe sync, ran across this link on Lamecherry this weekend. Whoever posted this video refers briefly to media influence/manipulation as a question onscreen and how it is accomplished. Video covers so much more of mind control through technology now available. Scary stuff.

    • That reminds me of the old Art Bell massed mind experiments in which a desired goal was envisioned by millions of his listeners. For the most part they were successful. They were even able to divert the path of a hurricane. Scarred Art so much that he stopped doing them.

      • I believe the comment I was replying to above has been removed. I can’t imagine saying “Nothing good!” to MAJ13’s comment. In fact, I agree with his comment; advise everyone ignore my comment.

  2. Old news:
    “These U.S. Governors Are Named On Chinese Communist Party Membership List”
    Our Gov. Abbott’s name is on the list. Major heartbreak if any of it is real.
    Great video of Sec. Pompeo’s address to the National Governors Association last December is included.

    Another article referencing Australia’s Sky News’ article lends support to the list of CCP members outside of China.

    These are from December. I guess it shouldn’t be any surprise to see how deep China’s influence in our country goes. They’re serious about ruling the World.

    • No surprise that Loser Gruesome(Grisham) from NM is on the list. Arizona too. I’m surprised that NY and NJ didn’t get on the list, but perhaps that’s because they didn’t finish translating it. For those that didn’t look, half the states’ governors are on that list!

  3. Seems the whole world is waiting to see what happens next…..”with baited breath”…(worms on the tongue)…There’s the Ukraine problem, who’s really in charge problem, the stock market bubble problem…..why are the PMs (precious metals) so low problem….

  4. Musk is involved in some companies doing some amazing things. But reading some of his history, it seems many of his previous companies success is more hyped then profit and Musk’s involvement has lead to some bad outcomes. It is all about Musk’s notoriety and financial gain, and not about company and employee success. – Not sure he ever heard the statement, there is no I in team – – Be very careful about trusting him with your investment money. He does get a lot of attention and draws people to him, but that does not necessarily create long term success.

    • This is BS JOEdish,
      Musk has made more multi-millionaires within his array of companies in 5 years, than most other visionaries have made in their lifetimes. He has had incredible success with Tesla cars…without a doubt, the finest automobile ever made. And as far as success…in less than 10 years, he has accomplished what his luxury competitors have not despite their nearly 100 year head start. Tesla led 16 luxury brands, the firm IHS Markit noted , with the others being Acura, Alfa Romeo, Audi, BMW, Cadillac, Genesis, Infiniti, Jaguar, Land Rover, Lexus, Lincoln, Maserati, Mercedes-Benz, Porsche and Volvo. Of that group, Tesla, Mercedes-Benz and Lexus led the pack, with Alfa Romeo, Jaguar and Maserati bringing up the rear.
      His battery storage, solar, Open AI, The Boring Co and Nuerolink companies are ground breaking and Space X proved that private industry beats government run (NASA) industry hands down. He has other companies in the works and has created over 60,000 jobs. When Tesla Austinnopens, that will add another 10,000 jobs. Now…where are the bad outcomes? It seems the benefits far, far, far outweigh the so called bad outcomes…all outstanding companies have failure of some sort…

      Success is not final, Failure is not fatal. It is the courage to continue that counts.

      • If what you say is true, then please explain how Tesla can be worth more than General Motors? I already know the answer and it’s HYPE. And lots of it. One thing for sure, he knows the pump and dump game, and he knows how to stay ahead of law enforcement.

      • I very much respect Elon Musk and SpaceX. The idea of functional, economical, and reusable space tech is brilliant in its implementation.

        The Tesla company is far ahead of its time in many ways, but only when appealing to a particular demographic. Some of us want simple cars with elegant engineering. Mazda had that with the original RX-7. If such cars are not maintainable by an individual without more than an advanced knowledge of mechanics and electrics, it might as well be leased. An old chevy is more maintainable when out in the boonies. I’m a full advocate of DIY in everything, with very few exceptions, such as self-dentistry. The Tesla requires little maintenance but is always tethered to the company. Lastly, a car(for me) is either fully hands on, or fully hands off. Until the laws are changed, the latter is not even legal.

        Neuralink is a really strange concept – how many of us want it? I’ve not examined it in sufficient depth to comment further.

