Periodicity Within Collapse

By some measures, the stock market is at new highs this week. However, by other measures it is not.

This morning, some “notes to a colleague” on periodicity within collapse micro waves.

Not as simple as “Get ready to relive the collapse of the Soviet Union (1988-2000) here.  But, very much worth considering because the “Gambler’s Paradox” is likely to play out differently in America than in what’s now Russia.

A few headlines and such, then down the rabbit holes of finance we venture, again.

But, I must apologize (in advance) for the length of this morning’s column which is all over the place.  Including a couple of snips of woo-woo; one of which involves an earthquake…an yes, in Atlanta overnight, the “Murder Cycle” showed up…

On a cheerier note: Happy St. Patrick’s Day.

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30 thoughts on “Periodicity Within Collapse”

  1. Same here though I will not say I am “tuned in” to the quakes as you are. I woke up at 0258 hrs as if someone had shaken me. When I am awakened like that getting back to sleep is a no-go. About an hour later a line of thunderstorms and rain moved through with a pretty decent light show.
    I attributed the throbbing knees and the approaching weather system to waking me up until reading Peoplenomics this morning. It reminded me that it was more of a shook awake. Been checking the ranch since dawn for damage or missing stock. Just a gut feeling.

  2. Hello Doctor..

    G- rome kerPOWel & co. bin-hiden the “sausage” long enough.

    Doctor Copper is Bid $4.10 this AM…four dollaz – we are talking screaming, screaming with Vengeance..

    Short USD
    Short UST
    Long Commodities – any tangible thing of value.

    Freak I B – everything is frequency/vibration..
    Is there correlation between schuman resonance upticks and murder cycles.

    Crazy off the reservation working theory is Repto slaver overlords are uncomfortable in 3D frequencies – thus the need for “lush”.

    Having come from the parallel 2nd Dimension, Right next door/dimension – where the musgir/winged pazuzu’s reside.

    Images of which adorn old Catholic churches in europe???? sure gargoyles representing protection – bwahahahahahaha

    “this is the body & blood…. they’re kidding right?

    ‘take from it and eat ? Whaaaaaaaaaat
    – Nahhhh thats not mental masturbation, its not Cannibalism..

    Its organized religion – and we will see it, when we believe it.

    Latest breaking ..tiktok viral – de classed cia memo on pain mgt..
    talks about managing pain with mental imagery of painful body part and mentally repeating 55515. Ure results may vary – but many are reporting positive results..”what the mind can conceive, the body will achieve..” or something like that..cl125

  3. “But it is a marvelous fabric with blue and green iridescence to the fabric.” You emphasized “irridescence,” but what caught my eye given the date was “green!” I found my first 4-leafed clover when I was seven and always felt an affinity with the Irish. But my first attempt at Ancestry led only to orange-wearing Northern Protestants. A few years later I tried again and found many Irish forebears. That’s more like it! My favorite color has always been green. Still playing the ponies and my first horse came in 2nd which thanks to a promotion will get my $2 bet back tomorrow. The second choice was a heavy favorite and just won. I believe in the luck of the Irish! Happy St. Paddy’s Day!

    • L’chaim, prosit, cheers, salute, (roughtly) wayla chin chioa (being Chinese, it was Amerized as chin-chin), here-here, bottoms-up, here’s looking at yah, kid, and on it goes.
      I never have more than 1 toast per drink. And I never toast more than 12-13 times, at least so as I can remember…

  4. If modern times are to rhyme with 1929, which period did 1929 technicians of the day say 1929 is rhyming with?

    I don’t think there are any rhymes because the economic order was changed in 1929. The modern corporation of 1790 made 1929 happen.

    Before 1929 there was tenant farming and sharecropping. TF & SC is another way of saying squatters. The period before TF and SC was when the Native American overlay was replatted. Early 1800’s it was grab whatever you can protect. So the grabbers invented the TF and SC to protect their interests.

    • Twernt such a animal. The technicians of the day were the stock operators.
      Jesse Livermore died in 1940. Gann died in 1955.
      Ralph Elliott died in 1948.

      Point is, technical analysis followed in the footsteps of great investors with curious minds and a test-fitting mentality.

      Just as the Intel 808computer was evolution-dependent on the invention first of resistor. When, zoomed out properly, today’s 48 core 128 GB power workstations, and evolutionary dependencies on the 8080-8088 boxes.

      The Dow Jones Industrials were first published in 1896.

      Technical analysis must run 3 (hopefully more) cycles before study can begin. For for TA to evolve, first came the traders (Livermore, et al) looking (or living through) 3-years of shorter cycles.

      Helps, I hope.

      • Intel 8080 my arse.

