PPI and War Coming

For the one – PPI – it’s supposed to already be here.  Just out from the Labor Department:

(How’s your Life going to work when crypto sites and your bank, market, etc. report similar “can’t handle the load” results?  Got a plan? Why Dow futures are up 73 boggles the wetware. Cyber-war target softening?)

What we eventually got – half an hour late?

“The Producer Price Index for final demand increased 1.0 percent in March, seasonally adjusted, the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics reported today. Final demand prices rose 0.5 percent in February and 1.3 percent in January. (See table A.) On an unadjusted basis, the final demand index moved up 4.2 percent for the 12 months ended in March, the largest advance since rising 4.5 percent for the 12 months ended September 2011.

In March, almost 60 percent of the increase in the index for final demand can be traced to a 1.7-percent advance in prices for final demand goods. The index for final demand services moved up
0.7 percent.

Prices for final demand less foods, energy, and trade services rose 0.6 percent in March following an increase of 0.2 percent in February. For the 12 months ended in March, the index for final demand less foods, energy, and trade services moved up 3.1 percent, the largest advance since climbing 3.1 percent for the 12 months ended September 2018.

Two-Bit Lecture: Prices in the supply chain go up first.  Then, the prices after manufacturing go up.  There’s some lag in accounting, transportation, and warehousing.  The goods eventually get sold.  And that’s where a 60-90 day reporting lag comes along.  See, you have to buy it.  So do government surveyors.  Who then compile data and eventually get it out in the form of the Consumer Price Index.

Too few economists look at macro developments.  But they matter very much.

Drought Example

The National Drought Monitor gives us the idea that food will be a growing concern going forward.  No rain in some areas means small crops – if any – and less meat.

Pretty obviously, if you like drinking the recommended amounts of water every day, if this trend continues, we could see increased costs of water to drink, and anything in the way of agricultural goods coming especially from the Southwest.

Which is why I have been mentioning (for how long?) about Ure’s greenhouse and garden efforts this year?  Thing is, we don’t live on prime land for raising wheat or grains.  But we have some of the best squash and onion soil available.  Puts out good ‘maters, also.

It didn’t take a rocket surgeon to figure out that if we get “exceptional (like 100-year snow) weather” here this winter, more “exceptional” could be on the way.  Odds fell into too much rain or nowhere near-enough.  And it’s been a very dry first part of spring so far.

Another thing to consider is whether – as the “Owning the Weather in 2025″ study showed for the Air Force…what was it, a decade ago?  That war was going “extra-dimensional.”  Bullets and B52’s are meaningful, don’t get me wrong.  But so is financial footwork, political, social media, and infiltration of school curricula with anti-democracy messaging.  And breaking government servers…

Which Brings Me To:

Ukraine War Bets, Anyone?

Before laying out long-green, you need to know a couple of things making headway on the Greek War 24/7 website:

  • Russian forces are getting ready to blitz what they consider to be ancestral lands, back to Catherine the Great days:  “Russia ready for landing: It transports the Caspian Fleet to the Black Sea – “Knife on the side” of Ukraine! (video) .”
  • Also take a gander at “Rapid escalation: One step before NATO Ukraine in violation of the Alliance’s statutes – Russian forces in Transnisteria targeting Odessa.
  • Pretty much the same footwork in Russia Moves Ground Troops, Ballistic Missile Systems Near Ukraine Border – British Analysts.

If we’re to get ‘nisteria hysteria, the real art will be timing of all this.  If you’re a market bear like….hold that mirror for me, wouldja?

Two caveats.  First one is my friend G.A. Stewart “The Age of Desolation” website  observed that according to historical seer Nostradamus we would get war through actions of a “demented president/leader” around Easter in a year we’re not certain of.  While Christians might like to think we’re out of the woods for a predictive year, there’s the little matter of “local Easter” in the region – with Orthodox Easter coming May 2.

The second is that the War 24/7 website is a bit “shrill” sounding at times.  But, we’ll take higher sound levels than the near-silence in the Mainstream (vax-selling) western Mainstream.  Thing with “near silence” is that “signal to noise ratios are bad.”  But as the shrill turns up – sometimes providing too much detail, it’s easier to solve a “selectivity problem” and a “noise floor problem” electronically speaking.