        Starlink is fascinating for it’s connectivity and its acceleration of space tech. Again, it’s equivocal as to whether we want such unavoidable electronic fog in our environment. I’ll leave this one open.

        I’ve not followed The Boring Company very much, but it does fill a need if it can do it a magnitude or more better than others. It seems like a worthy project.

        My next question would be: How can an individual create these companies and run all of them effectively, while having a real life with a hot wife and kids? That’s the question I’d like to answer!

    • Quit writing lies moron (Tesla is a Joke) Tesla is not a government funded story. He received some early government funding and paid it back immediately. The oil industry has received and continues to receive hundreds of billions in government subsidies . How many bailouts have American car companies had? GM, Ford, Chrysler all had bailouts to the tune of $80.7 billion. Don’t get me started. And yes. A couple of dumbasses decided to ride in a Tesla in the back seat. Not the first time stupid people wrecked a car. One Tesla exploded. Do you know how many gas powered cars explode per day??? 150 gas powered cars explode today. Gas powered cars are a joke.

  5. “I am getting a “sense” that large numbers of 35-55 year old humans are in the midst of “flip-flops.” Unsure of their future at the moment.”

    I am afraid that it isn’t JUST the 35-55… Shizt went biblical here this Am… It was SiriusXM was enough.. to start it.. the wife every morning goes and plays her game on the puter.. I do the books and the wife for the most part doesn’t want to know about the budget and gets upset if I bring it up.. SO… they tell me what they want and I make it happen in the budgeting aspect.. and believe me.. every year the new budget has me spinning.. they slip them all in at one time..
    SO.. the wife sits down and sees the Sirius Xm bill… and how much it went up… then how much everything else went up.. through the bills.. OMG… she wanted me to cut the cords on all of it the whole works.. the phone.. the cable etc.. I said hun… are you sirius.. If I even attempt to make the changes you are asking it will all go biblical.. I have done that before and everyone crawled up my butt and I really don’t want to have that happen again.So learn to .LIve with it.. … That in all our years was probably the closest we ever got to having a disputed exchange..
    SO my point of all of this is…. as anal as I am with the budget.. and I do keep close tabs on it.. I reconcile daily right before I go to Urbansurvival.. the point is.. if it hit my wife as a shock of that magnitude.. and that hasn’t happened in thirty years and we have had our challenges.. Just imagine what its doing to the younger groups of wage earners… that haven’t had any issues in comparison through the years.. a Nickle out has to be a Nickle in otherwise the fragile balance is disrupted or there has to be major changes in the household budget……Maybe its now time to ask her to give the house to one of the kids and we move into an apartment or move to another state like Texas that has low tax rates and the cost of homes… LOL or join the colony.. LOL..
    Oh there is more.. but rather than fill a page up with articles to show that the Puppeteers Shizt Show of the century is all starting to unravel and the components of it are becoming…engaged into their war stances.. we have what.. two and a half weeks before the normal lets rumble message in the puppeteer cycle of false flags get into a battle so we can gain resource control.. ..
    If those involved are not careful .. this version of war of the worlds.. could become a future version of reality..

  6. All too often we search of answers and follow the path of knowledge through hints and truths. Enthusiastically we find answer, after answer … following the path, being concise and accurate, only to seemingly go full circle back at where we started. It’s kind of a sad realization.

    Meaning of anything, is what ever we ascribe to it. Then, labeling levels of importance. When we make our own judgement calls, we find individuality and often on the road less traveled. When we let others make the judgement calls for us, we become sheep. Followers of the masses.

    We’ve all prayed for “change” but no one has been specific about the changes desired. And in that light, the universe makes changes of its own accord and not always to everyone’s liking. Better to be in harmony with a desired outcome than to simply call out to fate, which has a different destiny.

    It’s sad to see people follow media science, without giving credence to real science. The true answers are there but people refuse to look. Easier to just take someone’s word for it. Guess it’s true, people follow the path of least resistance … which could result in their demise.

    I’ve given up on teaching, mentoring and doing someone else’s homework. Let the cards fall where they may. Kinda pointless to try to change someone’s fate/destiny. That’s between each of us individually and the universe. What will be, will be … for you, for me, for them.

