Past Life Regression Firsthand

On break in another lifetime today. We have written many times of our interest in doing a past life regression.  Now, being enrolled in an online mixed media program, not only have I actually had one.  But I also wrote a detailed account of events which runs just north of 5,000 words.  That’s book chapter-length.

On break in another lifetime” refers to the seeming reality of certain dreams.  Where we don’t so much imagine a time and place as recall itThe effects are sensational.

Not a bad time to take a little break from events of the here and now:  No one likes hospitals being blown up in the Middle East, our SecState snubbed by the Saudis.  More to the point we have concerns for the personal safety of the American president.

He’s on the ground in troubled lands and it forces us to remember there were two or three different plans to kill the Archduke Ferdinand to light off World War One.

Are the rhymes of history this deep and troubling?  Pull up a cup and a chair…we’re going to check it out.

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63 thoughts on “Past Life Regression Firsthand”

  1. “ongoing war with inflation”

    Yellen said America will afford to stand w/Israel and against Russia. That will be expansion of the money supply using credit – inflation, which leads to a rise in the general price level…. We watch the money dilute in real-time.

    “America can certainly afford to stand with Israel and to support Israel’s military needs, and we also can and must support Ukraine in its struggle against Russia,”

    Jordon telling Biden to keep it moving was big. That’s why there’s two aircraft carriers in the area. Arab countries aren’t going to let American jets land. They’ll probably seal airspace too.

    Taiwan or Turkey up next. Then Yellen will tell us America can support Taiwan/Germany when Turkey loots them.

    • All Out WAR = the BLACK flag has risen over Iran.

      that is some obscenely outragous scheisse dropping US made/supplied/armed BOMB on a Hospital jam packed with sufferers.

      Yellow bellied COWARDS till the end israhell – Evil is as evil does. We will know them by their actions..

      On the bright side – arab kids should be getting cheaper in the near future which will undoubtly boost bribem family business coffers -

  2. “help bring skills from “other lives” into this one”

    Does a ‘past life’ ever take place after the current timeline/does the past life have to occur before the current and so on….

    If the average life is 70 years, 3 lifetimes back is early 1800’s. 5 lifetimes is pre-Salem witch trials.

    ….or perhaps all the life timelines are running concurrently.

    • There doesn’t seem to be any rhyme or reason to the distance in Time between lives based on the stories of kids remembering their past lives and some regression stories I’ve read. It all depends on what you’re set up to learn in the current life. Popular recent stories of kids have had them coming back from as far back as WWII and then there are those that remember 9/11 up close and personal. Edward Cayce’s lives seemed to reach very far back into Egyptian times.

      One question that occurred to me, though, was about the concept of predestination and Humanity’s path on the current timeline. If Nostradamus can scry and see HIS future and it play out fairly well in ours AND you have people like Bo Polney that say “the future is written from the End to the Beginning” (I’ve heard this in other places, too, and I think it’s Biblical if not Kabbalistic) how can we have different potential timelines given the choices we make? Could it just be Humanity fulfilling its inevitable path based on our DNA programming?

      • “… kids remembering their past lives… have had them coming back from as far back as WWII and then there are those that remember 9/11 up close and personal. Edward Cayce’s lives seemed to reach very far back into Egyptian times.”

        I think most people are ‘missing the boat’ about what Past Lives are.

        We are all a part of ‘Itself’s’ Consciousness. Some have described this as like a single life being like one bucket of water in the big ocean of God Mind. When we live out any current individual life we are all experiencing One (single) Bucket (for whatever term of a lifetime). When people say they are ‘remembering another life’ – or multiple lives – what they are doing is washing back into the full ocean of the God Mind and seeing another, different one of the Buckets. And maybe even trying to identify personally with it. But it is not like some linear thing where one person has a set of Buckets all lined up in a time-line row throughout Eternity and just leaps from one to the next. No, what they are doing is washing back into the Full God Mind when they pass away… and then when they ‘reanimate’ in a another new Bucket they remember what they saw and experienced in one of more of the Buckets while back in God Mind.

        In other words… all we are doing is going from The Full Ocean into One Bucket and then back into the Ocean and then back into Another Bucket. God having fun playing around his It’s Mind going from Full to mostly Empty, and back again.

        “… how can we have different potential timelines given the choices we make? Could it just be Humanity fulfilling its inevitable path based on our DNA programming?”

        Quantum physics instructs that everything exists in a permanent state of unlimited potential. All at once. And also, two apparent opposites can both exist at the SAME TIME. So there are an unlimited number of timelines just as there are unlimited potentials. Like the Famous Cat… we can be dead and alive at the same time. So we can also live out multiple time lines at the same time. This may not make logical sense. But then, Universe doesn’t have to make logical sense.

        To make Logic have to ‘be so the way things work’ is to make Logic ‘God’. And Logic is not God but a human limitation. And a damaging one at that.

        • Thank you very much for that answer. I’ve always heard that once you get into the realm of “Quantum” what we hold as “logical” doesn’t exist at all – or at least we’re still discovering an entirely new set of logic rules for that level. I don’t think it’s quite the actual Assembly Language of the Universe, which in itself would loudly imply “Logic”, but it’s certainly headed in that direction.