How much story #2 (Weather) is a low-level shaping operation driven by plans of story #3 (War knocks louder) is an open question.

As is whether story #1 (Producer prices – inflation to come) is somehow giving the One Percenters a final bite of the apple.  And whether story #4 (Covid) is a shaping operation or a sly, proactive way to roadblock  Covid from being the main vector of warfare (bio-warfare) for WW III.


Story #4 – Covid

Not too much new to report, except that Germany has doubled the pace of jabbing with a surge working its way around parts of Europe.

Worth mentioning is that Michigan nursing home CV cases are jumping too, and this is despite an aggressive vax program.

UrbanSurvival Knowledge-sharing:  I have been looking for actual data that supports the notion that even if you get a shot – and subsequently get Covid – that it’s any less aggressive.

One of the big sales points – with vaccinated people still getting sick is the sickness is “less severe.”  I just haven’t see much hard data on this, so any pointers to hard data (numbers talk, opinions walk) are welcome in the Comments section.

Still pondering whether this is a global prequel to having compliance with a One World Government in the future.  If you’re a good little sheep, you’ll get the life-sustaining shot for another year.  Not that this plot line is real, of course.  But it makes for one hell of a novel.


Condolences to queen Elizabeth on the passing of the Duke of Windsor overnight.

He lived to 99 – which is a pretty good run in anyone’s book.  Sadly, this will gobble up hours and hours of media time.  So spend some time writing a “mental filter” for useless “dead royals rehashed” which the MSM will pander-away on knowing it’s low-hanging eyeballs.

UrbanSurvival’s Pessimistic View

If we seem a little too focused on food, water, self-isolation, and remote sensing with the web and HF shortwave and ham radio, not to mention product sufficiency with our 3D printer farm, have some Faith.

You want to read the National Intelligence Council’s forward view stories.  Here’s one to gnaw with the toast this morning.

Now toss in the “New Age Voo-Doo Economics of Modern Monetary Theory” [NAVDEM-MT]  and the attack on tech to take down America (“Joe Biden’s tax crackdown on tech giants: Firms face tougher measures under global plan by US President, leaked papers show“) and what do you have?

Is it, as some environmentalist extremists wonder, Gaia getting ready to cleanse the Earth of excess consumption and laziness, or what?

In Ure’s Shorts

 Headlines for the herd:

Yes:  The chips are really down:  “Chip shortage causes more disruptions in auto production, but trader has a hedge play” says CNBC.

Wriley the Writer wonders since Russian Court Orders Strengthening of Domestic Violence Law whether that will extend to Ukraine?

Sorting Out Socialist media:  We love reading what a trained historian‘s view of the MSM is.  Even if it’s Newt Gingrich: The truth about Georgia’s voting law and the mainstream media’s lies.

Fixated Media:  We keep seeing stories likeTiger Woods’ crash report reveals police found empty pill bottle, golfer thought he was in Florida” so we did a Google search: There are 5.3 MILLION versions of it wout there…here’s the Google search to check it yourself.

You’ve Been Distracted!

Easy picking for the Russians and Chi–coms as the real stories that matter are not in the headlines.

Stories like?  Lawsuits, not removal from power for opening up the southern border, maybe?

Amazon Union Vote Results Will Continue Friday Morning is interestiing, but where’s the outrage about the Bidenista’s tearing down America, killing our energy independence, and raising taxes to the freaking moon?


No wonder the blood pressure is high, lol.

Around the Ranch

Guest chef in the Saturday Gourmet column teaches us how to make homemade cornflakes tomorrow.  Sunday ShopTalk shows off that new lean-to on the north side of the shop we mentioned planning a month or two back.

Peoplenomics tomorrow we ponder (in the ChartPack) the implications if we don’t get stock dysfunction before the close today.

Off to the garden by way of the breakfast table…

Ponder for my workday is whether the Feds have a long-range “home check” plan in the offing:  Checking for guns, vax certifications, illegal gardening, and (going by the checkbox on your tax form) if there’s an movement of cryptos into your accounts.

Where’s my meds?

Write when you get rich, (Bitcoins don’t count, lol – You know the spy agencies are worried about crypto’s, right?)


