Pre-Pandemic Housing Data

Before we get into the Housing Data, a word here about the timeframe of the data.

We are at the end of March.  The data here is  January sales data.

Pandemic impact on housing won’t be evident for some months, yet.  “Data released today for January 2020 show that home prices continue to increase at a modest rate across the U.S.

OK, with that said (this is BEFORE THE WORLD CHANGED):

The S&P CoreLogic Case-Shiller U.S. National Home Price NSA Index, covering all nine U.S. census divisions, reported a 3.9% annual gain in January, up from 3.7% in the previous month. The 10-City Composite annual increase came in at 2.6%, up from 2.3% in the previous month. The 20-City Composite posted a 3.1% year-over-year gain, up from 2.8% in the previous month.
Phoenix, Seattle and Tampa reported the highest year-over-year gains among the 20 cities. In January, Phoenix led the way with a 6.9% year-over-year price increase, followed by 5.1% increases in Seattle and Tampa. Fourteen of the 20 cities reported higher price increases in the year ending January 2020 versus the year ending December 2019.

The National Index and 20-City Composite were flat month-over-month, while the 10-City Composite posted a 0.1% decrease before seasonal adjustment in January. After seasonal adjustment, the National Index posted a month-over-month increase of 0.5%, while the 10-City and 20-City Composites both posted 0.3% increases. In January, 10 of 20 cities reported increases before seasonal adjustment while 18 of 20 cities reported increases after seasonal adjustment.
“The trend of stable growth established in 2019 continued into the first month of the new year,” says Craig J. Lazzara, Managing Director and Global Head of Index Investment Strategy at S&P Dow Jones Indices. “The National Composite Index rose by 3.9% in January 2020, and the 10- and 20-City Composites also advanced (by 2.6% and 3.1% respectively).  Results for the month were broad-based, with gains in every city in our 20-City Composite; 14 of the 20 cities saw accelerating prices. As has been the case since mid-2019, after a long period of decelerating price increases, the National, 10-City, and 20-City Composites all rose at a faster rate in January than they had done in December.

Absolute prices chart:

After the data, stock futures moderated their losses.  We applaud CNBC for their Truth in News headline “Home prices were strong in January says S&P Case Shiller, before coronavirus hit US economy…”  Thank you for good reporting.

eBay Troubles

eBay has changed (for the worse, in our view) how they index products.

Used to be I could hit “ham radio” and just see what I wanted – new ham radio listings.

No more – they have lumped everything into “Consumer Electronics.”  And while I get that it may give SOME people more reason to spend time on the site, people who are “people in motion” don’t have time to run a click festival when doing a quick look. .

If this were the judges table at the Software Olympics the cars would all show zeros for this move.

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36 thoughts on “Pre-Pandemic Housing Data”

  1. C’mon George –

    Wish U would make a call..for entertainment purposes only.

    U made a Great One on BTC low price level this year – EXCELLENT analysis by the way. U made the call & some wild eyed types made a killing on the Execution!! or not..

    BTC’s look to be breaking out ($6800) – and the low looks like it might be in.

    S&P not so much – feel like this a BEAR Market, that will suck in the unwary, only to dash their hopes of financial gain down the ole schumer.

    The malignancy pelsoi of corona virus still has room to “play” in our collective conscious..

    “..when U gonna give to me, ggive to me
    is it just a matta of time my -corona
    is it dddestiny, ddestiny
    or is it a game in my mind, my corona?” -the knack

  2. I do like a few of the commenters. Some not so much. Still, preference is irrelevant to “offence” or “love” for that matter. Where no offence is accepted, no offense is rendered and the Offence remains with the offender. F-k me? Unf-k you. Lol

    Capiche kemosabe?!

    Everyone teaches me something. I just dont have the (Ti)M^E [pi mutilpled by matter to the power of Energy) or “time” assimilated through sensory by consciousness (Pi multiple by Mind to the power of Equallibriam) to keep up with eveyone. I’m slacking on a few things. Procrastination finds its root in sloth. A deadly sin. Only one person has called me lazy in my whole life! Haha until they met me in person and said, “Do you ever sleep??” I said, sometimes. Most of the time I get what I need in meditation. If you streamline your thinking it requires less energy in action to “git her done”. When you intuitively know what’s next??? You dont have work so hard. Lol.