          Perhaps the information imparted to seers through Time by Universe or Universe’s Creator is It’s intended destination of events as It plays with It’s creation. It would seem, too, that the eventual realization of those prophecies would indicate a high degree of success given enough time and, of course, accuracy in the seers’ reporting. Would it not be like having total control of a crystal’s growth toward it’s terminal point?

          While I’m not ready to agree with you on the “buckets” viewpoint the idea of implanted memories is no longer a novel idea either. It doesn’t seem to fit well with the idea of individual souls and, especially, lost souls that can manifest themselves outside the time period they experienced mortal life. While you certainly could be right there still seems to be a strong sense of individuality imparted in a person’s sense of self. The “Blade Runner” story dealt with this idea in that the automatons may or may not KNOW they’re not “natural” Humans and carry on with their programmed lives as if they were.

          Cayce’s description of God’s creation of the souls in Thomas Sugru’s biography of him has always resonated with me. How the entity of the soul can navigate and explore this Universal ocean and choose to inhabit whatever physical being or structure at will speaks to the sense of ultimate freedom an independent soul may have as a child leaving parents and stepping out into the World with their specific gene programming. Regardless of how much of a herd mentality some people may exhibit, however, the idea of melding back into the Mind of God and losing one’s personality and autonomy is a very sad one, indeed, that I think few would enjoy.

        • Bill: … “once you get into the realm of ‘Quantum’ what we hold as ‘logical’ doesn’t exist at all…”

          Yes. And each of us – our bodies and minds – ARE Quantum all the time. Always have been… always will be (?). We are each subject to the non-logic of the Quantum even while the human mind tries to understand it (some things that defy common understanding). Silly us… trying to fully define God and the Quantum – two things that cannot be defined.

          “Perhaps the information imparted to seers through Time by Universe or Universe’s Creator is It’s intended destination of events as It plays with It’s creation.”

          What Seers are ‘seeing’ is one of the (multiple) timelines. It’s like a TV drama show that has let’s say ten different endings written to them. When we Collapse the Wave we ‘choose’ one of these TV show endings while the others stay active as potentials.

          “While you certainly could be right there still seems to be a strong sense of individuality imparted in a person’s sense of self.”

          I do believe in the ‘strong sense of individuality’. When I talk about washing back into the Big Sea of Itself… this does not mean we lose everything we were before. Near Death Experiencers have told us that they retained their individuality while ‘Over There’. So there is some mixture between individuality and merging with the Totality going on. It’s not just one or the other. NDE People had their personality but also had greatly expanded awareness and abilities, too.

          “… the idea of melding back into the Mind of God and losing one’s personality and autonomy is a very sad one, indeed, that I think few would enjoy.”

          Another way to describe it that we NEVER lose our Mind of God while living out a normal human life. We have simply ‘emptied ourselves’ for a time on Earth to live as a limited being… but we are still always part of Itself and never severed our connection to That Mind. There is integrity in being an individual or Itself would not have done it this way.

        • Well, there ya go with the multiple timelines thingy again. I just can’t get away from the idea of a Matrix existence in which everything is already predetermined and free will doesn’t really exist even though we think we’re sitting here thinking critically about these things.

          Either way at least it keeps our minds chewing on something otherwise we’d be no different than our four-legged friends that live for a handful of years and turn into a pile of bleached bones and poop.

  3. Sure G enius , Nutinwahoo and Bribem are ever to be believed, and or trusted!

    Neither one of them has spoken the Truth, EVER, at least that I can ever recall..

    Seem you regressed into a dancing israHELLie.

    Good fo U, enjoy the Light show, not only guaranteed to razzle and dazzle, but sparkle like nothing we ever seen before.

    Got any past life experiences with the heavens being “rolled up” in response to a nuclear assault?

    Write when youse all see plasmoids in the sky.

  4. Your speculation on sabotage of the outdoor cooling water UHS (Ultimate Heat Sink) pumps is certainly possible, however as a former nuke worker, I can tell you the real Achilles-heal of almost every plant is its large transformers. Transformers that step down offsite power and ones that step up voltage for transmission lines rarely fail, so spares are not normally available. Since their specs are usually plant-specific, they must be ordered a year or two in advance of need – almost no spares are available in the US. A failure can leave a plant shut down and/or without offsite power for many months. A few dozen trained snipers situated about a mile from the each plant and armed with .50 BMG rifles, could quite rapidly put the Eastern Seaboard in the dark for months and potentially lead to core damage at the affected plants if adequate diesel fuel was not available for backup generators.

    • ALL of the Substations on the military base where I work, and most I see in the Alabama Power network, and I would imagine most around the power plants are surrounded by the temp (perm) barriers I have seen pictures of on the GAZA border. Why they were not at the portion where the terrorists breached, I don’t know.
      These barriers are large 8 foot tall by about 6 foot square canvas bags filled with gravel. The loose fill absorbs most projectiles including .50 BMG, and all kinds of shrapnel. I am on a base where personal photos are banned., or I would take a picture and show you.
      The way one of our recent regional blackouts occurred in the Michigan area was someone, in the dark of night, drove up to a rural regional substation and shot up the cooling radiators with an AK of some sort and left 7.62×39 casings all about, and drove away. It took a while for the coolant to drain out, and they were long gone.
      So the barricades have been going up around transformers for a while now.