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64 thoughts on “PPI and War Coming”

  1. George Just a couple quick thoughts on Nostradamus and Easter considering the two following predictions:

    Nostradamus Sixain XXVIII (24)
    The year one thousand six hundred and nine [1609-2014] or fourteen [1614-2019],
    The old Charon will celebrate Easter in Lent,
    Six hundred and six [1606-2011], in writing he will place it
    The Physician, by all this is astonished,
    At the same time summoned in person
    But for certain one of them will appear.

    Nostradamus Quatrain IX-31
    The land trembles in Mortara (NW Italy),
    Tin Saint George [England] half-sunk to the bottom,
    Peace shall sleep and war awaken,
    The temple cracked open during Easter.

    Interestingly enough, St. George’s Day is on April 23, 2021.

    Since the fighting has already started, I wonder if we are dealing with what I call the Nostradamus Butterfly Effect, as in the Butterfly Effect in Chaos Theory. The beat of a butterfly’s wings on one side of the Earth contributes to the hurricane forming on the opposite side of the Earth.

    Note the dates in Sixain XXVIII, 2011, 2014, and 2019. 2011, NATO invades Libya, 2014 NATO takes over Ukraine, and in 2019, someone releases COVID-19, which is certainly a bio-weapon. The world and civilization did not end in these years, but they are important events that will bring about that end.

    Why does Nostradamus mention the Tin Island of St. George? This date falls between the two Easters.

    Also many thanks to your enlightened readers and (911 Was And Is a Continuing Inside Job) for some great reading material.

    Consider this website with great pictures and analysis: https://www.drjudywood.com/wp/#

    Then consider this Nostradamus prophecy.

    Nostradamus Sixain XXVII
    Celestial fire from the side of the West,
    From the South, running to the Levant [East],
    Worms half dead without finding a root.
    Third Age of Mars the warlike [World War III],
    From carbuncles [Lasers] one will see brilliant fire,
    The age of the carbuncle [Laser] and in the end famine.

    Consider what I wrote in 2013:

    Nostradamus and the Age of Desolation, G. A. Stewart, 2013 Pages 391 – 392
    There is, however, one interesting theory that leads me to believe that there was
    something more to these buildings destruction than airplanes, jet, fuel, or
    explosives such as thermite…

    In various areas around Lower Manhattan, many cars showed signs of being scorched by something that only burned metal but not plastic or leather. These cars were far removed from the fire and destruction around the World Trade Center buildings. Some vehicles were on FDR Drive nearly a half mile away.

    When I saw the pictures of these vehicles I immediately thought of some kind of satellite based Directed Energy Weapon.

    The reason I suggest this is because the cars on FDR Drive were east of the World Trade Center, and it appears that the Earth may have rotated into the beam of such a weapon. This might be an indicator of the hysteresis or lag of the weapon system as it rose to the desired power level.

    And for those readers interested in The Plan, I found 911 Was And Is a Continuing Inside Job’s recommendation compelling: https://amallulla.org/

    Might I also suggest The Master Game, Unmasking the Secret Rulers of the World, by Graham Hancock and Robert Bauval. It will fill in many of the blanks and show readers that there was a history to this before Sir Francis Bacon.

    As for the death of Prince Phillip, the Queen’s passing will be a major temporal indicator of a NATO war with Russia.

    Nostradamus Quatrain X-58
    In the time of mourning the felin Monarch,
    The young Macedonian makes war,
    Gaul (France) shakes, the bark [Vatican] in jeopardy,
    Marseilles (France) tried the Pontiff entreats.

    Nostradamus and The Third Age of Mars, The Complete Prophecies of World War III,
    G. A. Stewart, 2019, Page 285, 2019
    This Quatrain is another important temporal indicator. “The young Macedonian makes war… in the time of mourning the feline monarch”. The death of The Feline Monarch is certainly Queen Elizabeth II.

    The Macedonian is a recurring Nostradamus character integral to the war between NATO and Russia.

    As always, many thanks for linking my material. You are the only website that does, and I hope this helps out many of your readers.