    I enjoy chopping wood and carrying water dont get me wrong I need to get back to practicing a few things like moving metal with my mind. Its really simple. I was moving a metal carabiner hanging off my rear view mirror the other day with my finger a half inch away from it and my kinda girlfriend (the Swim suite girl)(I’m trying to go slow and not really have a woman.) Says how the F do you do that??!! How you move metal without touching it??!! I was just playing around. Lol.

    I said, you never read E2 by Pam Grout?? 9 Do it yourself energy experiments? She said, No!!! I said I modified one of them, the metal dousing rod experiment and played with it. Eveyone generates these Huge magnetic fields. Certain words create a larger magnitude of energy outward and you can direct it and control it and channel it. Its really simple. It’s not magic. Its just quantum mechanics. it’s really fun when you play with another person and see how to influence their fields and vice versa. like the word “dollar” create an inverse field reversing the magnetic field inward or ‘collapses’ it. But the word “Christ” push it out with great force. You would be surprised what words do what at the quantum level that people use every day. I omitted some out of my vocabulary. Lmao!

    I was just talking to someone the other day about “Aura’s” in books. If you hold any book. Spiritual books it’s easier to see. Still, Take any book, paperbacks work best. Hold it by the spine, with Ure thumb let the pages flip from front to back and back to front quickly. Stare at the center of the book indirectly. Through your peripheral vision, you should notice a light rainbow. That’s the Books Aura or “magnetic field.” Some colors will be more prominent than others. Each color corresponds with yadda yadda yadda every octive has a color corisponding to a spiritual yadda yadda yadda.

    I’m sure everyone already knows all that stuff. Lol

    Who cares about Lexus commercials. I’m not buying a Lexus anytime soon. I’m not worried about the PTB or the Devil. Lol. Or time travelers. I have smoked many time travelers. God is not Inept. That is my source and strength. I dont fight most of my Battles. The Big dude does that for me. Lol.

    God drives a Buick. I’m just a mouse. Lol


    One more time.

    #1. Coincidence is born of juxtaposition.
    #2. Synchronicity is born of multiple occurrences of coincidences.
    #3. Serendipity is born of multiple occurrences of synchronicity.
    #4. Miracle is born of multiple occurrences of serendipity.
    #5. A world is born of multiple occurrences of miracles.
    #6. Life is born of multiple occurrences of worlds.
    #7 and he rested.

    I’ll be around, time to/two time. I’m gonna head up to the Hopi Rez, now that some of the language in their 3000 year old prophecy is manifesting and have a look for little while. “Dont go outside, eveyone stay put.” I’m not far from there.

    Sh!t, I’m long winded as LOB on his 4th cup of coffee this morning. Uhem, cocktail this morning. Hahahaha! No offense LOB. Hahahahahha

    Until then.

    Infinitely NOW!


      • Oh yeah…. before I go I keep forgetting to mention George aka Obionekenobi,

        Remember back in the day when you said, “we dont want people running around wearing moebius spiral pendants on necklaces.” After I wrote the Manifest0! Did you know that document resurfaced again. I almost forgot I wrote that back in 2010. Huh.

        Strange reading them words again. And here we are now. Lol

        *waves hand at “A”,

        “These are not the droids you are looking for. ”


    • Yo Andy,

      Big huge favor to ask of U..

      Should U serendipitously happen to meet or bump into the tribal medicine dude/shaman/story tealler – can you ask him/them for his/their oral history of the Red Star Kachina and share?

      They are some of my fav “stories” – as I am a part time collector of Native American/ First Peoples tales/legends/artifacts and stories. thanks

      • They are pretty secretive about their rituals and spiritual beliefs which go back thousands and thousands of years. I had not intended to go there. I gotta drive through Navaho country to get there.