    It’s not impossible to predict the future when you can see where it’s all headed … confusion comes when (someone) doesn’t want us to know because it benefits them not you, but expect you to move along with them. Changing paradigms can’t be ease, unless there’s confusion. Notice the chaos?

    Calm heads will prevail, and ya don’t need yoga or meditation to achieve it. Just drive, follow the signs and make your own calls. Easier that way and we might get “something” accomplished.


    • Lakota,
      That’s a great post. We all CAN predict our OWN future. We just need to observe, listen and react accordingly. We control our own destiny. Our productive and meaningful actions usually have positive reactions. There’s more to the fictional parables linked to Star Wars and other science fiction fantasies than you think. With May 4th upon us…Stay with the force and keep the dark side always at a distance. It’s simple…I have lived by the words that God is a typo. They just left out an “o”. Worship, practice and embrace Good and the universe will react in kind.

    • “(someone) doesn’t want us to know because it benefits them not you, but expect you to move along with them. Changing paradigms can’t be ease, ”

      The trick is… Changing the paradigm and making sure it is everyone else’s decision to make the changes that they want…What is it.. a couple hundred people that is controlling not only the people but the leaders as well moving them around like pawns on a chessboard to make the decisions they require to acheive the goals they want.. that is fairly hard.. all it takes is one wild hair to change the route that the herd is stampeding in..
      take a great example.. the crucifixion of christ… the people didn’t necessarily want to kill a man teaching peace and forgiveness.. but when the chanting started everyone followed… the video I seen of those with scripts going through the attack on the capital building.. there wasn’t that many maybe fifteen or twenty.. but once the chanting got around to the people gathered there.. well.. Herd Mentality.. there is what.. a couple hundred that plan the future of mankind.. but they wield the power to sway whole govts.. they use age old set procedures.. GREED… and have been using the same play book for over a thousand years.. Plato and all the great philosophers wrote about it Taught the principles of good leadership and have been criticized and killed because of their teachings..
      “his famous utopian dream, the Republic, the Athenian recommends a radical social restructuring whereby the ruling class of philosopher-guardians enjoys no personal property at all.”

      • Looking out of the box

        As there are no Jesus types to preach peace for a second chance, I wonder if there’s a squeaky wheel noisy enough to get some grease (attention) to get other wheels squeaking. What are the linguistics that change or create the future, as the web bot showed us is possible? Perhaps George can help with that question. Best time to ask for divine intervention is before the need becomes apparent. Just wondering.

      • Sorry LOOB, the only one the India Times got right is the Rothschilds (and there are actually 28 families).

        Here’s a hint: If a family came into money or prominence after the year 1800, they are not “club members,” and at best, sit at the kiddie table…

  7. G,

    Its bohica time – bigger and better in twentyone..

    – wow- is that a new protien spike, or r u just happy to see me?

    – hurricane season is already up and running – 2.5 months ahead of regularly scheduled chaos.

    drought in socal, sowest, col riv basin is just starting to dig in and take hold – place Ure wheat, bean complex, and corn futures bets accordingly, as well as livestock futures -fin. bbq spread anyone ? coot dont want the short of any commodity spread right now..

    Disapora redux..

    ? How can you “watch the water” when cant find any ?

    mind feeling like a “walk-about” is in order soon ?, perhaps your just feeling the

    tempo rising, more and more uncomfortable for lower vibe types…slack jaw-boogie eyed drooling mouth open catching flies – its right there next to you, several degrees – shades/colors a lil different, nasties all about – supposedly can see em with Gen 1 (orange) night vision gear..
    Anger, Sickness, Sadness, War all dampen/lower our collective global vibe, rise above.
    no free & clear title bullshit during the workweek ?
    No Blockchain – No Free & Clear anything.
    – There IS NO TRUST, anymore G – see presidential election 2020 – look at guvmint, boomers, look at alphabets agencies,church, law enforcement, god/dude.

    What happened to all the missing children in US this year, last year.. ? how many ?
    How many MURDERED-ABORTED Human lives in 2020..
    440beat goes on..thesoundofdeathanddestruction to keep US down.
    no touching those Humans – that learn to raise the “roof”
    ? nrg charge implosion – whatwhatwhat. U r subtle electrical afterall..

      • “Not nearly enough! There are 8 billion people on the planet. It should be 4 billion.”