      • ‘Tin’ St. George may also refer to a metal hulled version of the HMS St. George line of ships, any one of a distinguished series of naval vessels, the first of which was mostly made of wood and built in 1622 and the last of which was a naval training ‘shore establishment’ on the Isle of Man set up in 1939.


        I’m a huge fan of Michel de Nostredame. I read him several times, and cruised the internet to read more reputable sites regarding his predictions. The irony of his prophecies is that almost all of his quatrains are difficult to use for prophecy, due to anagrams and the mixing of classical language terms (Greek, Latin). However, some prophecies do seem applicable immediately after a particular event has occurred. Hindsight for the reader, as it were, due to the cryptic nature of his writing. His vague wording also results in a wide spectrum of possible interpretations, usually based on the viewpoints of the interpreter and the times they live in. This quote from the Prophet himself is very telling on his personal perspective on the viewing future events: “Nothing in the world can one imagine beforehand, not the least thing, everything is made up of so many particulars that cannot be foreseen.” But if you make 1000 predictions, odds are a few of them will seem to come true.

        Still, as a big fan of particle and astro-physics and the emerging theories of alternate/parallel universes (read Max Tegmark’s “Our Mathematical Universe”), Nostradamus may have been gifted enough to be able to look into Schrodinger’s cat box and view many possible futures, picking one or two of the most likely. That being the case, did the Prophet then put into motion events leading to one or more of those futures actually occurring? [head explodes]. The crazy thing about quantum/particle physics is that all versions of a sub-atomic particle’s state exist until the particle is actually measured/observed. The act of observing determines the motion or position. Perhaps this might apply to some degree at the macro scale as well. I consider H.G. Wells a bonafide prophet – nuclear submarines, air travel, landing on the moon, and time travel. The last one is far more enigmatic and problematic, but rumors persist (Montauk, Philadelphia Experiment, to name a few). Time will tell.

      • The entire Ukraine /Russia area where this is taking place is Orthodox … so FOR THAT REGION of the world Easter is for all intents and purposes May 2nd this year. (in other words forget about the timing of Easter in Rome led western Europe and the America’s)

    • G.A., since George has been so gracious as to link to your work here, I’ve visited your website several times (it’s now bookmarked). I enjoy your work and I’ve had a long interest in the subject of Nostradamus and prophecy, in general. Thanks for all you do.

      • Many thanks to all of you. As I mentioned above, I learn a great deal coming to George’s site, both the public site and Peoplenomics, and reading through the comments section.

        My reading list keeps getting longer and longer with no end in sight.

        I want to say that I believe George has positioned himself and his family perfectly for the events to come.

        Some of the Expats and Bitcoin people think otherwise, but Bitcoin does not work when there is no electricity, and Expats who cannot blend in will find themselves islands in stormy seas, especially after the anti-American sentiment that will come with a US led global war.

        Good luck to us all. Hal Turner is reporting that Ukraine has said there will be no offensive. He is trying to verify. That would be very good, because I would like to be very wrong about coming events.

      • Buy his books!

        AMEN GEORGE….
        I am anxiously waiting for the next one.i for one Want to get it read while we still have electricity.. and the world idiots go rogue

    • In the book by Dr. Wood, “Where Did The Towers Go” If remember the title correctly, there is a series of four photos taken from across the river. They show a lone standing Core Column of one of the trade center buildings that turns into dust over a very short period of time. A torsion field based weapon system may be the device that caused that. A lot of people will say BS but there is a lot of advanced physics that has been kept from the public. Why were automobiles parked under an overpass 1/4 mile away from the building burned and in an odd pattern? Why was the pile of rubble a lot smaller than it should have been? A 1400 foot tall building will not collapse into a 70 foot deep garage! There are lots of unanswered questions. Go figure!

      • No Mike – they have ALL been answered.

        Nukes(Bibi) in basement over A/C Unit – explains imploded radiators on all of cars in and around TT..think about creates neg pressure..Creates a nuclear-plasma like canonshot – straight up the building core. Same exact explosives used/tested in Okla. on Murrah bldg. thanks FEMA. This is similar to rumored Planetary Defense Weapon (giant hydrogen bomb “canon”) for firing a plasma “shots” @ Klingon warbirds

        Explains melted,liquified granite under TT – extremely hot for months. Radiation cancers – 1st Responders
        Israeli “art students” working for months in TT leading up to 9/11.
        Hell our own Goverment agenceies have produced and published reports on 9/11 – it was new nukes, but Nuclear none the less.
        Deepstate- neocons had everybody on Able Danger except one guy, killed. – who is currently under heavy grand jury(Houston) restrictions..Dr. Jeff Smith – Nuke Physics of VT fame.