  5. My mind functions on a “scientific – rational – logical” basis. Mostly. I don’t have much experience with this sort of regression thing — but I don’t quickly dismiss its validity. I do strongy suspect that there is some kind of “Akashic Record” of All There Was, Is, or Will Be, perhaps lying outside of our conventional SpaceTimeEnergy view of things.

    Our human intellects are imaginative, but limited. “Possibilities and Probabilities” are endlessly fascinating — and quite posssibly “Truth” in some form I lack the ability to grok and nail down. Maybe it’s self-hypnosis or wish-fulfillment or imagination or Truth. I am ever so slightly afraid of it — it may be Hidden from our conventional minds for a Good Reason, though I can’t say what that might be. Mark me down as “interested, but skeptical” for the moment.
    As I have said, I am a Christian man — but not a very dogmatic one — I’m carefully open to challenges.

    • Well, here it says reincarnation happened at least, once.

      Matthew 11:14
      And if you are willing to accept what I say, he [John the Baptist] is Elijah, the one the prophets said would come.

      • Our KJV and all the other current Bibles based on it are a severely truncated collection of ancient writings. Those book collections that have the “Non-canonical” books included are better but still far from complete.
        After the Roman Catholics got hold of the Christian system they systematically destroyed as much of the written variants of their dogma they could find as well as anyone that refused their indoctrination – which just shows how very, VERY little we’ve changed in 2,000 years. Throw in the Americanization of Biblical verses under the guise of making them relevant to today’s mindsets and you’re left with barely any of the original intent the First Century writers had in their writings.

        I wouldn’t go as far as Dr. James Tabor (Biblical Archaeology Review founder) has in his video lectures on scripture in that he basically implies Christianity was a one-time affair that took root two millennia ago and continues today but his historical accounts of ancient scriptures is well worth the time spent to listen to them on YouTube. Brian Muraresku’s “The Immortality Key” and Dr. Ron Moseley’s “Yeshua – A Guide to the real Jesus and the Original Church” are a couple of books that started me on a critical path to finding/figuring out the times, conditions and original thinking of Old and New Testament writers.

        If you just want a good set of morals to live by – go to to church. If you want to discover the real path to enlightenment and real power you’ll find there is no end to that path so you’d better get your butt in gear and get going.

        • the Sheep should remember – if a religion is organized, it is Not a religion, but a control structure.

          “they” do not want anyone accessing their Higher Self – who is opposite gender. Achieving union with higher self on the regular – will have you walking in a different Light, impervious to archonic vibes and manipulations. Will no longer be surprised, and will just have “knowing” about everything that is contemplated.
          .. this is way of sourcerers. of course you need to learn how to “eat” sunlight of day and or moonlight of night, as well as the “vital essences”, once consumed needs be processed or better yet, refined, but a great start none the less.

    • I love science and am open to other things.. I have a strong faith and am razzed because of it.. a lot of people question how can I be a believer and have the scientific knoweledge to not question the invisible guy watching all.. whether or not it is a dimensional traveler or peoples souls .. I don’t know.. but I can tell you in my years working on the floors of medical centers and hospitals .. I have seen some strange stuff.. my favorite story is the woman that died then came back to yell at me for messing up her bed.. and to get her coffee.. the wifes favorite story is pancakes.. a woman about deads family said well lets go get pancakes.. she pops up pancakes.. I have to have pancakes and got up and went with them.. an exercise bike that the owner of it.. loved peddling that in the middle of the night.. and every night about midnight one oclock you could hear that bike take off .. whispers from people having a conversation in an empty room.. so does the spirit live on..
      My dentist seeing how difficult it is to get my tooth numbed asked me.. you have infant memories don’t you.. yes I do why do you ask.. he said.. most people that have troubles like yours.. has infant memories.. I won’t tell anyone how far back I remember.. they would think I am nuts.. ( well they already think that now.. )
      then the times I have really needed god help.. and after I prayed for help.. it was there.. so do I believe.. absolutely.. how did someone know that I needed what I needed when the wife didn’t even have a clue what was going on..
      then my friends.. the ones that hear the whispers of god.. I have one good friend.. he was in another country and seen the situation.. and the little girls whispers .. he heard heavenly fathers whispers to.. and did something about it .. out of his own pocket saved probably millions and millions of people that would die.. a true angel of god.. when I hear the whisper of our heavenly father I try to act on what I hear.. but the few that I am able to give a hand up.. are but a few..
      Is there a soul.. that moves from one age to another.. I believe so.. heaven or hell.. do you sell your soul for material spoils or do you open your heart and work on the moral and ethical path…. I think of the devine comedy.. and the value system that mankind has put on for themselves.. how has our value system changed in the last fifty years..

      • An older friend who passed about 2 years ago was dead serious about remembering all the way back to his birth.He was a big strong no nonsense type.Decorated Viet Nam marine, county cop jail guard.In his later years he opened up a little about the war and other things.The whole he could remember being born was kind of shocking but i believed him.

      • LOOB,

        Usually, I will save your recipes and other assorted tidbits.