        Unfortunately.. Karl.. to supply the needs of the people of the planet we are using what is it..every person on Earth requires 1.9 hectares of land. They need this for food, clothing and energy production, and also to absorb waste. An average American consumes 9.7 hectares. This suggests that exhaustion of resources is imminent is the entire world population were to follow the American trend of consumption. At that rate, the Earth can support only 1.5 billion people.
        That alone doesn’t take into account the dwindling of farm land climate change or the reduction of drinking water.. there is a reason why some of the wealthier families bought the water rights to the major aquafers.. we are what consuming five acres a minute of farm land.. it doesn’t take a very bright person to see that we need to be green scaping our cities.. but then it doesn’t take a very bright person to see we need to be securing our power grid and repairing our aquifers.. I had always hoped to win the lottery.. and if I did a great chunk of it would go to the Lewis and Clark aquifer.. in my ancestors name sake.. just because it is desperately needed..

    • “Its bohica time – bigger and better in twentyone..
      – wow- is that a new protien spike, or r u just happy to see me?”

      Quick math question crash….

      How many times can seventy go into twenty one……


  8. “The mechanics of which were revealed in Plato’s Allegory of the Cave.
    For those not able to generalize the gap between Jeff Bezos’ shareholder letters (ala Buffett) and Plato, additional guidance is found in Eric Wargo’s study of “Time Loops: Precognition, Retrocausation, and the Unconscious.”

    Don’t you just love Plato…
    I totally re-read all the works yearly and personally feel all students be required to read and discuss their teachings..
    Along with hindu and cunfusious
    And other teachings by the greats
    The philosophy of Wang Yang-Ming…a must read.

    • Secrets and Benefits
      Internal QiGong Cultivation

      Lectures by QiGong Master
      Dr. Yan Xin

      amber leaf press,1st ed. 1997

      ..blows them all away.

  9. Handy “0” Andy … FareTheeWell and thank you for your service both ways sir

    12+ years off&on Jeepers&Peepers Good2Go AllWell in the …… end

    Closer with One ……. C’ya DownTheRoad

    xrocket … to infinity and beyond

  10. The resistance is shooting back at the police/National Guard. Summer 2021 is going to be one for the history books.

    The fork.

    People are going to be frightened. 1940 France, here we come.

    “For Parisians, the Occupation was a series of frustrations, shortages and humiliations. A curfew was in effect from nine in the evening until five in the morning; at night, the city went dark. Rationing of food, tobacco, coal and clothing was imposed from September 1940. Every year the supplies grew more scarce and the prices higher. A million Parisians left the city for the provinces, where there was more food and fewer Germans. The French press and radio contained only German propaganda. “

  11. About living in backwoods, TX… My wife grew up in a small house in a part of Greece the world forgot about. Despite this, she, like all Greeks, has extremely strong feelings about her home and nation. Fate eventually landed her in central Maryland where, at one time, she was 30 minutes away from five different malls. She found a career and as you probably guessed, her only trips to Greece now are her vacations to see her mother. Nothing will lure my wife away from Maryland now except a million dollar condo on a beach somewhere. Your kids are probably experiencing the same tug of war — opportunities vs. familiarities.

    My son and his wife are feeling the pull, as well. They live near Baltimore and are working a move to northern Virginia for a job the wife was offered. It works because my son has maximum telework authority and is willing to drive if they need him “at the office”. It’s really about the money but a close second pull is perceived job security.

    As for the population at large, I concur with the other’s sentiments. The hour glass is nearly empty and it’s time to turn it over. The “flow” is ebbing and we’re heading for still waters before it starts back up again. When people are not tied down, they tend to migrate. Lord knows there is enough impetus for it. I’m looking forward to Flower Power Redux!

    As for 12 foot gods? The movie is the message. The movie (flop) is Gods of Egypt (2016) starring Gerard Butler and a few other soon to be famous actors. Lots of very tall skyscrapers, er, tall towers. The best part of the movie was them being depicted as mortal.
    And let’s not forget all those Assyrian reliefs that show outsized gods next to the humans…

    Not sure about the lizard part. Sounds too much like The Arrival (1996, Charlie Sheen) with its global warming slant. The best movie depicting 8 foot humanoid lizards is Super Mario Bros (1993). Who can forget the Goombas?