    • Eventually we’ll just talk ourselves into a WAR and it will have nothing to do with Nostradamus ;-(((.

    • Love your site, G.A.

      Someone I knew in the aerospace community remembered a flash of light in South Africa sometime in the late ’80’s of early ’90’s picked up by satellites/NORAD. No one would venture a guess about what caused it. Someone testing lasers? He thought it might be Russia or China.

      FYI, the real reason SDI was never implemented (and yes, it was real)? If missiles and tanks and ships (and armies) can be taken out by lasers in space, what need for the military-industrial complex? It’s all a business model. Thanks for that, George.

  2. “Bitcoins dont count” – dam thats profound & off the chain , Mr George.

    That is also the IRS stand on Bitcoins, just ask the bitcoin nazi – he can tell you how, but he wont..

    What is a military psi – op?

    What is live action role playing? What is SARS-covert19 ?

    the more we learn, the more we will know…

    a) Micro drones w/self destruct capability (Israel/US)
    b) Global Hawk able to carry 1000’s
    c)Russian Intelligence says US is using low dose Sarin gas to mimic pandemic disease- in select countries..Iran,China,Italy.
    d) micro drones capable of carry & spreading Swine,SARS, MERS, Bird Flu, Crop Diseases, hell they been testing hallucinogens in those micro drone (bugz).

    Is the hollywood-mask wearing rutabegga-in-chief numb enough yet? .. to measure his schlong&bag against Mr PooTeeens’ ? or will it be camelas’ that is measured?

    – senile, egotistical, bastard will get stung by extremely fast hive, the most painful “Sunburn” imaginable.. “No Mas!”

    G – why do you suppose that google earth has blurred out the suez canal – dont want peeps to know spetnaz&frogs be working wit each other against ??
    Same reason Gitmo is blurred out ? or they jesuit dont want anyone to see prison ships being towed in..

    Vase zdorov’e

  3. “Pretty obviously, if you like drinking the recommended amounts of water every day, if this trend continues, we could see increased costs of water to drink,”

    Hmmm.. time to build an Air Well.. LOL LOL.. They even make it easier to make now in comparison to when I first came up with the idea years and years ago LOL LOL…But for aria’s without substantial water.. it makes sense.. that is how spiders get their water and one of the reasons why plants have thorns..
    The only negative part I had an issue with.. was the mental thought that someone has a bad bowl of chili and passes gas as they walk on by.. that is a quick discouraging mental image isn’t it LOL LOL suck that one down nice cool drink LOL LOL.. sort of why I keep a tooth brush in a zip lock plastic bag LOL…https://alexnld.com/product/automatic-electric-toothbrush-holders-or-razor-sanitize-uv-sterilizer-wall-mount-or-countertop-use/

    • LooB – that someone also had a couple of egg salad sandwiches wit that bowl chili..

      thatle b some mighty fine drinking water..”Ive had this taste in my mouth before”
      – mrs friedman – hollywood knights

  4. “Michigan nursing home CV cases are jumping too, and this is despite an aggressive vax program.” or because of it, take your pick…

    • Yes – long ago.
      Now, however, consider the following:
      The US Dollar is toast and by extension, hyperinflation is in the wings. Not here, but audibly closer.
      The “presidents” recently have all demonstrated confusion over “law” and “executive orders.” Laws must be passed by congress whereas EO’s only apply to fed gov employees working for the executive branch.
      The money is already in free fall – witness the US gdp to debt ratio increasing
      Money that would have catapulted gold and silver to double their value has – instead – gone into cryptos. And there’s a case that these are govt. driven so that people can be trapped into a federal lie on their IRSW tax filings for non reporting. Remember, IRS laws were what took down Al Capone, right?
      Due to stoking the racial divide, there’s a dominant power behind the razor wire both stocking “legal discrimination” (reparations on a racial basis) and other anti Constitutional means that violate equal protection.
      So yeah, the risks to gun owners are increasing, so the time to purchase any weapon or ammo of any sort for cash only (gun show time”) may already be past.
      You do know that criminals don’t follow “laws” – right? The whole purpose of disarming the entire population is to ensure the power in control have a more concentrated group to round up in order to hold their megalomaniacal reins of power…