        Today, this is a real keeper.

        Blessings and peace,


  6. Speaking of Ham Radio I have previously mentioned I do NOT have an antenna up at the moment and haven’t for awhile … just been too busy with other stuff in addition to having a “hemmed in” city location.

    I suddenly got the urge however to home brew a Hex Antenna … a very simple one, not one that is milled aluminum etc, just to see what the deal is with them. Use a piece of plywood or hardwood for the hub and zip ties for fastening the arms to it (probably use fiberglass fishing poles). Ditto with using zip ties to fasten the rest of it together. Sure not a “storm proof” antenna, but for fun and games it might work fine (until it needs to be repaired). Still kicking it around upstairs but one guy said he built his in about 3 hours.

    (there are two versions … a more directional one, the original type, and a modified one created by a German Ham that is MUCH more broadband – if I build one it will be the more broadband version)

    Anybody have any experience home brewing a HEX antenna? Curious as to what your experience is

    • Be on the lookout for the AC7X Super Antenna – coming soon to four bands with gain and low SWR 80-21 MHz on the tr4aditional bands and best of all? No antenna tuner at all!

      • Nothing relevant pops up on a Google Search wrt your reference to the AC7X Super Antenna.

        LOTS of “Super Antenna”s popped up … most of them TV antennas. AC7X apparently is a Ham, and a couple of reviews he did about various things popped up, but nothing dealing with any NON major manufacturer BIG BEAMS that he was talking about.

        Interested … but can’t find anything anywhere about some new antenna he designed (apparently he died?)

    • I bought the commercial ‘KIO’ hex beam, but I have friends who ‘homebrewed’ out of fishing poles also. I’m very pleased with how it works. One friend was working DX with his even before he erected it. It was resting on sawhorses in the yard.

  7. I have to comment on one other risk of the of FJB doing a Duke Ferdinand reenactment.
    That is the line of succession is Pres/VP/Speaker of House/Sen Pres Pro Tempor/Sec State/Sect Tres/Sec Def.
    The Sen Pres Pro Tempor is Patty Murray of WA, who is acknowledged to be at most a high 2-digit IQ.
    The Republicans have defaulted to a Dimm successor no matter what because they can’t pull their heads out long enough to elect Someone, Anyone(!) Speaker.
    So we are well and truly F’d.

    Meanwhile, since we are speculating News Releases, Possible only in a sane, just, and perfect world, I want to add this from my home town:

    Friday, 10/20/23 AL.Commie
    Today, Joran Vander Sloot has admitted as part of his plea bargain to the murder of Natalie Holloway, of Mountain Brook (a suburb of Birmingham) in Aruba on her graduation celebration vacation min 2005. As a condition of the deal Mr. Vander Sloot has admitted to the killing and has revealed the location of her remains, which have been recovered.
    The presiding judge Rufus P. Justice has in respect of Mr. Vander Sloots cooperation, has Sentenced Mr . V S to Time Served, and ordered his release Tomorrow, Saturday, 10/21/23 at exactly 0700 from the Third Door on the left on the front of the Jefferson County Jail, across 21st Street from the Jefferson County Court House Parking Garage. He will be wearing his Orange Jail jumpsuit and have a cowbell on his right ankle.

    In Other News the Entire Jefferson County Sheriff’s Department, along with all Jail and Police personnel, will meet for holiday cupcakes and coffee in the Jail Brake Room at 0700.01 on Saturday. Attendance will be taken, no absentees allowed.

    • I was mistaken by going to the “A Break in the Clouds” video with Penny Kelly in that she often has more information there than in her actual forward looking “Look See” videos. Her Look See for September is here – and she does see Biden being very decisively RE-moved from office in some way or another.

      One other significant subject she spoke of wasn’t predictive at all, though. If you’ve got a JP Morgan/Chase account you’d better read that 125 page new agreement you HAVE to submit to in order to get to your accounts online. Thsi was as of last month. They’ve basically PANTS’ed everyone and left our derrieres hanging in the breeze for all to see. They claim no responsibility for your privacy in your financial affairs and see your phone and Internet providers as your agents. This subject is #7 in her Look See and it starts at the 17 minute mark.

      • I have REFUSED to do any online banking … will NOT activate an online account and NEVER HAVE

        Had two friends who LOVED online banking and had their accounts hacked. One for about $27,000 and the other for about $13,000.

        Two DIFFERENT large national banks BOTH refused to reimburse my friends ANY money. Claimed the problem had to be with THEM not securing their accounts and passwords.

        FWIW from my perspective even the US Government can’t keep hackers out.
        Even the Casinos can’t keep hackers out.
        Even the electricity company can’t keep hackers out.
        Even 23 and Me can’t keep hackers out.

        WHAT CHANCE do “I” as a non-tech person have to keep hackers out? (virtually NONE if they target me)

        NOPE … after hearing two tales of woe from friends, and seeing how two different large national banks handled the issue, I will continue to NOT ALLOW ANY BANK to force me into “Online Banking”.

        If money would be stolen out of any account I had linked to being “On Line” I can guarantee you that the bank would BLAME ME, even if the funds were embezzeled by a bank employee, and I would never see that money ever again.