  12. NASA says they have a drone/helicopter flying on the Red Planet, but maybe it shouldn’t be able to fly.

    What am I overlooking with the flying Mars drone?

    “Mars is about half the size of Earth by diameter and has a much thinner atmosphere, with an atmospheric volume less than 1% of Earth’s. The atmospheric composition is also significantly different: primarily carbon dioxide-based, while Earth’s is rich in nitrogen and oxygen.”

    Flies can’t fly in .2 Earth atmospheres.

    Can Flies Actually Fly in a Vacuum Chamber?

    • Since NASA knows exactly how thin the atmosphere is, do you suppose that maybe they designed the helicopter with larger rotor-wings for just that atmosphere?

      • OR.. they have a better atmosphere than what everyone originally considered..

      • They did. I got curious and looked it up. One pound device with a 4-foot wingspan and double the normal RPM. The news photos don’t do it justice. About 60 million dollars.

        I’m in the wrong business…

  13. Just a reminder that today is April 19, the sad anniversary of the Waco Massacre and the Oklahoma City Bombing. Bad things have happened on this day and I truly hope they don’t repeat this year.

    Tomorrow is Adolf Hitler’s birthday. I have a good friend who shares that birthday, and though she’s a rabid leftist, she doesn’t(yet) seek to subjugate the world.

  14. George,
    To pack up and Move takes a lot of courage. Literally going into the UNKNOWN. New people,new verbal slang,new group that may resent you,often for no reason other than you are new. In PNW he has friends,known people and a network that he operates in. Tough to pick up and Move..Contacts,people he may trust for good info or warnings.
    Texas is different from PNW. In myth and todays opportunities. His Path to follow.
    Be good if he could take a month or a year to discover where his future may lie oe where he wants to be…
    Future always unknown always has surprises.But that just makes it more Fun/terrifying/delightful,wonderful scary…

    • I did it 20 times by the time I was 18. That life was just normal to me until I realized what it had done to my life. I vowed my kids wouldn’t have that experience and they didn’t resulting in life-long friends and roots. Luckily my personality makes adequate allowance for what I had growing up to the point I’m often amazed I’ve stayed married for 42 years. One advantage, though, is that I have no impulse to “go with the crowd” and, almost always, challenge conventional thinking. I’ve come to realize, though, that this is more genetic than learned because my daughter is a carbon copy of me in this regard even though she was raised opposite to the way I was.

  15. George: “It has always been my ‘knowing’ that I’d get to write ‘Play by Play at the End of the World.’ What better honor for a writer, eh?

    Why are we as a species so consumed with thinking about… “The End’. Think about it. It’s just dumb to obsess about the extinguishment of life, of possibilities, of not having an endless future to play around with and in.

    Why do we do this? Probably, because every moment of every day, we are terrified with the idea that we will die. We aren’t sure about many, many things in life. But the Big D is one that even the most optimistic among us can’t jolly their way out of.

    Yes, we have our faiths and religions that speak of a future existence. We now have scientific evidence from Near Death experiencers that something wonderful awaits. But damn… that gnawing feeling that we could be snuffed out in any instant is so awful that we choose to avert our eyes and act like it just isn’t there. But that’s at the conscious level. In the subconscious (which is where most of our lives truly are lived out), we are scared as hell and always fear the grim reaper with the big net nipping at our heels.

    The point? We are wasting most of our lives being worried about something we can’t do a damn thing about. We choose ways to “die” during our lives as a sign of surrender to the perceived inevitable… like harmful substances, anti-social behavior, self-sabotage, needless conflict with others, and in general acting like scared fools much of the time. What a waste. What a betrayal of potential and experience. What a loss. To live out one’s life and never to truly have lived at all.

    And that’s the sad ‘Play by Play at the End of the World’ for far too many souls who pass this way on this lonely rock in a black unforgiving sky.

    The answer? Choose to live. REALLY live. Honor the life and opportunities that were given you. Show the Great Spirit Beyond and Within All Things that you have a good reason to be here and Spirit did not make a mistake when you emerged out of the Grand Cosmic Soup. Screw death. Stop lusting for The End of The World. It will come soon enough. And when it does, let it come with a wide grin on your face and a big middle finger to the grim reaper with the wide net nipping at our heels.