  5. Quick comment on Iowa from the Wednesday article. Oddly Iowa has one of the highest rates of structurally deficient bridges. I happened to notice while reading some articles on infrastructure spending.


    Another criteria of relocation might be how the state maintains its infrastructure. Might give a clue on state spending priorities, of buying votes with give aways, vs maintenance of shared services.

  6. In regards to drought in the western U.S., they don’t call it the desert southwest for nothing. Being a professional geologist, I like to play the long game, so to speak. The reality is that severe drought in those areas of the country is the norm rather than the exception. We have records of droughts in the Holocene (this week in geologic history) that persisted longer than the current life span of this country. Centuries long droughts! The efforts to ‘own the weather’ in these areas won’t work in the long run. The only thing will really work is to scale your infrastructure and population to fit the climate.

    When it comes to food ‘shortages’, the immediate answer to that is more efficiency and less waste. Most of everyone knows that the amount of food wasted and simply thrown away in this country borders on criminal. We’ve got so much food readily available that we’ve now got the fattest ‘hungry’ people in the history of the world….and not to mention the richest ‘poor’ people. I agree with George in that it’s important to at least KNOW how to grow food if you’re not already doing it.


    • “food ‘shortages’, the immediate answer to that is more efficiency and less waste. Most of everyone knows that the amount of food wasted and simply thrown away in this country borders on criminal.”

      That’s why I have two freeze dryers. The average family will throw out around 3 grand a year..by packaging them up in individual meals you not only have a quick ready to eat meal but long term storage.
      I have to do lay away for most of my purchases that are large. Harvest right is really easy to work with in that respect.

    • “We’ve got so much food readily available that we’ve now got the fattest ‘hungry’ people in the history of the world….and not to mention the richest ‘poor’ people.”

      You could have added, and with insufficient knowledge of “unadulterated” history, IMO.
      Btw. the world carries too many people that create much garbage w/o effective disposal.

    • “We’ve got so much food readily available that we’ve now got the fattest ‘hungry’ people in the history of the world….and not to mention the richest ‘poor’ people.”

      You could have added, and with insufficient knowledge of “unadulterated” history, IMO.
      Btw. the world carries too many people that create much garbage w/o effective disposal.

    • “we’ve now got the fattest ‘hungry’ people in the history of the world”

      The cause for this is threefold. The major cause for obesity in Blacks and Latinos is their body metabolism is more efficient than that of Whites. Western Urepeein civilization supplanted the native subsistence diet of African natives and American Indios with one that’s much higher in both calories and fat than the one to which their body types were genetically adapted. Their adapted foods ceased to exist, or became much more difficult to obtain. This issue is much less prevalent in Asians (also more-efficient than Whites) because they were able to cling to a major portion of their adapted diet (probably because their American sponsors had no trouble supplying them with all the (extremely cheap) rice they cared to eat.

      The second cause began when “Western Society” adopted the “eat on the go” fast food style of face-stuffing. We don’t go to McDonalds because the food is good or because it is healthy. We go there because it is served in a relatively speedy manner, and is absolutely consistent whether the Arches are in St. Petersburg, Florida or St. Petersburg, Russia. Fast food enabled Caucasians to become morbidly obese without having to become gluttonous or lazy, and did really, REALLY bad things for the bodies of peoples of more metabolically-efficient ethnicities.

      The third cause? “Enter Pong…”

      With the advent of first arcade, then computer, then console games, kids today have no incentive to exercise, and an even higher incentive to consume high-calorie, high fat, processed and unhealthy food (so they can “pack face” left-handed while keeping their right hand on the mouse or the all-important controller.)