        Ever notice that Princess Laya’s due in the first and second starwars movies IS EXACTLY how the Hopi Indian women have been wearing their hair for Spiritual Ritual for 3000 years?? Some say as old as 20,000 years.

        She was a Jedi’s sister.

        I’m sure its just a coincidence.


      • What I’m interested in because I never told anyone I eluded to it several times is the “A.R.K.” that nobody has ever mentioned anything about anywhere on the web except in the Hopi survival Kit. The last of the Elders who knew the whole truth mentioned it. When I read that last night?!! If I wasnt laying down I would have fell out of my chair. It’s also spelled A.R.C.H. it’s a real place. We are all on it. It holds thousands of worlds all that have life on them.

        I know what it is. I woke up on it. I was deep in meditation and I woke up on frken big thing its crazy I dont think anyone would believe me.

        I have to go there. I know I have to go Hoitville. To answer your question. Their end is like the 7 year tribulation in the bible. It matches what the Himalaya masters to Blavatsky and what’s in the Bible. It actually ties almost evey ancient thing together. And what I saw. About the chains, globes and root races.

        Anyone who hides under will be trapped down there for a long time. I wrote that on the WBF about what was shown me In my 9th NDE.

      • According to the Survival kit, it says alot of what I saw in mh 9th NDE. What was shown to me about the end, where people hid underground and got trapped there. About just alot of stuff I saw when I had my 9th NDE, I seen more because I have had 10 other NDE’S and I meditate alot.

        I kept having the same vision of touching people and them turning to ash and dust instantly while they were screaming angerly and it says that verbatim in the Hopi writings. It’s one of their prophecies.

        Anyway. I have to go meditate and take a shower. Have a good day

      • It’s on the Rez, George or Kate you talking about the ones with the Tunnels under some walmarts.

        Remember when we first met. My late and Great Computer Professor A.M. may he rest in peace. He worked for IBM in the late 50’s and Early 60’s then the CIA durring Vietnam.

        He was a Mason kept badgering me about joining. Had this Gold Mason ring with a ruby on the center. Reminded me of those rings that Emporers used for stamping wax. He lived in Nevada and new people who worked at Area 51. Super super cool guy. Taught me alot about cryptography and used to give me these complex puzzles to see if I could solve them. Anyway, I hacked into the FBI database back then. If it wasnt for him?? I’d would have been Fckd! I had to show them how I did it. Then they told If I did it again, I would be alot of trouble. I will never forget the look on my wifes face when a black helicopter landed in our culdisack and another was flying around my house. My computer froze and screen said “you have unauthorized accessed the Department of Federal Bureau blah blah”. It fried my comcast router so bad that the firmware was litterally smoking. I called my old Professor and I told him what an idiot I was. He was on his way to my house and when I answered the door the said hello and handed the phone to the agent with him on it.

        I did get gps addresses to haliburton secret projects. You can only get to by rail. *I dont have them anymore. I had them on a thumb drive with the 10,000 military manuals, the Anarchist cook book, art of war and bunch of other stuff.

        I sent ya a screenshot about 3 days ago of the Rez. I know where it’s at on it. I do not know the GPS. If ya like. I can put an arrow on it.

        When we get to 04/18/2020. That is the point of no return. We are being watched and studied. I know that much. I know that a while.

  3. George, are you sure you didn’t make a typo on ebay? I tried a simple search for “ham radio” without the quotes and got only ham radio gear. It was under consumer electronics-radio communication. Perhaps not ideal, but still searchable without getting completely irrelevant things like flowers or toys.

    I may have to get more serious about communication since our current “lockdown”. The Tx/La border has apparently been limited due to an executive order from your governor. I cross the Tx/NM line on an irregular basis for various reasons and it’s still open, but that could change overnight.

  4. Fed is printing a million dollars a second. Yes Haw! Any question about how this market is still holding?? Pump it it up! Waaaaay up!

    Anyone like a bowl of Hyperinflation from the Desert menue following a palatable with main course cuisene of roasted Supply chain break down smoked and smothered in Covid 19???