        I personally think people are crazy for doing On Line Banking. It is like leaving lots of cash on the dashboard of your unlocked car every time you go to the store (imo)

        • I tell my wife this all the time but she keeps using her phone for bill paying and transfers all the time. I still write checks.

          We’ve had our CC numbers stolen a couple of times and wouldn’t have noticed anything until the CC companies wondered why we were buying lingerie in Bangladesh. I forget what the other instance was but the fact my wife works for the BBB and hears this all the time from people at least gives her a sense of caution with what she does online. I’ve always told her A-N-Y ap that she downloads is a security infraction that damages your personal firewall. You have NO idea what kind of back door has been built into that program. I still refuse to activate my Internet and Blue Tooth on my phone, much to my kids’ chagrin, except for very infrequent momentary instances and that’s probably too much as there are, no doubt, some programs camping on the other side of my IP address waiting for that split second opening to get in. For that reason I’m not altogether fearful of a big EMP.

        • Online banking is absolutely as safe as strollin’ into your local branch. My personal account is never going to get “hacked.” What gets hacked is the bank’s or merchant’s data, which turns your account particulars out onto the open Internet, along with that of thousands or millions of others. If this happens, it will do so whether you bank in-person or online.

          When an individual’s information is doxed, it is as a result of their own carelessness. Account info scribbled on a card that falls out of a wallet or notebook accounts for most. Online carelessness stems from from a virus that’s been installed on your device, creating an abysmally weak password, and/or answering too many “password retrieval questions.”

          Every time you answer a new password retrieval or account retrieval question, you give some person or entity a new piece of the jigsaw puzzle which makes you unique. If you’re a suspicious SOB (like me) you’re going to assume that the answer to: “Who was your best friend in 3rd Grade” or “Who was your first crush,” while it will go into your local bank’s or department store’s data file, is also going straight into a data file that’s buried in Virginia or Utah (or one of the seven other repositories, which no one knows about) to further fatten the dossier on YOU.

          For a while, I gave nonsensical (and random) one word answers, now I just avoid answering. (The bank or merchant will eventually ask you one of the three original questions {dog, color, Mother’s maiden name} and you will gain access — OR, you can just keep backups and not lose your shit…

          BTW, nobody but the CIA is going to break, even RSA encryption (they wrote it), let alone 3rd party encryption with some teeth.

          Now, with that said, Steve Gibson offers a free service: “Perfect Passwords” — an ultra high security password generator which, now that you know about it (‘cuz you weren’t paying attention when George mentioned it a few years ago), you’re a fool if you choose not to take advantage of Mr. Gibson’s generosity.

          If you’re still using “qwerty” or “password,” please stop. If you’re using one of Steve’s generated passwords (with an indicator embedded in it, so if there IS an issue, you know exactly whose database was hacked, and can prove it) you will be secure from personal hacks for the next several quadrillion years.

          BTW, a lot of places now accept 26 characters and the full ASCII characterset. That doesn’t mean you’re obligated to use a 26-character password. Depending on the site and my inclination, I will use anywhere from 17 characters, to 29 or 30 (on sites that take 30 characters…) Just always include a unique indicator, regardless of password length.

  8. talk about woo woo..
    what a morning I have had.. first the frustraition of finding tires.. and miss days..for some reason I never in a million years thought I would have troubles with getting tires.. the tires I had were brand new eighty thousand mile tires.. in may.. they were down to cords.. then I find out that because the van is wheel chair conversion.. I needed lite truck tires to handle the weight.. the van was originally made to be a passenger van.. so 4 ply .. since the majority of our tires are made.. well someplace else.. they have been having issues getting even passenger tires.. and they had to be ordered.. but to get eight or ten ply tires was not even available anymore.. I finally found some six ply .. but to get eight or ten ply I have to go up a size then order them way ahead of time so they can get some delivered or ordered from the manufacturer..
    anyway I go in.. they are putting the tires on.. and the wife calls.. they shut the power off.. and the generator did not kick on.. so the electrician comes out and nothing.. no power no gas.. checks the house no gas in the house either.. the power company working on the lines must have clipped the gas..
    so I called the gas company they come out.. but the power company didn’t clip the gas.. the gas in the meantime came back on in the house.. but the generator wouldn’t power up.. so the lines all had to be bled.. they didn’t shut the gas off.. so why did the gas stop .. the menu on the generator had to be reset all over again.. the line bled at the generator and the gas it starts back up..
    I asked the guy from the gas company.. you can’t get an air bubble in a natural gas line can you.. he said no.. natural gas is a mixture of water gas and oxygen.. so any oxygen bubble would mix with the gas mixture and you would just have gas with more air in it than gas..
    He said this whole week has been one strange thing after another stuff that shouldn’t be happening is.. a house blew up this morning to much gas in it.. phew what an odd woo woo experience..

    • I took Ray’s advice and bought our latest set of tires, this year, though Tire Rack. The fact they throw in the road hazard for free, even though it’s a write-in reimbursement, and the fact they showed me all the prices of installation service providers in our area did save a good bit of money. The cheapest tire place, surprisingly, wasn’t Discount Tire but another place in town that’s regional to us. The tires did have to be delivered but it took only a couple of days to get them here.