      …And yes, we are hungry. The crap the majority of people eat, the majority of the time, is high in calories, but low in actual food value. Our senses know the sights, sounds, smells, of food that’s “appealing to the senses” (and you thought that was just an advertising slogan) and we create a tableau in our mind which precedes ever tasting such food. Our bodies, on the other hand, only know whether they are receiving the nutrition necessary for our cells’ individual and collective survival and health. If’fn you eat that Wendy’s hamburger, you WILL be hungry again in four hours. That’s because your body digests the food in principal, then your intestines scream to your brain: “WE DIDN’T GET (followed by a list of vitamins, minerals, and essential amino acids). WE’VE GOT TO HAVE THESE. YOU MUST EAT AGAIN…”

      Even when we “eat healthy,” sometimes that’s not enough. An egg that’s raw yields a significant net-negative amount of cholesterol. Egg yolk is extremely high in choline. Choline “eats” serum and arterial cholesterol and measurably boosts IQ (and other intelligence and productivity metrics.) It is also a water-soluble (volatile) B-vitamin, meaning it is destroyed by heat. The longer an egg is cooked, the less choline it contains. When I was a kid, it wasn’t uncommon to see high-school and college kids eating (drinking) raw eggs before big exams. Most egg farmers pump so much shit into chickens nowadays, both in the form of antibiotics and hormones, that a person would be crazy to consume a (non-organic) modern-day egg, uncooked.

  7. “Nostradamus” “May”

    Q anon patterns were the same. For years Republicans were strung along like the Pied Piper’s rats. “No, not this week, next week they all go to Gitmo, next week. The Mercy and Comfort are docked, arrests any day for sure, for sure…. It wasn’t last week, it’s next.” They convinced themselves too. Couldn’t get in a post edgewise.

    Thought loops.

    • There is a certain “life loops” aspect to life I’ve always grappled with since interviewing the original authors of the work way back in my newzing daze. Now, after not being able to recall the book title – and after spending some time looking on amazon and abe books, I decided that it would be a more useful thing for Peoplenomics this weekend than another expository on long and boring nonmainstream economics.
      Thanks for the reminder!

      • Hmm.. seems like I seen that before…hmm


        I have told the kids and grandkids a million times.. expand your circle…things not taught in the western world. Tibetan style teachings. If you live angry angry will surround you. I carry my chakra stone everywhere.. ( rose quartz is our precious gem )

      • “Why is there no record of ancient humans?”

        I think for several reasons.. consider that according to legend.. man was created as slave labor to harvest gold.
        Then the age of writing. How many lost libraries are there.. in many cultures even today certain societies as l classes are not allowed to expand their knowledge. Even here inthe USA where we limit growth by finances and accessibility.
        Then take into account global catastrophic events. Not very many would realize that below the loc are floors and floors of books.. the same with the NA and Smithsonian museum.. DC is a maze of everything you can possibly imagine.
        Which leaves us with .. BLM and let’s destroy and take down national monuments and all records of our past because they hate any reference to our historical society. The same with ISIS destroying their history.. nazi’s burning books etc..
        We have forgotten more than we have learned. This time around won’t be different either once we are shoved back to a time before moses. There will be stories passed down just like before..

    • Relations with Russia are poor, and the Russians are moving men and machinery around, as is NATO. Regardless of the excuse for the brinkmanship, all it takes is one errant launch and there isn’t any going back. This situation is not a silly-assed Q meme.

    • Q is NOT the anons who follow Q, but yet you attribute to Q what the anons post and get wrong
      That is like confusing D.A. Steward with Nostradamus
      But Q post 4770 dated 9.25.2020 says Judge Sullivan steps down by 3/21 go see for your self

      post 4770, https://qagg.news/?q=%23%234770

      also Q has brought to the attention of millions the corrupt pedophile network
      These are interesting times, we live in
      you do know that the FBI/DOJ have been hiding stuff, right?

  8. “In the seventh month of 1999, Nostradamus predicted, a great king of terror would descend on the world. ”

    – Washington Times, 9/12/1999

    Here’s one from AP News, 2/16/1991:

    “?The actors are getting in place for the final conflict,? said John F. Walvoord, the 80-year-old chancellor of Dallas Theological Seminary and author of ?Armageddon, Oil and the Middle East Crisis.?”