    When I was a casino inspector I saw these big Money counting machines in the Vault. They actually have Cummings diesel engines with hoppers on them. They litterally shovel piles of money into the hopper and it seperates by denomination, bands them in 20k, 10k, 1k etc and spits them out on the other side on a conveyor belt. Then someone runs them through another smaller machine then hands them to a person who counts them by hand. It’s pretty trippy. They have to wear ear muffs because the machine is so loud.

    You know right. A casino has to have every dollar on hand incase every slot machine his the max bet jackpot on the floor all at once and every table hits high hand poker, blackjack or max bet winner on craps and roulette etc.

    Wonder how big those hoppers are at the Fed. Hahahah. *joking.

    Trust me, getting in that Vault is ridiculously hard in a casino. Casinos have better and more elaberate scurity systems and measures than banks. Lol. Retinal, palm, facial recognition, “man traps” cameras that can read your text messages in 4k detail, hidden cameras, X-ray and infrared scanning are only a few if the measures. Those smocks they wear to keep from.getting dirty in the counting room of the Vault, have a think lead lining so they can see if you are stuffing cash in your pockets. Lol they have ya hold up your smock to get patted down. But ever since that chick was strapping 20k packages to her thigh and walking out. Most of them have the same Xray scanner as they do at airports. Almost as hard as auditing an empty Vault at the Fed. Since we traded our gold for cell phones, online porn and wikipedia to the UFO guys. Lol

    Anyway, let me know about Zoom.

    I’m off to learn some Hopi dialect. lol the oldest indigenous people on the Great Turtle! Who may have existed since the continents separated. They mention the flood over 8 thousand miles from where Noah lived. The flood is actually mentioned in ancient Chinese, aboriginal, sanskrit, egyptian and Norse writings as well. Some as far back as 25k years. What was it fire, then ice, then flood, then air?? I think 4 ends with Air or maybe it was earth. Hmmmmmm or a combo pack.

    Enough rambling. Lol. I need to go get right sized. The TM is good for that. Hahaha.

    Fyi: I will order Peoplenomics this week. I need to review some things from 2012-13. I can use a $40 prepaid Visa. Right?


    • “Fire” is next…

      IIRC Hopi and Zuni legends speak of Jesus walking amongst them in the months following His death. Celebrate the Shaman…

      • The Native Americans have no Shamans (hollywood at work) for they are referred to as medicine men,The Hopi prophecy state that when the Blue Star Kachina dances in the courtyard the end times are here.!!!

      • “Atlas, a time shall come when from your tree the gold shall be despoiled, and of that spoil a son of Jove shall boast.’ In fear he had walled his orchards all around with massive ramparts and for guardian set an enormous Draco; and drove off all strangers from the borders of his realm”

        Ovid, Metamorphoses 4. 627 ff (trans. Melville) (Roman epic C1st B.C. to C1st A.D.)

        Look to the sky! The King of the Titans aka The blue Kachina, aka the comet named Atlas, dances in the court yard of the Gods. Each planet is named after a God. The sky is the Courtyard of the Gods.

        Each “God” has a corisponding color.

        Atlas = the color blue!

        The Bright Comet named Atlas With A Tail Could Adorn Twilight Just As The Coronavirus Epidemic Peaks

        The more you know.

  5. Limited Boolean search still works on eBay. I will use lots of minus signs, parenthesis, and quotes to build a search, then save the search if it’s likely I’ll either use the same search later, or a similar search, from which I’ve assembled a logic string which can be genericized. Bear in-mind, eBay used to accept 256 character logic strings. They do so no longer, so mental adroitness (and an examination of eBay’s advanced search features) is prudent. AFAIK their search does still accept nested parenthesis…

  6. eBay has saved searches. I collect a certain series of books from 1948-68 and have a search parameter set in “my eBay” that alerts me when any particular items is listed in my “ saved” search . I set the search for newly listed and I check all my saved searches several times a day. I’ve snagged many a deal this way when I picked up a signed first edition for $8 when it should have been $500 or more. Beauty of eBay is patience. If you are not in a hurry the items will find you,!