      • Discount Tire will write a road hazard policy on any tire they handle regardless of who sold it to you for $35 / tire. I normally get them to provide road hazard on OEM tires, but I have gotten their road hazard on replacement sets bought elsewhere. You can sometimes beat their installed prices, but they are hard to beat for service in Texas.

        • That is true and if you’re away from home base the free or discounted instant replacement factor will certainly sting if you don’t have it. It’s more of a budgetary factor that I went with it as well as curiosity. That set of tires was the fourth one we’ve bought this year and there may be one more set before the end of this year.

  9. re: epigenetics & regression glidescope
    feat. papi knows best


    Where there’s smoke, there’s fire? Apparently the male name ‘Tashiro’ can mean son of (ro) generations (tashi) perhaps originating from the Japanese prefectures of Shizuoka and Kagoshima.

    Today BBC Reel published “Epigenetics: Can we control our genes? Our behavior and environment can alter our genetic code.” The clip includes mention of an experiment from ten years ago on mice where a smell associated with trauma elicited a sensitivity response in subsequent generations.

    Four years ago, a BBC Future piece looked at the same experiment on mice as well as US Civil War prisoner of war data. “Can the legacy of trauma be passed down the (male line of) generations?”

    Okay, folks, time to dial out of the matrix and spend some quality time with the master of chill, DJ George, with a paint by numbers cover of the Fab Four. Have a happy ‘jai guru deva om’ roam “Across the Universe”!

    • hmm.. how much are ones behavior is passed down from one generation to another. you think of that old saying the nut doesn’t fall that far from the tree and then think of the crime family or the business the family business how far did that fall. if you read from the Memoirs of Hunter he talks about how his father took them him and his little brother both to houses that were for sale and then were locked up and then what hoist them through windows so they could unlock the door so they can go look around. it sounds innocent enough but yet for a little children that there were no barriers you weren’t invited you didn’t ask to go in and see it they just did it. so was that behavior of entering a residence of somebody else even though it was for sale could have walked in there at any time just teaching them that there was no access that was denied to them.

  10. I have had three past-life experiences. A couple of years apart, all in the early 80’s and all from the same ‘guide’. I have not done one since.
    – In all three I was a soldier.
    – The first experience I was a cavalry officer, in some god-awful desert. We walked our horse more than we rode them because it was so hot. The now me, did not like the men in my command., they were brutal and uncaring. I remembered my sword., the ‘now me’ did not recognize the design / style. I did a library search later and found it matched a sword discovered in northern Lebanon – it was Greek from around 200 BC.
    – The second experience I was standing on a rugged shore line facing forty, or so soldiers. I was holding a broad sword – the ‘now me’ thought it was crude, and unbalanced., the back then me, knew it was death and chaos. The ‘soldiers’ I was facing were all wearing brand new forest green vestments – but under that they were wearing tattered and worn clothes of a farmers or tradesmen. They weren’t soldiers, they were conscripts, given a new knee length vest, a sword in a sheath and each were holding an eight foot pike and told to defend their king. Battle sword in one hand and a double bit hand axe in the other I knew that I had that hand axe with me for many years – I was nearly twice the size of the peasants in front of me. One moment I was standing there, at the ocean’s edge., the next I was running full tilt at them, half dropped their pikes and ran away.., I remember smiling.
    – The third experience was the one I remember the most, and confused me the most. It was in modern times., I was dressed all in flat, deep, odd black, with a load baring vest, armored, armored shin, knee, elbow and shoulder coverings, I carried an odd rifle, I did not recognize the design, it had a digital display on the side, but the ‘now me’ couldn’t understand it. I was moving quickly and quietly at night through a forest, right on the edge of a town, or city., I knew that my ‘job’ was to get inside. This is a long story – with a number of sidebars – it was in modern times., maybe – possibly – I’m not sure – future time. As this soldier was fighting on U.S. soil, with a weapon that has not been made – and there has never been a war in this country in modern times.
    – Each experience filled a small notebook and I was a well experienced soldier in each. Nothing really changed but the times and weapons – I was the same confident, experienced, battle worn soldier in each. My ‘guide’ at the time had never had someone who was the same person throughout their past life’s experiences. And pressed me to share those experience, maybe a book, so he could share with his “students”. I refused. ., and I never went back. Real, or not., I had, had enough.
    – .., and I am not too sure that I ever want to do it again.
    – .., but – It may help explain why I was so driven to become a Ranger in Vietnam. Which was one of the reasons I did it., and it proved to be a possible answer – if I can just convince myself that it was a “past life” experience.

      • considering prepping and the process of prepping. I think of the old poem. if you read the answer works the ancient biblical prophecies in the ancient writing tonight the teachings to suit his environment or his wishes of the day the same way that our Congress today changes the Bill of Rights to fit the situation of the day.

        ‘”No Man is an Island’
        No man is an island entire of itself; every man
        is a piece of the continent, a part of the main;
        if a clod be washed away by the sea, Europe
        is the less, as well as if a promontory were, as
        well as any manner of thy friends or of thine
        own were; any man’s death diminishes me,
        because I am involved in mankind.
        And therefore never send to know for whom
        the bell tolls; it tolls for thee.