    Walvoord was cobbling together whatever he could to sell book. Like Hal Lindsey, he saw money in doom.

  9. 4/9/21
    “Story #4 – Covid
    UrbanSurvival Knowledge-sharing: I have been looking for actual data that supports the notion that even if you get a shot – and subsequently get Covid – that it’s any less aggressive… – with vaccinated people still getting sick…
    If you’re a good little sheep, you’ll get the life-sustaining shot for another year.”

    This stupid game just tics me off. If there are folks that don’t want to be experimented on with mRNA vax’s, and it is known that many known, ‘other use,’ meds and supplements such as Ivermectin, methasone, oxyhydroquine and even CBD and others being revealed as more or less effective in Covid evasion or treatment, why is it that NO ONE is offering these meds and supplements to those that would rather use this over the vax??? They do this in India and other places!
    To continue to push partially effective, experimental DNA modifying ‘vaccines’ that come with some serious, life-threatening problems while denying the public ANY other treatments based on the multi-use, effective, existing drugs and supplements is right up there with the likes of Dr. Mengele in the concentration camps of ‘experimental medicine’ back in WWII.

    • “why is it that NO ONE is offering these meds and supplements to those that would rather use this over the vax???”

      It’s the business model..!!
      Congress has organizations donating vast amounts of money and gifts to insure that their wishes are met.I’m pretty sure someone that will make 60 billion plus to sell marijuana illegally would be willing to donate a couple billion of that to keep it illegal rather than legalize it. The pharmaceutical companies are the same . One of my medications name brand in canada was under 250 and that was with shipping doctors visit communication etc. If I was a Canadian generic was below a hundred while at the local pharmacy it was 1250.00.. so if they can sell a vaccine for a hundred or more a shot rather than pennies for the other.
      It’s all about money and who truly controls DC

    • Non-prescription Ivermectin is available as horse paste (DuraMectin) on Amazon and at farm stores such as Tractor Supply. I assume people are snapping it up for covid because it’s always out of stock at my local Tractor Supply. The only difference between prescription ivermectin and ivermectin for veterinary use is the number of impurities. Dosage recommendations can be found at:

      A FAQ page on ivermectin is at:

      Somewhere on the net is a list of doctors, by location, who will prescribe ivermectin and hydroxychloroquine.

    • Good video. Simply stated and helpful Chris.

      I am sure the bit about losing your furnace at 51 below zero will keep a lot of potential burglars out of your home (at least during winter). LOL

      • The only things that will keep burglars out of your home are active defense and/or hardening it like the pyramids! The biggest risk is when you’re not home and they can take their time. Make sure that any attempt at unauthorized entry is obvious. Alarms and cameras are important too – if only to wake the dead and provide evidence! Walk around your house regularly – you’d be surprised at what you never think about and don’t normally notice. Think like a burglar and try to get in. Then do it again.
        Figure out what tools they might use and how much noise they might make. Just because they’re thieves doesn’t make them dumb(unless they get caught). Burglars have their busy seasons, but some will attack when you least expect it. Cold weather simply means that they can wear heavier clothing to protect themselves from glass, bullets, etc. Remember that they don’t value your place or your stuff the way you do and will smash what’s necessary to get what they want. Even sneak thieves are violent when cornered – respond accordingly.

    • Loob, your link succinctly describes yourself and your jonesing for attention/validation of your ridiculous myopic viewpoints, which many Trump supporters suffer from.

  10. George, Newt’s vote comments have some glaring ommissions:

    Voter participation rate highest ever in 2020, beating the 2008 response to the Financial Crisis, where many Red states turned Blue, i.e., non-partisan voting from the wallet! (guess who’s so scared, they will try any trick in the book to suppress voters):

  11. Are there any prophesies about all the kings of the world conspiring together to wipe out the global population with poison medicines? It should be happening right around… now.

  12. Can’t wait to hear what the sewer of sin and all it’s gurus spin up this weekend . Big cook up!!!!

  13. COVID-19 shots
    See the article posted by Sloan-Kettering Clinic. Basically says, if you’ve had the shot with RNA in it your immune system is now inoperative against lymphoma. Great way to wipe out a bunch of sheeple!

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