  7. Dude. The government is threatening prison time for any houses of worship be open. Severalpastors, priests and Rabi’s were arrested for holding church.

    Under the law, “unlawful assembly” durring a state of emergency.

    “essential services” does not include attending church.

    But you can stand un a 40 foot long cart to cart at line at Walmart???????? WTF???!!!!!!

    State of Emergency laws superceded your constitutional rights!

    They just said on Focks news that The Government is considering mandatory Gps microchipping all Covid 19 infected patients. “So they can track the Disease” and there is another bail out bill in the works which includes shutting down Trucking around the US.

    That maybe a little doomy porny for some people. I dont care if ya like me. LMAO!

    Quick look suprised!!!

    Like I said, yellowstone outer rim. That means the areas roughly about 500 miles around the outside of that area. Like Idaho.

    Boom 6.5 in Idaho. Ask yourself this: when is the last time you heard of an Earthquake measuring 6.5 in Idaho. What 2-300 years since the last one??? Hmmm maybe more like a 1000 to 2000 years ago. Lol

    Yellowstone is getting active we see the pressure on the ground further away as the earth looks to releave pressure elsewhere.

    I like drive in Movie theaters.. from my vantage point.. its gonna be really really really bad before we get there. Nice thought though.

    I hate being right. Ugh!

    Trying to get out of here. I didnt write the script I just wrote what I saw. I hope. Lol

    • “Like I said, yellowstone outer rim. That means the areas roughly about 500 miles around the outside of that area. Like Idaho.”

      OTFLMAO…I would call that ICING on the cake of dispair.. LOL LOL

      I personally believe that the Human tendency is once they have strayed away.. from the core.. that they rise to the occasion.. they figure it out.. I was looking for the book.. I believe it is the first book of Adam.. but I don’t see it.. I thought it was between the fifth and tenth chapters of the book.. but it isn’t in the first book of adam and eve..
      anyway in the book I was reading once upon a time.. adam was sorrowful and killed himself.. ( that is in the book of adam but the counseling isn’t) and the lord god showed mercy and then councilled him on the true purpose.. which is to not be vain or to kill or mean.. but to be kinder to life.. etc etc..
      If you read the ten commandments.. those basic rules are there to that have been through the years converted to reflect the wishes of society..

      My belief is its a cycle.. that has gone on for thousands of years.. the price for the books is definately reasonable.. my guess is that they are offering them to keep the information active and alive in the past the books weren’t for sale that I know of.. I hope they don’t close down the site.. it is well worth the time to read the books..

      this is but a cycle its time has been predicted for centuries.. when I was a child.. communities were seen as a community.. today they aren’t.. neighbors looked out for neighbors.. block parties where kids played ball in the street.. the whole community was working together looking out for each other…. the welcome wagon would show up at the doors to new comers and everyone knew them.. kids played out in the yard unafraid.. today children are watched carefully afraid that some diabolical incident will happen even the govt entities that we thought were out looking for everyones best interests have been implicated in diabolical scandals where the only ones that matter are the people of power.. and when anything happens that involves those evil people it is carefully covered up and everyones attention is directed at some other thing..

      we destroy whole continents and communities killing innocent people over some joker coveting their goods.. rather than work with them to trade for those goods..I think that It is definately a sad time in our existance.. the sodom and gomorrah of our present day..
      will we rise in the name of humanity to the occasion or will it end up the way that Nostradamus predicted.. a long deadly sickness and even longer war..

    • One of the “news” staffers asked the question at yesterday’s Briefing. Trump’s reply was “We’ll look into it.” The “news writers” are reading into that something which is not there (quick – look surprised!) They set him up so they’d have copy for today’s drivel…

  8. A married couple was in martial counseling and they were talking about issues with romance and intimacy. The counceler holds up her hand after a bunch of arguing back and forth and says I have an Idea. The couple stops arguing. She gets up from behind the desk and walks around to the wife and gives her the longest most passionate kiss she probably ever had in her life. She turns to the Husband and says, sir! Do you think you can do this 3 times a week??? There is a pause the fella scratches his chin and says, “I can drop her off on Monday and Wednesday but I’m fishin on Fridays.