        You gotz to come to the original – named after America’s original genius – Benny..UPENN – this is where computing all began, and it was Chicks doing most of the “leg work” -punny dat

        Just like Oil Drilling/Refining – you gotz to come to Pennsyltucky for the Original- the 1st and clearly the BEST.

        Pennsyltucky – where the men r men, and women are women, thank goodness!

  5. Just a note about your salt dome. They are flexible, and shift around and change shape. Under pressure and due to the warmer rock below 15,000 ft where you are – you can be pretty sure that salt is moving, albeit slowly.
    Salt actually SLOWS waves passing through it….FWIW

  6. “Let’s see if Dark Forces unleash (another) bioweapon to expand population control, shall we?”

    Well, so far nobody has connected dots (and survived social media purgatory) that not only did Marvin Hagler* die from a CV-19 lethal injection, but a few weeks ago, So did Hank Aaron… **

    * “A real true warrior Pray for the king and his family.. he’s in ICU fighting the after effects of the vaccine!”
    -Thomas Hearns

    “I do NOT accept to read some stupid comment without knowing really what happen,” she wrote in a post on the Marvelous Marvin Hagler Fan Club page on Facebook. “For sure wasn’t the vaccine that caused his death. My baby left in peace with his usually smile and now is not the time to talk nonsense.”
    -Kay Hagler

    ** “Henry “Hank” Aaron, 86, “passed away peacefully in his sleep” on Jan. 22, according to a statement from the Atlanta Braves, the team for which he played 21 of his 23 seasons in Major League Baseball. He died more than two weeks after he publicly received his first dose of the Moderna COVID-19 vaccine at a Morehouse Healthcare clinic on Jan. 5.”

    A social media post by former Major League Baseball player Aubrey Huff appears to blame the deaths of two sports legends on the coronavirus vaccine. Huff, who has made several social media posts questioning vaccines, made his claim the day after Hagler’s death. His March 14 Instagram post read:

    “Hammering Hank Aaron…now Marvelous Marvin Hagler two legends dead after taking the #covid19 vaccine.”

    I neither know nor care about Aubrey Huff. He might well be an “antivaxxer,” but based simply on the fact these extremely high profile retired Black athletes got the needle, then suddenly died a week or two later from NATURAL CAUSES, does warrant observation (since discussion obviously gets one ostracized from unsociable media and all other things holy to the PC police…) Hagler’s passing is from typical myocardial infarction symptoms. Aaron’s? The public may never know. With that said, a medical examiner or coroner can technically label ANY DEATH as “by natural causes” without perjuring themself.

    • Wait for it ..

      Vaccinated individuals will soonly be advised – dr falsie – that they will need to wear a mask in perpetuity -to protect them cytokine storming -overreaction to any coronavirus the vaxed are exposed to 4 the rest of their lives..

  7. Dunno betwixt you and your Consigliere – both systems have merit. I tend to favor yours, because the Dow periodically shuffles new members to their “30 club” in, and old members out, thus stacking the deck. Whether techs offset this shuffle or not seems to be where your opinions differ. IMO the techs would at least offer a buffer — There may be a better way, like reinstating the DJ members from some past point and computing one’s own “honest Dow,” but I ain’t doin’ da work — gots dirt to season, beds to build, and too many plants to germinate…

  8. George, the murder cycle just came home. It goes abroad from time to time.

    Precisely 140 days ago:

    October 26, 2020 a missile strike in the Azeri town Barda killed at least 21 civilians. Armenia and Azerbaijan disagree who did it.

    August 3 is the next one.

  9. Ye Gads! Is that ‘salt dome’ getting ready to collapse? That’s an obscene distance to feel such a small quake. We get 2.5 shakers at the volcano daily, and I don’t feel them here 20 miles away. Takes at least a 3.0 to feel a mild quiver. And it’s layered lava rock all the way.

    • Hmmm…. Salt dome …. Small tremors….I’d be looking for drilling rigs lurking in the vicinity, or large numbers of oil field supply company chem trucks. Seen any new vehicles with OK license plates? Ready to shake, rattle and roll, just like they do in OK?

    • You betcha – US treasury sells to Aussie shelia’s like Ureself, and any other so inclined idiots, interest bearing Bonds, Bills and Notes.
      They pay interest periodically and Principal at Maturity.
      Price of underlying Bond moves in Opposite direction of Interest Rate payed – One goes Up, the other has to go down.

      Rates Up – Price of Bonds Down or Rates Down, Price of Bonds UP . Why even a shelia can understand the fundamentals, when not all pissed-up on Fosters..

      • I thought I might try this now seeing George is protecting . You stupid Farken prik Fark off idiot . It’s ready clown . Eat gold. Hopefully you see this dikhead

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