    Jump into the abyss with enthusiasm and pray that Someone down their has a different kind of big net to catch and welcome you.

    • Another great post. There’s an unlimited future for all of us if we keep looking ahead with awe and gratitude. The end is never near…it’s as far away as we will it to be.

  16. George posted: ‘In modern use, “news” is largely “Events.”’

    I disagree. Let’s change this to: ‘In modern use, “news” is largely “Propaganda.”

    Why? Well, Warhammer nails the why. You see, the ‘propaganda’ becomes the ‘manifested reality’ when the the visualizations of the ‘news’ are run through the human consciousness as the humans watch ‘tv’ and/or internet ‘programming’.

    It would be genius if not so diabolical in its intent!!

    • Going a little deeper..

      Opinions are assigned. People don’t have their own opinions.

      The news assigns opinions.

      Who assigns the opinions to the news?

      There is zero chance the news is not mostly opinion/propaganda.

      There is zero chance the propaganda is strictly domestic.

  17. It may not contribute much to the issues, but if I had been selected to serve on a “certain kind of jury” I’d hold out for my conviction: “Accident within the performance of a policeman’s duty.”
    Could humans that followed the evidence really convict that “public servant,” ( after all the money that was already dished out to the victim’s family )? Conviction — what would that really imply for our future law enforcement?

    • Don’t ever blame the leaders. We’ll live with the consequences of our collective choices!!!!!!!
      “Allah Akbar” ;-( and there were 12 of them!

      I think it’s time for me to join:
      “What was his name again, An(d)y?!”

      It’s all just a business model — so sad, IMHO.

  18. There are priorities, and then there are PRIORITIES. Cash flow is the number one PRIORITY, because it enables so many others. And what happens when the cash flow goes away? You must reprioritize, and learn to recognize minimum essential PRIORITIES. Survival manuals teach you about shelter, water, food, etc. But the things that enable those basic survival priorities in a social setting are things like communications, physical mobility, savings, and insurance. Those subjects usually aren’t discussed by survival gurus, except maybe Ure Urban Survival entourage. And what constitutes minimum essential? Well, that depends on who you are, where you are, and what resources you already possess. And that’s where PRIORITIES like savings and cash ownership come into play. If you own your living quarters and your wheels for cash, then that takes a lot of the capital and operating expense for minimum essentials off the table. Been there.
    So what are minimum essential communications? A smart phone with unlimited data, a transistor radio, and some $8 headphones will get you most everything you need. What about a TV? A $5.50 a month Locast account for the smartphone is probably the cheapest entertainment package. Hopefully you have a place for a physical mailbox. That is still the most essential piece of communications and identity equipment.
    Is there a minimum essential insurance? Sure. It is called major medical. Major medical helps prevent bankruptcy and other afflictions. Major medical is a PRIORITY. With Amazon getting into script filling, I’m thinking scripts are going to change.
    And so on and so forth. Good luck with your cash flow, because cash flow makes life and Ure Urban Survival easier.

  19. Go gold cow yankkkkkkeeee !!! So good dagolio and salty mick moriarty . Git em all scared

  20. There’s a sayings, “that which you do, will come back to you.” I’m fascinated by that because, I know it to be true. It’s like a boomerang that flys for a while and “circles back” (couldn’t resist saying that. Lol !!) Anyway … I’ve always wondered, who keeps score and accurately hits the point of origin every time? We call it Karma but that’s about as far as I’m aware of it. – In times like these, we have to trust things like that.

    It’s true, a good portion of the population are getting mind f*cord through media programming but, there are those free thinkers out there who are not in that mix … rather, just observers. Can’t really go wrong just observing for information sake. If we weren’t supposed to know, we wouldn’t. It’s how we respond that matters.

    And in all the chaos, the universe has a way of eventually making sense out of it. Things happen we don’t sometimes understand, but time heals … if you allow it to … if you keep taking a step foreword … the further you get from it. On to other things that require attention.

    You can listen to the propaganda or go outside and listen to the birds sing. We always have a choice … and those choices are kept on a score card, somewhere in the universe. What we reap is what we sow. Better to sow love and kindness, cuz ya never know when the boomerang will fly back. Hopefully, when ya need it most.


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