    See ya around everyone.

  9. BREAKING: Italian Health Ministry Confirms ONLY TWELVE or 3% of Coronavirus Fatalities in Study Did Not Have Other Serious Health Complications

    Death rate is not 6%.

    BTW with Andy Speaking of moving objects and then Remember back in the day when you said, “we dont want people running around wearing moebius spiral pendants on necklaces…

    Why not talk about being in the moment and getting into the gap and have those that read your page ( as I did regularly now occasionally ) step into the desert (MIstranslated by JJ Hurtek) or really an empty place or meditative one AND envision themselves and their light bodies vibrating in a way that it disrupts the covid 19 protein and then visualize their lightbodies/auras expanding to cover the globe to erradicate it from the world.

    Yes the gubamint and powers that be are trying to subjugate us and the way out is through all of us children of god coming together and praying for the “light” to prevail over the “dark” (the fallen angels who breathed life into us and put into us their ability to “manifest”. We are near the time of Christs resurrection (Easter)…. prior to his crucifixtion, he asked his disciples to pray with him, they all fell asleep… Maybe that is where you ought to be shepherding people.

    As we awaken we further lift an additional layer of the veils that have been cast on us… It is time wake up to our divine spiritual callings and help to raise this planets vibration and bring forth a new heaven on earth.

    • I understand your point. I probably spend about 4 to 6 hours a day dedicated in prayer and meditation. Every word spoken is an act of prayer and every form of reading and listening is an act of meditation. For prayer is talking to ‘God’ and meditation is listening.

      I am going to limit the amount of time I spend on the web, because I get more useful information from the world around me.
      We been talking for a while.
      Maybe you forgot a few things. The mind is taught from birth to focus on the letters, (symbols) and sounding them out to take that in only as useful information and to ignore the spacing around the letters and words. You are only getting 50% of the information available when you do what you were taught. You also are conditioned to mentally auto correct every misspelling in you mind. Oh he misspelled that word. That gives greater impact into the mind.

      Nobody is ever taught to look at the spacing around words. I see them very clearly. I see the patterns and I taught myself how to read it okay. Like at a 6th grade level. Sometimes I see shapes and geometrical patterns like “crop circles” inside peoples words.

      Also, people dont understand the color spectrum of octives. And what it means.

      Remember every word that is read, is re-written by the mind that reads them. We all have our assemblage points.

      Not all of our conversations will be thought provoking. Some will result in reflex, resistance and reaction. not all eyes will open if ya turn on the light. Not all minds will open to a thought not their own. Most people are just waiting for their turn to talk.

      You can give a thirsty man a drink of water (words of wisdom) but sum will just rinse their mouth and spit it out.

      I dont think you are a person who used scope. Because that gives one tunnel vision.

      If you think, I’m just rambling about dumb sh!t stuff. You a re not reading between the lines.

      That they may have eyes to SEE.

      Here: You go open any bible. The book not the web. You have to use a book. There is something different on the web. Any bible from the year 1654 to now. Any translation and any publishing company in any language in the last 400 years. Turn to Genesis 1.2 and 3. I’m gonna open your eyes.

      The earth was without form and void, and darkness was over the face of the deep. And the Spirit of God was hovering over the face of the waters.”

      And God saw that the light was good. Then he separated the light from the darkness.

      Now look closer. See the spacing around Void and Darkness and again light from darkness?? Its measurable with a ruler. It’s greater spacing than all the other words.

      This does 3 things. it gives greater impact in the subconscious mind of the negative words darkness and void. It also emulates breathing. It is a form of Hypnosis. you are trained from birth to ignore it.

      You understand now? It’s in every physical bible in the world that has existed for over 400 years. It’s in every book. 99.999 % of the people who ever lived in the last 400 years never noticed what I just showed you

      • IBM programmed its first computers with punch cards. Little blank boxes on cards.

        That’s how humans are programmed subconsciously.

        The Mormon bible has greater spacing around “let there be light”.

        Have a good day.