        Olde English Version
        No man is an Iland, intire of itselfe; every man
        is a peece of the Continent, a part of the maine;
        if a Clod bee washed away by the Sea, Europe
        is the lesse, as well as if a Promontorie were, as
        well as if a Manor of thy friends or of thine
        owne were; any mans death diminishes me,
        because I am involved in Mankinde;
        And therefore never send to know for whom
        the bell tolls; It tolls for thee.

        Devotions upon Emergent Occasions
        John Donne “

        • LOL, thanks for mentioning that. Weird thing is, I wrote that and then read George’s column later, and went WTF.

          I have told George before, sometimes I think we are going to the same night school.

  11. I’ve never had a ‘regression’ nor told anyone about this, but I do believe I am a reincarnated native Hawaiian of the 1800s. I won’t go into all the woo-woo details… but there are a lot of them. I was almost miraculously brought to Hawaii to work… not once, but twice. Second time I stayed. I’ve seen others in my career path.. dozens… come and go, but I stayed. And I have comfortably absorbed into the native culture. Young native co-workers have commented that they thought I was ‘local’ and were surprised that I was a mainland transplant. And I have a strange affinity for the volcano… and ‘she’ for me, apparently. Many strange ‘coincidences’ in my lifetime here since age 25. I know who I am… or was…and this place feels more like ‘home’ than my birthplace or blood family. Like Andy says, I’m right where I need to be.

    • I agree with that..Andy saying I’m right where I need to be..
      there used to be a show of Sliders on tv. in one of the shows there was an issue where a person was reincarnated to a different Realm and in that room he was the opposite of what he was in the previous one the different him you know and it makes you wonder I don’t know if there’s any reincarnated life of mine or what I was like if I had had a different life I’ve only known this one life. I’ve had my issues and trials I use those troubles that I’ve lived through as learning points in my life. and pray to God that He gave me enough sense to see what I needed to change about me to make me a better me. I can tell you that I learned how to make the guilty pleasures that my family and myself enjoy and I have a always had this dream that I was a teacher of some sort teaching people the few things that I know how to do and I have no problem sharing what I know there are no secret recipes in my family.

    • I have NO dreams or visions into any past lives … though I have long had both a lifelong love of the sea – sailing enchants me – even though I hate to be totally underwater, and I have a deep a love for the part of the country where I now reside. I have lived in a number of different places in the US, some more beautiful and some with better weather, but this area is where I feel compelled to live … and eventually die. Why is that?

      I am not yet convinced that our souls have lived a past life, but in my older age I am coming more towards that possibility.

      I “do” feel I am still here … for some unexplained task I have yet to do in life but is in my “lifebook”. Maybe that is just my ego talking, but for my entire life I felt that there was something that was to occur in my later years that would define my entire existence in this lifetime and would impact many people. Strange.

      Definitely NOT inclined to do a “review” such as George is doing … or d’Lynn did. What is past is past, and what is now is now. Death catches up with all of us eventually, hopefully before our bodies and brains totally deteriorate on us. I hope I will accept it when it comes, and accept it with glad anticipation of what comes next in my soul’s journey

    • I don’t ride horses. Never had a burning desire or real need to do so. That said, the one and only time I have ever been on a horse (done to appease my kids and I wouldn’t let them go with strangers unaccompanied), the people leading the trail ride thought I was a comfortably experienced rider. Made me wonder why, but maybe muscle memory from something forgotten kicked in. But it wasn’t this lifetime. I do, however, have THE most spectacular and vivid dreams that I remember well. I tell them to my husband daily. He thinks I should write them down and publish a fiction compilation. LoL!

    • Cayce said we tend to reincarnate with the same souls in different roles – mom and dad in one life, siblings or close cousins and friends in the next and in the same geographic areas. I moved 20 times by the time I was 18 all over the central U.S., then came the Navy and I swore I’d never do that to my kids, moving all over Hell and gone, and didn’t. They’re both within 20 miles of us and my parents were Central Texas people. My maternal grandfather came over from the Eastern Mediterranean areas and married a Cajun girl then they moved to West Texas. Paternal grandparents were Central Texas people and on back to before the “Original 300” made it to Texas. With modern life making people considerably more mobile than they used to be I still gravitated back to Central Texas and the wife and I couldn’t be happier. Our souls are home here even though I’ve considered deep-sixing my brothers on more than one occasion. Our mental programming couldn’t be more different but we eventually get over ourselves and get back to enjoying each other’s company.

      I guess it takes about 2/3rds of a lifetime for the gentle pull of destiny to put us in the places with the people we need to be with – unless circumstances encumber you and you become a prisoner. Not a happy life then.

  12. ~Eternal recurrence~

    There is the idea that ‘eternal recurrence’ is a present and limiting factor in a Being’s development. Without work, a being is said to remain in an eternal loop, repeating the same life/lives with little or no significant change in their actions and understanding. Some have considered the idea of trying to prepare for one’s ‘next recurrence’, such as to help themselves to ‘wake up’ to their situation in that ‘version’ or ‘recurrence’, and thus work to escape and alter the repeating pattern.

    There is the related idea, that a being does not in general remember such recurrences or incarnations, and thereby there is some form of work to try to remember them. The remembrance is seen as being the means of effective change; which is seen as remaining prohibited when there is the operating forgetfulness.