  10. The Loom was the first computer.

    Ibm programmed its first computers with punch cards. Spaces on cards.

    Again, that is how everyone on the planet is controled and programmed.

    Now you know. That is one of the Tools I use to know what’s happening next. I can read the spacing program in language.

    I’m not just rambling. I’m programming. So many will awaken silly.

    • Yes it controls the timing and tempo of the reader. Slows down the mind around the greater spaced words for greater impact.

      Yup. You understand now. I gotta roll. Adios muchachos!

  11. I will teach that for a fee. That is not for free. I give my predictions for free. Leaning the subconscious program language?? You will have to pay me to teach you that. Lol

    I can give one simple tool to get ya started. make it easier for you to see it.

    Switch your browser to night mode. So all the letters are white lettering instead of black and the spacing is dark instead if white.
    When you read a full page dialog that has limited spacing. Look at it like one of those 3D pictures they used to sell in the malls of a a bunch of tiny little dolphins but if you look at it a certain way you see a sailboat in the middle. Then you will understand. Then you will have Eyes to See. Then you will know your whole life was programmed subconsciously and you didnt even know it.

    To read it?? To apply it??? Just like a teacher in school gets paid. Or a programmer. I will teach ya for a fee.

    It’s funny when people think I’m inept. This is just one of my abilities that I got from God. I prayed for EYEs to SEE and when I got them????!! I was awestruck. I couldnt even talk for a few days.

    You guys have Mark. I got sh!t to do. Mark is extremely gifted. His politics and self agendas are the only thing blocking him. Once he releases those. He will be like me. Trust me. I been working on all of you for a very long time.

    Humbly laboring day in and day out. That’s why I hammer some people who come on here. Not because of what they say but because of what’s inbetween what they say, nefarious programming. ***They know not what they do. The first thing Love is? Is patient. Where there is no patience. There is no love. Because love can not exist without patience.

    A labor of love. I know even greater things than this. As I have said many many times. I practice great restraint. why do you think I hid myself so long??? Using handles instead of my name? I ain’t like everyone else. And its lonely. I’m not a God. I’m just a man. I just the next evolutionary phase of mankind. That’s all..

    Mark’s getting there and a few others. Like I said, tomorrows heros are yet to awaken. “The big leap as it happend between cromagnon man and neanderthal consciousness. ” We will see some signs of this soo in this transition.

    Mark is already displaying the big jump if you look past his politics. George to and George has been for a very long time.

    Anyway, I have to go meditate.

    My hour on the web is up for the day. I need to be in touch with nature.

    • Getting into the gap is reading ad seeing the spaces etween the words. I have essentially eek in nature for 15 years and reading . I enter the castle well

  12. “Atlas, a time shall come when from your tree the gold shall be despoiled, and of that spoil a son of Jove shall boast.’ In fear he had walled his orchards all around with massive ramparts and for guardian set an enormous Draco; and drove off all strangers from the borders of his realm”

    Ovid, Metamorphoses 4. 627 ff (trans. Melville) (Roman epic C1st B.C. to C1st A.D.)

    Look to the sky! The King of the Titans aka The blue Kachina, aka the comet named Atlas, dances in the court yard of the Gods. Each planet is named after a God. The sky is the Courtyard of the Gods.

    Each “God” has a corisponding color.

    Atlas = the color blue!

    The Bright Comet named Atlas With A Tail Could Adorn Twilight Just As The Coronavirus Epidemic Peaks

    The more you know

    • The Hopi’s have their own names for the planets. We all know the Draco (China)

      Ya see all this is related like mark and George where saying “entanglement”. After I posted that I got a wave of dejavu so big I ended up in bush next to the walk way from staying. I post I was walking to the car and as I soon as I hit submit comment I got hit by a celestial wave coming in. It feels like dejavu but we getting bombarded by these celestial waves right now. I’m sure that’s why they are spraying chemtrails. What does aluminum do with electrical magnetic current and more important aether (plasma in a gas state)?

      That’s why I’m trying to get off of here. Its kicking my ass just try to be normal. Hahahahaha

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