    • Penny Kelly is always saying that on this side we can make the changes we need to in order to grow but on the other side things are pretty static so very little if any growth occurs. Given the absolute Hell some people go through, and she also says that souls ACTUALLY choose to go through that kind of Hell for some kind of growth goal, it make me wonder what kind of conversation goes on when we pick out a new life. Perhaps some souls are just shoplifting in the Wal-Mart of Life and Karma takes over.

  13. “being enrolled in an online mixed media program”
    George, could you provide a link to this?

  14. how did mankind change into tonight auto-text I hate it and love it at the same time. the ancient writings all give a basic set of rules which is basically do want to others. mankind changed it to suit what he wants

  15. George,
    Found this today on you tube posted a month ago.
    Michael Burry’s predictive methodology is unknown, but he did pick Monday 22 October as the incident crash day. This is day 105 of a 13 March 52/104-130 day subfractal (1) and subfractal (2) and the first day within the 105 to 130 day subfractal (2) 2x-2.5x nonlinear valuation decline window.

    Current Asset-Debt Macroeconomic System self-ordering (4-hour unit time scale) 3-phase Fractal Decay Series mathematical model to 31 October 2023 low.

    Use SPX

    First Decay series x/2-2.5x/2x

    Start 930 18 August to 0930 Sept 27

    subfractal (1) 11 units : 2/5/4/3 units
    subfractal (2) 24 units : 5/13/8 units
    subfractal (3) 22 units : 2/5/5 units and 3/6/6 units

    Second Decay Series x/2-2.5x/2-2.5x (4-hour time scale fractal units)

    Start 0930 27 Sept to 1330 31 October 2023

    subfractal (1) 10 units : 2/4/4/3 units
    subfractal (2) 23-25 units : 5/12/8 of 8-10 units
    subfractal (3) 20-21 units : 4/9-10/10-9 units or 4/10-9/8-9 units or 5/10/7 units

    In the 0930 27 September current 3-phase decay series fractal model, 18 October Wednesday would self-order as a nonlinear down day with a low approaching or exceeding the previous 3 October low with a possible 1-2 hour lower low on 19 October followed by sharp growth valuation rebound to or near the close of trading day on Friday 20 October. This Friday is day 104 of a 13 March 2023 52/104 day :: x/2x fractal series.
    Monday 23 October then places the series in the window of 104 day subfractal (2) 2x to 2.5x nonlinearity which occurs in the terminal time window of a 1981-2 interpolated fractal series of 13/26-32 year :: x/2x-2.5x nonlinearity.

  16. Just watched the moon move about 3~4% in a few secs. Sitting in my chair at 7:30 pm. October 18, 2023, the crescent moon in the middle of my screen doorway. (where there are also planes often seen from a nearby airport) I noted the crescent moon in the West, (after the recent eclipse). It was in the middle of the doorway. A few seconds later moving light caught my eye (airplane taking off), no, the moon was now missing. Needed to get out of my chair and move 5 feet to my left to see it again. knew I was weird. Now it’s confirmed, I’m batshit crazy.

    Anyone else ??

    • Youse standing on this rock we call Earth are moving along in spiral fashion, being dragged along behind the SUN. Sun is plowing thru thick soupy area of Galaxy currently, burning hotter White to get thru it all.
      Moon is also moving along behind Sun. When viewing Moon thru telescope you constantly have to keep moving it/adjusting to keep up with target -Moon.

      No worries – bright side Moon is 100% Holographically generated. We are not ALLOWED to see anything that is going up there.
      ..says hear that is part of Soul processing/capture/manipulation system.
      Always been scientific labs, old (breking down) nuke generators, said to be and ancient Andromeda war wagon.

      So no worries – that ‘bad boy” always appears to be moving

    • Earth turning over as our magnetic field collapses and the poles shift? Everyone keeps praying for things to get back to normal – WOO-HOO! We’re going back to cave man times which is, more often than not, in the total scheme of Human existence – NORMAL.

  17. “We are on (Israeli) intel leak to Hamas (or Hezbollah) from what might rhyme as multiple attacks on Biden. If not in Israel, then perhaps on the Jordan leg of his travels.? Biden lands in Israel: ‘Gaza hospital blast done by the other team'”

    So this is now an athletic competition?

  18. “We don’t think Iran has enough nuclear chutzpah to do overhead EMP or ballistics”

    No, but they have had a successful space program since 1996, when they successfully launched their first satellite.

    Quick question:

    What’s the difference between a rocket that can travel 9000 miles and apogee at 125, and an ICBM…?

    • The difference is that an ICBM has the ability to deliver a payload into and through the atmosphere and then hit its target.

      Getting into space only requires a big rocket. Getting back to Earth through the atmosphere is much more difficult.

  19. And because it needs to be shared:

    Pierre Poilievre, Canada’s conservative candidate for PM (running against TrueDough) proffers a master class on the verbal takedown. The questioner is Times Chronicle Editor Don Urquhart, a hardcore Leftist who nurses off Trudeau in his spare time.

    If he doesn’t conquer the commies in Canuckistan, I know a House Speakership where he would be a perfect fit…

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